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You’re Not Dad

A/N: Not that anyone cares I’ve been hella busy and haven’t had time to literally write anything and I still really don’t, but I’m going to anyways bc I have some inspiration. Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated(:

Characters: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, overprotective Dean, mention of death, yelling, very close relationship b/w Dean and reader? let me know if I missed anything

Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl because I think she might be interested and I really love and look up to her as a writer. I hope you don’t mind.

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You loved your brothers more than anything in the world. I mean, you were practically raised by them. John was never around, your mom was just some quick fuck that John had on a hunt. As soon as demons got word that John Winchester knocked up some chick and he had another child, they came and killed your mother when you were only a few months old. Thankfully, your mom got John on the phone as they were trying to get in and he was in town so he saved you. Not your mom though. Dean had been 16 at the time, Sam was 12. You were by far the baby of the family and Sam and Dean made it their mission to protect you from everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything. You were never even supposed to have been born. But nevertheless, here you were seventeen years later, alive and kicking, living in the bunker with Sam and Dean, the two best brothers in the entire world.

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Harry Styles - “Office Flirt”

So @blueeyedsoulme and I were having a chat about working in an office and just jobs in general and then it turned into imagining someone like Ed Sheeran or Harry working in an office. It ended up in a full on swapping of ideas for what Harry would be like in an office job. We both began to fangirl so much over picturing our ideas that I decided to write it. Enjoy!

Harry Styles was the talk of the office. He always had been. He was funny, smart, attractive and a complete flirt. He was that guy that had every girl in the office wanting him and every guy wanting to be him. He would have several of the girls huddled together a distance away from him, whispering about the unique and slightly ostentatious pattered pants, silk shirts and multiple gaudy rings on his fingers. He loved every bit of the attention as he was a self proclaimed narcissist. 

He would ask female co-workers to join him for lunch, shoot the group of giggling women a smirk causing them to break into a round of whispered giggles. He lived for it all.

There of course was one person in the office seemingly unaffected by his charm and good looks. There was no denying that he was attractive but for whatever reason you didn’t seem to care. And that drew him to you even more. At first he thought he was drawn to you because of your lack of care towards him but he quickly realized it was something more. 

He was attracted to you, your smile, your drive, your dedication to your job and that office. You were beautiful and he wanted to be close to you as much as possible. 

He was acting like a teenage boy in love. He would take the long way back to his desk just so he could pass yours and take in how you looked that day, the way you wore clothes that flattered your figure and brought out the gorgeousness of your eyes and how focused you were on your task at hand, making sure it was done to perfection. 

He would make sure to take the seat beside you as often as possible in staff meetings. He was caught up in you and wasn’t sure how to go about letting you know that, if he even should. The lunch dates with other co-workers was just a past time. He never did anything more but flirt, no matter how much they all but begged him for more. 

“Hey, Y/N,” He stepped up to your desk early one Monday morning. He leaned his hip against the side of your desk, looking down at you, attempting to draw your attention to him but your eyes stay focused on the monitor before you. 

“Hey,” You would answer back, still not looking up at him. 

“Anything fun happen over the weekend?” He questioned, hoping to strike up a full conversation with you but all you did to show you were listening was glace up at him before turning to a stack of folders beside you, studying the information printed on it. 

“Not really,” You eventually answered before you finally turned towards him, swiveling a bit in your chair. You look up into his green eyes but again, he notes how unaffected you seemed to be. “Finished a book from my seemingly never ending stack.” You answered, giving a shrug. You then turned back to your monitor and Harry knew the conversation was over as you didn’t make an attempt to ask how his weekend was. Not that he did anything much, but he would have still talked about it anyway. 

“Okay, well…” He stood up straight and decided to call it finished and head back to his desk. “Have a good day.” He turns then, grimacing a bit at what you surely thought was an awkward conversation and took a few steps towards his desk that was across the large open space. 

“Oh hey, Harry!” His heart skips a beat when you call after him. He turns back immediately, noting the group of girls standing a few desks over, eyeing the interaction but offers them no sign that he cared. 

“Yes?” He questions, giving you a small smile. 

“I accidentely grabbed these from the printer when I got my things earlier, they are yours, right?” You hold out a small stack of papers that Harry had in-fact printed out earlier when he saw you heading for the printer. He had planned on meeting you over there to to strike up a conversation but got held up by the boss coming over to ask what was going on with a certain client. 

“Oh yeah, righ’, thanks.” He grabs for them and you turn back to the computer after offering him a smile. He sighs and heads back to his desk, feeling a big dejected. 

It was a few days later, after a few more short encounters, that he finally decided to make an actual move and make sure you were aware of how he felt. He went to Starbucks that was next door, ordering the drink you got every morning - yeah, he had memorized your order. Was that creepy? Possibly, but he hoped you would see it as a kind gesture anyway. 

He saw you there when he walked in, drink in hand, seated at your desk already. You were pouring over a file, a small crease formed between your brows as you also bit at your lower lip. He came to a halt a few steps away from your desk, his heart beating rapidly against his ribs as he thought about what he intended to say. He finally took a few deep breaths, building up the courage to do this. 

He simply places the drink beside your keyboard and waits for you to notice. When you do, you turn towards him, a frown on your face as you glance down at it. 

“What is this?” You question. Harry, or anyone in the office for that matter, had never gotten you coffee.

“You’re favorite.” He comments with a small shrug of his broad shoulders, offering you up a smile. 

“Oh,” You noted how he had in fact gotten you the correct order. You were slightly flattered as you reach for it but also more so confused. “Thank you.” You take a sip of it then. “Why, though?” You ask him, eyeing him over the rim of the cup as you take another drink. 

“I wan’ to talk to you about somethin’.” He reveals, moving a stack of papers from your desk to take a seat. You eye him cautiously, not sure what he was getting at. 

“And what is that?” You look up into his green eyes, feeling yourself needing to suddenly take a deep breath of air as you got short of breath. You wondered what he had to say and why you could basically feel the nerves radiating off of him. Harry was always so confident with the other girls in the office, you saw how he was with them, had seen him flirting with them and having lunch with them, making them laugh and giggle. He had even asked you to lunch multiple times but you had said it was going to be a working lunch that day and simply couldn’t. You didn’t want to just be another one of those girls he flirted with, that just wasn’t you. 

“Come to lunch with me today.” You sigh but he continues on. “I know, I know, I’ve asked before and you don’ wan’ to, but I’m no’ askin’ you like how I do anyone else in the office. ‘m askin you because I wan’ to spend time with you, I wan’ to ge’ to know you. I like you, Y/N, I mean truly like you.” 

“Harry,” You shake your head, giving yet another sigh. “Even if you like me more than how you like the other girls, I don’t want to get involved with the office flirt.” Harry knew he deserved that reputation. There was no reason to deny such a thing, that’s what he was. 

“I told you, it’s no’ like tha’ with you.” He tries assuring you but he could still see the hesitancy. “Okay, jus’ one lunch with me. Give me the chance, at least to ge’ you to see it.” You sigh then, staring up at his face, seeing that he was seemingly being completely sincere. 

“You’ll stop flirting with everyone if I agree to go to lunch?” You question. Maybe not seeing him constantly flirting with every girl he passes would help you see he did have feelings for you. Maybe. You did like him, you were attracted to him, and he was sweet and funny, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to maybe do this with him. 

“O’ course. It will jus’ be you.” You give him a smile then, seeing his face light up with hope at the sight of it. “You’ll go with me?” 

“I mean,” You shrug. “You seem pretty sincere so I’ll give you a chance. I’m not promising anything serious but we’ll see how it goes.” He grins then, that adorable boyish grin that actually made a flutter happen in your chest. 

“So how abou’ dinner tonigh’ instead?” He questions, it turning to a slight smirk but you laugh and shake your head as you stand from your chair. 

“We’ll start with lunch, don’t push it.” You tell him but offer him a smile. “And then we’ll see about dinner.”

“I’ll take wha’ I can ge’.” You give him a small smile, shaking your head. What had you just gotten yourself into? Whatever it was, you were excited for it. You smack him playfully on the chest before you turn and walk away, turning back to shoot him one last grin, seeing him still smiling widely. 

Many girls had gotten lunch with Harry, but this was more than that, you felt. This was somewhat of an actual date, Harry had feelings for you. And the idea made butterflies flutter in your stomach. 

Unintentional Chapter One: The Other Woman

Story summary: Your friendship with Jensen is put on the line when you have to film a few, suggestive scenes with him. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal, except that Jensen is happily married. And there was definitely chemistry between the two of you. 

Request: Hi! Could I request a Jensen X Reader with angst please? I´m pretty much a sucker for angst. you can always add some fluff in it if you want :)

A/N: This request made me birth a series. Also, this story is not meant to disrespect Daneel in anyway. This is all for the purpose of fiction. :)

Let me know if you’d like to be tagged!

Pairing: Jensen x Reader (Sort of, but not quite yet)

Warnings: Smutty-ish (no actual sex, just on screen stuff for the show), masturbation, fantasizing. 

