there was so much speculation going into this event

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I have a question if you don't mind -- what do you make of the pose of Fai and Ashura in that chapter spread image? What if anything do you infer of their relationship? This was a topic of MUCH speculation in TRC fandom when the manga was still coming out, before Certain Events later made things clear; I'd love to know your read on it!

I’m so reluctant to guess, purely because CLAMP are doing that thing where they wave answers under your nose but deliberately withhold all the context you need for it to actually make sense. 

Like, as a point of comparison, if this was Fai leaning on Kurogane I would have no doubt whatsoever about that that meant, but that’s because I know who Kurogane IS. I have no idea who Ashura is in this world, or who he is to Fai, beyond the fact that a) they know each other, b) Fai sealed him in an underwater coffin, c) Fai is running the hell away from him, and d) Ashura was probably the king.

I think, for the sake of the argument, if they were lovers, I would expect them to be looking towards each other instead of away. And yet Fai is visibly comforted here, and perhaps feeling protected? There’s something about his expression that says he’s entirely relaxed, which isn’t something we’re really USED to seeing on Fai. Whatever it is, they’re both used to this kind of moment and are happy to exist in the silence of the moment (which, again, we don’t see on Fai often).

So if I HAD to guess, I would suggest that maybe Ashura is Fai’s older brother, or maybe father? Not necessarily by blood, but possibly also that.

The Handmaid’s Tale


The Handmaid’s Tale is speculative fiction only in name; these events could unfold with uncomfortable ease. Gilead takes all the inequities of our world that are obscured in policy and political jargon and lays them out in blue, green, and blinding red. It is not so much a parallel world as it is our own world laid out along explicitly color-coded lines.

The narrator often flashes back to “The Time Before”, and with a shock you recognize your own life in these glimmers (dorm rooms, essays, going out, magazines, falling in love, shitty apartments, pet cats), before you are dragged jarringly back into the room with no chandelier where you–or is it the narrator?–are just a womb.

SPOILERS BELOWWWW************************************

Finally, we get to the end. Our beloved narrator is gone, off to an unknown fate in a black van. Gilead has fallen, apparently. You can tell the way the professor lectures about it. The students laugh and he cracks jokes in a way that suggests an empire so long-dead that the atrocities can now become funny.

Our professor has found “the Handmaid’s” tapes. He was the one that compiled them. He was the one who dubbed her tale “The Handmaid’s Tale”. The “tale” part was a joke, a play off of the word “tail”. Ha ha.

Do you see him? Do you see, even however many years later, how Gilead still lives on? This man found our narrator’s story and the only thing he found of value in her was that she was a Handmaid in Gilead. He laments that she wasn’t “more of a reporter.” He wishes she had given more details about the government, given the real names of her cohorts, so he could find out more about her Commander. He wants to know more about Nick and the role he had with Mayday and the Eye.

He read her entire story and that’s all he came away with.

He doesn’t care to find out about Moira. He doesn’t regret for the narrator and Luke, who he offhandedly remarks was most likely dead that day in the woods, or their daughter. He doesn’t mourn for them. The only thing he cares about is verifying that the Commander’s hair was, in fact, gray.

Atwood says just as much, if not more, with these final pages as she does in the entire book. The professor’s dismissal of our narrator is a shocking reinforcement of the dismissal that she experienced every single day from the moment her card was shut down and she lost her job in “The Time Before.” Atwood is reminding us that fascism isn’t always the man with the toothbrush-mustache or the Aunt with the cattle-prod; sometimes it the kind man across the desk playing Scrabble with you, or the professor at the front of your lecture hall.

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I know that this isn't the type of question that like you know, generates notes or recognition for the one who replies but like what do you think is the appeal for tinhats, though? I've never really managed to answer that question for myself you know? And it's something that honestly always bothers me. You don't have to answer if you dont want to btw.

Hey Anon, don’t ever think you can’t ask me a question because it doesn’t generate notes. Notes or recognition isn’t why I answer asks :).

Wow I guess I’ve never really sat down to organize my thoughts on it properly you know?

I think people can have different opinions on this but for me personally, I need to have a starting point. A baseline. And for me that baseline is that these people do not seek representation as members or supporters of the LGBT+ community in any way.

To be perfectly honest, I think a big part of the appeal is the angst. The pain. Which is a bit sick if you sit down and analyse it but it’s the truth and it’s something that anyone who loves fanfiction or is dedicated to a fictional fandom can spot and identify. For example, I love angst. I love reading characters and relationships develop painfully because I find it much easier to sympathise and connect to them.

But that’s in fiction.

The problem is that in Larry and Ziam, the lines between fanfiction and reality have been blurred so much that they’re almost nonexistent.

I guess what I’m about to say is more of a sidenote but bear with me : there was a point during 2008-2012 that the media did that exact same thing to Cheryl. I’ve read articles about her that seem like very well-written fan fiction but based on real events that she was going through. People would publish stories with speculation about whether Cheryl was going to die like Princess Diana and become a national icon or something.

To my utmost horror, I’ve even read an article that very much insinuated that Cheryl’s bitter end would be suicide which - my God.

My point is that people tend to sympathise with people who suffer. And for instance, in Cheryl’s case, that’s exactly what happened. Cheryl went through a shitstorm of things and people raised her into a pedestal of a weeping angel.

(I’m not really exaggerating.)

Why did I say all this?

Because it’s easy to fall in love with the pain in someone else’s life. And sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and want to fall in love with someone else’s life story and that’s why fanfiction fuels those desires.

I once had to write an essay on tropes, and three of the most popular narratives/strategies used in books is : 1. Unrequited Love, 2. Hurt/Comfort, 3. Tragic Ending.

There is this concept that people who receive these stimuli wish the obstacles in life to be bigger/more dramatic/more traumatic because it enhances the happily ever after that follows.

But Larries and Ziams have decided through fanfiction that this happy ending will never exist for these men unless it includes these men revealing a relationship between them - which is wishing for a Hurt/Comfort story to come true, just like in their fanfictions.

And if they don’t come out - Tragic Ending takes over, and it’s sad because this reveals that tinhats are dripping in fiction.

They’re dripping in words, arguments and claims used deep within the fanfiction realm - their conspiracy theory is literally like you take an Alternate Universe work and try to prove it’s true.

And some of them, looking at their posts, accepted in their own head that all the things that these boys have been through (still in their head) will eventually be necessary steps to them getting finally freed from a management that in fiction stands as an obstacle to a forbidden love.

