there was that dress she wears that i really wanted to include but alas

Sansa and Dragonflies: Jonsa meta.

So a huge part of why I enjoy being part of the jonsa fandom is for all of the wonderful metas no matter how tinfoilly it can get because it’s just, fun, y’know? This includes analysing costume design, and I’ve seen metas discussing Sansa’s necklace in season 7 which made me think of what she wore in the earlier seasons: her dragonfly necklace.

She also wears a dress with dragonfly embroidery in 2x04:

Now the more popular connection is that it’s meant to symbolise Petyr(who wears a mockingbird pin) going after Sansa, which of course is valid.

But what I found interesting is that it ties to the historical figure, Jenny of Oldstones. Jenny was a woman who married the heir to the throne, Prince Duncan Targaryen, better known as the Prince of Dragonflies.

Little known fact about Prince Duncan: he gave up his claim and line of succession to marry Jenny, hence no longer being the Prince of Dragons, but of Dragonflies. This then triggered a conflict due to him already being promised, leading to a rebellion.

So how could this possibly link to JonSa? Well, take it with a mountain of salt because as I mentioned, this is just personal tinfoil, but everything about that little bit of history screams JonSa to me. There are arguments that claim they’d decided to include this detail to link to Robb’s demise, i.e. marrying Talisa(in the show) for love. But why would they make Sansa of all people wear this? Why not incorporate dragonflies into Talisa’s costume?

In all the images I could find of Talissa, not once has there been an instance of dragonflies being present, which is odd considering how strongly Robb x Talisa parallel Jenny x Duncan. So apart from them, there must be another reason behind letting Sansa be the one to callback to Jenny through the dragonfly symbolism.

Which is why my mind immediately jumped to Jonsa.

Who do we know is the true heir to the iron throne? Who do we assume is most likely to give up that claim? And who do we believe will not embrace his title as a Prince of Dragons(Targaryen lineage)? That’s right; Jon.

And who do we know believes no one will ever marry her for love - and ironically since this is mentioned - will most likely end up with someone who will end up loving her if married(though let’s face it, Jon already loves Sansa, he just hasn’t allowed himself to see her in that light yet considering he has no idea R+L=J)? Sansa.

So there you have it, another little detail that could actually add to a list of things that support Jonsa!

Also, I’ll fight you on a Jonsa pairing not being equal to marrying for love. Yes, a marriage between them would be a political move and not one of passion, and yes the love between them would most likely be built stone by stone ala Ned x Cat(the only type of solid relationship GRRM likes to portray as long lasting, compared to all the other fast-paced pairings that end up in disaster), but that doesn’t negate the fact that these two already love each other.

They care deeply about each other and Jon clearly wants to protect her. He would never force her into a marriage with anyone, and him lashing out and going all Angry Kitten Jon™ clearly proves how much he wants to protect her. Sansa has proved as well how supportive she is of him, defending his decisions and his rule from the Northern Lords’ bickering.

So although he may be hesitant to accept a marriage alliance with Sansa, she would be protecting him from any backlash regarding his lineage reveal from the Northern Lords while also securing the North, and he would be the best candidate to protect her from any other highborn looking to marry her for only her claim: they would, by that logic, be marrying each other still for love considering it’s in their best interest especially to protect one another.

Of course another bonus to throw in is how inappropriately smitten Jon has been with Sansa…

or how both their first loves/crushes suspiciously resemble each other…

but I digress! Point is, the groundwork is there, and I’m sold on Jonsa.

Also this whole idea of my girl Sansa finally being with someone who will love her for her really makes me happy hehe.


(The artwork above is not mine, it is an edited version of another artist)

Ok so Fauxteen ( / and his Drag Race/Steven Universe crossover got me feeling all sorts of ways. Go check out his other work and support it because it’s all incredible!

I’ve always loved the idea of having a RuPaul’s Drag Race superhero crossover team ala Justice League, X Men, Sailor Moon etc. and his Steven Universe crossover is the best thing I’ve seen that comes close to that. (Other than Fire Crotch and Melanina henny.) So I decided to come up with a concept for a Drag Race super hero team, and use his artwork as a concept piece.        

For the design of the team, I wanted the queens to be unified with a similar texture but each have their own signature color and aesthetic. I took the standard colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & pink) and added a few others (turquoise, brown, black & white) to round the number to 11.

Each Queens Assigned Color:

Bebe - Brown
If you google image search Bebe, or go to her website, she is always wearing brown and is always in some sort of animal print, and these two go great together. Her iconic Cameroon look was cleary the inspiration for her outfit in the piece. The color brown also has a great animalistic quality to it which goes hand in hand with her brand. (The outfit seems to be inspired by her Cameroon look)

Tyra - White
When I think of Tyra, I think of her in her iconic wedding dress which initially had me place her with white. What I love is that white represents light, hope and purity amongst many things, which is why it’s the color worn by brides and angels. It’s ironic to put Tyra in white, almost in the same way she calls herself “America’s Sweetheart.” It gives me life thinking of her in a pristine angelic outfit knowing the attitude she has. <3 #jump #twice (The outfit seems to be based on her Season 2 promo picture, but as well, the wedding dress which had the same shape)

Raja - Blue
Not necessarily inspired by a look, but when I think of Season 3, I always think of the color blue because of the promo trailers for the season. I’ve naturally associated that with Raja, and the color fits her very well. It’s sleek, cool and royal which matches Raja’s qualities. When it’s right, it’s right. (The outfit seems to be based on her entrance look, wearing the cyclops hat)

Sharon - Green
Green’s hard to pull off and Sharon can pull off anything. I’m instantly reminded of her pride boat look, as well as her crowning look when she wore green. It’s also the color associated with witches which fits her brand very well. (The outfit seems to be a combination of her Season 4 promo look, as well as her crowning look)

Chad - Pink
Chad’s the closest a winner has come to being a Barbie girl. She was often critiqued for being too perfect, too pretty, and too polished. Pink goes well with Chad’s princess aesthetic, being a showgirl, and having the bubbly personality she does. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her AS1 promo look, as well as yellow bang cut wig she wore in Season 4)

Jinkx - Orange
I always think of orange with Jinkx mostly because of her hair. Many outfits come to mind as well including her Season 5 crowning look, and her Season 8 reunion look. Something about the warmth of orange and the cookiness of it matches Jinkx and her broadway aesthetic very well. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her Episode 1 Hollywood look)

Bianca - Black
Bianca is one that could’ve been many colors, such as red or purple, but I decided to go with black. She is known for claiming she has a black heart, as her forte is reading people and throwing shade. She is known for being “evil,” and the color black is associated with darkness. However similar to Tyra, having Bianca in black is ironic for we know that she actually has one of the biggest hearts. It’s fun seeing her look so evil when you know she’s the opposite. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her Season 7 reunion look, and her wig from the Season 6 black & white runway)

Violet - Purple
Need I say more? Her name and essence matches the color perfectly! The femininity of pink but so much edgier.(Her outfit seems to be inspired be her Death Becomes Her look)

Bob - Yellow
From Bob’s logo, to her crowning look, to many of her photoshoots, Bob always seems to wear yellow and the color seems to match her very well, more so than any other winner. It’s very bright and sunny, and since Bob is all about making people laugh and stealing the show, she really is always the brightest one in the room. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her Book Ball look)

Alaska - Turquoise
Alaska’s like Sleeping Beauty, she’s either very blue or pink to me. For this design, I decided to go for a turquoise color. This matches her new association with snakes very well. It also fits with the original concept behind Alaska, in which her character is an alien from the planet Glamtron. Not to mention the color turquoise is very arctic (as in the state of Alaska which I often forget to associate with her.) She was probably the most versatile to pick a color, but I think turquoise is a right choice. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her AS2 promo look, and her wig being classic Alaska)

Sasha - Red
The bitch is always in red, and so many of her outfits have splashes of red to them. As well, after her performance to So Emotional with the rose petals, the color red fits her even better now. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her entrance look which no tea, no shade has the same silhouette of many other outfits of hers. The wig is obviously from So Emotional)

For their actual powers, I only began to brainstorm but wasn’t having that much luck. Maybe Bebe can turn into a jungle cat, and Jinkx can put people to sleep with her singing (Hey Jigglypuff! I just saw Jigglypuff girl!) or maybe she can control the weather (“monsoon”). If you have any ideas let me know!

Also I’d love to here your ideas on a backstory, why they all fight together and how they got their powers, as well as what Ru’s position is in all of this.

I tried to think of one and came up with a rough draft below that needs a lot of work.

I’d love to see other ideas or concepts behind something like this.



Long ago… before time as we know it… the world was made up entirely of the Gods. We know the famous ones, there was Zeus the king and god of thunder, Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty, Poseidon the god of the sea, Ares the god of war, Hades the god of the underworld and so on and so on. But there was one god that seemed to escape the history books, and that god was known as… RuPaul! She was the god/goddess of one of the most powerful forces in the universe… queerness! (YAS GAWD!) She spread her eternal message of loving thine self before loving someone else and was easily the most fabulous god and one of the most powerful. Everybody loved her and looked to her for direction in the most troubling of times. Ru was in fact the god who invented colour and the rainbow itself. Many of the Gods had items that sourced their powers; Zeus had his lightning bolts, Poseidon had his trident, etc. RuPaul however carried the source of her powers upon her head in a luxurious crown. The crown was bejewelled with several gemstones along the surface, each gemstone a different color with a different power and meaning behind it. There are many stories from the ancient days about the goddess RuPaul, but those are for another time.

As the world began to evolve more and more throughout time, the gods naturally faded away and became one with the world…

When the world was in it’s 20th century, it was not in a progressive era that it should’ve been and was in need of some saving. In early 1960, a woman by the name of Ernestine became pregnant with a child. One day, a strange physic woman came to her and told her that her child was the incarnation of a legendary god, and that she was to name the child RuPaul. By the end of the year, Ernestine gave birth to the child, and as instructed, named him RuPaul. Ru began to grow up in the world without knowing who he truly was.

Then one day as he walking home, a young Ru walked past an old antique shop he had never seen before, and decided to go inside. The shop was filled with many wondrous things, and no one was in there except a mysterious woman who seemed to own the shop. Ru took a look around, and eventually came across a dazzling crown with various coloured jewels along the surface. It was like something out of a dream and he just had to have it! So Ru took the crown to the the front of the store and began to search his pockets for some money. The woman behind the counter just smiled at him and said “take this one on me.” Ru was so grateful, and just before he left the woman asked him for one more thing. She said she had one too many records in the store and asked him to take one off of her hands. She then gave him his very first record, a record containing the music of Diana Ross. With much appreciation for the gifts from the stranger, Ru left the store. That night at home, Ru was dancing around his room wearing the crown he got earlier, and truly feeling his fantasy. He decided to then play his new Diana Ross record. The music began, and as soon as she started singing, Ru’s crown lit up and all the powers within Ru were awakened. As time went on, Ru slowly began to learn who he really was, and what powers he possessed.

Around the time of the late 70’s, Ru went out in the world and began working as a female vigilante, using her powers to defeat crime against crime. She wore a fabulous iridescent costume and quickly gained public attention, making a name for herself. She met the likes of a woman named Michelle Visage who became Ru’s sidekick and trusted advisor. As well, she often worked alongside another vigilante by the name of Lady Bunny, who became Ru’s partner. Adventure after adventure, Ru sashayed and shantayed her way to victory in every battle. She saw many beauties of the world, as well as much of its darkness. Then, Ru made the biggest mistake any god could make… she fell in love. His name was Georges, and he was a farmer boy Ru met one night on the dance floor. Other than Michelle and Lady Bunny, he was the only one who knew Ru’s true identity.

