there were children there

(This is a good vibes story) I used to volunteer at the library near my old house during the summer and the library had this summer reading program for kids in elementary and middle school, where if kids read for a certain amount of hours they got a prize.
Everyone I met there was super nice, the children were always polite and often asked about the books they would see me reading while waiting in between sign-ups.

The parents always reminded the younger ones to say please and thank you and their faces would always light up when they saw their kids so interested in reading!
I’m thinking about going back to volunteer again this summer. One kid even said he read aloud to his younger sister so she would learn to love books too when she grew up!

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Why do you dislike Molly? (I don't like her either cause she's suffocating, but you?)

OK, as a mother she alternates  between smothering and uncaring.  Maybe JKR didn’t know any mothers of identical twins, but I do, and they have no problem telling their children apart, so that her boys were able to fool her doesn’t speak well of her.  She then announces to Ron everyone in the family had been a prefect, causing said twins to say, “What are we, the neighbors?”

She’s easily influenced by the popular press, and is cruel to a teenage girl because of something she reads in a notorious gossip column.

She is downright cruel to Sirius, saying he hadn’t been able to be much of a parent to Harry. You know, while he was in jail for a crime he didn’t commit after having no trial.

Also, sending a Howler to publicly humiliate a child in the Dining Hall is uncalled for.  (though it certainly explains why the child in question didn’t think to just go home and tell her he’d missed the train.)

She’s also fierce, and loving, and holds a family together through poverty and war via sheer force of will. She’s a complex, multi-faceted character. But I know in real life she’d make me batty.

If you were Thorin’s queen...

You would be his most prized treasure and he would not shy away from public displays of affection. He would dote on you with every ounce of show and present you to his court as if you were the Arkenstone yourself.

He would forge you your own crown:

To go along with his own:

If you were to have children, they would be his little princes and princesses and he would marvel at how much they looked like you. He would take them to council meetings and let them sit on his lap as he sat his throne. He’d teach them to forge and use swords and play with them in the Mountain corridors. And in the middle of the night, when they had bad dreams, he’d let them snuggle in bed between the two of you but you’d kick him Thorin out when he started snoring too loud. And he would laugh and sleep on his stomach instead.

If you were Thorin’s queen, he’d love you so entirely that he’d move Erebor to be with you for his queen is his world.


So my theory is that Nishijima and Himekawa were both members of the Original DigiDestinted group brought in to defeat Apocalymon. Here is how this makes perfect sense to me: 

  • The Original DigiDestined were summoned to help defeat the Dark Masters and, subsequently, Apocalymon, who created them. 
  • There were 5 silhouetted children in the Original group, and there are 5 children in the Tri flashback. Two of which are confirmed Nishijima and Himekawa.
  • There has always been this great rivalry between the Sovereign Digimon and the Dark Masters. Since four of those partner digimon became the Sovereign Digimon/Harmonious Ones, it would be the perfect reason for the Dark Masters to harbor an eternal grudge to later seal them away.

Additionally, this makes a lot of narrative sense for moving forward with the remaining two movies and explains why there is a whole government agency specifically tailored towards Digimon. Two DigiDestined would have a lot of pull in a group such as that. 

Kids - John Shelby

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Request: Can you plz do an john shelby imagine where he is mad at you only to feel bad later?

Request: Can you please do a John Shelby imagine on meeting his kids - @theaqueenakaspeedy

Kids - John Shelby

It had been a few months ago that you’d first met John Shelby. He had never mentioned his kids up front to you but you had grown up in Small Heath. You had heard the gossip from your mother and her friends when Martha had gotten pregnant. There had been a quick wedding but everyone in Small Heath knew the marriage was because of the baby. They had three more, Martha dying during the birth of the last one. Your parents went to the funeral but you didn’t. You were in Cambridge at university getting a fancy degree. Your mother thought it was frivolous, women were supposed to get married and have children, not get educations like men did. The war came and went and you stayed in Cambridge. You had gotten a job at a library there. You didn’t hear anymore about the Shelby family.  