Word Count: 1.8k


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When Jensen’s tongue slid into your mouth, you melted into him. One of his hands moved up to cup your cheek, and the other tangled itself in your hair, pulling slightly. He pressed his body into yours, pinning you against the wall even harder. That’s when you felt his arousal, and that’s when you knew that you weren’t just imagining things. You ached for him in ways you’d never ached before, not with anyone else; you needed him. Just as you were getting ready to hike your leg up around his waist, the director yelled cut.

Jensen pulled away from you quickly, avoiding eye contact with you before subtly trying to adjust himself. That scene wasn’t supposed to get so steamy, and it was a good thing the director liked it; because you didn’t think that either of you could handle doing it again. You brought your hand to your mouth, your lips still tingling from the kiss. You looked up at Jensen, making brief eye contact with him before bolting for your trailer.

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screenshot (m)

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genre: smut. there’s nothing more to it

word count: 2739

a/n: I’m honestly so nervous because it’s been literally millennia since I last posted something like this…. I hope you guys like it ;) this is heavily based off snapchat…. and…. I’m sorry if it’s too messy jfc I had to stop multiple times 

warnings: swearing, lots of lucid imagery

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Moving In (M)

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REQUESTED: A fanfic with a loooot of fluff and just a little bit of smut. A story about moving in together

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1182

Genre: SMUT, chic JB :))

note: here you go, anon! Sorry for the super long wait, I’ve been super busy lately with school and stuff. I really hope you like this and I hope it’s something you expected haha! happy reading and take care! -admin

Moving places was hard to do since it involved multiple of boxes being transported from one area to another. But you were okay with it because you were moving in with your boyfriend of two years. Since Jaebum was an idol and he was constantly busy with his schedule, he would rarely get to see you on a daily basis. So you two agreed to move in with each other so that after he was done with work, he would come straight home to you. After searching up places to stay, you two finally settled in an apartment a few months later. Last night, you two moved in all your boxes in the place and waited until the next morning to unpack.

“Separate your clothes from mine and put yours in the closet first. I’ll organize mine after.” You ordered Jaebum to do, since he was the only one doing no work while you were unpacking your boxes.

“So demanding, I’ve never seen you like this before.” Jaebum smirked as he watched you work hard on unboxing things.

“I’d like to clean this mess up and actually settle down in our apartment.” You sighed as you looked up at him. He had a smile plastered on his face and made eye contact with you. But you didn’t want to deal with his playfulness and eyed the boxes next to him. He took that as a signal and picked up the heavy box.

“I like this side of you,” Jaebum chuckled as he passed by you with his hands full, “Wish I could see this side of you in bed.”

“Shut up and starting doing some work.” You snapped at him as you felt your cheeks rise in color. Jaebum just laughed as he made his way into the bedroom with his load of boxes. From then, Jaebum teased you in any way possible when you asked for his help or when you ordered him to do something. It would amuse him that you would get slightly angry whenever he teased you. But you knew him too well and you knew it wasn’t his intentions to make you angry. It was for the fun of moving in together.

“Hey babe, could you help me put these glasses up there?” You asked him as you started to put away the kitchen cutleries away in the cupboards.

“Why would you put them up there if you’re too short to reach them?” Jaebum sighed as he walked over to you, clearly exhausted from the work he has done.

“We have extra glasses that are not necessary for two people to use.” You noted as you watched Jaebum grab the two glasses from your hand and put them on the top cupboard. You heard him chuckle under his breath as he grabbed your waist and hoisted you on top of the counter.

“Let take a break.” Jaebum smiled, his hands grabbing your inner thighs as he stared deeply into your eyes.

“Sounds good.” You sighed as you closed your eyes and took in a deep breath. You felt Jaebum’s hands starting to massage your thighs because he knew you were tense from unpacking your things. You hummed in response to his movement, your eyes still remained closed.

“You seem a bit tense, babe.” Jaebum pointed out as you opened your eyes to look at his handsome face. “Maybe I should help you loosen up. After all, you’ve done more hard work than me. Count it as a reward.”

You bit your lips as you looked at Jaebum’s eyes turn into lust. You knew full on well what he was implying and you weren’t complaining one bit. He motioned you to lay back on the counter of the kitchen as his hands played with the hem of your sweats. You wiggled around, helping Jaebum pull down your sweats as his hands gripped your waist and pulled you closer to his body. You watched him as he got down to his knees so that he was eye level to your heat, placing your two legs on top of his shoulders. He pressed kisses on the side of your inner thighs, teasing you and making you feel hot under his touch.

“Jae.” You moaned softly as he palmed your heat with his hand. You propped yourself up on your elbow to get a good look and Jaebum. A smirk plastered on face as he slowly pulled down the soft fabric of your panties and throw them on the floor. He spread your legs further apart as he dived into your pussy, giving it a long hard lick. You bit your lips as Jaebum suddenly placed his mouth on top of your clit, as he sucked, licked and nipped on your sensitive nub. You let out a loud moan, filling the room with your loud curses and the calling of Jaebum’s name.

“You’re so fucking wet, (Y/N).” Jaebum said as he pulled away from your sopping heat and kissed your inner thighs again. Without any warning, Jaebum pushed two fingers inside your soaked pussy as he hit your sweet spot in one go. You let out a breathy moan as Jaebum’s fingers moved at a brisk pace. His thumb pressed on your clit as the lewd sound of his fingers moving in and out filled up the room.

“Fuck Jae.” You moaned as Jaebum started to quicken the pace of his fingers. His thumb circling your sensitive core as his fingers hit your sweet spot. He knew you were coming close to your peak when your breathing became heavy with your face flushed red. You tried to find a good grip on the counter as you tried to stabilize your breathing. You arched your back on the counter, running your fingers through your hair as Jaebum continued at a crazy rhythm. You felt your orgasm nearing and Jaebum knew as he added another finger inside you, curling it up to hit that spot in you that made your legs tremble.

“Cum for me, baby girl.”  Jaebum growled, his voice dropping an octave and as he continued to move his fingers in and out of you at a brisk pace. At this moment, you knew you wouldn’t last long. You let out a loud moan as your orgasm hit you hard, making you tremble under his touch. Jaebum took out his fingers from your sopping sex and stopped all his movements. You bit your lip, breathing heavily as you tried to calm down from the intense orgasm.

“We’re not done yet, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked as he stood up on the ground and hovered over you, attaching his lips against your neck. You moaned softly, grabbing a fistful of his hair and he slightly sucked on the sweet spot on your neck. Soon, his lips made their way up to your lips and kissed you with full dominance, leaving you breathless. Breaking away from the kiss, Jaebum looked down at you and placed his thumb on your lips.

“Let me show you what a good girl deserves after her hard work.”

Annoying Interruptions [Eggsy Unwin Imagine - Request].

A/N: Hello lovelies, here’s a Eggsy Unwin imagine, based off this anon: 

  • Eggsy imagine, please? You both are sexually frustrated because Merlin and Harry is always interrupting.  

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader.

Part Two. 

Warnings: Uh, there’s nothing explicit, but there is some content that is sexual in nature, nothing detailed. If that’s not your thing, please don’t read and to be sure, please, please, only read if you’re an adult

Rating: M, just to make sure, because I’m paranoid! 

Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own anyone. All the characters go to their respective owners/creators. 

P.S.:Thank you for requesting and I hope this is all right! :) I’ve checked this over for mistakes and whatnot, but if any have managed to slip through, please forgive me.

Living the life of a spy was a tough business. Dealing with terrorists and plots to destroy the world, was something you had to deal with on many of your missions. You weren’t complaining, but when you actually found some spare time to relax, you’d like to be able to do that freely. If you weren’t on a mission, then you were training, or helping new recruits train and if not doing any of those things, you were busy filing through paperwork and briefing for upcoming missions, or debriefing for past ones. It constantly felt like you were doing something, so when you got back to your room after an exhausting day, you collapsed on your bed, just wanting to fall asleep.

Your boyfriend, Eggsy Unwin, had other ideas. He waltzed into your room unannounced, a breezy, carefree smile on his bright face, his light green-blue eyes sparkling in the evening light.

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Abnormal Saturday - Kim Namjoon - Mafia OneShot

That Mafia One Shot that’s been sitting on coming soon for over a week is finally here!

Being bound to a chair, In a dark and damp room was not how you expected your Saturday to be spent but then again who plans to spend a Saturday like this? You had no idea why you were brought here and the men who had literally thrown you into this room offered no hints. You were really starting to regret opening the door to your apartment.

A few hours earlier.

You had agreed to meet up with your best friend Ah Ran at a local café in about an hour. Any normal person would be ready and making their way to the location but not you. You slept through your alarm and were currently aggressively brushing your teeth in the mirror. Finishing up in the bathroom you ran into your bedroom, throwing clothes in every direction. If only your boyfriend could see you now, in this tragic state. Scrap that. You were relived Namjoon was on a business trip for the next few days. That meant no surprise visits during moments like this.

