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Summary: You and Daryl like each other but you’re too shy and end up avoiding him. He gets the wrong idea and confronts you.
Warnings: Swearing, angst, fluff.

Being shy was a pain in the ass. All you wanted to do was talk to Daryl Dixon like a normal person, but no, every time you tried you’d make a fool out of yourself. And that was on the rare occasion you actually spoke instead of just nodding and smiling like a fucking idiot. He must think you’re stupid and annoying by now. He actually thought the opposite, Daryl really liked you. He thought you were sweet and very pretty. He liked how quiet you were, you didn’t force small talk on him like everyone else. He thought it was incredibly cute when you’d trip over your words and get embarrassed and he actually liked your company. Which is why he was a little sad when you started to avoid him. At first he thought it may have been unintentional, but then he found out from people that you were swapping watch when you were paired with him and refused runs if he was going. He thought he had upset you or offended you but couldn’t think of what it could be. After a week he started to get angry, that typical Dixon temper coming out with his insecurities. He figured you were avoiding him because you knew you were better than him, that he wasn’t worth your time. The more he thought about it the more pissed off he got, and it didn’t help that he had Merles and his dads voice floating around his head telling him that no one would ever care about him, what would a pretty girl like her want something to do with a worthless piece of shit like you?

He made his mind up. He found out you were going on a run that day with Tara, it was a simple run, just in and out, so it was just the two of you. He managed to convince Tara to stay home with Denise and let him take her place. You’d just got ready to go when you saw Daryl loading up the car. You stopped in your tracks and started internally panicking. You’d successfully avoided Daryl which meant avoiding making a fool of yourself. Now there was no escaping it, this wasn’t good. You couldn’t deny that you’d missed him though, just seeing him there was giving you butterflies. You carefully approached the car and couldn’t seem to form words when he turned around and saw you.
“Just us today princess.” He sneered as he walked passed you to put the bag in the back seat. You were taken back by his attitude, he had never spoken to you like that before.

“Um…ok.” You squeaked out as you got in the passenger side. The first half hour was unbearable, he kept giving you dirty looks and the air was thick with tension. You were tempted to just open the door and roll out of the car at this point, it would probably be better than this right now. You searched your pack for your water and after having some you held it out for Daryl.
“Surprised ya think I’m good ‘nough to drink yer water.” He scoffed as he looked back to the road. You furrowed your eyebrows not understanding.
“W-what?” You asked confused. The look on your face was pissing him off, you must be a hell of an actress, you were almost convincing with your stupid pretty eyes.
“Like ya don’t fuckin’ know.” He spat as he glared at you.
“I don’t…I don’t know what you mean.” You stumbled over your words getting anxious with his temper. He suddenly slammed on the breaks and your head hit the dash, cutting it slightly. Daryl didn’t seem to notice as he was too absorbed in his own rage.
“Ya don’t fuckin’ know? Ya think yer too good to speak to me! Lil miss fuckin’ princess is too special to associate with Daryl fuckin’ Dixon.” He sneered. Your eyes went as wide as saucers, you were horrified, he had got it so wrong.
“No, no Daryl its not like that!” You frowned. He just scoffed again and wouldn’t look at you.
“What’s it like then?” He asked dryly.
“I-I fucking like you… Alot. But I’m shy and stupid and I kept making a fool of myself.” You admitted. He looked at you shocked but then looked absolutely guilty, and not just from your confession but the fact he had cut your head.

“I’m fuckin’ sorry y/n.” He sighed as he put his head in his hands.
“It’s fine.” You smiled.
“Nah it ain’t fine. I treated ya like shit cos I got in my own damn head. Then I go and fuckin’ injure ya. I’m such a fuckin’ dick.” He scolded himself. He couldn’t believe how wrong he had been. He grabbed the first aid kit and got out the alcohol and gauze to clean your wound, it wasn’t deep so it didn’t need dressing. He just stuck a band aid on it when it was done.
“So ya like me huh?” He smirked trying to lighten the situation a bit. You blushed furiously and lost your voice again so you just nodded.
“Gone all shy ‘gain?” He chuckled, he loved how cute you looked when you were embarrassed.
“Shut up!” You laughed as you playfully smacked him.
“S’alright, I like ya too.” He smiled making you smile back at him. Now the air was clear he started the car back up and continued on the journey.