The logic that suffering enhances the satisfaction of a happy ending is a tried and true narrative strategy. Broader culture borrows this narrative logic of the hard-won happily ever after, too. Sometimes, though, the narrative structure that privileges the satisfaction of a happily ever after functions to repair things that should not be repaired. From the vantage point of having found love, we re-see the terrible things they’ve undergone, and aren’t able to wish those things away because we see them as steps on the path to where they are now: in love, happier. Love, romance, the happily ever after, become narrativized as the goals of the life story.

And this is it, for tinhats. Like the Larrie claiming that the media will absolutely forgive Harry and Louis or Liam and Zayn when they come out and say “hey you know we’re in love, we had to go through all of that (enter : a bunch of illegal stuff) to get where we are, instead of - you know, not signing” and that will be considered okay.

But it won’t. Because it’s not real life.

In real life, gay teenagers aren’t looking for representation in Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne.

In real life, closeting very much exists but it has never included the faking of babies and 7 year discrimination contracts and in real life, everything can be challenged even if the challenge proves to be unsuccessful.

It’s a concept they created in their own minds, a story fleshed out in their own minds, a tragic narrative of their own fantasy, fake babies of their own imagination, evil boss dudes of their making, women as closeting machines, families as puppets, truths as lies, photos as lies, words as lies.

Everything’s a lie for them.

Everything but Their Truth.

What’s the appeal in my opinion?

What it most probably always has been for anyone who’s ever engaged in such behaviour.

The notion that They Know Something More. Something Sacred. Something Special. A Secret.

They Know.

(When in reality, They Wish.)

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Hey could you maybe do some CanaJane headcanons?

Super competitive and pretty equally balanced for the amount of wins to losses.

Cana still has issues with feeling her strength is lacking compared to Gildarts. She knows Mira’s also immensely powerful but it doesn’t really bother her. It actually helps her self-confidence when they spar and it’s on even footing…sometimes.

When it comes to their competitive side for their strength Mira will always try to laugh it off bc she knows Cana might get upset but Cana’s just like “Nope. Shut up. Just need to have a quick chat with the First Master then I’m coming back to kick your ass.”

They have a fat, white fluffy cat.

Terrible gossipers. Also amazingly good at speculating and predicting events especially involving relationships. They know anything and everything that goes on in Fairy Tail and more. Watch out…

[“Oi Mira, give me a drink on the house or I’m breaking up with you.”

“If I did that every time you asked we’d go bankrupt…so I think not giving you a drink is a bigger risk.”]

(That is an obviously empty threat and an option for Mira – she’s just soft and loves to please)

Not much PDA but a lot of holding hands/one with an arm around the other.

Kisses on the cheek as ‘tips’ when Mira’s working in the guild.

[“Are you man enough to date my big sister?”

“No. I’m a woman. Mira’s a lesbian. That’s the WHOLE POINT Elfman.”

“…You pass.”]

Frequently coming home to the other’s close friends. Either Elfman and Lisanna baking and making tea or Loke and Gray getting drunk and bitching.

A lot of people just have house keys somehow and their home is always welcoming.

One day Makarov calls Cana into his office and tells her about a special job he wants her to go on and she can’t tell Mira about it since it’s been kept completely secret from her and the rest of the guild. It’s a job where a member of a village has been locked up because they have been ‘possessed by a demon’. Cana takes Gray with her just in case his magic is needed and they go. Turns out it was a child who had subconsciously done a takeover and didn’t know how to control their magic.

Cana comes home with a little girl with claws for hands and Mira cries while hugging them both.

The village is still scared of the child so they adopt her and treat her as their own. She’s powerful and destructive but bakes well enough to make Erza cry.

Cana makes sure to take their daughter down to play with the kids in her old orphanage a lot either with Wendy or by themselves. They end up adopting a few more kids from the orphanage but Cana feels bad because she feels like it’s favouritism (no one else thinks that and all the kids love her and the Strauss family).

The Fun Mom and The Nice Mom but they can both be scarily strict if needed.

- Mod Maya

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Can I make a suggestion for you and other nygmobblepot shippers and let you know it comes from a place that doesn't want you to be as stressed about Gotham as you were last year? I'm all for enjoying a ship, hoping for a ship, ect, but this season of Gotham, try to not see things where you want them to be? Last year, when that pic of ed and oz came out, where they were standing so close together, everyone swore up and down it was taken right before a kiss was supposed to happen. (1)

I’m going to try not to be snippy because I really do think you believe this came from a place of “concern” but I really want to address a few things here.

I don’t represent the entire nygmobblepot fandom, for one. Coming to me as if I was the source of everything that occurred is really not becoming. Yes I speculate. Yes I turn a lot of things about the show and in interviews Nygmobblepositive, but it’s my right, and my opinion to do so. It says Nygmobblepositive in my bio. People know what they’re getting into. I don’t control the friendzy it causes when people don’t get what they want. I state an opinion, and people use it how they will. I can’t confirm any nygmobblepositive evidence will lead to any actual real canon event? None of us can? 

I don’t know how many fandom’s you’ve been around but in a fandom where a show is still airing, speculation is pretty much all that occurs. Posts get passed around, a lot of people decide what headcanons they are going to accept before an episode airs. People are allowed to be pissed. People are allowed to have their own opinion, telling them not to be overwhelmed by something is really something you don’t have the power to do. I know what you mean, it went too far, I saw far too many opinions I loathed because there was so much hate tied into them. But you know what? I didn’t add onto those posts, and I didn’t tell anyone to stop having those opinions as much as I despised them. Because this is a public place, and anyone is allowed to post what they want. 

I do enjoy the episodes for what they are. Sadly there are LOTS of people in this fandom that are here just for Nygmobblepot, and it’s unfortunate because Gotham is such a good show. But, if I want to focus on Nygmobblepot, and I want to spend time believing in what they can have in the future, I’m going to do it. You can disagree and say I’m being maladaptive all you want. Unfollow me if my “hope” for nygmobblepot is so distressful for you, or bury your concerns because you aren’t going to be able to change the way people feel and they way they need to express their feelings. 

