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Being Yoongi’s significant other ...

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A/N: What do you mean I have homework and other requests to do? Listen, Yoongi has been seriously testing me lately so I think he at least deserves this. Also I just really felt like writing a little today sooo here you go! Btw I just realized that I’ve been spelling “A/N” as N/A all this time wtf? As per usual : haven’t proofread because I’m too lazy, but enjoy anyways !

  • You were looking for a job, any sort of job, just to get some money and SURVIVE in this crazy society we live in.
  • You weren’t a massive k-pop fan and you weren’t exactly up to date with the popular groups but when you saw an opportunity to work as a BigHit staff you immediately jumped on it.
  • You had heard that they were a very nice and well-run company so it looked very interesting to you.
  • When you miraculously got the job you could not believe your eyes.
  • It was a rather simple job in a sense : you had to help the boys out as much as possible when you were needed.
  • There was one very important rule : don’t catch feelings for the members.

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Becoming The Person You Needed Me To Be.

Request from anon:Hey, could you do a Bucky x Reader where at a young age you get a vison of your soul mate. The Reader saw Bucky as the Winter Soldier and has been afraid of him. When they do meet Bucky tries to show her he is not him anymore because he has been waiting for her since he was a child and the vision he saw of her has help him get through tough times.

Note: This is my first ever soulmate fic so I have nooooo idea if it is any good or if it is what the anon was looking for but, as you can tell by the length of it (lol!), I had so much fun with it so I really hope you all enjoy it :)

Bucky x Reader (Soulmate AU)

Words: 2,602

Warnings: Visions of violence, mention of injuries and death, angst and then some fluff! Think that is all - if I have missed anything please let me know.

Disclaimer: GIF used is mine <3


Every single person across the world had one and no one ever felt complete until they had found one another. A task of which most took on with a sense of hopefulness and excitement. Some people even dedicated every minute of their daily life to finding the one who belonged to them…which would explain why so many people found themselves unemployed at the moment given that they didn’t want to think about anyone other than the one they were destined to be with.

But not you.

Where others would love the images that invaded their mind of the person they needed to find you dreaded even falling asleep on a night because of the ones that came to you. Nothing you saw was positive in any way and it certainly didn’t have you wanting to find the man involved either. Everything that ran through your mind in regards to your so-called soulmate was the foundations of a bloodcurdling nightmare.

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Take my breath away (a fluffy one shot)

(Bucky x Reader) (Steve x Reader)

We all know the ‘bring a fake date to the reunion’ trope, I’ve tried to use that one but do it a little differently. I hope you guys like it! 

This is a Steve and Bucky AU fic.

Story: You’ve had a huge crush on Bucky all through college but nothing ever happened between you two. You are determined to change this when you see him again at the reunion 15 years later, but another man shows up to disturb those plans.

Word count: 4110

No warning. This is mostly fluff and feels, a lot of kissing and soft touches but nothing beyond that.

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t fucking cry.

You could do this, it was just one stupid night, one stupid reunion and then you’d never have to see him again. You could go back to forgetting all about his existence and get back to your life.

Your life as a hopeless, desperate, single woman in her thirties who hadn’t been on a date for as long as she could remember. Back to table-for-one restaurant visits and girls nights out where you were the only single girl in the group.
Back to your empty apartment with no one waiting for you except your cat Noodles who didn’t really care when you dragged your ass home as long as she got fed.

You shouldn’t have come here tonight. You knew this reunion was a horrible idea, you hated these people back then and you hated them just as much now.

Well, not all of them.

Not James, you could never hate James. James Bucky Barnes had been the only one who made your college years somewhat bearable, not that he was ever aware of that fact.

You’d had a crush on him all through college and you never had the guts to tell him. He didn’t even know you existed.

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Early Morning

Summary: Lance seems to have found his soft spot, thanks to you.

Pairing: Lance Tucker x reader

Warnings: Language; very vague mentions of physical domestic abuse

Word Count: 2,650 (sorry)

A/N: Here is my entry for @marvelous-fvcks’ writing challenge! My prompt was “Stay here tonight.” Note: flashback is set aside, in italics. Hopefully you all enjoy some more soft, caring Lance, because he’s my favorite. | masterlist

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: A soulmate AU in which you are “branded” with a mark that signifies the first time your soulmate will touch you. In this, the reader fears meeting their soulmate, but is beyond pleasantly surprised.

