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I don't know if I like what the manga is doing with the eri story wise right now. Like, after the new chapter, if eri's quirk ends up doing what I think it does, it will probably be a huge loss for the manga story wise. (I love mirio and nighteye, but in this situation, to get them back this way, would probably feel like a huge cop out)

Ah, can’t say you find me on your side on this, anon - generally I’m a positive person! And I like bnha because it’s a positive story! So, yeah, if Eri’s gonna fix it and avoid deaths and permanent damages all around I’m not gonna mind it one bit. I understand your position on this tho, and I’m pretty sure you’re not alone on it. I guess it’s about what you’re looking for in a story, and what the point the story means to bring across is to begin with - you say that having an all around positive outcome to this arc is gonna be a loss for the manga, but bnha isn’t snk. It’s not Tokyo Ghoul, or D.Gray-man, or any other story made to drive across the point that life is sad and sad things happen and you just gotta deal with it as best as you can. The general point of HeroAca, since the very beginning, is that luck exists! Things can turn out for the best! Look at it, our protagonist didn’t even have a quirk and now he’s got the best one out there. Literally became the successor to the greatest hero alive without doing anything aside from being a nice guy

I mean. I get why you’d wish for a… more real story, I guess. I get that you might like the angst and the realness of life being shitty and bad things happening and all that jazz. But that’s never been bnha’s point? Since the very start? Deku’s whole arc is turning into a fight to show you that you should never lose hope and that even set futures can still be rewritten - and, about that, there’s also how big part of this arc is still about Nighteye and what he saw in All Might’s future, and about Deku wanting to prove that he doesn’t have to die, so a girl that can literally rewind said future to make it go some other way? That’s exactly what you need to counter Nighteye’s quirk. Deku might talk about twisting fate all he wants, but considering how Nighteye’s quirk works and how precise and definitive it is, without something that can make what Nighteye saw happen just to bring it back and change it there was no way Deku could have done much.

As I said, I get why you’d be disappointed in the possibility of a total fix-it, but as far as bnha’s plot goes I don’t think the story’s gonna lose anything with simply keeping up the positive-to-a-naive-point look on life it has always had, if that’s what it decides to do. You might end up finding the story less good then you’d been expecting, but that’s because you were seeing bnha as a genre it has never even tried to be. This is still a story in which at some point holding hands saved the day, after all haha

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lena: yeah gay girls ALWAYS know each other. it’s a small dating pool.
kara: lena i love you but i think you’re over exaggerating
lucy when she comes back: omfg y'all what’s UP! luthor. glad to see we’re both finally out of the closet.
kara: 😦

omfg my webcam was on autotimer and it got a pic of me when i turned to talk to my mom and for YEARS ppl have been telling me i have an extremely resting bitch face and i always thought they were exaggerating and then i saw this pic and omfg i get it now. i get why everyone gets the vibe that im a super mean bitch like i GET IT

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Omg guys have you guys seen this?

Baekhyun looked like “hey let me turn around and look at nothing so Chanyeol could look at me and yay he did”. Don’t you find it adorable? I think that’s what people do when trying to get their crushes’ attention. Like turning around and look at nothing. Don’t you guys do it too?

and this

Chanyeol’s like “omg Kris closer closer omg”, and look at his face, that’s priceless. He kinda side-eyed Baekhyun, and I can’t anymore with these two. P/s: ignore baekhyun’s handjob

If you think chanbaek isn’t real - not as in lovers; maybe more than friends - I don’t know anymore

orz sorry for submitting too much but you really cant stop when you go on a chanbaek tag on tumblr

Just look at this lil shit Baekhyun blowing Chanyeol’s hair. It looked like he did that on purpose. Notice how Baekhyun (followed?) the direction of chanyeol’s head moving? And if you look closely you can see jongin “ouch” “guyzzz” “I don’t wanna do this anymore”

and “opps i blew you”

Yeeees at least I had seen the first gif countless times before, omg (it’s saved in my baekyeol massive pic/gif dump filed under ‘real subtle you losers’)

Like you said, Baekhyun turned around and Chanyeol just scanned him like it’s a casual thing. From the looks of it, none of the members in the back were talking to Baekhyun, so he seems to have literally turned around to look at nothing, like you suggested. And yes, people do this often to get other people’s attention. Just to check if they look at them when they turn or something. It’s absolutely adorable and (most of the times) rather effective!

This second gif is just so confusing, lmao. We have Baekhyun doing dirty things to the trophy, Kris looking fierce in his man ponytail and Chanyeol doing… idk what. Trying to get closer to Baek? Casually sporting a creeper face? Looking mysterious? Dang it lmao 

Regarding the third gif. All I can say is adorable. So adorable. Chanyeol’s exaggerated reaction and how Baekhyun is an annoying brat. Omfg so cute

special ohteepee is special ;A;

-admin SFS

These gifs are adorable (it’s also saved in my royal collection of baekyeol goodness). I love how super aware Chanyeol is of Baekhyun standing next to him, and Baekhyun can pretend he is engrossed in doing inappropriate things to the trophy, but we all know that this isn’t exactly the case here. I mean, since when Baekhyun isn’t hyper aware of Chanyeol’s presence? That has never happened.

But lol, I do the same as him, trying to gain someone’s attention by turning around like I’m looking at something, when in fact I’m just trying to take a peak, or check if they look at me. I’m such a loser. And my flirty techniques suck when I’m really interested in someone. Remember Baekhyun favorite game of quickly glancing at Chanyeol and then quickly, almost abruptly turning his head away? I do that to… *tsk* There is a reason Baekhyun is my bias after all. We are dumb in a similar fashion when it comes to crushing after someone.