Again, I’m sure this was meant well, but don’t act like the bigger person for not being affected. It’s fine to feel horrible about your ship not becoming canon. It’s fine to feel for characters. It’s fine to feel like your expectations have been crushed. It’s human, and it’s not something you need to fix. 

shitposting aside, i’m actually pretty interested in how the three-way struggle between Yusaku/Ignis, SOL, and the KoH will end up playing out. from what the audience can see, the KoH are obviously antagonistic, while SOL seems to be the virtuous party in the ring, only trying to capture Ignis so they can recover the Cyverse and restore the VRAINS’ power. meanwhile Yusaku is just getting involved because he’s insisisting on bringing his own fight to the KoH, so he’s at worst neutral in this whole affair, if only because he doesn’t know about any other intrigues that may or may not be going on behind the scenes. of course, SOL has the potential to be villainous considering all the tells we’re getting (there is no fucking way any normal company would hold meetings by using giant fuckoff chess piece holograms and code names for their CEOs, never mind that the source for their prosperity is that they’re taking data from the mystical magical cyverse place. like. there is no way that doesn’t have any terribad implications), but Yusaku has no reason to know that, and technically has no reason to oppose them, either. but obviously he’s not going to just hand over Ignis to SOL because then we don’t have a conflict for our story. 

so really this dynamic could go several ways:

> SOL tries to trick/trap Playmaker in order to secure Ignis, which would set him against them. Alternatively, they could go for brute police force tactics, which, again, would immediately put him on guard and set him as his own faction against both parties.

> SOL tries to reason with Playmaker into giving up Ignis, as it’s vital to network security. This would further paint them as benevolent, but Yusaku will most likely refuse. He could do so for a few reasons:

- Ignis might just refuse to go with either SOL or KoH for his own reasons, and Playmaker certainly won’t see any reason to give Ignis up after that. This does bring up frustrating communication issues (why won’t Ignis go with them? that’s weird, right?) but again, shonen. that happens.

- Playmaker just straight up refuses on his own terms despite knowing why SOL wants Ignis, solely because Ignis is his only lead on what the KoH wants and why they stole his time. This is definitely an asshole maneuver, and is actually one I’d prefer to see him make, mostly because it’s already established that Yusaku is kind of a selfish dick who’s pretty much only concerned with tracking down the KoH. It’d definitely be a decision that’d come to bite him back later on, especially once he starts inevitably learning how to friend at some point, so.

> Playmaker just ends up establishing himself inexplicably as a third faction in this party war because of a series of events, and alliances and enemies are always changing the more he learns about just what he’s gotten himself into.

basically there’s a lot of ways this could go and i’m super excited to see where they take this hglglshg

Okay so there was a ton of speculation that the pony in this photograph [See Scare Master] was Fluttershy’s mother. However with her family being revealed, that theory pretty much got thrown out the window.

SO, for weeks I’ve had this screenshot saved to my desktop and I only now managed to draw up a lil thing. I’m going with the idea that the purple pony [Sugar Plum, perhaps?] previously owned the cottage Fluttershy now lives in, and was her caretaker while she was living in Ponyville after the events of the Sonic Rainboom. 

I’m going to assume ‘Sugar Plum’ is dead in current showtime, maybe she was already a bit old when she took Fluttershy under her wing, so to speak. Not sure if they’d be blood related. It could pass, maybe they were distant relatives?

Classes and the Hero's Journey

Not too long ago I spent way too long on a thing that required that I quantify and scale and match up the god tier aspects and classes and make sense of them. It took hours, and I’m pretty sure I can say that the best thing I got out of it was a clear line graph of active-to-passive classes.

From most passive to most active, the scale is this:

Muse, Heir, Bard, Seer, Page, Sylph, Rogue, Thief, Maid, Knight, Mage, Prince, Witch, Lord.

Some things here people will contest. It’s a point of contention, for example, that Sylph and Rogue are passive, or that Mage is active.

EDIT: Changed the scale slightly, added more analysis, reworked wording, and cleaned up things I found messily written for more comprehensive analysis and stuff. Aspect thing is still frustratingly elusive, but will eventually show up.

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(part 2) also I wanted to ask what are the most interesting facts about jeffery dahmer? I dont know much about him so im just curious lol i just know columbine mainly

Since you don’t know much about Dahmer, this’ll be a little compilation of generic information and stuff that I personally found interesting that may not be as well known:

- At age 4, Jeff had to undergo an invasive surgery for a double hernia. He was in a great deal of pain, so much so that he thought they had removed his penis. This surgery marked a change in personality that never seemed to return to his previous liveliness. It is speculated often that this event was a huge turning point for Jeff, as he would later subject his victims to a similar invasion.

- Jeff has one sibling, a younger brother by 6 years, that Jeff named “David” when his parents gave him the choice. David would go on to change his last name once Dahmer’s crimes came to light. He lives in anonymity and is the polar opposite of his brother - interestingly, Jeff was a Gemini, and David, a Sagittarius - also opposites.

- He was never abused, sexually or otherwise, but his father was never home, as he was studying for his doctorate in chemistry and then avoiding his marital problems by working more. His mother was emotionally unstable and on a large variety of medications - taking as many as 26 pills a day, and spent much of his childhood in bed. When they were together, they fought constantly, Jeff decided from a young age that he never wanted to get married.

- Jeff never tortured or killed animals. He would collect roadkill and dissect these instead, he kept their parts preserved in small jars he kept in a shed in their yard.

- Jeff began drinking heavily at age 14, avoiding coming to terms with his homosexuality and the beginnings of his interest in lying with an unmoving partner. His attention seeking antics - faking epilepsy or cerebral palsy, knocking times off of shelves in stores, and bleating like a sheep - Doing-a-Dahmer - were usually preceded and concluded with more alcohol. He gained weight because of this, something that would subtly bother him.

- Dahmer attended college for one semester before drinking himself back out, this following the death of his first victim, Steven Hicks. When alone, he would drink until he was weepy and he would cry over the incident.

- Jeff lost his virginity in a bookstore/sex shop that ‘allowed’ anonymous sex in the back where pay-per-view pornography would usually be available. He was 25 years old.

- Although Jeff was a noted sex offender and often labeled a pedophile, his victims ages ranged from age 14-33 years old. He maintained that it was not the race, age, or sexuality of his victims that enticed him - it was their overall attractiveness, their body type, and a willing to come home with him. Despite the bulk of his 17 victims being minorities, Jeff’s “ideal” guy was young, smooth, hairless, white, and with a Chip and Dale body type.

- Jeff was required to seek psychiatric help as a result of a public indecency charge - this should’ve been a SERIOUS indicator of future offending behaviors - Jeff was determined by both clinicians in his early twenties to have a Schizotypal Personality (NOT to be confused with schizophrenia). He was evasive, prone to delusions about others - always critical of their motives, very mistrusting, defensive, flat, and lacking in emotional depth.

- His sex offender status resulted from his drugging of and sexual assault on Somsack Sinthasomphone, a thirteen year old art student. This is when his father found out Jeff was gay. He would go on, unknowingly, to drug and murder Somsack’s younger brother, Konerak, two years later - the infamous boy that the cops returned to him after his initial escape.

