there was so much i left off lmao


what to scan/trans next! putting off until later any that are too long/wordy though…

currently thinking the top line of yuuvics (awake, love on the ice, seascape). anyone interested in the 3some one? it is really just… PORN, like with some of the other really porny ones idek if they’re worth translating since there’s not much of a story lmao.

kind of sad the lower left yuyu is porn, as the art is super cute and it just feels not….. appropriate…… so i won’t be scanning that.

also @chaotic-tendenci any preferences?

Last Breath- Gallaghers X Reader

A/N: Okay guys so this one is kinda sad, it was a request. I really like how this ended up so I hope you enjoy! (Btw huge shout out to @leafyimagine for helping decide how to kill the reader lmao)❤️

You and Debbie were walking to the Gallagher house from the store. You were messing around on the sidewalks, pushing each other off onto the grass every now and then, giggling like maniacs. She was basically the little sister you never had. You lifted your head up, still giggling as you checked how much further you had left to go. Less than a block.

“Do you ever just wonder?” Debbie started, looking off dramatically into the faint sunset in front of you.

“Wonder what Debs?” You laughed, slightly confused as to what she was trying to get at.

“Wonder how you got so ugly?” She turned her head smiling before letting out a loud ‘ooooooh’.

Your mouth fell open in fake shock. You stumbled a bit for dramatic affect before putting your hand over your heart. “Debbie how could you?” You gasped.

You both starting laughing, but we’re cute off by a gruff voice behind you, stopping you in your tracks.

“Give me all your money.” The man spoke in a hushed but strong voice. Fear struck through your body. Then you remembered. Debbie. You turned your head slightly so you could see her out of the corner or your eye. Your first priority was to keep her safe. You put your hands up slowly, turning around at an even slower pace.

“We don’t have any money.” You gulped, looking down to see a knife in his shaky hands. Taking note of the shaky hands you continued talking slowly. “C'mon man you don’t wanna do this.”

“Give. Me. Your. Money.” He spoke a little louder than last time, but still making sure he wasn’t heard by others.

“We don’t have any money.” You raised your voice lightly.

“I don’t believe you. Shut up keep your voice down” He lurched forward, pointing his knife at you, he turned his head to Debbie making you act out to get his attention.

“If I had money I would give it to you!” You spoke even louder.

“I said shut up!” He growled, thrusting his knife forward and into your stomach.

You let out an audible gasp followed by a choking noise. Immediately bringing your hands to your now bleeding stomachs. The mugger let out a barely audible ‘oh god’ before stumbling back and running away from you both. By now Debbie had turned around to see you slightly hunched over and holding your stomach.

“Y/n?” She sputtered out, waiting for you to turn around. You slowly turned your body to her so she could see your state. Blood. That’s all she could see, blood everywhere. Even starting to come out of your mouth. Tears instantly starting pouring from her eyes.

“Debbie,“you gasped for air.“Go get help.” You struggled out before collapsing into the ground.

Debbie turned around stumbling before making a run for it to the house. She made it there in record time. She burst through the front door, her body now wracking with sobs.

“Help!” She screamed into the house, causing everyone to come out of the kitchen in a panic. “Y/N, she was attached come on we need to go now! Get Kevs keys.” She sobbed out.

Everyone started rushing out of the door, Fiona sprinting to V and Kevs house, Lip, Ian, and Carl all following Debbie back to where you were. When they got to you they all starting yelling out to you. Getting closer they realized you were laying in a puddle of something dark. Blood. Your blood. And lots of it.

“Oh my god.” The boys said in unison, instantly kneeling down on either side of you. Lip put your head in his lap while Ian was applying pressure to your wound, covering himself in your blood. Surprisingly you were still conscious, struggling, but still conscious. Carl stayed back, comforting Debbie as sobs continued to shake her body.

“I-I can’t stop the bleeding. Where the hell is Fiona!” Ian screamed, his voice cracking violently as his own tears ran down his face.

“Get her in the truck!” Fiona yelled from the car in a panic. Both Lip and Ian lifted you up, careful not to shift you too much. Fiona instantly started driving to the nearest hospital as silent tears rolled off her cheeks.


They had gotten you to the hospital as fast as they could. Doctors and nurses immediately rushing to your aid trying to fix you in any way they could.

