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Aiden x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One      Part Two  Part Three

“What’re you doing?” Aiden asked as he walked into you room and found you throwing things around.

“Having a clear out… why what’re you doing?” You asked and he shrugged.

“Would you believe me if I said I was being nosey?” He asked and you smiled, giving him a tight hug before turning back to the drawer you were emptying.

“I missed you to you big dopey wolf.” You mumbled and he chuckled as he grabbed at a picture.

“This is cute, look how little you and Cora are!” He teased and you rolled your eyes.

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The signs as things my friends as the signs have said pt. 2
  • Taurus: I have no clue who's socks these are but I'm wearing them. They were in my drawer! They have the name Michael written on them! I don't know a Michael!
  • Gemini: Apparently, they thought I was super calm... When in reality was losing it on the outside, about to go off on the customer.
  • Cancer: Sorry, I was napping.
  • Leo: I'm running off of three hours of sleep and I haven't eaten in almost 24 hours. What's new with you?
  • Virgo: *Sings off key then proceeds to laugh so hard we almost wreck*
  • Libra: I will fucking cockslap her if she tries me.
  • Scorpio: I decided to get back at her. I hit her in the head with a wiffle ball twice... and I did some other stuff...
  • Sagittarius: Why am I the goblin woman? I don't wanna be the goblin woman!
  • Capricorn: So, I saw his car was there and I shit on his windshield. So yeah, that happened...
  • Aquarius: Yes daddy I do!
  • Pisces: I ended up spending $250 on lush products... I do NOT! have an addiction!
The Garden Party

The towel wrapped around your body slipped a little as you made your way from the bathroom to the closet. You tugged it back up, retucking the end to hold it more securely. Your new navy blue dress was hanging by the steamer where you had left it this morning. Hair and makeup were done and you would only end up being a few minutes late to the party. Niall would be meeting you there after spending the day at the studio and you couldn’t wait to see him. This morning, he had been in a playful mood, slapping your ass every time he walked by and making dirty jokes. Hopefully that mood carried on throughout the day and you had a fun evening ahead of you. A smile was fixed on your face as you went to the dresser to get your underwear. Opening the top drawer, you were surprised to find it empty. You pulled open the other drawers, even though you knew it was pointless, to find them equally void of your undergarments.

“That little shit!” you muttered under your breath, grabbing your phone.

“Babe, all of my underwear seems to have disappeared,” you typed before hitting send.

The three dots indicating he was replying appeared immediately as if he had been waiting for your text. “Hmmm…that’s so strange, where could they have gone?”

Setting your phone aside, you rested your hands on your hips. It appeared he still wanted to play, and you were definitely game. You put your beautiful yet conservative blue dress back into the closet and went in search of another. You pulled out your “Wow” dress. You called it that because the one other time you had worn it, “Wow” was the only thing Niall seemed able to say. It was red and short and form fitting. It left little to the imagination. This might be going too far. You almost lost your nerve and put it back. Could you really go commando in this dress at one of Niall’s work parties? You slid it off its hanger and pulled it over your head. Niall was daring you and you would not lose to him.

When you arrived at the party, you carefully climbed out of the car and handed the key to the valet. He checked you out as you walked by and you resisted the urge to tug at the hem of the dress. Confidence was going to be key tonight.

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Seoulmates (Mark Tuan Soulmate AU)

Request: Could you do a Mark Tuan soulmate au fic please? I am absolute trash for them

Member: Got7′s Mark x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“Why are you trying to cover it up?” your mother sighed, folding another sweater before placing it into your suitcase. 

“Because,” you grumbled, pawing through your underwear drawer. You were in no mood for her prying. 

“That’s not an answer, Y/N,” she sighed, halting her folding to cross her arms. She tilted her head as she stared at you, expecting for your voice to break the silence. 

She was sorely mistaken. 

You continued your methodical work, plucking out your favorite undies and tossing them toward you bed. 

“It’s going to be the first words he ever says to you, Y/N,” she said solemnly. 

You rolled your eyes before spinning around and mirroring the same look she was giving you, but directed back at her. “Or she. Or it. Really one never knows.”

“Oh, stop being obnoxious,” she grumbled, picking up a t-shirt and beginning to fold. 

“Learned from the best,” you muttered. 

“What was that young lady?” your mother snapped in stereotypical matronly fashion. “Your father and I were kind enough to pay for this study abroad trip, we can also be stern enough to take it back.” 

You continued folding in silence before sitting down, opening the very strategically placed rip in your jeans. You saw the dark outline of the words tattooed onto your skin that would determine your entire future. 

It was odd how the universe chose to work. 

How through time, nature took over things, things as complicated as soulmates. In middle school, most everyone’s parents had explained the idea of soulmates to them, or at least how they pertained to your lives. Shortly after hitting puberty, your bodies began to change. One very distinct change, was the black script that began to appear on your skin. The first words your soulmate would ever speak to you. 

And that’s how you would know. 

The words appeared anywhere on the body. You remembered laughing when your friends had to search for them. You recalled the moment when your father had to tug up his shirt to show you his, strategically placed on his lower back. “Do you want to split a fry?”  And you remembered the smile on your mothers face when you saw her tattoo on her shoulder that read “I’ll split anything with you sweetheart.” 

You sighed to yourself, fingering the hole in your jeans, moving it from side to side as you looked to your skin. 