It didn’t take long to get there but before you got out of the car Daryl grabbed your wrist to stop you.
“C’mere.” He smiled as he pulled you towards him. He gripped the back of your neck and kissed you, leaving you breathless. The kiss was intense yet somehow gentle at the same time. He must have ate some peaches before leaving because he tasted like peaches and smoke, a weirdly good combination. He broke away and gave you cheeky grin, making you laugh at him. You had no idea what was in store for you both now but you were happy as long as Daryl was by your side.

TITLE: Not My Type

IMAGINE: Being the female version of Tony and taking a fancy towards Steve. 

“Love is a funny thing. It’s as if you spend your whole life waiting for it, and then, when it finally happens, everything just sort of falls into place. You don’t have to question it or second guess it. It just feels… right.”

[gif is not mine] guys! civil war comes out tonight and i am so freaking excited, expect lots of emotion from me. 

The music flowed but was the background noise of every conversation except one. Steve Rogers sat down on the sofa watching the scene in front of him as if it were a movie.  He felt his heart skip a beat when he saw her smile at him. It took so long to get to where they were now, so long, but if he could go back and change anything he wouldn’t.

Steve thought back to the night when he first saw her. He didn’t like her when they first encountered, of course it was mainly because she was the exact copy of Tony only in a female form. He saw her there standing with what seemed like to be a male model, him fawning over her in her ludicrous outfit. Except it wasn’t ludicrous. It was beautiful and it made him feel things about a woman he has never felt before.

“This is (Y/N), my better half,” Tony introduced the woman in his arms to the Avengers that were standing in front of them.

“That I am Tony and never forget that,” she gave him a cheeky wink, her voice tinted with an English accent. “It’s nice to meet all of you in person, big fan,” she gave a thumbs up. She looked at each of them, paying a special attention to one Steve Rogers. “Very big fan,” she bit her lip. However her eyes did not stay on them, she was rather distracted by a man walking past who looked at her appreciatively. “I must go,” she removed her arm from Tony’s elbow, “so sorry.”

They watched her walk away and moved towards the man, “She’s like a female you Tony,” Clint barked out.

Steve scoffed, “If that’s the case then no thanks,” Tony snapped his neck to face Steve.

“Watch your mouth boy, that’s my best friend you’re talking about.” Tony glared at him once more and walked away to find Pepper.

The Avengers soon dispersed, Steve staying by the bar, watching rather than participating. He saw (Y/N) flirt unabashed with the man, something stirred inside of him. Steve shook his head, it was not jealousy, he only met her and she wasn’t the type to catch his eye anyway. (Y/N) caught his eye and she gave him a soft smile, not a smirk like she gave everybody else. Steve refused to believe that he flushed nor that his heart skip a beat.

It was all downhill after that for Steve. She stayed with them for what seemed like years, when in reality it was only four months. And in those four months he felt things for (Y/N) he never managed to feel for anyone before. However, Steve’s hopes were dashed with every man he saw her with.

He tried dating of course, with people like Sharon. She was perfect for him but that was the thing it was so simple and easy, it did not feel like he was in love. He was too engrossed in their relationship –to try and salvage it, that he never saw (Y/N) watching them like a hawk, envy written on her face.

Tony walked to where (Y/N) was standing in the middle of the room, “You know only crazy people stand in the middle of the room doing nothing.”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, “Then I might be as barmy as a farm-house cat.”


“Never you mind,” (Y/N) sighed and walked over to the bench. “Are they dating?”

Tony scrunched his face, “Who?”

“Steve and Sharon,” she ignored Tony’s reaction, “I just want to know.”