Thinking about Namjoon made you giddy like a teenage girl. Although you had been dating for a little under 4 months, you had still not gotten over the initial excitement of being in a new relationship and it was safe to say you were completely and utterly in love. You had met him in a book store and had gained an interest in him when he had mistaken you for an employee and asked you where he could find a specific book. After that encounter you began to bump into each other more often, one thing led to another and he finally asked you out. You had obviously said yes and thus a beautiful relationship was born.

You let out a yell of frustration as you let yourself get distracted again.  If only you had planned an outfit the day before but apparently that’s something you were incapable of doing. Glancing at the mirror you took notice of your dishevelled hair, tank top and pyjama shorts. Today was just not going your way. It didn’t help that you had allowed your phone to die so when you plugged it in to the charger you had to wait for it to turn on. That ruled out messaging or calling Ah Ran.

A knock on your door broke your train of thoughts. You weren’t expecting anyone so it could only be Ah Ran. At least she won’t be waiting for you out in the cold. You trudged to the door not bothering to look through the peep hole. Unlocking the door, you twisted the handle and opened it.

“Ah Ran, thank- oh sorry mister. I think you may have the wrong house…” Shock was evident on your face when you noticed the bulky looking man standing before you. He smiled but it didn’t reach his ears which is something that planted a seed of worry in your gut. Maybe you were just jumping to conclusions.

“Is your name Y/N?”

That question caught you off guard as you had never seen this man in your life, you weren’t expecting him to know your name. You shifted from one foot to another, aware about how underdressed you were under his scrutinising eyes.

“Um… sorry, who are you?”

He seemed to notice you avoid the question as his eyes slightly narrowed and when he made a small gesture with your hands that’s when you realised something was wrong.

“Bye!” You slammed the door shut and double locked it whilst internally freaking out. What the fuck was happening. It’s not like you pissed anyone off, you just lived a simple life hanging out with your sister, friends and boyfriend. Nothing out of the ordinary.

When you heard banging on the door, you immediately sprinted to your room launching yourself at your phone.

“Piece of shit! Turn on already!” Your phone was doing you no justice so you instead opted for the next solution. You grabbed Namjoon’s baseball bat (because for whatever reason he had an obsession with baseball) and slid down against your bedroom wall. You tried to calm your heavy breathing as you listened to the banging grow louder. God seemed to be with you as your phone eventually turned on. You typed in your password and dialled Namjoon’s number because all logic put aside, at that moment it seemed more rational to call him instead of the police. He, thankfully, picked up after the third ring.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” His voice calmed you down a bit and you allowed tears to gather at your eyes.

“Namjoon, oh my god, there’s this guy banging down my door and I don’t know what he wants but he’s looking for me and I don’t know what to do and-” You were cut off by your door giving in to all the banging and you heard shuffling on his end.

“Okay baby I’m coming, I’m not too far and I swear nothing will happen to you. I’ll explain later just call Jin Hyung.” You were confused at his last sentence.

“Explain what…?” You heard his hurried footsteps right before a gruff voice let out a ‘find her’ from your living room.

“Baby, I’ll tell you later. Just call Jin!” He then proceeded to call out to someone.

You hung up and searched for Jin’s contact number, pressing dial at the sight of it. After the first ring you heard his cheerful voice through the speaker.

“Hey Y/N, what’s wrong?” His voice was laced with concern  at you calling him so early in the morning.

“Jin! Please help me, there’s these men in my house and their looking for m-” The door was suddenly kicked open and your dropped your phone in fear as a scream left your lips. Two men ran right in and you jumped up, readying your weapon. When they came close enough you swung with all your might managing to hit one of them on the arm. He groaned in pain as the other man restrained you.

“What the fuck do you want! Let me go you jerk!” You were kicking and screaming at this point legs flailing underneath as he lifted you up. The other man recovered from your attack, evidently pissed off at the injury you gave him. That’s why when he lifted his arm up, he delivered a punch to your face with no mercy.

“Stupid bitch. Don’t think I’ll go easy on ya just ‘cause your a girl.” That much was clear from the intense pain that you were presented with on the left side of your face. A third man walked in, whom you recognised as the one who knocked on your door, and called put to both the men.

“Oi! Why is she still awake?” That caught both their attention and the one who had previously hit you smiled sadistically as he pulled a gun out from inside his blazer pocket. Your eyes widened and the last thing you saw was the end of a pistol.

The intense throbbing on your head now made sense after your recollection of events. Your main concern was how Namjoon could explain this kind of shitty situation to you. Surely, he couldn’t be involved with these men. Why did he want you to call Jin? Hands found there way onto your knees and began stroking your legs. You cringed in distaste at the vile man crouched before you.

“Don’t worry darling, boss’ll be here soon.” He smirked at you and you spat in his face in return. This earned you a stinging slap to your already swollen face. He grabbed your hair and pulled your head back, making you look directly into his eyes.

“Try that again bit-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence as the only door in the room opened and a heavily tattooed man strolled in. He let go of your hair in a flash and stepped out of the way, allowing the man to stop in front of you.

“Hey princess. How are you doing?” His sarcastic, teasing tone was as clear as day.

“Fuck you.” He chuckled at your retort and smiled down at you. He brushed a strand of hair out of your face, allowing his hand to linger on your bruised cheek.

“Wouldn’t you love to? But not right now. Right now I’m looking for your bitch of a boyfriend, you know, Namjoon? You see I’d love to take that shit stain down and what better way to do it than through you?” To say you were lost was a complete understatement. Everything coming out out of this mans mouth didn’t add up to you.

“What the hell are you talking about?” He gave you a mock sympathetic look at the clueless expression you gave him.

“Ah, I knew you were too innocent… Namjoon is a deeply feared person in this world.” At the words 'this world’ he gestured to all around him. So, Namjoon was involved. It shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise considering the fact you had no idea what he worked as. Even so you never expected something so blatantly illegal and dangerous.

“But let me guess, your still confused about what this world is. Well, princess, this world is a world ran by gangs and your shitty boyfriend happens to be right in the middle of it.” His rambling fell upon deaf ears as you tried to make sense of the situation. Was he implying that Namjoon was a gang leader?

“Bingo! Well, not quite. More of a mafia lord per say.” You hadn’t realised you were speaking out loud until you got the answer you were searching for. You weren’t sure if you were happy to understand the situation you were in. Ignoring the extreme fear you felt, you dared to make eye contact with the man once again.

“Why the fuck am I being used as a means to destroy him. Just be a real fucking man like the gang leader you supposedly are.” He didn’t seem to appreciate your last comment as the smile on his face dropped and his eyes became hooded. He dropped down to you level, bringing his face close enough to the point where you were almost touching and whispered.

“Princess… don’t make the wrong decision now. Look where that got your boyfriends loved one.” He eyed you up and down and moistened his lips with his tongue as you turned your face away in disgust.

“I must say, Namjoon has a delightful taste in partners. You’re beautiful.” You directed a deadly glare at him as you scoffed, despite the dreading feeling that was racking your body.

“I suppose you want me to thank you? Go jerk off to the discovery channel or something.” His hands both grabbed the sides of your face as he aggressively whipped your head in his direction.

“Don’t test my patien-” For the second time in a day, the sound of a door being kicked open had interrupted your conversation and the person who stalked in did not look the slightest bit pleased.

“Namjoon…” At the sound of your voice, his eyes focused on the man caressing your face, practically breathing down your throat. His face contorted in pure anger as he aimed a gun at the back of the mans head.

“Get the fuck away from my girl, Dong Woo.”

Dong Woo simply let go of your head and stood up, sighing. He lazily turned around and tilted his head to the side staring at Namjoon.

“How expected of you to turn up at the good part.”  His gaze travelled to behind Namjoon, at the figures behind him. The rest of Namjoon’s 'friends’ (now it was clear they were members of his gang) stood, guns aimed at the rest of Dong Woo’s men.

“Oh and look. You brought your lackeys.” Namjoon squinted his eyes further and Dong Woo took the opportunity to pull out a pistol and aim it directly at your head. You screamed as the cold tip of the gun made contact with your skin.

“Fucking shoot her and i swear to go-” A sharp laugh echoed through the room and you whimpered as he pushed your head to the side.

“What? You’ll shoot me? It’ll be too late for that. By then she would have had her last breath.” He cocked his gun to emphasise his point and you shut your eyes, praying for the best.

“Look, I don’t want to have to be the bad guy here but you really leave me no choice.” You heard his finger make contact with the tigger and used your last bit of sense to  push all of your weight to the back of the chair. Your attempt was successful as you managed to tip the chair backwards just as a deafening shot was fired.

As more shots were fired, your head collided with the floor and for a moment you only saw black dots in your vision. You turned your head to the side only to come face to face with Dong Woo’s lifeless eyes staring back at you. Your screech seemed to gather everyone’s attention as the room grew silent. It was then that you realised all of Dong Woo’s men were no longer breathing and the thought made you dizzy. You gasped for air and gave into the darkness just as Namjoon’s ash grey hair came into view.