“Please stay quiet.”

You wondered if your soulmate’s skin just read “…”

“You need to talk to more girls hyung, that’s your problem,” BamBam muttered, plopping onto the practice room floor. 

“Or boys,” Jackson nodded. “Why limit yourself?” He touched Jinyoung’s hand lightly, causing the younger boy to roll his eyes. 

“Or just remain silent, say nothing to anyone,” Jinyoung grumbled. 

“Aigoo, you love me!” Jackson gasped, setting his chin on Jinyoung’s shoulder and batting his eyelashes. He reached over, tracing the faint words on Jinyoung’s wrist. 

“Really, Bam is right,” JInyoung sighed. “You can’t complain if you refuse to speak to anyone.”

“How did you find your soulmate?” Mark asked, turning  to Jaebum. He was exasperated with the boys in front of him. Of course JInyoung and Jackson had found each other, but Youngjae and Jaebum had already found their soulmates as well. BamBam and Yugyeom were still on the hunt, making sure to speak to as many people as possible. 

“At the bookstore,” Jaebum sighed, scrolling through his phone. “She was trying to buy the last copy of The Great Gatsby. I told her she could borrow it once I was through.” 

“I bet she loved that,” Youngjae giggled. 

Jaebum smirked, holding up his forearm to the rest of the boys. The tight script read “Prick.” 

“Yeah, she loved that,” BamBam giggled, rolling his eyes. “What does your arm even say?”

Mark sighed, looking fondly down at his tanned arm. He held it close to his chest before looking up at the younger member. “You’ve seen it before, stop asking.”

“Aish! I’ve never seen the whole thing!” BamBam complained. 

“Good,” Mark nodded, furrowing his eyebrows. “You would probably tell everyone in Seoul and I’d have a thousand soulmates.”

“Hahah, a thousand…seoul-mates?” Yugyeom cackled. “Get it hyung? Like Seoul, because that’s where we live and-”

“Yes,” Mark grumbled. “I get it.” 

You wandered the streets of Seoul, a dorky smile plastered to your face. You had waited so long to be on this study abroad trip, it felt surreal that you were even there. 

You took in a deep breath, enjoying the scents of the bakeries and restaurants around you. You felt like you were walking on air as your feet hit the pavement. Turning your head from side to side, you contemplated which shop you would visit next. 

You heard the sound before you saw them coming. What seemed to be a stampede of teen girls followed a young man, not much older than you were. Breezing toward you in a hurricane of shrieks and giggles, you were rendered motionless, glued to your spot as they headed toward you. It had to have been a Korean pop idol, this was the only explanation for a spectacle such as this. 

The man heading up the group caught you by the shoulder, spinning you toward a nearby alley as he turned. Your back landed with a thud against the brick of the building, flattening your body to it. He flattened himself beside you, bringing his fingers to his lips as he looked at you with wide eyes. 

“Please stay quiet.”

You felt a wave of shock, relief, and fireworks erupt all at once. When you had originally seen those words painted so intricately on your thigh, you assumed they would have been said in a classroom setting, perhaps a library. They would be said by someone who was irritated by you, someone who genuinely didn’t care to hear your voice in whatever situation you were in. 

But this…this was nothing against you. Your heart began to race as you stared at the young man’s face, almost glowing underneath the patchwork of sunshine filtering down the alleyway. He remained still, watching the street anxiously as the group of girls rushed by, convinced they were still following him. 

“Popular with the ladies?” you whispered, just as the last female struggled behind the crowd. 

He let out a soft chuckle, but quickly turned silent. He looked up at you, his eyes wide with realization. 

“Hardly,” he breathed. He pushed off from the wall, turning to get a better look at you. His breathing remained short as he searched your face, for what, you were unsure. 

After a few moments, he bit his lip and began to tug up on his sweater sleeve. After he had rolled the fabric up to his elbow, he looked back up to you with a kind grin. 

“Popular with the ladies,” you read, your eyes tracing across the dark font on his arm. “I’m sure your friends never let you live that down.”

“Not many know,” he chuckled, sliding the sleeve back down. “I can’t imagine reading ‘please stay quiet’ everyday of my young adult life.”

“Honestly I thought my soulmate was my teacher,” you laughed. “I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Mark,” the man nodded, looking up at you through his lashes. “Very much not your teacher.”

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Analysis: Cover Pages of 125 and 126

Chapters 125 and 126 have very similar covers.

Thanks to the always lovely @thedarkestcrow, I’ve learned that this type of seat is known as a conversation bench. It is also known as a courting bench and, during the time period of Kuroshitsuji, a gossip bench. (Gossip benches later had drawers and were usually were the phone was kept.) All these names are interesting. There does seem to conversation or the attempt at conversation in both images. Soma seems to be talking to Ciel, although it’s hard to determine if Ciel is listening. Sebastian is whispering something to Agni, although its unclear if Agni is listening or if he wants to listen. What really caught my eye, however, are the body poses Soma and Agni.

First, let’s take a closer look at Soma.

Soma is very relaxed here. His pose his casual, and he is smiling. Because he is leaning towards Ciel, this is the sign that he’s very comfortable with him. He is moving into Ciel’s personal space. This is usually the sign of trust. Even if Soma didn’t explicitly state so in the chapter, this pose makes it clear he thinks of Ciel as his friend.