- Prior to murder, Dahmer would typically have bribed the guy to come home with money in exchange for sex, to take photos of them (under the guise of being a casual photographer) or just to have them watch movies with him and keep him company. Some men were completely willing partners, requiring no payment and genuinely wanted to spend the night with Jeff. Once at the apartment, some men would resist his sexual advances once there (or demand more money), some would try to leave after sex, and others simply told him they couldn’t stay as long as he wanted them to. At this point, he would place 5-7 halcion (sleeping pills) in some coffee, at times, also mixed with Bailey’s Irish Cream (a light whiskey). The men would pass out after 30 minutes or so, and Jeff would then, strangle them, embrace, kiss, caress them, and continue his exploration of, and, finally, assault on them.

- In addition to being a necrophile, he also had voyeuristic tendencies, including frotteurism (sexual excitement from rubbing/pressing your groin/body against someone unconsenting, usually in a public place), as well as a sexual attraction to viscera/organs and the noises that come from the heart and gut. Dismemberment and cannibalism would eventually give him sexual excitement, as well - feeling complete ownership of his victims at this time, they could not leave him.

- His defending counsel at his trial, consisted of two young women, eventually grew friendly with Jeff over the course of their time with him. He was initially very polite, but reserved, never forthcoming. By the end of their time together, Jeff would compliment either of them regularly - noting when they “look(ed) nice (that) day” or “that’s a snappy necklace you’re wearing”. He told them later that they were the two closest friends he’d ever had in his life.

I have tons more, of course, but I’m building another post sticking to the rarer stuff, I just wanted to make sure I finished this one up for you as soon as I could.


Summary: Louise was far more perceptive than people gave her credit for. In which Louise watches and reflects upon the way Dan and Phil interact with each other.

Louise was far more perceptive than people gave her credit for. Sure, her bubbly personality and love of chatter might give off the vibe of obliviousness, but that was far from the truth. She had earned a degree in Psychology for goodness sakes, reading people was one of her specialties. That’s where the subject of Dan and Phil came in.

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Knowing Cait's backstory whilst w former bf Dave M, do u think she would've felt uncomfortable w Sam being promoted w Cody or another wannabe starlet? Doesn't seem like either's style. But that was so early in their relash & the launching of the show. (I heard a recording of a woman alleging a verbal altercation between Cait & another woman at the 2014 event from which SC ended up leaving together.)

I have no idea if that Dave backstory is true so I don’t really wanna speculate too much but I’m of the belief that whatever Sam and Cody “had” was either set up by someone’s PR or it was Sam’s lame attempt at forgetting about Cait by hooking up with some random chick. I’d rather go with the first. I’m sure Cait wasn’t thrilled either way but it clearly wasn’t enough for them to not get back together. 

I fucking love that story. Even if it’s not true, I like to pretend it is because the thought of Cait getting into it with another woman over Sam and then winning makes me scream. That was this night supposedly ;)

There Isn't Room for the Both of Us (You x EXO Kai)--PART 2

Hi!! I recently discovered your blog and I love it^^ Could I please request a scenario where you and Kai are childhood best friends but you like him. However he has a girlfriend who is like two-faced and treats you horribly when he isn’t around and one day he finds out. Angsty but fluffy happy ending please??


“I really don’t understand how you managed to break your wrist riding a bicycle. I seriously left you for five minutes!”

“I don’t know what happened. I must have hit a rock or a stick or…something.”

“Yeah, right. Well, it’s a good thing Boram was there to help you.”

“Sure—Ouch! Easy, Kai!”


You wince as Kai presses an ice pack to your knee, trying to get the swelling to go down. The doctor at the emergency room had said that ice every eight hours was the best way to get it back to normal, and you were lucky you didn’t have any breaks. Kai was under the impression that you had fallen. You, and Boram, both knew the truth.

If anything had become painfully clear, it was that you were under Boram’s control. The little witch had lied easily about your fall, as well as a number of other incidents, including dousing you in soda and forcing you to make excuses when Kai wanted to spend time together. It was truly awful, but what could you really do?

“Hmm. No answer still?”

Kai’s attention turns to his phone, one hand carefully balancing the ice pack on your knee. “What?” You look over at his phone, but he pulls it away. “Chen just did his first movie and asked us all to come to the premiere with him this weekend. I asked Boram to go with me three weeks ago, but she still hasn’t given me an answer.”

“Maybe she’s busy?" Yeah, busy ruining other people’s lives.

"I don’t know.” He shakes his head, looking at you. “Do you want to come with me?”


This was a huge step. Going wit Kai to a celebrity event meant that there were going to be photographers, and fans, and eventually speculation about the two of you. Kai was asking lightly, and he was waiting expectantly for an answer. You’d have to make sure you played the part of his childhood friend, as much as it irritated you. Were you ready for this?

“I guess so.” You nod. “I mean, since Boram hasn’t responded.”

“Awesome.” He grins. “I’ll pick you up at six.”


Even though rain pours down the night of the premiere, you feel exceptionally fabulous tonight. Sera had loaned you a beautiful, gold cocktail dress from her college graduation, and done your hair just for the occasion. Your mom had even slipped you a pair of her pearl earrings. The only thing you had on that actually belonged to you was your underwear, but tonight, that didn’t matter!

When Kai shows up wearing a stunning black tuxedo, his hair slicked over his ear, you swear your heart skips a whole beat. “You look beautiful.” He gapes, holding his arm out.

“Thank you.” You blush. “We should go.”

He fastens something around your wrist. “Here. Sera noona told me that you were wearing gold…” A beautiful set of gold bangles hangs around your wrist, connected by a small white-gold ribbon. It was a bit big, but perfect for tonight. “Kai, you shouldn’t have!”

“I’m your best friend.” He grins, opening an umbrella. “I totally can.”

The lobby of the hotel is filled with people already, and you greet the other members and their dates shyly. Wow, they were definitely more intimidating in person. Everyone is dressed seriously, and Chen is the center of attention.

“Oh, excuse me-”


You collide with two other people, sending a tray of champagne to the floor. They crash like high-pitched explosions and you immediately stoop down, offering a hand to the waitress you’ve just knocked over. “It’s you.” No. That voice. It couldn’t be-


You gasp. She gets to her feet, eyes taking you in all at once. Her hair was piled on top of her head, and a beautiful glittering red gown touched the floor around her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there-“

"Are you okay?” Kai comes over, his voice thick with concern. 

“Fine.” Boram chirps. The two of you accept napkins from a waiter who rushes over to sweep up the broken glass. “I’m fine.”

“We’ll just go get cleaned up.” Boram says quickly, snatching you by the wrist. Truly you had planned to mop up the small spot on your dress with a napkin and move on, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen. She drags you around the corner, out of earshot. “What are you doing here with him?” She demands.

“He invited me!”

