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SUPER BIG thanks to the entire team behind Wander Over Yonder for giving us such an amazing show. You’re all the best!

It was so much fun to watch this series from day 1 and see it progress throughout the years. Definitely earned it’s place as my favorite cartoon of all time!

Here’s to still hoping for a potential season 3!
(Plus we still got Monday’s eps and the finale left!)
Best of luck to you all!

One of my greatest fears in dating is or was that I would hurt the individuals for whatever reason. Probably because I know what I want in a relationship generally speaking (no, I am not going to explain in detail.)

Additionally, part of who I am as a Scorpio and INFJ individual is that I tend to hold people at a “surface friendship” not letting them in deep to the core of me. For sharing my journal of my journey so publicly, I am a very private person. (Isn’t that just a contradiction).

With some people I meet, it is an easy ship passing in the night. But, with others, they slip through my shields or defensive walls. In those cases, I love easily and intensely the whole being. But, it is rare.

I hadn’t thought of how much this experience, although exciting, beautiful, and necessary, would potentially hurt me.

In the past, I would immerse myself in safety of just locking Everyone out. But, that isn’t healthy; that is stagnation and death. I have a lot to give and deserve to honor and acknowledge my needs and desires. I too matter. My needs too matter and I deserve to have happiness.

Truly, happiness is in the Journey. It is found within. But, we are designed to love and support one another, not live in a vacuum. Therefore, mourn this momentary loss. Get up and try again.

Please know, I may not be able to respond to messages right now. I need to heal and recharge. Yes, I am OK. Sure send a picture of flowers, horses, beautiful scenery, or do something kind for another.


Making Big Brother Proud

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Title: Making Big Brother Proud

Characters: Lucifer x Sister!Reader, Sam, Dean

Word count: 1,609

Warnings: swearing? Fluff?

A/N: WE’RE BACK IN BUSINESS!!! Satan Sunday is here!! This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all love this!  I love you all so much!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!!

You were the youngest angel out of you, Lucifer, Gabriel, Castiel, and Balthazar.  Being the little sister was tough.  You wanted to make your brothers proud, but Lucifer was the hardest to please.  He was the brother you loved the most; he was the one you craved approval from the most.  As time went on, approval from your other brothers didn’t cut it.  All you wanted to do was prove to Lucifer that you had potential.

Crowley took over hell, which upset your oldest brother Lucifer.  Your first order of business was taking hell back from Crowley.  Which meant Crowley had to go.  You wouldn’t torture him like Lucifer did.  You had another idea that would torture Crowley just as much.  He was to be demoted back to a crossroad demon.  It would keep him away from hell most of the time.  He would still have to report to you.

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We’re finally here! After going through all your applications and debating (a lot) about everyone that applied to our network, we finally came to a final result. Without further do, our new members are: 

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All of the selected will be contacted asap. We’d also like to give a shoutout to everyone that applied. Honestly, almost no one got a no straight away, everyone is so full of potential and we’d be delighted to see you guys trying again to be a part of our network the next time we open for new members! Thank you so much for taking your time to contribute to the fandom and remember: you can still have your work featured on hamwriters! tag your pieces with #hamwriters and we’ll reblog our favorites here.

today is the day our cool  cutie with infinite potential turn 19 years old!! 

happy birthday xu minghao! ♡

you’re the biggest cutie i know, i literally live for your thughao moments HAHAHAHAAH. 

thank you so much for being part of SEVENTEEN, part of china line, part of 97 line, part of performance team, and part of my life (cheesy yes i know). thank you for being such an amazing member of the group, you are caring, loving, talented and not to mention very hardworking. your rap is so damn fine, you have the cutest voice i’ve ever heard, and you dancing skills OH DAMN BOIIIII~! it must have been hard for you these past 3+ years, leaving your family in China to come to Korea to debut as a kpop star. But hey look! your hard work paid off!  please please please don’t ever think that you have little fans okay, you have many many many MANY and WE are always here with you! also, make sure you eat at least 5 bowls of rice everyday, so you can be nice and healthy!!!

once again, happy birthday my fave cutie xu minghao!  

JalecMonth :: definition

What defines Jalec to me has always been their parabatai bond, the closeness that they share despite ideological friction or the occasional misunderstanding, and the fact that they always, always find their way back to each other. 

The show!relationship has always felt like the setup for such an epic romance to me, especially given the forbidden aspect in regards to their parabatai bond, and I always felt like there was so much untapped potential in the source material in terms of ‘what-ifs’.

Their parabatai bond is what makes them unique, the differentiating factor that keeps pulling me back to them regardless of how many other ships I fall for, and though most of my OTPs revolve around the friends-to-lovers trope, there’s really only one Jace and Alec.

