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An Update

So this is unrelated to the Heart Event–but it does have to do with future projects.

Other than my usual comic schedule and some side stuff, I actually don’t have a lot… planned. I used to have ideas for paintings and animating scenes and things because being an animator is one of my life’s goals–but I can’t afford anything that’d let me do the lengthy stuff I want to do, and my pixels… really don’t cut it for me personally (maybe, in the future, I’ll be able to afford Toonboom with more Patrons, but right now I can’t so it’s not an option).

Putting that aside, here’s the three general plans of attack:

- There are a lot of major side comics for Monofell I want to get out in the next few months that have to do with more characters (like Velvet, Meta, Void, etc.) and not just the skelebros (as beloved as they are, they’re not the focus of this AU. Broken might have had to do with Mono, but it was centered on Chara). I also want to jump back into regular updates for the main comic since 7 Days is over with (for now), and everything SHOULD be higher quality now that I know how to actually paint.

- I want to do another PV like So Easy, only painted. I MIGHT redo that one in the future but that’d be 60 goshdarn paintings holy heck. I’d need major support to make that a reality.
The plan for the new PV was to use another song–possibly The Light Behind Your Eyes by MCR, since it holds a lot of meaningful stuff that can be applied to MF from the right character’s perspective. It’d possibly be another Chara/Mono duet though, so there’d be a lot of mentions of past things I’ve revealed recently.

- Try to grow the fanbase a bit more–as much as people seem to believe, not a lot of people even know this AU exists or just thinks it’s some carbon copy of either Underfell or Negatale. I’ve read… quite a few bad forums from the few times it was mentioned anywhere at all, and I’ll admit that I was absolutely crushed when people just started mocking it and calling it “Triggertale” and similar things.
I didn’t tell anyone, but I actually felt like… stopping Undertale after that, and I was (and still am) going through a LOT of bad emotions and negative thoughts after that. Even now I’m just… kind of giving up in the background and don’t know what to do about it other than try to grow a bigger audience.

Pretty Boy Morty 1/2

Allow me to introduce you to my own made up 100% USDA Organic Morty: Pretty Boy Morty

Like with all Morty’s it begins with a Rick. In the finite curve, he’s an average Rick, no more evil or good, not excessively brilliant or stupid in comparison. His Morty, however, is nothing like what he should be. Rick meets him for the first time after things go terribly wrong. He’s been avoiding meeting his own Morty for years. He knows what they look like and how they act and, frankly, he’s not really all that interested in the idea of lugging around a whiny brat.

But during a mission to exchange some illegal weaponry with a buyer, he slips up and gets in trouble. The heat’s coming down hard. And he could just slide into a new universe but, unfortunately for Rick, he’s actually kinda attached to the one he’s in. So with no other options, he does what every Rick eventually does. He goes to visit Beth. He figures he’ll stay there a week tops, avoid Morty as much as possible, and go on with his life.

But when he gets to Earth things don’t go as planned. Namely, because his Morty is not what he should be, and suddenly the average life of an average Rick is completely thrown off track.

Morty’s are supposed to be unpopular, whiny, idiots but this Morty… is an outlier. He’s got long eyelashes, bouncy hair he grows just a little longer than his copies and he has it styled to perfection. He takes care of his appearance, wears lip gloss, tight jeans, button up shirts, even jewelry. He’s the student council president, popular with the girls [and the guys]. Not even the football team at his school will dare lay a finger on him because he’s helped them with their studies [and he may or may not have blackmail material on the others].

The fact is that Rick’s Morty is a pretty boy. He’s got a perfect life and, frankly, he’s got the personality to match. He’s spoiled, selfish, and cocky, so when Rick shows up, Pretty Boy Morty he doesn’t give a damn about him.

Rick soon realizes the key feature that’s morphed his Morty this way is Beth. She finished school to be a doctor even through her pregnancies and then divorced Jerry not long after Morty was born. The constant competition between Beth and Jerry to be there children’s favorite led to Morty getting whatever. He learned quickly that all that really matters to people is appearances so he’s spent his life molding his appearance into one of perfection and beauty.

Pretty Boy Morty is constantly fixing his lip gloss, refusing to get out of the ship until his eyebrows are on fleek. He takes forever to apply and reapply lipstick when it gets fucked up. He refusing to be out at night because he needs his beauty sleep. He dressing scantily for adventures and draws all the wrong kind of attention, just for the fun of it, because at school he’s always prim and proper and it boring beyond belief.