You had regained consciousness a couple of times for a few short moments. These moments were long enough for you to come to the realisation that you were safe in Namjoon’s arms. When you had completely came to, the first things you took note of was the familiar smell of Namjoon and the soft surface you were resting on. Sitting up, you took in the unfamiliar surroundings. You were not sure who’s bedroom you were in or where you were but when you heard Taehyung scream in mock fear you had your suspicions.

Sitting up on the bed, you turned and placed your feet on the cold surface of the bedroom floor. The dull throbbing on your head and body served as a reminder of what you had been through. Ignoring the pain, you stalked towards the door in search of the man who had promised you an explanation.

Leaving the room, you trudged down the corridor and stairs, holding a hand to your bruised face. When you had entered what seemed to be the main room, the conversation between the 7 boys had died down after they all had followed the direction Jungkook’s wide eyes were looking in. Namjoon lifted his head out of his hands and when his eyes took in your figure, he shot out of his seat and made his way towards you.

“Babe, are you alright? You should be in be-” The harsh slap you delivered to his cheek had enough brute force to make his head snap to the side. Tears gathered at the corners of your eyes and you bit the inside of your cheek in a poor attempt to prevent them from falling.

“Why…why did you ask me out back then? If you knew it would put me in danger like that, why would you let me get attached!?” You couldn’t help it when one tear slipped down your cheek and the rest soon followed. You began to hit his chest whilst sobbing uncontrollably.

“I… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I thought you’d leave me and I… I couldn’t live with myself if you did.” He wrapped you in a tight embrace, restricting your movements. All you could do was sob into his chest.

“You bastard… you’re a jerk f-for making me love you.”  He welcomed your insults and placed a hand at the back of your head, bringing you closer to his body.

“Do you regret it? Regret us?” Despite everything you had been through, you knew your true feelings and you weren’t about to play stupid and deny them. You returned his embrace, trying to convey all your feelings through this one gesture.

“How could I?”

Things would never be the same. It would take loads of time and trust to return to how you were before but you were certain that you couldn’t live without him and he couldn’t live without you. He was a mafia boss but the 4 months you shared together meant much more to you than his title did and that’s all that mattered.

Operation OTP

A/N: A request from @minim236 for a Spencer x Reader where they are secretly dating, but the team doesn’t know and are still trying to get them together. @coveofmemories


“Should we tell them?” Spencer asked you, after reading the message on his phone. 

It was 8 AM and you were on your way upstairs. Since you’d started at the BAU, and realized how close you lived to Spencer, you’d carpooled in each morning. After about six months, you realized how much you liked each other and started dating, but you’d been carrying on your relationship right under the noses of your friends and co-workers. Apparently, they also thought you were a match, because they had been trying to get you together for months. “Nah,” you replied, “It’s too much fun seeing how they’ll try to get us together next.”

“Well, tonight, Morgan’s plan is to get us all to go out drinking,” he laughed, taking another look at his phone. “He claims that if I get drunk, I’ll work up the courage to tell you how much I like you.”

Spencer didn’t need any alcohol. He’d revealed to you after a particularly rough case what you meant to him, and you told him you felt the same. At the time, he had been a little shy, but that all fell to the wayside when you kissed him. That night had ended with some heavy making out on your couch. “If he only knew,” you laughed.


As they walked off the elevator, Emily, Morgan, Garcia and JJ sat against their desks trying to figure out how Spencer and Y/N hadn’t started dating. “They are meant for each other,” Garcia exclaimed, throwing her ring-clad hands in the air. “He’s a genius, she’s a genius. They are both the sweetest people in the world. They’re both cute, why aren’t they dating?” 

“You’re a little too invested,” JJ laughed. “I agree, but breathe. It will all happen in time. We’re gonna make it happen.”

Garcia sighed dreamily, craning her head in the direction of the hallway that led to the coffee shrine, which is where they were undoubtedly headed. “I know. It’s just…they’re my real life OTP, and I wanna make it happen.”

“OTP?” Morgan asked. “What the hell does that mean?”

“One True Pairing,” Emily, JJ and Garcia said simultaneously. 

While Spencer and Y/N grabbed their morning coffees, undoubtedly downing one a piece even before leaving the room, Emily made sure that she, JJ, Garcia and Morgan were in a separate text feed. They needed to make sure one of them didn’t accidentally let either one of them know that the whole team, including Hotch and Rossi (to much lesser degrees) were rooting for them to get together. “I think they’re coming back,” she said quickly. “Abort mission. Fan out. Stay tuned.” As they all walked back to their desks, Emily waved her phone in the air. They had tried to push the two of them together on a couple of different occasions recently, but they were getting closer. Just another little push or two…


Throughout the day, the four matchmakers exchanged a string of texts, trading ideas and attempting to figure out which one would work best for their one true pairing. 

M: These two are getting on my last nerve.

JJ: Why?

G: Because we’re pulling out all our best matchmaking moves and nothing is working.

M: Exactly.

E: Something has to work. We know they love each other. They know they love each other. It’s just going to take something really romantic to get things going. I can feel it.

JJ: They definitely are the romantic types. Okay, so let’s float around some ideas. What are Spence and Y/N’s favorite things?

M: Books.

G: Coffee.

E: Chocolate.

JJ: Star Wars.

G: Good, let’s work with this. What can we set up, involving one or more of these things, that might get the two of them to come out? And I suggest that we make it a group thing and the six of us will conveniently be late.

E: Agreed.

M: Wait…there’s a chocolate expo coming into town for a limited time.

JJ: How the hell do you know that?

M: I keep seeing flyers in my neighborhood. There’ll be sculptures and tastings and all that shit. What if we get them to go there?

G: Omg yes, and those expos normally have private viewings or classes, so we can book one of those for the two of them, say it’s for all of us and then wait in the background and watch the sparks fly. This is totally going to work. Look at my Statuesque God of Chocolate Thunder bringing out the chocolate expo!

M: I’ve always got your back, babygirl. 

G: I know you do, baby.

E: Down, children. Okay, so Garcia, you okay with looking into what kind of viewing or class we can book for them?

G: It would be my honor to be the catalyst of my OTP’s first kiss.

JJ: Smh

JJ: I think we’ve finally nailed down a fail-proof plan. Commence Operation OTP.


“So what do you guys think?” Garcia asked you and Spencer. “We’ve all been under so much stress lately, and who doesn’t love chocolate? They have this chocolate making class you can go to. We can all go and learn how to make chocolate and then we can eat the chocolate. It’ll be so much fun.”

“I’m in,” you replied, knowing this was another one of their elaborate plans. “I could eat chocolate all day every day, so I’m definitely in if I get to eat some of the chocolate.”

Spencer swallowed, barely noticeable to anyone but you. He knew what they were trying to do. “Yea, I guess so. What time is it though? Because it’s on a Saturday, and we’ll be off from work, which means if I can’t sleep late, I’m not going,” he laughed. 

“You’re safe, Spence,” JJ replied, knowing how late he liked to sleep on the weekend. He was normally in a coma when he walked in no matter the day, prior to having his morning cup of coffee that is. “It starts at noon and goes until 6. The expo does. The class is only a couple hours.”

“Then I’m in,” he said, taking another swig of his coffee. “It’s next Saturday? Not this Saturday?” Emily nodded, taking solace in the fact that they’d come this far in their plan. “Dammit, now I want chocolate. To the vending machine I go…”


One Saturday passed and the next arrived, which meant it was the day that Emily, JJ, Garcia and Morgan would execute their perfect plan. “This is so going to work,” Garcia clapped as they walked into the expo. Spencer and Y/N had already texted that they were waiting in class. “I can feel it this time.”

As they made their way into the convention center, flashing their badges, which served as their tickets, they scanned the masses of people to see if they spotted the soon-to-be lovebirds. “There’s the area for the cooking class,” Rossi said. “I can’t believe you managed to put this together.”

“I mean, I know we’ve all been hoping for them to get together,” Hotch laughed, “But this is dedication.”

“You know I am nothing if not dedicated, sir,” Garcia replied. “There they are!” She splayed her hands outward, keeping everyone from moving another step. “Let’s observe.”


“They really have gone to amazing lengths to get us together over the past few months,” you said, turning your back to Spencer so he could tie your apron behind your back. “Maybe we should finally give them the satisfaction of knowing we’re together. I think they ship us.”

“Ship?” he asked bewildered. 

“To ship means to endorse a romantic relationship,” you replied.

Spencer raised on eyebrow. “I was just starting to pick up on slang from the 80s and 90s,” he said. “I’m so lost…but if that’s what it means then I definitely ship us.”

“I ship us too.” You could see the team out of the corner of your eye and told Spencer as much. “Gimme a little kiss.”

With a smile, he leaned up against the counter just as the teacher of the class said they’d start in ten minutes, and planted a chaste kiss on your lips, before jutting the tip of of tongue out ever so slightly. When you opened your eyes again, you smirked, silently telling Spencer to look back and give the team a wave.


“Operation OTP is a success!” Garcia cried, clapping wildly as the rest of the team said it was about damn time. 

