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No One’s Roasted Like Gaston.[Oneshot].

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Title: No One’s Roasted Like Gaston.
Pairing: Implied!- Gaston x Reader.
Rating: T.
Words: 2,231.
Summary: Gaston thought he was undeniable to women and even some men. Has he finally found his match?

There was nothing particularly notable about the early mornings, at least, not anymore. The sky above was it usual mixture of pinks, purples and some lighter hues of blue as the sun rose and lit up the clouds, giving them a rather unique looking glow. There was a small wind, but not chilling, and brought in the lingering scent of meadows and trees. You got used to those aspects and they slowly became the norm. You began to not notice them at all, and remarked them as being every day life. If one wanted to really shake things up in a morning routine, they would count the cobblestones that made up each walkway in the village. But, that’s the thing. No one ever wanted to shake things up. They wanted things to stay the same for that is the way they had been living for as long as anyone could remember. With change came the unprecedented fear that something terrible would happen as a result.

It was the hustle and bustle of such a small village did leave one breathless and forgetful on occasion if you didn’t pay attention to where you were going and why you were going there in the first place. If one was aimlessly walking in the morning time while the sun peaked into the valley, one might be trampled by those selling goods and merchandise. Some too expensive, and some not expensive enough and left you wondering whether you had been scammed or if you had gotten a good deal.

Aimless and mindless were surely your vibe this beautiful morning. You had nowhere to be, nothing to do or see and so you actually took your time to walk through the village during one of the busiest times of day. There was a variant of smells, some of which you happened to thoroughly enjoy. Fresh bread, springtime air, a small caddy on the corner before the village square that was selling freshly picked roses. Contrary to the flowers smelling divine, the actual vibrancy of the colors caught your attention and dwindled you to stay and admire them for longer than you had intended . Vivid reds, pastel pinks, yellow whites. It looked as if these flowers belonged immortalized in a painting for the entire world to enjoy.

Smiling at the vendor who was a few feet to your right, you plucked a light, dusty pink rose out of one of the buckets full of water. It dripped down your fingers onto your wrist causing a small shudder to shoot down your arm. Miraculously, it looked as if a skilled painter had dipped their brush in the sky during dusk, mustered up enough color to splotch onto the petals of the flower. Some parts were darker than others, but all around, it was a very delicate and soft appearing flower.

“Beautiful.” You could hear someone behind you say. And without the need to turn around and see the speaker, you were already well aware of who it was. Probably looking at himself in the reflection of a window again, you snickered quietly. It was as if you could see the bright red uniform from your peripheral vision and it was already giving you a headache. Setting the flower back into the metallic bucket, you gave the vendor one more glance over and polite smile before drawing your attention to your left, with the unsuccessful hope of getting out of there without Gaston being connected at your hip.

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So once my roommate and her bf (who lived in the same condo) were fighting & not speaking to each other, but we found a spider in the house and both of us were too scared to kill it cause it was HUGE and so gross so she had to call her bf who came and saved us even if they were still fighting LOL Imagine Victuuri

“Yurio,” Victor whispers through the phone.

“Victor, I want you to listen to me.”

“Yes, okay.”

“It’s five in the morning.”


“What the fuck do–”

“There’s, um,” he starts, and the confidence has left his voice. “There’s a spider in the apartment. And normally I wouldn’t call you or anything but the thing is, it’s a big one.”

A groan. “Isn’t katsudon–oh, you two got in a fight, didn’t you?”

“He’s… He’s still in bed…” Victor starts, and there’s a fragility to his voice, then. “I don’t want… He… He normally does this but…”

Yurio’s voice softens, but only slightly. “Go get him. I’m not going over there, and he’s not going to kill you. So go get him.”

“Go get him,” Victor repeats, and hangs up the phone. He floats outside of the bedroom door for a moment, then slides it open. Yuuri is awake, he can tell that much by the way his body reacts. He sits down on the edge of the bed and feels a pain course through him. “Yuuri?”

“Yes?” he asks, and turns slightly, meeting his eyes.

“There’s a spider,” Victor mumbles, and then pauses. “A big one.”

After a second, Yuuri laughs, and then sits up and hugs him, arms thrown around his shoulder. Victor isn’t sure what he’d said or done, but he hugs him back all the same, not wanting to let go no matter how many spiders sneak their way into their apartment.

“I should go kill it,” Yuuri whispers into his shoulder.

Victor pulls away, nods. “Please do.”

