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Harry Fake Dates Kendall but is in Love With You

A/n: This is an updated version of an imagine I’ve previously uploaded. I know Hendall is so 2015. I get it.

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The red wine leaves a particular stain on Harry’s lips that he hadn’t noticed until Kendall pointed it out to him.

“It looks like you’re wearing lipstick” she laughs, “I didn’t know you were going to dress up this much for the party.”

They are currently sat at his mum’s kitchen island, drinking red wine while munching on some chips left out for the guests. The house is filled with familiar faces, friends and family all throughout London coming together for Anne’s birthday celebration.

They hosted one every year for as long as Harry could remember, a time of year where nearly every one of his family members, including his step family, would unite. It was their favorite time of year, believe it or not. Despite all the excitement for the holidays, Anne’s birthday celebration was certainly something special.

It was Kendall’s first time attending, considering the fact that Harry had only really talked to her whenever he was assigned to be with her for publicity. It wasn’t always ideal, however, he built a stable friendship with her, so he didn’t mind the extra company with him from time to time.

She was invited last minute, of course, since his management called last night to ask if there was any way for them to be seen together. With Harry’s new movie coming out and his solo album just released a couple weeks ago, it was almost a given for him to be rumored with a girlfriend. That’s how it’s worked all throughout his career.

He normally wouldn’t have minded, however, this was the worst possible date for him to be with Kendall.

Because it’s Anne’s birthday party, this means that it’ll be the first time in one year that he’ll be seeing Y/n. They have been best friends since they were five years old, basically growing up in the same house as they went through school together. But as time went on, and as they both went to their separate ways, it was hard to keep in touch with each other all the time.

She remained in the small towns of London while Harry was traveling world wide, where his name became known everywhere as Y/n’s was only known through people she attended school with. Of course, they still talked, considering they both admitted to having more than friendship feelings, but their lives were busy in their own ways, preventing them from being more than what they wanted to be.

For the past couple months, Harry planned that this would be the day he’d finally move forward with Y/n. Or, at least attempt to. With the loss of her over the past year, it made Harry realize just how much he couldn’t imagine a life without her. It had been so long—too long, and he couldn’t stand how long he’s lived without keeping in touch with her.

But now, everything he planned for the two of them is becoming impossible. He can’t begin to imagine how Y/n would feel knowing he brought Kendall to his mum’s birthday party after they both confessed their love for each other. In all honesty, he wouldn’t blame her for giving up on him. He keeps doing this to her, even if it’s unintentional.

He watches around the kitchen at the guests he hasn’t seen in quite a while. His leg bounces with impatience when each new person walking in to attend the party isn’t Y/n. It’s been nearly an hour and has never been so late to anything before.

And as horrible as it sounds, he almost wishes she doesn’t come, just so that she can avoid the heartbreak that will come when she reunites with Kendall again.

“I’m sorry I’m late!”

Harry’s head whips around when he hears the voice he’s been deprived of for the past year. The first thing he notices are her lips, and the way they move around her words so softly. They’re slightly glazed with a lipgloss, painting her lips with a rosy shade of pink. They look so much fuller to him now, but he knows not a trace of them are artificial.  

His eyes only drift from the shape of her lips when her fingers reach to tuck loose pieces of hair behind her ear. It’s then he notices just how much shorter her hair has gotten. What was once so long and lank is now falling just above the shoulder, set in luscious curls he can only imagine twisting around his fingers.

His jaw goes slack when he sees the pale pink dress she’s wearing. It’s made from silk, the metallic fabric glowing with each step she takes. He gulps when he notices just how much the dress accentuates the curvature of her body and how much of her legs are put on display for him to see, and he can’t help but to wipe the sweat off his palms when he watches her greet his mother with a proper kiss on the cheek.

He notices that his eyes haven’t shut since he’s seen her, but he’s so completely intrigued by how much has changed in her. Something about her seems so much more real—so much more vibrant—and he can’t seem to stop himself from praising how time has done her so goddamn well.

“You never told me she was going to be here.“

His body jerks at Kendall’s sudden appearance, her body slowly occupying the seat next to his at the kitchen island. If it wasn’t for her, he swears he would have caught himself drooling.

“Didn’t think I had to,” he says with a shrug, “she’s been my best friend since we were five. She’s basically apart of this family, she wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

Y/n hasn’t missed a single one of Anne’s birthday celebrations since she’s known Harry. Their bond is irreplaceable—so irreplaceable, in fact, that Anne has been convinced Y/n is a miracle for their family. She was there for them through all the troubled times; helping them through their hardships and family instabilities.

When Anne and her husband first got divorced, Harry and Y/n were seven. Harry didn’t understand much of what was happening, all he knew was that his mum and dad weren’t going to love each other anymore. He was hurting, even when Gemma was there to try and keep him together. He started to believe everything between his parents was a lie.

She understood the whole separation process. Her mum left her at a young age, leaving her alone with her father. They were close, of course, but she always missed having a mother figure in her life. It made her upset to know she could only listen to one voice in the house, but as she grew older, she accepted it more.

By the time she met Harry, he kept bringing her over to his house as the years went on. Anne was the closest she had to mother, and their bond became unbreakable by the time Y/n was a teenager. Nearly seven years of Y/n being like another member of the family, Y/n started buying Anne Mother’s Day cards.

So when Y/n watched her second family fall apart, along with Anne’s heart, and she was determined to patch them back together again. Even at her young age, she’d pick flowers from her garden and give them to Anne everyday after school. Y/n said they represented her, and how she felt being a woman with such love and beauty could die all too quickly. Harry never understood what it meant, but Y/n did, which is why she never stopped until she heard Anne laughing again.

She also started to draw pictures and write her letters, reminding her of how loved she was by everyone. As much as Anne was heartbroken during the time, she took the letters everywhere she went and kept every flower alive for as long as she possibly could. Anne would always tell Harry “That girl came into our lives for a reason, my love. She’s a special one, our little miracle, never let her go. You hear me?”

Harry didn’t understand what it truly meant to let someone go, but he did his best to do anything but that. And now, as Harry sits on his mother’s kitchen island and seeing Y/n for the first time in a year, he feels he’s done just that.

“Guess not.” Kendall mutters, taking her last sip of the red wine left in her glass. “She’s just so strange, I guess. I can barely hold a conversation with her without her making an excuse to leave.”

Kendall and Y/n never really got along, it was extremely noticeable to everyone who held a conversation with the both of them. They just don’t see things in the same light. Y/n is very outgoing and lively; an extreme extrovert that seeks adventure—and Kendall can’t stand it. She thinks Y/n does it for attention, especially because she’s remained a small town girl while being surrounded by well-known celebrities. And even though it may seem like Y/n likes the attention, that’s not her purpose. She gives all her attention to others, never to herself, and it has always been something Harry loved the most.

And when it comes to Y/n, Kendall was that one thing that was constantly in her way of Harry. No matter how many times Harry and Y/n discussed how there was something between them, Kendall always found her way back to haunt her. She was her worst goddamn nightmare. She was perfect for Harry in the public eye, and nothing made Y/n feel worse than knowing she’ll never be her type of perfect, especially when it came to Harry.

But Kendall doesn’t know that. All she knows is that Y/n is extremely stand-offish with her, and she’ll never understand why.

“She’s not used to our lives. It’s extremely difficult for her to understand how we live, you know? She’s normal.”

Kendall scoffs, eyes rolling around the room because she hates that word. She feels so divided, like she’s in a categorization in society and everything about it makes her teeth clench.

“We’re normal, too, you know. I don’t understand why she feels so intimated and feels like she has something to prove.”

Harry’s jaw clenches slightly at the negative connotes Kendall has about Y/n’s life. Something about it makes his stomach twist the wrong way, and he can’t help the underlying growl in between his words.

“We’re not normal. Deep down, you and I both know that. You also don’t know Y/n, so stop making irrational assumptions about her.”

Kendall narrows her eyes at Harry, a gaze full of confusion and disbelief at the undeniable grumble in his tone. Any rational conversation they have about Y/n always end the same—with Harry quick to end the discussion and jump to her defense. It’s times like these Kendall never understood the true extent of Harry and Y/n’s relationship. They always claimed it was platonic but there has always been a sense of something stronger in them, like unaddressed or unchased feelings, or a past they shared that was kept between the two.

Either way, it annoyed the shit out of Kendall because they both were hiding something that she’ll never be able to get answered.

“Fine, whatever.” She sighs dramatically, scooting her chair back until she has room to stand properly. “Want some more wine? Getting some.”

Harry slides his empty wine glass so that it’s in front of her, muttering a small “yeah, thanks” before she’s on her way to the counter across the room, retrieving extra wine and mingling with some of Harry’s family.

Harry sighs while his head rests at the palm of his hand, eyes gazing directly to where Y/n is standing. His lips tug up lightly when he hears her laugh from the living room, his tongue running over his bottom lip ever so slightly as he watches her mouth lift and her eyes squint shut as she catches up with one of his uncles about his grand annual weekend fishing trip.

And as his eyes stay so transfixed on the woman in the other room, he can’t help but imagine seeing that type of perfection every day for the rest of his life.

“And everyone thinks Sweet Creature is about me..”

Harry’s head snaps to Gemma’s figure leaning over the edge of the island, her elbows hitched on the counter as a small smirk plays on her lips. She found it abnormally amusing how he didn’t even acknowledge her presence until she spoke, too invested in hawking over Y/n’s every move.

Harry grumbles, but the smile from Y/n’s laughter is permanent on his lips when he does so. Gemma even notices his cheeks brighten with pink, another hint of confirmation to the words she spoke.

“Shut up, Gem.“

She puts her arms up defensively, “Hey, don’t take it out on me. I’m just making an observation.”

Harry rolls his eyes as Gemma wraps her arm around his neck, hunching over so that her lips are close to his ear and eyes are directed toward Y/n again.

“She has gotten hotter, hasn’t she?”

She has no idea. All Harry can think about is how someone already so beautiful has grown to be so perfect. Everything about her makes Harry want to get down on his knees and worship every inch of her body. He has to bite down on his bottom lip to stop himself from thinking how much of a wreck he wants to make out of her.

“I don’t know how she did it. You better get her while you still have the chance, I know many, many men who want a taste of her.”

No is the first thing Harry thinks when the words leave from Gemma’s mouth. As hypocritical and selfish as it is, knowing other men have shown an interest in her makes his skin crawl. And he can’t help but feel his throat tighten at the moment Y/n realizes he had brought Kendall to this party.

“Is she—“ he can’t even finish his sentence without his jaw tightening again, hindering the rest of his question from leaving his lips.

“Oh, quit your worrying, H. She’s single, I don’t think she’d ever date someone who isn’t you. Besides, I don’t think you can do much about it with Kendall here.”

Gemma lifts a finger to where Kendall is standing, still in the same spot as she talks to his aunt Leslie. His heart hurts knowing what Y/n will feel when she finds out. He knows that there is always a part of her that feels discouraged whenever there’s a new woman in his life. In between Harry and Y/n’s love for each other was a mix of false hopes and miscommunication, and it always fucked them up whenever anything else was put in their way.

Gemma pats his shoulder before making rounds to her family and friends again, leaving Harry slumped against the counter with not a drop of wine to numb his scrambling mind.

When Y/n finishes catching up with the rest of Harry’s family, she finds that her patience is wearing thin. It’s been a year since she’s seen the love of her life, and knowing that he’s somewhere near her is enough to get her heart racing.

When she sees him sitting alone at the kitchen island, wearing his infamous pink suit and staring down at his fingers, it’s as if her body starts to malfunction. Her legs stop moving and her lips part, eyes glistening with admiration as she sees him for the first time in so long.

He’s as beautiful as ever, his new haircut accentuating his facial structure. His lips seem so much more red, too, which are complimented greatly by that goddamn suit. Everything about him radiates, like he’s developed into a whole other person. She’ll never quite grasp the idea that she’s about to reunite with him; something about it makes her palms sweat.

“Hey, stranger.”

Harry lifts his head up to look at her in all her glory. His heart warms at her presence more than the wine did, and he can’t help but to take a breath of relief when he finally hears her voice again.

“Y/n.” He breathes out, his fingers instinctively reaching up to the ends of her cut hair.

He chokes out a laugh of admiration when he sees her this close to him. She is so much different—so much more perfect than he ever remembers her being and it takes his breath away.

His fingers twist her hair, wrapping them around the digits before letting the strands fall back in place again. He never saw her without her hair down to her waist, and now that he has, he never wants to see her hair past her shoulders again.

“It’s so beautiful” he whispers, “you look so beautiful like this, Y/n. I absolutely love it.”

She blushes, her chin tucking slightly into her neck as if trying to hide how much of a reaction he got out of her. No matter how many years she’s known him, she was never used to the way he spoke to her.

“It was spontaneous. Really wanted a change, and it looks like I’m not the only one.”

Her hands reach to his hair, which is so much shorter compared to the last time she saw him. She remembered she couldn’t keep her hands out of it last year, constantly finding ways to tangle her fingers at the ends. Harry found it hysterical, actually, and thought it was the cutest thing she’s ever done.

