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chocolate & toothpaste - tom holland

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—- a soulmate au in which the soulmates can taste whatever the other is eating. I THOUGHT IT WAS A CUTE IDEA SO I HAD TO TRY TO WRITE IT.

The taste of a cinnamon roll suddenly takes over my senses as I finish the last sentence of my paperwork. Licking my lips sighing happily at the taste. My soulmate always has such nice food, and all I ever have is banana on bread with a drizzle of honey on it. 

I have always wanted to know who my soulmate could be, the possibilities were honestly endless. I’m a 20 year old woman who lives in an apartment who eats banana on bread with honey about 10 times a day. Waiting to find out who my soulmate is. I don’t understand how it works though. 

Like why taste of all things, and since it’s tastes, why can’t we taste their morning breath? Or am I going to deep into this?

I sigh as I get up off my very comfortable couch heading over to the kitchen where my mother and father were sitting. They had decided to visit me before taking a flight back home, but I haven’t been able to spend very much time with them as I have been consumed with all this paperwork.

I see my mum holding a plate out to me.

Bread with banana and honey.

I smile at my mum, gladly taking the plate as I munch down onto the amazing snack. I grab my phone out of my pocket. as I talk to my dad about some news that was on the TV this morning.

I go onto Instagram looking to see all of the recent activity. When I see that a certain actor named Tom Holland had put something on his Instagram story. 

I really admired his work, as he did an amazing job in his new movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. I click on his story seeing what he was doing. 

The first thing that pops up is a picture of steak. Which if I may add looked delicious. I tap so it would go to the next part, which is a video, making me turn the volume on my phone up.

“Why do I taste banana and honey? I’m just trying to enjoy my steak here soulmate, whoever you are.”

I immediately drop my bread and freeze. My mum and dad turning to face me quickly. I put my hand to my mouth. 

“No way.” I whisper as I quickly wash my mouth, seeing what I was tasting. 



I quickly run to my cupboard pulling out a plain chocolate bar taking a bite out of it chewing rapidly before running to the bathroom. As soon as I finish the chocolate I grab my toothbrush and put toothpaste on it before brushing my teeth. 

I sprint back to the kitchen grabbing my phone from the counter,

“What just happened?” My mum asks slowly.

“Mum I think I know who my soulmate is.” After quickly explaining to my mum what just happened I open up Instagram, and as soon as I see that Tom put something on his story I click on it as fast as I can.

“Okay, now i’m tasting something else that is ruining my delicious steak. Soulmate. Please let me eat my steak in peace. And who the fuck eats chocolate and brushes their teeth straight after?!” 

Holy shit.

Tom Holland is my soulmate.

oooooo I don’t know how I feel about this one.

should I do a part two?

I am so fucking tired of being disabled in public. You know why? Because you can’t make a fucking mistake like any other human being would. Like if you fuck up on any little thing, everyone around you starts jumping to your rescue and assuming that it’s a blind thing and that now you’re helpless and need help with everything, instead of just saying “oh, I guess she fucked up and pulled the string for the wrong stop on accident.” There’s no room for accidents or brain farts and you have to be 10 times better than everything than normal people because if you fuck up then everybody thinks it’s a disability thing instead of just a fucking human thing. I hate being in public and will sometimes deliberately put off going out and doing things I gotta do out and about just because I don’t want to fucking deal with abled people doing shit like this.

A theory about Dellas apearence

Ok. I have a theory about ducktales regarding Della. It is more of a fan theory than an actual scenario that would happen. What if Della is not dead? How would they bring her back into the series?

Della is the triplets mother so if they bring her back she is probably going to take care of them instead of Donald. However I do not think she is just taking away the kids and make donald do not see them anymore.

The thing I believe is that she is more for the adventure like her sons. Then Della is going on adventures with the ducks.

In my theory i think she is taking care of them togheter with donald. Because Donald is the closest to a parent that has been there with them in 10 years.

The problem I see is that we already have Launchpad as a pilot so how can we have Della in the show without a real purpose for being there?

What I believe is that if Della is coming into the show. It is probably be when darkwing duck debutes. That because they need Launchpad in the show. So maybe thats when Della come into Ducktales, if she is alive.