Warnings: There might be swears, the reader is bullied, there are mentioned of abuse. Please don’t read this if that makes you uncomfortable ily

Word Count: 1575

A/N: Hey y’all! College takes up sO MUCH fucking time you guys. Doing sorority recruitment and getting ready for bid day and trying to learn how to be an electrical engineer is so fhjdskfhsadlf,,,,, But yo! I started this before going off to uni, and I love this AU so,,,, hope you love this

Everyone would always talk about the handshake soulmates.

They had it so easy. The scars across their hands were in gentle curves. The moment they met their soulmate, the scar would burn as they shook hands for the first time. They fell in love so easily and so perfectly with one another. In some cases, they would trade “I love you”s at that first moment instead of their names. Everyone would always cry at handshake soulmates’ weddings because the moment they met was always so perfect. When handshake soulmates are born, mothers almost always cry tears of joy at the wonderful future their children had ahead of them.

Your mother cried when you were born, too, but it was for a different reason entirely.

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A/N: I found this by accident the other day after months of having totally forgotten ever writing such a thing. I hope it wasn’t cause it sucks… :-D It’s smut, so if you’re under 18, turn back now, and come back after your 18th birthday. Thank you.

Warnings: SMUT, canon-typical violence and minor injury, bossy/dom!Dean, fingering, biting, bordering on rough sex, oral (female receiving), angst, FLUFF (gosh, I hope I didn’t forget anything)

Word count: ~2700

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Mistaken Love. [Jin] pt.2 end

[pt.1] [pt.2end]

I turned up at his apartment and knocked, letting out a big breath of air as he opened the door to greet me. His usual handsome face seemed dull, the glimmer in his eyes disappeared. He looked sad, to the point where it’s pitiful. I didn’t like seeing him this way, not because I’m jealous of the fact that he’s dwelling on that woman, but because his regular go lucky character was hidden.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Preference "How they fall for you at first sight"

(Woooo more preferences!!! Woooo our faves 😊Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Yondu-He’d instantly fall for you at first sight as you’d show him kindness while serving him in a bar after a long and rough day. He’d be startled by your touch to his shoulder and sudden warm and welcoming voice as you’d ask him if he was feeling alright. As he’d realize that you were truly open to listen to him talking about his worries, he’d start to notice your features and wouldn’t waste time to feel his heart pounding for you, even more as you’d suggest him a few drinks and snack to feel better.

Peter-He’d instantly fall for you at first sight as you’d stop to recognize and point out one of his favorite song while you were trying to steal his bounty during a real good fight. He’d already be stunned by how smoothly you’d flirt your way into getting physically closer to him yet the moment your eyes would light up and you’d tell him how much you appreciate the song he was listening to, as he’d tried to get back what he wanted, he’d feel his heart pound and would desperately try to keep you closer to him.

Drax-He’d instantly fall for you at first sight as he’d see you threatening to kill someone after they stole from some kids and even more as you’d instantly change into an utter fluff ball once you’d turn to give them back their belongings. He’d just be lovestruck and wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you, thinking of how great of a parent you’d be, only to be speechless as you’d ask him as to what he was looking at. In that instant, he could feel himself being both scared yet utterly in love.

Rocket-He’d instantly fall for you at first sight as you’d take notice of him and ask him kindly if he would like you to help him to carry all his heavy equipment. Although, he’d be wary of your suggestions at first, he’d have an utter change of heart the moment he’d turn around to see how worried you seem and how warm your eyes would be looking down at him. He’d be speechless for a good while and as soon as he starts to talk, he’d be a stuttering mess, confusing everyone as he accepts your offer.

Gamora-She’d instantly fall for you at first sight as you’d offer her help picking out a gift for one of her friends. She’d be startled to hear you asking her if she needs your help and even more to see how brightly you’d smile at her. She’d just feel comfortable and at ease by your presence that she wouldn’t be able to deny she was already starting to fall for you.