“It’s just so soft” she’d say, “it’s like a whole other world in there!”

But now her only option is to tangle her fingers at the roots, and as she does so, her mind drifts to all the other occasions she could have her hands in his hair again.

“It’s so much shorter. Look at that! I can barely tug on it anymore!” She laughs in amusement, her fingers slipping as she pulls too hard.

He smirks up at her, a giggle falling from his lips as he watches her utterly amused reaction. They begin to catch up with the part of their lives they both have missed. Harry talked about his album while Y/n started discussing her new journalism job.

Talking to Y/n is one of the only normal parts of him left, it always gave him a sense of grounding whenever he felt his career was taking off to heights he wasn’t ready for. She is one of the only sense of normality he has left in his life, and it’s another reason as to why he admires her so dearly. She brought out parts of him nobody else could reach, and it’s another reason why he feels so upset he’s barely talked to her.

“Y/n?” he asks hesitantly, reaching his hand over so that his fingertips graze her hand.

Her breath breaks when he touches her, the softness in his voice proving that what is about to be discussed is far more important than their previous conversation. She notices the stress lines in between his forehead and the parting of his wine stained lips when he begins to speak. 

“I’m so sorry I haven’t kept in touch with you. I know how it makes me look, especially after everything that happened between us. With the new album and everything, I’ve just been so busy with—“


Harry’s head jumps to where Y/n stares dumbfounded, Kendall holding two glasses of wine in one hand while the other is carrying a plate of chicken wings. She’s looking down at Y/n, too, her eyebrows lifted up in an intimidating manner. There’s a scowl present on her lips as she continues to tower over her.

Y/n feels tears building in her eyes as she takes in the situation at hand. She was so fucking dumb to think that Harry was going to come to Anne’s party alone, especially since his new album just released. This is Kendall’s prime time appearance, when Harry needs a familiar famous face beside him to advertise his solo career.

This isn’t anything new—this isn’t anything unfamiliar, but the pain feels like a fresh wound to her heart. Harry and Y/n are nearly 24, with having known each other and felt something for each other for years, she thought that if anything were going to happen, it was going to happen now. But everything between them has remained stagnant for so long that the last sliver of hope she had for their potential relationship has been completely taken away from her. By Kendall, again.

“W—Wow, I’m sorry. I didn’t—I didn’t know Harry had invited you.”

“Yeah,” Kendall nods, “he invited me last night.”

Last night.

Y/n’s lips purse together, nodding her head as her eyes drift around the kitchen. Anything to avoid Kendall’s eyes—anything to feel as unimportant as she does now.

Harry’s eyes squeeze shut, a small hissing releasing from his tongue at how wrong it all sounds, considering absolutely nothing happened between Harry and Kendall the previous night besides being demanded that the two of them are to be seen together again.

“Right,” Y/n’s voice cracks, “well, I’m sorry to interrupt your time together. I’m going to go to Gemma’s room, got a phone call from my dad a while ago so I should go check up on him. I’ll see you guys around.”

She musters up a pathetic smile before practically running away from them. After everything they both told each other, after all the feelings they’ve had toward each other, how could Harry keep doing this to her? How could he keep being with Kendall when he says he loves Y/n?

She doesn’t even find the strength in her to hold in her tears before she approaches the steps, not daring to look back at them again. She never wants to see them in the same room again, it’ll be too much her heart can handle. 

“You’ve really got to be fucking kidding me, Kendall.” Harry growls.

His hands fist around the wine glass, his knuckles turning white and he’s absolutely shocked it hasn’t shattered into pieces in his hands from all the anger pulsing through his veins.

Jesus, Harry, neither one of you can take a joke. Does she not understand that all of this is for the press? She keeps acting like we’re a couple.”

“Could you really blame her after that? ‘He invited me last night,’ you’re really getting a kick out of making her uncomfortable, aren’t you?”

He grumbles as he takes a long sip of his wine, hoping that the alcohol loosens his muscles enough to restrain himself from doing anything he regrets. He loves his mum too much to start an argument during her birthday party, and as much as Kendall’s shifting Harry’s mood, he still appreciates her as a friend to ruin anything.

“That wasn’t even my fault, you both dug into that way too deep. Last night does not mean while we were fucking. It’s a time of day.”

“It’s the way you said it.”

“Are you being serious, Harry?”

He slams his glass down on the island, grumbling under his breath while he stands up from his chair. No matter how much anger is in him now, the only thoughts swirling in his brain are wondering if Y/n’s okay. She would have never left the party to go into a secluded room, not even if her dad called her.

“You leave her the fuck alone, Kendall. I mean it.”

He storms away from her, desperate to find Y/n because God only knows what’s really happening in that bedroom. Y/n’s emotions and feelings are always positive, always so bright, and he refuses to be the reason they turn upside down. She doesn’t deserve all he keeps doing to her, she doesn’t deserve him.

When Harry nearly swings himself onto the first step, he can already hear the soft murmur of Y/n’s and Anne’s voice, which makes him stop from approaching them any more than he has already.

“Y/n? Y/n, darling?” Anne asks with worry when she sees Y/n climbing up the top step with tears in her eyes, soft cries falling from her throat as her hand attempts to silence them.

She reaches an arm out for her, tugging at the front of Y/n’s dress slightly to get her attention. She’s grateful it was Anne who found her this way instead of any other guest at the party, considering nobody besides her and Harry have seen her with a frown on her face.

“Y/n, baby, what’s going on with you?”

The lights are off in the hallway, with no guests permitted in the area, which gives Y/n the proper time to fully allow her tears to fall down her cheeks.

“I’m so s—sorry, Anne.” Y/n cries.

Anne’s hands rub her shoulders, reassuring her that there’s absolutely nothing for her to apologize for. It also lets her know that she’s willing to listen to her, no matter where or when—she’ll always be there.

“I’m almost 24, Anne, and I’ve put so much of my life on hold for him.”

She knows instantly who Y/n’s talking about. It wasn’t difficult to notice the undying connection between Y/n and her son, especially as the years went on. They have grown so strongly together, there has never been a doubt in Anne’s mind that Y/n is going to be the girl Harry ends up marrying. Everyone in the family called it a destiny waiting to happen, but it has been so long since anything has happened between them, and Anne can’t help but feel heartbroken to know Y/n’s carrying the wrong idea about him and Kendall.

“And I’ve sacrificed so m—much to continue waiting for him, but I don’t think I can keep doing this anymore. We’re nowhere near where we should be, especially when he keeps spending time with Kendall and I just—I just don’t know if I can—“

“Oh, my darling.” Anne sighs, cradling Y/n’s head against her shoulder as she rubs down her back.

She shushes her through her tears, rocking her slightly in an attempt to calm her from her cries. It’s extremely rare for Y/n to feel upset, so when she does so, Anne knows she deserves all the comfort and love she can get.

“I know you so well, and I know my son. I always knew you were a match made in heaven, my dear. I knew from the start you were more than just an ordinary girl. You’re so special, to everyone in our family, but especially to him. He may not have his head screwed on right most of the time, but if I can promise you anything with all my heart, it’s that he loves you. Please, no matter what, never forget that.”

Y/n nods against her shoulder, thanking her through her violent cries before Anne insists she takes some time to herself. And as much as Y/n wanted to refrain from going into Harry’s bedroom, it’ll be the only place that brings her a sense of comfort.

Harry already knows he’s in for a lecture the second he sees his mum coming down the stairs with bewildered eyes. She grips his shoulders, her face tight with frustration.


“You go over to her and you be the man I taught you to be, Harry.”

Harry’s eyes widen at her words, swallowing thickly at the thought of disappointing another person in his life.

“She loves you and you love her. Stop doing favors for other people and start thinking about you before you ruin both of your lives forever. You hear me?”

Harry nods feverishly, determined and more motivated than ever to fix all that he’s caused. Love comes first, always, and he needs to remember that before he breaks Y/n’s heart completely.

She’s it. She’s all that matters to him.

He barely responds to Anne before he’s racing to his old bedroom, completely clueless as to what he’s going to say, but willing to do anything to get her back.

“Y/n?” Harry calls through the door of his old bedroom. “Y/n, can I come in?” 

He knocks on the door lightly, just using the knuckles of his pointer and middle finger. He hears her feet pad over to the door, opening it to reveal her tear stained cheeks. Her hands are trembling against the knob, her breath broken with soft, gentle cries. Her eyes are widened with sadness, wet and red from tears she barely ever cries.

“Y/n.” He whimpers, tentatively reaching his shaking fingers up to her cheeks. He wipes away the tears from the bottoms of her eyes, sighing upsettingly as her eyes close at his touch. “Never seen you like this. Please talk to me.”

Her lips quiver as another sob rips through her, her hand reaching up to capture his between her fingers. Her saddened and wet eyes looking down at the intertwined hands now resting against her lap.

“I’m so tired, H.” She whimpers, “So tired.”

His lips press against her forehead, “I know, love. I know.”

She wraps her arms around him, her face burying in between his chest as he lets her tears soak in his undershirt.

“I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought I’d finally be alone with you after all this time. I missed being close to you, I wanted to be closer to you and I thought you felt the same about me and I didn’t understand, Harry, I didn’t get it and—“

“Hey, relax for me.” Harry mumbles, his lips grazing tenderly along her cheek.

She takes a deep breath, her fingers fisting the back of his suit tighter in her fists. She rests her chin on the top of his chest, tears still roaming down her face as she lets out an exasperated sigh. Her fingertips trace patterns on his back, her eyes fluttering closed as he pushes some of her hair off of her face, refraining them from sticking to her wet cheeks.

“I didn’t get it,” she whispers, “I was so confused, and when you didn’t answer my calls or texts I thought you didn’t find me important. And I was under no right to be upset about it, because you’re busy and you have priorities. But when I saw you today, I didn’t see you as the Harry I always have, I still can’t tell you what I saw but I wanted every part of you more than I ever have before. But when I saw Kendall I—“

Her cries and words die down when she feels Harry’s tender lips against hers. She’s taken aback at first, and before she has any time to really kiss him back, he’s already pulled away.

“Let me fix this.” He breathes out, “let show you that I only want you.”

His lips press against the side of her mouth, not allowing himself to kiss her the way he wants to until she lets him. They then begin to travel down her neck, along her jaw, around her mouth.

Y/n’s breath is stiff as he does so, embracing the feeling of his mouth against her skin. They’ve only ever kissed a handful of times, none of them being passionate or loving. They’ve shared pecks while saying goodbyes or after confessing their feelings, but none quite like this—none quite like the one anticipating to happen.

His breathing his hard when he continues to kiss along her skin, his fingers moving longly in her hair the more his mouth presses against her.

“Will you let me?” He whispers when his lips are ghosting over hers, “this okay?”

She nods feverishly, hitting the point of desperation when she feels his breath fan over the skin of her face. She’s been needing this for far too long now.

“Yes, please.

His thumb runs over her bottom lip one, two, three times before he finally leans in. Their lips mush together passionately, only breaking apart to move their position before locking again. Their tongues meet in the middle, making the both of them moan at the unfamiliar spark coursing through their veins.

Harry walks toward his bed until Y/n’s knees hit the edge of it, making her back meet the mattress. Their lips haven’t detached once, not daring to break away from the feeling they’ve both been deprived of.

They’re both making out on Harry’s childhood bed, grinding onto each other half naked like two hormonal teenagers. Their clothes thrown across the room, lips swollen from all the suction and nibbling, and hair completely knotted from either of their fingertips, the party below them long forgotten.

“Wait, wait wait wait!” Y/n gasps, lifting herself off of his chest.

Harry’s chest rises and falls rapidly, trying to catch his breath as he looks up at Y/n in confusion. He watches as a smirk lifts from her lips as she peers down at his flushed face, giggling slightly at his complete fucked out appearance.

She notices that his lips remained stained from the red wine—a little faded—but still making her body weak at the sight of it.

“’s the matter?” He croaks.

His voice is thick—an entirely different level of raspy, and Y/n wonders how she’s lived so long without hearing him speak in that way. Between all the kissing, all the touching, all the moaning, his voice has a particular roughness to it that Y/n could feed off of if she had to.

“We shouldn’t do this, right? I mean, we’re about to fuck during your mum’s birthday party. Your entire family and Kendall are downstairs, anybody could walk in at any second, or hear us, and your mum could find that so disrespectful and—“

Her rambling is interrupted by his lips, meeting hers passionately between her words.

There is no way in hell he’s leaving this room tonight. Everything that’s been stagnant between them is finally moving in the right direction, and he can’t find it anywhere in him to walk away from it.

“You think I’m letting you go now?” He whispers, his thumb running along her bottom lip. “I have been waiting for this moment with you since high school, sweetheart.”

His lips reattach to her neck, sucking on spots he hasn’t already left marks on, soaking up every bit of the time he has with her before it’s over. This is the first time they’re going to make love, and he wants to feel and remember every bit of this moment.

“B—But your mum—“ She moans, her fingers nearly tangling at the ends of his hair as she hisses in pleasure from his tongue.

“Every single person downstairs knows about us. This—this happening right now, has been expected to happen since I first brought you home. I guarantee you, nothing will make her more happy than knowing her son and his future wife are finally acting on our feelings instead of pushing them to the side again.”