“Wait?” Morgan said. “Those sneaky…”

“What is it?” she asked. Morgan took her head in both hands and turned it back toward Spencer and Y/N. They were waving back at them. Everyone’s mouths had dropped open in disbelief. How had they not picked up on that?

“They’re already dating?!” Garcia screamed.

Loving all of you (Jungkook) (Semi-M)

♢ Pairing:
Jungkook x Reader

♢ Word count: 2.1k

♢ Genre: Fluff, semi-smut but not completely

   ⌲ Description: Jungkook decided one morning to tell you how much he appreciates and love you. 


Brown eyes sprung open both in surprise and fright, at the bright and wincing sound of the alarm on her phone ringing. Groaning, Y/N stretched over towards the desk and tried to focus her blurry vision on the time.  

6 a.m. 

Trying not to groan again she still managed to throw off the warm comforter around her body, and quickly glanced to the right side of her bed, only to frown. It was empty. That was weird. Jungkook hadn’t told her about any early schedules today, so she expected to wake up in his strong embrace like normal. Shrugging off her confusion, Y/N picked up her thick morning robe from the floor, and wrapped it around her freezing body. Which was only clad in a short, silky night gown she usually slept in. The weather was still relatively hot around midday, but early in the morning it was way too cold. Shielding another yawn escaping from her mouth, she blinked tiredly and slipped on her fluffy slippers and made her way out of the bedroom and down the hallway. She heard some clinging from the kitchen and thought nothing of it. It was probably just one of her parents getting a glass of water or something, before going back to sleep. She was always the one first awake on weekdays. The courtesy of a high school senior.  Continuing into the bathroom and looking into the mirror, she grimaced.  

“Ew, I look like death,” she muttered in disgust and even wrinkled her nose at the morning breath coming out of her own mouth. 

Splashing some cold water over her face and drying off, Y/N brushed her teeth thoroughly, and rinsed before picking up the hairbrush and smoothing out the annoying knots that somehow magically appeared during the night. Satisfied with her look, she ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair one last time and walked back out and into the room. Shedding off her robe and nightgown, she didn’t waste to put on some underwear and a sports bra. Because Mondays sucked and she didn’t have the patience to wear a normal one. Standing in front of her vanity table, Y/N tilted her head to the side and contemplated between make-up or not. Quickly making up her mind, she shrugged casually and decided she was too lazy today. Not even thinking twice, had she picked out a pair of fitting sweatpants that were both comfortable and looked acceptable enough to use in public. As she pulled them up her legs, she felt eyes gazing to her form, and glanced to the doorway with the side of her mouth tilting up.  

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{ five's company }

pairing: poly!hamilsquad x reader

t/w: none!

a/n: my first!! poly!hamilsquad x reader fan fic!!! it’s finally up lol im so sorry this took so long!!! i hope it’s kind of good?? not even sure about the name yet but you know what it’s finally up! that’s worth celebrating. thanks for being so patient. enjoy!

inbox || masterlist


 New York City was your favorite place in the world hands down. You’d been out here for school to begin with but stayed because of the atmosphere. It was also where you met your four boyfriends. You shared the city you loved with the four loves of your life. 

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anonymous asked:

could you write a drabble for robron and number 7?

How long has it been?

“How long has it been?”

5 months, 3 weeks, 2 days and almost 13 hours. He wasn´t going to tell Julia that though, that he was still counting. That he still hoped that at some point he´d be able to stop the clock.

It would just make him look pathetic and desperate.

Not that that wouldn´t be true, but they had only known each other for about 15 minutes and the fact alone that he was spending his Friday morning sitting on a dark brown leather couch in a small cosy room, surrounded by bookshelves and with a pillow in his lap; instead of lying in his bed, hiding under the covers and nursing the rest of last nights whiskey, made him feel vulnerable enough. Thank you very much.

He most certainly wasn´t ready to let her in on the full extent of his desolation and self-hate. At least not yet.

Maybe if he kept staring at the clock on the wall behind her he could somehow will time to go by faster.

“6 months,” he said.

Robert looked at her then, trying hard to act somewhat nonchalant. His voice was void of emotion, but his hands were gripping the pillow tightly by its edges. So tightly that his knuckles turned white. If nothing else, Robert had gotten good at hiding his real feelings again over the last couple of months.

“I´m doing fine.”

“Yes, I´m eating.”

“You don´t have to worry about me.”

The lies rolled off his tongue far easier these days.

Right after, they hadn´t.

Aaron had taken a sledgehammer to all of the walls Robert had carefully built over years, but at least he had still been a closed book to everyone else. That was until everything had fallen apart and he hadn´t been able to keep up the pretence any longer. Hadn´t had the strength to play tough. Not that he had talked to people about it, but the dark circles under his puffy eyes and his ashen complexion had been enough of a giveaway for anyone who had still cared enough to notice.

Julia gave him a kind smile and nodded. She was maybe in her late thirties, sitting across from him in a matching brown arm chair, her legs crossed, her long blonde hair in a braided bun on top of her head. It reminded him of Liv.

God, Robert missed Liv.

“And how would you say you´re coping with the separation?” Julia´s voice was soft and gentle. She sounded like she actually cared, not as if she was only pretending to be interested, because making him feel welcome and getting him to open up about things he didn´t want to share was her job. Not the way Diane sounded when she called once in a blue moon.

Robert let his eyes wander across the room, unwilling to look the therapist in the eye in fear of being found out and psychoanalysed, until they settled on the window. It was slightly fogged by the cold November air, little drops of condensation making their way from its top down to the windowsill, but he could still make out the row of cars driving by down below. People driving to work or bringing their kids to school. Functioning, well-adjusted adults, who had managed to get out of bed that morning and were able to go about their day without a pit in their stomach, without a constant feeling of dread.

It was so much easier to focus on them than to look at the counsellor in front of him, when he didn´t feel like he deserved the sympathetic look in her eyes.

“I´m coping,” he answered.

It was bullshit. Obviously.

Sure, nowadays he held out on opening a new bottle of alcohol until the early hours of the afternoon, instead of diving in as soon as he woke up in the morning. He had actually managed to send out two application letters that week (London flats were expensive and his savings wouldn´t last forever), but that was about it.

Victoria had called it progress. Robert new that it was nothing more than mere survival, unworthy of her praise.

Even four months after his move, his place was still covered in unopened boxes of flat-pack furniture. A manifestation of his reluctance to accept his new living situation and everything that came with it as fact, staring back at him every time he entered the place. The scattered boxes and emptied bottles mocking him for every terrible choice he´d ever made. But what really was doing him in now, months into this newfound so-called life oh his, was the lack of human interaction. These days, Victoria´s daily calls, which had grown more and more concerned as time passed by, and the two lines of small talk he shared with a rotating number of delivery men every night were the only reminders he had of the fact that there was indeed a world out there, behind his four walls.

Julia didn´t push for more right away. She just slid her round, gold-rimmed glasses up the bridge of her nose with her index finger and scribbled something into her notebook instead. It made Robert nervous. Made him feel like he hadn´t pulled that line off as well as he had hoped. It made him feel like maybe she knew.

He tightened his jaw and crossed his arms over the pillow. Drew it a little closer, until it was pressed against his chest, because the look on Juila´s face made him feel exposed and that was the only bit of protection he had in here.

“I know that this isn´t easy, but I can only help with whatever is going on with you, if you open up…” Julia said, but it was Victoria´s voice he heard it in.

It´s what she had been telling him ever since he had crashed on her couch that first night after Aaron had kicked him out. And she hadn´t let it go, even after Robert was out of her sight and trying his best to keep her worries at bay by sounding as convincingly okay as possible on the phone. Victoria hadn´t bought it, of course she hadn´t. She had always been able to see through his facade. So instead of giving up and letting it go, she had started to drop hints about therapy. About how it might be easier to talk to someone who wasn´t so involved in all of it, someone he wouldn´t feel pre-judged by.

Actually, it was her who had given him Julia´s number in the end, begging him to at least give it a try.

It had taken weeks, but in the end he hadn´t been able to refuse his little sister. Especially not since she was the only one still willing to put up with him after everything. His pride wasn´t worth losing that.

Wasn´t worth losing her.

“It´s…,”  Robert didn´t quite know how to explain the way he had been feeling for the past couple of months without giving away too much too soon.

“It´s been really hard,”  is what he settled on.  

There was more. Of course there was more.

I miss him. I miss my home. I miss my family. It´s hard, because in the end it was all my fault. It´s even harder, because I always knew that I would disappoint him. It was just a matter of time.

There was a voice inside his head, that unsurprisingly sounded a lot like his little sister, telling him to let it all out right then and there, just for the slight chance of feeling a little bit better afterwards, a little bit more like himself. It had been a long six months and Robert had grown so incredibly tired of pretending. He was desperate to just once go to bed without feeling like someone was punching him in the gut repeatedly, while his mind was running in circles. Just one night without the image of a crying Aaron clouding his every thought.

He didn´t though.

