there was no way to escape the glaring lights

BTS Scenario: Trying to Wake Up Yoongi

Min Yoongi X Reader

Thank you to @bubblessssss for the request!

Summary: You decide to take on the brave task of trying to wake up Min Yoongi after the other members claim that it’s too dangerous of a job. 

Word Count: ~2.8k

~I had a lot of fun writing this one, hope you all enjoy it!~

***I do not own the gif***

“Y/N…we really need your help.” You listened to Jimin say quickly over the phone. You could hear the other boys mumbling quietly in the background as Jimin spoke. 

“What’s going on?” 

“Just come over to the dorm. Please, hurry up.” He said before hanging up. What could they possibly be doing that required your help so urgently? Before your mind could wander and be flooded with thoughts that the boys could possibly be in danger, you quickly reached for your things and headed over to the dorm. 

Upon arriving, you were met at the door by Jimin who led you inside to where the rest of the members were waiting. 

“Okay…so what is it? Why did you call me over here?” You asked impatiently, wanting to know what could be so unbelievably important seeing as all the boys seemed to be okay. 

“Y/N, we don’t mean to be a bother, it just that we’ve been trying to wake up Yoongi hyung for the past thirty minutes and none of us have managed to do it,” Hoseok spoke up from behind Jimin. You looked at the group questioningly, they had to be kidding.

“You can’t be serious right now. This is why you called me over? It can’t be that hard to wake him up.” 

“That’s what you think, he tried to bite me!” Taehyung blurted out, raising up his arm to point to a red spot where Yoongi had tried to sink his teeth into Taehyung’s skin. Suddenly, you found yourself bursting into laughter at the six boys in front of you as they stared at you confusedly. 

“Will you just do it? We figured he’d listen to you since he wouldn’t dare hurt his ‘jagi’.” Jimin interjected, a hopeful look on his face. 

“You guys are ridiculous,” you said in between giggles, “but I’ll do it since you all are so terrified. I’ll show you how it’s done.” You replied confidently as you marched up the stairs to Yoongi’s room. Jimin was right, Yoongi would never hurt you and he’d certainly be happy to see his loving girlfriend coming to wake him up in the morning, right?

When you reached Yoongi’s room, you knocked on the door just in case the sleeping prince had finally gotten up. When there was no answer you carefully cracked open the door to see him still curled up in his bed. He looked so peaceful while sleeping and you almost didn’t want to wake him, but if the others really insisted, you’d do it.

“Yoongi,” you whispered as you tip-toed towards his bed. No answer. You tried calling his name again but to no avail. You stood over his bed and saw his face squished into his pillow and it took an immense amount of control to resist reaching over to poke his cheeks. In that moment, he looked like he’d never hurt a soul. Taehyung must have been overreacting; there was no way that this adorable slumbering creature known as Min Yoongi could possibly have tried to bite him.

“Yoongi, wake up!” You said a bit louder, this time shoving his shoulder lightly. He emitted a loud whine from under the covers before turning his back to you and pulling the covers tighter around his slim form.

“F*ck off Jimin, let me sleep” Yoongi grumbled. You let out a quiet giggle at the fact that he thought Jimin had come back to bug him. 

“It’s not Jimin, it’s Y/N!” You said, bending down to poke his sides. He let out a quiet grunt and shifted once again, but still, he refused to get out of bed. You figured you’d just have to try harder. You bent down further to lean over Yoongi, getting close enough to whisper into his ear.

“Yoongi, sweetheart, you have to get up. I came all the way here to wake you up, so please?” You whispered in his ear while gently running your fingers through his hair in hopes that he’d listen after hearing you talk so sweetly to him. He turned over to face you, cracking open one eye to glare up at where you were standing. Just when you thought you’d finally succeeded, he swung his leg out at you in an attempt to get you to back off.

“Min Yoongi!” You scolded, staring down at him in shock. It was no use waking him up nicely now; you were going to drag him out of that bed by his legs if you had to. 

“Go away.” Yoongi muttered raspily, pulling the covers over his head. 

You reached down to grab his arm and began to tug at him while keeping a slight distance just in case he decided to kick at you again. To your surprise, he suddenly reached both his hands out to grab your arms and pulled as hard as he could until you toppled onto the bed. 

“What are you-” you were cut off by Yoongi wrapping his arms around you in a tight embrace until you couldn’t move. 

“If you won’t leave me alone, I’ll just have to stop you this way.” He mumbled in your ear before cuddling into you and falling back asleep. 

“Yoongi, let me go!” You cried out, wriggling around while his arms were locked around you. He grumbled drowsily in response while pulling you closer. How was it possible that he could hold such a tight grip around you while sleeping? 

You struggled in his arms until you were finally able to turn around to face him. You couldn’t believe your boyfriend could be so stubborn. However, there was no way you’d give in now, no, this had become a challenge. 

“Yoongi!” You whined loudly into his ear while kicking your legs around in hopes that you’d pester him enough that he’d let go long enough for you to escape. At long last, he slowly began to open his eyes. He squinted at the bright light pouring into the room, looking around before his eyes finally landed on you glaring at him while still stuck in his arms. He stared at you for a moment before yawning loudly and you found that you couldn’t stay angry with him for too long, not when he looked so cute in his dazed, half-asleep state. 

You wiggled out of his arms and sat up in the bed, grabbing his hands and forcing him to sit up with you. You giggled at him as he rubbed his eyes sleepily, his hair sticking in every direction. 

“Jagi, you’re so mean you know that? Why did you have to wake me up?” He spoke raspily while pouting at you. Yoongi let out a whine as you reached over to attempt to fix his messy, mop of hair. 

