there was so much waving in this video i just had to

With a comforting hug and a kiss on the head, Phil leaves Dan on their doorstep as he leaves for the wedding, looking back up to the now open window of Dan’s room where he waves down at the older man.

Turning before he watches Phil leave, Dan sits on his bed with his head in his hands and sighs, knowing the weekend is going to be a crappy one. He hates it when Phil leaves, even when he knows he’s being stupid because of cause Phil is coming back, it’s just hard to believe that when he’s gone.

Phil wanted him to go with him, hadn’t wanted to sit mostly by himself with a hundred people that didn’t understand what he did or what he found funny. He hadn’t wanted to be bored for the whole weekend without Dan who always got his jokes and reassured him when he was worried or scared.

It was just that Dan had way too much work to do, knowing that the videos for the gaming channel wouldn’t be up if one of them didn’t stay and they really didn’t want to lose their streak.

So Dan was alone for the weekend and in reality he knew he could handle a weekend away from Phil, they’d handled two weeks before so they would be fine. Plus, the reunion sex would be awesome when Phil got back.

For the most part, Dan stuck to playing Pokemon on his DS and editing the gaming videos, cutting and editing things out and in the end probably leaving more in that he should.

He stayed away from his laptop and only looking at his phone when Phil called or text, his favourite moment of a particular FaceTime call being when Phil stripped and put on his suit in front of Dan, now that had been fun.

Dan glances at his phone Sunday afternoon and hearing the notification tone from twitter, can’t help seeing the new tweet from Phil, unlocking his phone for the first time since Phil last text a few hours ago to the see the picture.

It made him smile as Phil never fails to do, the gorgeous eyes looking back at him making him feel a giddy, stupidly happy feeling in his stomach that some how has lasted through the years whenever he looks at the older man.

Shaking his head, smile lingering on his lips, Dan moves to the lounge and pulls his laptop from the armrest as he sinks into the sofa crease, an action he hasn’t done since Phil left, trying to keep himself distracted.

He opens the lid and is surprised to see the sticker that has been placed over his camera with a post-it note stuck next to it, Phil’s scrawl spelling out, ‘so the NSA can’t watch you ;). Love you, Bear.’

Giggling like a school girl, Dan picks up his phone and types that idiot a message, 'Philly, you spoon, I love you too.’

Yeah, he knows Phil’s coming back.

He pulls off the post-it note and sticks it to the armrest, making a mental note to put it into his memory box when he goes to his room before actually turning on his laptop, shoulders shaking as he pulls up a new tab.

He’s ready to fuck twitter up.

The Unicorn’s fault

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Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared (friendship only)

Words: 484

A/N: Okay, so I was just watching conventions video with my sister, and I find this video, and Mark made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe. Watch it (here), it’s towards 5 min. I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.

Warning: none

Convention was one of your favorite thing about this job. It was a great moment you could share with your fan, you would talk to them and laughed with them, and it was so much fun. You really enjoyed the atmosphere on the Con.

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I think I can pretty much call my Pip-Boy 2000 finished! I have the strap made but I’m just trying to find the right “sling rings” for it. I tried my hardest to not spend any money on this but, I had to buy 2 light bulbs to use as vacuum tubes and that was only 4 dollars so, not too bad. Now to list what I used. Scrap green sintra, various wires from my scrap electronics bin, a flip switch and light cover from an old wave length indicator, a female VGA connector, the screen is packaging plastic from a toy that I vac-formed , a sense from a trash Xbox connect sensor, balloon lights, a spare gear from a DVD player,various small screws, science fair poster board display lights, a magnet and some craft foam. I will take a video of it later on. I hope y'all like it as much as I do!


So… I just had the honour of seeing a BTS concert in Tokyo… And let me tell you, anyone and I mean anyone, can enjoy it.

Seeing them so close made me truly realize how real they are. Just watching them on a screen made me feel like such talented people couldn’t possibly exist in real life. However, they are real and they are much more fantastic on stage than on any CD or Music video.