Because at the end of the day, no matter the pain, he was still Robert Sugden. He was still Jack´s son, which meant that he knew the consequences of letting other people in on your feelings and sharing things they might not be ready to hear, far too well. It was going to take him more than twenty minutes to trust the woman in front of him with all of his deepest darkest secrets, if he ever would.

But at least this felt like a start.

He wasn´t sure if this would actually help, but he owed it to Victoria to try.

He certainly owed it to Aaron.

And maybe Robert even owed himself the chance of getting better, no matter how badly he had messed things up.  

Especially, if he wanted to keep his hopes of ever being allowed to come home again alive.

A Friendly Favour [Part 2] (M)

Originally posted by taehyyungs

[Part 1]
Warning: Smut. And Taehyung hurting my feelings bc I can’t kiss his face.

“Did you do it?”

Yoongi’s voice grated on your last nerve, your fingers clenching around the glass you were holding tightly enough that you were surprised it didn’t shatter in your grip. He had been seated on the other side of the counter for the last half hour, pestering you. You shot him a glare through your bangs as you turned to place the newly cleaned glass on the shelf with the others.

“Oh my God,” He groaned, his head falling back, “You did.”

“Yoongi.” You said, your tone a snipped warning.

“I can’t believe it.” He wiped a hand over his face as he tipped it forward once again, eyebrows drawn together in a dramatic expression of anguish.

Yoongi.” You repeated, more sternly.

“I can not believe you fu–” His sentence was cut off by you snatching a dishcloth from the counter and cramming it into his open mouth.

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Time Upon Once, Ch.3 (3/?)

Summary:  Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 29th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life?

Rating: M (eventually)

A huge thank you to @tnlph @businesscasualprincess and @blessed-but-distressed  for beta duties and @shady-swan-jones for the banner!

Tagging a few people that showed interest in this story: @lk0622 @nowforruin @sambethe @xemmaloveskillianx  @l-e-x-a-xd @profoundlyfadedprincess @once-uponacaptain and @icecubelotr44   (want to be tagged? let me know and I’ll do it)

on Tumblr: I II


I know… it’s been ages. But I’m back to this story now! I cannot commit to a weekly update, because writing this fic is a lot of work that involves plotting, rewatches, tweaks, backstory and a huge amount of detail that is really draining for me. So bear with me. I will commit to have an update every two weeks.
All comments and reviews of encouragement will be highly appreciated

Chapter III

The sound of knocking at the door interrupted Killian’s first cup of coffee in the morning. He went to answer, still absentmindedly holding his mug in his right hand.

Regina was standing on the other side of the door, wearing a sensible grey dress and a coat, holding a basket full of red apples. She was poised to speak, but whatever words she had died on her lips the second she got a good look at him, her eyes widening as she trailed her gaze back and forth over his body. It was then that Killian realized he hadn’t bothered to put on his shirt before opening the door, his bare chest attracting the Mayor’s attention before she lowered her gaze appreciatively to where his jeans were hanging low on his hips. Killian contemplated acknowledging her interest with a suggestive remark, but he ultimately decided against it. He had zero intention of following up on those remarks with any type of dalliance with his son’s adoptive mother. Some doors - much like his heart - were better to remain closed. He settled for a soft clear of his throat and a raised eyebrow in her direction.

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Knight in a Navy Coat (Newt x Reader)

Originally posted by xoxoeddie

Requested by Anon: Would you do a request where the reader and newt are dating and the reader is hurt by someone and newt gets all protective? Thanks! I love your writing style!

I really hope you enjoy this you lovely anon! 

Words: ~4000 (I like protective Newt, okay?!)

Rating: Super A +++ fluffy throughout, to kill you all slowly… and I’m pretty sure the memory of the first kiss is something I’m going to expand upon in another imagine cause it’s so darn cute! Lemme know if you guys feel the same!

Four months.

The best four months you could have ever imagined, going out on little adventures, dinners, and long walks with the wizard oddity that was Newton Scamander, it was better than you even imagined when you were initially adoring the Hufflepuff from a respectful distance.

As a “No-Maj”, or “Muggle” as Newt tended to call you fondly, you had been utterly fascinated with the realm of beasts and magical creatures that had opened up to you, and grew all the more passionate with their study the longer you spent with Newt. You continually thanked your stars you accompanied your friend Jacob to his bank meeting that fateful morning in New York.

Tonight had been lovely, a small dinner in a quaint cafe recommended by none other than Tina, who insisted on their world-famous cheesecake, which you two ended up sharing for dessert. Currently, you both were enjoying a long walk through central park, despite the incredibly late hour. Time flew by, you never ran out of subjects to discuss, though you did enjoy the quiet of each other’s presence just as much sometimes.

It was likely one of your last dates in New York before you two would board a boat to Britain, as Newt had emphasized the freedom you two would have as soon as you left the scrutinizing watch of MACUSA and their “bloody ridiculous” rules regarding the involvement of non-magical humans with wizards.

You didn’t care where you went, as long as the shy wizard’s slightly-calloused, freckled hand was in yours, you couldn’t be happier. In the spur of the moment, you tugged on Newt’s collar and stood on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear, “Your eyes are especially enchanting tonight.” You giggled at the almost instant reddening of your boyfriend’s cheeks as his seafoam eyes widened in delighted surprise, the corners of his lips twitching into a smile.

“I, uh, I ha-hadn’t noticed,” Newt stammered out, feeling his knees go a little weak. It was a wonder such few words had such an effect on him when they came from you.

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Just Fun- Part Three

Originally posted by nabees2

(Not my gif)
Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader
Word Count: 1,203
Warnings: Swearing, angst as far as the eye can see
A/N: Third and final part! I’ve really enjoyed writing this. Feel free to leave some feedback and don’t forget to follow me for more fics!

Part One is HERE

Part Two is HERE

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3. crawling back to you

Pairing: The Joker (Ledger) x Reader
Rating: M
Words: 2730
Requested by: @nicolesyneah25


So have you got the guts?
Been wondering if your heart’s still open
and if so I wanna know what time it shuts
Simmer down and pucker up, I’m sorry to interrupt
It’s just I’m constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss to you
I don’t know if you feel the same as I do
but we could be together if you wanted to

Originally posted by astromech-punk

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||❥ the birthday song

m i n g h a o // s c e n a r i o

Originally posted by sailorsoonyoung

word count: 1,564 

genre: fluffy!!! 

request: anon just wanted some minghao fluff! (me too, tf?) so as a hint, the first kiss is the purest kiss :^) 

✎ had some extra time tonight to write this, i know first kiss isn’t very creative but i tried to make it rlly fluffy so hopefully it’s good! 

Minghao is still timid, he is still shy in the most heart-swooning of ways. Maybe it’s because this feeling nestled deeply within his chest is unprecedented, and it brews the conviction that your face is the one he yearns to wake up to every soft and hazy morning. Where his heart pumps the spinning images of you to flicker before his eyelids, there should be more certainty with it. Yet a tenuous voice remains like the creaking of a rocking chair, whispering over the cusp of his ear that he lacks the ability to truly make you happy.

Of course, it couldn’t be more false. If anything Minghao proved to you time and time again that he was the perfect boyfriend to accompany you on the tipsy rowboat of life; his doubts were translucent, and he needn’t glaze over them for even a second.

During the bloom of your relationship, Minghao had learned many things that aided him in being the best boyfriend to grace your presence, and oh boy, did you ever latch onto him like a koala bear afterwards. It was in the manner he initiated holding hands while pattering down a busy street, when the sun would kiss the moon before they ceremoniously switched places. All from a crackle of laughter, traveling to a featherlight glide down your spine, and then the breathy chuckles that preluded his slender fingers just tenderly sweeping your palm. His grip was warm, it was intertwined and secure, but it was mostly the hue of peach that his cheeks became enveloped in. And yours too of course.

He gave the best hugs, and observing his sidled fashion of approaching you at the near dusk of a long day did nothing but bundle your heart in coziness. The goodbye’s would flutter from willow curved lips, and the batter of lashes toward the floor would quickly begin to multiply until his chin was scooting to the crown of your head, arms gingerly curving around your waist as he waited to see if you were okay with such contact, even though it were no more questionable than blowing bubbles from gum.

 Immediately you would become like sap in his hold, cheek cushioned by his shoulder and arms at their rightful place by his neck. It was then he commenced in the soothing passes that hummed up and down a relaxed spine, crooning words a delicate breach in silence that always ushered of how he would miss you until your next date.

You could muse on and on for ages regarding Minghao’s nook in your heart, and as the days trickled by you could only balk one thought that didn’t take interest in resting. Your first kiss as a couple was yet to unfold. Sure there had been occasional lips pressed to cheek, the sensation of plush warmth meeting supple skin enough to imbue blatant melodies in your chest, beating quicker than the red copper swimming through your veins, but it became painfully apparent when you gleaned across him how inconceivably bad you wanted it. The kiss was haunting Minghao too, the expectation to be the perfect boyfriend grappling over his shoulders. Even more so on your beloved birthday.

