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Hi! I want to ask advice.I'm learning fine art at a university, and try to do my best, but every day I feel like the fandom groups/facebook etc. slowly but surely kill my passion for 3 years. Ignorance, humiliation, disregard. I'm at my wit's end. I dont know what should I do, I want to keep drawing, but I feel like its pointless, and no matter how hard I try my artwork is useless. I feel like I'm making a mistake by believing, I can work as an artist, and I should search for something else.

This message kind of makes me very sad. 

There’s one thing I can advice. Quit the groups and fandom circles that make you burn out so much. There is no way every single fan in a fandom you love is ignorant, or humiliating, or disregarding. Find YOUR people who will support you and re-charge your passion. 

I feel like it’s in a way how I feel about tumblr recently. I see so many posts on my dashboard that either make me super bitter or annoyed…I kind of feel like a sea of salt after I spent too much on tumblr, but whenever I’m out of it I’m back to the ray of sunshine. I guess there are blogs and posts I feel no longer connected to. And it’s normal.

SO. Try finding someone you connect to. Having a one loyal friend in a fandom you can always talk to is much better than seeing the art (even if it’s great art) from a person you don’t understand. 

There is absolutely no way that your artwork is USELESS. I generally feel that the main point of art should be bringing YOU joy. If you draw there should be something you love about it. I guess it shouldn’t really rely on recognition only. 

Also, I might sound like Katara, but hey, faith pays off. If you truly believe in something it’s going to get you there eventually. 

i’m dreaming again. 
of embrace, 
dark blues,
and a shoulder to put my head.
I lean in, 
but wake up to a dog barking in the hallway.

Five hours until the see the apartment.
I text to confirm, and shower.
I’ll miss this. I’ll miss every piece of this.

I wear heels and pull my hair back into a bun. 
“What should I say I do for a living?”
I knock on the door and extend my hand,
“Hi, I’m Amanda, thank you so much for seeing me today.”
The landlord showed me two apartments.
The first one was enough to almost make my lungs collapse. 
Two small rooms, connected by a doorway and nothing else.
The bathroom was the width of the shower stall,
“Bathtubs seem like a waste if you’re not a bath type of person.”
i am, but I agree. I fake my way through the rest of the tour until he says,
“I have a second apartment to show you, but it’s about $100 more.
“I would LOVE to see it.”
We hike up the stairs, 
“It’s only about two and a half flights I’d say, I wouldn’t call it the ‘third floor’”
Shit, I don’t care. 
He opens up the door and it’s small. Comfortable I guess. Pale yellow that could drive me crazy. Closets, corners, outlets, lights. 
“The construction next door should be done any day now, and we’ve never had any problem with burglary.” 
oh good.
“I have to tell ‘ya, someone else is interested in the apartment.”
he looked to the floor, so I asked, 
“But what? they’re a troublemaker?”
“A musician actually. But he said he’s an independant musician, and I don’t know about him playing music in the apartment.”
Dark hardwood floors that would look great with light furniture. 
How would I get stuff up here?
I don’t have a bed.
I ask for an application. 
“Now I don’t want to rush you, but he is interested.”
He continued to tell me how much he and his wife love youtube, and let me know there would be no application fee.

i feel hopeless. Like I’m not ready to leave what I know. 
I could spend a million years feeling like a prisoner, if it meant I didn’t
have to make one hard decision. 

but if I close my eyes, will i see you there?

Irrespective of whether you like Liam or not, it’s apparent that he gets shit for everything he does, everything he goes through, every time, and most of it is completely uncalled for. You want to educate him, do it the right way, it costs nothing to be polite or at least to maintain a decorum. I think y’all forget that he’s not your next door neighbour, heck, I bet most of you wouldn’t (and you shouldn’t also) dare to talk to your next door neighbour the way you do with Liam! Bashing him and being rude on the pretext of being “concerned”, though, Seriously?

I’d probably not be so frustrated and angry and wholly sad every time an incident like this occurred notwithstanding the magnitude of it, had y’all been completely the same with all the other boys (because that would explain that you have a grudge against everyone, which still doesn’t make it okay) or if y’all gave him shit for something he deserves to get shit for, but he does not, not most of the time? He is exceptionally amazing and wonderful and most importantly, highly talented and a gorgeous person? I don’t put him on a pedestal, he has his flaws like most of us but he legit is quite likely the most likeable person, so what gives? Is it because he wears his heart on his sleeve? Is it because he’s always been very thoughtful of the ugly fandom and the fans? Is it because if he knows he’s made a mistake, he tries that much harder to rectify it, is it because he is insanely talented and a great guy all in all and extremely beautiful? No, seriously, what is the issue here? 