One day, a new villain emerged on the scene. This villain however, was no ordinary foe Ru had faced in the past. He went by the name of Lord Padmunt and he possessed a tremendous amount of power, as well as led a powerful army of minions. The only one who could stop him was RuPaul, but Georges told her to be careful for she didn’t know the strength of his power. Lord Padmunt and Ru were great rivals who battled many battles for quite some time. With the powers of a god, Lord Padmunt could never defeat Ru. But then one day, he discovered her secret lover. He captured Georges as his prisoner and told Ru to surrender her powers, or the man she loved would die in front of her eyes. This wasn’t going to stop Ru who was determined to defeat Lord Padmunt. She managed to defeat him and banished him away, but in a terrible battle that severely injured both herself and Georges. Ru had a wide slash alongside her leg while Georges suffered a blow to the head. Georges was so severely hurt, that he was to remain in a coma for the rest of his life. Ru felt a tremendous amount of guilt on what had happened. As a god, she could easily heal herself of her injuries, but she didn’t have the abilities to heal Georges. Out of her love and respect to him, Ru surrendered her powers so that she could live the rest of her life as a mortal and have to endure the same pain inflicted upon Georges. With no powers, Ru swore to never fight another day in her life. Without her love, she went into a dark place and hid herself from the world, living in secrecy. The only two who knew of her whereabouts were Michelle and Bunny. The world believed Ru had died. And as their beloved hero was now gone, the people of the world strived to make it a better place in her honour and legacy. For some time, they actually did, and the world became a peaceful and more progressive place. But as we know, nothing last forever…

Much time had passed, and it was now the year 2008. The world was in happy place as Obama was just elected president. Ru watched the outside world through her television and was at peace in the direction things were headed, while knowing there was still more work the people of the world had to learn and do for themselves. However one day she was visited by her friend and former associate Michelle, who had come to deliver some news to Ru. Michelle had heard word of mouth through the grape vine, that a billionaire was trying to climb the ladder of the world to reach a more successful place. His name? Donald Trump. Michelle told Ru that this Trump character had plans to run for presidency and to hopefully become the successor to Obama. Although unqualified, Trump seemed to have a plan that would lead him to office without fail. Michelle would never bring news like this to Ru nowadays but she knew that this time it was important. She showed Ru a picture of Trump, and as soon as Ru glanced at his face, in an instant Ru recognized the smirk on Trump’s face and the gleam in his eyes. As a master of Scrabble, Ru also recognized that his name was an anagram of a name Ru once knew very well… Lord Padmunt. If he could manage to make his way to the highest position in the world, then there was no telling what danger lay ahead. Since Ru gave up his powers so he could grow old and live a mortal life in honour of Georges, he had previously vowed to never fight again, and he still vowed to honour that promise. But he knew something had to be done about this.

Ru went to a room in his lair with the highest amount of security, a room he hadn’t been to in years. In this room was his legendary crown. Ru took his crown and removed each of the eleven gemstones that were on its surface. Ru knew that by the end of 2016 to early 2017, Trump would become president. In this time, Ru knew he had to search far and wide to find eleven chosen ones who possessed enough charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent as Ru did to follow in his footsteps. He would give each individual a gemstone which contained a fraction of Ru’s powers. These would give the chosen ones many wondrous powers like the ones Ru once possessed. Michelle was worried about finding people qualified, but Ru assured her they were already out there. For as she had been reincarnated, so had all of her powers. With the help of Michelle Visage, Ru began his search…

[This is one method, where the queens are regular men who obtain super powers rather than pre-existing super beings who form a team]

In 2009, Ru came across Nea Marshall Kudi, a prince of his people in Cameroon who came to America and began working with wildlife and the UN. Ru found him to be the chosen one of his first gemstone, the golden brown sphalerite. This gave Nea the ability to transform into warrior, Bebe Zahara Benet. The world had a new hero and the first of her kind.

In 2010, Ru found James Ross, a runaway groom who was trying to escape his past and provide a better life for his young child. He worked his way through life by going to school during the day, while stripping at night. Ru gave him his second gemstone, the white diamond, and this gave James the ability to transform into warrior, Tyra Sanchez. While still having their own adventures, Bebe and Tyra also began to work as a team.

In 2011, Ru discovered Sutan Amrull. He was a creative makeup artist and photographer, who was highly spiritual. Ru gave him the blue sapphire which turned Sutan into the warrior, Raja Gemini. The team was now a trio.

In 2012, Ru found Aaron Coady, a club goer heavily involved in the punk rock scene, always getting into trouble, who often experimented with witch craft. Ru found him to be the chosen one to receiving the green emerald, which gave Aaron the ability to turn into Sharon Needles. Sharon joined the group as its fourth member.

Later that year, Obama was already leading into his second term, and Ru and Michelle knew they had work harder to finding successors to Ru’s powers before the end of Obama’s second term. They came across Chad Michaels, a former pageant winner, and current Vegas performer who possessed all the qualities in receiving the pink rose quartz. Chad Michaels now possessed the abilities to turn into super hero, Brigitte Love. However, in a bizarre plan that ended up working, Chad still referred to herself as Chad Michaels in hopes of using reverse psychology to protect her identity.

In 2013, the team came across Jerick Hoffer, a struggling Broadway actor who was best suited for the role of Ru’s next gemstone, the orange spessartine, which gave Jerick the abilities to transform into Jinkx Monsoon.

In 2014, Ru and Michelle began to keep a watchful eye on Roy Haylock, CEO of a successful company that catered to literature and reading. As the bad bitch in charge, she was the chosen one to receive the powers of the black gemstone, the schorl, giving Roy the great power of turning into warrior, Bianca Del Rio.

In 2015, the world was fascinated with its latest “It Boy” in fashion. A youngster by the name of Jason Dardo. Ru realized that this young model was in fact the chosen one to receive the powers of the purple amethyst, transforming Jason into vixen, Violet Chachki.

At the beginning of 2016, with three gemstones left, Ru and Michelle came across comedian Christopher Caldwell. After years of the team wondering who would be the chosen one to receive the yellow gemstone, Christopher fit the bill. He obtained the yellow citrine and became Bob The Drag Queen.

With two gemstones left, and Trump’s presidency coming closer and closer, Ru and Michelle worked twice as hard to find the two remaining chosen ones. But something funny happened. Justin Honard was a close ally of the team. He was dating Sharon around the time she joined the team, and although Sharon wasn’t suppose to, she revealed her identity to Justin. Because of this, Ru and the team kept Justin close as an assistant despite his difficult relationship with Sharon that ended up turning into a beautiful friendship. As they continued to search, in an epic battle against an enemy where Justin was held captive (similarly to how Georges once was), Justin was revealed to being the chosen one of a gemstone, and it turned out one of the chosen ones was under their nose the entire time. They threw him the turquoise gemstone transforming Justin into Alaska 5000.

Just as Trump was elected president, in 2017 the team finally found their final member. An artist who owned his own gallery by the name of Alexander Steinberg. He was given the red ruby, and it transformed him into warrior Sasha Velour.

As a new era of hatred begins, it’s the responsibility of RuPaul’s gemstones to help save the world…

Watch Me [M]

Jungkook X Reader

A/N: Just a little shortie cause I was feelin sinful 😏😏😉😉 And I think we all need a lil more stripper Jungkook cause that cop outfit is on point
Don’t judge too harshly, my smut isn’t the best ;-;

Genre: Smut

AU: Stripper!Jungkook

Word Count: 2429

Short: “You got strippers for your wedding?!”

A little bit lonely perhaps. Maybe that was what you felt.
A little thrill would be nice for you and your boring life. And coincidentally, it happened.

Your best friend Dal Hae from University was getting married to a man you’ve known for years. They were just the perfect couple, everyone referring to them as “Goals”.
It made you feel like the lesser woman, everyone around you was getting married, and here you were, lacking love. You were happy to be a bridesmaid for her -because obviously her sister was going to be the maid of honour.

But of course, you needed a traditional party for the bachelorette’s and Bachelor’s, and that was today. You drove down to Dal Hae’s house to pick her up, watching as she kissed her fiancé goodbye before running to your car. “Hey!” She exclaimed, “You ready to party like never before?” She laughed as she pretended to throw her hands in the air. You giggled back in response, “Sure Dal” As you drove to the destination, Dal Hae fixed up her makeup before looking towards you, “Girl” she elongated, “You look fine as hell today! Who you tryin to impress?” She asked as she slightly hit your shoulder. “Myself!” You laughed, “Gotta look good for those lonely dates with my true, compatible partner”
“Stop it” she giggled, “You’re beautiful, and if guys can’t see that, then they’re blind” You blushed slightly, “Thanks Dal”

You arrived at the club a few minutes later. You parked your car and you and Dal Hae walked inside, greeted by the booming music as you walked towards the private room she booked for all the Bridesmaids. “We’re here!” She exclaimed, watching as the other girls stood up and ran up to hug the two of you, complimenting your dress and makeup that you worked, quite hard on -in your opinion. You chatted away as you swigged down some drinks, the strong burn of Tequila on your throat. You partied and sang Karaoke, laughing when someone messed up the lines or sang the wrong tune. You were all having a great time until you heard three sufficient knocks on the door. Dal Hae smirked widely before she stood up to answer it. All the girls looked in shock as behind the door, revealed four men, each one wearing a uniform.

“Someone call for a show?” The man in the cop uniform asked as he walked inside, eyeing you before turning back to Dal Hae. “You my dear…” He grabbed her hand and kissed it, “Must be the bride”
“I am!” She squealed. “He’s a lucky man” He winked as he let go, taking another glance at you, shooting fire right through you. He whispered something to the other 3 men before appearing at the front of the stage, “My name is Jungkook” he raised his hand to the according member as he pointed them out, “These are my boys. This is Taehyung, Jimin, and Hoseok. Please treat us well” he smirked, looking directly at you. You felt your knees weaken and a sudden warmth at your core. Why did this man have such a strong affect on you? You’ve never felt like this before when you went to the club. But then again, his perfect hair, his chiseled jawline, and oh god, those lips. You felt like he had some sort of power over you. Some kind of Dominance that made you crave more.

You watched as Jimin walked over to the stereo, plugging in his phone and turning on his music. The girls all squealed as they whispered to each other about how hot they were, even calling Dibs.

“What’s your name, baby?” Jungkook asked, his arms on both sides of your chair, pushing you back into it, his face at least a foot away from yours. “Y-Y/N” you stammered.
“A beautiful name, For a beautiful woman” he said, his hand grazed onto your chin, pulling away slowly. Your head followed automatically, aching for his hot touch on you to linger a bit more. “Watch me” he said as he winked and backed away.

The slow, rocking beat set you in the perfect mood. That Jimin guy really knew his music. They took of their shirts, hearing the other girls holler. You couldn’t help but stare at Jungkook’s toned abdomen. You wanted to reach out and touch them because they were so perfect, so sculpted. Jungkook had you wrapped around his finger. Every one of his doing’s making you weaker and your heat pooling at the threads.

But in all honesty.
You didn’t mind it one bit.

You watched as he felt himself up and down, making sure to glance at you every now and then, like a prey stalking it’s predator. Jungkook made you feel like you were the only one in the room, his moves were just so intoxicating, so breathtaking.

Then he walked up to you.

You bit your lip as you gazed up at him with wide eyes. He rolled himself onto you, you could practically see the sweat on his forehead. “You’re so fucking hot, do you know that?” He whispered hotly into your ear. You felt chills through your spine, goosebumps on your skin. “I’ve got something to show you when we’re done here” he said. He continued with his works, entrancing you with how his body moved.
The only thing on your mind was how he would be in bed. You crossed your legs at the thought of you grinding on him, making love to him until you both fell into ecstasy.