One of my dad’s best friends passed away this morning. Ronnie, far right, has been a fixture in our lives for over 40 years. He and my dad met in New York City, when I was a little girl. Our families were so close that when we moved out to California, they followed us out here, along with one other family (our friends Tim and Ryan and their parents). For the first year or so after they moved to California, Ronnie’s family lived with us. His kids, Adeus and Arsula were like siblings to us. Arsula let us know in a group message this morning, to my siblings and our friend Tim. Ronnie had the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. He was usually broke, because he was always giving to someone more in need.

He had been suffering from the side effects of diabetes for years, and we just heard from Arsula that he died in his sleep sometime after 3:00 this morning. I can’t stop crying. Ronnie was always there for us. A constant in our lives. I’m so happy that I got to see him a couple of times recently, despite our hectic lives.

My dad hadn’t heard yet, so I had to break the news to him. It’s hard hearing your dad cry.

I love this photo of my dad (far left) and his crew. It’s only missing Matthew, who passed away a couple of years ago.

I am so grateful that I got to have this wonderful man in my life. My dad said he was a gift to us, and that’s the perfect description.

Not a fuck customer

I used to work mornings (6-2) at my job and we had one regular who I absolutely loved. He was always so nice and patient when we were slow. We talked a lot about jeeps and sometimes he’d have his dog. I was really sad I wouldn’t see him anymore when I switched to overnights (7-3 or 10-6). So I was so surprised to see him in line tonight! It was nice to catch up and I hope he comes in more often again :)


When you look up in a dictionary the phrase “HEAD OVER HEALS IN LOVE”, there should be an audiovisual record of Min Hyuk waltzing into his office like a ray of sunshine with a goofy, megawatt smile plastered on his face; so eager and excited to see BS the first thing in the morning, so loathe to step away from her and unable to even look away. HE EVEN BACKWALKS so he wouldn’t have to take his eyes off her! And all that because how happy he was to meet her last night.

It’s been mentioned many times before that it’s those little things and gestures that matter the most and reveal a lot about a person and their feelings and one of those things are Min Hyuk gifts to Bong Soon which don’t even feel like gifts at first because he always gives them to her so matter-of-factly and subtly. They are so thoughtful and considered as he always manages to give her the things that she needs and wants the most. 

  • When BS feels insecure about her English, MH buys her English textbooks and lets her study during her work time, 
  • when she is hungry or worried he buys her food,
  • when she wants to create a game, he gives her a computer with all the programs she will need 
  • and when she wants to fight the villains, HE CREATES A TRAINING REGIME ONLY FOR HER SO SHE CAN FACE THEM AND WIN. 

That’s only one of the many ways he keeps helping her and supporting her. He doesn’t asks for anything in return, his only selfishnes is that he wants for BS to do all those things with him. It’s enough to make him happy because her happiness is the source of his own.

Just a short little thing I was feeling…

In which the zombie apocalypse is consuming the world and Sirius and Remus get separated in a food run.

The cut running along the side of Remus’ forehead throbbed with the sweat and blood quickly drying in the hot, noon sun. His stomach felt like it was concaving into itself, his muscles ache from sleeping on the ground all night. His feet kept sliding on the dew soaked morning grass, and each time it got harder and harder to catch himself. By the time the camp finally came into view he felt ready to drop, vision swimming slightly from lack of water.

He didn’t know how it had happened. They drilled, practiced, planned so this exact thing didn’t happen. It had been a food run, one of the most routine outings. They’d been in broad daylight. Sirius had been right behind him, he’d been making a joke, Remus had wanted to laugh and then…

His mind played the familiar sound of the undead breathing and he flinched. The next thing he remembered was waking up in the dark, and was forced to hide for the night. The dark was not for the living anymore.

He’d been walking for hours, made to feel longer in the heat of the day, hand glued to the gun at his hip, when the camp had finally appeared between trees. He let out a breath that he felt like he’d been holding for the entire night.

He waved his hands in surrender when he heard the familiar sound of a loaded gun being aimed in his direction and a shout from the watch towers.

“It’s me! It’s me..” Remus ran out of breath at the end, practically limping to the now slowly opening metal gates. He could understand their confusion. He was hardly walking like a human being right now. Remus looked up, chest flooding with relief at the sound of his name.