Now, in the past Agni referred to Sebastian as his friend, and up to this point he has seemingly thought of Sebastian as such. That very fact makes this cover interesting.

While it appears Agni is praying here, but bringing in his arms and keeping legs closer together, he is limiting his personal space. This could be a sign he is trying to keep Sebastian at a distance and that he no longer trusts him.

Next, there is the ‘conversation’ that is taking place. Soma appears to be talking animatedly, so this means that anyone nearby could hear the conversation along with Ciel. He is not trying to hide what he is saying, so this isn’t something private. Again, it’s hard to tell if Ciel is listening. The only thing that can be seen is that his legs are crossed. He might be limiting his personal space much like Agni in the other cover.

Sebastian is leaning forward and has his hand up a if to hide what he is saying. This isn’t a ‘public’ conversation. Whatever Sebastian is saying is meant for Agni’s ears only.

Those were just a few things I noticed.


About an hour straight through. 

I finally have functional dressers! The grey hold shirts and pants, and the clear have undergarments, socks and pajamas. I couldn’t keep folded clothes organized in those deep drawers at all, but they’re perfectly functional now! Workout clothes and accessories in the bins above, sweaters in the one on the seasonal chest. With this Smarch weather changing its mind everyday I havent fully switched my seasonal clothes yet, so this is about as full as it’s gonna be. The additional drawers were $40 total, so this was a fairly inexpensive make over! 

roommate sentence starters!
  1. “wake up! wake up! you’re gonna be late!” 
  2. “where are all my socks?”
  3. “why are all my socks in your sock drawer?”
  4. “why were you in my sock drawer?” 
  5. “is this spaghetti in the pan? it looks like bloated beige worms that began to decompose a week ago.”
  6. “uuuuh… *name*? is that a sword on the table? where the hell did you get a sword?” 
  7. “hey! you ate my pop tarts!”
  8. “why is the milk blue?” 
  9. “i had to put food colouring in everything to stop you from eating it. i’ve been drinking blue milk and eating bright green rice for weeks.”
  10. “where were you last night?” 
  11. “why does my room smell like your favourite pizza place?”
  12. “we have to talk about the gun i found under the bed.” 
  13. “so… who was that last night? and why was all my pizza gone this morning?” 
  14. “wait, you’re home? i thought today was a work day.” 
  15. “where were you today? i thought it was your day off.” 
  16. “did you pay your rent a week early? are you trying to make me look bad?” 
The Lady in Red (1/?)

Title: The Lady in Red (1/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader

Words: ~1470

Warnings: Possible abuse, starvation, loss of memory due to traumatic events, fluff (for later)

Steve grunted as he jumped over the high fence and landed silently on the base side. Infiltrating a HYDRA base was mostly never dull, but this one seemed completely abandoned. He carefully made his way towards the main hanger doors.

“See anything, Cap?” Nat asked in his ear.

“Nothing yet. No guards, no alarms, no sign of anyone really.” Steve responded.

“Well, keep looking, we need those files and this is the last known location.”

“Yep, will do.” Steve carefully entered the building and began making his way to the file room they had already located on the leaked base plans. Turning down corridor after corridor, he found a completely empty file room. Drawers were pulled out and through haphazardly around the room, not a single paper to be found.

“Dead end, Nat. Everyone is gone already.”

“Well damn. Head on back then, I’m going to prep the jet. Sam’s waiting for us at the compound, said something about a bar where he found this girl.”

Steve laughed, “He’s always talking about a bar where he found a girl. I’m going to take another quick look around. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

“Copy that, Cap.”

Steve took his time walking back through the base, still cautious in case someone was left. He made it all the way back to the large hanger when he started to feel like someone was watching him. He turned and saw no one but couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling that he wasn’t alone.

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ex-girlfriend ?

a/n: finally the jai request. sorry it took so long, but hopefully you like it.


There was nothing I hated more than moving. Trying to make new friends, getting situated, and then there’s the whole entire process of trying to fit in so people don’t think you’re weird.

Yeah I was outgoing, and crazy and funny, but some of that stuff takes people a while to get used too.

I had just finished unpacking my room, and my drawers were practically empty. My mom had us keep some clothes back at our old house. Her and my dad got a divorce and he decided to stay back in Florida, and my mom decided to move out to California.

So unfortunately in the split, more than half my stuff stayed with my dad, simply for the fact that shipping it out would cost way more than buying new stuff.

My dad won the lottery so he always gave me a generous amount of money for my birthday, and every holiday, simply cause he knew I couldn’t see him that much. And of course he paid for my flights between him and mom. And then my mom had a really high paying job, so money wasn’t an issue, we had enough.

And then I did have a job back in Florida, but of course had to quit to move, so I had my own money to buy things I wanted. But with this move, my dad gave me money to buy new clothes and anything else.

My mom had most of the stuff unpacked downstairs, and then the neighbor came over so she was currently sitting downstairs talking with her.

“hey mom, can I uh, go to the mall or something? I need some new clothes.”

“yes of course sweetie. Oh this is our neighbor Jessica.”

“hi.” I smiled

“hello.” She grinned.

“alright, I’ll be back.” I called out as I walked out the door. I decided to walk, simply cause traffic was so awful.

I had just walked into the mall and decided to go into my favorite store, urban outfitters. Finding a bunch of new tops and some shorts I ended up walking out of the store with 3 bags.