And it doesn’t stop there. Pretty Boy Morty lectures Rick angrily at 4 am when he walks into his room, drunk, and wakes him up. Morty being a little brat and refusing to go on a mission because, “My homework isn’t done yet, Rick, and I won’t have my grade drop because of you.“ This leads to Rick doing the homework for Morty while the pretty little shit paints his nails. and Rick doesn’t even realize it until after he’s done all Morty’s equation work.

Because you can bet that Pretty Boy Morty is the single most manipulative little shit that Rick has ever encountered in his life. He knows he has to be, he knows that no one really cares about him that they only really care about the pouty lips and cute eyes he can flash them. They only care that he has the perfect grades, the perfect resume, and Morty knows that. Morty knows how to get exactly what he wants. He knows what to say, how to dress, what look to give, and it drives Rick absolutely insane.

And you can bet that Miami Morty and Pretty Boy Morty are best friends. You can’t convince me otherwise.

Just imagine: Pretty Boy Morty looking at Rick with scathing disgust when Rick wants to go get laid and suggests that he stay at the Morty Daycare for a few hours. Morty obviously fights tooth and nail, stating he’s not a child and he can’t just be brought to the dog hotel like some prized poodle while Rick goes off to let some alien fuck him.

But when he gets there and meets Miami Morty he figures he can stay a little while.

And they are most definitely the Mean Girls of the Daycare. They seem to sit above the rest, painting each other’s nail and gossiping, exchanging secrets on how they keep their hair bouncy and soft despite the hair gel and dye necessary to keep it in perfect style. And you know they talk shit about their Rick’s, and, honestly, PB Morty is slightly relieved to hear he’s not the only one who has to deal with leering glances from his own grandpa.

By the time their Ricks finally come to pick them up, the two are practically best friends, telling the Ricks to shut up as they got right back to talking. Just picture it. Pretty Boy and Miami exchange dimension numbers and like, when PB needs to be dropped off for a while, he demands to go to Miami’s house or back to their own house. No exceptions. To which Rick eventually concedes because he doesn’t want to deal with a pissy Morty and, either way, he’s getting what he wants by dropping the boy off, regardless of where he’s at.

Just imagine PB and Miami all holed up in Miami’s extravagant bedroom, giggling and laughing and gossiping and, after a while, Miami leans in and asks Morty if he’s fucked his Rick yet. And PB rears back. He definitely wasn’t expecting that and he’s grossed out and disgusted and like "Wtf no, why would you even ask that.” And Miami just blinks at him, all confused and tells Morty that he thought Rick was PB’s Sugar Daddy and that’s why he was so spoiled and so different from the other Morty’s.

Miami confiding in PB and admitting that Miami Rick is his Sugar Daddy and, standing up and pulling his shirt up in the back, showing PB the tramp stamp tattoo of Rick’s name and dimension number on his back.

And even though PB wants to be disgusted, and kind of is, he’s also intrigued.

PB Morty asking Miami what it’s like and Miami happily telling him that Rick’s are SKILLED in bed. Really skilled. You kind of have to be to fuck your way through all of space-time. Miami explaining how it happened and what it’s like. PB Morty admitting he’s still a virgin because looks are everything and the moment you start sleeping around rumors fly and he has devoted too much time to making his reputation untouchable and he can’t risk it not for anything, or anyone. and if he’s honest, he’s a little scared of sex he’s scared of what people will say. Miami assuring Pretty Boy Morty that people will talk anyway. PB actually opening up to someone for once. They’d be such tight knit friends after that.

I mean, they exchanged secrets and, no matter how prissy and uppity, they’re still Morty’s so they bond fairly quickly.

After a few months go by, PB tries to convince himself that he’s interested in the whole “fucking Rick” thing as a concept, like people who read sex stories about incest but have no interest in fucking their own fathers. Nothing more.

But.. as time goes on, he starts discovering that’s a lie. Because he’s slipping. He’s letting Rick get away with shit. He goes out later than he normally would just to spend time with Rick. He misses the occasional throwaway assignment and just flutters his eyelashes and gets full points because the teachers know he’s brilliant anyway. Morty can’t stop looking at Rick now. Whenever the older man isn’t looking, Morty is subtly glancing at him and wondering what it’d be like to fuck him. But, even after PB Morty finally comes to terms with wanting to fuck his own grandpa, he has a feeling that it won’t be that simple. He has a feeling Rick won’t immediately hop into bed with him if he asks and so, not willing to risk fucking up in any way, he goes to Miami for advice on how to seduce his grandpa.

