there was no way i was putting her in a school girl outfit


Gif source:  Erica

Imagine being Derek’s girlfriend and after biting Erica, Derek introduced you, and you were the one who dressed her up to appear like she did on her first day back to school as a werewolf.

——— Request for anon ———

“I don’t know,” she begins, still discovering her newfound strength as she looks at the clothes you picked out for her. You smile gently, able to tell by the way she looks longingly at the new clothes that she wants to feel that confident.

You motion for her to stand up, and hand her the leather jacket to put on, “Erica, you’re a werewolf now. You’re a force of nature. You are strong. You are beautiful. And when you walk back into that school tomorrow, you’re going to be the most mysterious girl in the room. Rock it.”

She stands a little taller at your encouragement, observing with a small smile how the outfit accentuates her figure in ways she’d only ever dreamed about before, murmuring to herself more than you, “I am strong.”