Nebula-She’d instantly fall for you at first sight as you’d go out of your way to offer her a comforting meal and a drink as she’s trying to hide herself from the bounty put out on her. She’d just be stunned by your calming tone and how friendly you were, she could practically tell you had zero intentions of hurting her and for once she was capable of accepting such kindness and be utterly speechless. Even more as you’d stay for her side a moment to make sure she eats well.

Mantis-She’d instantly fall for you at first sight as you’d notice her features and point out to her how actually beautiful she is. As you’d both be introduced to one another, she just wouldn’t be able to believe she just got complimented by you, who she thought were beyond her league and wouldn’t be able to stop blushing around you. She’d just play it over and over in her head the few first words you said to her and since wouldn’t be able to leave you alone.

Kraglin-He’d instantly fall for you at first sight as you’d accidentally bump into his much taller frame and frantically apologize to him for getting him dirty or something. He’d get actually flustered and wouldn’t know what to say, finding you too pretty and cute to get worried over hurting him from such a small bump. Even more as you’d look up to his eyes and ask him if he’s alright while dusting off his jacket, only to end up stuttering an odd answer and making you laugh, appeasing his heart and giving him courage.

Ronan-He’d instantly fall for you at first sight as  you’d be captured by his men and presented to him as a potential hostage. He’d be enamored by the way you’d look up at him with both fear and wonder towards your surrounding. He’d forget himself for a while, staring at you intently, only to end up stuttering and losing his authority in front of you as you’d ask him what he’s going to do to you. Of course, he wouldn’t want to part with you yet and make sure to you won’t want to leave his side.

Stakar-He’d instantly fall for you at first sight as  you’d run after him to hand him something he had dropped. As he’d turn to see you, he’d get rather flustered and even more as you’d laugh and smile, telling him how you’ve been trying to get it back for him. He’d be more than thankful yet wouldn’t be able to stop apologizing for your trouble, letting himself ramble on and on for his clumsiness and making you laugh.

The Collector-He’d instantly fall for you at first sight as a seller would come in trying to sell you to him. Instantly, without hesitation he’d already buy you for whatever amount and would move in closer to you, enamored and intrigued by your beautiful appearance. He’d be amazed, touching your face softly and checking up on your condition, only to make you the promise of treating you beyond kindly just as you have been deserving it.

Garthan Saal-He’d instantly fall for you at first sight as he’d finally catch you and get you under arrest. He’d only then come to realize how you were actually much more beautiful in person and even more charming from the way you’d try to flirt your way out of getting arrested. To feel you trying to wriggle out from under him and hear you beg him so kindly as you’d look his way, he’d feel his heart pound and would want nothing more but to keep you all to himself.

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reddie prompt! eddie gets cast as the lead in a school play and he has to kiss the main female, richie gets so jealous he does everything in his power to join the cast too and ruin the play

I’ve used this prompt to make a second chapter in my Reddie fic! So bless your heart anon! First chapter here. Second is below!

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saturn ❖ jongin

You wanted to understand why that boy looked so disgusted by your presence and why he ran away so clearly from your body.

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

fanfiction, high school love, jongin! ocd, fluff, smut (in future) | velvet

✎ He made love in the best way a man could, he did it as if making love was showing to her his true self. When he was making love he was different, he was messy, he didn’t check things twice, he was another person, his body was sinuous and not stiff, he was happy. When he made love to her he was free from his nightmares, from his mind. 

[Warning: If you’re not comfortable with the topic of OCD, please don’t read]

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forever, endlessly [m]

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pairing: yoongi/reader
genre: soulmate au!!!!!!! fluff!!!!! fluffy smut!!! bad writing!!!!!!
length: 3.9k
notes: this is a thank u to my sweet followers for continuing to follow me etc. etc. and also a celebration of the comeback! i really love u all and even though i’m not good at longer stories i hope that this is okay i just wanted to post something :( i hope to post some more stuff soon :( also the smut is like the last 1.5k words so if u want just the sfw stuff you can stop before the last section! 

Your mother never had a mark.

When you were young, you didn’t understand why. You had a mark, your strange twisting line on the inside of your left forearm. Your best friend Seulgi had a mark. Your uncle and aunt had marks, twin ones on their palms that met when they held hands.

“Where is your soul mark?” you asked one night, curled into her warmth as she read your favorite story to you, her fingers carding through your hair.