Miami telling PB Morty that it’s basically a universal consistency for Rick’s to fuck their Morty’s so it shouldn’t be too hard. And PB Morty being partially relieved and horrified to hear that Ricks are universally perverted old men. Miami telling Pretty Boy what his own Rick likes, telling PB to maybe ditch the prim and proper Pretty Boy school clothes for something a little easier to tear off. When that doesn’t work Miami tell’s him to try getting unwanted attention from some aliens.

But imagine when none of that works. PB has dressed scantily, he’s subtly flirted, he’s danced and giggled with other aliens, he’s flirted with Miami in front of Rick, Hell, he’s flirted with a few Ricks that they’ve met at the Citadel but, literally, nothing is working. And, of course, Pretty Boy Morty feels kinda hurt. He knows he’s sexy but suddenly he doesn’t feel sexy enough for Rick and, before now, he didn’t realize that mattered to him.

But, apparently, it does.

Imagine PB becoming withdrawn, out of ideas, struggling to deal with his own desires, frustrated by his inability to get the idea out of his head and, in his anger and confusion, he even starts pushing Miami away. He blames Miami for making him feel that way about Rick. He never had those types of thoughts about Rick before Miami came into his life. He never even entertained the notion. Ever. And now it’s in his brain like a parasite that won’t go away.

He slowly dresses less and less sexy until he’s literally going to school in the t-shirt and jeans he wore the day before. He ignores Miami’s calls and texts. He goes with Rick without complaint, no matter what time of day it is. He barely gets through his homework. he doesn’t wear makeup, his roots start to show and de doesn’t re-dye them. He doesn’t style his hair.

He doesn’t do anything other than try and figure out how to stop wanting to fuck Rick…

[My lovely @the-clairvoyant-rick will be posting the other half of this on her own blog so make sure you follow her and stalk her and love her.]

adorejinhao  asked:

Since today is Saturday and I'm going to be home alone, I really want to start my bullet journal today. I already have a journal (it's going be a composition book) ,but what are the other things that I need to start my bullet journal. Also how do you start a bullet journal (like page ideas)?

hello!! try checking out these posts:

as for the things that you “need” to start your bujo, you don’t really need anything other than a pen. anything else, like washi tape, stickers etc is optional

*✧·゚:* IT’S SLEEPOVER TIME! *:·゚✧* send me an ask about anything - lets get to know each other better!

Emma didn’t really betray Red. She more quit. She wanted out. In the end she took the files to finance it. She didn’t think she had any other option. Red knew this. Knew that she wasn’t out to get him.

It wasn’t like with Newton where Luli died. And someone like Newton surely knew better. Knew that he should go to Red with his problems, not hide them from him.

I wasn’t surprised that he gave her that way out at all. I never took Red for the type where the only way out of his employ was in a body bag.

taotrooper  asked:

Hi Laura! About the line "Zeno’s seen other Ryokuryuus’ legs turn giant before" in chapter 135, is the original Japanese text explicitly plural, or is it one of those vague grammar constructions where it could be either case? Has Zeno really seen more Ryokuryuus besides Shuten and Jae-ha? Or did he only see Shuten's foot before this happened? Thanks for the translations, as always :D

Hello Tao~

It specifically says 他の緑龍 (hoka/ta no Ryokuryuu).

他の (”others”) is usually used when there is a variety of options and alternatives. I’m not a Japanese native speaker, but if I were writing this and wanted to specifically say Zeno had seen ONE Ryokuryuu’s leg I’d use 別の (betsu no) instead, because it implies I’m talking about something specific, whereas 他の is vague and tells me there was more than one.

So the way I read it, yes, the text is saying he’s seen other Ryokuryuus’ legs in their giant form before, in plural (I’m assuming that also includes Shuten?). After all he did wander around Kouka for 2,000 years.

u know what i am almost certain roadhog is missing teeth. not from fights, though, like maybe he got one or two knocked out as a young man. but from age, and junkertown dentists not having a lot of other options when things got bad.

like during a crisis, one of the things aid organizations are always short on is hygiene stuff. soap and shampoo and toothpaste. stuff like that would be scarce in junkertown, not to mention water. so folks get bad teeth, and there’s not a lot you can really do about it. you’d have to go to the city to get anything fancy, and they’re more likely to turn you away. or try to fleece you. better to just get it pulled.

hell, junkrat’s got two gold teeth. roadie’s probably got more. but he might just have tooth gaps. not like anyone’s gonna see ‘em. what’s he need to waste his time or money on gold teeth for? so long as he can still eat

when “no means no” comes up, you hear guys say “oh, but sometimes girls play hard to get” and like…. i guess, yeah.  men & women both can be really bad at being honest about what they want.  but just consider your options.

