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Skyline {VII}

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Warnings: Language, panic attack

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 3.1k

A/N: Guys!!!! This is the last part of Skyline.  Like, for real this time.  I’m so sad to see it end, but I’m also so happy that it’s had such success, and I can’t thank you guys enough for that.  You are all so so wonderful, and you have all my love.  As usual, I want to give a shout out to Zoe and Jen for reading my drafts and helping me edit and brainstorm, as well as encouraging me to write.  As for all of you, I hope you’ll forgive me for all the angst that I’ve hit you guys with (remember when Skyline was self-indulgent fluff lmao), and I really hope this makes up for it a bit.  In other news, tonight is the Spidereyhes Sleepover!!!!!!!!  All the info on the sleepover can be found here, as well as info about the livestream, which will start at 7pm PST.  I’ll post the link on here!! Zoe, Jen, and I will be discussing all kinds of things, answering questions, and talking about Skyline, so be sure to drop by!!! Also, if you have any questions about Skyline or anything else that you want answered, send it in!!!! It’s not too late yall.  Again, thank you so much, and I hope you’ve enjoyed Skyline as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

skyline: a mixtape

{part i} {part ii} {part iii} {part iv} {part v}

Sitting up in your bed, you stared at the window, not sure of how to react to seeing Spider-Man’s masked face through the glass.  Throwing back your covers, you quietly walked over to the window, grabbing a hoodie that Peter had lent you as you passed your desk.  Sliding the glass panel up, you climbed out onto the metal fire escape, slipping on and zipping up Peter’s hoodie to protect you from the cold.

The superhero stood where he had first stood, the night he saved your life and blew up Vizzini’s all those months ago.  And there, to his right, were the flower pots that he had tripped over the first time he came back for you.  Those stairs were where you would sit and draw while he watched your fingers fly across the page, amazed at the pictures you created.  Behind him was the railing that you would lean against as you looked at the Queens skyline together.  This fire escape was your entire relationship condensed, the one location where you were allowed to be with each other.  If you used your imagination, you could almost see every single night playing out in front of your eyes.  Spider-Man, with a bendy straw underneath his mask.  Spider-Man, attempting to draw you in the moonlight.  Spider-Man, his hand on your waist and the other in your hair. Spider-Man.

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We broke the 2000 follower mark!!!

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Guys, gals, everyone in between oh my God that’s amazing! You’re amazing, I barely know what to say. Somewhere in between the last couple months and a few blinks there were suddenly more than a thousand of you and now there’s two thousand! It happened so, so fast. Wow.

Now, me and Mod Den have been thinking about what to do for our favourite little flower pots, and we decided it’s high time you got to see a floral exhibition! So here’s some photos that I took during my apprenticeship, from a local exhibition. There wasn’t exactly a theme from what I remember. I hope you enjoy the little tour!

- Mod Jana

The rest is under a cut just because it’s so many.

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The Celebration Dinner

Another update on that week in March:

On August 11th at 5:46 BST, Phil sent out a tweet that said “I either grew 500ft or I’m in a very tall building. Place your bets” with an accompanying picture of Tower Bridge and the London skyline. Our agents have determined that the photo was taken from The Shard, the tallest building in the United Kingdom.

Based on the height and angle on the photo Phil posted compared to promotional photos from other locations in the building, we think it is very likely that Phil’s photo was taken from one of the three restaurants in the building (located on the 31st, 32nd, and 33rd floors), rather than, say, a law office or something.

So why is this significant you may ask? Well, it isn’t really, until you think about The Week In March…

At this point, we are working under the assumption that the “Secret Project” is some sort of film production based on our previous theory. So with that considered, here is what we think:

The Secret Project has finished filming. Dan and Phil’s direct involvement in it is over and it is now in post production. They were out to dinner at The Shard to celebrate being finished finally. The original timeline of “5 months” wasn’t a sneky comment by Dan to hype something that was never gonna happen, it was him not realizing that post production would take so long and only really knowing the dates that THEY would be finished. Now that the project is in post, announcing it early would lead to even MORE hype and the wait would feel even longer, hence the 2 month push back. We all know how Dan can be with his content, (not thinking it’s good enough, not wanting to give too much away about it, etc), so it’s reasonable to assume that he wouldn’t want to give too much away until he had seen the final or almost final cut.