That was hours ago, and the large Gallagher family they had in the waiting room was beginning to grow impatient until the doctor had finally emerged from down the hallway.

“Are you Y/N’s family?” The older man asked, looking at the family in front of him.

“We’re the closest thing to it.” Fiona explained, her voice rough from all the crying.

“I understand this is a rough time for you, so I’m going to accept that. Y/N doesn’t have long. A lot of blood was lost, went into shock and can’t feel a lot anymore. Isn’t in any pain, if anything Y/N just feels numb. I suggest you say your goodbyes.” He gave a sad smile before continuing onto his next patient.

Fiona brought her hand to her mouth, shocked at the news of her best friends soon to be passing. Lip had silent tears streaming down his face as he put his arm around Fiona. Ian was sat down on a chair, shock practically written on his face. Carl was comforting Debbie as her sobs became progressively louder.

Fiona was the first one in the room, followed by the rest of the siblings; your family. You were visibly paler. You skin was lifeless along with your dry colorless lips.

“Oh, Y/N.” Fiona whispered, grabbing your hand lightly. “I’m gonna miss you and your terrible jokes.” She laughed, tears streaming down her face. Her sad smile quickly turning into a frown as realization set in. She was losing her best friend. The one she always went to when she needed help. Her sister. A soft wale escaped her lips before she bent down to kiss your forehead. Slowly backing away for the next sibling to say their goodbyes. She let your cold hand slip from hers.

Lip soon took over where Fiona left off. He also grabbed your hand just like his sister before him. “I’m gonna miss you so fucking much.” He cried out. “I swear to you Y/N I will find who did this to you.” He sniffled, before bringing your hand to his lips to give it a lingering kiss. Backing away like his sister did shortly before, he gave Ian his turn.

“I know we were never really that close, but I still thought of you as my sister.” Ian choked out. Having just as hard of a time as the rest of his siblings. “Even though we weren’t that close you still helped me through everything I needed help with. A-and I’m really gonna miss you.” He was stuttering by the end. Having a hard time making words in between his cries.

Next was Carl. He didn’t show his emotions often, but it was hard not to in this situation. He was crying just about as hard as Debbie was. Yours and Carl’s friendship was the best one he had. You just got him and he always appreciated that. He started his goodbyes silently.

“You’re the closest thing I had to a best friend.” He paused, letting out a shaky breath and leaning his head on your intertwined fingers. Not wanting you cry in front of anyone he let out a quick ‘I’m gonna miss you so fucking much.“ Sucking in a breath he got up to sit in the hallway.

Last was Debbie. She gave you a single glance and that was enough to make her let out a sob. Putting a hand over her mouth she continued to sit in the chair next to your bed. Images of you covered in blood filled her mind as she looked at your pale face. The faint beeping of your heart monitor bringing her back to reality.

“You were always the person to make me happy no matter the situation, and I’ll always remember you. Your smile. Your laugh. I’ll remember you as my sister. I-”

Debbie was cut off by the sound of your heart monitor. The line went flat. She shook her head in protest, starting to cry even harder.

“No! Bring her back! You can’t do this.” She screamed, Lip grabbed her and started pulling her away as her screams of ‘No’ began to become quieter.

“She’s in a better place Debs.” Lip tried to soothe, silent tears dripping off his chin and onto the floor. You were gone. Your life was taken by a man, who didn’t know what he was doing. A man who didn’t think of the consequences. The family slowly left the hospital. Still in shock of the events that had happened that night. The thought of you being gone sinking in. And they didn’t know how to handle it.

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listen i would live for you going off on every single bullet as i would like the confirmation im not the only one screaming at everything everyday lmao

I’m gonna try to keep this brief but there’s just??? so???? much???? First off all the Harry/Louis stuff from 2012 which has been beaten like a dead horse but still!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! and Louis’ ankles and Harry’s long body and all of them being so cute and small and just hoping to ~break America~ bless their hearts (IF THEY ONLY KNEW) and then Harry so flushed at the signing??? heLP????? and then Zayn’s gif about living happily ever after almost exactly three years before he left could anything be more painful EXCEPT MAYBE HARRY LOOKING A STONE’S THROW FROM DEATH’S COLD EMBRACE ON THAT PIER like I know it was three years ago but I still want to hop in a DeLorean so I can bundle him in my arms and kiss his cheeks and bring him hot cocoa and then of course THAT TWEET FROM LIAM which just tells you how much they had *absolutely no idea* what was about to happen the very next day bc you know Liam would have never ever made that joke if he’d had even the slightest inkling so THAT’S FUN TO THINK ABOUT NBD and now it’s been ONE WHOLE YEAR OF SNAP NIALL and what a blessing!!!!! What a joy!!!! What a gift!!!! And speaking of gifts LOUIS OUT WITH FREDDIE I literally might combust fucking hell I feel like I just ran a marathon