It’s like the urge to attack Liam stems from some deeply rooted fucked up complex and it is getting grossly out of hand. 

Happy Valentine’s Day

Pairing: Linstead (do I even write anything else?)
Timeline: Established relationship. Probably set in s4. 
Genre: Fluff with a healthy dose of Valentine’s Day smut.
Rating: M

A/N: A belated Valentine’s Day gift to you all. Ironically I started writing this on Valentine’s Day, but just finished (no pun intended) now.

I’ve been struggling a bit with my writing lately, mostly because I keep comparing myself to other people. I know it’s not a competition, but I will appreciate any love/feedback you can throw my way.

A/N2: Can Jay be my boyfriend 😍

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Suppose GRRM decided the internet provided an alternative to traditional publishing and set up a patronage system where he ended up publishing a chapter of ASOIAF every 2-4 weeks, but never any proper books. If we assume he'd write essentially the same chapters and keep the same plot points, how do you think this would effect the tone and do you have any guesses as to how (generally) the order of storytelling might change?

So if he went full Dickens? (Not in the dirty way?) 

We’d all be talking a lot more about the internal structure of chapters and a lot less about overarching storylines, that’s for sure. The momentum of reading ASOIAF would be entirely different, and that would change how it felt to us tonally: more contemplative and less propulsive, all else being equal. 

I’m not jealous… really- Bucky Barnes X Reader

This was a request!

Prompt: A lovely anon requested an imagine in which Bucky is in love with the reader but won’t confess, so Pietro flirts with the reader trying to make Bucky jealous and it works out. And Bucky confronts Pietro in front of the reader and a lot of fluff.

Word Count: 1948

A/N I hope you like this! Please don’t be afraid to send in more requests, I love doing them!

He was in way too deep, he had fallen head over heels for you and there was no going back at this point. Bucky had gotten to know you over the course of your time in the tower as a friend of Natasha’s, and maybe he’d gotten to know you a little too well, because now he was irrevocably, inexplicably, irreversibly, in love with you. And of course he would never tell anyone that, except for Steve, and Natasha… but he would never tell anyone else.

Bucky watched you as you scurried around in the kitchen, making breakfast for yourself, trying not to get caught up in the bustling chaos of the kitchen in the morning. Bucky watched you, like he did almost every morning, his head in his hands, his heart on his sleeve.

“You’ve got to tell her,” Steve whispered, nudging Bucky to try and get him to look away.

“I know. Or I could not, and avoid the humiliation and depression when she turns me down, yeah, that sounds like a better idea,” Bucky mused, shoving cereal into his mouth, accepting his defeat. Steve frowned, shrugged, and left, giving up trying to persuade his friend.

“So you like [Y/n] then,” someone asked from Bucky’s left side, just over his shoulder.

“What?! Definitely not, no way, never in a million years, what would give you that idea…” Bucky trailed off, his lying getting worse and worse as the sentence went on.

“Ok, so you won’t mind if I make a move then, ya know, try to get out of the friendzone?” The voice asked, trying to get under his skin. Bucky finally whipped around, coming face to face with Pietro. He was smiling, his signature lopsided grin only infuriated Bucky more. He was already jealous enough of your friendship with Pietro, he didn’t need you two in a relationship.

“No, not at all,” Bucky muttered through gritted teeth.

“Ok then, good to know,” Pietro sing-songed, skipping off out of the kitchen. Bucky sat back in the chair, hoping he didn’t just lose you the that scamming speedster.

“Hey Buck, how’s a going?” you greeted as you sat down with a big plate of waffles and fruit.

“Wha- oh hey [y/n]! I’m doing… just fine,” Bucky lied, his heart galloping against his ribs as your legs brushed his under the table, oh the things you do to him.

“Wanna bite?” you asked, offering him a fork, a chunk of waffle and fruit poked on the end.

“No, you go ahead, I already ate,” he refused, smiling down at you as you ate your breakfast.

“So Pietro asked me if I want to join him for a movie in the living room later, wanna come,” You asked. Bucky stiffened, his nerves turning to anger as you invited him on this sorta-date thing that Piero had asked you on.

“Definitely not,” Bucky seethed, getting up, his chair skittering back with a screech.

“I have to go now, and do… things,” Bucky lied as he dashed from the kitchen, the wide, wondering eyes of the whole team following him out.

“That was weird,” you muttered through bites of waffle to Natasha.

“Yeah, super,” she agreed.