“I had to! When am I supposed to see my wonderful boyfriend if he’s in bed sleeping all day?” You said jokingly, poking at his cheeks as he tried to swat your hands away. 

“I hate you.” He replied grumpily while running his hands through his hair, entirely messing up the work you’d just done to flatten it. 

“Well, I love you.” You giggled, leaning over to plant a kiss on his cheek before standing up. You looked down to see Yoongi lift his hand to where you’d pecked him, his cheeks beginning to burn a bright pink. You reached down once more to place a hand under his chin, forcing him to look up at you in his flustered state.

“If you get out of bed, I’ll make you breakfast and I might even give you another kiss.” You teased, his cheeks turning increasingly rosier as he looked up at you. Leaving him in his embarrassed state, you exited the room to head to the kitchen. A moment later, you heard footsteps thumping behind you and turned to see Yoongi stumbling towards you. You shot him a questioning expression as to why he was in such a hurry now that he was up. 

“What? I’m starving.” He said, smiling timidly. You laughed before taking his hand and heading towards the kitchen where the rest of the members’ eyes widened in shock upon seeing that you’d succeeded when none of them could.

 You silently flashed them a triumphant smile before pulling pans out to make Yoongi’s breakfast. Of course you’d succeeded, he was your loving boyfriend after all, and waking him up was such a simple task. Besides, it’s not like the others would ever discover what truly happened when you entered the room to awaken the beast that was Min Yoongi. 

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The Arkham’s Female Knight

Part I | Part II | Part III - 0.5 | Part III - 2 | Part IV

A/N: This is my first lil piece. I am not sure if I should do a part 2 or not (Update: I have made new chapters! Links are above^^^). It started as a little prompt but my conscience is screaming at me to write a second part. Since this is my first piece, it wont be obviously perfect. I tried, and hopefully you guys will like it! 

~ J.

Ship: Jason Todd x FemArkhamKnight!Reader

Backstory: Basing the story line of Batman: Under The Red Hood & Batman Arkham Knight, the reader is Bruce Wayne’s blood daughter, whom he had raised and trained to be the current Batgirl. During this time, Jason is the current robin and was captured by Joker where Batman and Batgirl tried to save him but did not make it on time. As 5 years went by, everyone moved on. Not knowing that Jason has returned as Red Hood, the reader got captured by Joker and was tormented for a year (based on the torture scene in Arkham Knight), now the reader returns, seeking out batman, to kill him, but certain paths cross and now, conflict arises. 

Prompt: The reader cross paths with Red Hood and realizes who the Arkham Knight is. 

Warning(s): Swearing and the mention of torture??

Word Count: 1,459


Arkham’s Female Knight


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Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Jongin goes down the street to the laundromat and there’s only one other person there, Kyungsoo, a handsome guy who lives in the same building. 

The large amount of warm colors in his basket bounces with every step he takes. Under his breath a smooth tune cruises to the R&B music in his headphones. Jongin pulls the glass door open to the laundromat and walks inside, still humming to the song by Nivea.

He all but slams the overcrowded basket onto a pearly counter and shimmies his way to the nearest washing machine. Placing the clothes inside, he dances only a little, feet swerving and curving over the ground before he spins and lands in the direction that was once his peripheral view.

Only then does he realize that he’s not alone as the man stares at him while Jongin is holding a pile of dirty underwear in his palm. Quickly, he throws the remaining clothes into the machine and starts it. He wonders if the crackle of the washer could overshadow the blasting thump of his heart.

It’s embarrassing, oh so embarrassing. Because not only is the man Do Kyungsoo, but he’s also the guy Jongin has been crushing on for a year now.

They live in the same apartment building only one story apart. Jongin knows this since he’s friends with Chanyeol, a mutual between the two. Yet, Jongin has not talked to Kyungsoo himself. The self inflicting thoughts about confidence and his perpetual shyness prevent him from doing so.

Instead, he watches Kyungsoo from afar. He catches sight of Kyungsoo casually while leaving for his class at his university. The man is usually clad in a designer suit of some kind; a glaring reminder that he is way out of Jongin’s league, who is simply studying to be a veterinarian.

Yet today, Kyungsoo has a freshness to him with his light gray sweatpants and white t-shirt. If Jongin didn’t know any better, he would assume they were closer in age, but he knows Kyungsoo is way older.

A soft chuckle pulls him from his reverie. He briefly wonders how his headphones got around his neck; how he hasn’t put them on at least to act as though he’s listening to something to escape the ungodly situation. But here he is, listening to the laughter of heaven which is every bit as deep as he imagined.

He turns his head and meets round eyes of curiosity. Clearing his throat, Jongin says, “I like Gain,” he shrugs and tries to maintain composure, but the eruption of laughter from Kyungsoo pulls a smile onto his trembling lips.

“I’m more of a Tide person,” Kyungsoo replies, “What’s your name kid? I’ve seen you around.”

Jongin gulps. The prospects of Kyungsoo having seen him before is oddly pleasing, “Jongin…”

“Jongin?” Kyungsoo’s eyes move up to the ceiling in thought, “Wait. Are you the same Jongin that Chanyeol tells me about?” The younger nods and Kyungsoo smiles, “So you’re the Jongin who has two dogs, attends Seoul Academy and has a crush on me. You’re cute.” Kyungsoo finishes with a dip of his eyes over Jongin’s frame.

The younger stands stiff, eyes widening in shock. Jongin isn’t sure what shocks him the most. The fact that Kyungsoo knows he owns two dogs, has a crush on him, or that he’s just been called cute. But he is sure of one thing; he is glad that Monggu made him spill milk on his shirt because he decided to do laundry day one day earlier.