Anyway, let’s talk about the third gif. Baekhyun is deliberately being a little shit, wanting to draw reaction out of Chanyeol, and to have his attention. Reminds me of this moment a bit:

Honestly, I laugh at Baekhyun’s antics here every damn time. Like hell he was actually surprised. Freaking delicate flower my ass. He was being oddball on purpose, and Chanyeol sure did notice him. I can’t with them both. They provoke each other all the time.

But gotta love how Baekhyun was able to quickly calm Chanyeol by just touching his hand lightly…

… and how Chanyeol is never really angry with him. I bet he thinks Baekhyun is adorable even when he is being like this.

/OTP feels

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do you ever wonder like how other people see you like what if you looked completely different to how you see yourself because you exaggerate what you consider your worst features omfg help

27/07/14 Fanmeeting in Berlin - Fanaccount by jungcookramen

So I wanted to write about my experience at the fanmeeting in Berlin but I’ve decided not to write about the concert itself since many people have already done that but rather about the experience in general and my high5 experience!

First of all I wanted to say that nonkpop did really well in organising everything, there was really nothing to complain about!
Soooo I was lucky enough to meet up with bangtanbyul and her sister! CAN I JUST SAY THAT SHE’S EVEN PRETTIER AND CUTER IN REAL LIFE!! (YES IT’S POSSIBLE!!) We got in line for our number 4.30 in the morning and I got number 51 so I was really happy! We basically just waited all day, we even got a glimpse of Bangtan when they arrived to the venue and they waved at all the fans! While waiting we got to meet other tumblr blogs like jimiin and vrotic! It was really nice meeting you even though I was a bit shy (≧◡≦)

So when we were finally let in to the venue I had to get my present to Jin in his gift box before I could run into the venue and get a spot. I ended up being in the 3rd line from the stage, a bit to the right. The people around us were REALLY HILARIOUS AND COOL and most people were kind enough to let smaller people in front of them so they could see! It was really hot in there and I’ve never been so sweaty in my life HAHAHAH but we endured it!
I’m not really gonna talk about the performances but let me just say IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, their dancing is even more powerful in real life, they were really funny and ofc THEY WERE FUCKING HOT I ALMOST DIED OK. Tbh Jin, Jungkook and Yoongi stood out to me the most, don’t judge me!

So after they performed their last song (boy in luv) we were to wait about 30 min. for the high5 event. I felt so ugly because I was sweating so much and my hair and make-up was probably a mess! Anyway they put us in line for the high5 and I started to get real nervous because I was still not mentally prepared! Bangtan finally came out and fans started clapping at them.  So it finally started, there was a table between Bangtan and the fans. The first few people to get to them got handshakes, I have no idea why! We were like wtf why are they not high5ing! lol, but then later they did high5 instead.

My turn finally came, I started to get closer and closer to Taehyung who was the first one and my heart started beating like crazy! He’s not as small as I thought he would be, he was taller than me and he was quite tan and his face was just beautiful! He was really cheerful and smiled a lot! So we high5ed and he said hi to me in a really cute way and I said hi. At this point I was totally in shock because I couldn’t believe it was really happening. I kinda panicked in what to say so I said that I came from Denmark to see them and he said “wow” and smiled at me!
Next was Yoongi BLESS HIM, HE IS SO HANDSOME! He’s not as pale as shown in pictures at all. His new hair was really cute! We high5ed and said hi. I was really overwhelmed by his face somehow, so I just blurred out that he was really handsome and he smiled kinda shy, so I high5ed him again, hahah.

So next were Jin and I NEARLY DIED LIKE OMFG! I swear pictures don’t do him justice! I really get now why he is the visual in Bangtan! His new hair looked so good on him, he was tall and I’m in love with his broad shoulders omfg. So our eyes met, he smiled and we said hi and high5ed. For a moment I was simply speechless, I really didn’t expect him to be this gorgeous! Then I told him that we have the same birthdays and he was like “oh really? 4th of December?” and I was like “YAAAAS 92!” And he was like “wow nice” and smiled so cutely, it was the best!! And then we said bye. Tbh Jin was probably my fave moment in the high5 event.

Seeing Jungkook next made me really nervous I CANT WITH HIS NEW HAIR IT’S SO PERFECT! He’s reallyyyyyyyyy handsome and also not as small as I would have thought! We high5ed and said hi, again I didn’t know what to say so I just told him that I came from Denmark to see them and he was like “Denmark, wow!” and smiled cutely, my noona heart couldn’t handle it omfg.

Rap mon was next and as expected he was really good looking and tall! He really had this cool and chill atmosphere about him and you could totally tell he was the leader if you hadn’t known. So we said hi and high5ed and I said “thank you so much for coming” and he said “thank you so much” back to me and smiled.

I moved on to Jimin and HE’S SO CUTE AND SMALL! He’s actually smaller than I expected and his hands are so cute! So I kinda exaggerated my hi while high5ing AND HE FREAKING IMITATED MY EXAGGERATED HI LIKE OMFG JIMIN! Again I said that I came from Denmark and he was like “wow Denmark” and I asked him if he knew Denmark and he said “yes yes”, haha.

Last one was Hoseok! As expected he was sooooo happy and smiley, he’s really like you would imagine him! We said hi and high5ed and he squished my hands and shook them, I nearly died HE WAS SO CUTE! He said, “thank you so much” and I said thank you back.

All of their hands were really warm and nice; it was just the best feeling!
And then suddenly it was all over; I couldn’t believe what just happened! It was really the best day ever; I’ll always remember it!