As I was walking to another store I decided to text my mom, tell her how things were going. Not paying any attention I accidently bumped into someone, stumbling back a bit.

“I’m so sorry” I rushed out, feeling so awful for running into someone. I looked to see who I had just ran into. He was tall, tan, dark hair, eyebrow piercing, sweet smile. He was probably the hottest guy I’ve seen.

“no, it’s fine.” his smooth voice spoke, with a hint of an accent I wasn’t familiar with. “I’m Jai.” He smiled, reaching out his hand.

“um (y/n)” you smiled, taking his hand.

He smiled and then scratched the back of his neck.

“um, I know we just met and everything, but uh, my ex-girlfriend is here with her new boyfriend, so do you think you could just walk around with me, and uh, act like my girlfriend possibly?”

I was a little taken back by his request. So shocked I was speechless. Did I even hear him right. He wanted me to pretend to be his girlfriend?

“look, I understand if you don’t, and I understand it’s childish, but I just want to make her jealous.”

“I have some serious shopping I need to do-“

“that’s fine, I just wanna walk around and stuff. I understand if you don’t want to bu-“

“oh no, it’s fine.” I cut him off. I mean, this would be a hell of a story for my first day. Pretending to be someone’s girlfriend. Why not? And it’s not like he’s gonna kill me in public, or kidnap me or something. He seemed pretty normal.

“awesome.” He smiled, reaching out to take my hand, but I pulled it away slightly, leaving him looking at me confused.

if you tell me what happened between you two.”

He stepped back and seemed to think about it. Humming, and rubbing his stubble before he finally, after 2 minutes he spoke “alright deal.”

He took my hand and we started walking.

“alright, where to first?” he asked.

“I uh, I’d like to go into forever 21.”

“alright, forever 21 it is.” He smiled, as we walked towards forever 21.

“so, your end of the deal.” I smiled up at him.

“okay okay, so uh, we were together for 2 years. And yeah I loved her, but apparently it was all just a lie. She told me she was feeling sick so she was just gonna stay home, so I thought I would be the good boyfriend I was and show up with flowers and some chocolate and make her soup or something. So her mom let me in and told me she was up in her room, so I walked up to find her on top of some guy.”

We had just walked into the store, still hand in hand, but I stopped and looked up at him, shocked.

“she was cheating on you?” I gasped.

“yeah.” He sighed. “I was so mad I just left, I threw her flowers in the trash and ate the chocolate on my way home.” He laughed.

“so did she like try to explain or anything?” I asked, as I searched a rack.

“yeah, she called me and tried to tell me it wasn’t what it looked like and all that bull.”

“did she really think you’d believe that?” I asked, holding up a top.

“you’d look good in that.” He smiled, “but yeah, she said it was an accident, she didn’t mean it.”

I smiled at his compliment and decided to get the top “so what did you do?” I asked

“I told her we were over. I didn’t care if it was a onetime thing or not, she just threw away the best thing that would ever come her way.”

“that’s great.” I laughed, looking for some shorts. Jai looked at me and got a cheeky smile.

“you should try those on, just to be sure.”

“alright.” So I went to the dressing room, Jai following and sitting in a seat, waiting for me. I tried on a pair of high waisted shorts. Not sure, of what I thought on them.

“so?” Jai asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“let me see.” He called out, so I walked out of the dressing room in front of Jai.

“hmmm, turn around?” so I turned around, twirling in a circle.

“wait, I think there’s something on the pocket, turn around again.”

So I turn around and stop, so he can get whatever it is off my pocket.

“well, what is it?” I ask, but Jai didn’t respond. I turn around and look at him to see that he’s just staring at my ass. “Jai!” I laugh, turning around.

“sorry, sorry” he laughed, throwing his hands up in defense, “but yeah, they look good you should get them.”

“alright, let me change and let’s go.” I laughed.


We were walking around the mall now, hand in hand again. He was currently telling me a bunch of crazy stories of him and his brothers and a few friends. He also told me about how he’s originally from Melbourne and him and his brothers and their friends moved out here.

“I feel like I’ve been talking, tell me your story.” He said as we walked into Victoria secret. I just needed some new bras and panties and other girly stuff.

“um, well, my parents just got divorced so my mom and I just moved out here, like today, hence the need for all these.” I said, holding up all my bags. “but I lived in Florida and I’m an only child, and that’s about it. I’m not that exciting.” I awkwardly chuckle.

We walked around some more, and talked some more. We did a little more shopping before we stopped at the food court to grab some food. I got pizza and Jai got a sub. We sat and ate and laughed over shit Jai said, making random comments about people, like ‘that guy over there, he’s a rejected mine. Failed outta mine school’ and just a bunch of completely random shit.

When we were done eating we walked around some more. Jai wanting to go to a shoe store. So as we were walking, holding hands again, Jai said some joke and I burst out laughing. Nearly half the people that were by us stopped and looked at us.

I blushed and buried my face in Jai’s chest, to hide my flushed cheeks. I felt so embarrassed.

“what are you doing?” he laughed, his arm now around me instead of holding my hand, since my head was in his chest.

“I’m so embarrassed.”

“why?” he asked.

“I hate my laugh.” I mumbled.

He pulled back and looked at me like I was crazy. Then he just shook his head and wrapped his arm back around me. “well I think your laugh is the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard.” He smiled.

