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Hey, hey! Shy anon here. Would you like to share your Klance headcanons, please?

heuheuhehuehueheu don’t mind if i do

  • Lance loves Keith’s hair
    • listen. you do not constantly comment on the feature of someone else unless you are coveting it or jealous of it or love it in some way
    • lance: god your hair is stupid
      keith: then why are you running your hands through it right now
    • in all honesty, Lance loves to play w Keith’s hair???? he will braid it then run his fingers through it til it untangles then braid it again or just play with it and Keith will doze off with his head in Lance’s lap
  • they get in fights
    • a lot
    • and it’s normal and it’s okay because, in every way, opposites attract, and Lance is scared of Keith’s impulsiveness and is worried it’s gonna get Keith hurt, and Keith doesn’t understand why Lance keeps putting himself down every time someone tries to compliment him and it’s this cycle where they both eventually start to realize that maybe they have to concede their stubbornness and listen to make this work
    •  usually it ends with one of them kissing the other quiet mid-fight and gripping their cheeks and whispering “I love you, you know that?” 
  • Lance sings them to sleep when they spend the night together in one of their rooms
    • it starts off as playful, joking, annoy-the-shit-outta-Keith sing-song, until Lance starts to sing one of his favorite songs from back home and he finds he can’t make it a joke anymore because there’s this hole in his heart and it hurts so much that he has to stop because he can’t breathe anymore
    • Keith just rests his hand over Lance’s heart and whispers soft reassurances until he calms down again
    • and a little later, when Keith asks Lance to sing again for him, Lance can do it without crying this time, and it becomes their nighttime ritual, Lance humming and singing soft lyrics as they stare up at the dark ceiling that they both know will never feel like home
  • Keith likes making out
    • very much
    • to the point where their lips are numb and they can’t feel their jaws and both of them are panting and kind of pawing at each other’s faces and pushing into one another but they’re really having trouble breathing now, but they still can’t stop 
  • sometimes the two of them will just go hang out inside of Blue because Lance loves his girl and Keith loves watching Lance talk to her and get excited when buttons light up after Lance asks a question, because the way the two of them interact is so sweet, bordering on endearing, and what makes Lance happy makes Keith happy too
  • whenever Keith and Lance are stargazing out of one of the many floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the castle, Keith will always point out a blue star and say “Look. Just like your eyes.”
  • those bone-shaking, armor-clacking, rib-crushing hugs after near death battles? yeah. lots of those.
  • spooning that turns into annoyed kicks because Keith hates getting too hot and “fuck off, Lance, you’re sweaty” and “c’mooooon, you love it” and “oh my god, I will put you on the floor” 
  • Keith is a cat person so when they go to a planet and the aliens who needed help are literal cat-people with toe beans and floofy ears, he’s in near tears the entire time and he’s like “hi sorry, I just-sorry, can I-sorry-can I touch ur toe beans” and the cat-person is like “whom” and Keith is like “PLZ CAN I HOLD UR HAND” and the cat-person is shook bc a Paladin of Voltron wants to Hold Their Hand so of course they say yes and Keith nearly passes out bc he is touchin the toe beans
    • also, turns out that as much as Keith loves cats, he’s fuckin allergic to them (and he already knew this so rly he’s just a masochist) and starts uncontrollably sneezing for the entirety of the mission, but despite it all, he is still smiling and sniffling and just so Happy that he met real live cat people who let him touch the toe beans
  • sometimes when Keith gets really upset over something that’s happened or a battle that almost went horribly wrong, Lance will just hook his pinky finger around Keith’s and it’s like this thing that grounds Keith and helps him focus and close his eyes and breathe, because he knows Lance is there and that they’re gonna be okay
    • Keith never really knows how to vocalize his thanks to Lance for these moments, so he just lets it speak through his actions, like when they’re all heading to bed for the night and Keith stops Lance just to press their foreheads together for a moment before kissing Lance gently on the lips