It is though a step just to have mentioned Della i the show. Would Disney really go this far? What do you think?

(Sorry for bad english)

Back To School Challegne

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Rules: List 5 things for each criterion and then tag 10 people who you think would enjoy this! A blank form is under the cut if you would like to do this.

5 Things You Would Like to Do Before School Starts

1. Buy more Muji supplies!!!

2. Read some more books (I’m trying to finish my GoodReads challenge and read 40 books this year)

3. Pre-plan as far as I can in my planner

4. Deep clean my room

5. Try to fit in personal chill time into my schedule for the school year

5 Things You Would Like to Do Once School Starts

1. Go to the library for an hour after school at least 4 times a week

2. Try more/be more creative with my outfits

3. Begin writing again

4. Stick to my schedule

5. Not be overwhelmed

5 Things You Have Done to Prepare for the Start of School

1. Pre-planned in my planner

2. Bought all my supplies

3. Deep cleaned my room

4. Got a new academic calendar

5. Started to look for scholarships and colleges

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phil's whole "i haven't seen you in ten hours" thing he said in one of the gaming vids honestly kills me :( that's so fucking cute :( they've lived together almost a decade and they still enjoy each other's presence so much and have a lot to say to each other after just a few hours of being apart uGH so fucking cute kill me

me and ashley have talked about this moment and how utterly insane it is. like, my husband can come home after a double at the hospital (literally 24hrs) and i’ll be like ‘god, you smell, go have a shower.’ phil’s away for 10 hours?? and he has things he’s bursting to tell dan?? stop?? who asked?? i honest to god do not understand how two people can be this fucking fond of each other still after all this time. i wonder if they know that they truly hit the compatibility jackpot? like, do they know how insanely rare and beautiful their connection is?


I may or may not have brought it up, but my roomba scratched up my current tablet and left some pretty deep marks in it, making it a pain in the butt to draw with. It still works, but it’s just annoying to do clean art with now. And I would very much like to buy a new one.

I’m not expecting to get enough commissions to cover the whole thing, but even a few will go a ways to helping pay for it. ♥

B&W/Monochrome Sketch
Bust — $5
Full-Body — $8
Additional character +$1

Colored/Shaded Sketch
Bust — $10
Full-Body — $13
Additional character +$2

For more examples, here is my art tag.

Other items of information:

  • Payments will be taken through PayPal
  • Is open to drawing content not familiar with (just provide references!)
  • Is open to drawing NSFW content (with some limitations)
  • Just give me a message and we can talk ♥

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all the white girls from racist shows are winning this poll. can we come together and vote for candice? i feel like my baby never wins any of these things. eonline com news 874695 girl-on-top-2017-round-3-vote-in-the-sweet-16-now


GO VOTE FOR CANDICE! She’s only got 3.4% of votes vs more than 10% of the current winners

Tag Game

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1. What do you do when you can’t sleep at night?

Actually, I work on composing fic, lol. I work through the next chapter or the next installment as best I can and pray that some of it will stick when I actually get the time to type it up or write it down. Usually I have a bit of an idea of things like dialogue but running through it as I fall asleep helps to hone it and can make the actual writing go much faster. 

2. If Claire’s theory of travel is correct and you’re anchored by a person on the other side of the stones, and thinking of them can guide and direct your travel, what’s your take on how she went through in the first place?

Soulmates. She was anchored to Jamie before she could consciously be aware of it. At that time he’s just something pulling her there and it’s not until she arrives, meets him, and falls in love with him that she learns the shape of that particular anchor. 

3. What’s your favourite herb or spice, and why?

Right now I’ll have to go with basil. We have a patch in the garden that grows outside my window and I love going out to pick fresh basil to cook with (especially when I also get to pick fresh tomatoes from the garden and make pizza for dinner… yum…).

4. Outlander: books or show?

I’ll go with books because it takes longer to get through them all (but I also read with the television soundtrack on in the background, haha).

5. Assuming reincarnation is real, what/who would you be in your next life?

I really don’t know. Probably a lot of what I still hope to be/achieve in this life but sooner and with more traveling and sight seeing.