“Do you like him?”

(Y/N) scoffed at the idea, “Yes, the great (Y/N) fancies Mr Morals,” she sneered, “please, like I would ever subdue myself to that.”

“(Y/N),” Tony warned.


“They’re not right for each other,” was all Tony said about the matter. (Y/N) couldn’t help but feel light after those words.

It was two weeks after that conversation that Sharon and Steve broke up amicably. (Y/N) walked up to Steve to offer her condolences and offered to take him out for pie.

“There’s this great pie shop in Brooklyn that makes the most delicious cherry pies you have ever eaten!” (Y/N) gushed as she pulled on Steve’s arm.

“Would that be Papa’s Pies?”

(Y/N) laughed, “You know it?”

“I was there when it was established,”

“Are you serious?”

Steve laughed and nodded, “Hey, do you think there would be a special deal then? Considering you were there when it was first built and the fact that you’re a senior citizen?” At Steve’s stare (Y/N) couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “I’m only kidding,” she shrugged “now come on! I want pie!” She tugged on his arm and off they went out the door, memories of Sharon and his relationship buried at the bottom of his mind.

It was by far the best night that Steve ever had. It was filled with laughter, pies and the fact is he couldn’t help but falling in love with (Y/N) that night and every single moment he saw her after that. What Steve never knew was, (Y/N) felt the same things as him.

Steve was brought out of his musings as he saw (Y/N) walking towards him, “It’s quite loud for me here, would you like to come away with me?” At Steve’s silence (Y/N) spoke again, “You don’t have to if you don’t want.”

“I agree with you let’s go,” he offered her his arm which she gladly took. (Y/N) walked them to one of the more silent rooms upstairs, where they usually gathered when they watched a movie.

She sat down on the couch and Steve followed suit. (Y/N) looked at Steve and wondered how this one person can change her in so many ways, change how she usually did things. Gone were the men that she brought home, she noticed that after meeting Steve that she only ever pursued blonde men. The men, she realized were a poor substitute for the real thing. But how could he ever love her?

(Y/N) shook her head and walked to the sliding door and opened it and welcomed the fresh air that it brought. Steve followed suit in concern. “(Y/N)?”

“What are you doing to me?” There was no anger in her voice, just a general query, she laughed. “You’re turning me into a good person,” she looked at him, “I like it.” She gave him a small smile. “I like you.” She added after a moment’s silence.


“I know that you probably don’t feel the same way that I do, I mean why would you? I’m basically Tony,” she scoffed, “but I change for you. If you want, I will do anything to prove to you that I genuinely am in love with you.” It only took a second for (Y/N) to realize what she said, “Oh fuck,” she looked at Steve who was staring at her fondly.

“Don’t ever change who you are, I fell in love with the person I first saw and I would never, ever want you to change, because then you would change into a person that I don’t know.” Steve reached for her hand, “Tony once told me something important, and now I realize.” (Y/N) furrowed her brows. “Never you mind it,” he moved forward and kissed her passionately.

Tony walked over to Steve who was staring out to the skies, “She does this funny thing you know? When she likes someone, I mean truly like someone or maybe love them. She focuses on him and only him. Don’t give up hope yet Cap, she’s stubborn but she’s also forward, she’ll tell you when she’s ready, just be patient.”

Steve woke up to rays of sunshine, he tried to move however was unable to when he felt a lump beside him. He looked over and saw that it was (Y/N). He smiled widely remembering what occurred last night. He was brought out of his reverie by someone clearing their throat. Steve turned his head and saw that it was Tony, folded arms and furrowed brows.

“Care to explain?”

“Nothing happened, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Tony nodded. “She’s like a sister to me. Hurt her and I’ll punch you in your perfect teeth, got it Cap?” Steve nodded and Tony left the room.

A moment later (Y/N) woke up, “Hey,” she greeted, kissing him lightly on the lips. “Now this is how I want to start my mornings.”

“Oh really?”