Bucky had been acting weird for some time now, and Nat and Steve seemed to be in on something you were missing. You secretly hoped that it was something to do with you, for the past few months you had been convinced that he liked you, and you wanted nothing more than for him to admit it. Those stolen looks and jumbled, lost words every time he tried to talk to you were the telltale signs of a crush. But what if you were wrong, maybe you were just being self absorbed, and overthinking every interaction, that would just be embarrassing.

You got up, walking down the hall to your room, you weren’t supposed to meet Pietro for another two hours in the living room. He had asked you to watch a movie with him in the lounge a little later, which was not out of the ordinary, he was quite the casanova of the tower. He was constantly offering you, Nat, and any other girl that came around, lopsided smiles and flattering words, his charm was undeniable. But personally, he wasn’t your type, you two were just friends, and good ones at that, and today you had agreed to catch a movie with him, like you sometimes did. What’s the worse that could happen

You sat on the couch next to Pietro while he flipped through netflix, looking for a movie.

“If you ask a girl to see a movie, the least you could do is have one already picked out,” you teased, grabbing a blanket off the arm of the couch.

“Fine, we’ll watch this,” he decided, picking out a generic rom-com. You nestled into the couch as the opening credits rolled, Pietro draped his arm lazily over the couch, his fingers ghosting over your shoulder.

“Hey, hands off buddy,” you smirked, glancing up at him. “Don’t you dare try to make a move,” you teased. Pietro just offered you a smile, pulling you closer to him, you sighed, giving up trying to push him away, you know he didn’t mean any of this.

Bucky loomed around the corner of the living room, watching the two of you on the couch. The sun was beginning to set, the golden glow spilling in through the big windows. The watercolor sky painted your face in hues of red and purple. You looked so peaceful, so happy, he almost felt bad he was about to ruin the moment. He walked around the corner so you could see him.

“Hey Buck, wanna join us?” you offered, patting the spot next to you on the couch.

“Sure,” he muttered, choosing the recliner farthest away from you instead. He was being weird, it was times like this when you doubted your theory about his crush on you. You turned your attention back to the movie. Pietro sent Bucky a sly smirk, draping his arm over your shoulders, playing with the ends of your hair, you leaned into him. Bucky quietly seethed in the corner, his eyes sharp and his teeth gritted tightly. You laughed as Pietro tickled your side, your faces close as a giggle bubbled past your lips, Bucky couldn’t help but smile at the sound. His heart fluttered as your eyes lingered on his face after Pietro was done tickling you. His smile eventually turned into a frown as you snuggled closer to Pietro, you head on his shoulder, his arm around you, your fingers laced together. Jealousy bubbled hot and angry in Bucky’s stomach, his insides twisting with the thought of Pietro’s hands on you. His left hand dug into the arm of the chair, the metal whirring and squeaking as he gripped harder. He couldn’t take it anymore, he stood up out of the chair, the wooden legs scraping along the floor as the chair flew back.

“Alright, that’s it, hands off her, right now,” Bucky gritted, his hands in tight fists at his sides.

“What, why?” Pietro asked in mock bewilderment.

“You know exactly why,” Bucky continued.

“I’m sorry you were too afraid to make a move on her, I’m sorry you don’t have the guts to tell her how you feel, I’m sorry you’re a coward,” Pietro teased, trying to get him to admit it, because Pietro knows how much you both want this. Bucky still stood there, trying to get a grip on himself, trying to decide whether or not he was going to admit to this.

“Wha- I was trying to- I was getting there, I just needed more time,” Bucky stammered, his anger and anxiety clogging his throat with the words he wanted to say.

“Looks like I just got to the finish line first,” Pietro drawled, giving Bucky one last look, giving him one more chance to confess before he was going to take it to the next level. Bucky just kept stuttering. Pietro took a deep breath and leaned in, his lips connected to yours, your eyes shot open in surprise, his arm draped over your back, his other hand coming up to your face. You were frozen in shock, not able to do anything as he kissed you. Suddenly his lips were ripped from yours roughly. Bucky had him by the collar, pushed up against the wall, he was yelling profanities and threatening to kill Pietro. His voice was but a whisper, his tone sharp enough to kill. You had to intervene before Bucky did really kill him.

“Hey, hey, whoa, hey,” you yelled, grabbing Bucky by the shoulders, standing on your tiptoes so you could reach them, your turned him around so he was facing you. His shoulders heaved under your hands, his breathing uneven and heavy.

