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Why don't you like Harley and Joker being paired together?? Lmao. Stop shitting on what other people like

excuse me?

i’m not going to apologize for stating that Harley and the Joker being ‘shipped’ or whatever, is awful and ignorant. don’t get me started with this whole “what other people like” thing. tumblr is so, so blind sometimes. what upsets me the most is that you can’t even google something as simple as “joker and harley abusive relationship” where you can find EVERYTHING to back this up. so now I have to take time out of my day to explain this to you.

if you support/ship/pair Harley x Joker, you are supporting and romanticizing ABUSE.

unfortunately, before I was educated and knew more about dc’s comics (usually Batman’s titles, but this includes side titles that may/may not focus on Harley and or the Joker), I thought Joker and Harley were cute and I liked them together and I was all ‘wow they are adorable, I want somebody to cosplay the Joker with me as Harley, otp’ blah blah blah. keeping in mind, this was BEFORE I knew about all the darker content that comes with these two.

Joker has ALWAYS been abusive. dc almost has always written him like this, not just because he’s a villain. he’s just abusive, and that’s that. he is especially abusive in the comics, but they touched on this in the animated series where JOKER SMACKS HARLEY ACROSS THE FACE AND PUSHES HER OUT OF THE WINDOW AFTER SHE IS TRYING TO HELP HIM WITH HIS PLAN ( link to the scene here ) he also yells at her and calls her negative names/slurs (i.e idiot) which is not very loving, AND THAT WAS JUST THE ANIMATED SERIES. ONE SCENE. they also make it incredibly clear that they are in an abusive relationship, not just from him physically, mentally and emotionally abusing her, but at the end of the scene she begins to blame herself for what happened to her, commonly what abuse victims will do.

this comic panel always breaks my heart, as it’s another prime example of her constant denial and repetitive cycle of her forgiving him and letting herself endure the abuse again:

now, when it comes to the comics, a lot more is shown and it is much more harsh, as the animated tv show could only show so much, especially as it was intended for children. here are a few comic examples of his physical (and in some panels, emotional or mental) abuse. I snagged these images from this (x) website, just by googling “joker and harley abuse” or anything along the lines of that. the images will explain themselves, I don’t need to say much. below he chokes her, punches her, kicks her, etc:

I shouldn’t have to explain those panels to you, the physical abuse is clearly there, and if you look on that website + at other sources, you will see that he manipulates her for his own benefit, and in some cases (depending on the title or version of the Joker), he will lure her back just to abuse her, as if he enjoys it. he’s a sadistic, wicked freak who emotionally and mentally influences and blackmails Harley as well as physically harms her on a regular basis. I will note that in some titles, Harley fights back and often goes through anger and revenge mindsets, but it fades for one reason or another, and she’s back with him. Ship her in a healthy relationship, like with Poison Ivy, a character who loves her and cares for her (and has also tried helping her out of her abusive relationship.)

that is all. get out of my askbox. (if you ask respectfully, you will get a respectful answer. don’t be a shit head.)

My Sailor Moon experience

My Sailor Moon experience began about five and half years ago, in late 2008. I was a 13-year-old eighth grader, one with a lot of emotional baggage. I don’t want to go into the details, because they’re both extensive and extremely personal, but I was battling major depression and anxiety attacks as well as being very lonely and out of touch with the world. My self-esteem was nonexistent, I was barely suppressing self-destructive tendencies, and I missed school more than I went to it. Looking back on it, Sailor Moon came into my life at a very vital time.

I remember SM sparking my interest immediately, and I can vividly remember exactly how my discovery went down. Back in 8th grade, I didn’t have my own laptop, but I had basically claimed ownership of my mom’s old MacBook and was on it constantly, especially at nighttime. Back then, I used to stay up insanely late (now that I’m older, my instinct to stay up persists, but I can’t indulge in it as much anymore because I feel like death in the morning, haha). One weekend night, I was browsing a Pokemon forum that I frequented and noticed that someone had a signature (and icon) consisting of a beautiful raven-haired girl in a red sailor uniform. She was so pretty and interesting that I immediately wanted to know where she was from (Funnily enough, I’ve discovered tons of my other favorite animes this way, too. The kawaii fascination is strong in this one.)

Of course, you probably know by now that this girl was Sailor Mars, aka Rei Hino. After some minor sleuthing (and this was before all of this fancy-schmancy reverse Google searching stuff), I discovered that she was from an anime called Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Looking at the Wikipedia article, I was surprised to find out that Rei was a miko. Now, this is important, because at the time I was obsessed with Inuyasha (the only anime I watched at that time) and I loved Kikyo in particular, so finding a fellow miko was a sign for me to give Sailor Moon a shot.

And give it a shot I did.

I stayed up until about 4 AM that night/morning (which was extreme even for me), watching the first ten or so episodes of Sailor Moon. They were the original Japanese episodes (the enjoyment I got from watching the original version of an anime colored my anime experiences to come; I usually won’t even touch a dub, haha) “Getting hooked” is an understatement for what happened to me. I watched it constantly. I read the manga (back in 2008, it was much harder to track down scans, and my library only had a few volumes). I talked about it enthusiastically to anyone who would listen. My mental health began to improve, but not before I was institutionalized. That experience, along with the hope and happiness Sailor Moon gave me and a rebirth of my Catholic faith, is what ultimately started me on an upwards path that I’m still walking today.

Over the years, my love of Sailor Moon kept growing as I grew into a healthier person. But I was still lonely, and, now in high school, I still hadn’t made any real friends. I didn’t mind that much, but I would have loved to been able to talk about Sailor Moon to someone. I’ve always loved analyzing, and I had a lot of theories and comments on the Sailor Moon universe. I didn’t really feel compelled to join a forum (because those could get ugly, I had noticed), but I kept looking for an opportunity to share my love of Sailor Moon and hopefully get to know some people in the process.

Tumblr gave me that opportunity.

I joined Tumblr in May of 2011, which was like eight months after I discovered the site itself. I was on it frequently, but I never made an attempt to actually join, because I was convinced that my thoughts and everything else would go unnoticed or ignored by everyone and that would be worse than not sharing them at all. But at the end of my sophomore year, I finally decided to take the plunge and opened an account.

I thought I would be lucky to get ten followers. Now I have over 7,500.

I thought I wouldn’t make any friends. Now I have people who are closer to me than anyone else excluding my family.

Sailor Moon made all of that possible.

I won’t go much into my Tumblr experience, because it’s something that’s on my blog already, but despite the fact that it’s caused a lot of hurt and upset, it’s caused even more joy and positivity. I’m a college student now, and I’m happy to say that I’m now happier and more well-adjusted than I’ve ever been before. In large part, I have Sailor Moon to thank for that (for all of the hope and happiness it gave me) as well as the Sailor Moon community itself (for giving me the friendships I’d always longed for and the confidence to assert myself and share my feelings).

So thank you, Naoko Takeuchi, and thank you, Sailor Moon. I know I haven’t been around as long as a lot of other people, but damn, it’s been one hell of a ride.