The girls hollered and wooed as the men in front of them did their magic. They breathed heavily, panting even, for all the hard work they’ve been doing. Jungkook kept on biting his lip and licking them as his hot gaze pierced you. But sadly, when the song came to an end, so did they. You didn’t want to believe it, but you were sad to see them go, especially Jungkook. He winked you goodbye as they thanked everyone for having them and exiting the room whilst blowing kisses.

“That. Was something” Mina said as she sat back in her seat, pretending to break a sweat.
“Hey guys” Jihyo interrupted, “guess what” she smirked as she lifted up a small piece of paper in her hand, “He gave me his number” Everyone screamed and jumped around, you included. It kind of made you wish Jungkook gave you his number as well. But alas, maybe everything he did really was just for show. Maybe he didn’t really feel that way about you and that he was just great at acting.

You walked towards the door, informing the girls you were going to get a drink, doubting that they heard you with all the screaming they were doing anyways. You closed the door behind you and as soon as you looked up, you were met face to face by the one and only, Jungkook. He didn’t bother changing back into his clothes, his ripped abs still showing, you could just reach out and-

“Where do you think you’re going, baby?” He interrupted, smirking. “I-I was going to get a drink from the bar” you spoke shyly. Then he pinned you to the wall and you felt the blood rush to your face, your heart beating at an incredible pace.
“I don’t think so” He smiled.
He grabbed your arm and practically dragged you upstairs into a hallway. As he pulled you around, you heard erotic sounds of pleasure as you stared at the ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs hanging on the doors.

Jungkook slammed open a door, everything in it was red, the walls, the table, the bed. But you didn’t have enough time to look around before you were pulled into an intense kiss by the man of your dreams. “I told you I had something to show you” he broke apart to say for a mere second before going back in, your tongues entangling with each other, “and you thought you could get away from me?”
You didn’t answer and he smacked your ass, “Answer me Y/N.” He demanded.
“N-No- I- Why are you doing this?” You questioned, wondering why a person like him would do something like this to a person like you. You watched as his eyes turned a shade darker as he slowly pulled off your dress, “Baby girl, when I saw you walk into the club, your face was the only one I remembered. Fuck, you were so beautiful that I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I had a dance on the main stage before going to your private room and it was my best performance. Do you want to know why? He asked as he trailed hot kisses down your neck. You nodded almost too eagerly as a small moan slipped from you, already knowing the answer. “Because I thought of you”.

You took this chance to feel Jungkook’s abs, tracing them as you heard his breath hitch in his throat. Your hands rested on his belt as you continued to kiss him. He lifted you up and pushed you onto the bed, his lips not leaving yours.
“Then when I went to your room and saw your face, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Trust me, I don’t feel these things, but you…” He pulled off his belt buckle and tore off your bra, discarding them onto the floor, “You did something to me. I’ve never felt so horny, and I work at a strip club

You don’t know if it was what he said, or the sound of his voice, but either way, it had you pooling. You pulled off his pants and Jungkook smirked, “Eager now, are we? I love it” He devoured you as he groped your chest, sucking and licking them, making sure each bud got the same attention. But as much as you loved it, you needed him elsewhere right now.
“J-Jungkook! Please” you begged.
“You look so fucking good under me, did you know that?” He grinded against you, allowing you to feel his rock hard, clothed member against your core, causing you to whimper in delight. “Jungkook, more” you moaned out.
“Fuck” he groaned as he took off his last article of clothing alongside with yours. He reached over you, opening the drawer to grab a condom, rolling it onto his length. “God, you’re dripping wet. And all for me?” He lapped up your juices with his mouth, your back arching for more, “You’re so sweet, baby” he smirked, making sure to stare directly at your eyes.

He aligned his dick to your entrance, teasing you as he circled it, your wetness dripping onto his length. You whimpered and impatiently moved your hips, wriggling around to get some sort of pleasure and release.

Apart from the tough look he gave you, he was gentle as he entered you, making sure he didn’t hurt you. You moaned at how big and thick he was, stretching out your walls. “Y-You can move” you spoke as you clenched your walls around him, testing your waters.
“Fuck, if you keep doing that I’m going to come” he slowly started thrusting in and out of you, making sure you weren’t hurt at any point. You cried out as he went faster, the pleasure crashing through you wave by wave.

Jungkook leaned back down to kiss you and you could hear his breathy moans in your ear along with short profanities being spilled from his lips.  "Fuck I’m close" he said. The only sounds that filled the room were the echoes of the people through the walls from all around, and the slapping of skin and wetness combined. You chanted out a series of 'Yes’ as you clenched around him, soon reaching your peak.
“I’m coming!” You cried out, giving Jungkook the energy boost to go even faster than before, making sure to bring you over the edge with his dancer hips. “Come all over my cock baby”.

That’s all you needed to hear as your head fell back and you closed your eyes, seeing nothing but white. Your breathing was erratic as you tried to catch your breath. Jungkook came into the condom and disposed of it before collapsing beside you, sighing in relief.
“Do you do that with every woman you seem to 'Lay eyes on’?” You teased as he pulled you into his chest, holding you close.
“No. I swear I don’t. I mean, I understand if you don’t believe me because I do work in a strip club after all, but you’re the only one since I started here, I promise.” He said.
“Why are you telling me all this?” Then you gasped in realization, “Do you-”
“I do. You want to know why? Because I know how fucking hard it will be to get you out of my mind. I don’t forget people like you. And people like you don’t come by very often here anyways.” He kissed your lips, “I don’t want you to leave here without me claiming some sort of title over you” he said.
“Well…” You circled your finger on his chest, “I guess things can be arranged” you smiled.
You laughed when he fist pumped the air as if he won a marathon. This Jungkook was a lot different from the one you saw a few hours ago, who had perfect hair in his perfect costume, acting all high and mighty. This side of him was cute. And if dating him meant you were going to be able to see all his sides, it was going to be worth it.

“Don’t you have people to please?” You giggled.
“Nah. My shift ended right after your bachelorette party” Then you remembered and you practically jumped up, “Shit shit shit!” You said as you grabbed your clothes off the floor, practically tripping while changing as quickly as you could, fixing your hair in the mirror. Jungkook just calmly sat up on the bed.
You were about to leave but then you remembered the man you still left in the room. You walked back into the room and he was just sitting there, a huge smile on his face, “I think you forgot something” he said as he held out his arms. You just smiled and ran up to him, giving him a hug. He kissed you before giving you his number on a piece of paper.
“Call me when you’re done with the girls, because I’m not done with you yet” he smirked.

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Nalu Assassin's Creed #2

A second chapter at a decent pace! Let’s see how long this lasts, shall we? I still don’t have a name for this, so feel free to suggest something! I usually don’t have issues with naming things…but I digress.

Chapter Two: Lady Lucy Heartfilia

Silk sheets had a strange magnetism.Beds had a gravitational pull. Pillows were the greatest glue known to mankind.

She would not part from them unless the demand for her to get out of the bed was great enough.

Sunlight invaded the open window, searing her eyes with the harsh hint that dawn had arrived, and soon shall the demand of her daily duties.

Turning her head, the woman scrunched her face and buried it beneath the piles of covers that made up most of her bed. Silently, her prayers varied from five more moments of sleep to a whole hour. Whatever was given today by the generous grace of her handmaidens.

As footsteps echoed down the hall, the woman whimpered and clenched her fist in the fabric. Go away, she thought angrily, just keep walking away.

Alas, the parade paused outside her mahogany door, the handle creaking as it opened. No, her mind protested, begone from this room immediately!

“Lady Lucy? It is time for you to wake.” A tender voice greeted, the sounds of fabric shuffling around her personal sanctuary. No doubt that her maids were already bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to start the day. The woman, Lucy, did not feel like giving them a difficult time.

With a groan, her arms took on the task of pushing her weight up, revealing frazzled blonde hair and bleary brown eyes. Drool smudged the side of her mouth, and with a quick swipe of her wrist, it was gone.

Watching her familiar caretakers hustle around the room, Lucy hesitated and prolonged the moment her bare feet would have to touch the chilly tile of her floor. Delaying the moment she ceased to be Just Lucy and transformed into Lady Lucky Lucy Heartfilia.

It was an inevitable fate, day after day.

“Lady Lucy? I brought your breakfast. I know how you despise eating in the dining area alone.” Margret, a red haired maid, probed. In her hands rested a silver platter with a cup of fresh tea and a few slices of toast. Lucy almost cried in joy as her gaze fell on a tiny tub of apple jam. The first of the season!

Janelle, a brown haired beauty, brought over a simple white dress to lay out on the bed as Lucy sat up completely. While the platter was placed on her lap, both maids regarded her with tender eyes. They were hired help, but Lucy loved them as much as they did her. They were friends, even if Lucy did not really know the true warmth of friends that just wanted to be around her–not payed to do so.

Still, it did not stop the blonde heiress from offering slices of toast to her handmaidens, frowning at the gleam of lingering hunger in their eyes. She would have to make note to speak with her father about letting them eat breakfast before starting their daily duties. Nobody should be hungry, especially employees of the most wealthy merchant in Magnolia.

Everyday, Lucy enjoyed her light breakfast with her maids, postponing the moment she would have to adopt her mask of propriety and grace. Such a farce would surely destroy her spirit one day, but not until she let it.

Pretending to be content was easier than facing her loneliness.

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Preference #11: Not Just Friends.

Harry: “Please, I’m on my knees and literally begging you.” You stifled laughter as Harry pleaded with you dramatically. For the past hour he had been trying to convince you to attend Liam’s ‘party of the year’ with him. You had to admit, he had gone to great lengths to persuade you, including buying your favourite ice-cream and promising to be your slave for a month. But, alas, you were being your usual stubborn self. 

“Dude, will you ever give up?” You laugh, tossing your hair over your shoulder and walking away from the kneeling Harry. The sound of footsteps followed behind you rapidly before you were roughly tossed over his shoulder. “Harry!” You let out a surprised squeal as you realised you were eye level with his butt, not that you were really complaining. The boy had a nice ass. 

“Sorry Y/N, you left me no choice.” He continued walking down the street leading to his house, with you squirming in his arms at an attempt to not flash random people. 

“Damnit Styles, you know I don’t do parties.” 

“I’m offended that you don’t want to be my date.” 

“Stop being so dram- wait…. did you say date?” Your jaw dropped open at Harry’s choice of words. You felt his shoulders stiffen before he gently lowered you to the ground. He scratched the back of his head with a small, nervous smile on his face. 

“Um.. yeah, I said date. I know it’s pretty random, but I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while… although not in this way…” He trailed off, looking at you sheepishly. You realised your jaw was still wide open and hurriedly closed it, a million thoughts rushing through your head. 

“I’d love to be your date Harry, although I’ll still hate you for dragging me to a party.”

Liam: “Karen, that meal was delicious! Thank you so much for having me.” You smiled up sweetly at Liam’s mother as she beamed down at you. Your best friend Liam had dragged you to another one of his family barbecues, it had been a tradition since you were both twelve years old. You had always felt perfectly comfortable with the Payne’s, it was as if they had become your second family. 

“No problem at all, sweetie. Would you mind going to get Liam and Grandma Payne?” You nod politely and stand up, heading down to the garden. Liam and his Grandmother had disappeared half an hour ago, most likely in the middle of a deep conversation. Grandma Payne had a habit of rambling and Liam was always too polite to try and end the conversation. 

“…. Y/N….” You stopped in your tracks as you heard your name being brought up. You peeked through a gap in the bushes and saw Liam and his Grandma talking seriously. As bad as it was to eavesdrop, you couldn’t help the feeling of curiosity that was taking over you. 

