there was no smoke


FX animation process

I thought it might be interesting to talk about this shot I helped with some FX animation.

1. I receive the animatic and the character animation and I get the main idea of what the director wants for the shot. The first thing I do is to place the background, the OL and UL smokes, these are really important to give the tridimensional feeling of space.

2. Once I am happy with the camera move, I draw the main keys, the smoke animation is pretty straight forward so I just need to make it disappear as the character travels through it, the only thing I need to pay attention is to not make all disappear at the same time and to keep the general timing of the character animator.

3. To add the light rays I just need straight lines coming from the source of light, what really helps selling the shot though are the highlights on the character, they are all animated on 1′s and because I am doing my own cleanup I chose to animate cycles of two images so the highlights vibrate and then move them on top of the character with symbols in Animate.

That is it! hope you find this useful, if you want to check out the whole thing the video is here