They are truly unique in my eyes: two parts of a whole, pledged to each other through choice, bonded for life.

I’m so excited for this month, and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! <3

*quote from A Game Of Thrones



You still had cuffs on your wrists and a paramedic was using a dremel tool to saw them off, shaking his head the whole time and sighing when they were finally off, observing the black bruises left on your skin. “I’m going to get the bus ready and we’ll head to the hospital, alright?” he was talking more to Spencer but both of you nodded.

“Y/N,” Spencer Reid spoke to you softly. “Y/N, I need to ask you a couple questions.” he told you but they were in the process of rolling Logan out of the ground on a gernie and you couldn’t focus. Spencer’s hand fell on top of yours as he looked at you . 

“Is he dead?” you asked. Spencer’s head fell and he licked his lips before he looked back up at you with honey colored eyes that reminded you of Logan’s in a way. 

“Y/N, he lost a lot of blood…” he knew what you were thinking but Spencer’s rescue had given you hope. Logan was in a different ambulance than you and he was being raced away, leaving, disappearing into the evergreens. The paramedics were taking their time closing Spencer and you up in the back of your ambulance. Spencer sat beside you and you hadn’t realized until half way to the hospital how hard you were squeezing his hand. 

“I’m sorry…” you pulled your hand away. “I-I…” the situation was beginning to become too surreal. Your vision started to blur as your skin felt like it was burning off your bones but you were shivering, freezing. 

“Y/N?” Spencer grabbed your shoulder and pulled you up, keeping you from falling into the floor. 

“I think she’s going into shock.” the paramedic reported and told the driver to step on it. You hyper-focused on Spencer’s eyes and realized that they weren’t like Logan’s at all. Logan’s eyes were dark and mischievous, full of lust and unpredictability. Spencer’s eyes… Spencer’s eyes were safe and warm, they were inviting you into him, you could teach yourself to trust those eyes, those honey brown eyes. 

“Y/N, you need to breathe.” 

“Lay down.” the paramedic ordered and Spencer lowered you back on the gernie you’d been sitting on. The medic slipped a mask over your face and Spencer started to step back but you reached out for him again and he didn’t hesitate to take your hand. He knew what was happening. You hadn’t let go of him since the medic had sawed the cuffs off your wrists. Transference was occurring and the only reason you wanted him holding your hand was because he was the one to free you. You couldn’t actually like him… Or… could you? Even in your current state, he though you were beautiful. He admired how much you care about your best friend, not even worrying about yourself. And he knew you were smart, he’d done his homework on you. You were abnormally intelligent. You were a good person and Spencer’s heart broke to think that you’d live with what had happened over the past few nights for the rest of your life. 

Spencer was pulled out of his daze when your body started shaking violently on the gernie and your eyes rolled back. Without having to be told, Spencer held your arms down while the medic gave you a shot to calm your muscles and your rapid movements slowed until you were still. 

Spencer tucked some hair behind his ear that had fallen when he jerked himself up to help you but he sat back down. He looked at your hand for a moment before he made a dome over it with his own. 

When you got to the hospital, you were wheeled to a room of your own where you could stay. A nurse stitched a gash on your head while you lay unconscious in your bed and Spencer sat beside you. There was a doctor in after the nurse, who looked like he was too tired to care about what happened to you. 

Hotch arrived at the hospital shortly after you and Spencer. You’d been hooked into an IV and given something to help you sleep so Spencer slipped into the hall to walk with his boss. 

“The man that was with her didn’t make it..” Hotch told Spencer, guiding him down the hall. 

“Did you get him?” he asked, his heart dropping when Hotch didn’t answer for a minute. 

“He got away in the river.” the raven haired man answered. “How is Y/N?” 

“Really tired.” Spencer said. “I don’t think Charles fed Y/N  or Logan the whole time he was keeping them there, he drugged and beat both of them but Y/N doen’t seem to realize how long he really held them there.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“In the ambulance, Y/N was exhibiting signs of severe shock and amnesia and asked me if Logan was okay even though he’d been dead for days.” 

“You need to stay with in the room with Y/N. Morgan is going to be there too in case Charles comes-” a quiet alarm sounded from your room that sounded like flat line and Hotch and Spencer were the first to get to you. 

When they opened your door, they saw you trying to stand and Spencer and Hotch rushed to you, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to stand on all the medication you’d been given. Both thought they were too late but to their surprise,you stood, holding onto your IV stand. 

“Lo-Lo…” you nearly vomited before you regain a whisper of composure. “I need to see him, Spencer…” you breathed. “I have to find him. 