6. How DOES Claire keep her hair looking so good in the 18th century? Curls are no joke.

Well we know she makes her own lotions and hair products…

7. Who is the most forgettable, yet important to the plot (so must be included), Outlander character, and why?

Stephen Bonnet, I guess. He’s quintessential to a surprising amount of plot from Drums through  ABOSAA yet it’s so easy to forget where and when exactly it is he pops up and vanishes. He can be one slippery plot thread. 

8. What is your favourite children’s book?

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery (though Little Women and a few others are pretty high on the list too)

9. If Dougal had been unmarried and offered his hand to Claire to escape Black Jack (instead of Jamie’s), what would have happened?

I think Claire would have run away in the night to try and escape to Craigh na Dun. Murtagh would have followed, possibly/probably with Jamie too to make sure she got away safely. Perhaps she would have made it back to the 20th century but also she wouldn’t have been able to get Jamie out of her head and at some point she would have found herself returning to the stones, traveling and finding him again and perhaps they would have avoided some of the worst traumas from the first book (i.e. Cranesmuir & Wentworth). 

10. Is higher education worth the cost?

Practically, from an “I need a job that will allow me to subsist” perspective? No. As far as the experience and the friendships? Absolutely. 

So in the spirit of the Autumn Would You Rather thing I did the other day, my ten questions are going to be an Outlander Would You Rather/This or That type deal.

1. Would you rather see Frank in the 18th Century or Jamie in the 20th Century?

2. Save Murtagh in Voyager or keep Ian from being exchanged for Roger in Drums?

3. Cut Jamie/Geneva or Jamie/Laoghaire?

4. Choosing a fanfic: fluff or angst?

5. Favorite MacKenzie brother: Colum or Dougal?

6. Drunk Jamie or Drunk Claire?

7. Mrs. Graham or Mrs. Fitz?

8. Favorite “Ye’re a Fraser” revelation reaction: Brianna or William?

9. Cousin pairing: Brianna/Ian or Jem/Germain?

10. Jamie and Claire making each other sweat in summer or keeping each other warm in the winter?

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ok not to keep going in but. having a ridiculously paranoid over protective emotionally and at times verbally abusive accuses me of not being a virgin because i wore a tampon calls me 50 times if i’m out past 10 pm and leaves harassing voicemails won’t let me go out two days in a row mom is literally SOOOO difficult the maneuvers and antics i have to go through to be able to leave the house and the utter social isolation she wants to enforce on me….wild. i look at my peers who live on campus and even though i know i’d eventually hate it i get so jealous because they literally have so much freedom and can literally just like do mundane things like….go to cvs at 1 am because they CAN. i’m literally…..a prisoner and i feel like socially i’m so behind and really have not experienced even a fraction of what i should i MEANNN my curfew is literally like 11 pm i’ve never been able to sleep over anywhere ever i couldn’t sleep over at my ex’s house and it put a strain on our relationship like i feel so immature and unexperienced and still like a high schooler i wanna experience LIFE!!!! i NEEEEEED to move out the only thing stopping me is the fear of disappointing my parents but it’s enough of putting their happiness in front of mine like i’ve realized i’m actually depressed i just don’t think about it and for the past 3 years they’ve put ridiculous pressure on me bc my sister lived on campus and ended up dropping out bc she couldn’t handle it and it’s just not FAIR!!!! i’m tired of feeling like i’m 15 when i’m almost 20. 

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5 and 9 for Tristan and Liz in KEU?

5.  What will things be like for the characters 10 years after the main events.

So we’ll go with 10 years from real time. So Liz at this point is co-quartermaster. Half the agents work with her, half with Merlin. She and Tristan have 2 children Violet and Neville and are down to 4 dogs a lot having died from sheer old age (this devastates Tristan each and every time he has lost one). Tristan still sits at the table though he is used sparingly because Harry can’t stand the thought of separating Tristan from his kids that much.

They still eat lunch together in total silence her crocheting, him reading.