“stop.” I blushed, turning my head into his chest again.

We were right about to walk into a store but he stopped suddenly.

“Jai, I didn’t literally mean stop.” I laugh.

“no, it’s just. I see my ex-girlfriend.” He said, looking over my shoulder. I went to turn around and look where he was, but he grabbed my shoulders to stop me from looking around.

He looked off in the distance and then his eyes got wide.

“what!?” I asked, curious.

“she’s uh, she’s looking over here. She didn’t see that I saw her.” He said, looking at me.

“so what do we do?” I asked. He briefly looked up and then back at me.

“okay, don’t hate me.” He said.

“why would I?” I laughed a little.

“cause of this.” He replied before he grabbed my face and his lips met mine.

At first I was shocked. But then I closed my eyes and dropped my bags as I rested my hands against his chest and kissed him back.

His lips were soft, and he was so sweet and gentle with the kiss. It wasn’t sloppy and all wet, it was kinda slow and super sweet.

He pulled away and smiled down at me, and I smiled up at him.

He grabbed my hand and we started walking towards where he was looking right before we kissed. I looked all around for his ex, him giving me a description of her earlier, and I couldn’t see anyone that looked like her.

“uh jai?” I asked, looking up at him sideways.

“mhmm yeah?” he asked looking back down at me.

“where uh, where’s she at?” I asked looking around.

“ohhh uh, about that.” He said, scratching the back of his neck. “my ex wasn’t here.” He said, shyly.

“what?” I quizzed, puzzled.

“um, I made it all up. When you bumped into me, I just really wanted to have an excuse to talk to you.” He awkwardly laughed.

“Jai” I gasped/laughed, playfully hitting his chest.

“hey, sue me, but can you really blame me for wanting to spend the day with a beautiful girl?” he asked, rhetorically. I just blushed.

“so uh, I was thinking, our second date could be a little more practical, lunch, tomorrow?”

“real smooth” I laughed, then stopped and he looked at me, confused as to why I stopped.

I just stood on my tip toes and kissed him again briefly. Pulling away and smiling.

“but lunch sounds great”

I wrote my number down for him before we parted, receiving a text a minute later, talking about our lunch plans for tomorrow.

Maybe this move wouldn’t be so bad.

I found out from a treatment buddy that D has the canvas I painted for her on her desk right next to her computer and this made my day SO much brighter because that (probably) means she likes it and thinks about me sometimes because it’s not like she put it there for me to see when I come in (because I’m 9 hours away so…). Like, she didn’t put it there just to make me feel better.
My heart is so happy.

🎸Old Time Rock and Roll🎸

Author’s Note: Thank you to @theycallmebecca for being a freaking awesome beta!

Warning: Fluffy fluff

It was a week before Thanksgiving and Sammie woke up feeling like absolute death. Her sinuses were giving her a killer headache and her throat was really sore. Looking over, she saw that Chris was fast asleep, looking peaceful as he lightly snored. Getting out of bed, she walked to the bathroom to see if she looked as bad as she felt.

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Luke Hemmings Imagine  Parent-Teacher Conference

You straightened out the desks in your classroom and placed the pencils back in the correct drawer. You were having a talk with a parent of a student, who hadn’t been able to go to the parent-teacher evening. 

“This way daddy!” You grinned as you heard your students voice echo through the corridor. The door swung open and you saw Katie dragging her dad into the room. You noticed how Katie had his blonde hair and blue eyes. 

“Hi Katie. This must be your dad.” You grinned down at her and looked at the handsome man standing beside her. he sent you a smile and offered his hand. 

“I’m Mr Hemmings, Katie’s dad.” He said formally and you giggled. 

“There’s no need to be so formal. I’m (Y/N). Can I get you anything?” You asked and he stared at you, slightly dumbfounded. You chuckled and gestured to a nearby chair. He sat down and you sat next to him.

“Alright, I’m Luke.” He said and you nodded. You turned to Katie and grinned at her. 

“Well, there’s not much to say Luke. Katie is a model student. She’s always well behaved and kind. She helps in class and she’s very popular. You must be very proud.” You summarised and Luke tilted his head in confusion. Katie giggled at your praise. 

“I am, of course. She’s just quite a handful at home, so it’s a shock to hear how well she’s doing. And then there’s the fact that you’re nothing like what I expected.” You narrowed your eyes, unsure if he was complimenting you or not. 

“How so?”

“Well, I assumed you’d be quite strict, especially with Katie. But you’re really nice and pretty and…” Luke trailed off uncertainly and you blushed at his words. 

“I think my daddy likes you.” Katie announced and you chuckled at her. Luke ran his hands through his hair nervously and you stood up. 

“Well, there’s not much more to say. If you have any more concerns, feel free to speak to me.” You said and Luke stood up too. Katie bounded out of the room and you waited for Luke to leave too, but he didn’t. 

“Um, this might be weird, but can i get your number? I’d like to see you again.” Luke asked you quietly and you blushed again. You found a piece of paper and quickly wrote down your number. You handed it to Luke and he grinned, before walking out of the room. 

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Wearing The Other’s Shirt (Tony/Reader)

“Tony!” You shouted at the top of your lungs. “Tony where are my shirts!”

No response, he already left for the Avenger’s meeting. God damn it.