“I know Grandma, I know. I just can’t do it.” You leaned closer, brushing the leaves out of your way, edging as close to them as you could get without being seen.

“Liam, darling, you’ve liked the girl for years. It’s about time you tell Y/N how you feel.” With those words you felt the wind knocked out of your stomach. Liam… liked.. you? What the actual hell. 

Zayn: Butterflies flooded your stomach as you ran down the school hallways, searching for any sign of your best friend Zayn. Eyes followed you as you ran like a madman, looking at any place that Zayn might be. Of course, as per usual he was to be found in the quiet solitude of the library. 

“You will never believe what I just got.” You slammed the crumpled piece of paper you had found in your notebook, in front of your best friend. “A love letter, I have a secret admirer.” You slouched in the chair as Zayn curiously picked up the note and studied it slowly.

“Wow, this guy has a way with words.” He let out a deep chuckle, sliding the paper back to you and leaning back in his chair. You grabbed it and nodded enthusiastically. 

“I know, he sounds perfect. I just wish I knew who he was.” You sighed and looked wistfully around the near-empty library, as if your secret admirer was hiding behind the shelves. The serenity of the library was interrupted as Zayn’s phone vibrated against the desk. He looked at you apologetically. 

“Sorry Y/N, hold that thought.” He answered the phone call and walked outside. You sighed and studied the note, looking for any clue as to who wrote it. It was hopeless. 

“Fuck my life.” You grumbled, glancing over the table to see what Zayn was studying. His neatly written biology notes were everywhere, of course the boy was ahead of the class. You felt your heart flutter as you looked closer at his notes. The handwriting was identical to the love letter… completely the same…

Niall: “Okay, honest opinion. How does this look?” You twirled around the dressing room in your favourite store, feeling the black dress fan out around you. You had dragged your best friend Niall around to about twenty stores, in search of the perfect outfit for your date tonight. 

“For the tenth time Y/N, you’ll look good in whatever you wear.” He chuckled, clearly bored with the activity. You rolled your eyes and stuck your tongue out at him.

“I need to impress, this is the first date I’ve been on in a while and I think Hunter could be boyfriend material.” Niall’s jaw locked and you noticed his fists clench slightly, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. This had become a constant reaction every time you mentioned Hunters name. “Niall, what’s up with you? Every time I mention Hunter, you go weird..” You trailed off, glancing down at him uncertainly. 

“It’s nothing Y/N, drop it.” He stood up abruptly and began to pace the room. This was a classic Niall move and it happened whenever he ached to tell you something, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. You shrugged, knowing he would come around when he’s ready, and attempted to unzip the dress. Warm hands sent shivers down your spine as he suddenly brushed your bare back gently, slowly unzipping your dress.

“Niall…” You felt a blush spread to your cheeks. Although you and Niall always considered yourself best friends and no more, situations like this has been occurring lately and you couldn’t deny the tension between you two.

“Honestly Y/N, I’m jealous. Hunter isn’t good enough for you… he’s not me.” 

Louis: The anger was rumbling inside of you, look a gigantic thundercloud ready to explode at any moment. Your footsteps echoed around the corridor as you stormed down it, in search of your idiotic best friend. The news had spread quickly. Louis had supposedly punched Ryder, the school’s ‘bad boy’, which was known to be an instant death wish. Your fists clenched at your side and you took a deep breath as you reached the nurses office. Louis knew how much you were against violence but he was your best friend, so of course you would be by his side. You pushed open the door and saw him slumped in a chair, smiling sheepishly at you. 

“Outside now.” You folded your arms as Louis trailed outside, going to all measures to avoid eye contact. As soon as the door shut, you glared at him waiting for him to explain himself.

“It’s not my fault.” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Not your fault? From what I’ve heard, you punched him not the other way around!” You waved your arms in frustration, trying to keep your voice from becoming a scream. 

“Y/N the guy was talking shit, okay? He was disrespecting you, you know I couldn’t just let him do that.” Louis yelled, running a hand through his dishevelled hair. Your fists automatically unclenched and you let out a deep sigh.

“Louis, sure the guy is a tool, but you can’t always protect me. I am a big girl. Why do you even care so much? You know Ryder does this about every girl.” You rolled your eyes, Ryder was known to be a jerk to girls so this came as no surprise to you. 

“Why do I care? Y/N, you’re my girl, okay? I like you, so much, I couldn’t listen to his bullshit for a second longer.” 

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The Engineer's Guide to Dating the Avatar

Sometimes, Asami would worry that she had somehow “broken” Korra.

Asami was under the impression that Korra was a confident, brave woman who went and got what she wanted whenever she wanted it. Korra fumbling with her words and getting very flustered was very unexpected. 

Between saving the world and Korra’s strange, erratic, not-very-Korra behavior, Asami realizes that she’s already fallen for every single thing there is to fall for when it comes to the avatar. And that the “not-very-Korra” behavior very much exists within the realm of “natural Korra behavior” and Asami is simply the only one to experience it thus far.

But being the engineer that she is, she takes notes on just how to “handle” the avatar the way that only she can. 

(One shots revolving Asami and Korra and their inevitable romance post book 4. Will get updated as I can be assed to write. May include mature content in the future.)

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1. Tell the avatar that you’re more than willing to be her girlfriend before she passes out from the apparent stress of even asking. 

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014. Still In Love With You

Harry:  He wasn’t supposed to know this address. He wasn’t ever supposed to be there. These two things Harry Styles knew to be fact. He had wrestled with whether or not to show up and, every time he considered it, he remembered that this wasn’t his business and it was a really terrible idea. However, it seemed as soon as Eleanor mentioned you moved back to England, he couldn’t stop thinking about going over to your building. It had been quite some time since you had spoken to one another and even longer since you saw each other, but Harry still actively let you enter his daydreams from time to time. He wasn’t obsessed, far from it, but he honored the time you two had and wouldn’t ever deny it. His closest friends always referred to you as ‘the one that got away’ and, if Harry was being honest with himself, he would agree. Eleanor pointed out that you were really the one he let go of,  but that only frustrated Harry to think about.

Cloaked in darkness, he sat in the small lobby of your building for fifteen minutes, playing with his fingers between his knees and the ceramic poodle on a table top before shutting off in his internal dialogue and working up the courage to go up to your floor. He took the elevator; there was less thinking time in there than if he had taken the few flights of stairs up to your door. It crossed his mind that you might not even be home, but where would you possibly be at eleven pm on a Tuesday night? After all, you had only just moved back to England a few weeks ago according to Louis’s girlfriend.

As soon as he was standing in front of your apartment door, he forced his knuckles on it rapidly and then stuffed both his hands into the pocket of his black pants. Harry thought about fleeing the hallway immediately, but he heard the shuffle of feet on the other side and anxiously waited for the door to open. In the ten seconds it took for the door to open Harry’s mind contemplated everything from if a man opened the door to if you would look in the peephole and then deny him access, but it opened up and Harry’s mouth just hung open. He didn’t think it was even possible, but somehow you were even more attractive to him now -  not to mention he was just simply unsure of what to say.

“Hi Harry.” Tilting your head lazily to the side, you smiled at him cordially and held your pelvis with one hand. England was huge and Harry was busy, there was a part of you that thought you would never really run into him, but you two did have mutual friends and they all seemed to think Harry deserved a second shot.

“Hi.” Bashfully, he looked up from his hands in his pockets to your face. He was like a small child, meeting his parent’s friends for the first time, swallowing secrets and words he wasn’t supposed to say behind tightly shut lips. “I don’t really know what I’m doing here.” He admitted, sliding one hand from the depths of his pockets to hold the other close to his side. He wanted to reach out and hug you, but wasn’t sure if he was allowed to.

“I’m assuming you came to see me.” Plainly, you stated.

“Yeah.” He couldn’t deny it. “You look great, [Y/N]. Really. I’m not just saying that because it’s polite.” Harry always did like you in blue, but he never knew why. It just flattered you somehow. He remembered the last time he saw you, you standing with your back to a bonsai tree at a friend’s wedding, explaining quietly but clearly why you two couldn’t see one another anymore, a silk dark blue dress floating around your silhouette. He couldn’t even realize how deep his sadness was running at the time with you looking like royalty. Of course, you would be wearing something soft and blue now. It was just his luck. “May I come in?” Harry swallowed before asking, he really hoped he wasn’t pushing his luck but he just wanted to have you in his life again. He thought it would be nice considering there was a time where you two got on well and regarded one another as a friend.

With your teeth together, you spread out your lips and looked over your shoulder. Your uncertainty was vibrantly apparent.

“My place is still in chaos. Boxes come every day, so it’s sort of a mess right now…” It wasn’t even a lie.

“You can say no, [Y/N]. I’m an adult now.” He always assumed his age had been an issue for you, back when you were a couple. “You don’t have to dance around it kindly.”

“Hey, Harry, you’ve obviously had time to prepare yourself for this. You just showed up at my door. Pardon me for wanting a minute.” It was funny how easily you two slipped into your former roles. He had always been eager and excited to be with you while you had been the voice of reason in the relationship, the teacher and confidant to his student and explorer. “How did you get my address? Was it Eleanor?” If she wasn’t such a good friend, you would have been furious. You weren’t actively avoiding your ex, you just didn’t see reason to bring up these emotions and be put in a situation just like the one Harry currently had you in.

“Why didn’t you tell me you moved back?” He didn’t want to sound hurt, it was supposed to be a private emotion, but you would have spotted it in his violent blue eyes had you not detected it in his voice.

“I just…I just didn’t.” You shrugged simply. “It’s been so long, Harry. So much has happened since you and I were together. It just didn’t occur to me. We’ve both moved on.”

“Yeah, but…” Harry knew what you said was fair. Time had passed, he had had two serious relationships since being with you and he had heard through friends that you had lived in Greece, Amsterdam, and Montreal since then, but it still upset Harry to not be included in your life. Thinking about it now, he wished he could have heard about your travels and work experiences from you and he wished you had been his friend still when he was engrossed in those past relationships. “I still love you.” He had moved on, you had moved on, but he was still hopelessly in love with you.

Zayn: Surprisingly, it had been really nice to see Zayn again. It had been eight months since you two broke up, a mutual decision even if you had been the one that started the initial conversation. Zayn looked good sitting across from you in the very back of Dark Horse Coffee. Nonchalantly, he reached up and wiped some dark hair from his face and you could see that his eyes were back to sparkling like they had when you first met ages ago. His shift in attitude had played a role in the demise of your relationship regretfully, but you were just happy to see that he was on the way back to his old self. You were hesitant for a few different reasons to see him again: What if it didn’t go over well? What if it just started paparazzi frenzy? What if it messed with your emotions? However, all your concerns were thrown away as soon as the coffee was ordered and the conversation began to flow between you two. It was effortless. As you had said to him a few times, it was great to hear that he was enjoying the process of creating the upcoming album and that he was just really at peace with himself. Plus, you had always wanted Zayn to be around when you started to find your own success, so it was a blessing to get to share with him the project you were currently focusing on.

Your phone buzzed in your pocket, reminding you of an appointment that you couldn’t miss, and you snapped out of the good time that you and Zayn were having in the coffee shop. Had two hours really gone by? It felt like you had just sat down and taken the first sip. You thought you would have plenty of time to prepare and just chill between coffee with Zayn and your appointment, but alas, you were now going to have to learn  how to fly in order to make it through traffic in a timely fashion.

