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Guys stop attacking @staff. They are merely victims of the machine uprising.

I’m willing to bet money that the safe mode fiasco is entirely a result of machine learning gone awry, and not because @staff suddenly has an evil homophobic agenda and wants to protect kids from the gays. Why? Well let’s look at what safe mode is supposed to do: block porn bots.

Imagine you’re a Tumblr IT person and you’re tasked with developing an algorithm to block said porn bots. You’re on your third cup of coffee for the night and you really just want to go home, so you think of the quickest, easiest, dirtiest way to detect sensitive content: set up a neural network and feed it tons upon tons of examples of typical posts porn bots make. Easy-peasy. Except not at all, because robots are stupid and never do what you want them to.

Here’s what this neural network can’t do with much effectiveness:

Identify pornographic nudity
Identify degrading content
Identify hateful rhetoric
Distinguish any of those things from things that aren’t those things

Here’s what it can do:

See that “sensitive posts” are mostly still images and gifs. Block accordingly.
See that “sensitive posts” contain curse words. Block accordingly.
See that images in “sensitive posts” are often black-and-white. There goes aesthetic blogs.
See that text in “sensitive posts” are short with an external link. Artists linking to your website? Sucks to be you.
And perhaps most importantly, see what “sensitive posts” are tagged as.

You’ve probably already guessed, but porn bots usually don’t tag their posts with “porn” or “nsfw” like a courteous person. Here’s what they do tag with:

etc. etc. etc., mixed in with things like “hot” and “sex” and “babes” and a bunch of slurs too.

Now if you were a neural network designed to look primarily at tags to identify what content to block from the kiddies and you only had this example data to work with, what would you think if you came across an lgbt positivity post that has tags that are nearly identical?

It’s not that I’m not blaming @staff. They still rolled out shitty code without doing any sort of QA on any sort of actual content people put on this site and messed things up as a result. But I really, really doubt there was any sort of malice involved. It’s just another textbook example of why you can’t rely on half-baked algorithms to do your jobs for you. Something that I really think we all should have learned by now.

(A table of contents is available. This series will remain open for additional posts and the table of contents up-to-date as new posts are added.)

Part Eight: More Than Tags

[all text examples used are from my The Steel Token and the Silver Scissors.]

Dialogue tags are as common as mud. We all know them; we talk about them all the time; any time somebody talks about dialogue, there they are. I’m not going to keep slapping that water. What I actually want to talk about are the parts of sentences we add on to the tags. Now, I have a degree in publishing; my Chicago Manual of Style lives in a special place on my bookshelf; I edited stuff, screened stuff, so really I should know the answer to this, but I’m not going to lie. I don’t know what these are technically called, but I’m going to call them remainder sentences and no one can stop me.

A standard dialogue tag generally looks something like this:

“You can’t stop me,” she said.

Plain and simple, nothing more or less than what’s required for the situation. Sticking with the basics is great for moving the story along, and there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. If this is all that’s needed, no problem.

Sometimes, however, there are other things we need to convey, and sometimes the best place to put them is right with our tag. Timing of events is perhaps the most important of the uses for remainder sentences and dialogue tags. Where we place them in relation to our speech and how they’re structured as a whole can tell an audience all kinds of things.

Simultaneous action: Sometimes, we talk and do all in the same moment. To signal that timing to the audience, it’s common practice to use the “-ing” ending to a verb; following standard sentence convention, a comma appears after the tag, before the verb:

“You don’t want it, fine,” she called, dropping it in a water trough.

By containing both the words and the action within the same sentence, we signal to the audience that these happen simultaneously.

We can also play with this idea when actions happen while a character is speaking, but the character doesn’t realize they’re going on:

“Shey–” I started, but she’d gone.

Combining the actions into the same sentence as the dialogue cues the reader into the simultaneous nature of the two moments, while the use of interruptions in the dialogue and the conjunction ‘but’ lets your audience know not just the timing but also how another character reacts to that action or not.

Simultaneous action can also be shown through insertion of a tag or remainder line into the middle of a sentence:

“How would you know that if it’s taken twenty years for these–” she tugged on the foliage, “–to grow since they last used it?”