Their passion, energy, kindness, all make their concerts such a special, magical experience.

They rap, sing and at the same times dance for about 3 hours. Dance, after dance, after dance with only little time to change clothes and take a break. Amazing … Just amazing…

Everyone had their own BTS official light stick and would wave it along the music, while shouting out or singing parts of songs. Hence, I felt like a part of a club so to speak, United with people from the other side of the world due to our love for the music of this group.

What about the individual members you might ask? Well…

Kim Seokjin is such a sweetheart. Running from place to place, giving tons of attention to fans and his voice is really emotional. It’s so beautiful as whatever it wishes to convey, It does so greatly. And trust me, tonight, he was not a bad dancer AT ALL.

Min Yoongi is amazing. He always knows how to drive fans insane. I mean come on, right in the beginning he takes off his earpiece to hear us clearer!

Jung Hoseok… Ah Hopie, you really are a life saver… How can someone bring so many smiles to my face? Hoseok has a healing smile- that’s a fact. He is so special and always acts so happy and tries to make everyone smile. I really love J-Hope. Such a talented and attractive young man! And his dancing too! So amazing!

Kim Namjoon- he really is a monster. Yes, truly. Not only is he a monster in talent, whether it be rap or speech but also in looks. Seriously, TV and MVs don’t do him justice. I want him to be more loved and appreciated. Even more than now. And just like Seokjin, he stayed the dances.

Park Jimin- I mean… He is a sunshine. He acts sweet and cute trumping to express his emotions. His vocals are also killer. His adlibs were fantastic, powerful and his voice was steady. He did great.

Kim Taehyung- V is a funny guy. He rolled in stage, lied on stage, did everything really. And just like Jin he spent a lot of his time running to the edges of the stage to interact with fans from as many areas as possible. His voice is so deep, so sexy and emotional it’s insane!

Jeon Jungkook- the golden maknae. Well who knew, he really is golden. No really,In not joking. He literally reeks of talent haha. His raps-amazing, vocals-amazing, dance-amazing! How can someone be so perfect!

So that’s it… Believe it or not I am literally lost for words! This was an amazing experience that I will never forget! And I’m so grateful to my mum for such an amazing gift!

Thank you for reading!

You’re An Idiot, Fred Weasley: A Fic Inspired by A Music Video (Part 1: Get a move on)

I’m not a particularly big fan of the band, but the music video was extremely cute and I couldn’t resist. 

I accept requests! :)

The first time Fred Weasley asks you out, he receives a peck on the cheek.

“Hey, Y/N!” You hear a very familiar voice call out. You turn around, only to find a tall redhead waving at you. 

“Fred!” You call, and he jogs to get to you. Your best friend nudges you, making faces and catcalling. “Shut up,” you whisper, but it does nothing to lessen her reaction. You had to admit, you did have a small crush on the Weasley. Just a very, very tiny bit. 

Just kidding. 

You liked Fred Weasley so much, you caught yourself writing down his last name with your first, seeing if it would fit. It did.

“He’s going to confess his undying love for you,” your best friend, Natalya, an Italian pure-blood, whispered. 

“I’m going to murder you,” you reply in return. 

“Y/N, hey,” Fred smiled at you. 

“I’m going to leave you lovebirds alone,” Natalya winked. She left before you could throw a book at her. 

Blushing furiously, you look at Fred Weasley whose, funnily, face is darker than yours. 

“Fred, are you sick?” You ask him, putting your hand on his forehead. “You seemed fine just a moment ago. You look hot.” 

With that, Fred blushed even darker, if possible, and someone whose  voice is very much similar to Natalya shouts, “Damn, girl, you move fast.” 

Realizing what she meant, you begin to apologize, “I didn’t mean it in that way. I mean, uh, of course you look attractive. I mean, er, um, ah, I meant that you, ah, looked like you were, ah, um, how should I say this, hot in a temperature kind of way. But, um, you look nice, of course.” 