“I don’t need this, sweet pea,” she said, tapping her blank arm, “because I have you, and you’re all I need.” Her smile was soft, and kind, and you stared at her with big eyes.

“When will I meet my soulmate?” you whispered, tugging your quilt closer to you. You tried to imagine the meeting: the summer sun beaming down in the middle of a park as he approaches, flowers everywhere, the wind rustling his hair. Would he have black hair? Brown? What color would his eyes be? What would his voice sound like?

“I don’t know, honey, but I’m sure you’ll be very happy when you do.” She leaned down, then, to kiss your forehead, and walked to turn off the light.

“Good night, darling.”

“Good night,” you replied, voice small. With the dim light of the moon pouring in your window, you thought about your soulmate until you slipped into sleep.

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The problem is, cutting Mad up won't actually undo the reprogramming.

Mad is halfway through his bowl of microwave ravioli when he feels the knife pressed to his Adam’s apple. Mad rolls his eyes and puts his bowl down on the table. “Google, I had honesty expected something a little more thought-out than this…”

“ S͎͖̩̖ͅo̷̙r͇̘̹̭̖̻̕r̤̖̳̩̭y̫ ̘͙͓̹͙̱t͎͔̳̫o̴̹̥͇̗̺̫ ̷̹d̷͖̱͎i̹̬̮̕s͇a̬̞͟p̨̥̠͙͎̦̘p̡̺̪͔̼̥̭o͖̯͟ͅi̗̹̹̠̹̦ṇ͎͎͎t̫͝ͅ,̮͖̳̝̝͉ ̷̟b̺̥͉͟ų̬̩t͍̟͈̯͖͉ ̶͖̘I'̤̦̖m̹̝͝ͅ ̩̮̹̤͎̦̼n͇̲̙̥͝ot̛͎̱ ̙̲̀G̣͕̲̠̘ͅo̠̬̤o̘̱̼͕gl̼̹̤ͅe͉͖͍̹̮̫͈͡.̸͉̲̺̖̩̳ “ Anti giggles in Mad’s ear.

Mad raises an eyebrow. “Anti? What are you doing here? I thought you were… unattached.”

Anti lets the blade dig into Mad’s skin a little. “ Y҉̤̗̺͉o̖̼̟̯̥̜u͝ ̷̺̪͚͙̞b̠͇͈̦ó͉͇̜̖̖l̯t̵̘e̢͇͙̠̻̹̲̣d҉̤͚ a̳ ̢͙͚̲͖̟̣m̘̬̳̬u̶̯͈̰͉̣̮z̵ẓ̲̫͠l̶̯e̤͕̗̩͍̦̮ ̩͙̥̣͇̳̹t͏͉ơ͎̖̥̟̥̪ ̨̫̤̝̩͓m̤̗̥̥͍y͓̫̞͇ ̷̲͔̻̬̖̖f̥̳̱͎͚̕r͎̝͕̙ͅi̴̲̘̬͍e̟̰n̵͕̯̣͎d̨̳̠͚'̭͓́s̞̩̺̱͈͡ ̵f̢̹̠̣̞͖a̦̼͉̭c̵̜e̼.̩̩̭̳̪͈̺͠ “

Mad smirks. “Ah, that. So the little cretin has gotten under your skin, too.” Mad snorts. “Do you know that those pathetic little androids actually trusted me to repair him? They were so desperate.” Mad glances up at Anti with a smile. “I wonder why that was, Anti.”

Anti growls. “ D͔̙̲̗̜̘o͘ ̻̹̥̝y̲̺̞̖a͟ ͕͕̮̬̳̩̤r̲̦̤̬̹͠e̱̟̦͙a͎̺̩̳͕͙͡ͅl̶̬͙̫̼l͇̼̩̪̪̞̰ỳ̺͓ ̞͖̙̣̹̰ẁ̞̪̥̝͍̲͚a̵͓̤̟͙̰̻͉n̪̘̟͈͜n͖̝̬̲̣a̱̪̙ ͇͇̲̳̗͚̭ḿ̥̩͖̘a̯͈̪̬ͅk̖̮͈͔͕̰̜͜e͔̲̱͙̥̟̦͢ ̖̥͈͘m̘͓̭͙̝̀e͏̜ ҉͖̟̲m͍̗̜̪̻͎̣a̖d̙͇̪̳̱͜ ̰̯̞ͅr̡͈͎̻̜ͅi̬g͡ḥt̳͈̖̤ͅ ҉͎̙̮̰̮n̵͚̹̙͕o̺͇̘̞͓̙w̫̮͈̲̝͝?̩̘̣̼͚͞ͅ “

“I don’t know about you, but I find this rather amusing.” Mad shrugs and turns back to his ravioli. “It’s hilarious to watch you try to play the hero. Trust me, it’s not a role that suits you.”