Thirty Degrees

Rated - fluff, slight fluffy angst

Member - Jun, Seventeen

Word Count - 522

It was a typical lazy weekend afternoon at your apartment along with your dear boyfriend Junhui.

“Y/n, move over! It’s too hot for you to stick on me like a koala!”

Oh did I say ‘your dear boyfriend’? I meant to say ‘that annoying grumpy prick’.

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anonymous asked:

Hey this is a hernst drabble request. Whenever someone mentions milk hanschen starts to blush and Ernst giggle because they remember the first time they met

Send me Hernst head canons and I’ll write a drabble!

This one got away from me a little bit… It could possibly be read as canon era if you ignore the fact that they’re being gay in public, so like do with that what you will

“Would you like cream with that?”

Those who don’t know Hänschen well wouldn’t notice the light dusting of pink that creeps it’s way onto his pale cheeks at the mere mention of cream. Ernst, however, knows the other boy very well. Even in a quick glance, he catches the blush that colors his companion’s cheeks. He has to bow his head and bite his lip to suppress the laugh that threatens to escape him.

“Yes, please.” Hänschen’s smile is tight-lipped. His nonchalant façade falters briefly when his eyes slowly move to glare at the boy beside him before they snap back to the person in front of him, the forced smile returning.

Ernst makes a small sound of amusement when they hand Hänschen his desert. The two boys find a table and take seats across from each other. Ernst can’t help the smug grin that tugs at his lips as he playfully mocks the blonde, “Yes, Hänschen. Would you like cream with that?”

Purely for the sake of rubbing it in, Ernst licks his lips before popping a finger into his mouth and sucking on it, staring suggestively at Hänschen all the while. A not-so-subtle reference to the first time they kissed in the vineyard several months earlier. 

If looks could kill, Ernst would be six feet under. Hänschen’s eyes stare intently at Ernst’s delicate fingers before his gaze meets the brunette’s eyes again. The poor boy doesn’t even know what he’s started.

“You already know the answer to that, don’t you?” Hänschen smirks, not breaking eye contact as he dips a finger into the whipped topping and brings it to his lips, licking the sweet substance off.

Ernst’s smug grin fades as his eyes dart between Hänschen’s eyes and his hand. He can’t help but squirm in his seat.

Sensing he’s gained the upper hand, Hänschen dunks his finger back into the cream before offering it to Ernst. The soft look in his eyes is offset by a pompous smirk and slight quirk of his brow, his tone deliberately dripping with innocence, “Want some?”

The shyer boy’s eyes go wide as he stares at the outstretched hand. His eyes dance around the room a moment before he bites on the offer, leaning forward to lick the desert cream from Hänschen’s fingers.

Hänschen’s feeling pleased with himself as he watches Ernst. A nearly inaudible whine escapes the brunette’s lips, and they both know it’s not because of how good the treat tastes.

Satisfied with the reaction he’s garnered, Hänschen takes his hand back, speaking casually as if nothing’s happened, “Blissful, isn’t it?”

Something Sweet

Chapter 1

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 1700

Warnings: swearing, food 

Prompt: Bakery AU

It was one of those days that you read about. The sky was bright and blue with the sun hanging obediently overhead, and not a cloud dared to pass in front of it. A stiff breeze blew through the city, but not so heavy to be a nuisance. Just light enough to blow your hair around and make the street signs flap, advertising all the local businesses to the wind.

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How you first met


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Scott had just completely broken down. It was right after Allison’s death and he just didn’t think that he could take it anymore. The deaths, supernatural… anything really.He just sat down on a random sidewalk and started sobbing. 

“Are you alright?” a soft voice asked him. 

He looked up at you, he had seen you around school a few times before but had never talked to you. Scott cleared his throat in order to tell you that he was fine but he couldn’t; instead a sob escaped him. 

You immediately sat down next to him and wrapped your arms around him. Scott had soaked your shirt but you didn’t care. After what felt like an hour to him, his eyes were finally dry and he pulled away from you, trying not to cringe when he saw the obvious wetness in your shirt from where he had been a moment ago.

“Your name’s Scott right?” you asked after it was silent for a few moments. 

Scott only nodded, not trusting his voice. “You don’t have to tell me what it was about if you don’t want to. Just know I’m here for you if you want to talk at all,” you promised and sent Scott a small smile. 

For the first time since Allison’s death, Scott actually felt as if he could actually make it through. 


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You had no idea what was going on with you. Whenever you got emotional lately…things just went wrong. It confused you but you were able to brush it off as a coincidence until you got into a fight with your best friend. 

You were on edge and you didn’t even remember what the argument was about or how it started but suddenly she was screaming because the wind had broken through the windows in her room, along with large amounts of water going through. 

“Y/N! Get down!” she yelled as she grabbed your arm and pulled you down under her bed with her. You knew this was because of you and instead of doing what she told you to do you ran out of her house. 

Now you were sitting in a curled up ball, sobbing to yourself in the middle of the woods, wind and rain howling around you. You don’t know how much time passed but suddenly you felt two arms wrap around you and somebody yell over the wind. “Try to calm down!” they warned.

You tried to glare at them but sobs kept escaping you,”How am I supposed to stay calm? I’m scared! I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” you screamed at the person but you tried your best to calm down. 

“You can control this. Just imagine how you would want it to be,” he explained to you while sending a look full of pity. You didn’t know if you could trust him or not but it was the closest thing you had to a way on what to do. You imagined your favorite type of weather, light rain. 

Around 10 minutes later you felt rain on you, it wasn’t the rain that you wanted but it was better than the hurricane that was around you a moment ago.