You and Fred probably look like tomatoes. Merlin, how smooth you are.

“Get a move on, Gred! We don’t have all day,” you hear George shout from the end of the hall, holding some sweets. Natalya laughs. 

“Agreed, George!” Natalya shouts. 

“They’re so annoying,” you tell Fred and he laughs. “Is there something you need?” You ask politely. 

“Why? Are you, uh, busy?”

“No, of course not,” you smile. “I was just wondering.” 

“I just wanted to ask if, uh, you could, um,” Fred mutters and you smile at how cute he is when he’s nervous. You wonder what’s bothering him so much. 

“Merlin’s beard, Gred! Natalya, shall we put the situation into our own hands?” George shouts. 

“Thought you’d never ask, Georgie!” Natalya calls him. She has never called him that before, though the four of you were close. 



Within a few minutes, Natalya and George were positioned next to you and Fred.

“Why, hello, Y/N!” Natalya tells George, holding out her hand. George takes it. 

“Hello there, Fred, the much less handsome twin,” replies George in a failed attempt at a girly voice. Fred rolls his eyes. Natalya kisses his hand and George laughs a terrible girl laugh. 

“Every time I look at you, I want to snog you and possibly father your children. Due to my own fault, I haven’t done anything to progress our relationship. Now I shall. Will you go on a date with me?” Natalya says and George grins. 

“Oh, Freddie, I thought you’d never ask. I mean, it’s not like my gestures and undying love for you is obvious or anything. I’d love to go.” George says and winks at you. You laugh, but vow to kill him. 

“You like me?” Fred asks you. 

“You like me?” You ask him, at the exact same time. George and Natalya let out a groan. 

“Both of you are as oblivious as tree bark,” Natalya says. 

“Shall we leave their obliviousness and go eat?” George asks her and she nods her head. They leave together. You and Fred are alone. 

“So, about that date…” Fred says and you smile. 

“I’d love to,” you say and lean forward to kiss his cheek. 

“BUT WAIT!” George and Natalya come running back. George gives Fred a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek before you could. 

“Thanks for finally asking me, Freddie,” George says sweetly and Fred is trying hard to remove his saliva. 

“We shall go and snog now, my love!” Natalya shouts and drags you away from Fred, who’s being dragged by his twin brother. He gives you one final wave before you go. 

You hear a muttered, “you’re an idiot, Fred.” 

Fred Weasley received a kiss, alright, but it wasn’t from you. 

I accept requests!


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This was so fun, and it is dedicated to @notmyyacht. Also to the awesome music videos for Barba

God I hated yachts, who had decided that partying on water was a good idea? I felt another wave of nausea wash over me, I tumbled back into Rafael. As always he was dressed to the nines.

With his dark salmon polo shirt, and khaki pants and to top it all off he had added a bright yellow rain coat. In shock he asked, “Y/N are you ok?” Regaining my balance, I answered in a small voice “No I’m not this is just all too much…” Cutting me off he said, “Come on.” He led me to the bathroom and rubbed my back as I dry heaved over the toilet. I knew I had brought him for a reason. I mean apart from him being my boyfriend and the fact that I wanted him to meet my parents.

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I saw Cristiano today, we waited for him at the hotel, when Portugal NT returned from training we started screaming and chanting Cristiano’s name. I only wanted a glance of him, nothing more. But as soon as Cris got off the bus, he went in our direction. Fans’ reaction (and mine too of course) was so strong that all the barriers broke. The Guard and policeman stopped him, but Cris told them to move out and came to us, even though he was UNPROTECTED (you can see two men in the photo, but they were just standing there and if anyone had wanted to hurt him, well, they would have done it freely). But still, he didn’t ignore us, gave autographs, hugged fans, only he came to us, he appreciated our love and respect towards him. He could have said or thought ‘’screw them’’ I’m gonna just wave my hand and they’ll be happy. No. He appreciated the fact that in such a small country, he still has so many fans. Even though he showed us his gratitude, I’m the one who’s so grateful to him. Thank you Cristiano for being such a wonderful human being! - testimony from tumblr user @nino-tinuviel​ upon meeting Cristiano in Georgia.