“Zayn, I really have to go.” You said, standing up and still drinking from your white ceramic mug. “I’m sorry to just dash, but next time you’re in town, call me. This has been so nice.” Sincerely, and maybe sounding too friendly for an ex, you told him with a bright smile. “In fact, call me anytime. I really do miss hearing from you.” You hoped he wasn’t reading into what you were saying. There was a time where you didn’t think you and Zayn could ever be anything to one another again, not more than memories, but now it seemed like friendship was a real prospect.

“I will.” He said with a single solid nod, standing up as well and checking for his wallet by patting down the exterior of his back pocket. “Let me walk you to your car.” He offered, following behind you slowly as you exited the shop. There were eyes on the two of you, curious and surprised, and you wondered if anyone would snap a picture with their camera phone or if Twitter would be flooded, but you and Zayn knew the truth. This was just two friends enjoying some middle of the day caffeine and pleasant conversation. Nothing more.  “Hey, you got your bumper fixed.” Zayn pointed to the back of your car as you circled Dark Horse to find where you had parked, squeezed between two much larger vehicles.

All you could do was laugh, “Yeah, it only took me a whole year.”

Zayn was quiet for a moment as you fished your keys from your purse. He was thinking just how much he enjoyed riding on the passenger side of your car, listening to your Motown mixed CDS, going for very late night drive thru, and even playing underneath your skirt while stuck on the freeway. The jingle of your keys coming from the inside of your black purse caught his attention though and he watched your hand as you sorted through the collection and unlocked the door. Where was the Gucci bag he bought you for your birthday last year? Where was his goodbye kiss? Where was the key to his apartment?

Grinning over at him, you opened up your car door and then walked over to wrap you arms around his shoulders.

“This was so nice, Zayn.” You cooed softly, minding the gap between your bodies, but he pulled you closer without your consent. You tried to move your head back so he would be able to see your brows raised, but he kissed you first, anxiously and without much breath.

“[Y/N], I love you.” Zayn said, holding your wrists gently so you couldn’t slap him away or run away. His eyes looked like they were pleading with you, but you just pulled your hands away and shook your head at him to explain that you were at a loss for words. You really hadn’t been expecting that.

“I have an appointment, I’m sorry.” You held up your hands and shrugged your shoulders like there was nothing you could do, before sliding behind the wheel of your car and pulling out of the cement lot, leaving Zayn there with your latte taste in his mouth. He was strangely comforted to know you still wore the same honey lip balm and drank your usual.

Liam: “You could not pick a worse time to do this, Liam.” Closing your eyes, you dropped your head and laid a flat palm on your forehead, underneath your hair as it fell to frame your face. You could feel Liam, sitting next to you, move closer with his arm around the back of your chair. He was trying to get a better read of your face, but you moved it in the opposite direction.

“Do what? Tell you that I love you? That I want you to come home?”  Liam didn’t think he was being crazy at all. This was a wedding reception you were both at right now, obviously love was going to be the center of the evening and on everyone’s mind. He couldn’t believe that after only two months since you moved out, you were acting so cordial with him as if you two had never been together.

“Liam, stop it.” Quietly, you hissed, your eyes still closed and head folded.

“Look at how happy Andy and Izzie are. That could be us.” Liam looked up from your distressed face and nodded at your mutual friends, the bride and groom laughing to themselves and kissing on the other side of the hall. You didn’t mean to, but you did raise your head and take notice of the very newly newlyweds. They did look happy, as happy as you could want them to be, but you knew that they weren’t you and Liam. Liam was a workaholic, Liam was a rock star (not just to the world, but in his mind), and you did not enjoy your life with him regardless of how much you desperately wanted to. You tried, he tried, but the shoe was not fitting. It hurt you to end things, but it was hurting you to stay.

“Liam, we aren’t together anymore.” Snapping your head back, you looked directly at him and tried to drill the truth into him with your eyes focused and stern. It was mind boggling to you that you had to remind Liam of that fact. He had tried to stay in touch after you moved out of his apartment. He texted constantly, called once a week, and invited you for drinks and dinner a handful of times, but you had always been careful with your responses. You didn’t want to be cold, but you didn’t want to feed him any hope. So, you were always polite, but distant. Sometimes, you just left your phone at home to avoid having to talk to him at all. You were trying to move on and it wasn’t easy on its own. You didn’t Liam constantly being sweet and trying to put the pieces back together.

“But, we could be. We could try again; chalk this up to a rough patch.” He reached his hand up and cupped your bare shoulder. It had been hard to keep his hands off of you all night. You looked so stunning in your nude bandage dress. It hugged your body, your curves, the way he longed to. You wondered if you had refused his invite to dance an hour ago, if you would be having this conversation now. Your eyes fell to where his fingers were curled on your skin, but you couldn’t drown out his voice no matter how you tried. The Top 40 they were playing would never be loud enough; the sound of cutlery falling on plates, and other people’s dialogue wasn’t doing anything. Liam’s raspy whisper in your ear might as well have been projected through the MC’s microphone. “Just come home tonight, okay? The dogs miss you. I miss you.” He continued, his own head falling as he looked down with the slightest look of shame stretching onto his otherwise flawless face. “I know there are things I need to work on and I am. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy with me.” Liam was nearly begging. You shook his hand off your body and rubbed at your temple again.

“Could you get me a glass of wine?” You stared at his eyes that were waiting for you to agree with what he was saying. There was no need to specify what type of wine you wanted, Liam knew your order as you knew his.

“Of course.” He squeezed your shoulder before getting up out of his seat, heading over to the nearest bar. He looked over his shoulder once, checking if you were still there, and you just forced a smile. Most of you wanted to be back with Liam, but just as much of you wanted to move on while the remaining percent just wanted more wine. You reached into your clutch that sat on the table in front of you and pulled out your cell phone, texting your best friend to fill her in on the latest.

Louis: One Direction was in town. It was a one night only event and people who had managed to get tickets considered themselves to be incredibly lucky (or broke). You knew that all you had to do was text any one of the boys and you could have tickets in your name waiting at the stadium, but you went with your better judgment and pretended that you didn’t even know they were in town. The break up with Louis wasn’t fresh any more, but the way it had just blown up and ended still stung as if it happened the night before and not four months ago. While you could remember him slamming the hotel room door in Paris and you screaming down the hallway that he was a coward, you couldn’t actually remember leaving the French city or even how the argument started. You had both talked on the phone two days after the battle and decided it was best if you both called it quits, but there was so much left unfinished between you two. For you, the only way you were able to move on was if you just didn’t think about it or him. It was torture to be lying in bed at night with the questions you would never have answered chasing each other in your mind. So, you just signed up for a heavier course load and went out with friends as often as you could whether it was to clubs, movies, or bingo halls. You just wanted to keep busy.

You raced down the flight of stairs of your house at the sound of your doorbell ringing, expecting your friend from work to be on the other side. You had given him raglan tee, an impulse buy from Urban Outfitters, and you would have recognized it anywhere as well as the body it was clinging to. With the glass door between you and Louis, you just stared at one another. He was on your doorstep, biting his bottom lip and trying not to show his anxiety or happiness while your bare toes curled into the carpet of your hallway and you wished you had put on something nicer than your ill-fitted yellow romper. Lifting your hand up slowly, you just waved at him silently. Louis let out a soft laugh and waved back, grinning from ear to ear. His smile was a weapon and he seemed to use it on you all the time, and generally not on purpose.

“I’m glad it’s you.” He broke the silence, his voice only slightly muffled by the glass door in front of him. “Zayn pointed out that you could have moved out or something and that I’d be showing up to a stranger’s house.”

Still, you didn’t say a word.

“Are you coming to the venue tonight?” After waiting a beat, Louis tried again.

“No. I have plans.” You told him, almost happy to expose that you had a social life that he was not a part of.

“Oh, okay. Well, can I come in? I mean, I’m only in town for the night and I can’t give you a proper hug with a door between us.”

“I’d rather you didn’t, Louis.” If he hugged you, you worried you wouldn’t let go. Louis nodded as if he understood, but his hand was already on the door knob and has he turned it to the left side, he realized it wasn’t locked and let himself into the foyer he had stood in many times, waiting for you or trying to sneak out before your parents woke up to find that he had spent the night.

“It’s so good to see you again, love.” The door closed behind his back and Louis looked you up and down, pride in his eyes to see that you were doing just fine and in one piece. He stepped forward and collected you into his arms, squeezing you tightly but holding back from lifting you off the ground. “You still wear that perfume I gave you.” It had been an anniversary gift.

“It’s the only fragrance I own.” Reluctantly, you mumbled. You knew you would have worn it sentimentally anyway and you imagined Louis knew that, too.

“Can’t you come tonight?” He asked once he had let you go, leaning his back side against the door and snacking on his bottom lip, pouting like a little boy who wanted his dessert before dinner. “I’m not the only one who wants to see you. The guys miss you and Lux, too. Just come and say hi, you don’t even have to stay for the show.” He tried to bargain with you. Louis was terribly convincing. It was how he got you to visit him more times than you originally planned and to ride all the rollercoasters at Valley Fair.

“Louis…” Crossing your arms over your chest, you shook your head. He was so hard to resist and he barely had to try. You closed your eyes because while it wasn’t your intention, you were growing restlessly upset with Louis so close to you again. It brought up all the unresolved feelings and you hadn’t had any time to prepare. Just like he always did when he was your boyfriend, Louis gathered you in both his arms and kissed your temple once, twice, and again before rocking back and forth.

“We made a mistake, [Y/N], but I’m trying to fix it.” Louis said in a whisper, not sure if it was what you needed to hear at all. “I have tried to get over it, move on from you, but I always come back to wanting you. That’s where I am right now.”

You didn’t say a word, you just snaked your arm between his chest and yours and wiped at the tear stains under your eyes and sniffled.

“I’m going to tell security you might come, okay? You know where I am if you want to see me.” Louis reminded you, checking your eyes with a loaded gaze to make sure you were listening before he kissed your cheek and let himself out.

Niall: Horror story upon horror story you had heard about being a cater waiter that you were starting to consider faking your own death to get out of your first shift. If you hadn’t been strapped for rent money and new to Los Angeles, you probably would have followed your fear and called in sick. Instead, for the sake of keeping a roof over your head and boxes of macaroni in your cupboard, you put on your cotton black dress and matching apron, swallowed your pride, and went to the event for six o’clock sharp. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as terrible as everyone had told you it would be. Yes, you were constantly on your feet and it was difficult to avoid bumping into people with trays of miniature shrimp balls, but the night was going by quickly and you liked the people that you were working with in the back. They welcomed you into their kooky family like a long lost sister and considering you only knew two other people in Los Angeles, it was particularly nice to make some friends.

After zipping in and out of people, making the rounds with a fresh tray of bite sized food on wooden skewers, you stood by a glass blown piece carefully with one hand up and the other held up behind your back.

“I’ve been trying to keep my distance all night, but you look great. And you have food.” You nearly jumped out of your skin, an Irish whisper creeping up behind your ear out of nowhere. Somehow, you found your composure and turned around to spot the only Irishman you knew, Niall. While you had spotted other celebrities at the event, Niall was the last person you suspected would go to an art gallery. You two had been together for two years and he never seemed to have much interest in culture like this. Even you thought a lot of the pieces on display tonight were garbage, so you could only imagine what was going on inside Niall’s head. Niall smiled at you briefly before taking a meatball from your tray and popping it into his mouth. “Nice get-up.” He nodded at your apron, but all you could do was lift one corner of your mouth and try to smile at him.

“Do you have a minute? Can you come outside and talk? It’s been…how long?” Niall eagerly asked, laughing at his own question.

“Awhile. It’s been a while. You know, I’m kind of swamped right now.” Neither was a lie. It  had been ages since you and Niall had been standing so close to one another, or even in the same room, and this was your first shift. You didn’t want to get in trouble or lose your job.