“I told you to refuse him if he did that! All you had to do was stay out of the way!” Boram snaps. “Now look what you’ve done!”

I’m the one who’s in the way? I was here before you were ever around!” You shriek. “You should be glad Kai took me and not some other girl!”

“Right. I should be glad.” Boram’s voice reaches a dangerous low, and she grins. “You think we all can’t see that you have a crush on Kai? It’s so obvious. You’re telling me that I’m the one in the way when you can’t even confess your own feelings.”

You open your mouth to argue with her, but you’re too stunned. No words come out.

"I knew I was right.” Boram cackles. “Kai would never like someone like you. Why do you think you two are still friends and nothing more?”

Ouch. “That’s not true.” 

“It is.” She says. “I told you to stay out of the way for your own sake, and now you’re the only one who got hurt. You did this to yourself. Now you should leave, and let my enjoy the rest of the night with my boyfriend.”

She snaps her compact closed and turns on her heels, her gown flying out from behind her as she heads back. Hurt didn’t even begin to describe what you felt. Boram had known about your crush the whole time…and she had to be right. If it was that obvious, why hadn’t Kai acted on it. He could have acknowledged you…or stopped you. And here you were looking stupid.

Tears streak your makeup, and you brush them away, squeezing your clutch in your palm. You shouldn’t have come her tonight. The hallway seems empty, but as she turn to leave, something…or, rather, someone, catches you eyes. Kwanghyun. Hiding behind a tall vase of water lilies. You should have known Boram would have someone spying on you.

You make your way back to the ballroom, where Kai stands outside of the doors, Boram at his elbow. “I’m leaving.” You tell him, not even stopping. You can’t look Boram in the eyes. “Wait, what?” He frowns in confusion. “I thought we were all going to go in together.”

"I changed my mind. I’m not going. You should take Boram.”

He grabs your arm and pulls you to him. Normally you wouldn’t think anything of it, but right at this moment, it’s the last thing you need. Your face flames, pink crawling up your neck and ears. “You’ve been crying.” He says, his voice low. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I need to go-”

“Not until you talk to me.”

This was just like Kai. You rip your wrist away from him, causing the bracelet he gave you to crash to the floor. It breaks into four pieces, and you stoop down to collect them. People are looking at you now. “I’m sorry. I can’t.”

You give him one last look before ducking outside into the rain.


Just sleep. You can stay at my place for tonight. I’ll call and tell mom you’re not coming back.

You crack open an eye, almost not believing the sunshine peeking out from between the curtains in the living room. Was it morning already? Why were you sleeping on the floor? Sera had put you here last night…the rain…it was freezing…the movie premiere…oh. 

Great. You roll yourself into a burrito, moaning in misery. So many things had gone wrong last night. Fighting with Boram (for what was probably the last time…you didn’t have it in you to fight anymore), abandoning Kai, and now having to figure out how you were supposed to deal with that.

The sound of Sera rustling around in the kitchen stirs you more. Her ruined cocktail dress hangs out on the porch in the wind, still dripping rainwater and gold glitter. Another thing to add to the list: the money you owed her for that. You moan again, but the sound of a yawn a lot closer to you steals the sound from your throat. 

“Awake already?”

You’re shocked to see a messy-haired Kai snuggled up on the couch, blinking at you. “What are you doing here?” You demand, your voice throaty from sleep. 

“Your sister let me in last night.” He whispers. “I was worried about you." 

His deep morning voice squeezes your heart. “You shouldn’t be here. I’m fine.”

He looks you in the eyes. “Kwanghyun told me what happened.”

"He what?!”

“Between you and Boram.” Kai says quietly. “Last night…and over the past couple of months. Why didn’t you tell me, ______-ah?”

“I didn’t know how.” You whisper back, defenseless. “I didn’t want to come between you two…and it’s not a big deal.”

“It’s not a big deal?” His voice is harsher, angrier. “A broken wrist isn’t a big deal? Throwing drinks on you isn’t a big deal? Threatening you isn’t a big deal?”

"Kai, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you. What would you have done?” You protest.

His face softens. “Sorry. I just…I’m so angry. I thought she was better than that, and now she’s hurt you instead.”

“Well, I’m fine. At least, I will be. You should go back to her. There isn’t room for both of us in your heart, Kai. She was right about that much.”

“I know.” He says flatly, and your heart sinks. So he thought that, too. You close your eyes, waiting for the inevitable rejection to come. But instead, soft lips press against yours, your body being pulled forward by the blankets wrapped around it. “I already chose you.” Kai whispers into your mouth.

“But Boram-”

You open your eyes, flustered and confused. “We broke up last night.” He says. “After I found out the truth. I could never be with someone like her. I hope you know that.”

“I know now.”

“It was always you, I think.” He smiles, laughing to himself. “My company kind of pushed Boram on to me because they thought we were good for each other. Clearly they were wrong.”

"And you think we’re right together?” You whisper testing yourself to see if this is a dream.

"I know we are.” He pulls you into a hug. “We always have been." 


Scenario finished! I hope you enjoyed it! It was actually really long, so I broke it up like this! Thanks for reading! ~Jjangpanda

anonymous asked:

I am fairly new to the RD fandom, and I only started digging videos, and interviews last week? From what I could gather, Madelaine and Lili used to be such good friends, or at least they appeared to be. Recently, they just seem a bit more distant, I guess. Or is it just me? Do you think there's some hidden tension between them? Or between Lili and Cami?

well I’m about to go to bed and I’m really tired, so I’m sorry if this doesn’t make that much sense (I’m also gonna answer your second ask tomorrow)

I’m not a big fan of speculating that kind of stuff tbh, cause I don’t really care…We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, just because they don’t post stuff on sm doesn’t mean that they’re not hanging out or appreciating each other. They’re all extremely busy, Lili is going to events during the weekend or spending time with Cole, while Mads is often in LA. Maybe once Season 2 is wrapped we’ll see them more together off set, because they will simply have more time again

Why you should ship Finnlo

As you might guess from this url, this is a Finnlo blog.  Despite this ship being arguably the most quintessential fan favorite ship of the film in the tradition of Drarry, Thorki (which eventually become Loki X every other Avenger), every male anime hero X every male anime villain, and whatever Batman X Joker and Superman X Lex Luther are called (not kidding, these are things), this ship is virtually ignored, with a fic number not even breaching the three digits on Ao3, a nearly dead tag here on Tumblr, few enough pieces of fanart that I easily reblogged all of it, and only four Finnlo-specific blogs (the other three), including this one.  Considering nearly every other ship in this fandom featuring main characters has fic numbers in the ten-thousands, tags you could refresh every second, several tons of pieces of fanart, and dozens of dedicated blogs, this seems very unusual, especially for one that, as I and previous posts have stated, fits so many of the marks for popular ships.  Some other shippers out there have made sociological analyses about why so much of the fandom is so willfully ignoring this obvious ship, but that’s not what I’m talking about today.  Today, I am here to convince you to join me by pointing out all of the great things Finnlo has going for it:

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overtheglowinghill  asked:

When you're making predictions, do you take into account the twists and turns that GRRM is inclined to take? Sometimes I feel like what feels most logical or what feels right thematically or stylistically isn't what GRRM has in mind at all! (I shouldn't care this much but TWOW is taking so long and now GoT's turned to shit all I have to feed off of are prediction metas) .__.