In summary, the secret project is finished and Dan and Phil went to a fancy dinner to celebrate it finally being done. 5 months was accurate, but Dan is a dummy and forgot how long editing takes.

As for the restaurants themselves; Oblix, Hutong, and Aqua Shard, are all quite expensive and very nice, not the sort of places you go without any kind of reason or special occasion….after all, they are all featured on the GQ list of most romantic restaurants in London; great places to go if you want to celebrate something big 😉

Touch The Butts: Hobbit Edition -- Rough Landing (The Start)

Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition—Rough Landing

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch The Butts.  

 Warnings: Language. Angst.

***A/N: I know TTB was supposed to be posted on Friday, but I couldn’t wait! XD 


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Life is stressful, messy, and frankly a pain in the ass.  Just a great big ball of ass kissers and nay-sayers and you were done! FUCKING DONE! That was what went through your mind as you stomped through the park.  You meant to go on a relaxing walk, clear your mind from the promotion you didn’t get, even though you were perfect for the job.  You had dropped five years into that damn company and you were more than qualified! Your jaw began to ache from your teeth grinding together and you forced yourself to take a calming breath.  Anyway…

But when the time came, it was the new guy, who stuck his nose so far up the boss’ ass that he was brown all over…that guy had gotten the promotion instead of you. That brown nosing dick.  So, here you were, grumbling to yourself as you moved through the quiet, mostly empty park.  Those few people who were around gave you strange looks, regarding you with curiosity and worry.  

You were of the opinion “screw ‘em” until you saw one person shuffle away from you after you said some unpleasant words under your breath.  They may have thought you were saying those words to them for no reason, but frankly, you didn’t care right now.

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We’ll be right here - waiting...

We always knew there will be more Hannibal. We only didn’t know when…

Since this tweet and many interviews which came after we knew that conversations couldn’t start until 2 years passes off:

And when 22 moths were over, Bryan told us they are working on it! The excitement was so big that even today new articles about that are releasing!

And then, the time got more concrete shape when we got a number of years - long years to wait, but now we know WHEN! And I can assure you that Fannibals will turn the waiting into very exciting time!

Also, do you remember who else mentioned 4 to 5 years while talking about Hannibal Season 4? ;-)

Sooo, we will wait, live and thrive… And then we will be rewarded :-)

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Day Two: Hypothermia

I’M SO SO SORRY I DIDN’T HAVE WIFI YESTERDAY AND I RAN OUT OF DATA SO I COULDN’T POST THIS YESTERDAY I TRIED FOR HALF AN HOUR STRAIGHT! Anyway, here it is. Tiny spoilers for episodes one and two of season three but nothing major. Words: 1.9k

“Why do we have to be on this stupid planet?” Lance griped, traipsing through the thick rainforest. “There aren’t even any cute girls.”

“Because, Lance,” Keith muttered, pushing away a tree branch. “I needed another person to come with me, and you were the only one who wasn’t doing anything. Quit complaining, at least the weathers nice.”

“For now,” Lance grumbled. “We don’t know what it’s like when the sun goes down. We’re not even wearing our suits, what if something happens?”

“We’re just getting plants, Lance,” Keith sighed. “Nothing’s going to happen, you’ll be fine. We’ll be back by sundown.”

“Whatever, brilliant leader,” Lance muttered. “Lead the way.”

“Found it!” Keith grinned, planting his feet firmly on the ground and tugging at a weedy looking plant sticking up out of the soft ground. “Allura’s going to be so happy!”

“Hate to burst your bubble,” Lance interjected. “But i have no idea where we are, and it’s starting to get dark.” Keith dropped the plant, glancing up at the sky. Sure enoug it was painted in red and gold hues, signaling the beginning of nightfall. “Do you even know where we’re supposed to meet Hunk?”

“We’ll find it, don’t worry,” Keith said, his tone uncertain.

It occurred to Lance that they had been walking in circles for half an hour, ending up at the same spring they had passed twenty minutes ago. “Are you sure you know where you’re going?” Lance asked quietly, not wanting to aggravate Keith.

“Lance, I said I’ve got it!” Keith snapped, running a hand through his hair. A cold wind ran through the forest, sending a sharp shiver through Lance’s body.

“Are you sure?” Keith’s shoulders slumped, and he let out a shaky breath.