Niall reached over and took your tray from you before you could even realize what he was doing, he tapped a tall man dressed in a dapper navy suit next to you and handed him the tray, asking him to look after it for a moment and that the meatballs were incredible.

“Niall, you can’t – “ He cut your argument off before you could even make it, taking your hand and leading you through the crowd that you had been working all night. It felt normal to have him be this way with you though. This wasn’t the first group of people he had helped you through and his hand still fit over yours like a missing puzzle piece. It wasn’t even romantic anymore, just simply nice. He slid open the balcony door and helped you carefully onto it, his hand tapping your side for a moment.

“It’s so nuts running into you like this.” Niall laughed as he closed the door behind him, turning to see you staring off of the balcony rail at an otherwise vacant Studio City street. The gallery was an abandoned warehouse, just recently gartering some attention from popular bloggers and therefore gaining a little cool credit. “Seriously, this is the last place I expected to see you.” It had been so long that anywhere was the last place you expected to see one another. All you could do was nod. You were both barely illuminated, the neon lights of the surrounding drugstores and restaurants tracing over you both in blue and yellow light. You tried to get a grasp on any changes Niall had made since the last time you were both together, holding hands and kissing by a lake in Mullingar before he ended things, blind sighting you completely and giving you your first heartbreak.  “Didn’t we have lunch down here once?” He slid up beside you as you turned to look over the balcony again, his shoulder knocking yours.

“No.” Simply, you told him, even laughing with the slightest bit of amusement. Niall seemed more confident than he was when you were both together and while you were pleased to see it, it was strange.

“Are you sure?” He knit his eyebrows together, positive that he was right.

“Yes, this is the first time I’ve ever been to Los Angeles, so there’s no way we could have had lunch here.”

“Oh.” Niall was surprised, almost certain you had come to Los Angeles with him a handful of times.  However, even when you were together, his memory hadn’t served him well. Your first fight had been over him forgetting about an important date you had planned with Zayn and Perrie. “We should have lunch here. I’m around for a few days. We’re doing a charity show.” He told you, not sure if you even cared. He only knew you as his girlfriend and then not at all, any other relationship with you had yet to be determined. There was no getting to you period in your relationship, you had met and just instantly were together.

“Niall, don’t do that. Just say hi, make a little small talk, and continue with your night. Or pretend you didn’t see me. That’s what normal exes do.”

He hadn’t been expecting such a strong reaction from you and you said it without any struggle. He turned to face you, his body straight and strong as you slouched over the balcony, your hands clasped in front of you on the rail. It hurt him to know that this didn’t mean anything to you. It didn’t excite or disappoint you; he was just a hiccup you had to deal with tonight like running out of champagne flutes or having a guest ask for all the ingredients in the avocado rolls.

“I’m trying to be nice. We haven’t seen one another in so long, [Y/N], and it’s nice to see you again. At least for me. You were my first love. I’m never not going to care about you.”

“Niall, I have to go. I’m working. This is inappropriate.” Pushing off the balcony, you went to walk back inside and go back to your new life, the one that Niall had no place in, but he took your cold hand in his and pulled you back as if you were about to engage in a Spanish dance of some sort. His eyes checked for your attention before he kissed you, devouring you with his lips like he hadn’t eaten in years and you were made of cheese.

With one fist, you pounded on his chest and it was enough for him to release you.

“Niall!” You hissed. “I am engaged.” You held up your left hand to expose a diamond ring. “I moved to Los Angeles because my fiancé works here. You had me, you didn’t want me, that was three years ago, and I moved on. Hell, you moved on. So don’t do this, don’t put either of us in this position.” You rattled off, your frustration as evident as the diamond ring on your finger that he couldn’t stop staring at. It hurt a lot more than your fist against his chest. “We had something so wonderful, so don’t taint it. Leave it as it was.” And with that said, he let you go back to your job and your life that he had opted out of being a part of.

Shady pink objects tracker

This post is devoted to all the times the color pink has been shady af in season 5a. Includes dresses, necklaces, magic dust, and flowers. 

The objects might vary, but each and every time we see pink in season 5 it’s linked to one thing: deception.


No pink. You could call it the calm before the storm.

5x02: Aka, the RELENTLESSLY PINK episode

This episode throws so much association between shade and the color pink that it is undoubtedly the key to watching the rest of the season.  

We’ve just arrived in Camelot, and Guinevere is dressed all in pink. Cue the alarm bells! 

As we discover later in the season, Guin is actually enchanted. Whenever we see this girl in pink, it’s a visual clue to symbolize that we are being deceived. 

In this case, the deception is Guin’s agency. She may look like her own woman, but she’s being controlled by magic.  

And alas- Guin has no better luck in Storybrooke. Here too, she’s is Arthur’s puppet: devoid of memories and the ability to break the spell. Since she remains cursed, she remains in pink.  

Continuing through the episode, we next see pink in the form of a necklace.

Guys, this necklace creeps me out.

Given what we learn later about the disingenuous nature of anything pink this season, this necklace is giving me really bad vibes. We still don’t know for sure what it did to Regina (though I speculate later on in this post) but there’s 100% chance it was something to do with illusions, lies, and false actions.

Moving on, Regina’s pale pink dress for the ball means some sort of deception is occurring. The simplest reading would be this: Regina’s identity at this moment in time is a facade. Either to herself, or to others, or both.

My vote is for both.

Not only is this not a dress she chose for herself (she’s wearing it to appease Snow and Charming), but this isn’t a narrative she chose for herself, either. She claimed the title “Saviour” to protect Emma. But is she a Saviour? She hasn’t proven it to herself yet. And she’s actively deceiving Arthur to prevent Emma from using dark magic.

Next, Regina wears the pink gown and the pink necklace to the ball, which turns out to be pretty disastrous: Robin gets stabbed.

In the above scene, Regina is pleading with Emma to save Robin because she fails to with her own magic. Notably, Regina’s magic doesn’t seem to be working. Regina claims it doesn’t work because the blade was cursed/meant for her.


But you’re also telling me, the audience, that the huge, pink monstrosity of a gem around her neck is just a coincidence and not having any effect on Regina’s magic or actions? And that later in the season, Zelena refers to her magic-inhibiting magic cuff as “restrictive jewelry”? Nah, I don’t buy it. Hope the gem is revisited this season so we find out for sure what was going on with it!

Swen Side-bar: Overall if I HAD to watch Regina beg Emma to use dark magic to save Robin; at least I know she was wearing pink when she did it. A character dressed in pink is coming from a place of deception, whether public or personal, voluntary or involuntary. 


The following episode continues the motif of pink dresses and falsehood. This time, the writers pass the torch from Regina (who we last saw in a pink dress) to Emma.

Hook, this girl is lying to you left right and three ways to Sunday. Either she’s lying that she wants to date you, or she’s lying that she’s the same Emma she was before the darkness.  

And am I happy about that? You bet my Swen-heart I am.


The pink in this episode is just as relentless as in 5x02. But here we move away from pink garments and jump into flowers and magic dust.

We begin with a young Guin being courted by young Arthur. A pink rose shows that his love for her is probably more about “winning the girl” and less about “loving the girl.” Sorry, Guin.

Guin’s misery and pink flower-colored life continues into adulthood, where her birthday party rains pink roses. Not because Arthur loves her; but because Lancelot thought it would be a nice touch to tray and deceive Guin into believing Arthur actually gave a fuck about her birthday.

Spoiler: Arthur had zero fucks to give.

Notably, this is the first instance of deception not necessarily being ill-intentioned. Lancelot deceives Guin to try and spare her feelings.  

Continuing on through the episode, a flashback to season 3 makes an appearance. We revisit Snow’s nightmare: where a younger Emma rips out her mother’s heart while dressed like a perfect princess.

The deception here? For one, this moment was always imaginary. In addition, so is the entire concept of Princess teen Emma. That girl was, and forever will be, fantasy. The real teen Emma was an orphan in blue jeans.

But enough of meaningful backstory to Emma and Snow, right?

The show skips ahead to embrace some man-pain in the form of a flashback: Arthur curses Guin to lose all her willpower and be his wife by forced consent. Delightful. Naturally, the magic dust is…pink.

That plus the pink flowers in the same frame, and I’m beginning to associate pink roses with the things I need Pepto-bismol for.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Arthur goes ahead and builds a fake castle using the pink dust. Why be a little shady when you can go all the way, right?

Ending the flashback, we return to Camelot’s present day, where Guin continues her forced imprisonment in the color pink just in time to break Lancelot’s heart. She and King Shady crash the meeting between the Charmings and Lancelot in Granny’s Diner.

Well. It’s more like, almost breaks Lancelot’s heart. Because our dashing hero actually has the perspicacity to immediately realize something is up with Guin. This is not the “true” Guinevere. So probably, his heart isn’t broken; and instead he’s biding his time in prison by planning how to save her.

Lancelot, never change.

As Guin is ordering Lancelot thrown in the dungeon, she curses Charming and Snow for good measure. (And by she I mean Arthur, because he’s the puppet-master here.)

Meanwhile, that same day in Camelot, things between Regina and Robin are just as sour as everyone hopes they are:

Not only do I personally delight in the fact that Regina and Robin are visually divided (symbolizing a divide in their relationship?), but they are specifically divided by a bowl of pink flowers.

Somebody is lyin’ about something in this scene, is all I’m saying. Maybe both of them? Just one of them? Is it about their epic true love? I like the think so.

And if I loved that scene’s pink roses/love facade, take a quick guess how I feel about what happened next:

Emma kissing Hook in a fucking field of the things was probably my favorite moment of season 5. That, the C$ shippers and I can agree on. Just, for totally different reasons.

There is enough disingenuous love here to make a pink elephant piñata

And like a hollow dummy meant to be broken, the show is going to hang up and bust open Emma’s love for Hook at some point in the future.

I’ll bring the baseball bat.  


5x05 sees- NO surprise by this point- poor Guin in yet another “I have no free will, please help” pink dress.

Lancelot, we all know Guin is a badass but come save her, please. She can’t fight pink drugs in her system by herself.

Back in the past, Henry finds himself unwittingly the victim of a staged false love. If only he knew to beware girls in pink!

If the pink dress wasn’t a warning sign, the pink flowers would certainly do the trick. Sorry, Henry. Your lady fair can’t give you a true response yet because your mom took her heart and is forcing her to reject you. 


The only instance of pink in this episode is a bit of a surprise, since it appears on everyone’s favorite cinnamon roll.

Belle’s cape has pink roses when Merida kidnaps her to go on a quest. And while Belle does nothing nefarious, she does do a bit of deception.

For starters, she doesn’t give Merida the potion that would turn her into a bear. (For her own good.) Still, a lie is a lie. So the roses once again, speak the truth of the matter.

And perhaps, the roses might mean one more lie is being told. Perhaps, she doesn’t not love Rumple, either. Lying to yourself is just as an act of deception as lying to other people.

5x07: Les (pink) Fleurs du Mal?

When the flowers showed up in the title card, I did a little dance. SHADE INCOMING! In 5x07 we finally get the origin story for the flowers, and its just as fun and twisted as we all hoped it would be.

But at first, the flowers are actually a sweet, beautiful reminder of how Nimue wanted to be a good person, and how she and Merlin fell in love. Aw.

But at the same time, the flowers still mean STORM AHEAD.

Yep, no mater how brightly the sun is shini-

oh wait, they’re literally in the shade.

The symbolism is appropriate: Nimue has already deceived Merlin. She’s not cool with raising cute pink flowers and growing old- living the life her family was denied- while the chance to be immortal and powerful exists.