  1. the other person says “no” and means “yes” –>  you back down –>  they learn that if they want something, they have to clearly express themselves
  2. they say “no” and mean “no” –>  you back down –>  you’ve successfully respected their boundaries 👍👌
  3. they say “no” and mean “yes” –>  you ignore them –>  you’re perpetuating a pattern of bad communication & ignoring boundaries 👎 & given that you aren’t a mind reader, it’s really just luck that you haven’t coerced an unwilling person into sex
  4. they say “no” and mean “no” –>  you ignore them –>  you’ve committed sexual assault 🚨🚨🚨 do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars

unless you care more about getting laid than not assaulting people, respecting people’s “no”s is a win-win situation.  don’t be a potential rapist


#dgraymanweek || Day 1: The Voice of Darkness

⤷  Option B: Manga/Anime 2006 or Anime 2016


yuri on ice week 2017 // day 6 - history maker

option c: favourite moment/scene - the banquet scene (1.10)

Ethereal Glow Highlighter
This subtle highlighter reflects light to create a soft, glowing effect on the cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. I’ve been working on it for a little while so I really hope you like the end result. The colour options range from light to dark and cool to warm so there should be something to suit most skintones. It can easily by layered over other highlights and contours as a finishing touch.

- Brand new highlighter for your sims
- Light relecting properties
- 15 colour options
- Three category options
- HQ mod compatible
- Custom thumbnail

Please tag me @alainavesna if you use it so I can reblog.

Download - Face Paint
Download - Blush
Download - Tattoo

Wouldn’t Care

Originally posted by hardyness

Request:  Hi, could u do an imagine where you’re pregnant with Newt’s baby and you want to tell him but you think hes so invested in his creatures that you think he wouldn’t care?

You were on the walk home from St Mungo’s and you’d just found out that you were pregnant and you didn’t really want to tell Newt because you thought he would be too invested in his creatures to care. You knew it was bad to think that but you genuinely thought he had enough babies to worry about. You arrived at yours and Newt’s cottage and you just went to your room to think about what your options were. You could not tell Newt, and terminate but feel awful for the rest of your life but then on the other hand if you told him and he didn’t care your heart would break. You still had plenty of time before you really had to make a decision.

“Hello love, you alright?” Your husband called from the doorway.

“Oh, yeah! Just having a think.” You said, giving a fake smile.

“What about?” He asked sitting next to you, taking your hand in his. You knew you had to tell him, but now?

“Oh nothing.” You said, kissing his knuckles. Newt knew there was something wrong but he didn’t want to press it.

You were watching Newt with his babies, he was nursing the baby Occamies and you heard him whisper, “Mummy’s here.” And you just thought you can’t tell him, he really wouldn’t care, the baby you were carrying was only human and he had these extraordinary creatures right at his grasp. You just wandered over to Frank who had become very protective of you ever since Newt had brought him home. “I don’t know what to do Frank. He wouldn’t care, would he? I mean this baby’s only human and this is a masterpiece.” You said petting Frank’s feathers. “I feel so bad knowing that he doesn’t know though Frank, it’s a nightmare.” You said sadly.

“What do you know that I don’t?” Newt said coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around our waist.

“Well, uh you see,” You started, it was ow or never. “I went to St Mungo’s yesterday and they told me I was pregnant.” You whispered, “I thought I shouldn’t tell you because you have all these magnificent creatures and the one I’m carrying is only human.” You finished, tears flowing down your face. You turned to face Newt and he had the biggest smile on his face.

“I’m going to be a daddy?” He asked his face lighting up.

“I thought you wouldn’t care.” You said in wonder.

“How could I not care? We’re having a baby of our own!” Newt said happily, picking you up and swinging you around, causing you to laugh, when he set you down you planted a long kiss on his lips. “I’m so excited.” He whispered, grabbing your hands. You smiled. “If it’s a boy what about Harold and if it’s a girl what about Iris?” He asked, hopefully.