“I’m Derek. Derek Hale,” he introduced himself.

“Y/N L/N,” you mumbled staring at the sky to see if it was real.

“I’ll explain everything to you. I promise,” Derek told you as he held onto your arm to help you stand up. 

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NCIS One Shot: Infuriated Intolerance

Summary: DiNozzo and you are to go undercover as a couple but it seems as though Gibbs is giving DiNozzo a hard time over it.

Word Count: 1.6k

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: None

Notes: I won’t be on today, honeybees, so I leave you with this. Lemme know what you think and send me some more one word, one character Tidbits or any questions you’ve got, and I’ll answer them all when I get home! 

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“Better watch out. Looks like Gibbs is in a bad mood.” You glance up from your desk at DiNozzo’s quiet rushed tone, pushing back in your chair slightly to look at him. He’s not looking at you.

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REST || mgc

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811 || “His first proclamation of love was unconventionally timed and yes, maybe there was a small part of him that wished on all of the shooting stars that you heard him.”

warnings: none, really, just pure cotton candy fluff

a/n: inspired by michael’s tweet :((( my poor bby boy. special thanks to @assholemalums for beta’ing it <3

It wasn’t your fault that you were tired. Michael hadn’t been able to sleep last night until you coaxed his head onto your lap, carefully running your fingers through his dyed hair. Your ministrations had carried on through the hours before dawn, and only when the clouds were tinged a peach pink was he able to slumber peacefully.

Now here he was, occasionally swaying in the back of the tour bus, on the way to somewhere new with your head in his lap. The clock glared at him with bright numbers stating 11:49 PM. Not that late by his standards, but considering the amount of sleep he got (which was more like a nap by definition) and the exhilarating show they played, he should be knocked out. In the same way you had done for him in his sleepless sessions, he was carefully sifting through your strands, untangling whatever stopped his path. Little snores escaped from your mouth, and the rush of affection he felt for you was overwhelming. The bus bumped along, lights blurring past the window. Shadows casted themselves over the two of you, and words drifted into his mind.

Hmm… Could be new song lyrics, Michael mused, continuing his actions. The air conditioning hummed, providing the white noise to keep his thoughts in check. He was so busy staring at you that he didn’t realize the time passing by until a soft tap on the sliding door sounded. It hissed open, revealing a concerned blue eyed blond.

“You should be sleeping, not watching her sleep,” Luke whispered, smiling through a yawn. He leaned on the wall, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“Can’t sleep,” Michael’s voice sounded incredibly dull to his ears, and Luke’s sigh made him feel a tinge of gloom. Why couldn’t he just be normal?

“You can take the sleeping pills, you know. Doc said that-”

“They don’t work as well anymore. I had to stop them,” Michael cut in before he could finish. Luke stared before nodding solemnly. He turned away and walked down the hall, and Michael looked back down at you. So beautiful. Rustling could be heard, and Luke returned with the blanket from Michael’s bunk.

“Here, take this at least,” he murmured, handing it to him. Michael mumbled his thanks, hoping that the sincerity could be heard. Luke’s small smile reassured him, and he walked out the door, pressing the button. It closed behind him.

1:40 AM.

He watched the text blink. His fingers twitched, one hand mechanically going through your hair, the other still gripping the cloth. His eyes were closing to be glued shut. Sleep teased him, but it never came close enough.

1:41 AM.

He hadn’t moved from his position since hours ago. It wasn’t uncomfortable, no, but he couldn’t feel his legs. It didn’t matter. Michael didn’t want to risk the chance of waking you.

1:42 AM.

You were shifting around anyway, but he couldn’t tell if you were truly asleep. His heart swelled with fondness and his eyes teared up in exhaustion and his tongue rubbed over his cracked lips. The words were ready to burst from his lungs.

1:43 AM.

“It’s 1:43 AM and I wanted to say I love you,” his voice cracked, but he soldiered on. “It’s so damn cheesy because of the time but I know, right here and right now, that I really do. I love you for sacrificing your sleep just so there was a chance that I could. I love you for always giving me the fries from your meal. I love you for keeping me standing when all I wanted to do was collapse. I love you for sitting through all of my random guitar sessions. I love you for always caring for me. Fuck, I love you so much.”

1:44 AM.

You stirred, and he held his breath. His first proclamation of love was unconventionally timed and yes, maybe there was a small part of him that wished on all of the shooting stars that you heard him.

Sometimes, the shooting stars are kind.

“Michael Gordon Clifford, I love you, too,” you murmured into the still air, clutching his leg softly. “But maybe next time, wake me up so that I could hear all of that properly.” His laugh is shaky, but you felt the release of all the tension in his bones. Eyes fluttering open, you searched for his green ones in the dark. They glistened back. You sat up from your position and smiled at him sleepily but genuinely. Your hand reached out to caress his scruffy jaw, and Michael leaned into your touch. Tugging at his sleeve, you dragged him over to the wider side of the sofa. You were first to plop down and lie on your back, Michael following after draping the blanket over your bodies. He turned and scooped you up into his arms, becoming the big spoon without question.

1:45 AM.

No other words were exchanged. With you by his side, Michael finally got the rest he needed.

The streetlights illuminated his dreams.

masterlist || just a lil thing i felt like writing :-) honestly worried for michael tho… i just hope he gets enough rest.

The Sea Tide Whisperer

Another Samurai TsuStar fic. I WAS HAVING FUUGEN FEELS and then  this happened? Looks like Frost will have to wait xD xwynn did it. All her fault. Anywho, took a stab at a thing.