You hadn’t thought anything when you realized your clothes were gone, when you stepped out of the shower.

Tony often did that just to be an ass.

But this time he wasn’t sitting on the bed waiting like his usual creepy self, as a matter of fact he was no where to be found.

You had shrugged it off, figuring he got tired of waiting, which was a first, then you pulled out bra, panties, and jeans. But when you went to find a shirt, all your drawers were empty.

“JARVIS.” You said, looking up at the ceiling. “Where did Tony put my shirts?”

“He has asked me not to tell you.”

You glared, and fired off a few override codes. None of which worked. “JARVIS, I don’t know what Tony thinks he’s gaining from this, but I cannot be late to this meeting, it is important. Tell me where my shirts are.”

“I’m sorry. Sir has told me to tell you that plenty of his shirts are avalible.

You frowned and pulled open Tony’s drawer. Sure enough, all his shirts were in there, neatly folded. You groaned and muttered a few curses under your breath, and tugged out his Black Sabbath shirt and slide it on.

By the time you reached the meeting you were ten minutes late.

"Ah, there you are, babe. I was getting worried.” Tony said with a shit eating grin.

You glared and sat down next to him. “Happy?” You hissed under your breath.

Tony smirked and looked you up and down. “Oh yes. Very happy.”


For @angelstaruniverse

Ok seriously stop hating on people who think Dan and Phil shared a bed in Japan… lets get a few things straight here.

In at least one of their older videos filmed in their hotel room, it shows the same set up with the beds. Double or two singles pushed together, it doesn’t matter the point is they most probably share, especially with the fact each side had drawers which were both used, one was very obviously phil and the other Dan’s.

In several of their Manchester videos you can see Dan’s special (memory foam) pillow on phil’s bed, and in the ‘epic prank off’ you can clearly see the bed had two people sleeping in it.

In the ‘lick race’ Dan makes several comments that lead us to believe he outed them sharing a bad, and in various liveshows Phil has done the same thing and had to try to cover it.

Even the BBC joked about them only paying for one room for them when they went away for work.

Just bc you don’t want to believe for what ever reason they aren’t a couple and don’t sleep together, does not give you the right to be hurtful to people do.


yes I am well aware that platonic friends share beds. but both dan and phil have made it very clear in the past, when they were open with their relationship, that they shared beds and were much more than friends. So the fact they still share a bed is more bc they are still lovers rather than ‘ just friends.’

You're a pain

Fluff with Jae from Day6

“What is that supposed to be” your boyfriend of one year said to you with a clear expression of confusion. You looked down at your notebook at your drawing. You were never the best drawer but it was a slow boring day so you thought that you could draw to pass some time. “It’s supposed to be a bunny you pabo” you said to him with you hand dramatically on your chest. “It looks like a mixture of bugs bunny and a old lady with a constipated expression” he says laughing at your drawing. “You look like a bunny with a constipated old lady face!” you poorly insult him. He gasps dramatically. “Well I must be one hot grandma then” he says flipping his hair. You laugh at your boyfriends silly antics. "You’re so insane" you say laughing putting away your constipated grandma bunny. “I’m insane about you" he says laughing at his poor attempt to flirt with you. “Um I don’t think that’s how the original expression works Jae” you say to him with an odd expression. “Um I’m pretty sure I said it perfectly right thank you very much young lady” he says snapping his fingers in a circle.

“Ummm no you didn’t”

Uhhhh yes I did

No you didn’t you pabo

Yes I diiid

No you diiidn’t





“I knew you would agree” he says cockily. You give him a blank expression. “Why are you looking at me like that” he asks. “What?” Oh no reason” you say staring at him trying to make him uncomfortable. One thing led to another and you both were having a intense staring contest. When he was almost so close to winning, one of his bandmates starts busting in “ HEYYYY gu- what are you too doing?” Wonpil said questioning why you too were sitting on the couch staring at each other. The sudden loudness made Jaehyung jump in surprise blinking while doing so. “NOOOOOO” he screams at his own defeat. “YASS” you say running up to hug Wonpil to thank him for assisting in your win. “In your face” you say to Jae. Obviously feeling awkward by the situation Wonpil slowly backs away into the door he came from. “That was mean, you cheated” Jae says, arms across his chest and pouting. “AWWW Jae I’m sowwy” you look at your boyfriend with puppy eyes. He sighs as gives in to your adorable face. “Fine” he says rolling his eyes laughing and pinching your cheeks. He puts his arm around you and snuggled you closer. You cuddled into your boyfriends side giving each other a sweet kiss on the lips. “Even though you’re a pain, I still love you” you say to him. He kisses you once more. “Same here” he says to you kissing the top of your head.

do customers know that “keep the change” does literally nothing for me, like are they aware it in no way effects how i have to process my till or the amount of work i do. in fact, it just creates a mess on my register, because i have no place to put the excess change and just have to pile it somewhere until i can get rid of it? do you think youre tipping me?????? do you really think 50 cents is gonna change my life sharon????

Wally and Dick having friendship bracelets gives me life.
Wally’s bracelet was bright red and yellow while Dick’s was red and black ( “dude, your bracelet remembers me of a ladybu-” sHUT UP KID MOUTH") they both wore the bracelets with their civilian clothes because wearing them in costume usually leads to friction burns or getting caught in bat-grapples. Both of them continued to them even after Wally left the hero game and Dick was leading the team.
Then drama™ happens and nether wanted to be best friends anymore. Bracelet were thrown in desk drawers or never seen again period.
And suddenly there was only one friendship bracelet left.