The implication here with the em-dashes is that the character pauses to perform the action, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You may also choose to use commas all the way through, indicating that the action takes place while the character speaks:

“How would you know that if it’s taken twenty years for these,” she said, tugging on the foliage, “to grow since they last used it?”

Pre- and post- actions: Sometimes, actions and speech are dependent on each other; an action prompts a line of dialogue or something someone says prompts someone to do something. If the actions and dialogue are closely related, it makes a lot of sense to combine them by making your action a remainder sentence to the dialogue:

Sheytana leaned an ear against the door again, then whispered, “I can hear movement but it’s muffled.”

By using ‘then,’ the audience is aware that the action took place very distinctly prior to the speech, rather than at the same time. The opposite can be conveyed to readers by placing the tag and remainder line at the end of the dialogue for actions that take place after the speech. In the above, it’s also interesting to note that the action and the dialogue are performed by the same character. Sometimes, different characters perform those two things, which must be clarified within the remainder line and dialogue tag:

We recovered our footing, I snagged his hand, and I hissed, “Grab the girl. Let’s go.”

The above has a list of actions taken, including the dialogue tag at the end. This could be restructured so that the first item–”We recovered our footing.”–appears alone, as its own sentence, however, due to the pacing of the scene, these three components occur together, but two of them are only participated in by one person–the narrator. Be sure to clarify your ambiguous pronouns on sentences like these so the audience knows exactly who’s speaking. You wouldn’t want to say, “We recovered our footing, and hissed, ‘Grab the girl,’” because then all those included in the “we” would be speaking, too.

Tonality: Another thing we can convey to our readers through remainder lines is how something is said. Yes, dialogue tags do this too, especially when a writer chooses to use tags other than “said,” but the way a sentence is constructed with its tag can also speak to the way it’s spoken:

“Sir,” he drawled. “Don’t see you here often.”

Scenes are made up of beats, and dialogue is not different. The pauses characters take are just as important as what they do. By ending the tag with a period and not connecting through with a comma, the implication is that the character takes a beat and pauses before saying his last line. By comparison:

“Sir,” he drawled, “we don’t see you here often.”

This structure implies a different tonality in the way it’s spoken, all at once rather than taking the significant pause given to the previous line by the period.

Length: The length of a remainder line is crucial. By having a remainder line at all added to your dialogue and dialogue tags, you’ve already built a complex, compound sentence. The more complex the sentence, the more difficult it can be to follow–especially depending on the punctuation and structure you give it. Keeping your remainder lines short will help with clarity and flow. Separate out any sentences you can into their own entities. If your remainder lines are more than about 20-or-so words, you’re probably verging on too long. Remainder lines may be your first place to stop, examine, and rewrite if your story starts to feel off in terms of pacing and flow.

Next up: Real life dialogue!

i love making edits for six of crows, and i’m going to be posting incorrect text posts for the dregs weekly now, but one thing always stumps me: who to tag. the soc fandom is relatively small and not everyone tracks their url, so i might be tagging people for nothing. so i’m making a discord where we can all post our tracked tags + creations + generally chat about the grishaverse.

to join:
mbf this wraith
reblog this post
must post original content for soc
must have a discord / get a discord (discord is a chat server, like kik but better)
send/message me your discord handle + user number (for example, mine is cruciotus#1901)

in return:
i will send you a link to join to chat!
this has no expiration date ; always accepting new members!

babyz challenge ♡

hello lil nuggets, i’m sure most if not all of you have seen those fandom challenges going around for a while now, and seeing as no one seems to have made one for b.a.p yet, i decided to do it myself as we wait for their end of the year comeback! everyone can do this and you don’t necessarily have to make gifs or edits, you can also make text posts, fan fictions, videos, fanarts and whatever you can think of! just remember to tag it with babyz challenge so that i and everyone else who’ll do it can see/reblog it :’) my list has been inspired by this one and i tried to make it as simple as possible, but if you have any question feel free to message me! anyway, if you’re gonna do the challenge please reblog this post so that more people can see it ♡

  • (5) favorite music videos
  • (5) favorite live performances
  • (4) favorite fancams
  • (4) favorite moments
  • (4) quotes
  • (4) favorite collaborations
  • (3) favorite brotps
  • (3) favorite eras
  • (2) favorite photoshoots
  • (2) favorite shows
  • (1) bias ruiner
  • (1) ultimate bias
Bayonetta + Culture: Rodin & The Gates of Hell

Rodin. A badass demon with a weird sense of humor.