When they finally decided to part ways, it was a bitter journey’s end after a successful recovery on both ends; physically and mentally. They split at the crossroads after the deed had been fulfilled. She found her brother; her only family had to be shamefully and gruesomely put down like a mad animal by her own hands. She couldn’t have done it alone, but he thought otherwise once he witnessed her true might. The young woman wished she could have done something to make him stay with her, continue their journey together, but the hands of time always have plans of their own and do not turn backwards for any one person. So she did what any lovesick female would have; she moved on and lived with the lighthearted promise he left to her in his farewell.

Many years had passed since then.

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so tired of the rain

jeongguk was scared of storms, but he’d be okay as long as he had his sunshine

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Quiet whimpers fell from Jeongguk’s lips, skin crawling with goosebumps as another flash of lightning lit up the room, a loud rumble of thunder shaking the dorm.

He brought his blanket over his head, making it unbearably hot and hard to breathe, but it was worth it to hide from the storm. He listened to the raindrops hitting the window before another roar of thunder rolled by. Jeongguk folded himself into a fatal position, clenching his eyes shut, wishing for the clouds to pass through - wishing for the rain to stop.

The downpour only seemed to worsen, the windows rattling with the heavy wind and Jeongguk was near panicking. His bottom lip was an irritated red from biting down too hard, trying to muffle his squeaks. He could feel the burning behind his eyes, but willed them away, because Jeon Jeongguk doesn’t cry.

Jeongguk wasn’t afraid of anything. It’s what he’s been told. He can handle everything - whether it be roller coasters, bungee jumping, horror movies, or performing on live television with thousands of eyes watching him from all around the world.

Jeongguk wasn’t afraid of anything. Storms were an exception though.

Childhood fears followed him to adulthood. He once loved the rain, feeling the drops roll down on his skin and soak into his clothing until the fabric became a second skin. He loved looking at the dull gray clouds as they split apart, revealing the warm sunshine in rays of yellows and oranges. On lucky days, young Jeongguk would see a rainbow, running to catch the end before the clouds took the colors away.

There were uneasy times, though, where the skies became pitch black, sirens echoing through the streets of Busan. Jeongguk would watch as dark blue, almost gray waves crashed onto the shore, wind blowing his hair in every direction as he ran back to the safety of his home, where he built blanket forts made up of soft meadows and a gentle breeze; it was a place where the lightning could never reach him.

He’s an adult now. He’s faced many obstacles that could have made him or broke him. Storms should not keep him tossing and turning like this.

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Brownies - A Solangelo Drabble


I sighed, looking at an old picture of Percy’s contact photo on my phone. It was of him and I, and my crush on him was so obvious, you could practically see my pining. It was strange how much I’ve changed since three years ago. I can’t believe I actually idolized that idiot. Even so, I smiled. Some feelings never die, I suppose.

But I have better things to think about than former crushes. Such as college, and the soul sucking weight of homework I was procrastinating. How Annabeth was going to kill me if I kept arriving at my shift late as usual. How I kept putting off hanging out with Jason, and checking up on my sister Hazel and her boyfriend Frank. How I should be writing a paper, and was instead just sitting in my room with a blank Word document open.

Like my roommate William Solace.

God, he had the audacity to look like a surfer straight from a Californian magazine. Blond hair that held the color of sunshine, eyes that held the color of light through water, and enough freckles I could play connect-the-dots with them.

Lord, save my ultra-gay self.

Exiting out of the blank tab, I spinned around in my desk chair and walked the few steps over to my bed, just to flop down face-first. A groan escapes my mouth. Rolling over to stare at the ceiling dejectedly, I change my method of suffering and grab a pillow and put it over my face. My groan is slightly muffled by my pillow.

“Nico?” A timid voice that I instantly recognize comes from beyond the wall, and Will cracks open the door just a little bit. “C-can I come in?”

“Yeah, don’t mind my suffering,” I say throwing the pillow onto the floor. Will opens the door fully and sets his bag down on his desk.

“God Nico, I thought you were screwing a girl, from the groaning.”

I choke out a laugh despite my inner cringing, and tilt my head to look up at him. “Nope, just dying from the amount of work I’m putting off.”

“Ah,” is all he says, getting out his Advanced Placement Science textbook. I bet Will has never missed turning in an assignment. My polar opposite, he was. Tall, fair, always smiling, way too helpful, and basically the poster boy for perfection.

And probably chokingly heterosexual. Oh, stop your whining, Nico. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Will starts to hum quietly, something he tends to do subconsciously when studying. I recognized the tune, “You Are My Sunshine”. It fits quite well for his personality. Despite myself, I smiled a small smile, tempted to join in.

He has a beautiful voice. That fact we’d established the very week we started sharing a dorm, as he tended to like singing in the morning while making breakfast. Of course, I don’t mind.

When he called my name from the small kitchenette, I almost didn’t notice as I’d been zoning out. Practically falling off of the bed, I raise a questioning eyebrow when I get over to where Will was standing.

With the most serious expression I’ve ever seen on his face, Will turns towards me. “Nicholas, we are out of brownie mix.”

I roll my eyes, I’ve already told him my name isn’t Nicholas, but he persists. “So?”

He looks at me like it’s life-or-death. “So? This is not just some silly matter. I need brownies. How do you expect me to survive without chocolate in my system? I’m a college student, not an adult!”

I chuckle. “Are you going to go get some then? It’s 11pm.”

Will sniffed, and nodded crisply, looking off into the distance. He pushes past me before I could react, and grabs his jacket without a word.

Making a split second decision, I blurt out, “I just thought you should know, Will, I’m actually gay,” from my place still in the tiny kitchenette. Heat rises up to my cheeks, and I’m sure I look red as a cherry.