Psycho!calum || part four

He loved everything about her, except the fact she wasnt his.



part one | part two | part three

Drawers were being opened and closed as Calum rummaged through his clothes, cursing to himself not being able to find his shirt and being an hour late to practice due to what happened yesterday night. 

Y/n was scrunched up in bed buried underneath the white sheets with only strains of her hair sticking out. She groaned hearing her boyfriend making such a mess. Y/n yawned, pushing the cover aside, sitting up slightly, seeing her boyfriend’s bare back facing her, wearing his black skinny jeans that hanged below his waist, showing the outline of his boxers. She was enjoying the view of Calum tossing clothes on the floor.

“What are you doing?” she rasped, rubbing her eyes. He turned towards her having a sense of relief. “Oh, that’s where it went.” he pointed out ,smiling faintly. 


“The shirt you’re wearing.” y/n glanced noticing that her in his navy blue ‘Maine’ shirt that was like a dress to her. “Oh, you want it back?” smiling seductively at him. 

Calum just gave her a smirk, walking over to his side of the bed laying next to his girlfriend. She wrapped her legs around his waist supporting herself up taking a comfortable seat right below his belt line. “So last night was fun.” she winked, tracing her finger over his bruised collar bone down to his toned torso. 

“It was, wasnt it.” Calum purred, grabbing her ass. “Watching you scream my name as I fucked you from behind.” She moaned remembering the way last night played out. How demanding Calum was followed by sweaty bodies and moans that filled the apartment.

Y/n pressed her lips against his, her hair flowing to the side of her face as Calum deepened the kiss in a needy way. She moved her hips rubbing against his hard on smiling to herself of how Calum threw his back against the pillow muttering curse words. His cold hands traveled up her shirt, sending shivers down her spine, she lifted her arms up as Calum removed the shirt, throwing it somewhere with the other pile of clothes. His eyes widen seeing how perfect her beast were, how perfect she was. 

Y/n squealed being turned to have her back on the bed and having Calum this time being on top. Calum stopped for a second to just admire her y/e/c eyes becoming lost in them. They both smiled, letting out a small smile. 

“God I love you.” he breathed tracing wet kisses down her collar bone down to her chest, kissing around her breast as he played with her clothed clit rubbing in harsh circles. Y/n sucked in her breathe arching her back, whispering his name. His fingers hooked onto the band of her blue lace panties, y/n lifted her hips as he slowly slid them down her legs. “So wet for me princess.” he cooed collecting her wetness from his middle finger.

Y/n breathed heavily having her eyes shut shying away closing her legs slightly. “Look at me when I’m touching you.” he growled spreading her legs, y/n murmured a small ‘fuck’ opening her eyes getting lost in Calum’s brown lust eyes moaning his name as he slipped two fingers in causing y/n to scream his name in complete ecstasy. “Fuck, Calum!”

“You like that princess?” he smirked moving faster as his thumb worked on her clit. Calum loved watching her eyes shut, biting her bottom lip trying to not scream louder.

Something buzzed his front pocket knowing pissed off Fedly was wondering if Calum was even going to show. Calum mentally cursed at himself having to stop, y/n whimpered feeling empty. “I’m sorry princess-guess we’ll have to finish this later.” he winked tasting her juices. 

Y/n sat up watching her boyfriend grabbing the first shirt he saw. “I’ll be rehearsing with the boys if you need me.” kissing her softly on the nose. 

“Okay, have fun rocker boy.” smiling as he walked out the bedroom door.  

The boys practiced for hours, writing new songs and coming up with new melodies for the next album. Luke sat on the couch constantly checking his phone wondering if he would ever get a text back from y/n or at least anyone close to her. 

“Stop worrying, she’s fine.” Michael said suddenly knowing the look of his face. 

“It’s been over a month. She could have at least say something.” 

Calum figured it wouldnt be a huge deal telling y/n where she was since she had no memory of him, or the fact that he even existed. “She’s at my place.” Calum said casually playing his bass. 

The boys looked at him wondering to why he never told anyone. “Since when!” Luke questioned. 

“For a while now.” 

“And you didnt fucking tell me!” he angered. Calum shrugged not giving him answer, he just left in the middle of rehearsal heading straight for Calum’s place.

“Calum what the hell.” Ashton said right after Luke left, “We were all worried.” 

“She’s fine, seriously. Luke might not be though.” 

Ashton looked confused not knowing what he meant. “Why-wait you guys are fucking dating!” 

“Uh-yeah.” Calum admitted. 

“You know Luke is going to fucking kill you, he loves her. Like loves.” Michael emphasized. 

Luke banged on the door a dozen times knowing y/n had to be home. He heard the door unlocking and so he stopped knocking, standing close. Y/n peaked open seeing a tall lanky blonde stand in front of her with a sense of happiness but quickly turned to confusion seeing her wear one of his shirt, probably knowing something was happening between the two of them. “Oh hi, can I help you?” she asked leaning on the door frame. 

“Y/n, what happened to you, you havent answered your phone in forever. I was worried sick. Everyone is.” 