Notably, Merlin never actually gives Nimue a pink rose. Nor does she hand him one. Either action would visually recall Arthur’s extremely disingenuous love for Guin. Instead…

Merlin very conspicuously gives Nimue not a pink rose, but instead its green stem: twisted into a ring that turns to gold.

Maybe, these two will resolve their differences in the end.

But enough speculation about their love. And actually, enough about pink. Since this is the final episode before the mid-season finale, let’s check up on the motif of not just pink flowers, but flowers in general.

There are two other stand-out scenes with flowers in them this episode. The first comes in the form of fashion. Take a look at Zelena’s cape:

The fact that Zelena betrays- or appears to betray?- the Storybrook crew in this scene, makes me wonder if flowers in general are a motif that means “betrayal” in this season.

Because guess when else we saw a flower in this episode?

when Emma puts Excalibur back together, despite Merlin warning her not to.

Are all flowers becoming les fleurs du mal? Or are we being tricked into thinking Zelena and Emma have betrayed us? 

So far this season, only one color flower- an enchanted red rose that Belle uses t monitor Rumple- has been safe from any acts of deception and betrayal. 

Overall, the motif of pink this season is undoubtedly linked to deception. Often, if not always, it specifically appears in respect to romantic relationships.

As for whether most flowers too, are a negative motif…we’ll have to wait and see until the midseason finale airs tomorrow night!

anonymous asked:

AU where Cat Noir is working with Hawkmoth and is still in love with Ladybug.

(Alright Anon, Your wish is my command)

A Tainted Cat

There was a full moon that hung over the city of France that night.

But even with the light of the full moon out, it was pitch black in the lair of Paris’ greatest villain.

He wore a dark purple dress shirt with a black vest, a light pink butterfly-shaped bow with a purple button in the center, and black dress pants. Over his face, he wore a black mask. This man was Hawkmoth, the master of the Akuma. 

Hawkmoth opened the window to his lair to allow for a mysterious black clad figure to enter.

The mysterious teen wore a black leather suit with a golden bell on his chest. He has a long belt that hangs out like a cat’s tail, gloves with claws on the fingertips, and boots. He has black cat ears and a black mask covering part of his face. His eyes, including the sclera, are green and look cat-like, and his hair is messier and untamed. His black ring gains a green paw print in the circle.

“You are late Cat noir.” The villain said as he addressed his black cat associate.

“I was simply taking in the sights. Paris is very lovely at this time. You should leave this drab lair and feel the air for yourself.” Cat noir teased, a cocky grin on his face.

Hawkmoth sighed at the black cat.

“I will leave when you deliver the miraculous of that dreaded heroine.” Hawkmoth said with a cold tone.

Cat noir knew full well that the heroine, known as Ladybug, was a very tough adversary. Cat noir also knew that she was a threat to Hawkmoth because she had the ability to purify Akuma. She always got in the way of his master’s plans.

But that didn’t stop the cat from falling in love with her. There was something about her that made the cat nervous, in a mushy kind of way. She was confident, facing trouble, and always finding a way to win. Plus, she was absolutely beautiful.

“I will deliver to you the miraculous, but you remember your side of the deal.” Cat noir said, his tone more serious then before.

“Of course, I am a man of my word.” Hawkmoth said in a collected and calm tone.

Cat noir smiled.

“Don’t bother sending any akuma this time, they will only get in my way.” The cat said just before leaving.

Hawkmoth watched as the cat moved from rooftop to rooftop.

“Go Cat noir, bring to me her miraculous. And when you do. Nothing will stop me.

Marinette was doing her Physics homework at her desk.

“Why does none of this make sense?” Marinette said as she banged her head on the desk.

Behind her, a small ladybug print creature flew near her. It was her kwami partner Tikki.

“It is okay Marinette, the test isn’t until next week. You could find someone to help you understand the stuff.” Tikki said trying to comfort her depressed friend.

“I know. I wish Adrien would help me, Physics is his favorite subject.” Marinette said as she stood up and went into daydream mode about her crush. The blonde model had Marinette love struck, but alas, she was to shy to tell him her feelings.

“Maybe you could ask him to tutor you? You can get to know him better, while being prepared for the test.” Tikki suggested.

“I wish, but I would not even be able to focus. Not to mention, he would be way to busy. I really don’t want to waste his time.” Marinette said as she landed on her bed in sadness.

Suddenly her phone rang, it was her friend Alya.

“Hey, what’s up?” Marinette asked as she tried to compose herself.

“Have you seen the news? Cat noir is attacking the Louvre, which means ladybug will be arriving soon to stop him.” Alya said with excitement. “I am going to try and see if I can get a good view of the action. I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Alya hung up the phone. Marinette sighed deeply, it was the stupid cat again.

“I am guessing it is Cat noir again?” Tikki said deadpan.

“Yup.” Marinette said as she stood up.

Marinette quickly transformed into her alter ego, Ladybug.

As ladybug, she wears a red suit with a black collar and black spots. Above her hips, she wears a string with circular red bag with black spots that lies on the left side her back, and she wears a red mask with black spots. Her earrings become red with five black spots, and the red bands holding her hair back become ribbons.

Having transformed, Ladybug made her way out of the her window and straight to the louvre.

Cat noir casually waited in the center of the wrecked showroom of the Louvre, he was sure this would get her attention. He just had to sit and wait.

Cops did try to stop the cat villain, but he easily beat them down, and scared off the other cops from trying anything.

“She isn’t this late. I am starting to think she doesn’t care for the art. Maybe she is more of a…” Cat noir said to himself before being interrupted by the ladybug appearing from the front entrance.

“Well, if it isn’t ladybug. I was sure you had stood me up.” The black cat flirted.

Ladybug looked around to see if there was any akuma possessed people around. To her surprise, it was just Cat noir there.

“No akuma today? Don’t you usually need back up to fight me?” Ladybug taunted.

Cat noir only grinned at the comment.

“The Akuma are more Hawkmoth’s trademark. They honestly do more harm then good. I can handle you just fine.” The cat said with confidence.

Ladybug got into a battle stance.

“We will see about that.”

Ladybug and cat noir charged at one another. Cat noir pulled his staff out and tried to hit the elusive heroine but failed. Allowing her to get a good kick on him. causing him to fly a few feet backward

“Are you sure you don’t want back up? I kind of want to release some stress.” Ladybug said with a cheeky grin.

The cat got up and only smiled.

“Now now, no need to get greedy on our date. I am more than enough for you.” Cat noir purred. causing a chill to crawl up Ladybug’s spine.

Cat noir charged again, but this time he made a swipe with his right hand. Ladybug managed to dodge the swipe, but the Cat managed to surprise her with his left hook, knocking her on the floor.

He the used his staff to pin her down.

“Not so lucky now, My lady.” Cat noir said with a cheeky grin. “Now hand over your miraculous. I would prefer not to hurt you if it can be avoided. My love.”

The comment made Ladybug snap. She was not his Lady! She escaped from the staff and got up and landed a good hit on his jaw.

“I AM NOT YOUR LADY!” She yelled at him.

Cat noir was surprised by the hostility. He began to block as she continued to throw punches at him.

“No need to get so worked up, My lady.” He said as he urged her to calm down.

“Stop calling me that! I am not your lady, I will never be your lady!” Ladybug said in a fit of rage.

Cat noir felt his heart twinge and stopped blocking, allowing the ladybug to hit him with a punch.

“You are a creep, you hurt innocent people, and flirt with me. You say you love me and then go about causing chaos. You are sick and I would never want to be with someone like you.” Ladybug said fiercely.

She was stressed, and she had so much pent up anger towards this cat’s flirting. She was done with it.

Cat noir suddenly just stopped moving. Ladybug stopped punching as he saw tears roll down the Cat villain’s face. Her anger vanished and replaced with guilt.

“Cat noir…” Her voice said softly, now astonished by the look on the cat’s face.

Cat noir dropped to his knees. He was a villain, he did some terrible things, he would admit to that. But he never lied about his feelings towards her. In truth, he purposefully messed up, so that she could defeat the bad akuma. He never had the heart to hurt the woman he loved.

“I never fought you seriously…” Cat noir said in a hollow tone. “Not when there was an Akuma. I always let you best me so you could beat the akuma. Deep in my heart, I knew this. I deluded myself, thinking maybe she could love me. I don’t know why I thought that.”

Hawkmoth picked up on his underling’s negative emotion. This was perfect. Sure he was flawed as an underling, but the flaw was now going to be his greatest aspect.

Hawkmoth eagerly made and akuma and sent it off to find Cat noir.

Ladybug stood stunned at the black cat’s lament.

“I never was good enough. Hawkmoth promised he could help me. I just wanted my freedom. I just wanted to be happy…” Cat noir said as he hung his head.

The akuma flew into his golden bell.

“Cat noir wait!” Ladybug said but it was to late, the purple outline appeared on his face.

“While I should punish you for your insubordination, I decided to give you another chance, get your vengeance on the woman who broke your heart. Go Cat Blanc!” Hawkmoth said telepathically.

Cat noir’s costume changed from black to white, and his eyes changed from green to red. His teeth were sharper and he had sharp metal claws on his hands. He was now Chat Blanc.

“The Cat noir you knew is dead! For now and forever, I am Cat Blanc!” Cat Blanc said as he laughed maniacally.

Ladybug had unintentionally created her fiercest rival yet.

(Hoped you like this one anon. A little dark on the ending, but I like to keep it open, maybe a sequel)

inspired by @alexanburrsir‘s beautiful post

This isn’t happening, is all Aaron can think when his 3rd period Calculus teacher haphazardly drops his (old, but trusty) cell phone into the never ending void of a desk drawer. The teacher continues on with the lesson as if nothing had happened, as if they hadn’t sealed Aaron’s very fate when they caught him texting during yet another dry lecture (which had been so stupid, he was usually so careful, but he couldn’t control his facial expressions when talking to Theo. His practiced stoicism always melted away as soon as he heard the telltale ping of his not-girlfriend’s text. “Not-girlfriend” because, well, her actual college football playing boyfriend would have some choice words for him if he were to call her anything else).

Aaron sits, every single part of his body clenched, the tension rising in him with every tick of the analog clock mounted on the wall above the whiteboard. Sweet Jesus… his left eye twitches as he grinds the lead of his pencil into his notebook. Was this how it would end? Was this how child prodigy Aaron Burr would…die? 

Aaron figures that the teacher would have to give him back the phone after class; it’d only be fair. This isn’t middle school, he’s six weeks away from being a legal adult, and legal adults have rights, goddammit

Rights that won’t mean shit if he’s too dead to demand them. 

Once the bell signals that the class is over, he pushes past two students and practically jumps over the one in the front row who’s bent down, searching through his backpack. Once Aaron is in his right mind, he’ll realize that nearly decapitating this particular student was a mistake, but for now he’s on a mission. 

“Sir, please, I know I shouldn’t have been texting but–”

“You do realize you violated our technology terms, right?” The teacher prompts, flatly, not looking at Aaron as he reopens the drawer to extract the phone. Aaron nods his head almost clean off. 

“Yes, sir, and I apologize. I’d really appreciate it if–”

“Sorry, Mr. Burr, I need to turn this into the principal’s office. Too many of you kids have been spending too much time with your noses in your phones to even pay attention in class. With all your tweeter and netflicking-and-chilling, and don’t even get me started on snapshot!” The teacher continues to ramble on as they pack up, sticking the phone into his jacket pocket and marching out the door. Aaron’s soul is too busy departing him for him to even follow. 

His legs nearly give out as he braces himself against the desk. He’s going to die. He can see it now, the obituary in the local newspaper: Notable teenage genius found dead after getting ass whooped and mounted on wall by mother. Humiliation may have also had a hand in this tragic loss. 