His words make Y/n blush like no other; her cheeks turning the shade of pink on her dress she wore previously. It’s then he notices just hot fucking pretty she is in pink, how every tint of the color compliments her in ways he can barely wrap his head around.

“Future wife, hm?” She smirks, tapping the pads of her fingers against his bare collarbones.

He kisses her again.

“Thought you knew that, love. Wouldn’t know a single soul I’d rather spend the rest of my life with.” His fingers dig into her hips, “’s always been you.“

Y/n pushes Harry’s back against the mattress again, trailing her fingers down his torso. She giggles when his teeth clench at her touch, finding it almost irresistible to embrace the way he responds to her touch so easily.

“Trust me, I always knew.”

Captain America: Prejudiced Fans

Ok so rant post because this literally kept me up for hours last night.

Why is Tony Stark perceived as the Villain in Civil War?

There is no legitimate reason for this.

“But he made Ultron and tried to hurt Bucky!”

Ok, sit down. Let’s talk about Ultron, shall we?

If we REALLY want to discuss whose fault Ultron is, let’s go way back to this movie:

In this movie was a character called Loki, whom you may remember and might recognize as second from the left on this poster.

Loki was the main villain of the film, and Thor failed to incarcerate him at the end of the movie. Loki went on to bring the mind stone (AKA the basis for Ultron) to Earth. Therefore, it is Thor’s fault for not stopping Loki.

But let’s move on from that. Assuming that Thor couldn’t have stopped Loki, whose fault was it?

Actually, it is arguably still Thor, seeing as he brought the Tesseract back to Asgard at the end of the Avengers, but failed to grab Loki’s mind control stick on his way out the door.

Even clearing him of charges for that, we could argue that it’s Steve/Clint/Natasha’s fault, because I’m going to assume that SHIELD took the staff, and because of that, the staff found its way into Hydra’s hands.

Then we have Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Let’s pretend that Steve/Clint/Natasha DID see the staff into SHIELD custody. Apparently they weren’t concerned enough about the fact that, y’know, SHIELD was actually Hydra and therefore Hydra had the staff of mind control in their possession, which makes it their fault. At this point,  Steve/Clint/Natasha becomes Steve/Clint/Natasha/Sam.

However, this STILL isn’t the end of the story.

Somehow, Thor fails to care about any of these developments in the Dark World, so it’s back to his fault.

The entire Avenger’s cast FINALLY cares about the fact that the Staff is held by Hydra when Tony comes back on the scene (huh) at the beginning of Age of Ultron, at which point Tony goes after the Staff. However, while this is the first point at which we could reasonably claim that it is Tony’s fault, we immediately switch over to this:

In case you weren’t freaking paying attention, this is Tony seeing an alternate past where the world ended and all of his friends were dead as a result of him not doing enough.

Immediately after this we get this line:

[Pietro and Wanda watch as goes Tony grabs the scepter]
Pietro Maximoff: “We’re just gonna let them take it?”
[Wanda smiles to herself as Tony takes the scepter]

Are you really going to tell me that little smug grin doesn’t belie that she knows exactly what’s about to happen? Even if it doesn’t, I’m pretty sure she said something to the effect of, “He’ll do what he thinks he has to” or something to that effect.

Therefore it is clearly Wanda’s fault.


Tony then asks Thor for permission to monkey around with the staff, making it Thor’s fault, and then Bruce and Tony work on the staff TOGETHER, making it JOINTLY their fault when Ultron comes to life.

So great, we have now found fault in every Avenger except for Rhodey and Pietro at this point.

Except, Tony/Bruce think that Ultron failed. The second they find out that he didn’t the Avengers mobilize and come fairly close to beating Ultron. Tony can easily out-program Ultron, because we’ve seen him literally hack his own equipment while fighting numerous opponents - one on one with Ultron shouldn’t be a problem.

But these two butts show up and proceed to compromise every single Avenger except Tony and Clint.


Wanda and Pietro are LITERALLY FIGHTING ON ULTRON’S SIDE FOR MORE THAN HALF OF THE MOVIE. So CLEARLY the fact that Ultron makes any headway at all is at least PARTIALLY THEIR FAULT, RIGHT?

Then we get the creation of Vision, supported by Tony, Bruce, Thor, and Clint and opposed by Wanda, Steve, Pietro, and Natasha. This is in spite of the fact that literally all Tony is doing is uploading JARVIS to a body, which should be a no brainer seeing as JARVIS has been immensely helpful since literally the earliest movies of the MCU.

We finally get Vision to wake up, and, what do you know, not only is he on the Avenger’s side, HE LITERALLY IS WORTHY TO PICK UP THOR’S HAMMER.

So if anything, this sequence should doubly absolve Tony Stark of guild: The success of Vision is proof that Ultron is not a mistake but rather a flawed prototype, AND Tony has just created the only weapon that will allow the Avengers to defeat Ultron.

We’ll note that he does not receive credit for either of these points, either in the movie or in the fandom.

Now, I would like to point out in spite of everything that has just been argued that Ultron is an independent being who is making his own choices and as such is the only person who can be blamed for his actions, triply absolving Tony of guilt. The only people who can legitimately be blamed here are Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who chose to help Ultron fight the Avengers, but they should arguably be forgiven because they help to defeat him.

If I haven’t convinced you that Tony is innocent here yet, please message me so I can block you.

Now, on to Civil War.

The entire point of this movie is Steve saying “No superhumans shouldn’t be regulated because if they are then people might get mad at Bucky,” while the entire rest of the world is saying, “Yeah, we’d like a little oversight.” Like, yes, personal freedom and standing up for your values is great and all, but SHIELD had zero oversight and look what happened there - oh, right, people died, nearly including Mr. Holier-Than-Though Rogers and his best friend (it was still a great movie…). Yes, stand for what you believe in, Steve, but accept that there are systems in place for doing that. There are reasons that everyone in the military and in the government respond to someone else and are bound by certain laws, and superhumans should be too.

THEN, Bucky comes into the picture when he’s framed for a terrorist attack.

Does Steve go to any of his allies for help? Does he have Tony Stark or Nick Fury pull strings? Does he go to the government with the information he has about Bucky’s condition and ask for help? No, no, and no.

Queue Black Panther.

Black Panther believes that Bucky killed his father, so he decides to kill Bucky. Remember that.

We get a protracted series of fight scenes wherein, regardless of whether or not they were previously criminals, Steve and Bucky become wanted criminals and get themselves arrested alongside Black Panther, then everybody else gets themselves arrested.

Let us analyse the airport fight scene.

Steve has recruited a felon, Tony has recruited a teenager, I think those evils roughly cancel each other out.


On Team Tony, four out of five individuals depend on Tony for equipment.

Spiderman we haven’t seen before, but we know that Tony redesigned his suit. In addition, assuming that this movie Spiderman accurately reflects his comic book strength (which we can assume he does, seeing as he catches the airplane loading thing), he is obviously pulling his punches.

Then we have War Machine and Black Widow.

War Machine we have seen consistently demonstrating a single difference from standard Iron Man suits: automatic firearms.

However, in this sequence, we do not see him use the shoulder cannon once and we see him use his missiles only to address the fact that Giant Man is trying to smash him with a truck.

However, we see two NEW weapons: a sonic cannon and a stun baton, both of which are shown to be nonlethal.

Black Widow we see using her signature Widow’s Bites for the first time in her six movies in the Marvel franchise - again, non-lethally disabling Black Panther.

Are you really going to tell me that this is a coincidence? The only person we see attempting to use lethal force on Team Tony is Black Panther, whom we all know respects nobody.

Now, Team Steve.

Let’s start with Scarlet Witch, the MCU’s poster child for milking her perceived innocence.

We see her attempt to crush Tony under a bunch of cars, breaking his arm. We see her throw off Vision’s aim nearly killing War Machine. She very clearly has no qualms about killing.

Hawkeye is literally using explosive arrows throughout the fight scene.

Ant-Man tears apart the internal circuitry of one of Iron Man’s arms (possibly after the arm it contained was already broken).

Falcon is literally shooting at Spiderman.

Bucky punches at Spiderman full force.

And let us not forget Steve Rogers, who literally attempts to drop an airplane loading dock on a kid:

I mean come on.

Tony is literally the only one who ISN’T letting his anger get the best of him in this scene.

Then, in case you don’t believe me, let’s jump to the final fight scene in the abandoned Hydra base, shall we?

Tony is using distinctly nonlethal force here. If his goal were to kill Bucky, I guarantee you Bucky would be dead.

However, he uses his potentially lethal weapons in a nonlethal fashion, primarily to control where Steve and Bucky can and can’t go. His laser - which, friendly reminder, is powerful enough that he had to instruct War Machine to get out of the way - was used only to interpose steel girders between himself and Captain America. His tank missile, which is one of his iconic and most terrifying weapons, merely closed a loading door. Tony is not using lethal force - the worst thing he does is destroy Bucky’s arm, which is terrible, but worst case scenario, Tony can repair it. Yes, it is inflicting pain, but it is pain that is not dissimilar to pain that Tony has gone through himself.

That, of course, doesn’t stop Steve and Bucky from very willingly shredding his armor and, y’know, leaving him stranded in Siberia or wherever the heck that base was.

Now, final point, remember Black Panther?

Black Panther (incorrectly) jumped to the conclusion that Bucky had killed his father, and tried very hard throughout the duration of the movie to kill Bucky in revenge.

Tony WATCHED on FILM as Bucky slaughtered  his parents and still showed great restraint. Did he want to hurt Bucky? Yes, very much so.

Did he want to kill Bucky? No, he did not.

This is precisely why the “But he’s my friend”/”So was I” zinger hurts so freaking much. Even in his moment of insane pain, Tony did not want to hurt Steve. Yes, he wanted to hurt Bucky, but he knew that, if he killed Bucky, he would be hurting Steve, and, as Steve’s friend, he could not conscience that decision.

I will eternally maintain that Tony is the victim of Civil War, that Steve betrayed Tony, and that Steve does not deserve Tony’s forgiveness, and nothing anybody can say will ever change my mind.


Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “could you please do 42 and 45 with jughead x reader? thanks !!” and
“Hi!!! I really love your blog! I was wondering if you could do a Jughead one with #45 and 50, please? ❤️”

#42 “I hate you.” - “No, you don’t.”
#45 “I’m your lock screen?!” - “You weren’t supposed to see that.”
#50 “If I asked, you’d say no.” - “You don’t know that.”

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A Chance

Prompt: “Just give me a chance!” He called after you, eyes desperate and body tense. You shook your head, “why should I?” It seemed simple, but it was the question that would decided everything. “Because. I’ll prove to you i’m not all that bad.”

A/N: So I wasn’t gonna upload anything again, but I thought I should and I just finished 13 Reasons Why. Though I won’t be writing for it since i don’t really want to normalize it or romanticize it because it means a lot to me, I did really like Zach. Who Ross Butler plays and I re-watched Riverdale and kind of fell in love with Reggie, so i’d thought I’d finally make a imagine about him! I hope you enjoy! 

Requests are back open!

Pairing: Reader x Reggie

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by kulo-ren

(yes, i know the gif is from 13 Reasons Why, but he’s shown more in that show.)

“Just give me a chance!” Stoping, you ran your hand through your hair, sighing. This was the fifth time that week that he’d asked you out and the fifth time you’d refused. 

Turning, you let your eyes run over his form. Reggie Mantle. Captain of the football team, well-rounded popular guy, known for his jockiness and of course a player. You don’t know what you did to gain his interest, you were nothing special. You were invisible to everyone else, and previously for him, except for Jughead who was your only friend.

But recently for some reason it seemed you’d caught the eye of the jock and he was to take you out on a “date”. You reclined immediately, after everything he’d done to Jughead (and sometimes you, indirectly) and then the stories you’d heard of him, you were hesitant. Reasonably so, you thought, and plus Juggie would kill you if he found out.

“Why?” You asked, staring at him expectantly. He looked off, as if to think of a reason, but you cut him to it; “so you can tell all your friends about how good I was? Or maybe… be added to your playbook?” You’d heard about it, and even though it’d been removed and destroyed, whose to stop them from making another?

His eyes widened; “no!” He shouted a little too loud, shaking his hands and taking a step toward you. You rolled your eyes, eyebrow raised as he finally walk close enough that you could smell his cologne. “Oh? Well then, why should I believe you?”

“Please, Y/N, you have to believe me.” He begged and you only shook your head.

“After everything, why should I?” 

He paused, trying to think of something before staring at you desperately. “One chance.”


“One date. One chance to prove to you I mean this.” He held up one finger, staring at you. Looking around the empty halls and holding the straps of your backpack tightly, you bit your lip… “Fine. One chance, that’s it.” You couldn’t help but let a small smile slip as he suddenly cheered, jumping up in excitement and pumping his fist to the sky.

“Pops?” He asked immediately, you nodded; “meet me at six. Sharp.” He nodded and with a shake and a laugh, you walked off, exiting the school.

