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I havent watched 13 yet but I remember you saying that you woundnt support deancas if Cas had his free will for his action in ep19 etc. What happened there? How did the show adress that? I personally stopped watching there cause I hate the story they took Cas o

It’s been addressed but not overtly, and so far it’s inconclusive.

Dabb doubled down on Dean believing that Cas had been brainwashed (so we now know it wasn’t just a Yockey thing) in 13x01. So the question is textually there, for sure. This is a good thing.

The interesting part is that I was repeatedly arguing all summer that just because Jack took free will away doesn’t make him bad, and I feel like the direction they’ve been taking Jack’s powers in really supports what I was saying… and in a much cooler way than I was speculating. Jack has made several implications that he views himself as almost separate from his powers (in 13x01 and 13x03 especially), and it’s been repeatedly enforced that he doesn’t have actual control over his powers (implied several times throughout the season, and then coming to a head in 13x06).

I’ve been beginning to wonder if it’s actually Jack’s power that’s causing all of this (since Jack feels separated from it), and that it’s his power that has a built-in survival mechanism (which would explain why Kelly was more okay with literally KILLING HER CHILD than taking his power away, and why Cas insisted that the child must be born with ALL OF HIS POWER).

And I personally hate that they took Cas there, too… if that’s the way I thought they were gonna go. Hindsight is gonna be everything when it comes to 12x19. I’ve dealt with depression my entire life (including as a child), and while I understand that depression is obviously different for every person, I cannot connect depression with knocking out Sam and Dean in the middle of the night and leaving them in a public park. I just can’t. It bothers me on a really personal level because – as I’ve mentioned before – I live in a larger city where crime and assault are daily occurrences, so unconscious+night+public park leaves my stomach in knots. (If people really want me to spell out WHY it bothers me, I will, but… go ahead and read between the lines here.) It also goes against so much of Castiel’s character development, because as it was revealed later he revealed to Dean (in addition to Kelly) that Jack had promised him paradise on earth. What was the reason that Cas turned his back on heaven in the first place? To avoid paradise, because in the SPN world, paradise is a lack of free will.

We have yet to see what’s going to come out of this… but we’re only in ep 6 of the season. Things won’t come to a head until late in the season, and we won’t have a firmer idea of where the season is actually going until probably AFTER the Wayward 2-part pilot, so we’re looking at early 2018 before we might start getting some good answers. But Jack’s powers have already been shown to be pretty dark, and the season is gonna get darker before it gets better ‘cuz that’s how the show works. (It’s a dark show. Case in point: even ‘paradise’ is bad.) It’s just a question of how it’s gonna get dark this time around. 

Side note that I may expand on later: it’s also interesting that Dean keeps bringing up “Team Free Will” (12x19) and “Team Free Will 2.0,” (13x06) because it’s a term that is widely used by fandom but hasn’t been used in the show since season 5… and in season 5, the circumstances were just barely above rock bottom; it wasn’t a happy statement in context. We have yet to see if that repeated use is fanservice – which it is, if it means nothing for the story - or if it’s the writers laying down some clues for us.

Anyway, short answer: this hasn’t been answered yet, but they’ve been laying down groundwork to let us know that it’s not been forgotten. If you gave up due to where they took Cas in 12x19, I might wait a bit longer before jumping back in. Cas JUST got back, and we haven’t seen him in an environment outside of a wacky western yet. Jack’s story is still unfolding, and that’s what’s intrinsically tied to what made Cas do what he did.

[Sorry if this is really disjointed, I was typing this off and on over the course of a couple of hours.]

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wow im speechless. btimfl writer truly won my heart. i wholeheartedly trust that she's gonna use the last two episodes to make a mess of my emotions. AND I LOVE IT. im in so much pain after ep 14 but my heart is happy bc finally some angst for our babies!!!

I completely agree. This episode was basically perfect for me even though the ending makes me apprehensive. However, EVERY time I have been worried about where the story will go, this writer has proven that I can trust her. She knows what she’s doing. I do think this was inevitable, though. 

Of COURSE they have to discuss their contract again now that they actually have feelings. Ji-ho especially, since she has never felt this way before and doesn’t know how to deal with all of this. I am so so so grateful for Jung-min and everything she said to Se-hee about having to TELL Ji-ho how he feels. Words can’t describe how much I love how the writer is using her character.