Will gives me a puzzled look, but doesn’t say anything except for “Okay,” and walks out the door.

I lean back against the wall closest, and slump to the floor.

“Oh, merda, merda, merda.”



Well, if that wasn’t surprising. I cannot believe shy, timid Nico just blurted that out, right then and there. Not something I ever imagined he’d do or say.

Humming to myself, my eyes scanning the row of different brownie mixes, I ponder upon what he’s just told me. I mean, I don’t mind at all. Why should I? What is that boy ever going to do? Flirt with me? Like he’d ever do that; he’s too shy.

Shaking my head, I realize I totally forgot what I was supposed to be doing.

“Brownie mix,” I accidentally said aloud, scaring a nearby shopper. I’m sure I am a strange sight. It’s 11:15pm, and I am on a mission for brownies.

Scanning my eyes once more over the rows of different products, I find one that suits my taste and my wallet, and walk over to the checkout aisles.

Yes, I’m definitely a strange sight. In the fast aisle with nothing but dessert mix, tired eyes, and a large need for caffeine. Ah, the lovely life of a pre-med student with little will to live.

The cashier, about my age, just gives me a look that says, “I understand completely.”

Once in my car, my thoughts drift back to Nico’s confession from earlier. The engine groans and complains as I rev it back to life and pull out of the parking lot. Turning on the radio to push away the thought of my roommate, it lands on a radio station playing instrumental music.

The music didn’t really help, just made me anxious so I turned it off almost immediately.

“Well, he was brave for telling me,” I mused aloud. I’m sure you can guess exactly who he was.

“I don’t mind who he screws or kisses, it isn’t my business anyways.” I state aloud for my car to hear.

“Just as long as he-” But before I could fully think that thought I slammed on my mental brakes, almost accidentally slamming on the actual brakes. Instead, I pull over to get a breather and try to not cause too many accidents in my time driving.

“No, Will. Just as long as he doesn’t try to kiss you?! I thought you were better than this!” I chastised myself. “Don’t be homophobic, don’t you dare. The world is changing, and so are you, Will.”

My mind unintentionally pulled up the image of kissing Nico, and I blushed.

Not because I was uncomfortable, or it was strange, or because it felt wrong.

But because it felt right.

“What in the lord?”



When Will got home, he just smiled at me, and set the brownie mix down on the counter.

“Will, it’s 1:30am, you were at the store longer than expected, but I won’t ask. Are you seriously going to make brownies?” I deadpanned, amused.

“Watch me,” was the only answer I got. He didn’t speak as he got out a glass bowl and began gathering together the ingredients.

“Hey, um, I was wondering… What your thoughts were on my, ya know, um..” I trailed off, not wanting to finish the sentence.

Will looked up at me, chocolate dust caught in his long, fair eyelashes making him look boyish and adolescent. He smiled.

“Nico, you are who you are, and you’re my friend. I could care less. Don’t worry, kay?” I hummed in response, glad it was taken so well.

I put in some earbuds, and closed my eyes, the smell of chocolate already wafting my way. At some point in my playlist, I must’ve fell asleep, for when I opened my eyes, the room was dark and the smell of brownies was in the air.

Deciding that what better late night (early morning) snack than brownies, I slipped out of my bedsheets and tip-toed over to the kitchen counter. Spotting the pan in the dark, I realized that I didn’t have my covers on me when I lay down on my bed. Will. Always way too considerate.

Trying to quietly take off the foil covering the chocolate dessert, I heard footsteps behind me. Turning around, Will was less than six inches away from me. I flinched backwards, hitting my back against the sharp edge of the countertop. His height really seemed to stand out now. I could probably fit under his chin.

I winced, while Will at first looked concerned, and then a chuckle escaped his lips.

“Sorry for scaring you, Death Boy,” he smiled sleepily, a hand coming up to scratch the back of his neck.

I examined him in the little light, glaring at the nickname. A sleepy smile, bed head golden curls, voice raspy, and darkened eyes from sleep. God, was Will gorgeous.

“Are they any good?” He looked at me expectantly, startling me out of staring at him. I hoped it was dark enough that my blush was hidden.

I turned around towards the brownies once more. “Let’s see,” I mumbled, before ripping off a piece and stuffing it into my mouth. A wave of chocolate exploded on my tongue, and I smiled. “They’re amazing, Will. Nice job.”

“You’re amazing, Nico,” Will replied back instantly.

I turned around with wide eyes. “Will? Are you still sleeping?” But no, he wasn’t. Just smiling at me happily, a dark blush dusting his cheekbones.

“You are amazing, Nico. Everything about you is amazing. I realize that now. The way you look after trying not to smile, but having it coaxed out anyways. How little you are, yet how much you deny it.” Will chuckled at my starstruck expression, and continued.

“You make me so happy, and I never realized that before. Your eyes never cease to amaze me because they hold the galaxy and all its stars in their depths. Your scowl is endearing to see, especially when you’re mad because you are so much stronger than you think you are. I wouldn’t have survived this year without you. Without your snark and sarcasm, and kindness underneath.”

I just stared as his voice quieted to a whisper. “God, Nico, I-I think I’m in love with you.”

“William Solace, I want you to kiss me right now.” At first, his face was shocked, but then his lips were on mine and all I could think was Will.

Will and his puppy eyes, and fluffy golden hair. Will and his idiotic smile and how he was such a goody-two-shoes. How his lips tasted like sunshine and anxiety and brownies. How his long eyelashes fluttered lightly on my cheekbones. Of how we molded together perfectly with our bodies as close as possible, my hands tangling in his hair, his on my waist. How he was long and lanky and happy and annoying and absolutely beautiful.