Oh, I frequently do. It’s just that the twists I consider are generally logical twists, foreshadowed and consistent with GRRM’s previous work. For example, the events cited as some of GRRM’s biggest shockers – the death of Ned Stark, the birth of dragons, the death of Renly, the Red Wedding, Jon’s assassination – were all fully foreshadowed and hinted to well before they happened. So other big shocking things I think will happen – from the reveal that Jon Snow is not actually Ned Stark’s son but actually Lyanna and Rhaegar’s*, to my speculations that King’s Landing is going to blow up from wildfire or that the Wall will fall – are all based on evidence I have found within the books. And sometimes on literary tropes and themes, but generally only ones I know GRRM is fond of using.

*(yes, fans believe R+L=J is a given so much so they now sometimes say it’s “too predictable”. To the characters it’ll be a huge shock and an everything they knew was wrong.)

And note especially that GRRM has said that he’s seen people make correct guesses about events to come, and occasionally he’s tempted to switch things up to surprise them… but then he goes on to say he would never actually do that, because that would mean that all the evidence he had deliberately already placed in the books, all the evidence that led people to make those guesses would be false, and that would be bad writing. I trust that GRRM is a good writer, and it hasn’t let me down so far.

That said, since I’ve been making predictions, I’ve had one come true and one not. The one that didn’t come true was actually a speculated wild twist, where I thought that Sweetrobin’s tiredness on the trip down to the Gates of the Moon could mean that he would die before the beginning of the next chapter and therefore Sansa and LF would have to go on the run. This was obviously revealed as incorrect spec in TWOW Alayne I, and in retrospect I should have realized that not only would it make Harry the Heir a red herring, it would also make Myranda Royce’s intro rather pointless, as well as continuing to leave the untouched Vale armies as a Chekhov’s gun. Basically I was wrong because I didn’t take all of the evidence into account when considering a possible shocking twist. (Though note I could still be right about Sweetrobin’s dying unexpectedly and the results, and my error was only in assuming it would happen so quickly at the start of Sansa’s TWOW arc instead of halfway or 3/4th through it – but we’ll just have to see.)

The prediction that did come true, however, was when I speculated that Harys Swyft would hire one of the names on Arya’s list, Dunsen or Raff the Sweetling, as a bodyguard for his trip to Braavos, and if Arya saw them, it wouldn’t end well. And I was right, in TWOW’s Mercy (Arya I), Swyft did indeed bring Raff to Braavos, and Arya killed him. Now, it’s important to note that prediction was based on all of the foreshadowing and evidence that showed me where the characters were going, rather than any intuition about themes or twists. Nevertheless, when GRRM released that preview chapter, I did a little “I was right I was right” dance anyway. :)

(I was also right about how most ravens are only one-way and a rare prized few can go to multiple locations, as revealed in TWOW Theon I, but since I only made that prediction in an unpublished fanfic and it’s really minor trivia nobody cares about but me, I don’t really count it for much.)

So, in general, if I had to bet on which of my speculations are most likely to turn out to be true, I think the ones with the strongest textual evidence are going to be the winners. Heck, some of these spec theories, whether mine or by others, have so much evidence I treat them as true and not theories. (e.g.: R+L=J, Gravedigger theory, fake Aegon, etc.) Conversely, lately I’ve been hesitant to even guess if there’s no textual evidence, or if what text there is doesn’t seem to go anywhere (like the tapestry plot). We’ll just have to see if any of my previous more wild speculative theories (aka my crack theories) actually have any basis in reality, or if I’m way off the wall with those. :D

thetruthaboureality  asked:

You know, I've had this perception on Jaime, that does things because he feels like they are somehow demanded of him. Until I feel a little weird because I didn't hate over what happenned with Bran... It seemed for that he didn't want to - he even saves the boy from falling at first - but Cersei's screams make him to. I hated Joffrey and Cersei from the beginning, but Jaime was always kind of a gray area for me.

I agree that Jaime does things because he feels they are somehow demanded of him (though there are certainly other factors at play.)

And while I definitely agree that Jaime didn’t want to push Bran out of the window in that he didn’t take joy from doing so, I think it was way more on him than Cersei in this case. And you know what, he does, too.

If truth be told, Jaime had come to rue heaving Brandon Stark out that window. Cersei had given him no end of grief afterward, when the boy refused to die. “He was seven, Jaime,” she’d berated him. “Even if he understood what he saw, we should have been able to frighten him into silence.”

“I didn’t think you’d want -”

“You never think. If the boy should wake and tell his father what he saw -”

“If if if.” He had pulled her into his lap. “if he wakes we’ll say he was dreaming, we’ll call him a liar, and should worse come to worst I’ll kill Ned Stark.”

“And then what do you imagine Robert will do?”

“Let Robert do as he pleases. I’ll go to war with him if I must. The War for Cersei’s Cunt, the singers will call it.”

“Jaime, let go of me!” she raged, struggling to rise.
Instead he had kissed her. For a moment she resisted, but then her mouth opened under his. He remembered the taste of wine and cloves on her tongue. She gave a shudder. His hand went to her bodice and yanked, tearing the silk so her breasts spilled free, and for a time the Stark boy had been forgotten. 
Jaime, ASoS

I’m not ashamed of loving you, only of the things I’ve done to hide it. That boy at Winterfell…”

“Did I tell you to throw him out the window? If you’d gone hunting as I begged you, nothing would have happened. But no, you had to have me, you could not wait until we returned to the city.”

“I’d waited long enough….” Jaime, ASoS

I’ve noticed that sometimes people in the fandom attribute all of Jaime’s misdeeds to Cersei. And while it’s important to recognize her influence on him (he even begins his defense to her with “I didn’t think you’d want…”) Cersei is not the one who immediately jumps to we should kill Bran Stark.

Jaime acts impulsively and attempts to kill him, but Cersei would have liked to scare him into keeping quiet. She also rationally points out how he might not have understood what he’d seen- she was right, too, since Bran thought they were “wrestling”.

