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Dean Winchester x Reader

2350 Words

Story Summary: Requested by @fangirlingfanatic2442  Love you are your writing, you are super sweet ahh. So I have a one-shot request for you. The reader has always had a strange ability, to tell how dangerous a person was on a scale of one to ten, so a trained man with a rifle would be an eight while a seven-year-old child would be a three. One day in her school a boy walks into her class with a ten above his head. She is curious and terrified, and soon finds out why he’s so dangerous.

Your life wasn’t like everyone else’s. It was hard to live a normal life when you had a set of skills no one else had even heard of having. At first they had thought you had been lying, but when you continued, they had marked you off as having a mental illness. Finally, when you were starting high school, you had pretended it had gone away, just for a little piece of mind. It was hard having people staring at you, talking about you when they thought you couldn’t hear. Saying how weird you were, how you would no doubt end up in a padded room before you even graduated.

It wasn’t like you could kill people with your mind, or even thought you could read their minds. You could just see a red number hanging over people’s heads. At first, when you were a lot younger, you hadn’t even realized it was there, or what it was. But as you grew up, growing smarter, you wondered why everyone had a number, from one to ten. It took you a long time to realize those numbers measure how dangerous a person was. When your sister was born, she only had a two over her head. And she sure proved that she wasn’t dangerous at all. As sweet as she could be, she was the type of girl everyone loved, even you. Then there was that boy in seventh grade that had a six over his head. He ended up breaking your heart by dating your best friend behind your back.

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Fired! After years… years of hard work. And ass kissing. Oh God, I kissed so many different kinds of asses.

the thing is that we were never wrong. our reading of the show was the correct one, even until the very end. what else do you think ‘if i’m gone, i know what you two could become’ means. the evidence that we have piled up over the years hasn’t gone anywhere. we were right. they just, apparently, couldn’t or didn’t want to go through with it, and i won’t forgive them for that

Preference: What They Secretly Love That You Do.


Darry loves when you’ll play with his hair. When you two are in front of the gang it’ll just be you lightly playing with the hairs at the back of his neck but when you two are alone or simply just in front of his brothers you’ll run your fingers through his hair and just move them gently. He’ll complain at first but it’s half hearted because it really does calm him down.

It was almost midnight on a Saturday Ponyboy and Sodapop had just gone off to bed but you and Darry were still sitting on the couch, to comfy to move. Your legs were over Darry’s lap and your body was pressed against his. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back against the back of the couch but your eyes stayed open as you watched him. You moved your arm up slowly so you could begin running your fingers absently through your boyfriends hair. You saw the faint glimmer of a smile cross Darry’s lips as you did so and you watched his worries slowly relax off of him.

Sodapop loves when you drag him along to see ‘girly movies’. He’ll complain about the whole way to the theater but the second you’re watching it he gets almost more into it than you do.

You were sitting at the drive-in theater with Sodapop’s arm around you as you waited for the movie to start. They were doing a special showing of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and you had been excited all week since you convinced Sodapop to take you. Now that you were there sitting and waiting he was sulking to himself.

“This is stupid. Can’t we just go back to my house and see what’s on? Or we could go to the regular theater in town. I think there was a movie there that you would like.”

You turn and give him a look. “Stop pouting and just enjoy the movie okay?”

Sodapop just sighed and put his arm around you. The movie soon started up and Sodapop was immediately captivated. He was so into the movie that he wouldn’t even turn his head away from the screen at your many attempts to kiss him. When the movie finally came to the end you couldn’t help but laugh as Soda looked over at you.

“Don’t you dare tell the others about this.”

“Yes, m’am.” You laughed causing him to nudge you playfully before leaning in to finally give you a kiss.

Ponyboy loves when you take his sweatshirt. He’ll whine that now he’ll be cold now but he really doesn’t care. He just loves being able to look over at you with his hoodie on.

You were all sitting at the drive in seats. The movie was about halfway through and you couldn’t stop shivering. Your head was resting on Ponyboy’s shoulder and you looked up at him. “I’m cold.”

“You knew we were coming here. You should brought a jacket.” He said and you continued to stare at him so he sighed and sat up so he could take off his sweatshirt and give it to you. You put it on with a grin and leaned back into his arms.