“Bucky you need to calm down, hey, look at me, LOOK AT ME,” you commanded, trying to get him out of his rage. He looked at you, his eyes piercing right through you. After another few minutes his shoulders stopped heaving and his breathing returned to normal. You stepped back, your hands falling off his shoulders, your fingers trailing down over his chest, his heart galloping under your fingertips.

“Would one of you mind telling me what’s going on here?” You demanded, looking between the two men standing on either side of you, swapping sharp looks and passive grunts.

“I was just trying to get you there man,” Pietro confessed, holding his hands up in surrender. You continued to look back and forth, wanting more answers than that. Bucky sighed, rubbing his hands over his face.

“You might as well just tell her,” Pietro offered.

“I’m getting there,” Bucky spit back.

“Look [Y/n], I guess what I’ve been trying to say, for a while now actually, is that I love you… a lot,” he confessed.

“And I understand if you don’t feel the same or whatever, but I don’t want to ruin what friendship we have so if you don’t feel the same just forget I said anything,” he concluded, a sigh of relief escaping from him. You stood there in shock, no words coming, you didn’t know what to say. Another tense second of silence hung in the air.

“Well say something!” Bucky stammered, begging to know how you feel.

“Yes…” You confirmed.

“Yes what?” Bucky pushed.

“Yes I feel the same way. Yes, I do, Bucky Barnes I think I like you very much,” you decided, smiling from ear to ear, the unexplainable feeling of new love tingling in your stomach.

“I’m glad you feel the same way,” Bucky whispered, coming closer to you, his lips tugged up in a smile.

“Oh just kiss me already,” You begged as he enveloped you in his arms. He smiled down at you.

“Sure thing, doll,” he breathed, connecting your lips together. You deepened the kiss, melting into him. You heard a gagging noise from behind you, you turned around to see Pietro pretending to throw up.

“Oh stop it, you only helped this,” you teased, sticking your tongue at him. He just smiled and left, leaving you two alone in the living room.

“What do you say we finish this movie?” Bucky asked, plopping down on the couch.

“Sure,” You agreed, settling down next to him, snuggling into his side, feeling safe and warm tucked into his side. There was no feeling to describe how happy Bucky was that he could finally call you his, he kissed the top of your head, beyond ready to begin this new time in his life with you by his side




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Can You do a Roman Reigns Imagine? Where we have to share a hotel, and we get into a heated arguement which leads to rough , passionate sex?

  A/N: I’m so sorry that this took so long to get done. But I hope you love it!

Warnings: Daddy kink, strong language, shower sex (is that warning??) uuuuh, can’t think of anything else. I write before the requests before I give the warnings so sometimes I forget :P


      “I have to do what!?! No, there is no way that I’m gonna share my room with her! Come on, Triple H, can’t you just get her a different room? Hmm, I didn’t think so,” I said to Hunter over my cell phone. He had just informed me that I had to share my room with Y/N, the new WWE Diva. I guess with her being new and everything, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon forgot to book her a room so now I had to share mine with her.

     "Can’t she just sleep in her car,“ I asked, continuing my rant. But, of course, Triple H said no. (I just hope that he knew that I was joking.) He then told me to ‘be a man’ and deal with and it and said that Y/N should be up to my room in a few minutes. So I hung up the phone, unlocked the door, sat down back on my bed and kept an ear out for the newbie.

     The knocks on the door came half an hour later (‘in a few minutes’ my ass). Already I knew who it was, so I said 'the door’s unlocked’ and in walked Y/N. She had her bags in her hands and a towel around her neck, telling me that she just came from the gym. That and Y/N was wearing a tank-top and shorts. Plus, she was drenched in sweat; which, I hate to admit, was kinda hot.

    “Hey, Roman,” Y/N said to me after she closed and locked the door.

       “Hey,” I said back to her. I leaned back on my -or I guess I should say our- bed and started to play a game on my phone just to show the new comer that I wasn’t interested in anything that she had to say. Unfortunately she wasn’t getting the message.

    “Sorry you have to share your room with me,” she said. “I know that this wasn’t your idea, but-”

“You can say that again,” I retorted with a roll of my eyes.

    “I know this wasn’t your idea, but-” Y/N annoyingly repeated herself and then laughed at herself. I narrowed my eyes at her and she just shrugged her shoulders.

“What,” she asked. “You said I could say it again.”

    “You know  I didn’t mean it, smart ass. Now, why don’t you go to sleep on the couch so that way I won’t have to hear your voice anymore?”

  “Seriously, Roman? The couch? I thought that you would be a gentleman and let me have the bed.”

      “Normally I would, but you’re such a newbie that you just don’t deserve it,” I said laughing to myself.