“Fucking hell-“ Sirius was squeezing his way through the doors before they had even opened properly and Remus practically collapsed into his chest. He felt an arm wrap around his waist, holding him up, the other pressing to the back of his neck, feeling heavenly against his clammy skin, “Jesus, Remus. Remus-“

“‘m fine… I’m fine-“ He could hear Sirius taking shaky breaths and Remus fisted the back of his t-shirt, pulling himself closer, “Pads, I’m okay-“

“Fuck.” Sirius pulled back, the hand that was on his neck sliding around to cradle his cheek, thumb tracing over the sticky cut on his temple, “God, I thought you were right behind me. Fuck, Re, I didn’t mean-You have to know I’d- I’d never just leave you out there-“

“Pads, of course I know that. Of course I know that-“

“Then you weren’t there.” Sirius’ breathing was escalating, his eyes wild, “You weren’t- I was holding your hand but…” Sirius shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut and letting his forehead drop to Remus’, “Jesus, Re, I thought you were…“ Sirius’ voice broke, “I thought you were…”

“I’m not. I’m fine, we’re fine.” Remus leaned into the hand stroking his cheek. He was slowly loosing the flood of adrenalin at seeing Sirius again, and he was more tired than before, “‘m not a zombie, however I am severely dehydrated.”

Sirius let out a slightly watery laugh, opening his eyes to see Remus smiling at him, and pressed a long kiss to his forehead, “You can have all the water in the world as long as you never leave this camp again.”

Remus laughed as he was pulled flush against Sirius’ side, “No promises.”

The warmth of Sirius’ body felt warmer than the sun in ever sense of the word, and their feet nearly tripped over each other as they walked into camp, letting the gates shut slowly behind them.

Fic: The Window Seat

Apparently I am being assailed by plot bunnies. This one hit me as I attempted to sleep last night.

Its just a short one though.


A cloud passed over the sun

He watched her. His wife, his Sassenach. Claire. She sat where she sat every morning, in the window seat of the kitchen. She loved that spot. She stretched herself like a cat in the sunlight and the comparison made him smile. She reminded him of a cat sometimes. At once languorous but with an air of suppressed ferocity. He’d seen her lose her temper.

It was a warm morning. The sun shone into the kitchen and a breeze danced through the room. It lifted her hair slightly and she raised her face towards it, eyes closed. He had known her for a decade. Lived with her, seen her everyday, but even so he could not help but to admire her. The strong line of her jaw, the paleness of her skin, so rich and creamy, that cloud of dark hair that he thought was brown but reflected light in a way that it shone red and gold and silver. He knew what her hair would smell like. It would smell of citrus, a soft tang. It would be soft and wild under his touch. His eyes closed as he remembered the feel of her hair on his body as they made love, the tickle of the curls against his face as they kissed, the softness of it in his hands as he held her close to him.

Sorcha. It was a wholly apt name. Not only Claire in the Gaelic, but light. With the sun shining in behind her she seemed illuminated. Like the angels he would see in the churches of his childhood. Earthly but not. Familiar, but hinting of something more, a promise as yet unrevealed.


His eyes shut briefly as a tear escaped. He opened them. The window seat sat empty. The breeze ruffled the service booklets on the counter. He felt his brother in law’s hands on his shoulders.

It was time.

He squared his shoulders and took a deep breath. The scent of her was still here. How long would it linger for? Would it gradually leave this place or would he wake one morning and find that all trace of her was gone?

The memory of that day. Her voice floating through the window from the street outside. Some mundane conversation with a neighbour. Then a squeal of brakes, a scream, the hideous sound of metal making contact with brick, with something softer..

The memory of her lying there. Her hand in his but growing cold as her listened to the sirens coming closer. As he in turns reassured and pleaded. Her hand sliding from his as she left. The feeling that his very core had been ripped from his body.

He stepped out into the garden. The sun was too bright. The cars were there. Black as the wound in his soul. She was there. She was leaving their home for the final time.

‘I will find you, Claire.’ He made the vow he had made a thousand times since that day.

A sob broke free from his throat.

A red haired little girl took his hand.

He looked down at her and stroked her hair, hair so much like his own.

They walked down the path.


Run streak day 40: 3 miles.

This was a very surprisingly great run. It was one of those mornings that I really didn’t want to get out of bed, and didn’t until 6:30. I made a deal with myself that is just go run for 30 minutes, which was all of have time for due to an 8am client. At a had mile mile my body felt warmed up, dropped away all of the leg aches (I think the Aleve at 6a may have helped too), and I ran with an ease that I didn’t think likely for the next 2 and a half. I love days like this. I think we all do…. it’s the run we run for, where there’s no fight, no hard breath, just a relaxed glide through the morning light.

