there was no divorce

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Why do people keep telling you to eat bread after you've already said you can't??? All carbs are bad except the ones in veggies/fruits if you've got the beetus (and even then you have to watch out)

lmao i guess it depends on how educated people are on food and shit but yeah like,,, all carbs are bad for blood sugar problems there arent really any ways around it sugar is just bad,,, to my great misfortune,

Moving on isn’t about forgetting them or not loving them anymore. It’s about admitting that although you may still love them, the relationship isn’t worth the pain, and you deserve better. And most important, it’s about learning to love yourself more than you love them. After this, you may stop loving them, and you may even forget them. But if you don’t, at least you won’t be sad anymore. Maybe just once in a while. You’ll be over them, because you’re in love with someone new — yourself.


(Adapted from quote by @motivated-mindset )

And that’s what made her special
she kept fighting
with knives in her back and chains on her wrists and poison down her throat

she persisted
and she broke free
—  m. a.
  • Person A: *sits at kitchen table to join Person B for breakfast*
  • Person B: *stares down at table quietly*
  • Person A: (Person B), is there something you wanna tell me?
  • Person B: *chokes back a bit of laughter* ah-pfft- no, why do you ask?
  • Person A: Well as you may know, we recently bought Chocolate Chip Swirl bread. And right now its not here. Could you please explain to me why, when we finally have enough money to afford the good bread, why on earth its not at the kitchen table, right now.
  • Person B: *snorts then covers it up with a cough* Oh, uh, sorry honey I wouldn't know.
  • Person A: Fine. Then allow me to tell you why its not here. Earlier this morning, I put some in the toaster, and I was so excited for this chocolate chip bread. So when I went to take a bite of one, do you know what I found?
  • Person B: *literally cannot breath from holding laughter* w-what???
  • Person A: RAISINS.
  • Person A: I FUCKING KNEW IT!!
  • Person A: *reaches across the table to strangle Person B*