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Why are people doing damage control over drunk Jensen? Anyone with common sense and eyes can tell he was drunk. You didn't even have to see the way he acted. It was all in his eyes. There's a long list of proof from the panel that he was drunk. But not enough room to list here. From what I've seen everyone loves drunk Jensen and had a good time. And it's not like he was drunk enough to NOT know what he was doing. He was just loosened up and didn't give a shit. I don't get the excuses being made.

yeah lol it’s not like he went on a drunken rampage and punched somebody in the face or anything else ridiculous that u hear about drunk celebrities doing. he was just having a good time.

it’s also weird how people are like “but WHY was he drinking so much!!!!!!!!!” as if he’s not allowed to let loose every once in a while without there being some depressing reason for it. guess what!!! people drink to have fun! they drink when they’re on vacation! they drink to loosen up when they have to talk to hundreds of people all weekend! 

it’s so ridiculous to judge a grown adult for drinking when all he does when he’s drunk is cry about people doing good in the world, dance like a white girl, imitate people’s accents, give people $200 for their birthday, eat pizza, name a unicorn “steven,” show his best friend his bear underwear onstage in front of hundreds of people,,,,,,like, it could be a lot worse, people. 

So on wendsday we went on a field trip to the state zoo. It was a pretty long ass ride from our school to the zoo so we had plenty of time to kill on the way there and back. Luckily it was a coach bus so it wasn’t too bad of a ride. Anyways to pass the time me and a few friends decided to play never have I ever because what else was there to do. Are female teacher who is really chill and awesome asked if she could join us and of course we said yes. Fast forward to the final round with me and the teacher and it was my turn to say a thing, everyone wanted me to hurry up and win so we could start over and play again so I had to come up with something exclusively to the teacher. Since I was nervous and being pressured by everyone to hurry up I said the first thing that came to my mind- “never have I ever had sex consistently with the same man.” She was married so she did in fact lose but I won’t forget, how the bus filled with “OOOOOO"s , or how red my teacher got when she put her finger down and I was crowned victorious.

  • Erik (to La Carlotta): Oh, and by the way, you're fired.
  • Carlotta: Fired? W-W-What do you mean, "fired"?
  • Erik: Um, how else can I say it? "You're being let go." "Your department's being downsized." "You're part of an outplacement." "We're going in a different direction." "We're not picking up your option." Take your pick. I got more.

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Do you think dd and ga's lack of... um... togetherness at the upfronts has anything to do with pm? I don't have an opinion on it either way. Just asking an honest question. I'm wondering what everyone thinks. Can we open it up to discussion? It was pretty bizarre, we can all agree to that. The only time we saw them together that day at all was onstage at the Webby's. Seems weird to me. I honestly don't see how it could've benefited fox at all. I think it could be something else. Don't know what

We can always open discussion, anon! If not the Webbys, I would have find it weird that they didn’t appear more together, didn’t do the photocall together, and didn’t give any interview together. It is weird. But then, they went to Webbys, and the magic operated. There’s no doubt David and Gillian are fine with each other, that nothing has changed between them since the last time we saw them together. I really do think it happened like that not because it was their request, but because Fox had planned it this way. 

Even if you assume she’s dating someone else, which I don’t but anyway, what would be the point of asking your network to make separate appearances with your costar for one business event, and then show up together being all giddy and cute at a totally non-business related (at least for David) event, and finally spend 6 months on the other side of the world 24/7 with this other man? It makes no sense. 

So if it isn’t their choice, if it isn’t due to their schedule, it has to come from their publicist or from Fox. It has to be a communication strategy. A weird one, but still…

On the phrase “late-bloomer”

Calling someone who IDs as ace a late-bloomer really gets under my skin. Usually, it’s not said in malice, but it can still be hurtful and/or aggravating because: 

  • It makes it sound like you are more childish/immature/“innocent”/naive than other people your age. It makes it sound like you are somehow “behind” everyone else in terms of growing-up. No one wants to nor deserves to feel this way. 
  • Telling someone you are ace is not always easy! And when their response is to tell you you’re a late-bloomer, it feels as though they weren’t even listening, and it completely invalidates your identity. 