“Jeez, Y/N, now I’m freezing.” he groaned and so you leaned up to kiss his cheek before turning back to the screen. Once you were looking away he looked down at you and smiled.

Two-Bit loves when you’ll get him to dance with you. Sometimes you do it seriously and try to get him to slow dance, other times you’re just messing around to whatever comes on the radio but he loves using you as his excuse to get up and dance to his favorite songs.

Two-Bit and you were sitting on the back of his car, the radio could be heard faintly through the cars open windows. The two of you had been silent, holding hands and just drinking some beer when a song you recognized came on. You smiled softly and looked up at him before standing and tugging his hand.

“Dance with me.” You said.

“Come on, baby, I don’t dance.” He replied and didn’t budge.

“Please,” You begged gently with another small tug at his arm and he relented easily and stood. You pulled Two-Bit close to you and made him sway back and forth with you. He complied until the song started coming to an end and he began lifting you off the ground spinning you, causing you to erupt in a fit of laughter. After he put you down again you persuaded him to dance for a couple more songs.

Dally loves when you take his hand to hold. He never went to take it on his own as it would look more his style to have an arm around your shoulders but he did love when you would take his hand in your own. He loved the feeling and though he would never outright admit it you always knew by the way he would squeeze your hand lightly every once in a while or kiss your knuckles when the gang wasn’t looking.

Dally and you were trailing behind the rest of the group as you all walked down the sidewalk into town. He had just lit a cigarette and once one of his hands was free you carefully thread your fingers together and he squeezed your hand gently. Once you all had arrived at where you were going you moved to pull your hand away so his friends wouldn’t tease him but as you did his hold tightened and you couldn’t help but grin to yourself as you felt his them gently moving to stroke your hand. Two-Bit went to say something but with a glare from Dally he shut his mouth quickly. He didn’t let go of your hand once for the rest of the night.

Steve loves when you take care of him after a fight or a rumble. He does love to show off his injuries like they were trophies but while he would never admit it to you there was something nice about you fussing over him and making sure he wasn’t hurt to bad.

Steve was laying on the couch at the Curtis house as you gently held a cloth to his bleeding lip. You sighed in frustration however at the fact that he kept talking.
“What are you doing that for, Y/N. Let it be I want people to see how tough I am.” He grinned and you just shook your head.

“Steve, don’t be so stubborn and let me help you. I hate it enough when you go out and fight the least you can do is let me make sure you’re all right after.” You frown.

“Alright fine,” he said begrudgingly. “But only for you, babe.”

You nod and press the cloth to his lip again and his eyes close. You place your free hand on his cheek to stroke it comfortingly and you can’t help bit feel happy as you see him lean into the touch.

Johnny loves when you get all clingy on him. Whether it’s in private and you have his arms wrapped around his neck as you lay as close as possible or whether it’s in front of the gang sitting on his lap with your head resting on his shoulder Johnny lives for these moments.

You were asleep in your room when you heard someone come through the window. You weren’t to worried as you knew it was your boyfriend Johnny. You always left it open a crack for him. Johnny carefully crawled into bed beside you and immediately your arms wrap around his neck and your legs around his waist to hold him close. As he spoke you pressed a few gentle kisses to his jawline and down his neck.

“Hey, love..” he whispered softly and you just hugged him tighter. You felt his hand run gently up and down your back and soon you felt Johnny relaxing into your embrace.

Malec After Sex Conversation - You’re Glowing

This isn’t my first time writing a fanfiction and what not but it is my first time writing one for Malec so please don’t hate it lol.


Magnus and Alec stared at the ceiling for what felt like ages. They hadn’t said one thing to each other since they separated bodies. It wasn’t because anything had gone wrong - far from it actually. They were just so amazed with each other that they were left speechless. Magnus had lived for centuries, and yet he had never been so amazed. He had never felt what he had just felt with Alec. Alec went from unlocking something in Magnus to completely opening up every part of him.

“Magnus, can I ask you something?” Alec questioned with his voice cracking. Magnus turned his body to face Alec, looking concerned. Alec’s face was taken over with a worried expression.

“Ask me anything. Anything at all.” Magnus breathed with a reassuring look. He wanted to make Alec feel as comfortable as possible.