I just want to say, in regards to feminism, it seems that a new wave of “anti feminism” has taken hold into this current epoch.
I couldn’t help but notice that much of this “anti-feminist” rhetoric is based off a flawed arguing point.

What I hear are pejorative epithets, ad hominem, and misguided apathy. Such as “feminist are stupid”, “feminist have first world problems”, “feminist are unpleasant”, or my favorite “feminist are ugly”.

There’s a plethora of videos online, articles written, and discussion had about the horror of feminism, often heavily based on the said banter above, but what exactly does that have to do with actual feminism?

I couldn’t possibly respond to all of them but I will speak on the most troubling retort I hear so often.

Feminist are stupid-
Many counter arguments toward feminist are that a said persons anecdotal experience with a particular feminist wasn’t conducive to intellectual thought. Therefore that said person concludes that feminism itself is stupid. My response is just because someone isn’t able to articulate themselves, isn’t “ intelligent enough”, or even contradicts themselves, doesn’t mean they represent an entire movement, and certainly that doesn’t mean they somehow wash away the feminist cannon that many brilliant feminist past and present have contributed to.

If i’m an advocate for free speech, yet I fail to coherently articulate my points as to why free speech is important, does that make free speech itself bad? Should free speech not exist for all because of this? Or is the isolated instance of me speaking in favor of it bad? Just because you support something doesn’t mean you represent it as a whole.

And just like all movement’s, groups, council’s etc there are bound to be a rich mixture of idiocy amongst brilliance. That’s called humanity. An ideology should be examined and judged for what it stands for and how it helps liberate, or take liberty away from.

One could examine slavery and conclude it was bad at its very foundations irrelevant to the brilliance or idiocy of those who supported it.

Feminism at its core is good, it helped to make the west one of the safest places for woman in the world, this can’t be undermined simply because you don’t like how a few certain feminist express themselves.

If you truly cared about women’s rights you wouldn’t forsake feminism, but seek to rectify, add to, progress, reform, or bring about a new comprehensive wave to feminism. Adding richly to the countless efforts of those men, and women before you..

Many of these anti feminist appear to be men, who also play video games, these men may often frequent various YouTubers, or online personalities who speak sardonically and with contempt toward feminist, and thus find themselves to agree with what they’re saying.

Many of these personalities conclude how horrible feminism is based off the above fallacies, hyperbole, and tactics such as finding the most dim witted moments of various feminist, or often totally taken what is said out of context, being sure always to add a ton of ad hominem, and sardonic banter, applying that to a scathing article or pseudo exposé video.

But my question is if one took footage of all the stupid comments these “anti feminist” video game enthusiast made, made sure to provide references to their often sedentary induced appearance, showcased that judging on their demographic, they’re most likely living at home with their parents with no prospects for their future, being sure to make random videos utilizing every logical fallacy against them incessantly,would this truly reflect the video gaming community as a whole?

Would this reflect the work of those who make the games? The art, and countless hours spent in its production? The culture of gaming, its history, or accolades? No. Anyone can take something out of context or upload an instance of someone contradicting themselves and make grossly unfounded conclusions about their said cause or group.

Anyone can make conclusion that are “stupid” or unintelligible, including feminist, but to take these isolated instances and say they somehow represent an entire movement is asinine and unfair..

I maintain my identity as a feminist, despite not agreeing with various other feminist because just because you disagree with someone doesn’t invalidate an entire movement or the cannon of feminist thought, theory, and history..


i apologise for the spam but I just went to the hat films signing thing for the final time this con and I asked them to put motivational messages into my note book and this happened.
smith said he’d listen to a cover of moonlight i did
ross said he still loved my cosplay and was happy that I turned up (I got into the vlog!? I waved!)
and Trott said that he’d re-read my message that I wrote them and that it’s all going to be okay. he said that he appreciates me and that they all love me.