9.  What a non-PoV character is thinking in a certain scene?

During the court appearance where Liz was charged with assault on Tara, Sin was ready, willing, and able to follow Tara and murder her, like he should have done years ago. He is still years later furious that he didn’t see how she was abusing Tristan and it is only because he promised Tristan that he hasn’t killed her. But good gravy does he want to. Luckily the court issue is resolved fairly neatly. But he just knows one day he might pull a Merlin and kill the thing that could ruin the happiness of someone he loved.

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I remember back when the initial promo stuff was coming out and we thought that Yusaku was going to be this awkward newb who'd never dueled before and it was going to be all about online personas and that sort of thing and I feel like that would have been 10,000 times more interesting and engaging than what we're actually getting.

That would’ve honestly been a lot more interesting than… cotton candy boy being perfect

Tag Game

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1.) Where is your favourite place to go or thing to do when you have a free afternoon with no other plans or obligations?

When I have a free afternoon, I like to read or bake or just listen to music and pull Tarot cards … but I’d say my most favorite thing to do is watch a movie or TV series.

2.) Any authors / directors / actors for whom you have read / watched everything they’ve done because you were obsessed beyond reason?
August Wilson, George R.R. Martin, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sidney Poitier, Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, Ryan Gosling, Alicia Vikander … for most of them, I’m in the process of watching/reading everything.

3.) What are three albums / soundtracks that are important to you, and why?
Ys by Joanna Newsom is the music of my spirit, the soundtrack of rediscovering myself. The song “Emily” is one of my favorite songs that’s ever been made; though I have many favorite songs, it’s a special song to me. I don’t love that album because it reminds me of somebody or some time in my life, but because it reminds me of my relationship with myself.

The Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack, because it’s absolute magic. I can’t even say what it means to me.

Anywhere But Where I Am by Foreign Fields was one of the most sacred soundtracks of my rock bottom years.

4.) What fictional characters would you say you related to most as a kid/teen/adult?
Great question! As a kid, I related to Arnold from Hey Arnold! and also Belle and Pocahontas of the Disney movies.

As a teenager, I really related to Jessica Darling in Megan McCafferty’s book series. And Effy from Skins, a bit. And Elizabeth Bennet.

As an adult, I relate to Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Samwell Tarly, and Ygritte, all of ASoIaF. Also Jane Eyre.

5.) What animal would you like your His Dark Materials daemon to be?
A wolf, definitely. Or a mountain lion. Or a crow.  

6.) What is your favourite charity, non-profit or cause?
I like to donate to the NRDC whenever I can. Also the Center for Biological Diversity and Defenders of Wildlife. The causes that feel most important to me are taking care of the planet, climate change, wildlife, and animal rights.

7.) What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?
It’s not super visible, but I have a small scar on one of my fingers that’s kind of raised … from when a squirrel bit me last year.

8.) Do you have a favourite piece of art on your wall / desk / phone screen / laptop?
Oh yes, many. But my most favorite is The Song of the Lark by Jules Breton. It’s my favorite painting, one I saw at the Art Institute for the first time many years ago, and I’ve gone back to look at it many times. My mom bought me a high-quality print of it for my 25th birthday, and it’s framed and hanging in our house, but one day, I plan to put it in my library.

9.) What fictional world would you most like to live in?
Perhaps Thomas Hardy’s Wessex … or traveling through the stones of Outlander … oh oh, or Stars Hollow. Westeros, but it would be dangerous; perhaps Westeros in the peaceful years before A Game of Thrones begins, except who wants to live in those years when you could experience the years of magic returning?  

10.) What lesser-known book / TV show / film do you often recommend to others?

For a TV show, The Last Kingdom by far … it’s so, so, so good. Rich writing and raw cinematography; it’s gorgeously made. As for a film, The Beasts of the Southern Wild or Slow West. Books: August Wilson’s collection of ten plays. Read them. They’re important. Also Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard and The Unsettling of America by Wendell Berry.

I’m not tagging ten people, but I’m tagging: @calpernian, @perpetualvisionary, @rhythmandresonance, + @tocamelot

Here are my questions if you want to answer them! :-)

1. Do you underline or highlight in books, fold the page corners, or take notes?

2. What’s your favorite aspect of your favorite season?

3. What’s something you’re looking forward to right now, and why?

4. Who’s your favorite “bad” fictional character? Do you like them because you actually empathize with them or because you love to hate them?