(Y/N) nodded. This is how I want to start my mornings for the rest of my life. What (Y/N) didn’t know was Steve was thinking the exact same thing. He shrugged mentally, baby steps he admonished to himself. He could be patient if marrying and spending the rest of his life with (Y/N) was the goal.

HI. Ok first of all I hope it’s not too late to post this lol. Uh… I’m not good expressing myself but- I just wanted to thank  all of you not only for making my dash pretty af, but for making the difference in every post. I’m so glad that (somehow) I can get to know people like you (ik it sounds kind of cheesy but leave me alone). I know that we barely talk but I hope that you guys are finishing this year with lots of happiness and love and food. My best wishes for 2016. Love you xx. (That was short compared with all the things that I’d like to say but I told you i’m not good expressing myself, what can I do¿)

“Fail if you will but rise you must.”
-James Joyce
“The best project you’ll ever work on is you.“
“Go for it. Whether it ends good or bad, it was an experience.“

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DEBUTANTES by Julie Murphy

I have waited for this day for too long now. Today, I am presented to the world for the very first time as a woman. Today is my coming out.

I stand for a moment in the empty room full of ornately decorated tables and gold chairs. The space at the bottom of the sweeping staircase is the dedicated stage and dance floor.

It’s where Thomas and I will dance for the first time after he escorts me and I am announced as a debutante. It’s a moment I’ve dreamt of for so long that I can’t tell if this is just another dream or reality.

Before going back upstairs where all the other debutantes prepare themselves, I watch as Thomas and Jackson turn onto the property, the tires of Thomas’s father’s mint 1964 Buick Skylark squealing. With the top down, I can hear them both hooting, like they’ve conquered an untamable beast. Boys will be boys.

“Julia?” I turn to find Frenchy hovering on the steps with her hair in curlers and in nothing but her undergarments and one of her father’s old button-up oxfords.

“They’re here,” I tell her. “It’s going to be perfect.”

Her lips spread into a thin smile. “I have no doubt.”

The dressing room is loud with frantic laughter and shrill voices. Frenchy and I share a dressing station. I watch, hypnotized as she pulls her curlers from her hair and each chestnut ringlet bounces into shape like an exclamation mark.

When she’s done, she stands behind me, her fingers polished with a quietly rebellious coral work their way through my hair. Effortlessly, she sweeps my strawberry blonde locks into a simple French twist.

She drapes a string of pearls around my neck, and I let my fingers brush them gently.

“She would have wanted you to have them.”

Our eyes meet in the mirror, and I nod.

“Okay, girls!” calls Miss Penelope. “Time to get those dresses on.”

I help Frenchy into her gown first, a floating floor length chiffon dress with a jewel studded waistline. The bodice fits her perfectly and I can practically envision Jackson’s hungry gaze. “He’s going to love it,” I tell her.

Blush gathers in her chest as she grins knowingly.

“Your turn, Julia.”

I step into my white gown, the most important dress I’ll likely ever wear—second only to my wedding gown. My mother picked it out. It’s the kind of dress that commands your attention. A white brocade gown that sweeps the floor and cuts in on my waist. The sweetheart neckline is the good kind of tease. Well, according to my mother, and the soft chiffon off the shoulder sleeves flutter as I move, a nice reminder not to take myself so seriously.

Once we’re dressed, I take Frenchy’s hand as we sneak off down the hallway to where the escorts are.

“Frenchy! Julia! Where are you two running off to?” calls Miss Penelope.

“To wave at our mothers from the balcony,” I tell her.

“Well, be quick about it. Don’t let anyone else see you.”

Frenchy and I look to each other and giggle. “Yes, ma’am!”

Down the hallway, I duck my head into the sitting room that is currently serving as the holding pen for the suitors. I point a long finger at Thomas and Jackson, summoning them. The two of them look devilishly good in their tuxedos. Thomas’s raven hair is freshly cut and Jackson’s white blonde curls are the kind of thing girls go crazy for. Too bad for them. He’s all Frenchy’s.