“I’m a fan of Iris but not Harold, what about Hugo?” You asked.

“Yeah I like Hugo.” He agreed, kissing you sweetly. You had expected your whole world to fall apart when you told the news but in actual fact your whole world turned an even brighter colour.

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  • ford pines? idk yet
  • Mention of Stanley Pines
  • Original Stan Pines
  • Stan’s brother
  • Other Stanford Pines
  • Stanford Pines’ Brother
  • Stanford Pines…?
  • Stanford Pines/The Author of the Journals
  • Stanford Pines????
  • Stanley Pines (if that IS your real name)
  • Stanley Pines/The Author
  • the author of the journals…………….fart
  • what people think ocd is: oh i wash my hands a lot, keep things neat, and color code everything.
  • what it really is: i accidentally skipped that one song so now i have to close every single opened app on my phone without looking at them, reopen my music, and hit shuffle until that song plays again or else i'll have a panic attack and the world will literally explode there are no other options.
Zodiac Files: How A Scorpio Gets What They Want

Scorpios, when they want to be, can be more manipulative than anything. They can use emotional blackmail, defense mechanisms and passive aggression to help aid them in getting what they want. These are on the more grand scale though when they have no other options. But in general, a Scorpio is straightforward and will let it be known what they really want and keeps hope alive that it will happen.

One of the most challenging things about speaking to my white friends about my story, and stories of other minorities, is that they don’t know what to say or how to react. I know many of them are genuinely interested. They want to listen and learn. But it feels dishearteningly one-sided. 

And it’s not entirely their fault.

I am better able to imagine their realities because growing up in America, I was exposed to so many stories that tell me what it’s like to live in the suburbs your whole life. What it’s like to not have to really question if you’ll make it through college. What it’s like to have more options of places to go and travel to over the holidays or breaks. And even what it’s like not to even notice there are hardly any people of color in all the tv shows you know and enjoy.

I grew up on your stories.

Of course, this is not to say I know exactly what it’s like to be a white person or that I do not recognize there are multiple experiences within whiteness. That’s just it, however. White people have more than one story about them in the media. We as minorities too often just have racial archetypes played by different actors to change things up. More alarmingly, too often it’s even non-PoC representing our stories.

What I am saying is I am more capable of imagining a white person’s life than they are able to imagine my own.

There have been so many painful moments of dry silence after I tell someone a little more about my reality. They simply do not know what to say because they have never been given the opportunity to imagine stories like my own. I am at once like you and still so, so different.

To my white friends and even fellow PoC: Know it is hard to share what it’s like to be minority me. Know that as alienating as it can be to have someone look away from you hoping to change the subject to something they can more easily understand, it means so much that you do not walk away or bring up something else. Know that I will forever appreciate you trying to ask more questions, making an effort to understand. Even if your question is, “I don’t know what to say: what would you hope people would ask you in response to this?”, I will be gracious. Please do not stop at “I cannot imagine what that’s like because I am not you”. Try a little harder and make it easier for me and others to make our stories just as possible to believe in as yours.

Above all, know that it might still hurt even when you try. That does not mean I will stop trying myself. We have a lot of work to do.

Choose Your Own National Disaster

Take your pick: [1] The CIA is wrong; [2] the CIA is right, but DT didn’t know; [3] the CIA is right, and DT did know.

You don’t really have other options.

But relax - many rush to reassure you - the CIA is wrong.

1. The Reassurances Are Not Reassuring

If the CIA is wrong, we are not okay.

If the CIA is wrong, that just means US intelligence agencies are now partisan power blocs struggling to boost their preferred candidates and sabotage their opponents.

That’s not crazy or impossible. The CIA has been wrong before, spoken too soon before, been caught out in lies before. In this case a case of speaking too soon is a fair guess. The known interference in political affairs of France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and the Baltic countries in the last decade means the CIA is probably not wrong. But it could be.

What if it is?

The FBI already intervened in the election for its favored candidate. Trying to argue all is well, “It doesn’t matter, everyone just needs to move on,” is also arguing the CIA is choosing to undermine the duly elected 45th president for partisan reasons.

Those insisting the CIA is wrong seem to feel that would somehow be calming or reassuring. In reality, if their “reassurances” were right, American democracy would already face disaster. Instead of serving the US government, the FBI and CIA would now seek to install and manage it. As with so many post-truth political statements, it mainly makes sense if you want it to.

