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SUPERNATURAL Comic Con 2017 Panel News, Season 13 & Highlights

not your type?
Final Fantasy XV
not your type?


Here’s a very subtle evidence of one of the very few gay jokes in the game, where Prompto teases Ignis about Ardyn not being his type.

Ignis: The chancellor has an agenda all his own. 

Prompto: Sometimes it helps… like when he called off his army and let us escape.  ( ・ㅂ・)

Noctis: But he was still a creep about it.  (; ・`д・´)

Gladio: It feels like he’s only helping us because he wants something… I just don’t know what…  (´ー`)

Prompto: Reckon we’ll see him again? 

Ignis: Certainly hope not.  ( ̄Д ̄°*)  

Prompto: Not your type?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

For @potato-fan-girl [loud whispers] ily!

Victory tastes sweet along Peter’s tongue. His muscles relax as he stares on at his handiwork where he’s tied up five jail escapees who were in the middle of robbing a convenience store. All he has to do is contact the police, and he gets to swing home along the high of another win for the heroes. 

He’s just pulling his phone out, still vibrating from excitement, when he feels it, something sharp and cold pushing into his side. His mind is slow to catch on for the pain is delayed, but then he feels it all at once, a knife being driven into his side by a sixth jail escapee who’s sudden appearance is a mystery to Peter’s wavering mind. 

His knees buckle, and he collapses to the floor with a pained gasp. “That wasn’t,” he starts around panting breaths, “nice.” The second the words leave his lips, he’s falling forward and crumpling in on himself while paralyzed by pain. 

The free criminal smiles down at him, and Peter can only watch on with darkening vision. 

He’s going to die. 

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KotoNico phone backgrounds (๑˃ᴗ˂)

requested by @berlitzxxx 彡☆

In light of recent events, I think this post should definitely be made. It’s important to remind those around you, those you care about how much they mean to you.
I’d like to encourage everyone, not just those who are mentioned in this post, to reach out when things get rough. I’m not always the best to talk to, but if you need someone to talk, I’m always here. If Tumblr isn’t the best platform, I have no problem giving out my Facebook or phone number. Please don’t hesitate to message me. 
Let’s put aside our differences and show each other respect and love.

@maexchen-therescuemutt You’re such a kind person. I really enjoy reading about yours and Mäxchen’s accomplishments and what you did during your day.
@romatheacdmix Another truly lovely person. I’ve followed you and Roma since you were norestfortherescue and it’s been an absolute pleasure to see Roma start overcoming fears and the two of you start really becoming a team
@aelthen Okay so maybe you’re not a dogblr (#bringbackcaninesandcomplaints2k17) but you’re still wonderful and I love ur poodle. I followed you way back when you were fostering Maybeline (I believe her name was?) Seeing you become comfortable with your sexuality on Tumblr has been wonderful and someday hope to be where you are with that.
@coonhoundchronicles I love you dogs so much, just absolutely adore them. It’s wonderful to find someone who is equally in love with plain ole’ hound dogs. You’re such a genuinely lovely person and I’m so glad that I still get to see your pups, even after Wagtail ended.
@blueboyluca A gem, honestly. You’re so sweet and I love interacting with you (even if I suck at it lol) Luca is a such gorgeous dog. I’ve learned so much about Schipperkes since following you.
@sidetongue Reading your captions and tags is honestly one of the highlights of my day. It’s so obvious how much you love Henry and Miller. I love reading all about your shelter and foster shenanigans as well.
@achoirofcritters I’ve been following you for forever it seems. I’ve loved seeing your photography and editing skills progress and you get more confident in your photography (which dude !!! incredible)
@tempurafriedhappiness Another amazing tumblr photographer. It’s been absolute joy to watch you develop a photography style and really work towards your goals. I hope Colorado treats you well
@bandizoi / @noodle-dragon One of the first dogblrs I followed and a core component to my dogblr experience. Whatever life throws at you, you seem to take in stride. I admire your dedication to your dogs. Also, a big thanks for introducing me to Silken Windhounds; they’re pretty neat
@pulldogs It’s so clear how much you love your dogs and do the absolute most for them. I’ve loved being introduced to a breed I’d never considered before and whole different side of the dog world.
@herebelife Thistle and Thyme are wonderful dogs with an equally wonderful human. Watching Thistle grow and triumph has been, in the simplest terms, incredible. You’ve put so much hard work into making life great for her. It’s also been a joy watching Thyme grow into the precious old man he is.
@tinybigpaws Despite everything that’s happened regarding Lotta and your health, you two are still here and still achieving amazing things. It’s so clear how caring of a person you are.
@perfectdogs I seriously love Aska and Goa so much. Before your blog, I’d never give Schnauzers a second thought and I didn’t even know Tibetan Terriers were a thing. Your photography is absolutely stunning, as well. And once again, despite all that’s happened, you guys are still here and you’re still accomplishing incredible stuff
@mango-pup Seriously one of the sweetest, most understanding people on here. When you posted your list of mistakes, I can’t imagine what that took, but it was an remains an important document. I admire your ability to put that out there and I admire your dedication to Mango

As much as I’d love to shout out everyone, there’s simply no way to do that all in one post, but I do hope to continue spreading positivity of some sort. I do intend to add to this eventually because I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the amazing and inspiring people dogblr has within the community.

Hear me out

It’s been quite some time since the whole shitstorm and I’ve seen some posts stating that we “deserve” to be mocked and that it wasn’t offensive of Jeremy to sing that because Kara and Lena are just friends. Trust me, none of us were angry or pissed off about that comment. Do you guys actually think we thought they’d make SuperCorp canon? Because no, we never did. Supergirl already had it’s token lesbian couple with a rushed storyline and limited screen time. 

What upsets us is the way he did it. He didn’t have to bring it up in the first place, he didn’t have to aggressively scream at the camera and he didn’t have to make a comment on how he “debunked” it.

“Oh don’t be such cry babies! It was only a joke!” Again, that is exactly our problem. We are sick and tired of being viewed as a joke. In Jeremy’s first apology he states that everyone has their interpretation of the show, then why is our interpretation of the show - wanting two strong, independent females who are supportive of each other to be in a romantic relationship- up for mockery? He says his interpretation is valid, then why invalidate our interpretation in such an aggressive manner? You don’t think we’ve heard the same things directed at us by other adults? That yelling not only offended supercorp fans but also many other people of the lgbt+ community like the sanvers shippers and heck people who don’t even watch the show found it offensive. I honestly don’t care that he apologised for it because he didn’t have to bring it up in the first place.

The damage is done now but please learn to be a decent human being and not comment on the situation. I understand if you can’t be compassionate because some of the supercorp shippers are “big bad bullies” but saying that we deserve to be treated like shit or for us to be ashamed of our sexuality when we face that irl everyday is just a bit much. 

Supergirl used to be my happy place, now it just makes me feel like shit.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to write a fic based around Peter having memory loss after a mission and his s/o explaining his life. His spidey powers, uncle Ben and how he's trans. "You were a girl" s/o ads, listing up basic facts about Peter. "I don't.. Feel like a girl" he says softly. "You're not. You're a boy- a man, you always were. You started off as a girl, a little mistake in the womb," s/o replies. "You were pretty as a girl, but happiness looks so much better on you"

as someone who has been asked a billion times why i “chose” to be trans, and who has repeatedly had to tell people “yeah, i probably could have kept pretending that i was a girl when i knew i was a boy, but dealing with transphobia is better than looking forward to dying just so i can get away from this body” that last part hits home