“I know I’m not a hero,” Anti removes the knife from Mad’s throat and strides around to the other side of his table. “I’m just here for the droid.”

Mad takes a bite of his food, dabbing a napkin at the light wound on his neck. “Sorry, but he’s not up for sale. I put a lot of work into that pretty piece of equipment.”

Anti’s lip curls in a sneer. “ H̬͕̖͈ͅe̡̩̼̬'͙͈̺̰̟͜s̺͇̗͉̹ ̸̣̦̻͇n̝͇͔͔̩o̹̟̠͚̟̜t͚̲ ͈̱̯y̱͓̲o̴̝̱u̡̟̘r͈͚̫̖̙̺ ̳̱̕p̘͕͔̩̻̦̯r҉͉͇̯o̯̝͍͘p͎͕̝̕è̘r̵̖̜t̥̠̙̤ý.̯̜̼ͅ “

Mad smirks and leans onto his elbows. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did you call dibs?”

Anti sends his knife flying at Mad’s chest, but the scientist throws himself to the side just in time. The knife barely catches his side, leaving a little trail of blood. He rolls and is back on his feet in seconds. Anti manifests another dagger. “If you kill me, you’ll never be able to undo my programming!”

Anti grips the knife in his hand and points it at Mad. “Unless I keep you alive, and then I’ll just cut it out of you,” he says with a grin and a tilt of his head. “T͇̩͇̻̮̱̖͞h̢͇a̛̼̭̗̪̮̺t͓͢ ̥̥͉s̨̙̬͕o̵̹̞͎͙͍̱u͔̹͓̪̪n͎͙̱̲d̢̖̮s̷͇̯̠̻͇̺̘ ҉͍l̙͟ik͈̘͎̮̲̯̜e҉̺̟̩̟̠ ̷̹̙̯̳̯̱f̹̗u͉̝̰̥̘͍̥n̨͕̼͇̟̦̮͔.̦͢ “

Mad’s smirk falls. “Then I could just command Oliver to rip out his core. He’ll be dead in seconds, and there won’t be a thing you can do.”

Anti’s grin only widens, and he giggles maniacally, his head glitching around on his shoulders. “ N̖͚͍̖o͡t̛͇͚̻ ̡͙̱͇̰̟į̳̦̜f̦̜̹͍̯̭ͅ ̹͔͚͎I͖͇̘͙̟̰̣ ͍̖̤͓̱c̦͍̖̩̠͘u͔̖̻̘̫̮t̨̯̜͖̳̜̪̖ ͕͈̘͖̟y̱̠̪̭̭̲e̫̠͚̰ṟ̩̩̤͙̝ ̺̼͉̗̜̜t͙͙̥o̺͉͝n҉͈͚̞̠͖̺gù͎̟͈̜̳̘e̷͓ ̸o͡u͇̞̖̺̬̭tͅ ̶̩̺̺̟̩͔̬f͖̝̞̣̯͚͡i̴̠̗̩͍̱̣̳r̖̻̫͔̳͍s͈̦̻̩͎t̹̰̰.̝ “

Operation Soulmate | Nine

Pairings: Steve x Reader || Bucky x Reader || Steve x Bucky || Bucky x Nat

Summary: Truths are revealed.

Warnings: Hospitals, love confessions, some much-needed fluff?

Notes: For @marvelous-fvcks‘ writing challenge, with the prompt ‘Heart’. In the last few chapters, I broke your hearts, so now I’m gonna try to patch them up. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this series as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated!

and side note: I love the acronym I came up with.

Operation Soulmate Masterlist

Everything hurts.