  “Whatever,”she scoffed back, “I have to take a shower first, anyways.”

   “In that case, I think I have to pee.”

  “No you don’t; you’re just saying that cause I said that I want to take a shower!”

      “Probably. But you’re still not going in the bathroom, and there’s nothing you can do about it, Newbie.”

    I was completely wrong on that part cause after I said that, Y/N came over to the side of the bed that I was on, lifted one of her legs up and slammed it down onto my stomach.

   “Fuck,” I groaned in pain. Then I rolled on my side and watched as Y/N walked into the bathroom with a smirk on her face.

          A few minutes later and I could hear the shower running.

                                         *                *                  *

      It had been a whole hour after Y/N had started her shower, and I had to piss. Badly. But she still wasn’t out of the bathroom. So I went to the door and heard the shower still running. I knocked hard a few times, but Y/N wasn’t responding. Look, I’m a gentleman and everything, but when a man’s gotta piss, a man’s gotta piss and I ain’t tryna piss through the window. I tried the doorknob and noticed that the door was unlocked, so I opened it and saw something that made my dick hard: Y/N had the shower head in her hand and it was pointed at her pussy. The look of pleasure was all over her face. Moans were escaping her lips, but it was hard to tell what she was saying exactly, so I listened more closely. “Fuck! Ro- Roman,” she purred my name. She purred my name!

   “Me,” I accidentally asked out loud. I still couldn’t believe that shit.

       “Shit! Roman? What the hell are you doing in here,” Y/N asked in return as she dropped the shower head. She quickly covered herself up with her hands at first and then with the shower curtain.

     “Uh, I had to take a leak,” I answered, “and you were takin’ way too long. By the way, were just playin’ with yourself….and thinkin’ about me?”

    “No! Now fuck off!”

      I took a few more steps into the bathroom and and put a smirk on my face. “Baby girl, I’d rather get you off,” I replied with a wink.

    Y/N let out a nervous gulp but had let go of the shower curtain, letting me see her in her whole naked, wet, beauty. “What’re gonna do to me, Roman?”

       “Pick that shower head back up and hand it to me, Newbie.” She did what I told her to do and I chuckled. “Baby girl, you got this on the wrong setting.”

   “What do you mean, I got it on the wrong setting,” Y/N asked impatiently, making me chuckle again.

      “Cause yo got it on spray when you should have it on massage.” I changed the setting and aimed the nozzle at Y/N’s clit. I smirked when she instantly moaned. The look on her face told me that she was enjoying this more than when she was doing this to herself.

       After a while I decided to get in the tub with the newbie. So I handed her the shower nozzle, got shirtless and pants-less and sat on the side of the tub. I took the nozzle back from her and watched as she started to rub herself. I licked my lips before I smacked her hand away and put two of fingers in her glorious hole.

   “Roman, oh my god,” Y/N screamed.

     “You like that, Baby-girl,” I asked her while I pumped in and out of her. God, I wish it was my cock filling her pussy up, but I had to wait til I got her good and ready and I had a great way to do that. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her, stood up and put the shower head back where it belongs.

     “What’re you doing, baby,” Y/N asked me in an innocent voice.

       “Nuh-uh, Newbie,” I said with a wag of my index finger. “You only get to call me Daddy.”


        “Yup, just like that; sounds fuckin’ hot too. Now, bring you fine ass closer to so I can eat you out.”

     Y/N smiled as she said “yes, Daddy”.

      She moved close enough so that her lightly trimmed bush was on my chin. I dipped my head a little to give myself a small taste of her dripping pussy. It was a quick swipe of my tongue and Y/N couldn’t help but to whimper.

    “Damn, baby, you taste so good!”

           “Fuck, how do you go from hating my guts to eating me out,” Y/N wanted to know.

    “Who cares, baby,” I answered, “just let me enjoy my feast.”

     Y/N rapidly nodded her head and I lapped up her moist opening. I went slow at first, but Y/N told me to stop teasing, so I went faster earning many loud moans from the newbie. She moaned my name plenty of times, holding on to my long hair as she came on my tongue with shakes and screams.

     “Damn, Newbie. I would’ve been doin’ this to ya much sooner if I had known that you were gonna taste so sweet and sound even sweeter.” I laughed while standing up in the tub.

      “Well, I would’ve let you do it sooner if I had known that your tongue was so powerf-” Y/N cut herself off when she saw my hard cock spring at my abs after I removed my briefs. “Holy shit,” she whispered, eyeing my dick, “you’ve got a mighty hammer there, Thor.”

    “Haha, thanks, Newbie.”