I think a lot of Jaime’s more morally questionable acts come not only from a place of him feeling like he must do this in order to survive/protect his family/whatever, but also because Jaime had at the start of the series pretty much given up.

He’d spent 14 years being labelled the KIngslayer and mocked and had believed his honor was lost forever. When people have no hope of improvement or recognition, the drive to do things is hindered significantly. Why should Jaime worry about killing a seven year old child when no one believes he has honor anyway? When he’s already been labelled the least honorable person? Why should he fight to do the honorable thing when no one cares- least of all, at this point, him?

What is there left to lose on an honor front?

Brienne changes that. Her idealism and steadfast adherence to fulfilling her oaths actually impacts Jaime’s world view. Now he believes he has another chance at honor, now he thinks that there is a reason to try really.

Ironically, at the time of the attempted murder of Bran, Jaime was the impulsive person who had less internal stability. Now, I’d argue that Cersei (especially since Joffrey’s death) has been losing her grip on how to do things rationally and has become more erratic. Jaime, on the other hand, has become steadier and more prone to thinking through the consequences of choices. So I’d actually guess that if this same event were to happen now (ignoring Jaime and Cersei’s currently strained relationship and focusing on their current mindsets,) Cersei’d probably jump to push Bran while Jaime would be the one to chastise her for it afterwards. Though that’s obviously a big speculation on my part. 

Jaime’s a huge grey area though (like pretty much all ASoIaF characters to be fair.) And I definitely think that even back then Jaime’d prefer to save rather than try to kill Bran (though he might have grabbed him more out of reflex, we don’t know what’s going on in his head then since he wasn’t a POV yet.) Still, this one is on Jaime, and it’s a significantly awful act that shouldn’t be ignored. And the effects are still being seen, many of Bran’s choices for instance and his chances of survival are impacted by the loss of his legs.

It’s all very complex though. 



This list is based on all the books I read in 2013, the total list can be found here

10. Rose Under Fire (Review Here) (Goodread’s Page) 

A historical YA which shows the importance of friendship in extreme circumstances.

9. Never Fade (Review Here) (Goodread’s Page) 

This book is a little more predictable than its predecessor but at the same time just as strong for character development. It carries on from the heart breaking ending of the first book and keeps the pace moving throughout. 

8. Fractured (Review Here) (Goodread’s Page) 

I wasn’t really that blown away with the first book of this series, it was enjoyable but forgettable… and then this book came along. It clears up all the pacing issues of the first and more than makes up for its lack of action with a story so strong I have to look at the series in a different light. 

7. Clockwork Princess (Review Here) (Goodread’s Page) 

The final instalment of the Infernal Devices series does have its flaws but the epilogue was so perfect it was one of the most moving books I’ve read this year and reduced me to tears. 

6. Between Shades of Gray (Review Here) (Goodread’s Page) 

This book has NOTHING to do with anything with 50 shades. Its a story of a family of Lithuanian in during WWII and couldn’t be more opposite in tone and skill. It shows brutality and a human struggle through the eyes of a child in a world she doesn’t fully understand. 

5. Fangirl (Review Here) (Goodread’s Page) 

This book is a must read if you are a fangirl on tumblr. Its about starting new things, growing up and trying to find a place for childish things you love without being judged. Focused the relationship between two twin sisters starting university, one of whom wants to recreate herself and the other who wants to stick with her roots. 

4. Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Review Here) (Goodread’s Page) 

An unexpectedly compelling fantasy about a girl who lives on the border between two worlds without knowing. It sound similar to many other books but its not, its mature and goes places most other books of the moment do not. 

3. Darkest Minds (Review Here) (Goodread’s Page) 

I did not expect to like this book as much as I did but its characters were just too intriguing for me to stop myself. I loved the set up of the world in this book but mostly I loved its characters and how they formed a group together. 

2. Days of Blood and Starlight (Review Here) (Goodread’s Page) 

I go so sucked into this book I didn’t bother to speculate about what was to come. It has the events of D.o.S.a.B. under its belt and it starts running and never stops. 

1. Code Name Verity (Review Here) (Goodread’s Page) 

This is a book with many surprises which I was blown away by. Its got a very strong protagonist who is faced with an impossible situation and told to write down her story. When you finish you will want to start it again right away to see how things look now you know the truth. 

*** Disclaimer, I think Allegiant would featured on my list if I had read it in 2013***

These were the books which impressed me most last year, the books which impressed you guys the most not featured in this list are below. 

3. The Book Thief (Goodread’s Page)

2. Champion (Goodread’s Page)

1. Allegiant (Goodread’s Page)

My Goodreads

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Tayvin was the first of her relationships that she let us be a part of and I think that’s why it meant so much to us
It was the first relationship she was secure enough and happy enough in to share publicly
To share pictures on social media
To go to events to
To talk about in interviews
I think that’s why the end of it hit us all so hard
But for whatever reason, we don’t know and probably won’t know, we will only ever speculate, it ended
And she moved on
And we gotta support that and hope that she is happy
And hope Calvin finds happiness too

who are you, suave motherfucker

so the Rogue One’s trailer gave me life, but it also left me with a burning question - who’s the suave motherfucker. i have an idea. 

but first, what’s been proposed so far ?

1) he’s Jyn’s daddy

no he’s mine

okay, i wouldn’t be against per se, but i’m also really tired of the parentage speculation, in general. it makes the galaxy far, far away small, and i like it big and epic and low on the consanguinity scale. i very much hope parentage reveals and twist are not going to be a pattern.

i doesn’t tell me who he is, in any case.

2) he’s Tarkin

no. it just doesn’t fit. Tarkin’s made Grand Moff five years after the Empire was proclaimed, and died a Grand Moff.

so not Tarkin. that insignia’s not been seen anywhere in the new canon for now, but in the eu, it stood for Admirals.

3) he’s a Tarkin

why not. back to the parentage point though. plus the Tarkin book doesn’t introduce such a character - it’d be weird, because dear Whilhuf has Feeling on the family name and comes from near what’s essentially the backwaters of the galaxy. with all the time spent on how he’s managed to make his way into the Core and the Empire’s leadership. it’s be weird in retrospective he wouldn’t think about his cousin or whatever. no brother.

4) he’s Thrawn

no. he’s very likely to be a Thrawn expy, but he won’t be Thrawn. they’ve been picking bits and pieces from the eu as inspiration, mostly. not big storylines or characters. 

and this guy’s a biggie for the fandom - the way the equation goes, old eu fandom will be happy to get a Grand Admiral. much less to see Thrawn himself lifted out of a beloved storyline. 

i’m old eu fandom i know

also, if they do Thrawn-inspired characters rather than the Thrawn… why stop at one. some of us have been thinking Del Toro could be another Thrawn-like character in episode viii.