…so yeah bud trust me you’re def not the only one screaming lmao

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Hey can you do a Brendon urie x reader request where you get a matching tattoo for his upcoming tour and he is in the parlor with you and when you go home he sees how sexy it is and it leads to smut.. a/n Omg thank you so much for requesting! (gif killed me lmao) (also let’s pretend that’s underwear and not a shirt being thrown at him)

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when u kinda bs ur way and KINDA figure out how mike’s stickshift works

the right half looks like it’s regular gears and the left is SUPA FAST
my numbers are a bit wonked but i’m too lazy to fix it. bUT at least in off the rack my gear vs mph is pretty close to being right?

kane has julie driving at 228mph and mutt is in 12th gear so i gUESS

also his reverse looks like it can be geared up too so he can drive backwards faster which is hilarious to me


found some old sketches from the forsaken year 2012 and when compared to the ones made in a class about a week ago… yeah, can’t say much has changed in the themes lmao (expect they got a fuckload prettier lol)


Holy shit I was looking through my sketchbook and realized I never finished or posted these from a few months ago.

A conglomeration of every Billdip pirate/siren AU that literally owned my disgusting soul for a solid like. 6 months. – As the groups stand from left to right:
Wagt, Dwasc, Ootb, Otde

Please go read these I love them so much ;; 

        ❝ your set was pretty good. ❞ needed a better drummer, but hey, johnny’s biased there; drummers make or break a sound. he’s not picky about much, but drumming’s the only thing he’s got left.  ❝ uh—what was your name, again? ❞

@clashedat // liked for johnny!

Thank you

Request: Could you make an imagine about Bellamy Blake where instead of wells shooting the panther, you did, so you saved Bellamys life and when you get back to camp you still have your wristband on which means you can’t get food but Bellamy comes over and gives food to you because you saved his life then you can make up the rest



Literally this request is over a month old I give you full permission to punch me lmao


               “There are no laws here.”

               The words Bellamy Blake shouted over the crowd rolled over your head over and over again throughout the night. The shock of being on the ground was slowly starting to wear off, until Clarke, Octavia, Jasper, Monty and Finn left to find supplies on Mount Weather.

               Clarke had been your best friend since you could remember, and because of that, you also ended up befriending Wells. Lately you had been caught in between the two, and while you did think Clarke had every right to be mad at him, Wells deserved to be forgiven. However, when you voiced this opinion to her, she closed off and said you should stay at the camp to make sure the delinquents don’t kill each other.

               You did. Well’s needed a hand in convincing the others to keep on their wristbands. He was right- you couldn’t survive alone, no matter how much you yourself hated a majority of the Ark. Most people wondered how you even befriended Clarke and Well’s, considering you were born so below their station. An orphan who was coincidentally thrown into the wrong class, the class for all the privileged children. However, that fated day you befriended Clarke and she begged her mother to make a motion to let you stay. You’d been inseparable since.

               Now, back to the present. The various shouts of teenagers cut their way through your tent, and you gave an annoyed growl, scrunching your features together. Finally, after having enough, you threw your blankets off of your body and stomped over to where the band of hooligans were.

               Bellamy, of course, was in the middle of all the commotion. He annoyed you so much- why was he even here?! He was older than all of you, he was an awful leader, he was an ASS-

               “I see you still have on your wristband.” His deep voice was directed towards you, and you stopped a few feet away from where he stood. The crowd around him quieted down a bit to watch you. You briefly looked down to catch the glinting metal.

               “I see you’re still lacking brain cells.” You bit back sharply. A few of the others “ooohed” and whispered insults and compliments alike, but you didn’t care.

               He smirked, but it was cold, fake. The dark haired man walked towards you, and for a second, you felt your anger bubble up- it was even the way he walked that annoyed you- like… like he had any authority here-

               “You need to take it off.”