Surprisingly, you were nervous. Your heart pumped against your chest and you leg unwillingly bounced up and down. You weren’t sure if it was because you were nervous this was all a joke… or… 

Looking at your watch, it read six fifty fifty. Looking back you looked at the door of the diner, biting at your lips. No one entered and you were left staring at nothing for two minutes until sighing and looking at your phone. This was stupid, you told yourself, to believe this was anything more than just a play.

You didn’t know why you were getting so nervous.

Suddenly the bell ringed, and your back straightened, turning you saw Reggie run in, his hair unkept and a nice shirt on. Different from the regular varsity jacket he always had on. You couldn’t help but smile brightly as he quickly caught sight of you and ran over, sitting in front of you. You smiled nervously as he grinned openly at you.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized; “I got here as fast as I could.”

Confused evident in your gaze, you took a quick glance at your watch to see it said seven. Giggling, you looked back up at him. “you’re actually on time.” It was sweet to see him so nervous when he had nothing to be nervous about.

Pop’s himself came around and you ordered a strawberry smoothie and him a coke. You guys talked about all and anything, and honestly, you were surprised at how much you two got along. And how sweet he was. He seemed genuine and you felt gitty inside as you laughed at everything and anything he said.

Looking at the watch you saw it read ten and with shock, you shook your head. “I should be getting home. School tomorrow.” You explained and moved to stand up, you turned to your bag reaching for money but heard Reggie shuffle and turning you saw money laid out on top of the table, enough for the both of you.

“Oh, Reggie-”

“It’s a date right? My treat.” He smiled at you, and you found yourself mesmerized. Who knew playboy Reggie could make you feel this way. 

“Thank you.”

He grinned, and stepping next to you he offered yo his arm, making you giggle. “Shall we go?”

“We shall.”

The next morning, you walked into school with a skip in your step. Unbelievably giddy. Though when you walked through the doors that morning and saw the instant interest in you, you faltered. What if… Everyones eyes pierced you and you felt your heart break, so…

No one ever payed this much attention to you… so there’d only be one explanation. Trying to blink by the tears, you tried to miss the way guys stared at you lustfully and girls glared at you in disgust. You’d really thought. The tears came before you could stop them and you sprinted off, not wanting to be faced with this.

Though on your run to the bathroom, you bumped into someone. With shock you looked up only to see Reggie who had a concerned look on his face. You faltered, trying to run past him but he grabbed your upper arm, calling your name.

“What!” You snapped, red faced and teary eyed up at him as he leaned down concerned.

“What happened?” He immediately asked; “are you okay?”

“You tell me!” You yelled, gaining the attention of the crowds. “Didn’t you already tell everyone about how much of a slut i am!” you sobbed.

Reggie faltered himself, his grip loosening in shock; “no. Y/N, where’d you hear that?”

“No where, just everyones staring at me…”

“Please, you have to believe me. I prom-”

“Hey, Reg! I heard you were dating Y/N…” You heard a distant voice and looking up you saw Archie next to you, a grin slowly falling off his face as his hand fell on Reggie’s shoulder. He looked at you with concern as the silence became loud and clear.

“I- umm, yeah.” Reggie answered, staring back at you in concern.

“Well… I just wanted to say congratulations, Y/N’s amazing… and it’s not very often you’re serious.” Archie awkwardly commented, before running off. The hallways began to move again and you were left with Reggie but instead of crying, you’d stopped and were staring confused up at him.

“Serious?” You asked hesitantly.

Reggie shrugged, seemingly nervous. “Well yeah.”

“Oh… Oh, i’m so sorry!” You realized your mistake and with sudden confidence you leaned up and pressed a kiss against his lips. It was quick and short but he grabbed you around the waist, before you regrettable pulled away. He grinned back down at you, all previous concern gone.

“I told you. I mean this.”


Pairing: Connor Murphy x Reader

Words: 833

Warnings: None?

Requested by anonymous: Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Connor x reader with the prompts 231, 236, and 243, but like it’s set in the 1950’s and Connor is a greaser along with Jared and Evan and the reader is middle class (like how in the outsiders there the greasers, socs and the middle class if that makes sense????)? Thank you!

Prompt(s): 231. “May I have this dance?” 236. “My parents asked about you.” 243. “Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!”

A/N: I haven’t uploaded in forever jeez sorry !!! ((I haven’t read The Outsiders in a LONG time so it’s pretty different but I hope it’s decent!)) So like I just chose random names ?? I don’t remember the girls’ names in The Outsider except wasn’t one of them named Cherry?? Sherry??? It was something like that right? Idk

You stood near the walls, chatting idly with your friends while people danced around the room. Music played softly, and peaceful laughter filled the party.

“And how did it go?” You spoke, looking to your friend, Martha, in excitement.

“It went-” She was cut off when Amelia nudged you in the arm.

“Don’t look now, but Connor Murphy is walking over here.” She whispered. You stopped, surprise evident on your face.

“Connor Murphy?” You squeaked.

The girls around you laughed at your response, before their gaze shifted to something behind you.

When you felt someone tap on your shoulder, you spun around quickly, your skirt swinging along with your movement.

“May I have this dance?” Connor stood in front of you, hand outstretched.

You felt your face heat up, and nodded silently, not trusting your voice. He pulled you away from your friends, who were now watching you two and giggling.

Music filled your ears as you swayed gently with Connor to the beat.

You stayed like that for a while, but the time was cut short when the song ended and his friend - Jared if you remembered his name correctly, dragged him off.

Arriving back to your group of friends, they all turned to you.

“So, how was Connor Murphy?” Amelia put extra emphasis on his name, giggling softly.

“He was nice.” You mumbled, feeling your face heat up once more, much to the enjoyment of your friends.

When Martha dropped you off, the sky had already gotten dark. Walking inside, you found your mom relaxing in the living room. Your dad joined her soon enough, both greeting you as you passed them.

“How was the dance?” You dad wondered, making you stop in your tracks.

“Anything interesting happen?” Your mom pressed, causing you to collapse on a seat near them.

“There was this boy.” Both parents were immediately attentive, leaning forward to hear about him.

“Do we know this boy?” You dad questioned, a hard look on his face.

“Connor Murphy?” You tried, feeling a slight pit in your stomach as your dad recalled him.

“Isn’t Connor Murphy one of those greaser boys?”

“He is.” You responded, quieter than you intended.

“What’s this Connor boy like?” Your mom inquired, her kind eyes staring at you.

“He’s nice.” You said quickly. “Um, he’s really pretty and smart and talented and he can be really caring when he needs to be and-” You paused, looking to your parents.

“Sounds nice, sweetheart.” Your mom glanced to the clock. “Now get to sleep, it’s late.”

With a quick nod, you rushed upstairs into your room.

The next day, you were walking home from the store when a car slowed beside you.

“Hey.” A familiar voice greeted. Your head snapped up from your focus on the ground, smiling when you saw Connor.

“Hi.” You replied meekly. The car he drove was slowed so it matched your pace as you strolled down the street.

“On your way home?” He questioned, one hand on the wheel and the other resting on the back of the seat.


“Here, I’ll give you a ride.” He whispered something to Jared, who sat in the passenger seat. After a moment of their quiet conversation, Jared reluctantly climbed into the backseat next to another boy. You didn’t hear him speak that often, but you were pretty sure his name was Evan.

As gracefully as you could muster, you clambered into the seat Jared had been in previously.

“My parents asked about you.” You whispered after a few minutes of silence.

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah.” You laughed lightly. “A lot of questions.” That earned a laugh from Connor, which sounded more beautiful than you could describe.

When you finally arrived at your house, you waved goodbye to Connor and the other two before rushing inside with a smile spread across your face.


Connor stared after you long after the door to your house had closed.

Jared and Evan sat quietly for a moment before Jared’s voice cut through the silence.

“Oh my god! You’re in love with her!”

CeCi Korea June 2017 Issue: Boys, be the ASTRO!

Summer’s coming and you’re making a comeback. What comes to your mind when I say ‘summer’?
What comes to mind when you say ‘summer’ would be freedom? I want to light a bonfire at a campsite and spend an enjoyable time. My hometown’s in Cheongju so a lot of times I’d have fun like that when it’s summer.
JinJin: If you’re talking about summer, then of course it’s the sea. I used to enjoy fishing with my family when I was younger. The image of someone fishing paints itself like a memory.
Sanha: I’ve only been to a waterpark once since I was born but it was a lot of fun. I want to go again.
Eunwoo: The sun’s up longer during the summer. It makes me remember how it would still be sunny out even though school has ended and I’m playing soccer. My dad’s really been into hiking lately and I want to tag along too.
MJ: A weather where you have to avoid the sun!  Doesn’t it totally seem like a song title to you? I want to eat watermelon underneath a shady tree.
Rocky: Maybe because I’d sweat more than I usually do but diet is what comes to mind first. Rather than hitting the gym, I want to try a sport that I can enjoy doing so I’m thinking of starting swimming this summer.

Is dieting important even to male idols? Do you regulate your meals as well?
I usually dance intensely so I don’t see the need to purposely go on a diet. When we finish filming for our music videos, I would hear that I’ve unknowingly lost weight.
Moonbin: Before debuting, my diet meals were personally planned and I would have chicken breast and eggs in the mornings. If I’m busy, then it’s one apple. I would eat like that. We’ve decided that we’ll now manage our own selves.
Eunwoo: We don’t pay as much attention to it as girl groups. But even so, we would each put in some care when there’s an important filming and if the other seems like he’s gained weight then we would tell him.

Is there anything after debuting that you want to be better at or something that has attracted your interest?
I think I need to continue studying up foreign languages. When we perform overseas, I think it’s polite that we learn their trendy words, dances, etc.. Because we have to do even better.
Moonbin: Me too! And having stamina is more important that I thought. We were always overflowing with energy pre-debut so I didn’t think there was a need to worry about our stamina but as we continuously carried out promotions, I can feel that my stamina’s deteriorating.
JinJin: I’ve recently developed an interest in fashion. If previously I only stuck to the hip-hop style that I like, then now I’m finding ways to wear clothes that fit my body and physical frame.
MJ: I think managing my stamina and just generally taking care of myself is necessary. I try to eat some nutritional supplements too.
Rocky: Seeing as how I’m a rapper, I’ve been thinking lately about how I should read more books. There’s a limit to how much I can write just using my own experiences. I’m reading and not too long ago, I asked Eunwoo hyung to loan me one of his books. It’s a book called but I’ve yet to start on it.
Sanha: I’m relearning the basics of guitar (playing). I want to be better at it. I also want to show acoustic versions of our songs.

That reminds me, aren’t you having your first solo concert in July? Is there a stage that each of you are dreaming of?
I want to put smile on the faces of fans who are coming to watch our concert. I’m thinking of having a stage with JinJin.
JinJin: I’m going to do it with you (laughs). After debuting, I don’t think I’ve had the chance to really show my rap so I want to show off a dark rap that matches with original hip-hop.
Rocky: I want to show off a dance stage that’s worthy of hearing comments like “legendary” and “the best”. We don’t have that kind of image yet.
Eunwoo: Shall I go home today and upload one? With a title that says “ASTRO’s Legend.”

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Family? - Joe Sugg

Pairing: Joe Sugg & Y/N
Word count: 1.4k
Warnings: mentions of other people on drugs
Request/Summary: An experience by anon-  Basically, there was a woman high off her head on drugs with a child who was about 6 months old in just a top. The woman was rocking back and forth and I and a few other people were trying to help her but she got up and was swaying everywhere telling us to go away but we managed to finally get hold of the baby and the woman was crying on someone’s shoulder.maybe make it as if you were out with joe, and you and joe were both helping and joe had hold of the baby and you included the experience in a video and fans were tweeting asking how good joe looked with the baby and you start trying for a baby?

You were finally finished university after four long years of studying and training to become a fully qualified nurse. You were glad to be done because now you can spend some quality time with your boyfriend, Joe, as you had been busy recently with studying.
Today you had both decided to go out for lunch, and on your way home you took a walk through the park, Joe vlogging and talking about his trip to LA coming up soon and hopefully you coming with him.
However, while you let him vlog and tuned into your surroundings, you heard frantic baby cries and a woman’s voice that was shouting telling it to be quiet. Turning the corner, you saw a woman, not all that much older than yourself, squatting on the ground, a tiny baby laying on the hard concrete beside her.
The woman, as you got closer, you could notice she had a glazed over look to her eyes and she was muttering repeated words to herself.
The baby had only a small t-shirt and diaper on, its skin becoming red due to the lack of heat it was getting.

You quickly said to Joe to wait where he was while you cautiously walked over to the woman who was rocking back and forth. Approaching her you crouched down to her level, although you were about a foot away in case of any unpredictable behaviour.
“Hi, are you alright?” you asked her, trying to assess her situation and the baby’s from the distance.
She snapped her head towards you and her face turned to one of uncertainty and disgust. She nodded her head rapidly while looking away from you, muttering ‘Yes, yes, yes’ to herself.
You took a tiny step forward to see if she or the baby had any injuries, but as you did she flinched and told you to stay away from them.
“I’m not going to hurt you, I just need to know if either of you are hurt. I’m here to help.” You replied in a soothing voice, looking the woman straight in the eyes to show that you were being sincere, even if she won’t quite pick up on it in her drug clouded mind.