      Y/N groaned in annoyance. “When are you going to stop calling me that, Roman? You know that I’m great in the ring and I’ve beaten almost all of my opponents!”

   The whole time that Y/N was ranting, she was also looking at my naked body body up and down. She saw how my cock was dripping with pre-cum and licked her lips.

    “I’ll start callin’ you by your name once you prove to me that you can take this dick. Oh, and you can stop callin’ me Daddy while we fuck…unless of course you want to keep callin’ me Daddy.” A smirk made it’s way on to my face as Y/N made an ‘o’ shape with her mouth. “Now come on, Newbie, lets get started.”

   I helped Y/N wrap her legs around my waist and I was back in her glorious hole, but this time with my thick dick. When it got in her, the newbie gasped and asked me to give her some time to adjust to my size. Once she was ready, I slowly went in and out of her and both instantly moaned. I picked up the pace some after a few more slow thrusts, and I loooooved the way she felt around my cock. I told her that and she moaned while sucking on my neck.

    “I love the way you fill me up,” she finally said. “Your cock feels so fucking          good in me, Daddy.”

    “Mmm, I see you have no problem with still callin’ me Daddy, Newbie.”

    “Aw, fucking shiiiiit,” she moaned as I continued to pound into her and suckin’ on her nipples. “Can you blame me? You’re so fucking hot!”

     Y/N saying that got my motor running faster than before. So I made it so that Y/N’s back was right on the shower wall, picked up my pace and really pounded into her tight, wet pussy. God, it felt so fuckin’ good. My long hair got in my face and I so desperately needed to see the newbie’s sex face. So I flipped my hair over and saw her staring straight back at me with a tear falling down her cheek. I knew it was from pleasure, but I still felt the need to ask.

    “You okay, Baby-girl?”

      “Fuck yeah, Daddy,” she answered, out of breath. “You’re just really hitting my G-spot and it feels so fucking good and I -ah, shit!”

    I hit Y/N’s G-spot several more times, that’s how she cut herself off that time: cause she was enjoying my D too much. But I was enjoying her P just as much, maybe even more.

    “Come on, Newbie,” I growled, “cum all over my cock!” I told her that cause I knew that she was close; I could feel it. But I wanted her moans to be captured in my mouth, so I quickly put my mouth on hers and continued to thrust into her hole.

  Our tongues fought for dominance as we kissed and moaned in each other’s mouths. A few more thrusts later and I had the newbie shaking with pleasure. Her moans vibrating in my mouth added with her pussy pulsing around my cock had me cumming my own damn self.

    “Fuck, that was hot,” I said after I finished shooting my load in Y/N’s dripping pussy. I let Y/N back down and kissed her passionately on the lips.

   “I know, best sex ever,” Y/N replied. “But I took your dick. Hell, I loved taking it. So, I guess that means that you’re not gonna call me Newbie anymore, right?”

   I smirked at her before caressing her cheek. “That’s right, Y/N.” Her eyes lit up when I said her name. “Now lets get washed up and then go to bed together, Newbie.”

This is why I don’t want to let anyone else in again. You let them get close to you and you start to expect things from them. You expect to see them, you expect them to reply or call you. You expect and expect but all you’re really left with is disappointment and why? So he or she can make you feel complete? I can feel that way on my own. So they can make you smile? I do that fine on my own as well. I have my best friends and most importantly, I have myself. And unlike everyone else, I don’t let myself down.
—  You let someone in and all they do is break you before they abandon you, leaving you to clean up the mess on your own - Jess Amelia 

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I'd like to know your opinion about Sam's feelings towards Cait (btw I agree with about the ship). Do you think he's somehow in love with her even if he's dating MM?

I don’t really feel comfortable answering this in detail because I think it’s unfair to insinuate that he’s dating someone else just because he can’t be with Cait. I will say though that I think there’s something between them that isn’t strictly platonic. I have had plenty of male friends over the years who I have never looked at the way Sam looks at Cait and vice versa, unless I had feelings for them. Then again, what the hell do I know? Apparently actors are a different species. 


Directed, filmed and edited by Willem Martinot

from “Roll The Dice”
by Charles Bukowski

if you’re going to try, go all the way.
otherwise, don’t even start.

if you’re going to try, go all the
way. this could mean losing girlfriends,
wives, relatives, jobs and
maybe your mind.

go all the way.
it could mean not eating for 3 or 4 days.
it could mean freezing on a
park bench.
it could mean jail,
it could mean derision,
isolation is the gift,
all the others are a test of your
endurance, of
how much you really want to
do it.
and you’ll do it
despite rejection and the
worst odds
and it will be better than
anything else
you can imagine.

if you’re going to try,
go all the way.
there is no other feeling like
you will be alone with the
and the nights will flame with

do it, do it, do it.
do it.

all the way
all the way.
you will ride life straight to
perfect laughter,
it’s the only good fight
there is.