Interesting note: I’m not sleeping well, haven’t for the past couple of nights, but my best runs are almost always after a bad nights sleep.

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So I just found a really cool new word: "Énouement: The bittersweetness of having arrived in the future, seeing how things turn out, but not being able to tell your past self." And it was so very Steve that I had to tell you.

Ahh I fucking love this concept!! I love thinking about how it would just like,,, h i t  him one day, you know?

Like maybe it’s when he wakes up in the morning with Tony curled around him, snoring gently into his shoulder and tickling Steve’s chin with the curls on top of his head. 

Or when Steve is just relaxing in the communal room with the rest of the team, everyone silent and doing their own thing but still just enjoying themselves in one another’s company.

Maybe it’s in the middle of a battle, and Thor has just plucked him from the air a moment before he was going to hit the ground and he’s filled with the kind of adrenaline rush that just makes you laugh like a maniac

Or perhaps it’s just a random passing second in his day, when absolutely nothing is happening at all.

Whatever it is, at whatever moment it happens in, one day, Steve is alone with himself for a second.

And he just thinks, for the first time in so very long;

This is where I belong. 

And oh, how he wishes he could tell the person who had just woken up from the ice a few years ago that. But hey, that’s Énouement for you. 

It’s a bit of a bitch, really.

- fourteen -

“I’ll let you drag me to hell if it means you’ll hold my hand.”

I awoke early one morning, a month after the whole Rori debacle, in a light sweat, my head pounding as I slapped my hand to my stomach. Sitting myself up in bed, something just didn’t seem right, this weird nagging ache that was curling in my stomach and settling uneasy in my chest. Knitting my brows, I shot my stare over to Niall, still sound asleep next to me, and I scraped my teeth along my dry bottom lip as I drifted my stare down the length of his body. I didn’t like this feeling. It was so intense, bubbling its way up my throat, that it almost made me want to throw up.

Tugging at the material of his t-shirt that was bunched up around my waist, I swallowed down the sick feeling that was swirling in my throat and shook it off. I tossed my hair over in my hand as I slid my bottom back down under the covers and laid down on my side. Curling my knees up to my chest, I let my eyes fall closed as I tried to fall back asleep.

Something wasn’t right.

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Unfortunately I always think about what Magnus is going to be like when Alec is gone.(cuts to me crying in the corner) and today I was trying to think of a good thing after he’s gone that Magnus will do. I imagine Magnus 40/50 years before Alec’s death, him one day out of the blue taking a bunch of pictures of Alec and videos of him while they’re out, And Alec thinking he’s crazy and weird for taking pictures of him in public or in the morning when they just wake up together. Magnus putting that phone or pictures away in a safe and not taking it out again until 100 or more years have passed. Looking back at his Beautiful, Handsome, dorky husband that he still loves completely even after all this time, with their son Max grown up by his side. Ugh what I’m I doing to myself😂

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Malora 1 "good morning kiss" for the kiss prompt thing

It’s rare that Aurora wakes up before Maleficent does.  Rare that she sees Maleficent sleeping at all.  She’s dramatic even at peace, all angles and arched brows and severe chin, like she might be glowering at you in her dreams.

Aurora smiles to herself at the thought.  She props herself up on her elbow to get a better look, for she knows she won’t have long before Maleficent is jolted awake by some unknown source, like a bird lighting on a tree a mile away or something.

Maleficent is sleeping flat on her back, coverlet tucked neatly under her arms as though she has barely moved all night.  Aurora cannot resist the temptation–she smoothes Maleficent’s hair away from her face, and cups Maleficent’s cheek with her hand.  All hard, unyielding angles.

Maleficent’s eyes snap open.  Aurora can see her assess the situation within the span of an instant–hand on her face, person looking down at her–and then the corners of her lips turn upward into the tiniest of smiles.

Aurora returns her smile at least ten times over, and leans down to plant a kiss upon the tip of her nose.  ‘I didn’t mean to wake you,” she says.

Maleficent arches one eyebrow.  “Didn’t you?” she counters.

Aurora inclines her head, considering.  “Well,” she says, and leans in to kiss Maleficent’s lips now that she’s awake.  “Maybe a little.” 

PLL preferences - They confess that they’re in love with you.