In 1919 you returned home because your father had passed away. Your father, who had known everyone and was affectionately referred to as ‘the Mayor of Small Heath’, had a large gathering at his grave. You stood by your mother and, even at 25, found yourself looking around the yard at the attendees. All three of the elder Shelby boys had come along with their aunt. You found yourself watching John Shelby. He’d grown up well and had a look about him that you were sure betrayed the nature of his job.  

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where are all of my blind children of Apollo that can shoot an arrow and always hit the bullseye?

what about all of my deaf children of Hephaestus who don’t realize they’re making so much noise in the forges?

what about all of my children of Aphrodite with down syndrome who are beautiful af and are sure to kick your ass walking down the runway?

what about all of the badass children of Ares who were born without a limb? They may only have one hand, but they can wack your ass into the next century.

how about the mute children of Hermes? Best tricksters around. Be sure to hide your wallet well when you are near them. They’ll probably steal it when you least notice.

and how could I forget the ever so beautiful children of hades in wheelchairs? they will summon a skeleton on your ass.

where are all of my badass disabled children of the gods? We need more representation for all of the disabled kids reading the books. We may have plenty of lgbtq+ representation, but the disabled also deserve some.

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I don't really like what they're doing with Mary. She's such a bad mother to Sam and Dean, and I sort of understand why, but it feels like she doesn't care about them and... I don't really like her. (Just my opinion)

im really interested in how they’re dealing with mary tbh. i think they could write it 100 times better, give us a better insight on what she’s going through, but since similar situations have happened with other female characters on the show (ex. bela), im being patient. 
also, i think she doesn’t really feel like dean and sam’s mother. these dean and sam. she died when her children were babies and her husband was still alive. she was brought back by a capricious primordial force, with no purpose, no husband and her sons being grown-ups. 
she needs to find a new purpose (and she’s sort of doing it with the bmol, probably the wrong choice) and to accept that she can’t go back. unless…
there are only two options for her development right now: she’ll find a way to accept her new life and learn how to deal with this new reality, or she’ll have to go back. 
writers can and must do a better job, because sometimes she falls flat, and we all know the audience has less patience when it comes to complicated female characters.

(just another thing, to explain why im not pointing my finger at mary. of course im protective about dean and sam, because they’re the main characters and i love them. but if people have still the patience to “wait and see” for lucifer’s arc, i think i can wait and see how mary will change by the end of the season before i decide that she must burn in hell) 

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★ headcanon for Layton and Claire please~ (I'm so sorry xD I'm a just a sucker for angst xD </3)

(No prob! Angst is the fuel of OTPs!)

I headcanon that Claire had been infertile and when they first started talking about marriage, she told him that. They both wanted children and were sad they wouldn’t be able to have any naturally, but they were excited at the prospect of adoption. After her death, he was crushed, thinking parenthood was no longer his future.

But he didn’t let that stop him.

He cares so much for children and young people who are going through hardship: Luke, Arianna and Tony, the Black Ravens, the little girl who kept getting lost in Monte D'or, Espella, Aurora, the kids of Mosinnia, Flora, Clive, (potentially) Alfendi and Katrielle. They are the kids he and Claire never got to take care of together. And then when he realized that he and his brother had been orphans, that sealed the deal for him: no child should ever have to go through what Descole did. Not on his watch.

My weird dream

I’m not sure if this was a partial nightmare or something. There was some fairly tense parts in it. I dunno. But, here we go.

So, in my dream Voldemort was in it. Except, instead of 7 horcruxes, he somehow had 7 children. Except, his children were horcruxes. Also, all his children had some sort of unique ability. But they soon realized that Voldemort was using and abusing them, so he had to die. So, all at the same time, they killed eachother and Voldemort using Avadacadabra. But wait, one of the children’s special abilities was coming back to life. So he did and told everyone that his family was dead and they could all rest easy. He looked a bit like Draco Malfoy…

After that, my dream went to this comic book store that also sold cosplay items. There was a really grumpy dude running it (he had brown hair with a beard of course). There was also this table that had a game system so people could play the latest game (in this case, it was pokemon). I was in it, just wandering around. I bought paints, attempted to sell completely flat crayons as comic books to the dude (I actually succeeded once) and I just existed. But then, everything got all dark and scary. So I went home. And guess what? There’s monsters in my house. Fight them with the random two people who are in my house for some reason. Oh, also most of the monsters looked like a very bad clone of Bob Ross. Not very scary. But there was one scary one (it wasn’t a Bob Ross clone), but I’m not sure how we defeated it. It suddenly just vanished. There was also another monster that was mostly made out of flowers. But, it burned immediately after I hugged it.