               “I thought you said there were no rules here. Or, was I mistaken?” You raised your eyebrows, briefly flickering your gaze away from him to notice Murphy sharpening his knife on a log. “Where’s Wells?”

               “He decided to finally realize the importance-“ he stepped forward again, but you didn’t falter, “of compromisation.”

               You narrowed your eyes. “What did you do to hi-“

               “(Y/N)!” You turned, flicking your hair out of your eyes. “(Y/N)!” There, Wells and Clarke and the others were pushing their way towards you, shoving others out of the way. Except for Jasper.

               “What’s wrong? What happened?” You looked to Clarke, then briefly searched behind her and Octavia. “Where’s Jasper?!” You whispered.        

               “They- they took him.” She wheezed out. You put a hand on your shoulder.

               “Who? Who took him?” You looked into her blue eyes, wide with fright, and you hoped one day they wouldn’t be frightened and worried anymore.

               “I don’t know- (Y/N), I think- I think there are people here.” She whispered the last part. Your eyes widened, and you dropped your hand from her shoulder.

               That changed everything.

               “We’ll figure that out later. First, we need to go after Jasper.”

               “No. No, you’re not.” Bellamy said. Your nostrils flared and you rolled your eyes.

               “Did you find the mountain? With the supplies?” You asked Octavia, who stood beside Clarke.

               “No. We- we saw it…” She stuttered. You nodded.

               “We need to go. I’ll get some supplies gathered up.” Wells said, darting to the side and through the crowd.

               But Bellamy wasn’t having that. What would the others think if he couldn’t even control that stupid little group, or even his own sister?



               Your hands were shaky as Bellamy pulled Clarke out of the pit. She had nearly fallen in and would have died instantly, but he saved her, surprisingly.

               Jasper was untied, but he couldn’t walk. Wells supported the skinny boy who wheezed and looked like he was nearly see-through.

               But suddenly, a roar could be heard in the distance. Bellamy turned and patted his side for his gun, but it wasn’t there. Instead, it was in the grass a few feet away from you. You sprinted, barely making it in time to pick it up, turn the safety off and shoot the black panther that nearly sunk it’s claws into the oldest Blake.

               You breathed, dropping the gun that was still warm in your hands. Your heart was beating fast- you’d never used a gun before. And you never wanted to. But you did.

               Bellamy’s big brown eyes looked towards you, then the gun, then back to you again. Before anyone else could say anything, you muttered something along the lines of having to get Jasper back to camp, and you left the gun on the grass for Bellamy.


               You sat by the fire, taking in everyone conversing and feasting. Bellamy’s minions had carried the panther back, and people were greatful for the meat. However, you and the others didn’t get any.

               Clarke was talking with Finn while Wells and Monty were probably with Jasper. Meanwhile, you sat alone, drawing random designs in the dirt. Your stomach growled as you caught another whiff of the food. There might’ve even been drool coming out of your mouth.

               “Hey.” A deep voice shook you from your thoughts. Your eyes looked up to meet Bellamy’s awfully warm brown ones. How could someone who had such beautiful eyes be such a jack ass?

               There were a couple more moments of silence before your eyebrow raised in question. He cleared his throat, and brought his hand out from behind his back to offer a large hunk of the panther meat to you.

               “You’ve suddenly decided not to let me starve to death?” You slowly took the meat in your hands, trying not to give him the satisfaction of devouring it like a wild animal. “Did you do something to it?” You grinned.

               He snorted. “No.” Then, he went as far as to sit down beside you. SIT DOWN beside YOU. Wow, he was being nice today. He awkwardly fiddled with his sleeve a bit more. “Thank you.” He said. You turned towards him, your mouth already full of food as you ungraciously tore at it.

               “For what?”

               “You know what.” He muttered. You nearly laughed, but decided not to.

               “Some people do have basic human values.” You took another bite of the meat, and swallowed. “Besides, I didn’t thank you for saving Clarke.”

               “That doesn’t matter. You saved my life. You had no reason to.” With this, his eyes trained down towards your wrist band, and you naturally moved your hand away a bit. “I’m not going to take it off. I’m going to leave your precious wristband alone.”

               You looked towards him, nodding. You shared a few seconds of intense staring before you breathed out, “Thank you.”

               With that, you both sat in silence for a while. It was a comfortable silence, except for your unceremonious chewing and his fingers tapping against his leg.