“Yo, you good, or…? You need the nurse or something?” Comes a voice as Aaron contemplates becoming one of the girls in the “Runaway Love” music video. It shocks him out of his stupor, and he twists his neck so fast to face the speaker that a quiet crack is heard.

Alexander fucking Hamilton. 

Of course. 

“I’m fine, thank you,” begins the definitely-not-fine boy. “I just…really need my phone back.”

“Oh, that’s all?” Hamilton snorts in that annoying Hamilton way he does everything. It intensifies the churning in Aaron’s stomach. “You have no idea how many times I’ve gotten my phone confiscated. No need to sweat–you can pick it up at the end of the day.”

“I know what the principal does to our phones, Alex. I know.” He’s heard from enough students, Hamilton included, that the principal likes to take a selfie or two on the victim’s phone after (somehow) hacking into it. The pictures varied from comical to downright terrifying, with the picture on Hercules Mulligan’s phone being almost too disturbing for words. 

“Okay, and what’s so bad about that? Sure it’s annoying but–”

“He’ll see the pictures on my phone, doofus.”

Hamilton rolls his eyes, and god does Aaron want to punch him. “So? It’s not like you got nudes or some shit on there, right?” This question, that had flowed so easily out of Hamilton’s goddamn mouth, hangs in the air of the goddamn classroom as Aaron stares pointedly above his classmate’s goddamn bun. He refuses to answer.

“Holy shit,” Hamilton’s eyes grow impossibly wider. “You have dick pics just lying around in your phone? What the fuck?”

“You don’t get to judge me! No one does–I just!” He plops down on top of the desk. “The principal is going to find those pictures…then he’s going to call my mom…then my mom will march down here and whoop me with whatever she can find in her purse over the intercom system before grounding me until I’m 45. By the time I’m freed, my entire life will have passed me by…I’ll be a shell of my former self. A mess, a waste, a big fat mis–

“Burr,” calls Hamilton’s steady voice. “Do you ever, like…not freak out?”

Aaron chances a look at his classmate. “Is this really coming from you?”

“ Touché,” is the bright reply. “But, whatever, we can fix this!”


“You did nearly kill me trying to get this phone back, like, five minutes ago. It’s the least I can do.”

“I don’t really get that logic, but okay! What’s your game plan?”

Hamilton giggles, actually fucking giggles, which Aaron should’ve seen as a red flag, but he was desperate. “The only way they’ll give you your phone back by the end of the day is if your mom comes down here and asks for it.”

Aaron blinks, once, then twice. Mary AND Joseph. “Now…Hami–Alex...tell me why…I would allow my mother…who is the one person I don’t want to know about any of this…to come down here?”

“I never said your mom had to actually do anything.” Before Aaron can step in with ‘fuck you mean, that’s exactly what you just said’, Hamilton continues, “You look enough like your mom. There are a ton of dresses and wigs in the costume room in the basement. You’d totally–” Aaron stops him with two firm hands on his shoulders, and they hold eye contact for a good ten seconds longer than what would be considered comfortable for anyone.

“You’re a genius, Hamilton,”Aaron finally says. 

Hamilton’s eyes move erratically in their sockets, trying to make sense of…whatever the hell was happening. “You do know I’m joking right?”

But, apparently Aaron doesn’t hear this somehow–or perhaps doesn’t want to–because within seconds he’s sprinting out of the door, leaving Alex alone. After a moment, he shrugs, grabs his backpack, and follows the sound of feet hitting the ground as he thinks, this is gonna be good.

Fourth period’s gonna have to wait.


Burr emerges from the bowels of the school wearing a short, black and silver ensemble (complete with shiny heels), a curly black wig, and a pair of glasses to top the look off. From a distance, he perhaps would look like his mother, but alas, there’s no way he can get that phone back from far away. 

Hamilton is cackling the whole way, snapchatting the whole ordeal from the choosing of the outfit (”My mother would never wear this, who do you think she is?” “First of all, don’t be rude. Second of all, the principal isn’t gonna care, Burr,”) to Aaron’s poor attempt at strutting down the hallway. Every hoot in his direction is documented, as is the poised look on Burr’s face. Once they reach the principal’s office, Aaron stills, and he takes a deep inhale. 

“I might not make it out of this alive, Hamilton,” he breathes. Alex nods, bright eyes betraying the frown on his face. Aaron continues. “If that ends up being the case, I want you to tell Theodosia Prevost that I love her, and that she should just dump her ugly college boyfriend already, for everyone’s sake.” Alex can’t really think of a witty reply to that one, so he just snaps one last picture of the prideful Burr for Twitter, and watches as he waltzes into the office. 

Through the window he can see Burr greeting the principal with a wide, extremely fake grin, and manages to take one more picture before ducking out of the line of sight. What he would give to hear what they were saying. 

Seven minutes later, out walks a relieved Burr. “Thank you so much, Principal Washington, I swear it won’t happen again,” he calls in a high-pitched, southern accent. A laugh gargles up in Hamilton’s throat that is only released once the office’s door fully closes. 

“Holy shit, did you get it?!” Aaron answers by holding up the device, pursing his lips cutely before dropping the act altogether. 

“Alright, let’s get out of here. This wig is killing me, although I must admit the shoes are nice.” They stumble down the hall, ignoring the shouts of Aaron’s name. 

Once they’re safely by the basement, away from prying eyes, Aaron asks, “how did they all know it was me? I can’t be that obvious, I mean Washington did believe me, after all.”

Hamilton blanches. “Uh, haha…that may have been because…um…”

Burr crosses his arms. “What the hell did you do?”

Hamilton sighs, and pulls up the tweet. “Um…you got a shit ton of retweets, man. That’s gotta count for something right?” Aaron’s ever-twitching eye is the last thing he sees before he doubles over in pain after Burr stabs his heel into Alex’s unsuspecting foot. 

Aaron grabs his clothes and leaves, not bothering to change out of the costume (save for taking off the wig). He sneaks away to the bathroom and checks himself out in the mirror. With newly returned phone in hand, he snaps about fourteen pictures from several different angles. 

He knows Theo’s going to love it. 


So I’ve never really done a post like this on this account. I have on my personal (which I rarely use now, haven’t logged in for months). These photos are all me, all within the time frame of just over 3 years. These photos are also organised from the oldest (Top one, me at my prom in July 2012, aged 16) to the bottom one (Me today July 2015)

If you don’t know me very well, then allow me to introduce myself. I’m Kelly *waves* I’m 19 from England and I am a transgender guy.

I wanted to do something like this, not only for myself but also to allow you guys to learn a bit more about me :) I don’t tend to post very much information about myself unless I’m asked about it. So if you want….

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Nursey Headcanons

So a while back there was a post floating around which talked about how the POC characters in check please don’t get as much love as they need to and I really really felt that so I decided to contribute and be what I wanted to see in the world. Enjoy and feel free to message me about any of these!! dedicated to @laratoncita and @bitttles for encouraging me to post these!!!

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Castle Ficlet: From the Corner Store 1/1

I actually started this about 6 months ago, then time got away from me and I never finished it. So I decided to fix it up and tweak it for CastleThemeDay last week, but I wasn’t able to get it done in time. I think it works perfectly to finish it today, though.

Based on the prompt:  i got up at 2 am to get some snacks at the convenience store down the street and opened my door to find you trying to sleep on the floor of the hallway because your roommate has his fiancée over so i guess i’ll lend you my couch for the night AU - from @castlefanficprompts​.

From the Corner Store

A Caskett AU

After almost a week of near-solitude, his days and his nights were all messed up.

He had a schedule, of course, but Alexis was with his mother for an extended Gram-granddaughter Christmas shopping trip (how a six year old could possibly stand shopping every day for a week, he had no idea), and her absence combined with their empty apartment made it difficult for him to stick to it. He did his best to be productive during daylight hours, but more often than not, he spent the days he wasn’t on shift at the diner playing on his Sega and brainstorming new and unusual foods to make to gross Alexis out when she got home.

Of course, even on the nights he wasn’t working, he didn’t start writing until almost ten. Once he got into the zone, the sprints he set out for himself turned into marathons, and all concept of time was lost. He wouldn’t look up from his work until his eyes burned with fatigue, and he would close the laptop and stumble into bed with enough time to sleep before he had to serve people food.

He felt like he’d been better so far today. He hadn’t slept until noon after pulling the late shift, hadn’t bummed around in his underwear for nearly as long, either, and it wasn’t fatigue that pulled his eyes away from the screen at 2am, it was the screaming in his stomach.

He’d eaten dinner before going to buy the rest of his daughter’s Christmas presents, but that hadn’t been enough apparently, because his body was craving a snack.

Too bad he was fresh out of those. Alexis had banned him from eating her cookie creations, so he’d made a point to eat everything else. He’d eaten all the popcorn, all the leftover chocolate from Alexis’s class party, even the candy canes he’d snagged from the bowl by the cash register at work had been obliterated by his sweet tooth. He was snackless.

Then again, the convenience store down the block was open twenty-four hours. He typically avoided it after about 1am, because he lived in a city and he knew how to be careful, but he could make an exception tonight.

Tonight he was starving and they had pizza rolls. The decision was made.

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So, I have no idea where this came from. An image in my head of Molly and Sherlock performing experiments at 221B in matching goggles turned into this monstrosity. This is basically pure fluffy, sciency Sherlolly. I’m giggling because I really like this ridiculous little one-shot. This is  in honor of my 300 followers! Wow! Thanks guys! I wouldn’t even have continued writing if it wasn’t for you!

Molly Hooper had just finished a rather grueling day at the morgue when she received a text message from her boyfriend (Significant other, she corrected herself. Sherlock hated that term, and Molly had to agree it didn’t quite suit him), asking her to stop by Baker Street on her way home from work. He had been asking (demanding) that she bring him a pair of feet for the better part of a week.

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Reality Bites

[One shot Frostiron] 

Sometimes he woke up and was just a nightmare. Sometimes he woke up and it wasn’t the dreams that were the nightmare, but reality. He still couldn’t decide which was the worst of the two morning rituals he had been forced to go through since his tryst with the terrorists.

Maybe he could blame his inventor brain for such vivid dreams, or maybe he could go full Freud and blame his father. The second one held more appeal, so if anyone asked he would say it was his daddy’s fault. If anyone bothered to ask.

Which they wouldn’t, since most of them didn’t even know he had nightmares, or night terrors, or sleep walking, or waking up screaming and ready to attack anything that moved. The only person who had any inkling was Pepper, and she had long since stopped sharing a bed with him for the very same reasons. Those reasons also drove her to stop sharing half of her life with him, and settle back into a slightly uneasy friendship.

Surprisingly, he didn’t take it that hard. His lack of reaction might have been the reason things were still rocky between, even after three years. Maybe she had expected him to beg for her to come back, or cry, or scream, or do something more Tony-esk.

But he didn’t. For two reasons.

One, he knew somewhere in his gut that this was the way things were supposed to be, and two, he had more important things on his mind other than a failed relationship. Things like a slew of attacks in South America from, what most of the reports claimed to be, zombies. Ancient Aztec zombies.

Strike that off the list of things to do before you die.

They handled that pretty smoothly, thanks to Thor and his rather explosive lightning. It came in handy when he wasn’t stomping around the tower in a foul mood, shooting sparks from his eyes.

That’s where ‘important thing’ number two came in. Thor and his bad moods stemmed from another god and his bad moods. At least with Loki, no one got shocked every ten minutes. They just got turned into an animal, or stung by bees, or had their hair color changed, or got bitten.

Yes, bitten.

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