I appreciate them all so so much and I never thought I’d actually meet them? They mean so much as people and a group and they never fail to make me happy, I’ve had the worst of times over the last two years or so and whenever I’m sad, I’d watch a video and now all I have to do it think that I met them and that they remember and that Trott said I was appreciated and loved.

I’m sorry for the long post, I’m just so unbelievably happy.


I needed to watermark them just incase anybody tries to steal them lol but we were waiting outside the hotel since 7-8am then he came out at about 12:30. There were about 30 people there because some had left! He was honestly so sweet and lovely,He asked us would we mind taking a group photo and for him to tweet it because he didn’t have much time until they had to leave for Belfast and I felt so bad for ash because everybody was squishing him trying to get close to him but he didn’t seem to mind. Then he went back inside and tweeted the picture. All the fans then went to the hotel car park to see if the other 3 would take some pics but they didn’t. They all smiles and waves while getting into the car/driving off! I also had a video of Luke waving to us!

The Pact

Summary: y/n and Michael made a pact to be each other’s first time if they hadn’t done by the time they graduate high school

Warnings: smut

A/n: so i haven’t written a smut in a while sorry if this is crappy also I didn’t proof read be I’m lazy af so forgive the typos :-)

You sat crossed on the floor of your best friend Michael’s bed room. You watched in amusement as Michael got way too into his video game. You tried to follow along with what was going on on the screen, but truthfully it just look like chaos to you.

A wave of sadness suddenly hit you as you realized there wouldn’t be many times like this with Michael for much longer. Just a few days ago, the two of you had graduated high school and in the fall you would be going your separate ways for college. Michael has been your best friend since 6th grade and you couldn’t imagine spending so much time away from him.

“Crap,” Michael grumbled as something went terribly wrong on the screen. You let out laugh at his frustration, prompting a dirty look thrown in your direction. It didn’t last long, as he was quickly returned his attention to the screen. His brow furrowed and he chewed his lip as he tried to focus. You always thought he looked really good when he did that.

  Suddenly, your mind flashed back to a time in 9th grade when you and Michael had made a pact. The “pact” was that if the two of you didn’t have sex before you graduated high school you would be each other’s first time. It seemed silly now, but back then you were thinking you’d want to have some experience before entering college. You had thought much about the pact since you made, just in passing here and there.

Truthfully, sometimes you thought it would be a little weird. Sure you thought Michael was attractive, but you tried to ignore those thoughts because you loved your friendship with him and if you let yourself feel that way it could totally fuck things up. But on the other hand, you liked the idea of having your first time with someone you truly cared about and trusted and the at was definitely Michael.

“Y/n why are you blushing?” Michael asked, raising an eyebrow. You hadn’t even realized he’d been looking at you, or that you were blushing.

  “I- um I was just thinking about something.” Real smooth, you thought, hating how bad you were on the spot.

“About?” His eyes were back on the screen but you still felt nerves like he was staring right at you. You weren’t sure if you should say something, and risk looking like an idiot for remembering this silly thing from so long ago. What if he had already done it? you thought he would have told you, but you never know. And you would look ridiculous for still holding on the the delusion that this would happen.

However, you felt bad lying and you were also curious to see if he did remember. “Do you remember that pact we made in 9th grade?” You asked sheepishly.

 Michael’s hands fumbled and he dropped the remote control to the floor. Flustered, he quickly picked it up and paused the game. “You mean the one were we agreed to take each other’s virginity if someone else hadn’t done it by graduation?” He asked. You couldn’t tell by his expression if he was weirded out or not.

“Yeah that one,” you replied trying to keep your voice even. You felt you palms tingle with sweat as you waited to see how this would play out.

“You mean you haven’t done it yet?” Michael asked, astonished. You felt your breath catch in your throat. Oh shit, you thought, he’s done it and I haven’t and now I looked like an idiot. You shook your head, afraid your voice might reveal how embarrassed you were.