From what you could see, there were no physical injuries.
You turned your head back to Joe and saw a few other people standing by in case something happened.
“Can someone ring an ambulance?” You ask quietly to the small gathering of people. But evidently you weren’t quiet enough, the woman on high alert, stood up and started shouting at you to leave them alone and that there was no need for an ambulance.
Joe rushed over to you, protective mode on auto-pilot. However, some others there also came to your aid, attempting to calm down the woman.
You looked over to Joe, and nodded to the baby still laying on the ground, mouthing that you were fine.

He nodded at you, making my way over to the screaming baby.
He knelt down beside it, running his hands over its arms, legs, head, and tummy checking for any bumps or cuts, but luckily found none.
He lifted it up, and sat down on the bench that was next to where it had been laying, taking his hoodie off and cocooning it around the tiny baby. He lifts her up gently, placing her in the crook of his neck, attempting to get her warmer.
She doesn’t stop crying, although it is not as loud as it was previously but she was persisting. He tries to rock her back and forth a bit, whispering that she’s okay, but the crying still continued.
An idea pinged in his brain amongst the chaos of a crying baby and a still shouting mother.
He reached down and brought out his camera that he had forgot to stop recording when he lowered it earlier when you had gone to talk to the mother.
He lifted up the view finder, and directed it towards the baby, allowing her to see herself. This was a tactic that he had used when his friends’ babies began to cry.
She stared at herself in the camera, fascinated at this moving image, not yet knowing it was herself. In the distraction of the new thing in front of her, she ceased her crying, only a few sniffles coming out of her rosy pouty lips.

He began to see her eyelids drooping slightly, so he turned off his camera and placed it back into his pocket.
He shifted her position in his arms, holding her like a new born baby, and began to rock her back and forth, singing a small tune to her in hope that it would help her sleep.
Just as she began to sleep the ambulance pulls up beside them, a doctor’s car with it.
Two paramedics began to persuade the mother to go with them in the ambulance while the woman in the doctor car began to walk over to Joe.
She gazed down at the sleeping baby, placing her hand on its head to check her temperature. She smiles up at him, her gaze faltering to you walking over to his side.
She thanked both you and Joe for helping, assuring you that both mother and baby will be safe and properly looked after. She scooped the snoozing baby from Joe’s arms and walked back to her car.

You looked up at Joe, a small smile on your face, “Time to go home, yeah?”
A small chuckle released from his lips, “Let’s go home.” He agreed, intertwining your hands together and walking back to his flat, becoming more ready by the second to get in the bath when you get there.

It had been a few days since the incident, and Joe had finally uploaded his vlog to his second channel. He had included the clips of the beautiful baby, wanting to keep them in it for memories sake. He did a small voice over on them, explaining what had happened and how brilliant you had been to help this helpless woman.
He had wanted to avoid the comments on this video, expecting to see people criticising him for using the baby for views or some other nonsense like that.
However, when he did look he found positive ones, albeit some where rude, mixed in with the spam ones he didn’t know how to get rid of. There were comments praising the both of you for doing the right thing, but the most common comments with thousands of likes were about how cute Joe was with the baby and how easily he knew how to calm her down.
He got similar messages in his mentions on twitter, some jokingly asking when him and you were going to have kids.

You had both spoke about it, always wanting to have kids, not fully minding when you had them. He could easily imagine it with you, how beautiful you would look with a round tummy from a little mini Sugg, him coming home from the hospital and getting used to changing its diaper, the first time it would smile, walk, talk. He felt himself get excited, unbelievably excited for when you begin to add to your little family.

He got up from his computer chair in his office, and walked to find you curled up with a cosy blanket watching a cheesy Disney movie. He smiled at how engrossed you were in it, dressed in comfy clothes and your hair thrown up into a bun.
He sat down next to you, curling into your side, under the blanket too.
“Babe?” he whispered in your ear, placing small kisses just behind your ear.
“Yeah?” you asked, turning your head slightly to the side so that you could see him.
“How would you feel about beginning our own little family?”
You looked stunned when the words slipped out of his mouth, this was something you wanted but it was something you were going to wait for him to bring it up again so you knew it was something he definitely wanted.
You nodded your head slightly, “I’d love to.”

He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours, but were unable to properly do it because of the gigantic smiles on your faces.

The past, the present... the future.  - Part 6

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 6: Aleksei

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: PTSD, eating disorders, torture.

Word count: Ehhh…

A/N: Ok, Ok, I know. I’ve taken ages to upload this. I’m so sorry!!! I had a huge writer’s block, but now I’m over it. This part is a little (too) dramatic… I got carried away. Sorry, I know, I’m a monster. I promise fluff when the series end! Enjoy reading!

Previously: Part 1 - Part 5

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“I… realized something. I guess I always knew it, but I had never seen it in such a real… reality. I’ve seen… the twisted, dark, painful story HYDRA turned, not just my life, but many others, into. You could say… I’ve meet Bucky Barnes for the first time. I… Only knew The Soldier, the shadow of a monster. But… It wasn’t the shadow of Bucky, it was the shadow of HYDRA. I feared the man, when I should fear the organization. Its true, in a way, he will always be him to me, he will always be The Soldier. I will always associate my time at HYDRA with him, I will always associate him with the terrible things The Soldier did to me. But every single time, I will have to remind myself that it wasn’t him, and them I’ll keep going. Because its true. He will be the monster that haunts my nightmares, but he doesn’t need to know that, because he never chose to be in that position. This is something I have to protect him about: the nightmare he was forced into.”

Daisy nods and stays quiet, looking at the park. After some time, she turns to me. “So what do we do now?”

Now, we fight.

Y/N’s POV:

I look at Daisy’s sleeping form from the sofa. It has taken me a while to convince her to take the bed, but she finally gave in, out of exhaustion.

When we came back from our walk, Coulson had called to ask why exactly was the missing mission jet in the compound. I don’t know how that went, because Tony and Daisy took care of it, but my friend got permission to stay here for the night before leaving first thing in the morning.

While they were talking, Natasha informed me of the current situation. As always, she had my back and had told the team (including Bucky) that I had gone to the training room to cool off after a fight with her and that, given that I was on edge, Barnes had scared me and that had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. It didn’t sound realistic to me, but Nat can be really convincing if she wants to. In any case, they didn’t ask questions. Nearly.

When we finished supper, Tony called me aside to his lab with the excuse of wanting to run through my results with me to make sure everything was correct. When we got there, he locked the lab door and started running through some files in his computer, but it was really obvious that he had no intention of asking me anything related to my results.

“What do you want, Tony?” I leaned against one of the tables.

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A bit of info on the Au!

Hello! Im making this post bc I’ve gotten a few questions that don’t neceserally need the character’s to answer them + a bit more info about the AU!

In my last post i explained that there are different ways to get your powers! Some are born with it and some have, ‘help’ to get theirs. Everybody has the potential to have their powers but if they are not born with it they have to experience a life or death situation to ‘activate’ them, or they die if they aren’t strong enough to handle it. More info under the cut!

SQUIPs can ‘activate’ a persons power when they see that they either, need them, or simply to fulfilled their purpose (to make someone cool). They do their math and calculate the percentage of somebody surviving the ‘activation’ and take the risk if they need to, but if the persons too weak they don’t take the risk.
Their powers grow depending on how much they practice with them, it’s like a muscle they need to train it constantly or else it’ll just stay weak.
Now to go a bit in depth into two characters who have been the targets of all of the angst u guys have!

Michael (since he is the target of a lot of angsty questions,, i see u) : Michael, as most of ya’ll know can travel through electronics, electricity is coursing through a thing? Yup Michael can go through it! But if he were to say get trapped in one of those electronic devices he will slowly start to disintegrate since literally the only reason he’s inside of that is because of the electricity. The bigger the thing the easier it is for him to travel too since he doesn’t have to force himself so much to go through the device. Yes he has tried to go through SQUIPs since technically it’s a super computer and it has electricity i mean it’s shocked Jeremy with electricity! In short it didn’t go well, the SQUIP is extremely small and Michael had to endure a few minutes of being in it and it strained his body heavily plus the SQUIP went into a 'Self Defense Mode’ since there was an intruder. That’s all I’m going to disclose on Michael because i don’t want to ruin all surprises ;)

Jeremy (2nd target for all ya’ll angsty asks, why do u guys like hurting the boyf riends sm?): Jeremy can control electronics and the electricity in them, but he can not make electricity out of thin air he can only control previously existing electricity in a device. Jeremy is extremely careful when using his powers around Michael when he’s in devices and especially careful when he pranks Michael by turning off electronic devices around him (not the one he’s in of course), and anyways he can only hold it for maybe a minute or two before giving in because it eventually starts to drain him, but after an accident involving Michael he tries to limit when he does it so really it’s not something he does a lot anymore.

Like I’ve stated I don’t have a definitive story to this au, mostly tailored the questions i get so… YOU guys are the one growing this story, with a small push from me dropping hints if i have an idea and want it to go somewhere!
P.S I’m sorry if sometimes the answers don’t make sense or if they contradict each other. I’m just one mod and this is my first time seriously dealing with an ask blog! Don’t let the multiple art styles confuse you It’s simply just one 15 yr old who doesn’t have a definitive artstyle.

P.P.S i don’t know if this either helped answer a few questions, shed a bit more light on the au or inspired more questions! I just hope that this was helpful to a small degree,,, Please remember that this is actually just fantasy and a bit of sci-fi! Not everything’s gonna make sense, ya’ll just gotta roll with it (I won’t purposely start to make things confusing or not understandable now but there will probably be a few things that just cant be explained!)

Any questions that i see the could have been answered here won’t be answered by the characters! I try to upload a few answers a day and I don’t want to put time into an answer that’s been answered here sorry! Previously asked questions wont be affected tho, just new ones that come in after I’ve posted this but like a day or two later bc heck I don’t expect everybody to read this today.


Also small hint: read the tags that i put on the answers ;)  Some have bonus info

** As the au grows I might add more info here, don’t worry I’ll keep you guys updated if i do!

Broduce 101 Story Time & Family Appreciation

My PD101 story isn’t too tragic. I mean, the ending is, but we’ll come to that later. I would like to thank one of my besties, @kpoppoopie (Thor), for getting me into PD101 in the first place. Without further ado, I give you my Produce 101 story.

First, it started when my friend Katy told me that there was going to be a second season for Produce 101. Now, I had heard of the first season, just never really got into it. Just before I.O.I disbanded, I had started to get into them a bit. For season 2, I was a little more excited because I actually knew trainees who were going to appear. The first person I heard of was Kim Sanggyun aka A-Tom of TOPP DOGG. And then BTL (they disbanded, bless them), HOTSHOT, JJCC. And it wasn’t until later, right before the show began to start, that I heard NUEST was going to be on. So, I knew a pretty good handful of the boys. 

At school, in my last class of the day, I was on a chromebook on YouTube. I saw that the stage for Produce 101 Season 2 “Pick Me” had been uploaded. So, with no earbuds and a completely silent class, I watched the performance with no sound. 

Later, I eventually listened to it. At first, I didn’t really like the song. I also read articles about different trainees who caught people’s attention. For example, Jang Moonbok, for his appearance on a show where he rapped. Lee Euiwoong, for previously being on ‘Hello Counselor’. Park Jihoon for being “wink boy”. Keep in mind that I didn’t really pay attention to these articles at the time until I seriously got into PD101. 

In April or May, Katy showed me pictures of Bae Jinyoung, her favorite trainee. Now, a few days (or weeks?) before, she showed me pictures of other trainees (but I can’t remember who) and I was semi-interested. When she showed me Jinyoung, she asked me how old I thought he was. I thought he was one of those guys who looked really young but was actually older than how he looked so I guessed 21. Another person, one of our other friends, guessed 17. And she was the one who guessed correctly. And I looked at him again and said, “he’s pretty handsome” (or something along those lines).

In June, during the last week of school, I started falling in love with PD101. First I started out with clips of the boys. I re-watched the “Pick Me” performance and I’m now addicted to the song. The trainee I fell for was Park Jihoon. Remember the articles? I didn’t know Jihoon was wink boy until I think Katy told me. Or maybe I was watching the performance and was looking for him and I saw him wink. This was a couple weeks ago, please forgive me. 

Later, I fell for Bae Jinyoung. A week ago. I finally started watching the show and am currently making very slow progress. So far, I’ve watched episodes 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, and 11. Yes, I completely skipped over, but let me tell you that either way, I was very emotional for that finale.

But back to Jinyoung. Katy had been so obsessed with him, and then she revealed her real bias, Park Woojin. So, as I was watching clips, looking at blogs, getting to know the trainees, I noticed a boy. Two boys to be exact. Two trainees from CUBE Entertainment we call chicks. These boys are none other than Lai Guanlin and Yoo Seonho.

I don’t care if you say they don’t have talent. I’m still stanning them okay because that’s what development and practice are for. 

Aside from the trainees, the show itself was good. Besides Mnet’s evil editing, it was okay. I mean, if you were part of the Mnet staff, try getting 101 boys into a one hour episode. Yes there were favorites, but put yourself in their shoes. 