So please, if a friend or family member ever comes out to you as ace, do not suggest they are a late-bloomer. This will not do them any good, and will probably make them feel really shitty. 

This has been a PSA!

this is your plot of land. until i zap you out of the game, IF i decide to.
yeah, right? it’s right next to the beach.
youre me, you know i hate the beach and the sound of the water will never let me sleep and its way too dry here. 
oh right. well theres no mountains so deal with it. 
I feel like Lemony Snicket.
right ?? walking around, checking out your characters spots. Pretty cool.
pretty weird. Youre not the one walking around here. 
Youre right. 
anyway this is where Nia and Hana broke up! You placed me on cursed grounds. I’m supposed to live here?!
Yup. Sorry. I didn’t want you to get in the way, and honestly I havent touched this place since they broke up months ago. 
-_- *huffs* fine. If anything happens to me its on you. 
Yeah yeah, start building your hut already. 

Okay but just imagine Evan having the biggest crush on Connor and writing out ‘Evan Murphy’ everywhere, all over his books, likewise, Connor adores Evan and writes 'Connor Hansen’ on his jeans and wherever else he can and of course Jared and Zoe tease the heck out of both of them about it

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I'm talking about your Twitter. You've been all up in your tv shows all day.

Again, I don’t owe you anything. As it happens I do actually know of people who were at the event (not closely, and they are fine, thank god), so don’t you dare come to my blog to police my reactions. Truly, I hope you’ve not said this to anyone else, because for all you know they could have lost someone in the tragedy. Like I said, I know of people who were there. What if one of those people had been very close to me? A family member, even? 

How dare you police the reactions of other people. How dare you demand a response. How dare you imply that not performing disgust or even grief in your own preferred way means a person does not care. Shame on you. Truly. 

You told me I was not spreading love. Well what are you doing? What are you dong but making it all about you and trying to be cruel? YOU have taken this terrible event and made it into a point scoring exercise. You seem to think you can stand in judgement over others. You sit there and imagine you have the right to tell others off. What made you this way? What made you believe you are so superior? 

And one more point that needs to be made, for you and anyone else with this mindset. Terrorism wants our lives to stop. It wants us to be afraid. It wants to hurt us. Perhaps there are people out there who are deeply saddened by what has happened, but feel the best way to fight such extremism is to show it will not win. So yes, I will continue blogging and tweeting as before.

I am horrified by what has happened. It makes me feel sick that human beings are capable of something like that, and especially when the victims are children,  but don’t you dare use this as your opportunity to get some disgusting kicks. Perhaps it’s fun for you to use this as a way to put others down, to use this tragedy to make yourself seem superior in some way?

But by god, it sickens me. Your reaction is truly foul. You ought to be ashamed. 

Looking for a roommate, supportive and accepting home 💕

My name is Lauren and I know this may be a shot in the dark but my boyfriend and I are looking for someone in the metro Atlanta area that needs to get out of an abusive home and is of working age. We need to move within the next month due to a rent hike and we are having trouble affording any places in our city (Douglasville) without the help of a roommate.

We are open to anyone older than 18, gender and orientation does not matter. We are very accepting and supportive and want to give someone a supportive environment that may not have one currently. We have an extra bed frame, mattress, sheets and basic necessities. We may have extra clothes depending on size and gender. We are fully willing to help you find a job, get a license, whatever else you would need help doing. We are also willing to drive to come get you if you have no way to leave.

We both have experience with mental illness and are very patient and understanding. I would prefer to give this room to someone who needs to escape abuse because we both have needed to escape abuse as young adults and we want to provide someone else that chance!

If you are interested please message me on tumblr messenger. I will skype with you so we can meet in real time and get to know each other. Please pass this around as much as possible so anyone who needs it has a chance to see it. Thanks so much!


Disclaimer:  Gordon Ramsay as represented in this fic is a representation of the exaggerated character he portrays on reality television, and is by no means meant to be Gordon Ramsay himself.

Gif source:  Gordon

Imagine being Gordon’s personal assistant and keeping your feelings for him to yourself, only to find out he’s been doing the same after he goes on a date with someone else to make you jealous.