“No,” he admitted. “We’re lost.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, shutting his eyes. “How could I have let this happen?” He groaned. “I’m supposed to be your leader, and I just got you lost. I’m sorry, Lance. I know you didn’t even want to be here in the first place.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Lance said, placing a comforting hand on Keith’s shoulder. “We should keep moving. It’s getting colder.”

If anything, they were more lost. Night had officially come, and it had brought freezing temperatures and icy winds. Keith shuddered violently, wrapping his arms around each other. His thin jacket was no match for these temperatures, and Lance was glad that his mama had believed in thick, quality jackets. “Do you recognize any of this?” Keith asked, his voice trembling with cold.

“No,” Lance said, rubbing his arms in an effort to stay warm. Another sharp shiver made its way through Keith’s body. He tried to move forward but his legs were shaking and he nearly fell over. “You good?”

“Fine,” Keith responded. “come on, let’s keep going. The sooner we get off of this planet the better.”

It was clear to Lance that he would have to force Keith to take a break when he started to lose his coordination. “Hey, Keith, why don’t we take a break,” Lance suggested, putting his hand gently on Keith’s shoulder. The gesture did nothing to calm Keith down and he continued trying to walk, his eyes wild.

“I- I have to find our way back,” Keith said, nearly walking into a tree before Lance grabbed the back of his jacket, pulling him back.

“Don’t think that’s the best idea right now,, buddy,” Lance said. “You can barely walk.” Lance didn’t want to stop searching for where they began but Keith looked exhausted, his eyelids drooping and his cheeks bright red from the cold wind howling through the trees.

Keith sunk down against the trunk of a tree, resting his head on Lance’s shoulder. Keith’s skin was cold to the touch, making worry build in Lance’s chest. He was freezing, despite his warm jacket. He glanced over at Keith, wondering how bad off he was.

“How’re you feeling?” Lance asked, knowing that he wouldn’t like the answer that came out of Keith’s mouth.

“Bad,” Keith slurred. Lance but his lip.

“Hypothermia,” he thought. Even though he had never had hypothermia he recognized the signs, the loss of coordination, the slurred speech. he began to rub Keith’s shoulders, trying to coax some warmth into his body. Another violent shudder passed through Keith’s body and Lance could nearly hear Keith’s teeth chatter in his skull.

“I’m really tired, Lance,” Keith said, his voice nearly silent. Lance’s heart jumped in his chest, his concern rosin as he realized how quickly Keith’s heath was diminishing.

“No, come on, Keith, stay awake,” Lance begged. He began to rub Keith’s shoulders more vigorously, drawing Keith’s head into his chest in a vain attempt to combine their body heat. Keith’s head dropped, lolling around his chest. His eyes were shut and his breathing was slower, much slower than it should have. Lance uttered a string of curses, tugging his jacket off of his body and draping it over Keith. He lied down on the ground, pulling Keith on top of him.He desperately hoped that Keith’s body heat, albeit limited, would help him be as alert as possible for Keith.

The cold bit into Lance’s skin, making him tremble. He turned his face to the ground in an effort to shield it from the wind, but he knew it wouldn’t be long before he started feeling as bad as Keith. Keith was
still listless, barely breathing and constantly shivering. Lance gently pressed two fingers against Keith’s icy wrist, feeling his slow but present pulse. Lance let a sigh of relief, although he knew that it wouldn’t be long before Keith’s body began to shut down for good.

“Lance?” Lance’s eyes flew down to Keith, who was slowly blinking his eyes open. “M’so cold.” Lance’s fingers fluttered to Keith’s forehead to find icy skin underneath his fingertips. Keith’s temperatures had undoubtedly gone down and Lance was starting to go into full on panic mode. He wanted more than anything to bring Keith far, far away from this planet but he wasn’t sure how well he could walk, let alone support another human being.

“You’re so warm,” Keith murmured, snuggling his head into the base of Lance’s neck. Lance knit his eyebrows. lance knew that his own body temperature was below what it should be. If he was warm to Keith, how cold was Keith?

Keith had fallen asleep again, his breathing down to a maddeningly slow pace. It was maybe three am, only three more hour until daybreak, but Lance was sure that by the time the sun rose, Keith may already be dead. That thought had just crossed his mind when he heard the roar.

The yellow lion bounded through the trees, lighting up the night with illuminated eyes. It stopped not three feet away from Lance and Keith as it opened its mouth, allowing Hunk to bound out.