As has become the norm, one side in this case argues from evidence, while the other argues from feelings and universal lack of trust. That, though, is another argument.

In this argument, if the deniers are right, it is still a disaster scenario.

The informed optimist’s hope is not “The Russians didn’t interfere,” it is “Donald Trump didn’t know he was being used.

2. Is Trump Putin’s Lenin?

Let’s hope so.

I do not say that lightly. DT being a Russian pawn used to undermine the United States would be terrible.

A rival country is both willing and able to interfere in our elections. Nor is there any reason to assume this will change in the future. The incentive will remain, the ability has just been proven, and US elections may remain close enough for slight pressure to shift the result. They’ve done it before to many other countries.

For the immediate future, the Russians put him in office because he is friendly to their goals; because he is tied to Russian oligarchs by debt, relationship, and obligation; and because he is manifestly incompetent to oppose their foreign policy.

But let’s hope that is what’s happening.

Because if that is all that’s happening, we do have a Lenin situation, and Lenin was his own man. Sure the Germans saw him as a tool to be used against Russia, but the man himself had no interest whatsoever in helping Germany. His purposes were his own.

DT’s interests seem to line up only vaguely with those of Putin. He may leave the US to mismanagement through his notorious laziness and illiteracy. His appointees may devastate the lives and interests of citizens below the top 20% of incomes. He may complete the ruin of America’s moral leadership. But he’d be acting on behalf of Donald Trump, not Russia.

DT being an unwitting Russian pawn would be a terrible reality. But a worse scenario than the possible alternatives? No.

DT being a Russian pawn used to undermine the United States is the best case scenario.

The worst case scenario?

3. The Manchurian Candidate

If Donald Trump knew he was receiving Russian aid, and was in contact with those involved…. Well.

In that case, the president elect is a foreign intelligence asset of a hostile power. The only reasonable assumption is that any matter of national security disclosed to the president will potentially be made available to the Russian government.

The legal tools for pursuing a sitting president for such an absurd caricature of treason are unclear. The grounds for prosecuting a president elect, doubly so.

And the cure could be as ruinous as the disease.

Congress might be forced to first allow an enemy agent to assume the highest office in the land. Then begin the achingly slow process of impeachment while an enemy of the state controlled the levers of power.  Even that makes the somewhat absurd assumption that Congress would put national interests before partisan ones at all.

In the meantime, orders given by the Russian puppet would remain technically legal. The military and national security agencies could choose to refuse all orders from the president, but so doing would in effect require a military coup. More likely, some would accept orders even if others refused, leaving a conceivable path to civil war.

And of course, the only way Donald Trump could protect himself - and the family he’s made complicit in everything he does - would be to end American democracy.


There is no possible interpretation of this news - left or right, anti-Clinton or anti-Trump - which is not profoundly bad for the future of the United States.

But if scenarios 1 and 3 are too terrible to contemplate, be reassured, the truth is probably answer number 2.


I wish Krem and Co. Had more plot. There was really only two things that included them and while I understand not making it something that’s mandatory I still think they should have included more interactions with them before deciding if they should die or not. Optional side quests and being able to talk to the others and not just Krem would be really cool! I just wanna know the Chargers better in anyway really they are my favorites 

•Purifying Spray•
While I do call this a purifying spray, that’s not the only use for it. This spray can help for cleansing rooms, protection, comfort/calming, and many other things (including smelling really nice!). I actually made this for my hamster to cleanse the outside of his space of any negativity.
What you’ll need:
•Hot water (preferably boiling but tea temperature works good)
•Sage leaves or stems
•Lavender flowers or essential oil
•Rose petals (pretty optional)
•vodka (optional, pretty much just if it’s going to sit for a while)
•mint/peppermint (optional, i haven’t tested this yet but it would give a fresh and clean feel)
{flowers and sage can be substituted with essential oil or whatever you see fit}
To start out, put everything but the vodka in the hot water and stir occasionally for about 15 minutes (keep covered when not stirring).
Once your water has absorbed the colors and smells of your herbs, uncover and let cool.
Pour the mixture, plants and all if desired, into a bottle and shake vigorously. Add vodka and shake more.
Pour mixture into spray bottle and do your witchy thing!
{{don’t use inside of pet enclosures, on pets, or on anything that seems unsafe to spray with scented alcohol water. If you do and something goes wrong, it’s not my fault}}

[also i believe this is safe to drink if you want but don’t just take my word for it]