“Not even with that Steve guy you dated last year?” Michael asked, referring to a brief relationship you had been in.

“No,” you replied, “it just didn’t feel right.”

“Well shit,” Michael sighed, running his fingers through his hair, “I haven’t done it with anyone either.”

“Seriously?” You asked, sounding way to relieved.

“Yeah, I mean I’ve rounded a couple bases, but never gone all the way, ” he explained.

“Oh,” was all you could think to say.

“Do you… Do you want to still?” Michael asked carefully.

“I mean if you want,” you replied.

“Well a pacts a pact right?” Michael reasoned. You nodded in agreement. “So that means we gotta.”

“You’re right,” you confirmed.

“So then let’s do it,” Michael stated finally. Neither of you moved, however, you both just sat their taking in what had happened. You didn’t know if you should make a move or wait for him to or what. It was strange, you almost never felt this awkward around Michael.

“I guess we should probably move to the bed,” Michael suggested. You nodded as the two of you walked to the bed, but sat on the very edge of it instead of laying down. Michael angled himself slightly towards you, prompting you to do the same. You both started to move in at the same time, but then jolted back thinking you were going to collide. You and Michael let out a little awkward laughter.

A silence fell over the room and Michaels eyes held yours. His green orbs flickered down to your lips. Then he lifted his hand slowly, cupping your face. He brushed his thumb across your cheek soft a few times before pulling you in. You were a bit shocked when your lips finally connected. His lips were soft and warm, meshing with yours perfectly. You had thought about what it would be like to kiss him before, but this was so much better than what you had imagined. You always thought it was cheesy when people said they felt fireworks when they kiss, but now you understood. It felt like every single nerve in your body came alive, buzzing with joy.

Michael’s caution quickly melted away as his lips moved more intensely against yours. You ran your fingers through his brightly colored hair as his tongue slipped into your mouth. He lowered you down on the bed so he was hovering over, all the while not disconnecting his lips from yours.

He kissed down your jaw to your neck. He ran his tongue across you delicate skin before sucking on you softly. Removed his lips for a second to pull of your shirt and toss it to the floor before continuing down your body. He kissed each of your collar bones and down your chest, pausing at the start of your bra.

“May I?” he asked, peeking up at you for permission to remove it. You nodded immediately and it quickly joined your shirt on the ever-growing pile of clothes on the floor. He went back to work kissing a sucking on your skin and you were sure you’d be covered in hickeys tomorrow. He ran his tongue across your nipple, causing goose bumps to rise on your skin. He traced circles over it, pulling quiet gasps from your mouth. 

You reached down, pulling on the hem of his shirt. He allowed you to take it off allowing you to run your hands across his soft skin. His hands found he button of your jeans, which he quickly undone. You pressed your lips to his neck as he began to rub you through your underwear. You moan as you sucked on the skin on his throat, leaving your mark.

You could feel Michael hardening against you as he slipped a finger into you. He pumped rhythmically, curling his finger ever so slightly as he did. You let your hands wander down to his length, rubbing him over his jeans. He connected his lips to yours again, this time more needy. You were starting to feel like you and Michael could be close to your climaxes when he stopped.

“I kinda wanted to you know… when we’re actually doing it,” Michael explained pulling down his pants. You helped yank off yours as well, followed by your underwear leaving you completely naked before him. You thought it would have been weird to naked in front of him, but you felt more comfortable than you could have imagined. Michael smiled down at your body, making your heart flutter.

He removed his black boxers, revealing his long, hard length. “Shit, that’s bigger than I thought,” you heard yourself say and immediately regretted it. Michael let out a chuckle.

“So you’ve thought about how big my dick was before?” He asked still laughing. Your cheeks burned brightly.

“No- I- I just meant-” you stumbled. Michael cut you off by placing his thumb over your lips.