Serenity, and the comfort of darkness has given way to a dull ache in your chest, that throbs in time with the beat of your heart.

On the bright side, at least you’re not dead.

You take stock of the situation. You’re lying on a fairly firm mattress and between your fingertips, you can feel starchy, slightly stiff sheets. There’s a chemical scent in the air that is reminiscent of antiseptic soap — you must be in a hospital, or possibly the med bay. You can make out the gentle beeping and whirring of machines somewhere on your left side, and you can feel the tubes attached to your right arm. A cannula rests beneath your nose, delivering oxygen to your lungs. Someone is holding your right hand.

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New Beginnings Part 3 (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 5,551

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, Mild Angst, Sexual Tension, Nightmares, Romantic Dorks Involved

Ratings: PG-13

Summary: After your grandparents pass away, you find out they leave everything to you, including a large sum of money.  Deciding to take the advice of your grandparents, you live your life to the fullest; which means moving to Boston and bumping into Chris Evans.

The windows were rolled down as you drove through the day; the brisk autumn air whipped your hair around your face as Chris’ hand splayed out on your thigh, gently rubbing.  In this moment, things seemed perfect. Naturally, you were sad to leave your home town; the house you grew up in since you were a young girl.  But times were changing, and you were ready for this new chapter, new beginning, and new adventure.  You were determined to fulfill your dreams as they arose.  

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Ten More

Pairing: Ivar x Reader

Word Count: 1226

Warnings: None…sickeningly fluffy

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

You never realize how fast time passes you by until something happens to make you stop in your tracks. You’d never really celebrated much since your family died when you were so young. The only family you ever remember having is your current one. It has gotten smaller and smaller over the years, but it’s still your family.

Ivar and his brothers have been in your life for twenty years now, give or take a year. You love them all unconditionally and would do anything for them, and you have on more than one occasion. You just loved the boys differently. Ubbe was the one you went to for advice, Hvitserk was your little brother in every sense of the word. Bjorn was the one to tease you constantly, all in affection of course. Sigurd was the surprising one, the one you should not get along with, but you do. Your relationship was built around deep conversations, common interests, and a protectiveness that ran deeply. Your relationship with Ivar on the other hand was built around passion, shared dreams, and a love that only grows more every day.

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Childhood Friends / 4875 words

Catch up

September 2017

Part One

“I’m so excited to meet him, I can’t even tell ya!” Ella giggled, helping me to set up my tiny flat for the evening.

I couldn’t help but feel like I’d invited round one too many people. There was barely enough room for me to manoeuvre around my flat, never mind anyone else. I’d budged every single item in my room so they were pressed against the walls, but it genuinely hadn’t made much difference. People were bound to be tripping over one another all evening.

“He’s excited to meet you too!” I cooed. “He’s a bit desperate for you all to like him.”

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Old Flames, New Sparks - Part 7: Just the Three of Us

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Danneel Harris, Jensen Ackles,

Pairing: Danneel x Reader x Jensen

Warnings: Smut (soo bad - sorry guys but I was struggling with this for some reason), threesome, fingering, oral (male and female receiving), penetration, unsafe sex (wrap it before you tap it kids)   

Word Count: 3400ish

A/N: We are closing in on an ending here. One more chapter and an epilogue to go. Thanks to all who has stuck by me for this one. It has been a lot of fun to write

This series is written for my free square in @spnpolybingo

Thanks to my amazing lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this series for me.


Your few weeks alone with Jensen had been magical, especially the last few days where you had barely left the house - or put on clothes for that matter. Jensen made you feel loved and he made you smile. A lot more than any man had ever done. You didn’t feel as if you had to try to be someone else around him like you had with Keith. You didn’t for one second feel as if he wanted to change you or that he loved you for anything else than exactly who you were. The only other person you could remember ever feeling this relaxed around was Danneel.

Even if you loved your alone time with Jensen you missed her and you knew that Jensen did too. According to Jensen who spoke freely about her around you, they hadn’t been separated for this long since they started dating. As much as you loved hearing him talk about her with as much love in his voice as you felt for her in your heart, this whole situation was still weird to you. Being alone with Jensen nonstop had made you almost forget that there were anyone else in the world. Except for when you talked of the woman you both loved, of course. Still that felt different than the thought of having to face her and the world. There was still so many things the three of you needed to figure out. Jensen and Danneel were getting married in a few months and you had no idea where you fit into that if you fit at all. A part of you couldn’t help but fear you were just something they wanted to try. Something that they would get over soon and probably be tired off by the time their wedding came close.