I didn’t realize I was so emotionally attached to the show and the trainees until I was watching the final episode live. I got up once, and it was to use the bathroom. But the whole time, I was screaming at my chromebook, crying into my hands, wiping the tears off of my cheeks, and talking to myself, telling myself to stop crying. When the episode stopped streaming (it completely stopped streaming right before they were going to announce Jihoon and Daniel’s ranking), I was torn. I wennt back to Tumblr and asked Katy for updates. And when she told me Daniel was 1st and Jihoon was 2nd, I was thrilled because I was actually getting updates. And then I asked for number 11, who had not been revealed yet. And then Katy said, “Ha Sungwoon”. Well, it was in all caps, but you get it. Basically I was bawling so much that I ended up making these weird sounds of happiness/sadness for all the other trainees that had gotten eliminated and the final lineup. And then Katy said something about Jonghyun being 14 and Samuel not making it and I got even more emo, probably sitting there mind-blown. And then I completely stopped functioning and stared at my screen thinking, ‘my boys did it, ohmygod, they did it. I’m so proud of them all’. Turns out I was mumbling to myself, according to my sister. 

I am still emotionally drained from that day (and it didn’t help that I had to follow someone around a wedding for two days; it’s a Hmong tradition). I will forever support my boys in Wanna-One and the boys who are going to debut/comeback or continue pursuing their dreams of becoming an idol.

Produce 101 Season 2. Thank you for bringing me on a emotional roller coaster ride. Thank you for allowing me to give you the title(s) of Broduce 101 and Adoption 101. 

I especially want to thank the trainees, who have found a way to my heart. I will always support you all and I will always be by your side.

The people I want to thank even more, are the people in the Produce 101 Family. We stick together, keep each other updated, and share our PD101 thoughts. We don’t all talk, but as a PD101/Wanna-One family, we always stick together. Thanks so much for having me, and I would love to tag you all. Just pray that I didn’t forget anybody. If I do, I’m sorry, but I do appreciate and love every single PD101/Wanna-One blog on Tumblr. :) I’m also sorry if I tag you twice :”)

@wannaoneioi @kpoppoopie @produced101 @produce101infocenter @produce-boys @produce101icons @peachgodkangdaniel @parkjiihoons @park-woojin @park-woojinbnm @parksjihoon @parkwoojinn @parkji-hoons @p-arkwoojin @daewi @daehwis @daeswhis @dabnielkang @ong-seungwoo @ong101 @ongssi @ongniels @seonnho @sewooned @seongwoosgf @seonhodaily @sewoonn @jung-sewoons @jeongsewoons @jeo-jang @kngdaniel @kangbaeks @gugulin @guanmint @guannlin @guanlini @seonhope @seonh0e @god-kangdaniel @geonhee @godkenta @godsewoon @godkangdaniel @donghans @kimsamueldeservedbetter @kimjonghyunx @kimdcnghyun @jongibugi @ji-hooon @jiiya-101 @justkiddingitskris @jusewoon @p-arkwoojin @lai-guanlin @lai-kuanlin @laiguacamole @peach-somi @minsbugi @misswannaone @extraongdinary @euiwoong @euigeon @eunkis-choker @lee-baehwi101 @lee-insoo @lee-in-soo @ramenrulz8p @realdefdani-pote @urijinyoung @useonho @incorrectbroducequotes @memduce @im-youngmin @pd101confessions @broduce101boyz @broduce-texts @brodueces101 @ahn-hyungseob @swoojin @deer-jinyoung @dayhwee @kngdaniel @jongibugi @hitoritabi @honqeunki @hongseobis @fykenta @fywoodam @fywannaone @fyboys101 @fykangdaniel @fy-parkjihoon @baejinvisual @bd101-translations @vvannaone101 @conversehighnotconverselow @cherry-youngmin @congstellation @99jihoons @sweetbabygirllor @jinguos @jinxhwi

Thanks so much again, and I love you all so much ^~^

Valentine's Day~

(I’m uploading this from my phone because my laptop is acting up so please excuse how awful this looks)

My inbox has been empty for so long ;-; But this idea popped into my head, so I wanted to write it. Just a reminder, you can request at anytime! I can’t really write anything without requests, so they are appreciated.

Giving the RFA a handmade gift for Valentine’s Day


-What do you give Yoosung for Valentine’s Day?
-You’re his first significant other so this has to be special!!
-The pressure is weighing you down exponentially
-You want this to be something he will always look back on and smile
-But it’s so damn hard
-You want to give him something meaningful or something he’s been wanting for a long time
-But you cannot remember the last time Yoosung told you he really wanted something
-So you’re at a loss
-You shop around his favorite stores but nothing catches your eye
-Now what??
-You have to give him something
-He’s not shallow enough to get too upset over you not giving him anything, but he deserves so many gifts
-Too bad you’re so bad at shopping for him in such a short time
-You stop trying to find something to buy for him, so instead you buy him a pretty bouquet of flowers and you decide to make something yourself to give him
-But what should you make??
-Well you found some tutorials on the Internet on how to make handmade bracelets
-Yeah you’ll do that
-That way you two always have something to remind you of each other
-On Valentine’s Day, Yoosung is such a sweetheart to you and he makes you feel like royalty
-He buys you the prettiest roses and a couple other little things you had mentioned you wanted or needed previously
-He even remembered stuff you had just brought up in conversation months ago and bought it for you
-How does he remember all those minor details??
-But he’s obviously put a lot of effort into making you happy today so you’re worried your present won’t have nearly as much of an impact on him
-You nervously hand him his flowers and a small gift bag with the bracelet inside
-He compliments the flowers and rummages through the tissue paper until he finds the bracelet
-When he pulls it out, he has the hugest smile on his face
-His eyes are sparkling
-He immediately gives you the biggest hug ever
-“Thank you so much, ___! I love it and I’ll wear it everyday!”
-He kisses you on the nose
-“I love you so much. Thank you for such an amazing day.”


-How can you come up with a present when you know he’s going to do something extravagant for you??
-Like how do you compete with that??
-You’ve gone to countless stores and looked at countless websites countless times but you can’t find anything good enough for a gift
-With a heavy heart, you give up trying to buy a gift
-So, you settle with buying a simple box of chocolate and making something for him something instead
-With the fanciest vocabulary you can think of (it took you a few hours to perfect) you wrote him a poem
-It even rhymed
-You signed it with love~ and tied it to his box of chocolates with a slim red ribbon
-Come Valentine’s Day, Zen gives you everything you could imagine and more
-He treated you to a romantic date, and gave you the exact gift you had wanted
-He even gets you an amazing charm bracelet
-Needless to say, you were a bit self conscious of your poem
-But Zen was giving you such an adorable, expectant look that you mustered up the courage to hand him his present anyway
-You watched nervously as he read your poem to see if his face shows any noticeable sign of unhappiness
-To your surprise, he smiles lovingly down at the paper while he reads
-You even see pink on his cheeks
-You watch him with wide eyes until he looks up from the paper
-And you can see how much love is shining through his eyes
-You’re surprised once again when he wraps you into a tight hug
-“____, thank you so much. That was amazing… I love you so much.”
-“You…liked it?”
-“Of course I did! It was so extraordinarily better than anything I could’ve asked for!”
-You smile and share a romantic kiss before you both sit together, feeding each other chocolates

(Technically not “handmade” but bear with me)

-Jaehee just wants love and affection really
-Which you will happily give her
-But come on you’re obviously going to give her other things too since it’s a special occasion and all
-You visit her favorite online websites and go to all of her favorite stores, but find nothing
-How hard is it to shop for your own girlfriend? You didn’t think it would be this difficult
-These websites aren’t helping though, so you take matters into your own hands
-The first thing you think is to get her something coffee related
-But she already has that new coffee maker she loves
-And she has plenty of exotic coffee beans already
-And she has millions of adorable coffee mugs already…
-You’ll make her a coffee mug
-Even if she already has millions of other ones, wouldn’t it be nice to see her drinking from one made especially for her?
-Would she even like that??
-She has so many cute mugs, would she even use yours??!!
-Well, you just have to try at this point
-You find a website that lets you make our own design for a coffee mug, so you upload romantic photo of you and her to use
-It looks nice, so you order it
-Thankfully it comes in time! But barely
-You were worried it wouldn’t show up in time all day during your date with Jaehee
-When you returned home though the package was right on the doorstep
-Relieved, you pick it up and hold it out to Jaehee with a big smile
-“Happy Valentine’s Day!”


-It’s pretty impossible to buy something for someone who has so much money
-All the things you see in stores never stand out because you know that if he wanted this stuff he could buy it himself
-He’s not materialistic, but it’s still difficult to shake that idea from your mind
-You admit defeat the day before Valentine’s Day
-You panic because now you have to do something quick, but you want it to be special
-You draw (even if you think you’re bad at drawing^^) a picture of some flowers and other cute things and add a short love letter on the back of the paper
-You also throw in a new, fashionable tie as an extra gift
-You notice the amount of gift bags sitting in your living room on Valentine’s Day after you come home from being out with Jumin all day
-Jumin knows you can’t buy love, so you remind him often that he doesn’t need to buy you so many things, but he likes to spoil you sometimes
-And today is a special occasion which is the perfect excuse to spoil you
-You thank him for all of the wonderful things he bought you
-Some of it looked pricey, so you feel guilty that you didn’t buy him anything so expensive
-Jumin kisses your forehead and tells you he’s glad you liked your presents
-You tell him that you have something for him too, but it’s not very good
-You sneak off and return with the small gift bag you hid from him
-He really likes the tie you gave him, but that picture..
-He gave an unreadable expression and you felt yourself panicking
-“It’s okay if you don’t like it, I’m sor-”
-“___, did you make this?”
-He smiles
-“This is so lovely. How did you manage to make such an adorable drawing?”
-You tell him the drawing is nothing but he doesn’t believe you. He also compliments the love letter on the back, saying he loves you more than you could ever know
-You have a nice dinner at home that night and talk and joke around about anything that comes up
-It was a great day for the both of you


-This boy
-You have no idea what kind of gifts he would like so you straightforwardly ask him what he wants
-He says “Nothing”
-You think this is a fucking game, Choi???
-Does he really expect you to just sit idly while he works so hard on his present for you? Really?
-I don’t think so
-You can and will give this little ex hacker boy the best present his precious mind could imagine
-That was the plan
-But you can’t find anything in the stores you visit good enough to give him
-He could make a lot of cool electronics anyway, so that marks that possible gift off the list
-You give up, reluctantly
-You have to just make something
-You’re not some mad scientist either so you can really come up with any special machine to make for him
-You have to settle with writing him a little love poem/letter and giving him some dark chocolate
-You sigh
-He does such an elaborate “quest” adventure for you on Valentine’s Day and you only have some shitty poem
-You suck it up and give him the poem and the chocolate anyway, apologizing that you didn’t get him anything else
-While he’s reading it though..
-He starts tearing up??
-You’re concerned
-Is it okay?? Is he okay??
-But then he hugs you so gently and whispers thank you in your ear
-“Are you okay, Saeyoung?”
-“I’m more than okay. Thank you so much, ___. I love you so so much. Thank you…”
-He actually really loves your “shitty” poem
-He reads it all the time


-This angel deserves the world so you can’t find something worthy of giving him
-He is also the kind of person to not want gifts because he’s that humble
-But you’re not taking no for an answer
-You’re going to get his ass a gift and he’s gonna like it
-…you hope
-Because you can’t find anything good enough
-He doesn’t need anything new for his camera, he doesn’t need any new clothes, he doesn’t even have any particular candy he would like
-The fuck
-How can such an angel be difficult to shop for?
-You have to settle with something else
-You decide to write him a love letter and buy him his favorite flowers
-The letter… was difficult to write
-You couldn’t seem to find the right words to describe how you felt about him
-You loved him too much, you didn’t have the vocabulary to describe it
-But it was as good as you could do
-You wrote that letter at least five times before you settled with a final draft
-He was so romantic on Valentine’s Day
-His attention was on you the entire day
-He bought you jewelry (if your into that) and some new clothes and you loved it
-You… weren’t very confident in your letter
-He loved the flowers, of course
-So you nervously handed him the letter and apologized if it was bad but it was the best you could do
-V starts crying after he reads it
-You’re relationship has been so bumpy because of what happened with Rika, so this letter was the perfect affirmation of your feelings to him
-Even though you’ve both struggled, you still love him
-It’s overwhelming
-He never thought he would love anyone after Rika, but here you are
-A miracle
-He clings to you and tells you how much he loves you too
-He never wants to lose you
-You assure him that you’re not going anywhere

「roommates - jjk: 1」

jeon jungkook x idol!oc

summary: in which two childhood friends, who despise each other, have to live together for the summer to make up. If they don’t make up, they’d be spending the rest of the year there.
warnings: mature/graphic scenes, language, slurs. eventual death and smut. mentions of alcohol/substance usage. read at your own discretion.
word count: 5.2k sue me later
author’s note: ok yeah so this is my first ever posted fic and how ironic that i posted the trailer a few months ago and i’m just now getting to uploading the full chapter. low caps intended !! xx

part one;

“you, my friend, are possibly the worst person to put makeup on.” cassidy positioned hayden’s head forwards for what felt like the hundredth time. a bad habit hayden has when she gets nervous is that she twists and turns, unable to stay in one spot. groaning, she leant her head against the back of the chair rest and closed her eyes, beginning to let her imagination free. she imagined what the crowd looked like out there, bordered off from the red carpet that was screaming her name. flowers were tracing the edge, paparazzi lights flashing in her direction, and voices cascading throughout the area. opening her eyes again, cassidy had already moved to a different station to fix up a different actor who was also walking down the red carpet. a scoff escaped her lips as she positioned her head back to a normal position and stared at the reflection before her. hayden couldn’t deny the power cassidy had whenever she applied makeup. her insecurities out of sight made her feel on top of the world.