I take Frenchy’s hand again as the door shuts quietly behind me, “Come on,” I tell her.

We dash down the hallway and up another set of stairs as the sitting room door swings open.

“I see you!” calls Thomas.

Their shiny dress shoes slap against the floor. “Ready or not, here we come,” says Jackson.

“We’re waiting,” says Frenchy in a sing-song voice.

“And we have been for quite some time,” I mutter.

Frenchy giggles as the boys take the stairs two at a time.

Thomas sees me first. He stops on the landing with his hand over his heart. “Christ. You look absolutely incredible.”

He takes the two steps toward me and sweeps me off my feet, swinging me in a circle.

Jackson does the same with Frenchy. He groans into her ear. “French, you’re killing me, doll.”

I take Thomas’s hand. “Follow us. We’ve got a few minutes before anyone comes looking.

I lead the four of us to an empty bedroom on the third floor. I wonder briefly about what wicked things have happened in this place, but I have no energy to pay mind to forgotten pasts.

A dark velvet canopy hangs over the richly decorated bed.

Frenchy and I perch on the edge and I squeeze her hand quickly. Today, we become women.

Thomas and Jackson saunter toward us, and I know it’s crazy and maybe even sickening to some, but I’m so glad not to be doing this alone.

Thomas hooks a thumb behind my ear and pulls me toward him, our lips colliding. It’s hard for me to see what Jackson and Frenchy are up to, but I can hear them. Kissing, giggling, and moaning. My sweet Thomas rucks up my skirt and separates my knees with his hips.

I’ve dreamt of this moment for so long. This exact moment.

I pull back and cough three times as he continues to kiss down my neck. Over my pearls. Over her pearls. And onto my chest.

My dreams become reality as I plunge an unexpected knife into his gut.

He grunts and groans, and the noises he makes aren’t so different from how he sounded a moment ago. Sex and death have more in common than I anticipated.

Beside me Frenchy stands as Jackson’s body hits the antique oriental carpet with a dull thud. Blood pools around him, saturating the carpet. Jackson rolls over onto his side, attempting to crawl away, but Frenchy straddles him before he can get very far.

Thomas still stands before me and I stab indiscriminately.

“What are you doing?” he sputters, blood and drool dripping from his lips.

He pushes me back against the bed, holding his gut with one hand and my throat with the other.

“This is for Greta,” I tell him.

He searches my face frantically. “Julia, I didn’t hurt Greta. I didn’t touch her. I don’t know what sick fucks did, but it wasn’t me and Jackson I swear.” He stumbles forward, restraining my knife-bearing arm.

I gasp for air as he presses down on my windpipe. I wonder for a moment if he’s telling the truth and if Frenchy and I are somehow wrong. But that can’t be. I know for certain. He and Jackson took Greta from us. They used her body and hung her from a tree. They left her strung up there naked. On her own parent’s property. They did that to her and they left her there to die. The coroner said her neck didn’t even snap, so she suffocated to death slowly. Like I am now.

Our wonderful Greta. The missing point in our trinity. Our best friend who we must now survive without.

My vision goes foggy just as he yells, Frenchy pulling him off of me.

It takes me a moment to come to, but when I do, I find Thomas and Frenchy wrestling on the ground beside Jackson’s limp body.

With my knife, I stab him in the shoulder, giving Frenchy a moment to de-entangle herself from him. And then again in the gut.

Blood pours from his mouth, as he says, “She begged.” He spits in my face.

And that’s all I need to hear. I rear my arm back and drive my knife deep into his chest.

Life flutters in his eyes, and then he’s gone.

It was to fast, I think. He should have suffered even more.

“We gotta go!” says Frenchy, her chest heaving and her once white dress splattered with blood.

I look down to find myself in the same state. I squeeze my eyes shut for a moment and force my brain to remember The Plan.

Digging into Thomas’s pockets, I find his father’s keys.