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Stay High - Auston Matthews #15

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about/request: a auston imagine where it’s his 20th birthday and you throw him a massive party. + i’m sorry that i hijacked this request and turned it into my high birthday sex idea but it happened. 

warnings: this is genuinely probably the dirtiest thing i’ve written and i’m sorry there’s so much cursing and everyone is drunk and high like pls stay away if you are young or do not like things that aren’t pg af this is gross as hell oh my god sex so much sex ok

authors note: just read the warnings again

word count: 2271

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Aizawa training Shinso -- snippet/preview

“The way he talks to you. That dopey smile he gets when he brings you breakfast. He likes you.” Shinso looked over at Aizawa, expression vaguely curious but weirdly steady. Unflinching. Slightly bored. The kid sniffed once. “Are you into that?”

“I don’t have time to be ‘into’ anything, Shinso,” Aizawa said at length, tensely. In the most businesslike way possible, he secured his wrappings and flexed his hands and feet, slapping the excess powder off and giving the GenStudies kid a dry look. “Especially this morning. We need to get going or else we won’t even break a sweat by the time we have to head in.”

“Eh. Well you should probably talk to him,” Shinso said with a yawn.

Who fucking asked you? Aizawa wanted to yell, suddenly a little crazy. The kid’s flat, wandering affect drove him to the edge of his patience and the things he thought were interesting, that Shinso felt the need to tell him. He hoped that was the end of it, as he didn’t have anything to say to that. But once Aizawa slapped the kids hands away from the pathetic job he was doing wrapping his feet and took it into his own hands so he wouldn’t pull it too tight and break his fucking foot landing on a kick, Shinso had more volumes of wisdom to share about love and life.

“I liked this girl, once. I was really nervous to talk to her, to say how I felt, so I waited and tried to find a good time but things kept getting in the way,” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck as Aizawa tangled with his bruised feet. 

“But then, turned out she knew all along. She just avoided me so I’d never even get a chance, because she was afraid of, I dunno, me making her go out with me or something. She even roped her friends into it, like playing interference. All so I couldn’t even talk to her. It felt like being erased, you know? Or made into a villain. It felt really shitty and, if I could, I’d want to make sure nobody else felt that way.”

Aizawa’s hands were stilled, had stilled on the kid’s feet seconds ago, but he came back to himself in a rush and tightened and tied it off, commanding him to flex and test it, pointing out the correct balance between the support wraps could offer and the potential for cutting off circulation.

In his mind, he struggled with the white cord suddenly connecting him to the kid, tugging, tightening up his chest and thoughts. Sweat dripped down his side, ice cold. They were so alike. 

It wasn’t a good thing. Not at all.

Quirks were a burden, more often than people realized. There were times in his life that he had wished he were born Quirkless. He had no doubt Shinso had those moments, too.

Yet here they were. Trying to be something different than nature had made them.

“Anyway. If someone likes you, and you know it, you should probably talk to them. It’s a decent thing to do, even if its just to tell them that you’re not into it. That’s all I’m saying,” Shinso finished up with a shrug, then squinted over at the seated pro hero with a vaguely disappointed expression, rocking back on his heels. “And you guys are adults, too, you know? You should probably be better at this.”

“Okay, shut up,” Aizawa said loudly, getting to his feet. His current project knew that tone of voice and got up accordingly, testing out his stance. “Get ready to fight.”

“It’s nice, when somebody likes you,” Shinso continued dreamily, looking into the sky like he hadn’t just heard. Aizawa suppressed the urge to teach him about headlocks that day, and how you could choke a person into unconsciousness within a minute if you held the jugular right. That would be fun, today.

“What did I just say, GenStudies?”

“It’s even better when you’re not very likable,” Shinso said with a strained grin, raising his fists.

That grin. That devil may care stare, the glint of confidence. Surprised, Aizawa found himself mirroring it, thinking, you little shit.

He was going to kick Shinso’s ass in the most educational way possible.