——— Request for anon ———

He was your boss.

That alone was enough for you to think once, twice, and three times before ever making a move. Sure, Gordon flirted, but then again it was in that harmlessly ambiguous way that could easily be interpreted as friendliness, especially when paired with the numerous times you’d seen him treat other women in much the same way. It wasn’t as if you were dwelling on it, but when you organized and helped with nearly every aspect of of the man’s life, it was hard not to notice.

And if you said you hadn’t been feeling as if your balloon had been deflated after telling him a goodbye from the backseat of the taxi when you’d dropped him off at his place the night before, you’d be lying. Why? Well, because he had a date that he’d been sure to gush about all that day. Part of you, despite how awful it made you feel, hoped it didn’t work out with that supermodel he was taking to dinner. You supposed you would figure out when you reported back in to get him ready for the GQ photoshoot that was scheduled early in the day after.

“How did your date go, Gordon?” was that too eager? Either way, it was out there now, the first thing you’d said to him past your initial, “Good morning,” upon letting yourself into his place to find him grabbing his keys from a table, right on schedule per usual.

“Oh, she’s wonderful, of course,” Gordon flashes you a smile that, had you nod been preoccupied with internally screaming at his words, you would have pegged as fake.

“Oh,” you begin, manufacturing your own smile that could rival a Barbie doll in its stiffness as you lie, “that’s wonderful. I’m glad it worked out.”

“Are you really?” his smile drops immediately as you turn to lead him out of the home, open front door in your grip before his annoyed voice stops you, “Well, prepared to be disappointed, because that was a big fucking lie. She was boring. Beautiful, but the space between hear ears is vacant. Demanded we go to one of my restaurants, predictably.” Your eyes go wide as he goes on, the reason behind his mood changing so drastically in the span of seconds confusing you, “The date went horribly and I was glad to dump her out at her place afterwards. If I had spent the night with who I really wanted to be with, I’m sure it would have been a whole hell of a lot better.”

“Who did you want to be with, Gordon?” your breath catches in your throat as he steps closer, your grip on the doorknob tightening reflexively.

Gordon scoffs, face turning red as he runs a hand through his organized mess of hair, “How can you be so oblivious? I’ve wanted you for the longest time!”

Supergirl 2x22 thoughts

I had to watch it again because I missed some stuff but I had a lot of feels so…

Kara being extra™ with that flip, calm down bitch you aren’t Lena

Rhea sitting so calmly on her throne reminds me of Lillian in the courtroom

Rhea + Lillian = drama hoes

Kara vs Clark….I wonder who will win on a show all about Supergirl

Kara Zor-el Danvers officially Earth’s champion -this is very good

Ew even in dream sequences Karamel is ugly, those poor dream bed sheets and my poor eyes for having to look at that mess

Lena looks so good


Lena really likes to keep herself hydrated damn

Winn fumbling on his way to see Clark is so relatable tbh

Winn mouthed “I love you” to Clark. Bi Winn is rising!

Once again Mon-El wasn’t supportive in the slightest, doubts Kara’s abilities and suggests that someone else could do a better job. A potato would be a better boyfriend than him

Space Dad has been promoted to Papa Bear (Winn Schott confirmed this)

Lena only had to mention her girlfriend’s name and I was already happy. Lena giving zero fucks is my aesthetic. Lena being lowkey jealous when talking about Kara’s relationship though

Couldn’t they just shove Mon-El off of that rooftop - I wish they had

Pfft Kara told Lena to work on the weapon, despite it being something that could kill Mon-El is hilarious. When’s the yeet, his face is annoying me?!

Where’s James?

Science tech bros are the best brotp

Of course Lena gave Kara the remote, she is whipped af she is the truest person in National City

Good riddance Mom-El

Cry harder Mon-El, bye bye I won’t miss you

🍷 🍾 🍷 🍾 🍷 🍾 🍷 🍾 🍷 🍾 🍷  Clink, clink!

