there was waaaay more info than this

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name | maddie

nicknames | maddie is already the nickname of my nickname what more do you people want

zodiac sign | scorpio

height | 5′ 1″

orientation | ain’t no lie, baby bi bi bi

ethnicity | south indian

favorite fruit | what will this tell you about me exactly? if you must know it’s raspberries.

favorite season | fall. probably because i fall down a lot. but also because cool weather, pumpkins, and my birthday.

favorite book |  Galápagos by Kurt Vonnegut & Wicked by Gregory Maguire

favorite flower | jasmine

favorite scent | jasmine

favorite color | what if i just answered jasmine again? but no, it’s purple, like a rich plum shade

favorite animal | TIGERSSSSSS

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | you don’t understand i’ve been told i make sexual noises when i drink my coffee.

average sleep hours | five or six

cat or dog person | BOTH 

favourite fictional character | ron weasley, hands down. 

number of blankets you sleep with | two during the cold season, one during warmer times

dream trip | uhhh hard to say because my parents really love road trips so i’ve been to a hell of a lot of cool places already. but i guess…scotland, probably. 

blog created | summer of 2016 i THINK?? up until then i was a very angsty poetry blog that i….sometimes still can’t believe i had. ditched it for this much more relaxed fandom blog. 

number of followers | laughably little. close to a hundred now, though. i still get angry sometimes when i think about the fact that my old poetry blog, where i didn’t reblog anything at all but just obsessively posted my own poetry, had two-hundred something people following my angst. 

Some in-progress clan territory/aesthetic stuff. Taking waaaay longer than I expected so only two of those frames are really done. Not sure when I’m going to finish so posting for my own benefit as I will probably finish more extensive lair/place info sheets like that fae nest one first. Or just never finish these…

Pictured would be generic willow area, clan at night, the fae nest tree. Row 2 is another type of lair (it’s a giant wooden “cage” with platforms for sleeping), a gladekeeper statue, water lily lamp. Row 3 would be a cave den (mostly for nocturnes and other dragons preferring to be hidden), another generic willow area, and a light festival run by Dreamkeeper. More extensive stuff to come eventually.