“Okay, that’s the last season Minghao, you made it!” It was a blithe intoxicated chime that sliced through the episode’s ending credits, your hand shuffling from underneath the blanket to poke his fluffy cheek. The boy had slumped down on the sofa, his eyebrows jumping to a curve while an all satisfied sigh slipped from his lips.

“Be honest, is it really that bad of a show?” You unconsciously pressured, your fingertip still poking at his porcelain cheek that was more alluring than your whole visual combined. Minghao took hold of your squirmy arm and let his thumb sweep between the marble slopes of your knuckles, mustering up an answer that wouldn’t get his pretty face dented.

“Parks and Recreation isn’t that bad, I like the Ron guy the best though.” He was greeted with a quirk of strawberry scented lips, your eyes two pools of articulate appeasement that he could blink into forever. You followed his response with a hair ruffle, expressing your pleased side.

“I knew you would like him, sometimes you’re like his reincarnation.” Minghao squeezed your hand with a snicker.

“Only when Mingyu is around.”

The clock glowing in bright blue underneath the television displayed the time, 11:45pm, and you stumbled upon the sudden realisation that your birthday was fizzling to an end. Minghao seemed to be peering in the same direction as well, his brows pinched together as though he were solving a puzzle in his brain, like he was pondering something that involved the slow amble of time. Your fingers were still interlocked, a gentle thumb pad adorning the valleys sculpted from ivory bone. Then it drifted into the glide of starry eyes tentative in their path of marvelling, especially by the luminous glow that mingled with petal smooth skin and rose purified lips. Minghao was beauty’s number one beholder, and as your last birthday wish, you wondered how he would react to your request.

“Hey Hao,” you hummed in a very careful cadence, “since it’s my birthday and everything, could you maybe sing me the usual happy birthday song?” It would never be your place to push Minghao into doing something if he were ultimately against it, so if your request (and perhaps a little begging paired with sparkly orbs) resulted in denial, your birthday would still be a day to look back on, and rumble over how cherished you felt as every second flicked past. Minghao’s heart had already started swelling, his fingers that fit so perfectly with your own urging to turn clammy.

He shuffled upward on the couch, free hand pushing away locks of rumpled hazelnut. “Is that what you want, like for real?” When your head began bobbing like emerald leaves in a shallow breeze, and your cheeks squished into the widest of grins, Minghao knew the twinge in his chest wouldn’t settle until he had made you the happiest you could be.

“Okay,” he said, a degree of bashfulness controlling the manner in which his head swivelled downward, a coat of pastel pink just beginning to nip at rounded cheeks, “it’s gonna sound awful but… If it makes you happy.” You didn’t want to interrupt him as silence resembled a heavy quilt enveloping the room, his hand pulled into your lap as you soothed his slender fingers. There were indeed nerves brimming like gloss at Minghao’s eyes, but there were also hints of his adoration toward you, making the moment of his rosy lips parting and a sound so smooth and soft flowing off his tongue the most beautiful moment you could wish for.

It became all the dates spent wandering up and down speckled brick streets, the twinkle of neon blue fairy lights hanging from shop entrances and coalescing with moonlight that cascaded from obsidian skies. It became the sweet laughter that emanated from behind closed doors, when fingers poking at ribcages and peculiar phrases flying from tongue seemed like jokes crafted by a comedian. Every second of chin nuzzled into the crown of lily scented hair scorched your vision, until the boy singing one of the most well known songs transformed it into a piece that felt sketched solely for you.

And maybe that was the reason behind you bustling from your dent in the sofa, Minghao’s pupils a glittery galaxy that swarmed with miniature specks of silver and gold. The ending of the birthday song had hardly finished rippling through the silence before the constriction in your chest melted to be the itch in your fingers to trace his jaw, the coo in your heart to card the hair back from his eyes and examine their gleam. And maybe that was the reason behind you brushing your lips together for the first time, so gentle and nothing more than a feather, almost as if you were built upon paper thinner than air. But it wasn’t you who slid a not so timid hand around the nape of your neck, the smooth palm belonged to Minghao, the feelings that burst like a full fledged fireworks display in his chest crackling throughout his limbs.

The only thing he could process while slowly pushing his lower lip between yours that were so sweet and velvet like, was that he squandered too many hours not kissing you, not singeing the taste of strawberry throughout the breadth of his mind and mouth. Your hand slipped down his chest, curling into the fabric of his shirt and innocuously tugging at it upon his minor use of teeth. If your breath would stop wisping into cotton tufts than maybe you would have been able to prolong the session that sat well with silence, but to your dismay, paper lungs were not the best at keeping adoration sealed.

It was a simple peck that bloomed after the well awaited kiss, then another that was short, and another that stretched longer with a resistance to pull away. Until your foreheads couldn’t stop clashing, and the pigment that stained your cheeks glowed brighter than fuchsia, your birthday had come to an end.

“That was okay, right?”

Minghao giggled, his arm curving around your waist, “more than okay. We should do it more often, huh?”

And what a memorable way to end it.  


Time Upon Once, ch. 4 (4/?)

Summary:  Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 29th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life?

Rating: M (eventually)

A huge thank you to @tnlph @businesscasualprincess and @blessed-but-distressed  for beta duties and @shady-swan-jones for the banner!

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Killian shuffled in the driver’s seat of his Bug, his knees bending uncomfortably as his eyes squinted to read the local newspaper classified section by the glow of the streetlights, trying to find a place to live.  The actions brought back memories of all the times he’d spent doing the exact same thing in the past decade. In every new town there had been several sleepless nights in his Bug, searching for a new apartment, with nothing but a duffel bag in the trunk and the hope that one day he’d find her.

Until he’d realized he was chasing nothing but a ghost from time long past, and he’d stopped looking.

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Credence Barebone x Reader- Warm Hugs and Cocoa Mugs Part 2

I hope this is good, I’m very new at requests and Tumblr in general, I just hope I can make something that fits your wants. A lot of people actually asked for this and I really appreciate it. I tried to put in a ton of fluff, and I decided why the hell not and wrote this straight away! Anyways, here is the continuation of Warm Hugs and Cocoa Mugs. This has some angst, but it gets very fluffy and happy at times, especially in the end. I am so sorry for the weird lay out I hope you still enjoy it, I am trying to fix it while in tears.

Hi! I was wondering if requests are still open? I loved the cocoa mugs imagine about credence ,I dont have an especific request in mind but like something really cute and lots of fluff? Or maybe a continuation? Or however you like :)

Part One:


Warnings: Mentions of Credence’s pain, fluff, also a bonus protective and snuggly Credence

           Credence eventually had to leave you that night, but you understood. Mary Lou, from what Credence had confessed, was a woman of pure ice. He didn’t want to go back to that dark and dangerous place, but he knew if he didn’t, then more consequences would surely ensue if he were caught. With one last bit of scone and a string of gentle gratitude, you walked him back to his version of hell. The next day, you saw him near your café once more, and you instantly rushed out to see if he was okay. He informed you that although he miraculously wasn’t caught, he only narrowly made it. He handed out flyers all day while you handed out cookies and tea and little cakes with sugar roses. At the end of the day, you two exchanged a glance a little similar to before, however, this one was much different in which it was ignited with passion. You needed Credence in your life just as much as Credence needed you.

   However, this was not the last instance you saw of Credence. Of course you saw him outside every day, standing with the same brimming hat and stack of undesired flyers as he desperately tried to rid his hand of them. His saddened look was still existent on his face, except when he saw you. Your hair bounced with vibrant emissions of happiness as you walked outside during your break to take some flyers. His eyes would gaze at yours questionably, wondering why you had taken not one, but six or seven of his flyers, and his look of question only increased when you cheerfully stated that ‘they were for some friends.’ As he handed you your smaller stack, his heart swelled right back up with affection. He wanted to do nothing more than to snuggle you up right then and there, but he knew that Mary Lou’s eyes were always on him, well except when she was asleep of course. Your heart was never out of love. You cared about him when others would attack him and call him horrible names, but you, you didn’t run or hide from him. He wasn’t an outcast to you. He wasn’t weak to you, if anything you saw him as incredibly strong since he had to endure that pain all the time. Credence knew he was in too deep, but he didn’t care. You were always there and you would never leave

 You taking a load of his flyers became a regular occurrence. You would spot him outside and rush to take your portion and set them back inside. Sometimes you even tried to help him out by taking some of the stack and put it inside next to the counter so that people would see. Not only that, but you also often gave credence a bag containing a cookie or two before he headed back with the Second Salemers. The boy loved his sweets, for how could he not, sweet hearted boys need all the sugar they can get.

 The two of you even continued your night meet ups. It wasn’t every day since Mary Lou had grown a bit suspicious of him, but he did risk himself being discovered every now and then. You worked the night shift frequently, and because of this, you had leftover delights and warm coffee or cocoa waiting on the table for the growing boy. Credence would ever so carefully slip inside, double checking for precautions ahead, and silently close the door. The two of you bonded over desserts and stories of your lives, and with this, Credence fell more in love.