“Y/N…” he shook his head, his eyes becoming so sad and you knew. 

“No…” you stumbled backwards. “No…” 

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” 

You moaned loudly, a deep, mournful howl in the back of your throat and you didn’t care about standing up anymore. Both men grabbed one of your arms to prevent you from falling onto the tile floor. Nurses were gathering at the door, watching the scene unfold like they had nothing better to do.  

“Give her something for the pain, please.” Hotch said, annoyed with the crowd. 

One small woman slipped inside and got into the small cabinet with her key to find something to hook into you to make you fall asleep. Hotch left the room when the nurse did but Spencer stayed. 

“He can’t be gone…” you whined hoarsely, the medication instantly making you sleepy. “He was all I had.” 

“That can’t be true.” 

“It is… I work at a cafe, Spencer. I have a Master’s degree in Psychology and I work at a cafe… I live in a tiny apartment and the only reason I had to live is gone. He’s gone.” 

“What about your family?” Spencer was beginning to become hoarse himself, holding back tears. 

“He was my family.” you coughed. “I wish he’d killed me…” you whispered before you fell into a deep sleep. 



meet the kings: drew doughty

“i have so much more to learn, and so much more to experience. i know i haven’t reached my potential. i don’t know if i can ever reach that potential but i know i do have a lot more in me and a lot more improving to do and i can become a lot better hockey player.“

I’m a die hard Bamon shipper. Bamon is otp, no doubt about it. But I have to keep telling myself that Bamon is otp when I see Bonnie with almost every other male on the show then I’m like. Bonkai is…no Bamon is otp. Then something else is saying to me “But Bonnie and Kai are so cute together” and then I’m like “No Bamon is Otp.” Then the voice is like “Remember how much potential Klaus and Bonnie had. Remember Kennett. And then again I’m like chill B Bamon is otp. I’m not crazy, I promise. Kat Graham is just perfection. Remember that stick Damon was poking her with earlier in season 6, she had chemistry with the damn stick.

Reasons Why Ferb Is My Pick For #OurDisneyInfinity

  • Phineas needs his brother and Perry needs his other owner!
  • Ferb is an AMAZING character- he’s super intelligent, very sweet, and has a sassy, mischievous side as well! He’s great with tools and with creating things– perfect for Infinity!
  • Ferb is VERY different from Phineas! Ferb is the reason Phineas is able to create everything he thinks up– Ferb is the builder behind all the ideas, and is the one who works to make sure everything gets done!
  • Not only that, Ferb can have some potentially awesome moves– using tools to fight or climb up buildings (the plungers from Across The Second Dimension) or finding creative new ways to protect himself from enemies, like throwing cards or using different unique weapons from episodes. There are so many possibilities for him in the way of fighting/defending and other actions– Ferb does pretty much everything!
  • We almost got him!!!! Ferb was scrapped from the first Disney Infinity game, which is so sad!!! A lot of us really wanted him and now we have to hope we’ll get him— when we could have had him already!!! The Flynn-Fletcher brothers must be reunited! It’s not fair to never have him in the game after he was almost in it! We gotta get him back in!
  • Phineas and Ferb is an amazing show, one that has really become a Disney classic, and Ferb needs to be a part of Disney Infinity! I’m so happy Phineas and Perry are characters, and that we have so many wonderful PnF items within the game to play with!! Ferb needs to be able to enjoy them, too! Ferb should be able to join his brother and his platypus so they can create, play, and build together!

Please please please, Disney Infinity! You would make me and so many other PnF fans happy if you reunited Phineas, Ferb and Perry ^^ Bring Ferb to Disney Infinity!!!

#DisneyInfinity #OurDisneyInfinity disneyinfinity

Just reached midnight where I live so that means Happy Birthday Sunshine Boy. Wish your life didn’t have to go the way it did. You had so much potential. I wish people saw you the way I see you. Misunderstood , delicate , and beautiful inside and out. We all miss you terribly. I hope you’re finally feel free. Everyone keep Byron , Tom , Sue , Dyl’s friends, and the rest of his family in your thoughts today. 💔🎈

I figured we could all have this moment because this moment was actually really cute! Even though their date was awkward, I truly don’t believe it was as awkward as r*cas because they were still able to banter with each other. Lucaya has so much potential but everyone needs to get their feelings in check before anything further can happen. And I know people are disappointed in what happened with Part 3 but we still have an entire season left to see where Michael Jacobs is taking us. We can’t call it quits because of one episode, this episode needed to happen before anything else can occur. I am still 100% on the lucaya ship and I hope all of you are too! We can’t give up!!!