“hayden! anna! lauren!” the faint voice of her manager shook her back into reality as she stepped closer to the three girls who were to make an appearance on the red carpet, looking more stressed than usual. her eyes dotted from the clock to the trio. “you three have five minutes before you go on. hayden, why don’t you have your outfit on yet— actually, it doesn’t matter. just go put the dress on immediately.”

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Imagine a Barba v Reagan custody trial THE INTERLUDE: How We Got Here

(A/N: Sorry I’m such a slow uploader lately! Trying to be faster! I hope you enjoy this. Trying something new is always fun) 

Masterlist with all the parts HERE


Imagine a Barba v Reagan custody trial THE INTERLUDE: How We Got Here

August 20th, 2003

Erika Reagan tapped the last keys of the song before being met by an applause better than she had expected, given that there were only a few patrons in the bar.

It was 2:00 am after all.

But then again there was that one guy. He had slipped in just as you started and she hadn’t noticed until she locked eyes with him while performing. He had almost made her mess up but she composed herself quickly. As she stood up the light shined brightly in her face so she couldn’t see anything. She made her way towards the end of the stage so walk down and standing at the bottom was the man she had seen.

“Let me help you,” He said, giving her his hand so she could use to get down the stairs.

He must have noticed the ‘ridiculous high heels I’m wearing’ she thought to herself as she stepped down and got back onto solid ground. Erika hated the dress code for this place, it was so unlike her to wear such high heels

“Thanks,” She smiled, quickly dusting herself off.

“You were amazing up there,” He complimented, with a slight blush but his eyes bright with confidence.

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Pairing: Markiplier x Reader

Summary: Mark gets a tad bit jealous and tries to impress you with his arms.

Warnings: Mild language.

Word Count: 1,230

A/N: Extremely short, but I just wanted to get this idea out of my head, cuz I mean have you seen Mark’s arms?

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“Shit.” You whispered to yourself, scrolling through the results you got when searching ‘Chris Evans biceps’.

While recently watching the new Captain America movie with your boyfriend Mark, you couldn’t help but notice all the actor’s incredibly sculpted bodies, Chris Evans, aka the Captain America himself, being the one to catch your attention the most, mainly with his arms. Even though he wore a heavy suit for most the movie, you could still clearly see his massive biceps, ready to bulge out and rip the fabric. When you left the movie theater and Mark asked you how you’d liked the movie, you had to just nod your head, not willing to tell him how you hadn’t paid attention to half of the plot because you were hypnotised by the actor’s muscles.

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Good afternoon folks, and welcome to today’s statistical map, where we take our second look at Youtube views this ESC season. I’ve talked here about how useful YT views and likes can be to predict success at the contest - and indeed, some of the songs with the biggest hype (Belgium, France, the perennial Sweden) tend to see that hype reflected by huge viewing numbers. (As always, before someone points out the 100 m viewers of we use the videos playlisted and uploaded by the official Eurovision Song Contest channel - the version racking up the views is not the Eurovision version.)

Last month, five songs had cracked a million views on the official ESC account - since then, ten more have done the same, and 8 songs have racked up 1.5 million views or more. This is just shy of the 19 songs that had over a million views on the night before the semi-finals began last year - a number that I feel is likely to be excelled this year.

What I find really curious is the geographic distribution of views. Excepting the withdrawn Russia, the top 5 songs by views comprise 4 Western European nations (Sweden, Belgium, San Marino [have they been streaming non stop in the Serene Republic?] and France), with only Macedonia making an incursion for the east. The bottom 5 by views, on the other hand, is entirely eastern and post-93 ESC members: Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Georgia, though it must be noted that Bulgaria previously had over a million views on their lyric video and unleashed their visual video quite late.

In typical ESC years, there is usually more balance between West and East, with a number of Eastern nations doing incredibly well. 2017 seems like the year of the West, however: only 4 post-1993 nations (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Serbia and Macedonia) have cracked a million views compared to 9 pre-1993 ESC members. It’s particularly surprising for me to see Poland and Ukraine, whose videos usually get a lot of views, not making much of an impression this year.

Of course, there is more than one way the YT data is useful - and it is important to look not only at the sheer number of views but the rate at which the number of views is expanding. Many songs can gain a large number of (often domestic) views when first released, which then peters out - whilst other songs may start off with fewer views but see their figures increase steadily over time with repeat listeners and new viewers

Instead of east-west, we see something of a crude north-south divide, with most northern nations having a below average increase in views (108.5% being the average increase) and most southern nations having an above average increase. There are always exceptions, but these are surprisingly very zonal: the three Baltic nations are amongst the very few northern nations with a faster than average view increase, with Estonia’s almost 300% increase in views being the highest of them all, whilst most of the slower-than-average; whilst most of the slower than average view counts are for countries in the Balkans and the island nations of Malta and Cyprus.

A full data table can be found below!

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Lucifer’s 2x18 Ending - Sanoiro’s Theory & Speculation


This time I’ll begin this a bit differently.

First, if you want to know where I believe Lucifer is then, check this post . Be warned that I’ll not repeat what is written in that post aside from a minor detail.

Second… What makes a mystery? Let’s take this like any other mystery that has ever been written. When there is a crime, there are three characters you should check out. The Suspects, The Detective and the Witnesses.

Scene 1

The Suspects:

We have plenty and everywhere I go I always hear about Lucifer’s siblings. As I have already told you the next episodes do not credit any kind of angel. We get to have an Assistant, a woman who will appear in the first three episodes at least but that’s it. If she is Azrael… Again though I doubt it. You have to realise that just because we got Uriel and Mum in one season it doesn’t mean we get to have a new celestial being in the mix so soon. I mean season three is not a holiday resort for feathered siblings!

Therefore instead of speculating about an unknown villain I would say keep your eyes in the room and not who might or might not be behind the door!

The Detective: Is of no consequence here… I mean both Detectives as clueless as you can get them to be.

The Witnesses: As far as we know there was none or was that the case?

Scene 2

Every mystery has:

A problem that needs to be solved: Lucifer has wings

An event that cannot be explained: Lucifer founds himself in a desert

A secret: Who has did it?

Something that is lost or missing: Obviously his clothes but not really…

Scene 3

Two things can be found in a mystery:

The Clues and the Red Herring. The first helps you solve the mystery while the second misleads you. The Red Herrings most often that not are false clues… And so far my dear readers you all have been hoodwinked. You are in a wild goose chase without a goose.

The answer to this mystery for me is simple and although I might be wrong I believe that I have all the right clues to support it without being fooled by the false ones. So you may ask who is the one behind Lucifer’s kidnapping? If you don’t want to know please stop and go back to your headcanon because this will be a crazy ride.

Let’s start from the first clue… While Lucifer is talking to the phone we can see a person walking behind him aside from the 2 paramedics and 1 nurse who have left the scene. Now when I say see, I mean on the ceiling.

At first, you believe it’s the nurse that has just passed Lucifer but the direction and the pace are totally different. Of course, I might be mistaken and it might be indeed the extra who played the nurse. Still, I’m just going to leave this here as it is the most harmless “clue”.

Now In order to proceed, you need to know who I’m suspecting. Who I believe has the motive, the ability and of course the reason to knock out Lucifer and even manage to give him his wings back.

How does this pic do it for you?

No? You don’t see anything else aside a bunch of paintings, Lucifer, Linda and Maze. Okay, now how about this?

Scene 4

Let’s take things from the very beginning. In the show, Maze cuts Lucifer’s wings and after he burns them in 1x07 she tells him 

“I cleaned up your mess at the beach”. 

Maze knew exactly where she had disposed the wings and from 1x13 she also knew the power they held. How could she ever heal Amenadiel if she didn’t a have an inkling of what they were capable of?

Now according to the comics as I have mentioned before the wings can regenerate themselves to their former glory. No.Matter.What. This means that wherever the wings were they slowly healed on their own. Also if you didn’t notice in 1x07 the flesh on the wings was still fresh. The wings in a way healed and waited patiently for when their owner would reattach them So the wings can be reattached easily, the detachment was bloody painful and for a good reason. 

-They have remembered their former state. The Form and Substance that they had before his Fall. 

-They have healed themselves.

At this point let me speculate something. In the comics, Lucifer’s wings were bat-like. All leathery etc. It never made sense why Lucifer’s wings were white and Amenadiel’s fell off. Now my theory on this is simple:

Maze and Lucifer come to Earth and Lucifer has the Hellish wings if you like. Or the bat wings as I call them. When Maze cuts them off, the wings as a piece of divinity get back to their original angelic form, in short they heal themselves. That is why perhaps Maze used them on Amenadiel. Okay so far so good… But that creates the issue for Lucifer in season 3.

If the wings were restored to their original form after Maze cut them then what that means for Lucifer to have back his wings all feathered and oozing divinity? As Henderson has said season 3 is all about identity. Is Lucifer [still] the Devil, is he [now] an Angel?

Now in my opinion Maze wanted.. wait this is part of the next question…

But many may ask… Why would Maze do that? It doesn’t make sense and yet it does. 

Maze has started to experience feelings. Feelings she never knew that existed before and the most troublesome part is that she is finally rebelling. But feelings are a scary thing as we have seen from Lucifer himself.  We saw previously in season 2 that Maze still has issues with admitting she has human feelings, no instead she is awesome and that she has become more human than most of the humans Linda knows. 

With that knowledge, we can speculate 2 things. First, that Maze now knows that Lucifer used her. As the showrunners have hinted Maze will try to turn against to Lucifer in order to claim her independence. With her first adult friend badly injured because of Lucifer, remember that Maze wanted Mum back to Hell since day one, we can say that she would do anything to come to Linda’s aid. That would also mean a foolish hope that perhaps another feather had made it from the fire. 

Now plenty to speculate that a simple cig could not have burned the wings. I partly agree but mostly because: a) Lucifer is the Lightbringer and wouldn’t that be oxymoron and b) because as I have said according to the comics they heal themselves. 

My speculation here is that Maze tried to find a feather and found the wings intact. 

Scene 5

But why would she attach them to Lucifer?

As Lucifer said Maze cares for certain humans and Chloe is one of them. When she realises what happened to Linda can happen to Chloe because Lucifer suddenly wanted the Detective to know a very hasty plan is formulated. Maze failed to protect Linda but she can protect Chloe and Trixie, also she has not forgiven Lucifer neither for his manipulation in season 2 but nor for the fact that by showing Linda his Devil form, her friendship with the Doctor almost ended. Maze has come close to losing many friends and people she cares about because of Lucifer and this time she rebels very much like Lucifer did to his Dad. 

So she decides to get the wings and then what you will ask. Again let’s go back to 1x07. 

Lucifer says to Amenadiel:

“I mean, you were willing to let a human die and unleash the wings upon the world just to remind me who I was.

To fool me into desiring the wings and the hellish throne they accompany.

Severing the wings was a half measure. I did leave myself an out. A ripcord back to the life that dear old Dad chose for me.But I don’t need it now, because, in case I haven’t made myself abundantly clear, I’m never going back to Hell.

As we know the wings were not just part of his angel form. Oh no, they weren’t. Shocked? Well, you see what we learned from season 1 and what Maze knows, the wings are a ticket back to Hell. A ticket that can include her as well as she cannot leave otherwise. Lucifer himself apologised about that in 1x07 and that is why Maze kept that feather. 

So Maze gives Lucifer his wings back in hopes that they might finally return to Hell. Not because she missed home but because she finally cares too much for the ones she feels she has to leave behind in order to protect. Let’s not forget that Maze in the show declared that she would protect Lucifer from danger even if he didn’t it was coming. Now she is determined to do the same thing for Linda (too late), Chloe and Trixie. 

So Maze needed Lucifer back, no she needed the Devil back but she got an Angel instead… Now that was a twist…

Here is where I end the first part

Now let’s see some other clues…

1) Maze’s daggers are shaped like angel feathers. That was perhaps a clue from the writers since the very beginning. Also, Maze has access to the weird baton… or as I say that weird batton-vibrator… I would totally believe that Maze could have used a vibe to kidnap Lucifer…

That’s a baton by the way, not a vibe…

2) Is it really weird that 2x19 or now the episode 3x01 is called Mr and Mrs Mazinkeen Smith? If we take the reference out of the movie Mr and Mrs Smith we can tell that Maze is still pissed and now has her own agenda. Yes, it is also a Maze centric episode so I would again bet my money on Maze being behind Lucifer’s feathery problem. Still, the pic that has been uploaded for that episode doesn’t show Maze being injured or anything… 

3) Lucifer still carries the injuries from his confrontation with Maze but if you notice how the make-up has been applied then you will realise that the injuries are not just from the sun. Only one of his ears is bloody as well as parts of his chest. It is like he was dragged on the coarse ground or dragged while he landed on the dessert. My best speculation would have been that the Wings got him back to the first place they remembered since his fall. 