“Was I-” Alec hesitated “Was I any good?” Alec looked as if he was on the verge of tears.

Magnus was astonished to see him in the emotional state he was in. Alec had always been one to not show his emotions. He would never really break his stone-cold look unless he was with Max, Izzy, and most recently - Magnus. Magnus had never seen Alec the way he looks currently though. He looks so defenseless. He looked like he was about to break if Magnus had said the wrong thing so Magnus knew exactly what he had to say - the truth.

“Alexander… listen to me. You have to stop doubting yourself. This experience with you that I just had was one of the most magical things I have ever done. Trust me on this one, I’m a warlock. I’ve had my fair share with magic.” Magnus confessed.

Alec had taken a better look at Magnus and could see his features soft and innocent. Alec had believed in him, but that didn’t stop Alec from shedding a tear. Magnus couldn’t believe how vulnerable Alec was being with him.

Magnus reached out and brushed away Alec’s tear with the tip of his thumb. “I… I have to show you something.” Magnus muttered. Alec’s brows had sunk in confusion. The look on Magnus’ face seemed scared. Alec didn’t understand what could be wrong.

“Are you okay? What is it?” Alec responded.

“I’m fine. It’s you I’m worrying about.” Magnus genuinely looked concerned, but he knew he couldn’t hide something like this from Alec any longer.

“Magnus, right now it’s me and you. Nobody else. I’m completely yours. Just show me what you have to show me and I promise, I’ll still be yours.” Alec stated and Magnus shook his head up and down. He knew Alec wasn’t lying, he felt it.

Magnus took a breath, looked down, then looked back up at Alec with his cat eyes exposed. Alec was taken back and his shift in expression concerned Magnus.

“You hate them.” Magnus murmured and Alec quickly interjected.

“No. Absolutely not. I could never hate any part of you. Your mark, it’s who you are. I love them. You are so astounding.” Alec replied.

Magnus’ body language and facial expression changed from scared to surprised. He couldn’t believe Alec was so loving, so caring. Magnus let his guard down and showed his joyful feelings. He let out the goofiest smile and Alec couldn’t help but do the same.

“You’re glowing.” Alec exclaimed to Magnus.

Magnus laughed and said, “Yeah, my eyes tend to-” he was cut off almost immediately by Alec.

“Not just your eyes. Your whole body. Your face. This is the brightest I’ve seen you. Just another part of you that I’m in love with. You always find a way to leave me amazed.” Alec expressed.

Magnus finally took charge and led in for a kiss with Alec. Alec accepted and their lips locked and kept a steady rhythm. It wasn’t forceful, it was slow and passionate. It was one of the most loving kisses they had ever shared. They both knew how crazy they were about each other, it was beautiful.

They pulled apart at the same time and Alec began to caress Magnus’ face. He had never felt so at home. He constantly felt pressured in his life, but with Magnus he was free.

“I’m falling in love with you.” Alec confessed.

“Something I’ve been feeling since the start Alexander. Don’t forget what you mean to me.” Magnus shifted back onto his back and looked back at the ceiling. His grin was so wide. He had never felt so comfortable with anyone and he couldn’t believe he was laying with someone who had felt everything he had. He couldn’t believe he had found someone who wasn’t using him. Everyone always takes advantage of Magnus, but Alec truly wanted all of him. They both couldn’t fathom how hard they were falling. It was the most beautiful, blossoming relationship and they couldn’t get enough.

They were at peace together in Magnus’ bedroom, so gleeful, trapped inside one another’s head. They couldn’t wait for what was to come. What they felt for each other consumed them and left them vulnerable - in the most beautiful, astonishing way.

I watched you as you sat next to me, but I couldn’t see you anymore. You were already gone and I just stared blankly as I wondered when did you even leave, when did you stop loving me.
—  Things I realized when I was drunk, part IV

Dean’s Girlfriend is Cas, pass it on.


Just Ask - Part 6

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: I know, I’m sorry. 

Part 5

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Badass - Klaus Mikaelson

Requests are open for Marvel, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Lord of The Rings, and The Hobbit!!