The attraction between you two was clearly present, but you didn’t want to startle Credence at all. You knew he had zones of comfort, and zones of panic, and you wanted to avoid causing him any more restlessness than he already dealt with. You simply dipped your cookie inside your mug of cocoa and took a bite of it, unknowingly being looked at by Credence.

 “Y-Y/n?” spoke Credence, who was bundled up in a blanket you hid under a cupboard from your own home during work hour.

           “Yes Credence?“

           “How do you know if someone truly loves you?”

            You were indeed a bit thrown off by his question, but in a good way. Credence knew he loved you, but what he didn’t tell you is that the love you two shared was more of the friendly love, but the one he desired inside was an intimate love.

            “Well,” you started, “Usually when people are, you know in love with each other, they care about each other and they wouldn’t want anything to hurt them. They would protect one another with their lives and risk everything for the wellbeing of the other person. They accept you for who you are, and they say I love you in different ways. Often with voice, but sometimes with hand holding, or a hug or-,”

            “Or a kiss?” he injected innocently.

            A ruby red blush clouded onto your face. “Yes Credence with that to.”

            “Well, C-can I um, m-may I kiss you Y/N?”

            He was beyond nervous. He couldn’t help but feel like a bird freed from a cage when he was around you, but he was bashing himself on the inside for asking you. He didn’t even know how to properly kiss!

            He looked to you nodding and leaning in. Before he knew it, the two of you touched your lips together.

            You admit he wasn’t the best at first, but after a few minutes, he was doing it as if it were natural. His lips tasted sweet from the treats and his lips were soft against your own. He was gentle, careful not to hurt or push too hard in order to keep you from scampering away. You pulled him into your embrace when you felt fresh tears slowly but surely drip from his dark eyes.

            When the two of you broke away, he was till softly crying. He was afraid. He was afraid that he had been too sudden, that he had hurt you, had pushed you somewhere he wanted to go but you didn’t. With a touch of your fingertips, you melted his fear away, like a memory to be long forgotten. You sweetly brushed his tears away when he held you closer.

            “It’s okay Credence, it’s okay.”

            Credence said I love you by pressing more kisses against your beautiful lips.

            You two met secretly, like Romeo and Juliet. Your love was forbidden not by two opposing houses, but by some difficult circumstances. No matter the cause, Credence still promised to love you, and you promised the same. You just had to be careful around Mary Lou.

One morning, your break was a little earlier in the day, so you flattened your apron and prepared a bag for Credence who was already at work outside. A smile danced over your lips and you swung the door open in excitement. It didn’t take you long to find him because his tall form and dark hair were not hard to miss against the cloudy background.

            “Credence!” you called with a slight wave. He turned his head, immediately locking eyes with you. You weaved and bobbed through the ground, nearly dropping the pen behind your ear.

            “Hello Y/n,” he spoke in a hushed voice.

            “I brought you a little something,” you smiled and handed him the bag. His eyes lit up with sparkles in infatuation. The sweetest person in the world was his, and he was beyond overjoyed. As you were scooping more flyers into your hands, a faint clicking was approaching.

            “Credence,” said a voice. Credence knew this wasn’t yours, yours was sweet like the tea and sweets you served while this one was bitter, like espresso or dark coffee left out for a bit too long. It was Mary Lou.

            “Why do you keep involving yourself with this girl here, hmm?” Her eyes bore into your soul as if she was reading your deepest secrets and thoughts. “Why Credence?”

            Credence looked down at his shoes, and back at you, then back at his shoes. He was scared, you knew he was scared. He did nothing wrong yet was still being criticized for it.

            You spoke up, “I was only giving him some leftovers from the kitchen, ma’am.”

            “Did I ask you to speak?” Her voice was laced with jagged ice.

            “No but-,”

            “No. I did not, and I didn’t ask you to speak to Credence either. We have important work to do here today and Credence does not need a pathetic little priss to come and distract him on his own time. So why don’t you leave us alone you dull and annoying little twit and-,”

            “Stop,” interrupted Credence. You were staring at him and his found courage now, jaw slightly open. Credence picked up your hand with tears brimming and held it close.

            “I-I love Y/n.”

            Mary Lou looked at Credence like she had murder in her eyes. He protectively put himself slightly in front of you, for he knew what the terrible woman was capable of.

            “How dare you disobey me. How dare you disobey the Second Salemers. I have done nothing but raise you and you run off with this brat?”

           “Y/n is w-wonderful,”

            “Credence,” she paused and prepared to spit more venom, “We are leaving. Now.”

            Credence didn’t budge. You hand tightly held yours. This was partially your fault. If you hadn’t come out here, he wouldn’t be in this mess. Credence gave you a small glimmer in his eyes, almost as if he were saying that he would keep you safe, and he would. He vowed this to himself the night he kissed you, the night he made you his. He would cross oceans and walks of fire to protect you. He may have been weak to others, but to you, you saw him as brave, and brave he would be, or at least attempt to.

            With tears being spilt from your eyes once again, his hand was ripped from yours and dragged away. His painful yelling from him being ushered away devastated you. You ran down the sidewalk, not caring if your notebook fell out. You needed Credence, she couldn’t just take him. But before you knew it, he was gone as the other children followed behind.

You didn’t see him for days, and you became worried. Your heart ached, longing to know if he was okay. You were no longer allowed to stray far during your breaks since it was discovered that you not only snuck samples, but you also allowed someone in after dark. There had been storms, and you didn’t remember much, but you did remember Credence. He stuck out in your mind, a hole forming in your heart. Credence was still somewhere. You cried, feeling hopeless, that is until one day a fluffy haired man in a blue coat came in.

The man seemed anxious and out of place, especially with his large case hanging down to his side

“Can I help you sir?” you asked politely. You were devastated, but that doesn’t mean the customers should feel that way too.

“Y-yes actually. I’m looking for a girl here by the name of, oh Merlin what was her name. Ah, Y/n, do you know a Y/n?”

You were hesitant, but replied, “Yes, that would be me.”

            “Oh, fantastic, um Credence, I think you know him, he is um, looking for you.”

            Your eyes bulged out of your head and you dropped the mug you were holding, gaining you some odd looks.

            “Credence, are you sure?”

            “Positive Miss, he’s been through a lot. I can take you to him.”

            “Please! Yes, right away!”

.           You had no idea who this stumbling man was, but there was a chance that he knew Credence, you wanted to seize it. You knew you shouldn’t have trusted him so easily and you know he shouldn’t have left the café since your job was now most likely going to be revoked, but you didn’t care. Your heart pounded out of your chest as you were eager to see Credence. All you wanted was to wrap him in your arms and whisper sweet nothings into his ear as he kissed you kindly. However, your thoughts shifted when the man led you into an alley. This was it. You were going to die because you were tricked into thinking your love was alive and well. This was the end.

            All of a sudden, the man pulled out what looked like a wand, and before you could comprehend what was happening, you were in a bedroom. ‘Even better,’ you thought as you were now scared and confused.

            By the time the man had set his case down and opened it, you were in disbelief. He was walking down the case. A blue sleeved arm poked out and beckoned you to follow. You were amazed by the sights. Creatures that you thought only existed in stories were real and absolutely incredible. You twirled, taking it all in, until something caught your eye.


            The world stopped, and it was as if you were the only two that existed. You sprinted towards him, practically leaping into his arms as you cried tears of joy. Credence saw you and held you close to his body as if letting go would cause you to disappear again. You fired questions at him between kisses to his cheeks, and for the first time in a while, he had a genuine smile on his face. He was safe and away, hidden from anyone like Mary Lou who could hurt him. And now, he even had you.

            The two of you walked around, both of you still crying and nuzzling into one another’s necks as Credence explained what the hell was going on. Apparently he was magic, who knew, and he was the one who had destroyed portions of the city, which you did not recall. Credence pressed sweet lasting kisses onto your lips and then explained that there was a rain that made you forget. Also, the man that rescued him and brought him to the wonderful safe haven was Newt, also known as the man in the blue coat. It was so much to take in and understand, but the one thing you for sure understood, was that Credence was safe, well, and for once, happy. He stroked your hand and led you over, whispering compliments of your heart and beauty to you intimately. With a passionate kiss he paused at a picnic set up, and he gestured for you to follow him. Credence had certainly changed, but in a good way of course. He allowed you to sit down first before he did, and when you were both seated, he held you while cradling you. You leaned up for a kiss before he went to go grab something. You waited patiently before he nervously came back. In his hands were two mugs, each filled to the brim with hot cocoa.

            “I just wanted to show you how much I loved you,” he whispered. You accepted the mug greatly with a smile and a kiss as he blushed. He was stronger now, but you still made his knees buckle and cheeks burn.

 While the two of you sipped you chocolatey goodness, he cuddled you closer like you had on that night. Nothing could tear you apart now. You engulfed each other in warm loving hugs for hours, catching up on the lost days.

            When you started to fall asleep in his arms, Credence kissed your cheek and softly said, “I love you,” and he truly did.

            “I love you too Credence. You’re so special to me.”

            With that, the two of you remained entangled with one another as Credence could now fully share his heart with you in serenity.

A/N: I hope this was okay anonymous