5. Okay, inevitable time travel question: if you could travel back in time, not just to see a particular time period, but to actually participate in something specific from the past, some cultural activity or some political event, etc. what time period would you travel to, and what would you be doing?

6. If you could be given a skill, like a gift from the gods, not a superpower necessarily but just a common skill that you don’t have that other people do, what would you want?

7. Which room in your house/apartment is your favorite, and why?

8. If you could repaint your bedroom walls any shade or color, what would you choose?

9. What dessert could you really go for right now?

10. What are you reading lately, and what’s next to read for you?

I was tagged by @worldofcopperwings to answer 10 questions, and then ask 10 questions of my own! thank you <3

1. Would you rather have a vacation in a city or in the woods doing outdoorsy things? - City! I love how there’s always stuff going on and idk, I just love the chaos of it all aha

2. What was your first fandom? - Ahhh wow I guess bandom if that counts?? I was very active on tumblr during the 2010/2011 bandom days with like mcr, panic, fob, etc. 

3. What’s the last book you read?- I’m currently rereading The Picture of Dorian Gray!

4. Wrist watch or checking your phone for time? phone!

5. Aesthetics: black-and-white or lots of color? Black and white (and pink lololol otherwise I’m not into a lot of colors)

6. Growing up, who did you admire? Tbh my first IdolTM was Britney Spears I adored her even when her life was kind of falling apart and I’m so proud of her now!! She’s such a great human and mother and wow I’m emotional fight me I love Britney Spears??? Also Avril Lavigne (rip) (avril lavigne circa 2007 is still my aesthetic) !

7. And who do you admire now? Frank Iero, who was the guitarist for mcr !!! I’m still emo aha he’s so talented and genuine and just overall my favorite human

8. What is your favorite musical? Sweeney Todd and Hamilton!!

9. What’s the one chore around the house you hate doing? Dishes ughughh

10. If you had to choose a hedgehog or a ferret as a pet, which one would you choose and why? they’re both precious but I think hedgehog! they’re just so cute 

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1. Drink: water i think idk im boring
Phone Call: you know who you are shut up

3. Text: carter

4. Song: im going to kill the president of the united states by leATHERMØUTH
5.Last Time I Cried: thursday? because a thing happened and i got worried and scared
6. Have you Dated Someone Twice: nope

7. Kissed someone and regretted it: Yes. 

8. Been cheated on: uhh it’s complicated?

9. Lost someone special: Yeah

10. Been depressed: i got that hereditary clinical depression boyyyssss

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: yeah

List 3 Favorite Colors: 

12. im colorblind 

13. blue i guess

14. idk I like deep reds too

In the last year, have you…

15. Made new friends: yeah a few 

16. Fallen out of love: it’s complicated let’s go with no 

17. Laughed until you cried: idk
18. Found out someone was talking about you: nothing I didn’t already know

19. Met someone who changed you: yes!!!!

20. Found out who your friends are: yeppp

21. Kissed someone on your FB list: I don’t use fb 

22. How many Facebook friends do you know in real life: idk i don’t use it, however many family members i have i guess
23. Do you have any pets: 2 dogs and 2 cats
24. Do you want to change your name: im good with the one i have now
25. What did you do for your last birthday: i don’t celebrate my birthday

26. What time did you wake up: 7am

27. What were you doing at midnight last night: talking to some ppl 

28. Name something you can’t wait for: when I can move out and finally meet some people that I really want to meet

29: When was the last time you saw your Mom: a week ago 

30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: ohhh man so much 

31. What are you listening to right now: lil peep (come over when ur sober)

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yeah
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: my bpd and my dysphoria
34. Most visited website: idk

35. Mole/s: uhhh ifk

36. Mark/s: i got a few around my ankles and then a scar by my lip 

37. Childhood dream: veterinarian 

38. Hair color: black

39. Long or short hair: short 

40. Do you have a crush on someone?: shhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes but im dating her so it’s just