I’m 99% certain that all of the DEO were clapping over his departure.

M’gann is so amazing, I cannot

I am 100% here for Space Parents


That Sanvers proposal was….? I mean I think it was rushed but I’m not against it, if Alex is happy then so am I. I just hope they draw it out in season 3 and give it the time and care that we deserve.

Fuck you CW Writers, how dare you make out that Karolsen never existed. There was a whole season of build-up and you have the cheek and the disrespect to claim that Mon-El was the only person Kara ever loved/cared about. That’s disgusting.

Um where is Lena Luthor’s thank you?! Seriously?! she saved the world AGAIN and we didn’t get a thank you?????????!

Of course Cat knows. It’s very nice to have a confirmation though

Oh yay another pod -_____-

It better not be another cis, white male trying to steal Kara’s show.

Coercion - 14

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You are just about to start your new job at the BAU after years of working to get there, when a man you don’t know approaches you with an evil plan and knowledge of every sordid detail of your past. What will you do? Will you give into the man’s demands? Or will you be able to find another way out?


Last time you walked out of a hospital, you were too tired to contemplate a second suicide attempt, although that is what had rolled through your mind. Now, you stood over your former hospital bed with a smile, packing up your clothes and getting ready to head to the jet.

Spencer was coming to get you and take you there. Everyone else was on their way onto the jet already, with Ashton in custody. He was going to be on the plane with you for another 19 hours. When Spencer walked into the room, you immediately handed him your gun. “What’s this for?” he asked confused.

“I don’t trust myself to keep this while Ashton is that close to me,” you said honestly. “Can you hold it until we get home?”

Putting the gun in his coat pocket, he took the bag from you and put it over his shoulder. “You’re not carrying this with your arm like that.” As you signed the final papers to leave the hospital, you thanked the nurses and doctors for taking care of you and headed out the door. For the first time in a month, it wasn’t you who reached out, but Spencer, grabbing your hand and walking you toward the car.

As you walked onto the jet, you squeezed his hand hard. This flight was going to be extremely difficult. “Just sit with me. Don’t pay attention to him.” A soft smile painted its way across your face.

“You okay with that? Sitting near me, I mean? I know this whole forgiveness thing is going to take a while…” you trailed off, feeling like there was so much more to say, yet didn’t have the courage or the right circumstances to say it.

Spencer turned into you and kissed your forehead. It was the first time since this whole situation blew up in your face. “It’s going to take a while. But we have to start somewhere…and I want to start…now, so let’s get in there, you can sit by me, and I swear to God, I’ll choke him out if he says a word to you. 

“Can I just kill him if he says one word at all?” you asked with a laugh.

You were trying to make a joke, but Spencer made it serious again. “You could’ve killed him before. And I would’ve understood that. The fact that you didn’t proves to me that you never wanted any of this to happen.”

Moving into him, you wrapped both arms around his waist and just leaned into him for a few moments. “Let’s go.” 

The ride back was fairly uneventful. Considering everything that happened and who he was, you shouldn’t have been surprised when you walked onto the jet to see Ashton fast asleep - but sleep he did, for a good 12 out of 19 hours. “Psychopaths bore easily,” he said, watching as your mouth dropped open.

“I shouldn’t be surprised…but I am.” As soon as the plane took off, you sat next to Spencer and fell asleep on his chest. Someone was always awake to keep an eye on Ashton, but for the most part he slept for the first 12 hours. It was after he woke up that he decided to mouth off. 

“Ashton,” Hotch said, not even bothering to use a prefix, “Keep your mouth shut.” 

“What I can’t even ask the people that ruined my life some questions? I think it’s the least I’m owed.” Up until then, you’d kept your mouth shut, biting back retorts by squeezing Spencer’s hand, but you couldn’t hold it in anymore. As you turned around and looked at him, you were glad you’d given Spencer your gun earlier, because dammit you wanted to shoot Ashton right between the eyes right now.

Instead of moving from your seat, you just grabbed Spencer’s hand out of Ashton’s view. “You are owed nothing, but don’t worry, when we get back, you and I get to have a candid conversation.”