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Hey, uh, I wanna ask you something... Do you know by any chance what is the easiest way to kill myself?

Can I ask YOU something?
What do you think would make you any better if you’re dead?
Consider this:
When you die, you’re effecting everyone else around you.
Most of the time, they will blame themselves.
If you kill yourself, you’re unleashing a huge wave— no, a tsunami of guilt on people.
Your friends would hate themselves. Your family would blame themselves.
Your attackers wouldn’t be themselves.
Your school would be besides themselves.

The person who secretly likes you would slit their wrists.
Your siblings would be lost without you.
Your mother would never smile again.
Your father would never be happy again.
Every day that goes by without you is one that lasts too long.

If you kill yourself, what do you think happens? You think the pain is gone? No. It’s there forever.

You think people’s lives would be the same without you?
No. They’d change for the worst.

Do you think killing yourself is the best way to help yourself feel better?
No. That’s wrong.

The best way to kill yourself is to let yourself slip away.
Letting yourself even consider it.
That’s what truly kills a person.
Because once you think things like that, you’re never the same.
You become a completely different person.

Death isn’t what helps people deal with challenges in life, or the bumps in the road that seem to be the worst.
You know what you do when life tries to fuck with you?
You turn the fucking tables and you give life the finger.
You know what you do when someone calls you names and pushes you around?
You let it go because you’re the more mature person and you know how to handle things like an adult.
You know what you do when you think you’ve hit rock-fucking-bottom and there’s no way out?
You fucking climb. Don’t give up because everyone knows there is still so much left to live for. You give up now, people won’t see you the way they did before.
They’ll ask themselves:
“Why would they ever want to do this? What made them want to give up?”
Killing yourself is NOT. THE ANSWER.

Next time you consider suicide, think about this:
Will I get better after this?
Is this really how I should handle my problems?
Or should I stand the fuck up, wipe away my fucking tears, TRY to be positive, and prove that I’m a strong person who doesn’t get fucked over by life.
You know why?
Life can’t fuck you over if you fuck over life.

NEVER consider suicide when you can ALWAYS fight against negativity.
Call the suicide prevention line if you are considering suicide, or talk to a trusted adult about your thoughts and/or attempts at suicide.
No one should lose their life because they think it’s the only way out.
There is always another way to deal with your problems, you just need to look for the right one.

Hi! This is my rescue corn snakes enclosure. His name is Scanlan from a show I watch so it’s themed from the character. I’m adding a platform once I figure out how to hang it, so he will have another area to crawl on. I was just wondering if there is anything else you would suggest adding to make him happier? I love your blog by the way!
That is excellent so far! All I would recommend are a few branches that reach almost the top of the cage, and deeper substrate as well :) Corn snakes love both climbing and burrowing, so that would give him a bit more to do! And thank you :D <3

Lately I have been having issues with getting motivated, staying focused, and really having the attention to much of anything. So I decided to come up with a list of ways to get motivated and share them with anyone else who has issues with the same thing.

1) Set your bars low: Now, this isn’t to say “get rid of your standards” or “forget your whole to do list” but instead of having a large list of things take one or two. When you don’t have motivation, or if you are like me and struggle with depression you aren’t functioning at the usual high capacity that you might usually be at. If you keep the same kind of large task lists or expectations of yourself, the amount of motivation you might have had will decrease even farther and it will be even harder to try to complete what you need to get done. Instead set a few smaller tasks/goals and get those done. You can always raise your bar later on if you feel like you are ready for tackling more things. 

2) Take care of yourself before your to do’s: If having a large to do list is getting you anxious or upset, take a step away. This kind of mind set and feeling isn’t going to get you any farther with what you want to get done. Instead try to take care of your health: go for a walk, work out (I know it is so hard when you don’t feel motivated, I struggle with it too) take a shower, eat something healthy or that you really enjoy. If you start to take care of your health, both physical and mental, you start to fell better about yourself and situation and begin you feel like you can begin to tackle tasks again. This one is my personal go to tip.

3) Keep an achievement log: I know a lot of people like to plan or journal, so why not use this hobby to motivate yourself? Keep a list or log of all of the things that you achieve. People tend to get overwhelmed and feel like they haven’t accomplished anything because there is no record of what they actually have done. One of the biggest life lessons I have learned is this: “If it isn’t written down, then it doesn’t exist.” This I learned through a struggle within my work place but I have taken to applying it to all areas of my life. Even if you feel like it is a small, no success is too small to motivate you.