…the eu had more than one Grand Admiral, so why not. it sells.

5) he’s ISB (Imperial Security Bureau)

since Wulff Yularen, head director of the ISB, wears white in ANH…

okay, but this guy doesn’t, and he’s ISB too

also, Yularen doesn’t have the same insignia (and in eu, Grand Admirals wore white too) :

it’s still possible he’s part of the ISB but… listen, that cape is too classtastic for security.

wild speculation, i has them too

in the new canon, we know the Empire has an Admiralty, and very little else. a few mentions in the Tarkin novel is all i have for now.

but we also know one Grand Admiral happens to be in the Unknown Reaches post RotJ. He appears in Aftermath. so we have, a few years after Rogue One, a live Grand Admiral. who is pretty much the classiest [proof here]. more importantly, he’s going to be important for the transition between Empire and First Order.

and we don’t know who suave motherfucker is, but he definitely wears what was, in the eu, the insignia of an Admiral. 

so, okay, he doesn’t have a Grand Admiral insignia, which looked like that in the eu

but he wears white, and that’s a Grand Admiral thing in the EU. current canon admirals include Firmus Piett in ANH, who is very much not wearing white. and the cape is too classy - the insignia may be the same than Piett’s but that’s not normal-admiral-cape. 

look, i’m wildly speculating. super wildly. it doesn’t happen that often. but if the suave motherfucker is a Grand Admiral, then… we see him walking through the aftermath of a battle classtastically (so i assume he survives if he doesn’t, well shit), and we know the rebels get the plans whatever happens in the movie. that’s not gonna fly well with the emperor.

Originally posted by skywlkzrs

my guess would be, after the Rogue One events go down, teh Emperor sends the suave motherfucker to the Unknown Reaches for an exploration mission, the kind of mission that’s really a punishment and voila, Aftermath’s big bad, *him* of the mysteriousness, probably the future founder of the First Empire is set up, hidden somewhere in the Unknown Regions. also i really should have updated that map but i’m tired.

ages fit - in Aftermath, Rae Sloane is around 45 years old (her birth year was given in a SW Insider article). it’s likely the Grand Admiral, whose age we don’t know (we don’t even have a name, wink, wink) is older than her. Ben Mendelsohn is 47, so the character’s probably around that. there’s at the very least two/three years between Rogue One and Aftermath. it works. 

don’t tell me that wouldn’t be cool.

some other points

  • it fits with with what Kennedy said about the anthology movies not impacting the main trilogy.
  • making star wars said he had a “really cool name”
  • there’s a Rogue One novel and also a comics coming up and i’ll probably have to eat my socks when we learn more
  • my wild predictions are getting wilder
  • it’s really late
  • i probably should have edited this before posting oh well

anonymous asked:

You are my favourite metaperson on tumblr and the way you dismantled TEH was mindblowing so please I need to know this one tiny thing or else my heart won't know peace : what's the final problem? (if you answer this I'll send you flowers) keep being terrific badass; kind regards

Thank you so much! <3

The Final Problem. Well, canonically, you know it’s the name of the story in which Holmes and Moriarty plummet to their deaths at Reichenbach Falls. Doyle gave the story this title because he intended it to literally be Holmes’s final problem – his last case. 

Jim mentions the final problem in The Reichenbach Fall. On the roof, he reveals it to be “staying alive.” I know a lot of fans thought this was a cop-out, but personally, I loved it for two reasons. First: it’s the kind of classic hero-villain trope that never gets old. Think Harry Potter. Neither can live while the other survives. That was certainly the case on the roof. Jim’s suicide ensured Sherlock’s suicide.

Except…it didn’t. When TRF ended with the reveal that Sherlock somehow survived, it appeared as though he’d bested Jim at the final problem. He lived, Jim died. But now we know Jim didn’t actually die. Neither Sherlock nor Jim went to the roof with any intention of committing suicide. They both worked out potential outcomes, and they both planned on getting out of any situation alive. They both won, but they both lost, because the final problem still hasn’t been solved.

Which brings me to the second reason I love the “staying alive” explanation: it proves there’s a long game going on. The writers knew all along they were bringing Jim back.

Basically, the final problem is endgame – just as Doyle intended it to be.So what is it exactly? Jim talked about it in TGG.

Kill you? No, don’t be obvious. I mean, I’m gonna kill you anyway some day. I don’t wanna rush it, though. I’m saving it up for something special. No-no-no-no-no. If you don’t stop prying, I’ll burn you. I will burn the heart out of you.

After TRF, we assumed Jim’s threats in TGG were about the fall – and certainly the fall was part of Jim’s “burn the heart out of you” plan. But he’s got so much more in store for Sherlock. He wasn’t lying when he said he doesn’t want to rush it.

Despite his on-screen absence, season three (particularly HLV) showed us just how much Jim is a part of Sherlock’s psyche. He is in there and he is fighting to take over – Sherlock has to chain the fucker up in a padded room in his mind palace. I am you, you’re me. There’s a reason that dialogue is repeated so much; part of Sherlock wants it to be true. That’s why, when he’s as emotionally devastated as he’s ever been after John’s wedding, he tries so hard to go psychopath – cold-hearted, cruel, treating his own life with disregard (case or no case, Sherlock is a former addict and knows full-well the dangers of turning to drugs again). 

Jim wants to burn Sherlock’s heart out because it’s what keeps Sherlock on the side of the angels, what stops the two of them from truly being the same. He’s succeeding, too – while we can only speculate on how much of season three’s events can be attributed to Jim, we for sure know he hasn’t been idle since Reichenbach. At the end of HLV, we’re left with a Sherlock who is as heartbroken as can be. And while that obviously proves he has a heart, don’t forget how much changed between the end of TSoT and HLV – in one month’s time, Sherlock went from wearing his heart on his sleeve to attempting to burn it out himself.

So where will he be emotionally at the start of season four? Will he continue to selflessly sacrifice his own happiness for what is best (in his opinion) for John, or will that heartbreak cause another left turn? We can bet that Jim’s going to try to manipulate him into the latter. Pain. Heartbreak. Loss. Death. It’s all good.

In nine episodes, we see Sherlock fluctuate back and forth repeatedly, from cold to compassionate, sociopath to sappy drunk, colleague to best man. Heart or no heart.

John or James.

Hey, whaddaya know – we’re back to that choice again. Sherlock has verbalized it. He’s created two different personas for himself based on these two men.

But neither of those personas can live while the other survives. For Sherlock, this is the final problem.