there was something very raf about this which idk if i liked

ok but i really need more info/fic/headcannons on sizzy as an established couple

like in the books izzy is mostly acting like the aloof, flirtatious cool girl and while simon is probably a bit more upfront and ~honest~ about himself he does tend to get a bit defensive and closed off, particularly in tfsa. so like what im saying is that we never get to see open, honest, comfortable established!sizzy you know like

  • dorky!izzy !!! is something im personally v passionate about like i know we see a lil bit about nerd!izzy but im talking about dorky shit you know like she doesn’t act it around most people but with simon shes so comfortable that she just??? relaxes for like the first time in her life and lets herself do lame stuff like snort laugh at bad cheesy comedies and sing in funny voices just randomly around the house and talk to herself and its like a relief cos she finally has a place and a person with which she can let go of the ~cool girl~ exterior and let her dorkier side show a bit

  • simon’s memory is never the same after edom and like he just constantly forgets little things and is in general A MessTM so izzy leaves him lil post it notes all over the apartment with reminders like “turn off the bathroom light before you leave” and “don’t forget Max’s birthday on thursday - pick up cupcakes morning of” and “your glasses are on your head” and that type of thing. so like their apartment is littered with fluro post it notes

  •  eskimo kisses! like thats their thing !!! at first simon did it as a joke and they did get a giggle from it but like from then on it became like their standard greeting/way of saying “i love you”. izzy wakes up in the morning and instantly boops her nose to simons, even if he’s not awake yet or when one of them comes home from a hunt they just press foreheads and rub noses and it’s like a sort of unspoken code for “I love you, i’ve missed you, im glad you’re okay”

  • isabelle does the worst impressions in the world anyway but she tends over exaggerate the awfulness because it makes simon laugh 

  • simon has some weird sleep habits like he finds it difficult to sleep through the night and when he does he has a tendancy to sleep walk/talk and it’s not uncommon for izzy to wake and find him somewhere strange so she’ll just take him by the hand and gently lead him back to the bedroom

  •  he also often finds himself struck with the feeling that he’s forgetting something really important? like he’ll wake up in the middle of the night probably from a bad dream  and like he works himself up a bit with all this stress over the idea that he might have forgotten something very crucial?? and like it almost always ends up being he hasn’t actually forgotten anything but it’s like this left over anxiety from the memory loss and it’s very distressing for him, so izzy will get out a notepad and pen and list everything that they had needed to do that day/week/whatever. and then she’ll run her hands through his hair and just reassure him that everything’s fine for a while and this usually calms him down enough to help him fall asleep again. 

  • izzy gets allergies from flowers right but she likes the idea of having like ~nature~ in the apartment so simon’s always bringing her home pot plants like ferns and peace lilies and succulents so the apartment is like full of leafy live plants 

  •  izzy still can’t cook for shit but simon’s pretty decent and he finds it a useful way for dealing with stress/anxiety 

  •  izzy gets him a whole bunch of herb plants in terracotta pots cos simon finds it’s nice to use fresh ingredients so theres like a row of potted basil, parsley, rosemary, chives etc. on the windowsill below the kitchen window
  • izzy keeps a framed photo of Max (little brother max) on their mantle. she dusts it every day. 
  • they also keep photos of all their family all over the apartment like there’s photos of max and raf stuck all over the fridge and one of clary and jace’s wedding photos on the bookcase and pictures of themselves from all their travels and all these group shots of all of the gang are framed and positioned on side tables and windowsills and whatnot. simon even keeps some photos of his family on the dresser (family photos from when he was a child, his mom, photos from his sisters graduation, etc.) 
  • the first hanukkah they spend actually moved in together izzy brings out a menorah to surprise simon and he almost cries
  • like just in general they are very sweet together and very open and honest and they dont keep important stuff hidden and they TALK and like idk im just really passionate about sizzy having a very healthy and communicative relationship it fuels me 
queen-of-troy submitted: OK KIDDOS GATHER ROUND ITS STORY TIME

right so once upon a time in days of yore (i think it was like the 50s probably? idk) my grandpa decided the family tradition of going to oxford and learning to be a vicar was for losers and went and joined the army

and at some point for reasons i do not recall he and a bunch of other trainees had to kick around raf cranwell for a couple of weeks before they could go to sandhurst for officer training

and to pass the time there was a lot of drinking booze and daring each other to do stupid shit

(you can see where this is going)

and yeah my grandad ended up climbing to the top of the college hall building (which if you google image that building you will understand was a pretty impressive thing to do while pissed as a fart) and on his way back down it seemed like a really good idea to his booze-soaked brain to nab the union flag waving from a lower part of the roof

so the next morning - once he’d stopped throwing up and could see straight again - he had a thought process something along the lines of:

  • i stole the flag from college hall
  • holy shit
  • hahahahaha i stole the flag from college hall
  • i am going to be in so much shit for this
  • wait
  • WAIT
  • they don’t know it was me
  • they’ll probably do a “haha very funny now give it back and we’ll say no more about this”
  • i can just leave it on the steps with a sorry note and boom problem solved

so he kept the flag and waited for his moment

but here’s the punchline









anyway eventually someone finally glanced at this building that just had a bare pole where there should definitely have been a flag and realised there was something wrong with this picture

and obviously there was a mad panic and the entire base was searched and quelle surprise there was a distinct lack of stolen flag lying around

and then some bright spark said “hey wait weren’t there a load of trainees hanging around getting drunk and being annoying whatever happened to them”

so there were phonecalls made to sandhurst and some higher up (who i like to imagine had a very red face and yelled a lot) had to go into the new recruits’ barracks and ask “all right which of you little shits took cranwell’s flag”

and for some reason gramps wasn’t really in a fessing up mood right then so they had to do a bunk-to-bunk search

and when they got to gramps’ bunk they didn’t have to do a lot of searching because right there hanging in pride of place on the wall was…

yep. you guessed it.


so gramps got dragged into hq and was in no small measure shitting himself

but by this time there had been another call from cranwell bc the higher-ups there had realised how it would sound if it got out that they hadn’t noticed their flag was missing for a week

so gramps ended up walking away with a “give the flag back and don’t do it again you little shit” lecture from a totally-not-sniggering officer and the best story ever