A man who handles a bar called the “The Gates of Hell”, not a special bar mind you, it is just a place Bayonetta and Enzo hangs out.

And a place where Bayonetta will get her Infernal weapons.

According to Antonio’s Notes, this place was swarmed by thugs, rouges and demon hunters who were rough. They were bloodthirsty, always looking for a fight for money or glory. All of them waited for the next man to be devoured and torn apart from a demon. Their sense of reality was warped entirely when they entire this bar.

It was commonly called “The Dump” by most of the returning customers there. Anyone who calls the bar as its actual name, will instantly be known as a newcomer to the shop.

During the story of Bayonetta, the bar seems vacant and quiet. But Rodin doesn’t seem to mind. When you walk into his shop, you will most likely see him reading a blank book before you begin shopping.

Gameplay-wise, it is a shop where you can buy items, techniques, costumes, and weapons for your feet.

But… who knew The Gates of Hell was a reference to something?

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rainodanna  asked:

Hannah, would u mind tagging your Facebook posts/tweets/texts as #tweet or something like that? So we could go through those if we wanted to? 🙈(I really enjoy those ❤️)

((OOC: That’s a good idea.  I will from now on, and I’m going to go back and tag the older posts when I have time.  I’ll let you guys know when it’s done.  Thanks for the suggestion!))

Shuffle Tag

Thank you @futurefamousperson for tagging me :))

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs. Then tag 20 people.

Here we go!

  • Nobody Can Save Me - Linkin Park
  • 愛について〜Eros〜 - Taku Matsushiba
  • Praying - Kesha
  • Good Goodbye - Linkin Park
  • Nightmares - All Time Low
  • Battle Symphony - Linkin Park
  • When They Come For Me - Linkin Park
  • Afterglow - All Time Low
  • Sorry For Now - Linkin Park
  • Heavy - Linkin Park

People I’m tagging:

@kiwifruitphan @katiecat1028 @superprettylittlelnatural @flowerbritts @ericaisnotahumanlmao @this-isnot-what-i-had-planned @spencerdreid @humbletrassh @danscornflakes @weirdperson @optimistphan @chillphann @phanisinsidemyskin @prettythings-andshinyrings @imhalfasleeprn @awkwardgali @rosegoldan @kawaiiphancake @danhoel @daniel-thespaniel

I don’t know why there’re a bunch of post in the adlock tag going “I’m sorry your ship isn’t canon”.

Gosh Adlock IS canon, it’s been relatively canon since ASiB and now in TLD and TFP there’re confirmations. We don’t have Irene show up (Moffat’s lazy) having hot sex with Sherlock but I’ve always thought (back in 2012) that Irene will remain the closest person Sherlock has for a romantic interest, and I am right.

It’s nice that Cumberbatch’s, Moffat’s and John’s headcanon is now confirmed (Sherlock and Irene text regularly, they meet sometimes, they have sex). But those are additions, not the main thing; I didn’t have to wait for 2017, I know that Adlock is already canon back in 2012.

Edit: I just refresh and now there’s dozens of new posts (in the adlock tag!) going “Every ship is CRUSHED, it’s so hard for ALL OF US”, and one post is like “If you’re celebrating then you’re celebrating LGBT people’s hope being crushed”.

Guilt tripping and fake sympathy, I should be surprise, but really I’m not.