“Thank voltron i found you two!” He gasped, scooping Keith up from Lance’s chest. Lance’s jacket fell to the ground and he scooped it up, sliding it on. “Can you walk?”

“I think so,” Lance responded, standing on unsteady feet. He grabbed onto Hunk’s arm for support, leaning heavily on him. Hunk, wearing his armor, nearly radiated heat and Lance let out a soft sigh. He stepped into the yellow lion as Hunk set Keith down gently on the floor, cradling his head.

“Get some sleep, Lance,” Hunk murmured. Lance’s eyes were beginning to close and he laid down next to Keith on the floor of the lion, Keith curling up against him like a cat. “You’re going to be just fine.”

Lance awoke a few hours later, blankets loaded onto his chest and heat blasting from the vents of the med bay. Hunk was cross legged in a chair, wearing a tee shirt and shorts, and he brightened up when he saw Lance.

“Lance!” he grinned, standing from his chair and walking over. “ How’re you feeling?”

“Better,” Lance responded, glancing over at the bed next to him. “How’s Keith doing?” Hunk’s grin melted off of his face a bit, and he took on a more serious tone.

“You both had hypothermia, but he was way worse. He could have died by the time day came. He hasn’t woken up yet but he’ll be fine. He’s going to need a few days of rest, though.”

“How come we weren’t in the pods?” Lance asked.

“They wouldn’t work on hypothermia. Alteans can’t get hypothermia, so the pods wouldn’t sense a problem. The blankets and the hundred degree room temperature seemed to do the trick, though.” He leaned over, reaching out a hand and placing it on Lance’s forehead. “You’re Almost fully recovered, by the way. You can go, if you want.”

Lance glanced over at Keith a second time, drinking in his appearance. He was still pale, and he shivered slightly, even under the massive pile of blankets. “How much longer until he wakes up?” Hunk shrugged.

“Not sure. The important thing is that he’s not going to die. He could be asleep for another week, I have no idea.” Lance could leave. He could go and join the rest of the team in their day off, have some food. But after Keith had nearly died in his arms, it didn’t seem right to leave until he could see with his own eyes that Keith would be ok.

Thankfully, Lance and Hunk didn’t have to wait long for Keith to wake up. Lance had only been sitting next to Hunk for five hours, a thick blanket draped over his shoulders when Keith began to wake up.

“Keith!” Lance gasped, standing up, his blanket tumbling off of his shoulders. He walked over to Keith, laying a hand on his cheek. Keith’s temperature had gone up but he was still cold to the touch. Keith cracked a small smile, looking up at Lance with bleary eyes.

“Looks like you were right, Lance.”


“That mission really wasn’t a good idea.”

Hunk announced that he was going to tell the rest of the team that Keith had woken up, and that he was going to make the pair of them his famous chicken noodle soup. “It’ll warm you up in no time,” he promised, already halfway out the door. That left Lance sitting on the foot of Keith’s cot, his eyes trained on Keith’s face.

“I guess i should thank you,” Keith said. Lance furrowed his brow.


“I would have died without you,” Keith answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Without your jacket and added body heat i would have been a goner.”

“Are you calling me hot, mullet?” Lance chuckled, his eyes shining. “I always knew you had a thing for me.” Keith rolled his eyes, although he didn’t say anything to the contrary.

“Seriously, though,” he pushed. “You wouldn’t have gotten hypothermia if you had kept your jacket. Why did you give it to me?” He glanced down, and Lance could her the guilt coating his words.

“I guess I was just focused on saving you,” Lance responded. Keith shuddered and. Lance gave a frown. “Are you still cold under all of those?”

“A little,” Keith admitted.

“Scoot over,” Lance instructed, crawling into Keith’s bed next to him. Keith rested his head on Lance’s chest, feeling warmer already. Lance only put out a tiny bit of heat but to Keith, it was the equivalent to an inferno.