               “You know,” You interrupted, “I guess you’re not that bad after all.”

               “Not that bad?” He raised an eyebrow, grinning a bit.

               “Yea. I mean, you fed me. Tomorrow you might even let me have shelter!” With this, he laughed.

               “I remember seeing you around, on the ark, you know.” He started. “You probably didn’t notice me. I was a janitor. Before I came down here.” He paused for a second, composing himself. You guessed there was more to that than he let on, but you let it be.

               “I’m surprised you noticed me. I was that one weird kid with all the special kids.” You said.

               “I was actually going to ask you about that.” Bellamy muttered. “How do you not want to take off your wristband? How do you not hate all of the council and the chancellor? Everyone knows your story. Your mother…”

               You tensed, and he stopped talking. “One, because I love Clarke and Wells. They’re my best friends. And two, while yes, sometimes or most of the time I might hate the council, but I think Well’s is right. We can’t survive down here on our own.” You thought about what Clarke said before, about people being here, but bit your tongue, not telling Bellamy about it.

               Why was it so easy to talk to him?

               “We can survive on our own. I can protect us. I can protect you.”

               “I don’t need protecting, thank you. And you keep telling yourself that pretty boy.” You snickered.

               “You think im pretty?” He feigned shock, and you playfully pushed him over. This time, he smiled, not grinned, but genuinely smiled, and you cursed that dreaded quickening in your heart. “If it matters, you’re much prettier than I am.”

               You tried keeping your face serious, tried not to break into a smile, but it didn’t work to well. “If flattery’s your motive for trying to get my wristband off, it’s not going to work.”

               “Bellamy!” Someone called from the crowd by the fire. “Someone got stuck climbing a tree and they can’t get down!” You assumed it was one of his minions, and you had to hold in a laugh, but you couldn’t help but let out a little snicker.

               “Good luck, Blake.”

               He looked down at you with those warm brown eyes- how you hated them just 24 hours ago- and said, “Thank you again, (Y/N.)”

               You watched him go, wanting to tell Clarke to punch you in the face for allowing your heart to quicken at his smile, but you couldn’t. Instead you just bit your lip, shaking your head and counted backwards from 100. It always helped to forget things you wanted to forget.

               But you had an aching feeling that you wouldn’t be forgetting this fleeting feeling anytime soon.


Emmerdale Survey Results

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Your blackout guide

I’ve got this #blackout down to a science yall

There is a 250 post limit
Thats 10 post an hour with 10 post left over
You’re probably gonna have to sleep at some point so I’ll subtract 6 hours
Now you got 18 hours 13 post an hour with 16 post left over
I gotta be off tumblr for at the least 4 hours cause school (depending on how my classes are tomorrow)
So now I got 14 hours with 17 post an hour and 12 post left over

Hey friends, it’s that time of year again where I can’t afford anything (aka 60% of the time lmao). I have been out of work since August and have not had much success in finding new employment that doesn’t conflict with my full time school schedule. I used loans to pay up 3 months worth of rent but what’s left of my savings is under $50.

I have food at the moment, but it goes fast and I would like to avoid buying food on credit. If anyone can spare a dollar or two to my PayPal so I can stave off selling my personal belongings, that’d be much appreciated. There’s not much anyone would actually buy other than my clothing, which all of my pieces were not the easiest to come buy given being plus size.

I have been trying to make food money stretch (at the expense of quality/goodness), but I also am paying for dog food. I hope to eventually be stable enough to pay it forward (or back) to someone else in need, but it would appear to be that part-time work that I’m actually qualified for is hard to come by.

I’m hoping to raise $50 to last me a couple weeks. my PayPal email is

Update: I’m pretty good at academic writing so if you have an assignment due ahead of time that I am able to research, I can provide writing services. I can write creative fiction, original or fanfic as well!

So while cleaning my room, I found an Easter card from my grandmother from last year that I’d never opened. Inside was a $20 bill held down by stickers. Not much else is greater than coming across money when cleaning your room, right?

Thing is, the bill and stickers are so old that the stickers kind of… won’t come off without tearing the bill. So I just cut off as much of them as I could but left the rest on to preserve the bill.

I haven’t used it yet, but one day, there will be a $20 bill out there with Grumpy cat stickers on all sides of the perimeter.