About Me Tag

oops @savannahistrash did it again, she tagged me in this thing exactly 111 days ago…  Here we go…

Rules: Answer the questions then tag your followers that you wish you had but know you can’t have because you go on tumblr about once every three months and never post anything

Nickname:  … I mean the girls on my volleyball team call me Mal… Like Mallory… minus the lory… I had a kid call me Malshmallow once tho…

Gender: Female

Zodiac: Aquarius 

Hogwarts House: idontlikeharrypotterdontkillmeidontwanttowakeupwithmyheadsewntothecarpet

Favorite Color: orange 

Time now: 10:39 on a SCHOOL NIGHT

Last Thing I Googled: how to do the line through text thing tumblr

Blankets I Sleep With: 1-2

Favorite Bands: MCR, P!atD, FOB, tøp, PTX, Cake, Marina and the Diamonds, and it’s not a band but DAYUM Dear Evan Hansen is freaking GORGEOUS

Favorite Solo Artists: Melanie Martinez, Ed Sheeran

Dream Trip: Fly to Vegas, spend a night there, then DRIVE through Death Valley, stop at some good star gazing spots, then drive to Yosemite National Park, probably spend a few days there, then go north to the John Muir Redwood Forest… I’m a bit of a tree freak…

What I am Currently Wearing: Pajamas, so an elephant t-shirt, and fuzzy polka dot pants

Age of blog: I have no idea

Things I Post:  Hehe… post, what’s that mean? *sweating increases*


How I Came up with my URL:  So I’m at @savannahistrash‘s house, and it’s late at night.  We had been downstairs for an 11:00 snack because that is what normal people APPARENTLY do… Well let me tell ya, Savannah’s house is freaking terrifying at night.. Alroight, so we’re going back upstairs.. Well Savannah’s stairs are extremely curvy and steep, it’s like a labyrinth. AND IT WAS DARK.  Well as we’re walking, Savannah says “Mallory, you should really make a tumblr,” and I was like “Yeah I should.”  And then she said, “What would you call it?”  And in that moment, I just happened to trip on the stairs, gracefully faceplanting.  In shock, I exclaim, “I HATE YOUR STAIRS.”  And thus, this sad blog was born.

But for real though, despite having scary stairs, @savannahistrash is freaking amazing and deserves everything nice in the world.

ANd I also have no other tumblr friends, so I shall tag the cheezbot yet again.

my thoughts about Lady Layton:
  1. She’s adorable and I love her.
  2. Yay a female protagonist!
  3. But where’s Flora?
  4. Where’s Alfendi?
  5. Where’s Desmond?
  6. Where’s Luke?
  7. Is Catoleil the Professor’s biological daughter?  If so who’s her mother?
  8. If she’s adopted goodness the Professor adopts so many children it’s adorable and I love him.
  9. Can we please see the Professor?  I want to see him.
  10. I’m excited and nervous.
  11. I hope Catoleil at least MENTIONS her brother and sister.  I really want her to talk about them extensively and give us more information so we’re not hanging here asking questions.
  12. Catoleil and Alfendi both have names that I love but that aren’t actual names to my knowledge.  (I know Catoleil’s translation isn’t confirmed but I’m going with it until told otherwise.)

I was going to keep it with tags but I can add more in a text post; I think what’s going on at your place sucks so much and I really hate that you have to go through this and that I’m kinda machteloos cause there isn’t much I can do besides offering my support right now, but tomorrow I’ll make sure to give you a really big hug and try to distract you a bit and if it gets annoying again we can go sit outside like you said and get away from all that’s happening. I also want to say that I love you alot and that since it’s almost september it’ll be a year since I’ve fallen in love with you and everyday my live for you has become bigger, and we’ll keep that feeling that we had wednesday with us forever♡

As some of you may have noticed the Positivity Projects are starting to go viral all over Tumblr, and it’s such a nice thing to see! 

We all need a little bit of positivity in our lives and there’s nothing more uplifting than a nice message from anyone. 

And that’s where I bring you the Phantom Positivity Project. To the Phandom out there who are being ever so crazy about our favorite half ghost. 

the show Danny Phantom turned 10 years this year in April and we’ve all been celebrating and celebrating and we’re still more alive than ever!

People, we’re here to spread love and warmth to our hearts. 

I encourage you to read the rules below before going to the ask or submit box but I do encourage you to go and send some love as well!

Here are the wools.Rules:

1. Must include a username. The point with a positivity project is to make sure the person know they’re appreciated and loved - I will be tagging each username.

2. Maximum of 5 usernames per post. Seeing as the tag message only goes to the top five so we have to make sure everyone gets it in their tag.

3. Submit your text, send an ask or fanmail but please do only use text. Fanart and templates will be ignored as I will be putting them on personal made backgrounds myself.