Y/n had no idea what he was talking about or even who he was. “I’m sorry, who are you.” This had to be some sort of sick joke, how could she not remember what they had together. “Your-boyfriend Luke. Y/n are you okay.” 

“I’m sorry, I’m already dating someone.” 

“What-Calum!” he shouted choosing not to believe it, Calum wouldnt hide something like this from this.

“You know him?” 

“We play in the same band y/n.” he said, Luke was thinking something had happened to her where she couldnt remember anything. Maybe amnesia. 

Y/n whispered a small ‘oh’ knowing there was a fourth member but she didnt know her. “How did you and Calum even-” Luke trailed off. Y/n wasnt sure how her and Calum came to be, it’s a blur. 

“I-we-” trying to remember but nothing. 

“You know what, forget it.” walking away from her heartbroken and beyond pissed at Calum. He was at a complete lost to why she would just leave for Calum. 

A/N: holy shit i realized i havent updated this in a month… i had writers block for the longest time for this. 

request for part five?

Imagine having a crush on Dean and him being turned into a teen and getting really flustered around you. (Part 2)

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Read Part 1 here!

You were searching through your drawer for a pair of nice clean underwear to wear, only a towel wrapped around you. This shower was so much needed, especially with a teen in the house. And that being Dean meant he was more annoying and acting weird around you than usual. You couldn’t understand why but you were not going to question him.

“Hey (Y/n) have you seen where aah” Dean exclaimed, his eyes going wide as soon as he opened the door.

You jumped, bra in hand as you turned to give him a glare” Dean!” you hissed “What the heck?! Don’t you ever knock?!” you clutched the towel closer to yourself, causing it to ride up slightly.

“S-sorry I- I didn’t m-mean t-to in-interrupt.” he stuttered in a way that was so much unlike Dean, and you didn’t miss how his eyes roamed your entire figure. His wide eyes actually.

“What the heck are you even doing here? Shouldn’t you be out with Sam?” you huffed.

“I uh that’s- that’s the thing. I overslept but Sam is nowhere to be found and I uh I was looking for him and thought that you probably… knew?” the last words came out in a squeak and you raised an eyebrow at him.

“Yeah, well no I have no idea where he is.” you rolled your eyes.

You were about to turn but noticed that Dean was still standing there “Want anything else?” you frowned.

“Uuh” he gave you a crooked smile “I just-” he stuffed his hand into his jeans “Is that- is that lace?”

You followed his eyes to your hand and once you realized what he meant you pushed the piece of clothing back in the drawer “Do you want anything else Dean? Or are you having problem reaching the top shelf again?” you gave him a grin and he glared at you.

“As a matter of fact… yes, but that is none of your business. I am managing well.” he huffed, crossing his arms over his chest now.

“Right. Then what? If this is you looking for instructions on how to jerk off, I am not exactly the right person to come to.” you leaned against the wall and although you could feel your cheeks slightly heat up, you loved how he shifteduncomfortably in his place when his eyes ran over your bare legs.

“I don’t- I- I know how to, I am a grown ass man… sort of.” he mumbled, but cleared his throat and shook his head.

“Right. Sorry then-” you spoke up before he could “Cause last time I checked you had trouble controlling your little elevator.” you gave him a cheeky smile and he glared at you.

“It’s not- I was not-” he huffed, unable to find a good comeback which only made you giggle.

“Dean why don’t you listen to some Taylor Swift or do something like the rest kids of your age.”

“I’m freaking tired staying here, though!” he whined and you had a hard time not laughing at how childish it sounded.

“Well I was going to go out to a bar with Cas but- sorry, unless you’re in the mood for water…” you trailed off with a shrug “I mean I doubt they will even let you in, you know considering your age.”

“Come, at least take me with you. I’m sick and tired of this place.”

“Why? So that you can hit up on chicks? Sorry but they will most probably laugh in our face… kiddo!” you giggled when he gave you a glare “Just stay here, play with your toys ya?”

“I’ll show you kiddo.” he grumbled with a roll of his eyes and was about to leave.

“Sure anything-” you turned to your drawer “- once you get rid of that boner kiddo!” you exclaimed and heard Dean let out another growl, not having to turn and see to know how he pressed his hands down on… little Dean to calm him down.

  • *Sherlock's bedroom, 221B Baker Street*
  • Molly: *rummaging in the chest of drawers, wearing Sherlock's shirt; muttering* Where is it?
  • Sherlock: *in bed, propped on his elbow; watching her* You have your own drawer.
  • Molly: *distracted* You said I could.
  • Sherlock: One drawer isn't enough for all of your possessions.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* One drawer is plenty for some spare clothes and underwear. Mostly the underwear.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: All. Of your. Possessions.
  • Molly: *confused* You think that's all I own?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *throws himself back; frustrated* Forget it.
  • Molly: *approaches and crawls across the bed until she's hovering over him; grinning* Ask me.
  • Sherlock: *stubborn* No.
  • Molly: *leans down to kiss him*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *mumbles* Do you want to move in with me? I'll give you another drawer.
  • Molly: *giggles* Yeah, okay.
  • Sherlock: *narrows his eyes* What were you looking for?
  • Molly: *dismissive* Oh, never mind. I remembered I'm wearing it under this shirt.
  • Sherlock: You're not wearing-
  • Molly: *smirking*
  • Sherlock: Hmmm *playing with the shirt buttons* I think I'm going to enjoy living with you.