The kiss was soft, and heavens above, did I want it to last forever. It wasn’t hard, or brash, or needy. Instead, soft, and tender, and life-giving. Just like Will, I mused.

He smiled softly into the kiss, and broke away. Will leaned his forehead on mine, both of our cheeks flushed, breathing ragged. I looked at his face, close in proximity, wanting to memorize everything of this moment. I wanted to draw constellations with his freckles, and wanted to see the world in the beautiful, clear blue sky that was his eyes.

“I love you too, Sunny Boy.”


Little Nico is finally letting someone in, and showing him his feelings. Yay! Sorry the romance was a bit rushed, I started this at 1am this morning. Thank you to the lovely @argo2impala for sending this prompt to me.

Based off of this photo (x).

Beauty and The Beast : Chapter 5

Author’s Note: I’m sorry for irregular updating, I’m going to make a separate post explaining some things. <3

Gif Credit: @nocturnal—mistress  

Previous Chapter

Word Count: 1,851

Bucky handed the can back to you, the contents sloshing around a bit still, “Here, now don’t let me catch you trying to leave again.” You nodded your head, he continued standing and staring at you. Quickly understanding what he wanted you nodded your head once more and made your way back up to your room.

As you settled into your room, your head was racing with thoughts; thoughts of your father, the animals back home, the situation you were in, and most importantly about James Barnes. You should be beyond terrified, you should be quivering in fear of what he could be doing to you. Yet all you could think of was how he opened that damn can for you.

No matter what you thought, you were stuck here against your will. It didn’t matter who he was back then, being kept there was wrong and you weren’t just about to let up your guard.

Hopefully in the morning, the universe will show you a brighter day.

The filter between the sunlight and your eyes were slim to none. Groggily you sat up from your bed, your senses heightened when realizing you weren’t in your home. Though that sense of panic washed away when remembering the situation at hand.

A sigh left you as you hobbled your way off the bed and towards the door. You were somewhat surprised to find the door wasn’t locked. You would have thought that while in your state of unconsciousness, Bucky would have locked you away inside the room. Guessing there wasn’t a problem with you leaving the hideaway, you peaked your head out just in case for the presence of him.

When realizing that he wasn’t going to jump out at you, you left the room and made your way downstairs. You had no idea what you were going to do, you were just a prisoner of some hopefully ex-assassin. It wasn’t as if he would allow you to just walk around freely; there must have been something you could do in your time of imprisonment with that man.

You had no idea though as to where he would be, hopefully you weren’t about get a surprise from him, you made your steps down the stairs louder in case of him being nearby. As you neared the last step you saw his head peak out from book filled room. His glare burning holes into your skin, you smiled sheepishly as you cautiously made your way to him.

“Good morning,” you waved your hand to him, he only watched your actions closely, “have you eaten yet?”

He just continued to watch you closely as you nervously scratched the back of your neck.

I should be avoiding you like the plague, at least acknowledge me.’

A sharp laugh and a quick exit towards the kitchen caused Bucky to stare at your retreating body.

‘That could have gone better, great job, me.’

You pushed the kitchen door open, the morning’s sunlight brightened the dingy white wood significantly. A small whistle of appreciation left your lips as you studied the entire room. Clearly you weren’t able to appreciate all of it’s beautiful history as you were too busy looking for your father and being terrorized by the metal arm of James Barnes.

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Xiumin smut!

Xiumin X you

WARNING!: sexual content ahead, read at your own risk. You have been warned.

Now xiumin was normally well-behaved in social gatherings but tonight seemed to be different. You two were on a double date with a friend of yours and her boyfriend at the movie theatre and everything was going very well until your boyfriend decided he was bored. He started off by slowly moving his hand up and down your thigh, his fingers inching closer and closer to your womanhood every time. You grabbed his hand and told him to stop. “Stop that and watch the movie” you whispered, barely able to see him in the dark of the theatre. He behaved for a few seconds before getting right back to it. You couldn’t believe he was acting this way. You pushed his hand away again but you couldn’t keep a smile off your face. Seeing it was enough to convince him not to give up. Not bothering to waste time on the boring stuff this time, he reached into your lap and unbuttoned your pants quickly and effortlessly. You glared at him in the dark, glad no one could see what was going on due to the lack of light and tried to push his hand away again. You were just about to re-button your pants up when Xiumin’s hand slipped past yours and into your pants. His fingers immediately started working on your clit, stopping your complaints mid-whisper. Oh the things this boy could do with his hands. It wasn’t long before you could no longer get angry at him for this, it felt way too wonderful. Soon moans were threatening to escape your lips and expose you. Your regretfully pulled his hand out of your pants while he smirked at you and leaned towards your friend who had noticed nothing. “I’ll just go get popcorn and snacks” you whispered to her, “Xiumin would you come help me?” He nodded, still smirking and followed you out of the dark room. As soon as you were out, you grabbed his hand and guided him to the girls bathroom which you entered first to make sure no one was there. Once the coast was cleared, you pulled him into the bathroom and locked the main door behind you. In a heartbeat he had you pinned against the wall, his hard body pressed against yours as he captured your lips in a passionate kiss. You were in the middle of a full makeout session by the time he pulled away. He placed a hand on your head and gently pushed down, causing you to get on your knees. He quickly started undoing his pants before you pushed his hands away and got to it yourself. You pulled his pants down to his ankles and marvelled at the large bump threatening to pop out of his underwear any second. You pulled those down as well and licked his cock from bottom to tip before inserting it into your mouth. You had no time to waste so you got right to it. Moving your head quickly and expertly while swirling your tongue along his cock was enough to make him go wild in seconds. His fingers tangled into your hair as he struggled to keep quiet. He pulled himself out of your mouth and you got up quickly. lust and the urgency was all you could see as you looked into his eyes. You unbuttoned your shorts quickly and pushed them off, doing the same with your underwear soon after. He grabbed your waist, using his strong arms to lift you up and push you against the wall. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he pushed himself inside you without waiting. The force of it was enough to make you moan loudly, which he quickly stopped with a kiss. He started thrusting inside you slowly but took up his pace quickly. Soon you were panting and moaning as he kissed and sucked your neck, biting slightly at your shoulders, marking you as his. It didn’t take long before you both reached your peak and his thrusts became sloppier and you came together, sharing this moment of pure bliss. He looked into your eyes lovingly while you removed your legs from around his waist and stood up. You both put your clothes on hastily and walked out of the bathroom hand in hand. You passed the lineup of girls waiting for the bathroom and stopped for popcorn and snacks, well aware of everyone’s judging stares. You were both much to happy at the moment to worry about such an insignificant thing.


