there was waaaay more info than this

Some in-progress clan territory/aesthetic stuff. Taking waaaay longer than I expected so only two of those frames are really done. Not sure when I’m going to finish so posting for my own benefit as I will probably finish more extensive lair/place info sheets like that fae nest one first. Or just never finish these…

Pictured would be generic willow area, clan at night, the fae nest tree. Row 2 is another type of lair (it’s a giant wooden “cage” with platforms for sleeping), a gladekeeper statue, water lily lamp. Row 3 would be a cave den (mostly for nocturnes and other dragons preferring to be hidden), another generic willow area, and a light festival run by Dreamkeeper. More extensive stuff to come eventually.

A random act of kindness goes a long way pt 3

Word count: 5,206
Genre: Romance, Lots of Angst, Family
Rating: Teen (Mentioning of Blood and Chat being an awkward kitty cat, minor thing he does at the end.)
Pairing: LadyNoir, Chatbug, Marinette/Chat Noir, Plakki (Plagg/Tikki)
Perspective(s): Adrien
Summary: Are there such things as Monday the 13th? Because poor Marinette is not having a good day. However, when a stray cat crawls through her window, she has no choice but to take care of him, despite the fact that it may leave her identity at risk.
Info:  I KNOW IT’S LATE! Practically midnight here where I am. But here it is. I was so surprised to be getting mail from you guys on the debut on the final chapter. Thanks for all the support! I had fun writing this and plan to make a sequel in the near future (that is when I can find time.) So as promised, here is the final chapter. I admit, I spent waaaay too much time focusing on finishing this story than I was with my school work. So the final installment of this fanfiction goes into more depth about Marinette’s upcoming performance. Let me just say, I suck at describing dances. I really recommend that you actually watch a ribbon dance to even know what the hell I am talking about. Here is a link to one I really liked (Link). Anyways, lots and lots of angst here in this chapter as Marinette basically has a breakdown and Chat has to step in to comfort her (for her own good BTW.)  I admit, it’s not as good as the other chapters because I put less time into and the ending sucks though as I rushed it because I wanted to be done with it.
Note: Not to confuse people with who is thinking and who is having a conversation in a flashback, the italicized words with out the quotations are characters (Marinette/Adrien/Plagg) thinking. The italicized words with quotations are characters conversing in a flashback. Sorry if I confused you.

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