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Preference #1- He has a daddy kink
  • Luke: Soft moans we're emitted from your mouth as Luke pushed into you. His lips were moving around your neck, sucking and biting as his hips moved up, pushing deeper into you with every thrust. "Oh, daddy." You moaned, not realizing what you had just said. Luke whimpered, his body moving even closer to yours. "Did you-- Did you just call me daddy?" He asked, with a little smirk on his face as pulled out of you fully. "Yeah." You nod, not sure how he'd react. "Fuck, that's hot." He moaned, burying himself inside of you. "Say it again, call me daddy." Luke said, his breath hot against your skin.
  • Calum: Calum was always one for trying new things in the bedroom. Sometimes it was toys, other times it was role play. Today, Calum told you that he had something new that he wanted to try out. "I though maybe you could call me daddy." Calum said, as his hands roamed up and down your almost naked body. "Daddy?" You asked, with a smirk as you looked up at him. "C'mon, be a good girl." Calum said, as he gently pushed you down onto the bed. "And what if I'm not a good girl, daddy? What if I'm naughty?" You asked, biting your lip. "Naughty girls get punished." Calum growled into your ear, as he lightly smacked your bum.
  • Mike: Lately, you and Mikey had discovered that you both had a slight daddy kink. What really turned Mikey on was when you called him daddy outside of the bedroom too. Sometimes, you wouldn't even notice when you called him that, and would slip in front of the other boys. At your parents house, you were mindful of what you called Mikey, not wanting to slip up around them. At dinner, you and Mikey sat opposite your mother and father. "Daddy, could you get me some ice please?" You asked your father. At the same time as your father, Mikey stood up, thinking that you were asking him. "Oh--um..." Mikey gave your father an apologetic look before sitting down.
  • Ashton: Since the beginning of the relationship, Ashton was very straight forward about his daddy kink. At first you weren't into it, but now, it turn you on just as much as it turned him on. "Daddy, fuck! I'm so close!" You moaned, loudly as Ashton rammed into you continuously. "No yet, kitten. Be a good girl and hold it." He demanded as your nails dug into his back. After a few more torturous minutes of holding back, Ashton gave you permission to come. "Daddy! Oh Daddy!" You cried out as waves of pleasure coursed though your body. "Good girl, baby." Ashton said, kissing you softly.

Soft Ana, warm Ana, little ball of petals…

Bb boi got me through a crazy-ass mission earlier with only his wits and a Rakta Cernos. He needs a spa day.

(Why tea but no mouth, you say? (And a foot hoof soak when he’s always floating…) Well, uh… Volya’s probably just throwing “comforting” things at the wall hoping they’ll stick, yelling “I’m HELPING! ;A;” It’s… a nice gesture.)

--- Me Or Her? [feat. J-Hope, angst]

Part 1(?)—

when he’s dating you, but likes another girl. He leaves you for the girl at the the end, but didn’t know the girl was playing another game. 

“Hey, jagiya, are you still mad?” Hoseok asked, pouting while hugging you by the back tightly. You sigh softly, knowing that you couldn’t be mad at him for so long. “No, I’m not,” you replied bluntly, giving a slight smile. “You know she doesn’t mean anything right? Ye-Eun’s only a best-friend of mine.”

“Yes, okay, I know. I’m sorry I overreacted,” you muttered, facing him, cupping his cheeks. “I love you so much, Hoseok, if you leave me I don’t know what to do,” you confessed, fresh tears rolling down your cheeks. “I love you too, my darling,” he replied– but it sounded forced, or fake, you didn’t know. “There’s nothing you should be jealous of Ye-Eun, there’s obviously a big difference between you and her.”

You nodded, kissing his lips passionately– and just like that, you let them pass just like that. 


Too bad you were so blind in-love to notice he was lying. You gave a glance at his phone while he was showering, and it was Ye-Eun. At first, you weren’t really jealous nor mad nor sad, because you remembered his words, “There’s nothing you should be jealous of Ye-Eun, there’s obviously a big difference between you and her.” but her message—-

Ye Eun 

7:13 PM

— hey, Hoseok <33 sorry, I’ll go late for our movie date! Y’Know, my cousin’s here. Just wait for me, and don’t tell your girlfriend ;)

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