It’s as if he was waiting for this very moment – for you to speak up. “So the whore has found her voice,” he said coolly, his teeth blinding you. You felt Spencer stiffen at your side, and felt a sense of pride as Morgan told Ashton to shut the hell up.

That was the end of your interaction on the plane. You couldn’t handle anymore and you knew you were going to need your strength to interview the fucker later on.

Another torturously long seven hours passed before you hit the ground. All of you could have easily gone home and slept for the next 18 years, but Ashton wouldn’t wait, and as tired as you were, you wanted more than anything to get into a room with him knowing you had the upper hand. 

The moment you stepped off the plane, you, Spencer, Hotch, JJ and Ashton piled into one car, while the rest of the team piled into the other and you both headed toward the Bureau. “Alright,” Hotch said as two other agents escorted Ashton to the interrogation room. “Y/N, are you sure you want to do this? He’s going to try and get under your skin.”

“I know,” you sighed heavily, looking toward the room. “But I need to do this. If anyone else goes in there, to him, he thinks he’s won, even in prison, and I refuse to let him believe that.” Everyone followed up behind you, following you toward where Ashton lay in wait. The one thing that gave you strength is that when you looked back, each member of your team gave you a nod – they were with you. After all these years of being alone, you truly felt like you weren’t anymore. You had a family.

“Hello,” he said as you entered the room, looking at his reflection in the metallic table and trying to pick something out of his teeth. “You surprised me.”

Well, if you knew a goddamn thing about me, other than what’s on paper, you would’ve picked someone else to do your dirty work. “How’s that?” The team already had a ton of evidence. Enough to put him away for a long time, but if he wanted to hang himself further, you were all for it.

With a carefree nature of someone slipping into a seat at a bar, you sat down in the seat across from him. “I assumed you’d kill me,” he said frankly. 

“You know what they say about assuming, Ashton, right?”

His sly smile and the slither of his neck reminded you of a character you’d seen on television, although even the character was infinitely more likeable. “You’re just so broken. I assumed you’d do whatever it took to save the man you claimed to love.”

You weren’t going to answer that last bit, though you wanted to badly. “Correction. I was broken. But you know, I kind have to thank you actually.” You could practically feel the mouths gaping on the other side of the window. Ashton was surprised too. “If may never have found out who I truly was without your help.”

“Well, let’s see,” he said, leaning back in his chair and smiling wide. “You’re an orphan, lost your parents at 15. No family. You’re a former street kid, eating food out of the garbage.” He was so disgusted by that thought. This man had never experienced anything other than luxury, even before he built up his own fortune. “You’re a whore. How many men have you spread your legs for?”

Hearing that word, whore, it did still wound you. Tomorrow morning, you were looking up a therapist and seeing them ASAP. You had some shit you needed to work through, but you wouldn’t let him know. “Correction again,” you started, ticking the corners of your mouth up into a smile, “I am an orphan. I lost my parents. But I have a family. You tried to turn them against me and me against them, but it didn’t work. So…you lose. Two, yea, I ate out of the garbage to survive. I stole from people. I begged on the corners for spare change, but I did what I had to survive, and with no one’s help but my own, I earned my way into the BAU. And three, I was a prostitute, tricked into a way of life I never expected. I have no idea how many men violated me. I stopped counting, but I know this. I never spread my legs for one of them. Every single time - every night for a year, men like you pried them open without my consent. Now, I have a question for you.”

He looked at you expectantly, his tanned face barely moving a muscle as he waited. “Why me? How did you choose me?

Ashton chuckled. “I was hoping you’d ask me that. For quite a few years, I had a young man working for me. I paid him handsomely for his services.” You weren’t sure what this had to do with anything, but you were going to let him talk – give him the rope and let him tie his own noose. “One day, I found him looking over a picture of you. I could tell by the look on his face that he knew who you were. He seemed proud.” Where the hell was he going with this? “I knew I needed someone to infiltrate the BAU, and when he told me that you’d just earned a position with them after rising from the ashes of a dreadful past like a beautiful phoenix, I figured who better than a new member to carry out my plan. I guess I’ve lost, but not completely.”