btw Xiumin is totally my ultimate bias so thank you for the request ;P

Finally, the piece that has been clogging up my queue for days now. I can’t remember if I made this up or if I read it in some lore somewhere, but I’ve been entertaining the idea that Andor’s memories of the alt streamers were messed with as well.

Alyssa, bright eyed and bushy tailed from the trip back, stumbles across Andor, the man who she once considered her best friend, not knowing that things aren’t quite the way she left them.

4,422 words.

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From the moment we are born
we are packaged and labelled
dummies branded with identities
stuffed into our toothless mouths
barely able to bear the weight of our own heads
already bound by the binary
gender codes encrypted everywhere we turn
plastic kitchens
plastic weapons
boys are encouraged to shoot ammo
while girls are told not to shoot their mouths off
instead being silenced by aprons and ribbons
their toes becoming bruised from tiptoeing around
because ballet shoes really don’t offer that much protection
against army boots;
we are told to reach for the stars
but some of us are too busy trying to escape
from the glare of the moon
and the shining lights of the pageant stage
insecurities masquerade as talents
prizes given for painted faces and painted smiles
empty words earning applause
as they burn in the limelight
the spotlight of individuality that
only highlights the right
way to be
but there isn’t just one way
and today I see the way that people shy away
from being who they are
because they are afraid that they’ll be laughed at
for wanting to be a firefighter
instead of a nurse,
because saving people from burning beds
isn’t what they are meant to do
they’re meant to save people on their deathbeds
when the fire has already been put out
by the people who are given army boots
before they even learn how to walk.
—  behind the binary.
Bucky x Reader - Part 2

Pairings: Bucky x Reader 
Warnings: Swearing, angst
Word Count: 1177
Note: Thank you all so much for your supportive comments. I love hearing you guys’ ideas, it really inspired me to keep writing.

Bucky x Reader - Part 1


I cringed as I inched open the door. In the dead of night, the high pitched squeak may as well have been a gunshot in the deafening silence that surrounded. I shut the offending object with a soft click, before blindly making my way to the bathroom, carefully placing my feet to minimize the agonizing creaking of the floorboards under my weight and to make sure I didn’t stumble on anything lurking within the pitch black darkness that consumed the apartment. Obviously I wasn’t careful enough. I lurched forward, failing to suppress a confused squeal as my hands flailed pathetically in a miserable attempt to stop myself from face planting the rapidly approaching ground.

I made contact with a pathetic thud, certain my entire body was completely bruised by now, before vowing to never move again. After a few minutes of lying there, sprawled out across the floor, I rolled onto my back as a pitiful groan escaped my lips. I lifted my pounding head, squinting my eyes to locate the object sitting a few feet away that just ruined my day. Bucky’s shoe.

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anonymous asked:

do you know any fics where arthur is vunerable in some way? like scared or hurt (physically or mentally) and merlin comforts him? thank you!

Try Again Tomorrow by Witty_Teacup
Arthur’s a little broken, but that’s okay, so long as Merlin is here to reassure him he’s not as broken as he seems.

Back by Cookie
Arthur comes back from war to his husband Merlin and their 1 year old baby boy. Merlin has been helped by Gwaine. War has changed Arthur and everyone in his life struggles to work out what is wrong.

The irresponsive silence by anon
Arthur gets badly injured in battle and now he can’t wield a sword anymore. A lot of Angst and How can I become a King when I can’t even protect the kingdom! Merlin comforts him.

We are all diamonds by footloose
[…] Neither Arthur nor Merlin are looking for salvation. They don’t think there’s any for them, that things are just too rotten, too far gone. But in the end, Arthur’s quiet strength will be a balm to Merlin’s broken soul, and it will be in Merlin’s steadfast faith that Arthur finds courage.

Arthur’s constant by meba13
Every once and a while the sprawling mess of the modern world would be too much for Arthur. Ever since he had been somewhat reborn into this world it had been difficult. Sometimes the droves of people coming and going and the loud noises and the lights simply overcame Arthur. He had to escape sometimes.

Emergency by samyazaz 
The kid’s chart says he’s seventeen, but the livid black-and-green bruise mottling his eye and the cracked split lip that’s left a smear of blood drying across his cheek make him look vulnerable. The way he glares the moment Merlin pulls aside the curtain and steps inside defies him to say a word about it.

In search of miracles by JustCatchMe24
Merlin’s job as a physio takes an unusual turn when his new patient turns out to be Arthur Pendragon, who’s handsome, rude… and paralyzed from the waist down.

Numbers and Figures by planejane
Uther is violent at home and Arthur has to hide the bruises in school. New pupil Merlin sees through his popular bullshit at once and discovers the truth.