Now you see his ear injured and several other bloody spots but the Maze’s bruise and his forehead cut are still there although they have faded a bit. 

Whilst his right side is fine…

(The next two paragraphs have been posted before)

Here I have to remind you again what Linda had said to Lucifer. “When angels fall, they also rise. All you have to do is embrace all that you are.” We also know that season 3 is going to deal with the issue of identity according to Henderson. Is Lucifer a devil or an angel and why? So keep in mind Linda’s words and let’s go back to that forsaken desert.

Now in San Bernardino, there is the Amboy Crater… The Amboy Crater is just a volcano crater but according to the region’s legends, it’s so much more. It’s the spot Lucifer landed when he Fell from heaven.

Scene 6

How did Lucifer end up in the desert and why is he hurt? 

My theory here is again simple. When the wings reattached themselves his body should have been vulnerable for the scars to open and the wings to be set on his flesh and bones. Now if you believe that the wings are a new pair the same logic applies. You cannot have an invulnerable body and suddenly you sport wings, that’s not how the show works. The series loves a good mystery and for God to just give him a pair magically without Lucifer suffering is simply not the way the Writers have done things so far. 

Yet the injuries are not really explained… Yes, you are right. The peeling and the scrapped skin is not explained totally by the sun exposure. They are explained though by a very bad landing. If you see the ending again his left ear is bloody as is his chest and a good part of just one of his whole arm length. That talks of his body being dragged over a coarse ground. Therefore I would say that Lucifer actually flew there…

Again why in the middle of the desert? I’ll go again with the legend and say that the wings either took him as far as possible to a place that resembled Hell (heat etc.) or the writers thought it would be cool if the Wings went to the first familiar place on Earth, the Amboy Crater. The spot where Lucifer landed the first time.

But for how long has Lucifer stayed in the desert? That’ s debatable but I’ll say not for very long. The reason is simple. Lucifer’s injuries which Maze caused in 2x17 are still there at the end of 2x18. (See the pics above)

Have I missed anything?

Any questions?

(By the way, I wanted to write this theory into a one-shot or a 2-3 chapter fic. But A03 is filled with 2x18 ending fics and I’m simply not in the mood right now… Perhaps in a few weeks or a month… )

The Past, The Present... The future- Part 10

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 10: Recovery

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: None! (Surprisingly)

A/N: Guess what? I’m not actually dead! But I’m guessing I will soon be for taking so long on uploading this. Believe me, I’m sorry! I didn’t have wifi! But yeah, you have the right to kill me. But enjoy this first!

Previously: Part 1, Part 9

Originally posted by dolorioushaze


“Amonaliac” she whispers, her breath short from pain. “Hy-dra developed it when I-I was s-still with them. It is.. It.. It is a s-substance t-that stops m-my healing powers.” she grimaces after the effort of putting three sentences together, and closes her eyes as I lay a hand on her forehead.

“The knifes and bullets where soaked in it.” I explain as Tony and Bruce keep working. Stark is currently working on the cuts, cleaning them and bandaging them appropriately, but Banner isn’t working as swiftly as him. The doctor looks at the bullet wounds as if they where a big threat.

“I don’t have time to sedate you.” he finally announces with an apologetical tone, putting on medical gloves.

Y/N mumbles something like ‘Just go ahead, doctor’. He instructs me to hold her hand while he starts treating the wound. Everything’s going fine until Bruce has to take out the bullet. As soon as he starts, Y/N’s grip on my hand tightens as her back arches off the table. I kneel next to her, not letting go of her hand. “C’mon doll. You can do this” I whisper at her ear and she lets out a nearly imperceptible grunt.

Her eyes open suddenly, showing pain, but she looks at me and manages to smile. “I trust you” she babbles out, her breath heavy, and the grip on my hand even tighter.

As the scientist work, I can’t help but notice Tony’s deep-in-thought gaze falling over us.

Steve’s POV:

It’s been nearly three weeks since Bucky found Y/N nearly lifeless in the middle of the forest, but the atmosphere in the compound is still heavy. As I make my way to the common room for a meeting, I think about how much the girl has managed to impact our lives in the little time she has spent here.

When I enter, Tony greets me with a nod, his eyes empty and tired, and his eleventh cup of coffee in hand. I know he felt like a father figure to Y/N, but I don’t know how to explain to him that his self destructive tendencies won’t help her. I hope Rhodey, sitting next to him, is doing a better job then me.

Wanda  doesn’t look any better. She had deep bags under her eyes and, as she moves her hand absently, red patterns spiral out of it and vanish, leaving an invisible feeling of sadness in the air.

Natasha is laying next to Clint on the sofa. Clint looks sick worried, guilt filling his eyes, and clutched, white-knuckled fists. He is supposed to be with her family this week, but has decided to stay in to know how everything is going. He really looks terrible.

But Natasha… Nat’s face renders no emotion. She doesn’t look worried, or guilty, or frustrated, like everybody else. She just… Doesn’t feel. Not anymore, at least. I suppose it’s a coping mechanism. One everyone in here wish they had.

Sam, standing behind me, frowns at the room “Man, we are a disaster” he mumbles to no one in particular as he goes to sit next to a less-cheerful-than-usual Thor, and a silent Vision. I follow his lead.

“Any news?” I ask Tony. He sights and leaves the cup on the table.

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request- parenthood is all about learning || d.h

Request: hi can you do one where dan yells at his kid but then regrets it later on, you can make up the plot and stuff 😌

Word Count: 1,131

a/n: hope i get to transmitt all the feelings that thinking about dan as a dad makes me feel (that was awks sentence sorry). Also, I purposely made it vague for all you Phan shippers and all of you Dangirls lol



The predominant word that characterized Dan’s life lately. From recording videos, editing them, writing a new book, meet and greets, meetings and conventions, being a parent and a husband, Dan was surprised he still had some time to breath. His head was pounding, his back was so tense he could feel his muscles tighten as seconds passed. The only light being emitted from the computer, the only sound from the clicking of the mouse and the touch of the keyboard as Dan edited one of his famous youtube videos.

He heard the front door open, he sighted. He heard the laugh of the children, his children. The sound of both of them running up the stairs to their room. Don’t get me wrong, Dan loved his family but the moment the kids step in the house all his endeavors to get any work done were long forgotten. “If they could only not be here right now,” he thought. His thoughts sometimes made him feel guilty. Perhaps it all had been too soon, maybe wasn’t ready for a family but making hasty choices was what he was best at and this one was one he would never take back.

He turned his head as he heard the door of his room open. The small face of his child youngest made him smile. The kid had his wavy hair and his chocolate eyes, you didn’t have to look at them twice to know they were father and son. The small child ran into his father’s arms, who brought him into his lap.

“How was school?”

He didn’t answer with words, but he flashed a big smiled and showed two thumbs up. He reminded him of a younger version of himself, happy and carefree, long before his teenage self-found out about existentialism and the suffering of the world. Dan ruffled his son’s hair softly. The laughed emitted by the child bringing joy to his life, instantly making him feel less tense. Dan couldn’t help but smile, there was nothing in the world that made him happier than his children.

Dan always dreamed of having children, though he never admitted it until he had them. The idea of taking care of someone, loving each other unconditionally, being able to teach them about values and morals. Having someone to genuinely appreciates you for you, something you can only get out a familial relationship, in most cases at least. I guess he would agree that none is ever gonna love you like your children, none is ever gonna love you like your parents. It’s the mutual love and respect that he sometimes lack with his own family and that he craved for so long.

Dan got up and sat his child on the chair he was just sitting at.

“Don’t touch anything, okay? I’ll be right back” The time it took Dan to got to the kitchen and get some verbena couldn’t have been more than two minutes, yet when he got back to his computer, full of his hard work and stress, his world literally fell apart.

The video he spent hours editing, the clips from his videos he spent hours specifically looking for, hours and hours of work. Everything gone in a matter of minutes. He felt his breathing getting heavy as he closed and open several tabs. No saved drafts, no previously open windows, no backed up documents, nothing at all, everything is gone. He thought for a few seconds. There had to be something he could do, of course, there wasn’t, there was no way he could re-edit two videos and make it to his meeting today, and be able to upload tomorrow, and still be sort of alive by the end of it all. He rubbed his face with both of his hands, he looked around the room, and he spotted him.

The way his eyes deviated from his dad’s intense stare said it all.

“I just wanted to help…” the small and fragile voice filled the room, you could hear sobs forming on his little throat. Dan didn’t think twice and grabbed him but the shoulders kinda harshly but not enough to hurt the kid.

“Do you realize what you have done?! I specifically told you NOT to touch anything” He was screaming, his voice was firm and extremely daunting to the small kid that could barely comprehend the consequences of his actions. “Go to your room! And do not come out until I tell you to, do you heard me? We’re going to have a serious talk later” Dan released the kid’s shoulders, and he ran immediately, the sobs no longer being restrained by the fear of having his father speak to him with so much wrath.


A few hours had passed, Dan took a small nap due to the extreme headache the stress that he underwent a few hours back had caused him. He called his meeting off, and reschedule it for later that week, so he was able to edit the videos again. He sat and his computer and sighed, “here we go again” he thought. Dan’s hand slipped on the mousepad from his laptop and accidentally opened his second desktop view [if you have a Mac you might understand, I’m sorry if you have no idea of what I’m talking about]. There it was, the video, the clips, even the Tumblr tab he opened while procrastinating his work. All of it right in front of him. The guilty consumed him quickly. He has just screamed at his kid for literally no reason at all, and even worst, made him run in fear from him. He sighed once again and covered his face with his hands.

He got up from his chair slowly, and just like that walked to his children room. The oldest wasn’t there, he was probably in the office where the other computer was. However, the one he needed to see was there. He was covered from head to toe with his favorite blanket, curled up like a little kitten, he had probably fallen asleep crying. The thought of this made Dan’s heart melt in sorrow. He had always hated when his father screamed at him for making mistakes instead of teaching him how to do things better. He couldn’t believe he had just done the thing hate the most to one of the people he loved the most.

He walked closer to the kid’s bed and sat down on edge making sure he wouldn’t wake him up. He uncovered his face, the tears were still visible on his cheeks. Dan leaned in slowly and kissed his forehead, trying to convey all the love and regret he felt at the moment, even if he son wasn’t awake to feel it.

“I’m so sorry, I love you” Dan whispered even though the kid couldn’t hear him. He took off his shoes and laid down with him, soon falling asleep with him too.

In The Rain-Moonbin

Prompt: Found off a random prompt generator website (><): Y/N and Moonbin get caught in a storm and must stay sheltered together until it passes.

Summary: When Y/N is walking down the boulevard holding her blue umbrella, her mind was absolutely blank. That is until someone appears underneath her umbrella, a surprise that she didn’t realize she would find so comforting.

A/N: I’ve had this idea of a Moonbin imagine in the rain for a while, and with weeks of writer’s block and hard work, I finally finished it! Although this ended up taking a turn that I didn’t expect at first (and is somewhat unrealistic), I hope you guys still like it! ^_^

Walking down the boulevard, Y/N matched her steps with the sound of the liveliness of the streets. She was holding the handle of her closed blue umbrella in her hand loosely, unconsciously letting the point at the top sometimes scrape the ground.

Despite the sunny skies that covered the horizon, Y/N couldn’t help but feel a bit lonely in the bright weather. With her phone not lighting up from notifications and her building jealousy of all of the posts that her social friends uploaded onto Instagram, she wondered if it was okay to be alone at a time like this. It was Spring Break after all; she had the time to relax from all of the overbearing work that college had dropped onto her shoulders. Yet she wished that she didn’t feel as lonely as she did.

Suddenly, a drop of rain fell onto her shoulder, which then turned into multiple drops of rain that began to fall onto the ground.

She let out a small squeak as she quickly opened her umbrella to shield herself from the rain.

As she watched the rest of the people frantically run to find shelter, she couldn’t seem to bring herself to move. She didn’t know why either, but considering that she had a bit of shelter, she didn’t really care.

But then all of a sudden, she felt a presence beside her, one that she hadn’t previously felt before.

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Mianite Season 3? Kind of!

We all know Mianite season three is nothing more than a pipe dream at this point. The streamers aren’t interested and the bts crew have mostly moved on. 

But that doesn’t mean this fandom is going to die. I’m not leaving anytime soon. 

I’m happy to announce that I’m currently working on a pretty big project for everyone who wants some more Mianite. 

As I want to have a once a week upload schedule, I won’t be uploading the full thing for another couple of months. School’s busy and I need to focus. 

But we’ve been waiting for long enough, a couple months is nothing!

Here’s a taste of the first chapter, as rough as it might be. Enjoy!

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