The bile rose in your throat. What? Was there a bomb in the building and he was gonna take everyone with him? Maybe he was bluffing. You couldn’t be sure. Who was he talking about? 

“Who told you about me?” You were genuinely curious. You didn’t know anyone anymore.

“Why, the one that gave you your new name, of course. The one person you turned to when you had no parents and no more friends.” As the heat rose in your face and you looked up to meet his gaze, he smiled. “Granted, he had no idea what I was going to do with that information, that is, until I had a gun at the back of his head.”

“You killed Alec?” you breathed. It was more of a statement than a question. Something to say out loud to test whether or not it was real. 

“Alec is dead. The last blast from your past is gone…because of you.” 

You lurched across the table, pulling him out of his chair and pinning him to the wall by his throat. You could feel his heart beat in his throat, but he smiled at you, enticing you to kill him. Prove he was the woman he thought you were. From behind, you heard someone scream. “Y/N, he’s going away for the rest of his life.” Morgan had grabbed you by the waist and pulled you away from Ashton. “Don’t prove him right.” He dragged you from the room and closed the door, and you watched as Ashton laughed against the wall of the room.

The tears fell again in sheets as you covered your mouth. “Who’s Alec?” Spencer asked, putting his arms around you as you cried. 

A rattling breath made its way up your throat and you choked it out. “He helped me escape.”

Garcia came up behind you and eased you back into a seat, kissing your forehead as she did so. “How?” 

You steadied your voice as best as you could. “When my friend Leslie was shot in front of me, I took a bunch of piles after a client dumped me on the side of the road. I couldn’t take it anymore.” When you looked up, all of your friends were staring at you intently, looks of pity on their faces. “I woke up the next morning in a pool of my own vomit and took that as a sign that I was supposed to do something with my life, so I pushed up off the ground and ran.” You stood up, flailing your hands around as you recounted moving through the streets, and drainage pipes, and sewers to find Alec two towns over. “He was an amazing hacker. I knew he was the only one that could erase my identity so Rocco could never find me. He didn’t ask any questions. He just did it. Because that’s the kind of guy he was. Ashton killed him. I never got to thank him…and now he’s dead.” Your head fell into your hands and you cried out, the pain coursing through you like a hot knife. 

“He was a hacker?” Garcia asked shakily. “Do you know his handle?” When you told her, she slapped her hand to her face. She knew him too.

The team took you to the round table room and for what felt like hours, you sat there and cried, but this time, when you looked up, everyone was still there. Hotch had apparently gone to officially arrest Ashton and transfer him to another officer, but this time, as you cried, you weren’t alone.

I am sooooo sick of the whole Kartrashian klan. I don’t want to see anyone fixing their rat mouths to defend them or say they started any “trend”, cause guess what, they didn’t. I’m so sick of black people getting pushed to the back of the line while people like them are getting pushed to the front. I don’t know how anyone, especially black people, can defend them seeing that I never hear them defending black people. If they aren’t going to help black people then they are just perpetrating and getting in the fucking way and need to go somewhere else with their bullshit. All these sluts do is steal shit and split on BBD. (And for the record, before anyone comes for me, I’m not calling them sluts because they do sexual acts with multiple different black men (no shade, no tea). I’m calling them sluts because they stole black women’s men on multiple occasions: Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, Trina. To me, you’re only a slut when you are knowingly a side chick or just steal someone’s man when you know they’re in a relationship. That’s why I called them sluts, so don’t come for me because I will tell you about yourself, your mama and your daddy.) Don’t worry Kardashain stans, I’m not putting all the blame on those fucking trash bags. Half the blame goes to the black men that hype them up. I wish black men would hype black women the way they hype up the Kardashians. I’m a HUGE advocate for women and women’s rights, but I just can’t support these women. All in all, I have heard Kylie and the other sisters get credited for acrylic nails, wigs, cornrows and hoop earrings. If I hear someone else say Kylie created a trend for something that’s been done by black people years before she was even born, I’M FUCKING BEATING THEIR ASS!