4) Switch your tasks: Now this goes kind of with number 2, but is also the simplest of these to do when you aren’t motivated. If you’re trying to work on a paper but you just can’t focus or get motivated to write it, try doing something else for a while. Maybe there is a part of a book you are reading that you want to get to, or maybe you just want to get up and make a cup of coffee. By moving to a different task that you can accomplish, you can refocus and come back to your task when you feel like you can tackle it.

5) Keep a clean environment: I know I struggle with this one. If I know that there is even one dirty dish in my sink I can not focus on anything long enough to get it done. So I have to get up and clean before I can really be motivated and focused on anything to get it done. And this can be a very cathartic thing for some people. By cleaning you are clearing away clutter that can be keeping you from focusing mentally on your task.  A clean environment can help to create a clear and focused mind.

And that is currently the tips that I have. It is obviously by no means a complete list nor is it the be all/end all list, but it is A list. And I hope that some of you can use these tips to be more motivated and over all happier.

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Im reviewing all of the pictures taken of David and Gillian in the past week via your blog and have come to the conclusion that there is just no way that these two extremely beautiful human beings aren't doing each other. Why would either of them even bother with anyone else at this point?

Yeah, right?

I think I gained 10 pounds today, I literally cannot stop eating. Idk what my uterus thinks it’s doing, but it should really stop cause I can’t afford to gain weight like this. 


i got tagged on my personal to do a selfie (yes i’m aware my foundation is way off jdhssb), lock screen, and last song you listened to but i’m bringing it here so em can show off my bunny 😈

naturally i tag @well-done-draco, @ourloveislegendrarry, and @levithespacegay and then @diaqonalley, @queenofthyme, @avxda-kxdavra, @dreamydrarry, @pvnksirius and whoever else wants to!

(also if you don’t want to do a selfie then obvs u don’t have to!!)

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I think it was your blog that first introduced me to the saying "queer liberation is not gay assimilation" and I honestly can't believe how hard it is for some people to understand that.

i think that, too, a lot of people that “queer liberation” types would call “gay assimilation” types don’t see it that way because… there’s like a weird middle ground that’s more like “gay liberation” types. as in, “we don’t want to assimilate! but we DO want to only focus on gay culture and gay issues because it’s the Main Thing that Everything Else Flows From and this is a totally unbiased view based in logical fact” 

In defense of Rosita Espinosa

I get it.  Her insistence on going off half-cocked is one-note, irresponsible, insensitive, and even just goddamn stupid, not to mention annoying.  But it’s part of a longer game. 

Consider what she was when we first met her–attached to Abraham with little else to define her, which I do think this was a problem with the writing.  But then he leaves her, and Denise lampshades it by pointing out that Rosita herself was using Abraham to define who she was. 

This seems like a signal that the writers recognized Rosita was two-dimensional and recognized a need to explain why she had come across that way because they wanted to address it.

With Abraham gone, Rosita is forced to face herself, and what she sees is nothing.  She defined herself through Abraham for so long that without him, she doesn’t know what’s left.  She convinces herself she didn’t survive; she thinks Abraham survived for her.  She doesn’t think she has any value, and what’s the point of someone who is nothing in a post-apocalyptic world?  She has to offer something.

So she–notably, just like Abraham–becomes mission driven.  Instead of getting Eugene to DC, she’s going to kill Negan, by any means necessary.

But she fails in that–and that’s all she sees, when she sees herself.  Failure.  And it makes her furious.  The point of Rosita’s wrath is that it’s the first thing she’s had that feels like hers.  She needs to express it, to define herself by pushing others away, rather than conforming to them. 

She explicitly tells Spencer that she’s using him.  She wants to use him as another definition, but knows that’s not what she is.  She’s just still trying to find out who she is in all the ways she used to do it.

Her anger and her hatred are necessary to buy the time and space to understand who she is and what she might have to offer, and I think she–and we–might discover something surprising, when she finally learns what her value is.

So many characters on this show have searched for themselves and ultimately redefined themselves in different ways–Morgan through madness and then compassion.  Carol through violence and then escape.   Gabriel through rejection and then faith.  Rosita through rage–and what will come out on the other side?  I think it’s worth some patience and understanding to find out.

Though obviously they might just kill her off, who knows.  I love her anyway.  She’s trying.  It’s not pretty and it’s a little bit infuriating, but she’s trying.