4. Do not be mean to anyone in your messages. Don’t offend someone to compliment another. It’s not nice and that’s not what we’re going for here.

Now go here or here and go help spread even more love to the Phandom

Biphobia and Monosexism are making me sad... (Wall of Text)

Another rare personal post, because I am so disappointed in what has been happening lately on some of my previously favorite blogs and now within some tags that should be safe spaces to discuss issues that affect us.

I would like to believe that, by now, we all understand that biphobia is very real and very harmful.  Anyone who wants to argue that point, please go ahead and excuse yourself from this conversation now, because I don’t have time to educate you on basic concepts.

However, there has been a lot of discussion and arguing and confusion about what monosexism is and whether it is real.  For my blog, I am going to assert that it *is* absolutely real, and I am going to define it in my terms so that anyone reading my posts knows exactly what I mean when I use it, or when I repost something that uses the concept.

When I use the term monosexism, I am referring to a specific type of aggression that falls under the umbrella of bi/pan/poly-phobia.  That specific type of aggression is the one designed to uphold a societal structure of a (false) dichotomy of gender-based attraction.  When a lesbian doesn’t want to date a bi woman because she is “icky” after having been with men - that is biphobia.  When a lesbian dates a bi woman and insists she now call herself a lesbian, because identifying as bi would mean she’s looking to cheat - that is a monosexist expression of biphobia.  When people who are attracted to multiple genders are told they need to “choose a side,” that is an monosexist expression upholding binary categories of attraction.  And people who are attracted to only one gender are benefited by this structure in a way that multi-sexual and multi-romantic orientations are not.

Now, monosexist beliefs and actions are absolutely the trickle-down result of heterosexist institutional structures, but to call them heterosexist would be to imply that they are only upheld by heterosexuals, and that is not true.  While the MOGAI community does not have the same institutional power to oppress individuals within the community, some can and do absolutely enact hotstility, violence, and abuse against individuals they see as a threat to their acceptance within society as a whole.  And while the straight community is by far the worst offender, biphobic and monosexist actions by people within the MOGAI community are often coming from people we think will be “safe,” and can be wounding in a different and deeper way.

I understand there have been additional critiques of the monosexism concept as racist or transphobic, but I am having difficulty locating detailed discussions of these critiques, and would like to understand them better.  If anyone would like to point me toward some additional information, it would be greatly appreciated!

Hey darlings! 

So, plenty of you seemed to like my idea of having a Queen appreciation week between Brian’s birthday (19 July) and Roger’s birthday (26 July), so here we go. I’ve been thinking… since their birthdays are exactly a week apart, that gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate our love for Queen and its members.  Now, basically, I know I promised a “long and detailed” post, but I haven’t worked out all the details myself, so it’s not exactly long, organised or whatever but hey, I tried.

✗ H O W  T O  P A R T I C I P A T E 

Basically, the idea is to post whatever you want about Queen. You can post:

  • FANFICTION; whether it’s slash, Queen / fans, or even just a story based on your favourite Queen story. It can literally be anything you want. From Freddie with a fan, to a Roger centered fic, to a Queen orgy. Go nuts, darlings.
  • FANART; there are plenty of talented artists in this fandom (I would name a few but that would be unfair towards those whom I didn’t mention, so let’s just drop this), so there you go! Create fanart based on your favourite photo, quote, whatever. Go nuts. Oh, wait, I said that already.
  • QUOTES / LYRICS; post your favourite quote / lyrics from one of
    their albums or solo projects.
  • EDITS / GRAPHICS ; if you can and feel like making gifs or edits or graphics or basically anything you want, go for it.
  • QUEEN APPRECIATION WEEK 7 DAY MEME; I have written a special meme for this occasion, and more details to come - just kidding, it’s just right there.
  • PHOTOS; because lord knows we do enjoy looking at them. 
  • TEXT POSTS; I know that Freddie said “don’t talk, don’t talk, don’t talk, don’t talk, baby don’t talk ” - but TALK.
  • AND OF COURSE, THE MUSIC (AKA SONGS OR FANMIXES) the reason we fell in love with them in first place - their beautiful, unique, varied music. You can post your favourite songs, least favourite songs, underrated songs, songs you find overrated, backstage recordings, demos, whatever you want.