Frenchy grabs the small getaway bag we’d left behind the nightstand and the two of us race down the servant’s stairs and out to where all the cars are parked.

I hear my mother’s voice. She can’t see me and she’s not calling to me. But I can hear her somewhere outside chattering with someone. Small talk bubbles from her freely, and I only wish I could say goodbye. She’ll look back on this moment and always wonder exactly where she was and at what point it was too late.

Frenchy jumps into the passenger seat of Thomas’s father’s car as I slide in behind the wheel. I pull my dress up so my feet can find the pedals.

As we turn the corner out of the property, the tires squeal like they had earlier today. Once we hit the highway, Frenchy takes my hand and she doesn’t let go. There’s no going back. Not ever.

Today, we became women, because Greta never will.

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2016, what a year, right? Even though I didn’t make a follow forever last year, I thought that it was important to close this year with one for several reasons. Just like for many others, 2016 hasn’t been an easy year for me…my life has undergone drastic changes on different levels and more than half of the year I’ve just been trying to digest it all and keep swimming. I look around at what’s going on in the world and I cannot help but feel discouraged and some sort of anger because it feels as though we (as human beings) aren’t doing enough to make the changes we so desperately need. Then, I look at my own life and see that some of the people I thought I’d always have aren’t in my life anymore. But not everything is bad…2016 has helped me realize difficult times are to be seen as challenges to help us get stronger and create the best versions of ourselves. Also, I’ve met wonderful people that have put a smile on my face when I was feeling drained. 2016 has brought the end of my academic life (for now) after getting my MA degree and I’ve found myself teaching and enjoying myself in a way that I never thought I would. I have a lot to be thankful for, and I also have many dreams that I hope to accomplish in 2017 :)

Since I created this blog several years ago, Tumblr has helped me express my feelings, meet amazing people (who I can now call friends) and escape my life when things seemed too hard. I have been pretty much absent from Tumblr since last summer because, as I already said, I was going through a lot. For the first time, Tumblr didn’t seem to help me when I needed to escape, and for once I decided to face my problems and focus on myself…and that has felt amazing, to be honest. Now I’m just trying to get back into the groove and I’m enjoying seeing you guys and your work all over my dash. Despite the fact that I have yet to regain inspiration to create things as often as I used to, I’m very excited to see where 2017 takes me. And I hope you’ll stay with me for the ride ;)

I wanted to thank those closest to me, who have stuck with me throughtout the years…those who I can talk and laugh about anything, those who I just know will always be there, no matter how far away we are or how long we haven’t spoken for. Anna, Zoey, Hannah and Jess, you are everything a friend could ask for and I’m so proud of who you are as individuals <3 <3 <3

I’ve made a huge list of blogs that I love just in case you’re interested in checking them out. If you’re tagged here, know that you’re loved and that your blog has had a positive influence on me this year (and probably previous years lol), maybe even inspired me…and for that I’m extremely thankful. If I have forgotten you, I’m deeply sorry…you’ve more than likely changed your URL and I cannot figure out who the hell you are anymore :S But you’re loved as well. Remember that.


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I hope you guys have a great New Year’s Eve and that we all rock the fuck out of 2017 ;)


I’ve been here for what a month now? And I’m at 400+ followers and I’m just speechless and it’s been probably the happiest I’ve been in awhile with roleplaying a character. With my birthday being on the 29th (September) I thought it would be a great time to say thank you to everyone.

Firstly I wanted to say thank you to these people who make me smile when I see you on my dash;

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( honestly i missed so many people i wanted to put on this but i’m bad with remembering urls, so sorry if you aren’t on here, of course ily i’m just a forgetful nub–but my blogroll is there so ur in spirit on here :p )


Simply put I wanted to thank everyone for making me so happy, it’s hard for me to feel happy at times and lately I’ve been so much happier in myself and well that’s why I’m doing this– Rules & Prizes for the giveaway are under the read more (autoplay warning). Thank you again, I really am thankful to all of you.

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