I hate angst just for angst’s sake, but this isn’t that type of show and that’s not what this writer is going to do.

I can’t wait for Monday!!!!!


Thinking you can’t do it yourself is one thing, but having someone else tell you that you can’t is irritating. —09.27; Happy Birthday Tsukishima Kei


breathe.  Just breathe.  Now … reach out.  What do you see?

Light … darkness.  The balance.

I meant to post this on may the 4th but I stopped working on it and didn’t come back until now 

new blog! hopefully i’ll be posting more art here!


i know parents day has been out online for a while, but now that it’s aired on TV i can finally post a few drawings of enid’s family!
this is one of my fave eps i’ve worked on, it’s got almost everything i like in it! im a huge sucker for vamp/werewolf couples and halloween in general. i was sooo excited when ian n toby first mentioned enid’s fam being universal monster types, and i’m real thankful i got the chance to help come up with them!

@dannyducker designed enid’s adorable witch self, and all the plaza parents you saw at the beginning!!!!
we threw doodles at each other for enid’s mom n kinda figured it out together-but we were pretty much on the same page from the beginning. danny really solidified her look with all the input we gave each other tho. i designed enid’s dad!! we tried looking for kinda old-fashioned names similar to enid’s for her whole family that we thought would fit, and ended up on wilhamena and bernard.
enid’s Brother was originally just one [1] slime boy in the outline……..but i wanted him to be more like a classic halloween creature. i couldn’t decide on a little frankenkid or pumpkin head, so i just did both and made them twins (if it wasn’t obvious, we just named them boris and icky cuz of boris karloff/ and ichabod crane loooool)

i also designed the ghosts spanky and crudde [kudos to @cartoonfuntime for naming them!!]! i dont have any concept doodles for those guys since i just went with the first thing i drew-which is basically what you saw in the ep. we don’t have much time to do concepts so we often kinda have to go with gut instinct and jump into thumbing everything out! @juliasrednicki and @brandonwuart did the beautiful final designs for the whole crew. they really actualized them and added all these really pretty details, they both went above and beyond!! and @kalidraws as always, decided on the colors for EvEryOnE and EvErythinG!!! so props to all of them!!
anyway i hope u enjoyed enid n her scary fam! i already have more doodles piling up to share later, and will probably keep drawing them forever 🦇🐺🎃🤢


I think I’ve made myself very clear, but no one’s coming forward to stop me. Some of you care. None of you cared enough. Neither did I. And I’m sorry. So, it’s the end of tape 13. There’s nothing more to say.

13 Reasons Why, Season 01 Episode 13: Tape 7, Side A

The year is 2073 and I’m still not over ep 4x07 (Honor Among Thieves) of Person of Interest. I mean the greatest straight bait of all time???

Let’s discuss this. The writers literally brought in a male just to push Root and Shaw’s relationship further. That rarely happens. They brought Tomas in to continue driving the point home that yes Shaw is indeed bi and yes Root is definitely in deep to the point where she can’t even handle Shaw being on a fake date. Also let me point out that Root didn’t give a fuck that Tomas was a guy, she would’ve been just as jealous and territorial if it were a woman. No biphobia over here.

But back to my original point, yes the plot was setup to where Tomas was very convincing in getting Shaw to run away with him but at the end of the day Shaw realized that not only does she love the team too much to leave buuut at that point she was slowly falling for Root also so Tomas stood no chance tbh.

Not only did we get to see jealous!Root (which was heavenly and iconic; you just know she wanted to tell Tomas that yes, Shaw may be with you right now but guess who she’ll be coming home with bddjdjf) but also at the end after brushing off Tomas, Shaw went to look for Root where she then went on to admit she cares about her and then they walked off to sleep together.

That was an iconic ep for Shoot and idc what anyone says lmfao.


Bungou Stray Dogs S2 » (ep. 21) double black | 双つの黒

Double Black”, the most vicious duo in Yokohama’s underworld, that once wiped out an enemy organization of ability users in a single night, shall be resurrected, just this once.


what happens when hodong asks a shy joonyoungie to sing “you and me”

+ heechul mimicking his friend