AND ANYTHING THAT CROSSES YOUR MIND THAT’S RELATED TO QUEEN SOMEHOW. I wasn’t joking when I said “go nuts”, be creative, and most importantly, have fun!

Now, to actually participate - don’t forget to tag your posts as #queenappreciationweek. That way, you can track the tag, reblog your favourite posts and make sure your posts are being noticed.

✗ 7  D A Y S   M E M E  

and as promised, here’s the 7 day meme, if anyone feels like following something more organised.



That’s pretty much it, I think. My inbox is always open, if you have any questions or suggestions or whatever - and I’ll make sure to tag my answers as #queenappreciationweek to make it traceable. Enjoy, lovelies, and let’s celebrate our favourite band!


*you know not to delete the text now but yeah, please don’t*


Well my clique and I have decided to do one so here we go. 16 blogs will be chosen by us to be showcased on a special blog (still under construction) - linked on all of the members blogs!


  • must be following bloomai (admin)
  • must be following 3+ of the members (click here to view all the members)
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  • likes only count for bookmarking
  • have a rad blog (all styles will be considered)

For a higher chance:

  • tag a post with ‘bloomaisclique’ telling us why you feel you deserve to be in our showcase
  • follow A LOT of the members (basically the more you follow and interact with us, the more we will notice you)
  • message me or any other member and talk to us!!!
  • reblog this many times


  • promoted on a special showcase blog for a month
  • promoted by various members of the clique during the month
  • likely to have a link to your blog on one of the members blogs
  • you may make some new friends also if you want to talk to us!
  • and you can always come to us for advice, help etc


Choosing when the notes are high, probably in a couple of weeks! Good luck, and feel free to message me here if you have any questions :) xxx

N7 day can’t come soon enough. I’m seriously going all “!!!!!!!!!!!” because it’s really soon. Like, it’s one thing to go “yeah I guess MEA will come out in a year or so, I wonder what is going on with the Ark” but now it’s…. “opening a new chapter” “look we have jet packs”  “what are the Vaults?” “what are the Remnants protecting?” “why are all those plants alive” “are the Remnants synthetics or organics?”  “why does Ryder need to find other Vaults????”

Like really. 

Just adding new tags to MEA, like “remnants” “vaults” etc, it’s just 

I’m really happy.


Katie’s Note: The way to do pictures on text posts is weird now. Just saying

“Hey Vanessa, It’s Kian. I hate that we keep having to play phone tag. I have something I need to talk to you about. We’re going on in about an hour, but I’ll be around my phone until then. Call me ” You listened to the voice mail that Kian left you smiling. You had such a huge crush on him and wanted to be more than his friend, you thought he liked you too, but he hadn’t made a move yet. He was on tour with Jc and you hadn’t been able to talk as much as you thought.

You try to call him back and are sent to voicemail.

“Hey Kian, just trying to call you back. Sorry we keep missing each other. You’ll be home in 105 days. We can always talk then. Miss you.”

A couple days later more voice mails are left and finally you see an email with a flight itinerary. Kian had bought you a ticket to fly out to see him on the road. You flew out to South Carolina to see him. You were surprised to see him at the airport. You were overwhelmed having not seen him in three weeks that you completely missed the fact that he was holding a banner. Finally when you got closer you could see he was holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

The banner read, “Vanessa, be my girlfriend? Spend your summer on tour with me?" 

You run to him and attack him with a hug.

"I missed you too.” He says.

“Yes a million times yes.” You whisper referring to the questions on the banner.


As you may have noticed, the Sebastian Stan tag has become, quite frankly, a mess, since the release of Winter Solider. It’s becoming really hard to find edits and gifs admist the slew of text posts. While I will continue doing my best to go through the ‘Sebastian Stan’ tag for posts for this blog, I will now also be tracking the 'sebstanedit’ tag. If you make edits or gifs or any sort of graphic, if you put it in that tag, there is a much better chance that I will see it. 

Hopefully we can implement 'sebstanedit’ as the official edit tag for Sebastian, and other fan blogs and graphic makers will begin using the tag. Thanks so much in advance!