The part with the monsters I remember the most is when some weird people brought in one of the Bob Ross clones that was modeled after a werewolf or something. It pinned me against the wall and attempted to maul me, but then the sun came up. So it burned too. Then it immediately went back to nighttime.

There was also some monsters in the comic book store, but I don’t remember  them too well.

Is it just my imagination...

or Sora seemed to be jealous of Meiko? 

Not because Piyomon was getting closer to her, but because the other children (especially Taichi and Yamato) were so determined to help Meiko and solve her problems while Sora herself felt that nobody cared about her, her problems or her feelings.

Of course if there was any trace of jelousy in her it disappeared instantly because she’s not like that. But… those eyes…

Anyone who disagrees with a film review
“That was a mean and pointless review, maybe if you put down your phone and actually watched the film.” or “You just wanted to be fucked by him but were unsuccessful.”

We’re a bunch of overgrown children. You cannot post an honest critique without anyone acting like a petty child because they liked it.

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Do you think Nina had their first child when they were married? Also was she out of school?

My headcanon is: they always knew they were gonna have children, get married and they got married like, the year following her graduation. The plan was to start having kids after that, but, well, life doesn’t always go according to plan and little Claudita really wanted to be born. Nina was pregnant as a bride. She wasn’t showing much yet, you really had to know to notice, but Daniela has a nose for these things so of course everyone knew by the end of the big day.

    “ He was a sick man with far too many years granted to him that shouldn’t have been. They were with him, you know? The children. They all stood by his side as he took his last breath, even the bastard.

     The death of King Calore spreads through every part of the capital as the children still hold his hand in mourning. They stand there as screams of grief mix with cheers of hope. The royal heirs are frozen in time as their father is soon carted away with barely a moment to say much more than ‘goodbye’. His death was expected years ago as his health swayed back-and-forth during extremely long sessions with those within House Skonos. The unfortunate timing of his death is the true talking point – rebellion whispered among low and high as silver turns against silver.

    “ Do you think Queenstrial will happen soon? I will need to prepare my daughter as soon as possible if that is to be the case. We all know we will need all the help we can get if we desire to beat those within House Samos.

     Days pass by without a word from those that reside within House Calore, until at last the silence is broken by the prince himself, who requeststhat all who would hear from the family come into the Grand Hall for an official announcement. Upon his formal introduction to the room, everyone can see the redness around his eyes as each sister enters by his side with hands clutching is arms. His brother trails behind, with no desire to look towards the crowd. They paint the most devastating picture of royals one can imagine as Orion breaks free to speak to those that care to listen.

    “ Upon the loss of our dear father, your sovereign, there has been much talk about what is to happen next for our kingdom. As much as we mourn in privacy, we do not ignore the grief of others at the loss as well and would like to officially invite you all to his Remembrance Feast: tomorrow night.
    “ And what of Queenstrial? “ A shout from the back causes the Future Flame to tense at the lack of respect for any of those still hurting.
    Two weeks! Queenstrial is coming in two weeks. Prepare. With those words, the royal family exits and leaves everyone with the slightest smirks on their face. Queenstrial is coming.

     The Silver Elite do things with glamour and glitz no matter the circumstance, and this becomes apparent with the death of the king. Everyone is expected to wear their best attire for the evening and dance the night away with alcohol quenching their thirst. With the announcement of Queenstrial on the horizon, everyone is wondering what could possibly happen next.

  • The event will be from February 25th to March 4th.
  • It will begin at 3:30PM Eastern with the characters arriving at the feast.
  • Additional information can be found below the cut.

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