Request: Hey Darling! 💕 Could I propose an idea for a Klaus Mikaelson x Reader story? Where he is somehow held captive and weakened. And while they’re constantly watching him in fear of him breaking free, he’s like ‘I wouldn’t worry about me. I’m not your problem.’ And then reader comes to save him like a true badass. 😎 Thanks! 💕 If you don’t like the idea, you don’t have to write it of course. 💕 Have a good day! 😘  ((Anon))

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x F!reader

Warnings: descriptions of torture. Blood. True badassery. Mild cursing. People die, fyi.

A/n: This was so much fun to write. Even if it is really short.

Originally posted by darksoulandhiddenthoughts

Klaus spits blood on the shoes of the vampire that had just finished wailing into him. His bruises were gone already, and the four teeth the vampire had knocked out were already grown back. The vampire lifts Klaus by his chin and stares down at him. Klaus smiles and it only serves to make him angrier.

“Where is she, Mikaelson? The heretic you call your girlfriend.” Klaus’ fists clench in his restraints. His arms were up, tied to a long wooden staff that hung from the ceiling. But he didn’t let his vulnerability bother him.

“Correction,” Klaus gives the vampire a wolfish smile, “we’re engaged.”

“Congratulations.” Another punch to the jaw followed by a kick to the ribs. Klaus groans as his ribs heal from broken bones to solid again. Behind the vampire was a woman, pacing and trying desperately to not look nervous.

“Where the fuck is the Heretic?” Blood tints Klaus teeth as he smiles again.

“I have not the slightest of ideas. She’s probably on her way here to kill both of you.” The woman glances from him to the door.

“No one knows we took you, Mikaelson.” The vampire says his last name in a sneer as he picks up a lead pipe from the warehouse floor and breaks Klaus’s jaw with it. Klaus laughs, his head tilting back and his eyes landing on the woman who was now staring intently at him, as if she expected him to crumble from one hit of a lead pipe.

“Oh, try harder! Y/n does worse to my back on passionate nights, surely you could do better-” The woman blushes and the vampire breaks his jaw again, sensing the woman’s discomfort. She goes back to worrying, her heart beating increasing as she stares at the door.

“Oh love..” She turns round and stares at him, “I’m not the one you need to worry about.”

The doors, made of steel, explode inward and fall to the floor, horrifically bent and scarred. A flurry of sawdust and wood chipping fly up in the sudden disturbance and the woman falls to the ground in a limp heap before she can even open her mouth. The vampire takes a step back before pulling a wooden stake from his belt. You enter, still wearing your sundress and flats from shopping today, your hand held up in a fist. You tilt your head and smile when you notice the stake in the vampire’s hand.

“Oh good, I forgot mine.” You pull your hand towards you and the stake lifts from the vampire’s hand and into his heart in less than a second. He falls to the cement floor, lifeless.

“Hello, love, fancy seeing you here.” You roll your eyes and laugh as you use your magic to erase the sigils on the wooden staff. Klaus breaks the chains and gets to his feet.

“I really was worried.” He turns to you and pulls you into a kiss.

“Not a thing to worry over.” Klaus says when he breaks the kiss. “I had it all under control.”

You roll your eyes and grab his hand, walking out of the warehouse together.

Shepard: Hey Garrus, have you got a minute?

Garrus: Can it wait for a bit? I’m in the middle of some calibrations.

Shepard: Yeah, sure. No problem.

Shepard: Hey Garrus, have you got a minute?

Garrus: Can it wait for a bit? I’m in the middle of some calibrations.

Shepard: Still? Okay, I’ll come back later.

Shepard: Hey Garrus, have you got a minute?

Garrus: Can it wait for a bit? I’m in the middle of some calibrations.

Shepard: Um … okay …

Shepard: Hey Garrus, you got a minute?

Garrus: Can it wait for a bit? I’m in the middle of some calibra–



karuna @thetaliskertalisker tagged me in top six selfies of 2016 <3

i take so many goddamn selfies this was hard but here are five and a picture with my beautiful new puppy zeta, love of my life

honestly this year was a mess, and the only good thing i can say is that last year i was like i hope 2016 has more dogs and that, in fact, came through for me

imma tag @vocalduosope, @tamilprongspotter, @officialbenjaminfranklin, @dravidarasathi, @dooomkitten, and whoever else wants to do it cuz im probably missing ppl!