“It’s okay y/n, no need to be embarrassed,” he smirked. His thumb hovered on your lip for a few seconds later before slowly pulling away, tugging on your bottom lip softly as he moved. He then reached over to the table beside his bed and pulled out a condom from this drawer. “Never thought I’d actually get to use this thing,” he joked as he rolled it on to his length.

He positioned himself over you, lining himself up at your entrance. “You sure about this?” Michael asked.

“Of course,” you confirmed. Michael smiled softly, then slowly pushed himself into you. “Shit,” you gasped, trying to adjust to his size.

“Are you okay? Am I hurting you?” he asked, watching you carefully.

“No, it’s just kind of feels tight,” you explained, easing his nerves.

“Yeah tell me about it,” He mumbled. He began to move, slowly so you could both adjust to the feeling. Eventually the pressure you felt started to fade away and it started to feel good. Really good.

“You can go faster,” you told him. He responded by rocking his hips quicker, pushing himself deeper inside you. You started to roll your hips to meet his strokes. He gripped your hips, holding you at a better angle. This new position allowed him to hit the sweet spot inside you.

You let out moan as every pump got you closer to the edge. Michael brought one hand to your clit, rubbing circles over it with his thumb. The new sensation was enough for you to hit your high.

“Shit Michael,” you moaned as your orgasm rushed through your body. It wasn’t long before Michael followed after you, groaning out a string of profanities as he came. Once the two of you had ridden out you highs, Michael pulled out of you and rolled over next to you.

For a while the room was only filled with the sound of you two panting, trying to catch your breath. Eventually you did and the room fell silent again. You mind was buzzing trying to wrap your head around what just happened.

“Well that was…” you trailed off trying to think of the right word to describe.

“Better than I ever thought,” Michael finished for you.

“So you’ve thought about doing it with me before?” you teased, happy he was the one blushing for once.

“Maybe,” Michael replied. You tried to think of something to say, but your head was still a little fuzzy. However, Michael spoke again instead, “Y/n, would it be crazy to say that I loved you.”

Your heart stopped, as you tried to process what he said. In that moment you let yourself feel what you had been trying to hide for so long. “No,” you replied, “because I love you too.” Michael smiled and kissed you again. The two of you got dressed, knowing Michael’s parents would be home soon. Michael went back to playing his video game, but you sat closer to him, planting small kisses on his cheek. It wasn’t much different than before, but now it felt special as the two of you had finally shared your feelings for each other. And most importantly, you silently thanked yourself for making that silly pact with your best friend so many years ago.

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You draw the lil curl behind ear thing aND ITS THE CUTEST THING JUST LIKE THE REAL ONE BLESS YOUR SOUL


his coat pushes up the back of his hair and the EAR CURL and it’s cute. it’s really cute. BUT!! the video misha recently posted had NONE OF THAT HE CUT IT SHORT I’M!!!

Anonymous said:


that’s probably because it’s in my scrap art tag!!


put the stars in our eyes

word count: 1.8k

genre: fluff, so much fluff

warnings: none

summary: On two separate occasions, six years apart, Dan and Phil hold hands and look up at the stars. The second is thanks to a stray cat.

a/n: i don’t really know what this is i just haven’t published a fic in a while and i had some inspiration!! hope this is enjoyable??

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Vegas is a place that seems magical to me. I’m very swayed by how things look on the outside. Though I have been burned by what’s on the inside of them so many times – don’t get me wrong, but I still have love for something that hits my eye right. A flag waving or a Pontiac Grandamn – I didn’t even have to know what those things stood for to know they were beautiful. I once had a boyfriend who talked about all the reasons why he loved flags, Rock-and-Roll, and America. I didn’t know much about all of that, but I did love him and I wanted to be just like him. So everything in the videos – the Vegas pyramid, the brides’ smile, the groom motioning “cheers” – they’re all different expressions of the happiness I had when I loved a man who loved me and America. Vegas and sparklers and the 50s are all things that are beautiful, and they’re all a big part of my film world.
—  Lana Del Rey in 2009