Skam And Colorism (season 4 only)

Okay so yesterday in the clip we realized that Sana went back to her old ways of dressing. Meaning all black, monotone and life less in as sense. Yesterday’s clip also showed everyone else except her completely dressed in white and today the same with Yousef (except for the rest of the boy squad).

What do I think it means? Well a heavy concept in this season is trying to fit in. All those who wear white are not only distant to her (for their actions and just being themselves) but they also don’t fit in with her. She is not like them and they are not like her or those similar to her.

The reason why Yousef is wearing white in a household if people whom are wearing significant darker clothing is because in theory he does not belong there. A non-Muslim in a house full of Muslims stands out like a sore thumb (hence why he is the only one wearing white). The reason why Sana stopped wearing all of those bright colors is because in her sadden state she ‘realized’ that she can’t fit with them but only with those whom are like her. She thought she could (this being why she wore bright colors) and now that she thinks she doesn’t she is wearing black again(because she is troubled by whom she is and what she want to be again much like how Isak does when he is troubled).

Skam has a perfect knowledge of color symbolism and they use it really well.

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Is Harry going to cancel his show tonight?

no news yet, but i do think most people wouldn’t be in their right state of mind tonight, let alone many parents would not send their children to the show after the devastating news from last night. on the other hand, canceling the show isn’t always the best way to solve things. it makes people more scared and anxious for future occasions, it puts much more pressure on the artist and everyone else involved, and we can’t live a world where it’s a constant fright to put your foot outside the door. if he decides to have the show, i will love and support him and every single person who is attending. i hope everyone stays safe, i hope the security does all the right and necessary security checks, i hope everything goes well and i hope everyone has fun.

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Any new rules to a knight's oath in the modern day?

Considering there is no one united version of the Chivalric code, it depends upon which version you subscribe to.

Some modern updates that are more universal however:

- Treat men and women with equal respect. Give due respect to those that do not fit into either of those two labels. Your fellow humans are your charges.

- Stand up when no-one else is willing, against oppression. If you know something to be wrong, if someone or something you do not PERSONALLY agree with is targeted, you should stand up for it anyway, if it is just another person’s way of life.*

- Behave with nobility of heart and mind, and demonstrate honour without having to speak of it. Be loyal and faithful, and do not compromise your values. Be as steadfast in your beliefs around others, as you would be alone.

- Do not be the first to draw the sword. Demonstrate humility and offer a hand in friendship or peace, before fully exerting yourself against your foe.

- Do not show contempt to those of lesser status and privilege than you. Often, they are of greater worth than those with more status and privilege.

- Be generous toward others, and honour them as you would have them honour you.

- Do not be afraid of making mistakes. An error may be corrected. Cowardice strangles the soul and stunts growth.

- As a Knight is a figure of war, learn the Arts of war, even if only tactics and planning rather than a martial art or weaponry. Do not aim to fight, but do not be content to be a victim. You must know the weight of a sword, but it is only a tool to be used, whereas you are the one that holds it.

- Accept just rule, even if you do not agree with the ruler. Oppose unjust rule, even if you agree with the ruler. Where justice and law fails, impose your justice for others to follow, but do not compel others by force alone.

- Be the change you wish to see in the world. If not you: Who?

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"Ok. So Jess has volunteered to go and rescue Jay from your stomach. But first let's see if she's in there. *Nora closes her eyes and begins to send out psychic waves of thoughts to Tamatoa's stomach* <Jay? Jay are you in there?>

“This is just a waste of time you know…” Tamatoa crossed his arms. “There’s no way she’s gonna be in there…”

And for a few moments it seemed he was right… Nothing but silence or the nonsensical thoughts of dying fish… Maybe he hadn’t eaten her after all…

But then something responded. Underneath everything else, a weak mental presence flickered like static. It was quiet, its thoughts barely above a whisper, and seemed strained as if it were doing everything in its power to focus, but it managed to call back to Nora…

((… … … h-help…))