Most of your upcoming relationship is long distance, which means you don’t see him very often. Whenever he’s back you almost spend the whole time together. This time he asks you to pick him up at the station and he is standing there with a cardboard saying.
“I love you.” with a lot of balloons. Sometimes isn’t typically for Jason, which makes it even more cuter
Ezra would send you an english literature book, the most romantic one there is probably and puts a little note in every chapter with his favorite quote. When you return it to him he tells you that he loves you.
You sleep over at Toby’s and you had a really nice evening. The morning after he gives you breakfast in bed and says:
“for the lady who I love so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with if that’s okay.”
And you love that really much.
Caleb confessing his love to you would be really cute. You would’ve been friends for a little while and been getting closer and closer and then he sets you a cute screensaver which says: “hey (Y/N), you know who I am. And I love you with all my heart.” and that’s how you find out.
Wren tells you he loves you while you’re clubbing. You both had something to drink and he seems to have the courage when with alcohol in his body. Never the less you think it’s really cute.
Noel would be one of those guys who makes it very simple. You would be spending time together and he would randomly tell you how much he loves you while hugging you.
Mike and you are really really close and it wouldn’t take long for Mike to tell you he loves you. Which he does through a simple, but cute video message.
Hanna and you would be watching romantic movies a lot. And one day, because she likes you so much, she decides to do one of the scenes in those movies. Which you ofcourse totally love.
Spencer would tell you on Valentines day with a huge bear and a card. She usually isn’t like this, but for you she’s willing to do that.
Mona would be really cute and suprise you with a suprise party for your birthday. Then in front of the whole crew she would hold a speech telling that she’s in love with you.
Alison would be gone for a while, because of A. But you still love her since you met and she does too. One day you get a letter which says: “Hey (Y/N), I miss you and I wish I could come back. But I cannot, not yet.
But I send you this to tell you that I love you. I love you my dearest (Y/N) and once I’m safe, we will be happy together.”
Aria would tell you through a photograph. She loves her camera and she loves you and she decided to combine the two together. She does a photoshoot of you one day and in the end includes one photographes which says
“I love you” with you in the background of the photograph.
Emily would take you on a date and give you flowers. It’s the typical way of telling someone you love them and she thinks it’s the way you love it.

Playtonic Forces Internet Celebrity And White Nationalist Jontron To Watch As His Voice Clips Are Dragged To The Recycling Bin And Emptied


A Skype call was made, unannounced yesterday morning, from the dev team of Yooka-Laylee, Playtonic Games. Instead of a webcam showing the face of anyone however, it only showed the computer screen of the caller. A blank desktop screen save for official artwork of their upcoming game and a folder labeled “VAs” was all that could be seen. The wielder of the mouse clicked the folder and moused over the various voice clips until getting to one labeled “JonTronCon”

Clearly a short and cute alliteration for “JonTron Contribution” everyone in the office that cold Wednesday morning probably felt a little bit conned themselves, as did the rest of us who had been long time subscribers of the channel.

The mouse clicks on the file and drags it to the Desktop, hovering it over the Recycling Bin. The only other desktop icon that had not been cleared aside from the aforementioned VA folder.

While this is taking place Jon Jafari’s face sits in the upper right corner, his web camera turning on when he answered the call. Initially seemingly bright and cheerful when the call first started his expression changed to that of confusion when no one spoke and then dropped to something more crestfallen. Everything was silent, not because Jon never said a word, mind you. But because he was kept muted for this event. And no one in the office dared spoke a word.

After dropping the dragged file into the recycling bin all that was left was for the mouse bearer to open up the recycling bin and empty it, thus permanently erasing any official evidence that Playtonic ever actually worked with the man. Sadly, Jontron ended the call near moments before the deed was done but he knows what happened. Playtonic made sure of it.

“We wanted it to hurt,” said lead designer, when asked if the various theatrics were necessary. Everyone else cramped into the small office nodded in agreement and then shuffled back to their work as I continued on with my questions.

What will happen to the character Jon voiced?

The developer stares at me blankly before answering.

“Well we still have sound bites from when Kirk stubbed his toe so we think we’ll just tune that up and shuffle it around and it should be good to go by April.”

Gonna post the part tonight. Like, late tonight. As in, after CR tonight, so around three in the morning? Four?

Sorry, I haven’t got it done because I’m been a bit busy in my life. BUT my neighbor is back and I no longer have to take care of her dog! Sweet! That took up a lot of time.

This will be the last numbered part, and then there will be an epilogue, then Inhumans is over. I’ll probably revisit it, though, be it in one shots or drabbles or whatever.

Thank you all so much for the love and support! You have no idea how much that means to me! <3