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Oh sorry, when I meant the "Sandwich Smut" prompt, I meant it be a parody of a steamy relationship story between Burnie and a sandwich, not him fucking it though, just eating it. 😂

Burnie clapped his hands and rubbed them together as he looked over the spread he had laid out on the counter. His fingers ran over all the ingredients as he chuckled to himself, “Oh, ho. We’re gonna get naughty.”

Burnie slid over the first piece of toast then grabbed the mayo, unscrewing the lid. He dipped the knife in the jar then scooped the perfect amount of the condiment out. He spread it across the bread, savoring the soft scraping noise, “Oh, you like that don’t you.”

With precision, he stacked his toppings: american cheese, ham, tomato, lettuce, crispy bacon. He topped it with another piece of toast smirking, “Oh, we’re not done, baby.”

He tapped the jar, scooping another helping of mayo out and slathering it on the top of the toast.

“Round two,” he whispered as he stacked monterey jack cheese, turkey, and more tomato, lettuce, and bacon.

“Almost there,” Burnie whispered before topping the sandwich with one last piece of toast then slicing it in half. “Oh, yeah. So good.”

Burnie didn’t even wait to clean up. He leaned against the counter and picked up the sandwich before taking a bite into with a loud moan. He repeated the noise with a few more bites.

He was so engrossed in what he was doing he missed the stomping of someone’s feet into the kitchen. He did jump and turn around as whoever it was started yelling.

“ALRIGHT THAT’S IT! YOU WERE SOME WHAT QUIET AT FIRST SO I COULD IGNORE IT WITH HEADPHONES BUT WHOEVER YOU ARE FUCKING SO LOUD-” Geoff paused as he saw Burnie standing in the break room, eyes wide, clutching the sandwich half he had yet to consume. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Geoff rolled his eyes and walked out without another word.

Burnie shrugged and looked down at his sandwich, “Oh, you’re going to get it now.”

Geoff walked back into the office he was working in with Gus. Gus didn’t even look up from his computer as he asked, “Food?”

“A goddamn sandwich,” Geoff shook his head and slipped his headphones back on.

i woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep until i finished this


Y’all need to support this movie so this cast can hang out more for a sequel [Part 2]

(These are just highlights. There’s so much more adorableness from their snapchats on this youtube account)   

Imma colour this in later! I made this last night, had friends over and I haven’t slept in two days. ;v; My eyeballs hurt.

I literally can’t keep up with all these theories, gosh darn it!! October will be my death, like– there’s only so much time to drawwwww. Wish I didn’t have to sleep, man. I could make so much more cool shit. ;v;

Anyway, hope you enjoy this doodle! It’s been a while since I doodled some non comic related stuff! :0


There is a way to be yourself, I assure you this
There’s a way to catch your dreams without falling asleep
You might as well get it while you can, babe
‘cause you know you ain’t getting any
Younger, younger, younger
Are you?


I only wish I’d been a better sister to her when she first got here. I can’t… I can’t even imagine it now. I used to resent her for coming into my home. For following me around at school. Some strange girl who didn’t know how to fit in. For embarrassing me in front of my friends.

alex danvers week→ day two
↳ july 4th || “favourite scene or episode”