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Wait a second... the anon with the strange text we've never seen before is referred to as the "messenger" (or at least it is here since we don't have a name). In fantasy novels, movies, and tv, ravens are used as messengers. What if this "messenger" could be Raven, the dark version of Robin? O-o *illuminate music*

I thought it could be them, since they said they were working with Anti for now, and I guess we’re on the right way, but whoever they are, should know that I’m not here to leave anyone behind. - Mod Lily

About a year ago I was quitting my job at a local sandwich chain in the busy South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle to go back to being a full-time stay-at-home Mama to Jude. My husband was working at an athletic club not even a block away from Pike Place Market and going to school full-time. We lived in a studio apartment with just a mattress on the floor, a cheap Ikea table + two chairs, and a dresser. Even though we were living out a dream we once had, we were still dreaming of a place that we couldn’t forget and knew we needed to go back to. A year later, here we are in San Diego, in a cute old Craftsman house in the neighborhood that became ours. My husband bikes to work everyday at the beautiful hospital he worked at before we left and is going to school full-time, pursuing dreams that grow stronger each day. We are expecting a baby girl any second now (hah) and our son is thriving in our quiet little life here. Life is a funny thing. I’m thankful that God has allowed us so many adventures and seasons together already. I’m so looking forward to what God has in store for us, moving forward, but also so grateful to be where we are today. 

a lingering smell
of cigarettes
reminds me
of you

it’s in the walls
an old and dusty
dark aroma
of the past

when things were easier
when things were harder
when you still lived here
when we tried all we could

but also when loved oozed
from within every room
and you smoked your brand
and I smiled at you
from the other side of the table

when I thought you were the one
despite your love for cigarettes
when I thought we were it
despite we had our difficulties
and more often than not argued

a time I now miss
every time the walls sigh
a smoky remembrance
of a long gone past

—  @celtic-poetry / FnyM
Boruto's Eye and Character Development

So, I might be in a small almost non-existent category here, but here I go.

I hate Boruto’s new doujutsu. I hate it because overpowered eye magic was supposed to be special. The pinnacle of which, we thought we saw already in Sasuke.

But then Naruto the Last came out and eventually Boruto’s own manga/anime came out. Now he has his own doujutsu.

Doujutsu should be special. At least the idea Kishimoto started with made them seem, as far as blood limits went they were supposed to be special.

Now it feels like everyone has one and I just really feel like Boruto’s is going to be really overpowered. In an effort to be a prodigy, to be different from Naruto, Boruto is going to be wildly overpowered.

I’m sure it’s because Boruto doesn’t have a Kyuubi to lean back on. So they need a new power to fill that void. But this new doujutsu and his ‘god’ tattoo?

Protagonists that are ridiculously overpowered or have few personal flaws are kind of, well boring. What made Naruto loveable (at least for me) is I wanted to root for him. I wanted him to have friends and be happy. I wanted him to make his place in the world because he had lost so much so early.

I don’t feel that way towards Boruto. I get it, father and son are decidedly not the same person. But Boruto’s bratty and sometimes selfish nature really doesn’t make want to sympathize with him. Even now that he’s matured a little after the whole Chunin examination debacle and that character development, it’s still hard for me to care about him.

Sarada should have been the only member of the team with a doujutsu. It is the one explorable thing about her that feels 'fresh’. That is, how her Sharingan manifested and what it means that she is entirely free from the curse of hatred.

Her future as the first Uchiha born since the massacre is a huge blank canvas. Perhaps being free of that could exponentially expand the abilities of the Sharingan when its all love and not twisted love/hatred.

Yes, I may be prematurely worrying.

But the plot hinges on connecting Boruto and Sarada. Boruto’s dream is essentially protecting Sarada as she becomes Hokage and being the ghost/shadow protector of Konoha. I want it to be their adventure.

But then there is Kawaki and that’s another can of worms I can’t even begin to think about presently.

remember the time when we were all waiting for save me’s music video because we fucking thought it would answer all of our questions bUT NO IT WAS JUST (not really tho) A DANCING VID AND HERE WE ARE NOW 136475892 MVS AND VIDEOS LATER AND STILL DON’T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE TO WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON

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How the actual fuck do I get over my ex. She was first love and I thought she'd be my only love and we'd get married and never leave each other. We broke up three weeks ago and now she's already dating the girl she told me not to worry about while we were dating. She always posts about her on tumblr and every time I come on here I get nauseous because of all her posts. It's like she only fucking dated me for the sex and it feels fucking terrible

My best advice would be to block her. I know people get petty about that, but social media is dumb. If you don’t want to follow someone or see what they post because it hurts you, then just don’t it’s that simple. I know it hurts a lot now but time will heal it. Just get busy with life to take your mind off of it

At the lake house
  • Clark: This shower has way too many buttons to be normal.
  • Bruce: I thought we were gunna have shower sex.
  • Clark: Yeah, in a minute. What does this button do? *press*
  • *ceiling opens up to a skylight, wall opens to a window view of the lake*
  • Clark: ...You've reached a whole new level of unnecessary. Nice view though.
  • Bruce: Yes. Can we have sex now--
  • Clark: What's--
  • Bruce: *groans*
  • Clark: --this button? *press*
  • *mood lighting turns on*
  • Clark: Wow. Amazing.
  • Bruce: Mhm.
  • Clark: Man, let's just sit here and enjoy the view.
  • Bruce: No! We're gunna fuck, come on!
  • Clark: Okay okay! Geez. Calm yourself.
  • Bruce: Should've used the regular bathroom.
  • Clark: There's a "regular" bathroom??
Please Don't Do That

I was DMing a campaign at a friends house and they discovered they had traveled though a sudden storm onto an island where everyone is happy and no one comes in from outside the island. People on the island didn’t seem to grow old and there were no births that anyone could remember.

Paladin: Ok so I have a theory about what’s happening here.

Druid: What is it?

Paladin: Maybe this is purgatory, maybe we died in the storm and that’s why no one grows old here, cause they’re dead.

DM: (Nodding, that wasn’t the case but it was an interesting theory)

Paladin: So what if we have to die to move on?! Maybe we need to die!

DM: Wait what.

Rest of party: Oh yeah, what if that’s it? That sounds like it could be it!

DM: Um.

Paladin: So should we like? Kill each other? Now?


how did red skull tie his shoesies?

with little nazis

His Mind Created the Perfect Metaphor

Dear BBC Sherlock community,

Ever since Sherlock series 4 came out, collectively we were like “what the HELL is this?!?! This doesn’t make any sense!” BUT after many months of tossing ideas around the fandom, we have made theories that could explain the weirdness, but nothing we can all agree on. Now, this meta here may be absolute garbage to you, but I believe, in my heart of hearts, I’ve solved it. Please read it in its entirety with an open mind before you reblog it just to tell me I suck.

Thanks in advance, you da best


Here’s the short version: Sherlock actually jumped at the end of The Reichenbach Fall, just as Doyle intended him to die. Gatiss and Moffat said they are correcting something in this adaptation that no one else has gotten right before. Many of us assumed the homosexual romance was the one thing they were changing, but we were punched in the face right after The Final Problem came out.  Gatiss and Moffat are changing the sacrifice. Holmes was intended to die for his friends but Doyle needed more money and rewrote the series after “The Final Problem”. That turned Holmes’ sacrifice into a cruel joke against Watson. This is what BBC Sherlock is fixing, and we’re about to see it come to fruition.

I know many theorists despise the homosexual reading of Holmes and Watson, while many people in general despise theorists on this site. That’s fine, I don’t care how people feel about gay theories and/or TJLC and its followers.  But I’m here to tell you TJLC, at its core as a concept, was right. You may hate Moffat and Gatiss, you may think Sherlock is a piece of shit show, and that’s fine, you do you. But hear this one meta out, please. I think even the hardest skeptic can at least apprectiate the thought and logic behind this.

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I really have to say ‘thanks’ to Evelyne for helping us make it [Cophine] work. You know, when we were wrapping that relationship out and you know, when we were saying 'goodbye’ to Evelyne in the final season, she and I were…we were harken back to those conversations of 'should this really continue?’, like, 'can we do it with all the practicalities?, and that sort of promise we made to each other, that, 'yep, we’re gonna work’.

Graeme Manson talking about Evelyne’s importance in keeping Cophine alive.

He mentioned earlier in the livestream that Evelyne’s co-operation with them was significant considering she herself had such an intense schedule. They worked collaboratively to fit Delphine in, to work around Evelyne’s schedule and to give her as much or as little story as she knew she could take on.
Can we acknowledge here then, that Evelyne Brochu kept giving herself to this character, to this relationship and to us because she felt to deeply connected to it. That she could have very easily said ‘goodbye’ to the project, as if it were any other project she had taken on, but that she stayed with it until the end. Can we acknowledge all the effort, all the dedication and all the commitment that was given to this character and this relationship because I am so damn thankful right now.