41. What do you like about yourself: im a decent musician?

42. Piercings: 2 in each ear but they’ve both closed off 

43. Blood Type: no fucking clue

44. Nicknames: z, cunt, i think that’s it

45. Relationship status: taken 💕 (polyamory)
46. Zodiac: Capricorn 

47. Pronouns: he/him 

48. Favorite TV show(s): idk i don’t have the patience to keep up with them

49. Tattoos: a heart on my hip

50. Right or left hand: right 

51. Surgery: stitches but not surgery 

52. Hair dyed a different color: a few times, not atm

53. sports: no

54. Vacation: Ireland, Kolkata or maybe just across America 

55. Shoes: i got those doc martens boyyy

56. Eating: idk anything sweet

57. Drinking: eh 

58. I’m about to: get on a plane

59. Waiting for: (insert suicide joke here)

60. Want: to be happy with myself
61. Get married: for tax benefits

62. Career: uhhhhh


63. Hugs or Kisses: depends on the person 
64. Lips or eyes: eyes

65. Shorter or taller: taller 

66. Older or Younger: idc
67. Nice arms or nice stomach: i genuinely do not give a fuck
68. Sensitive or loud: both 

69. Hook up or relationship: 

70. Troublemaker or hesitant: a mix, but more troublemaker


71. Kissed a stranger: yeah

72. Drank hard liquor: yep

73. Lost glasses/contact lenses: no but i think i broke my glasses once

74. Turned someone down: yes
75. Sex on first date: it’s situational 

76. Broken someone’s heart: don’t @ me

77. Had your heart broken: not romantically but yes and it still hurts

78. Been arrested: picked up but not arrested 

79. Cried when someone died: yes
80. Fallen for a friend: sort of?

81. Yourself: hahahahaha

82. Miracles: no 

83. Love at first sight: no but i mean i guess so because of reasons so maybe?? idk 

84. Santa Claus: im Jewish

85. Kiss on the first date: its situational


86. Current best friend: Kane, he’s a nerd and I haven’t seen him in ages because we’ve both been out of town i miss that cunt
87. Eye color: brown
88. Favorite movie: Let The Right One In, i dont think rhps counts but i like that too, Repo: The Genetic Opera is cool as well

mmm ill tag @glitterbleach @honeybee-joji @sadteriyakigod @livibell1218 and everyone else who wants to idk you don’t have to

5 Things Tag

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Shout out to @estudiear and @cypherstudys for the tag! I actually love doing these, they’re so fun lol

Rules: List 5 things for each category and tag 10 people!

5 Things You Would Like to Do Before School Starts

1. Finish reading 1984 by George Orwell (I’ve been slacking, y’all).

2. Get a head start on organic chemistry notes.

3. Hang out with my friends at least once more before we all go our separate ways.

4. Finish watching Jessica Jones and Daredevil…and then The Defenders…R.I.P. me

5. Learn how to skateboard.

5 Things You Would Like to Do Once School Starts

1. Post on this blog a whole lot more!

2. Actually go to office hours for once in my life. I’ve heard they’re useful?? Who woulda thunk it.

3. Master the art of time management…lol.

4. Review class notes every evening and week to make sure I keep up with the material.

5. Finish all my assignments way before their deadlines to avoid unnecessary stress. 

5 Things You Have Done to Prepare for the Start of School

1. Bought a new pencil case. It fits all my Mildliners and favourite pens and pencils without being too bulky like hallelujah praise Jesus it has achieved the impossible!!!

2. Did research on all the prerequisites I need to take this year for my postgraduate studies.

3. Purchased my subscription and textbook on Top Hat for orgo and downloaded the app onto my phone.

4. Screenshot my fall schedule and made it my wallpaper - I do think for the first few weeks of school until I have it memorized.

5. Matched my schedule as best as I could with my friends. 

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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity! >:D

1. my dogs

2. rainbow cake

3. seeing pride flags in unexpected places

4. Lesbians in TV shows who don’t die

5. my wonderful followers

Things that I learned in my first year at university

1. Some people are not there to work, they’re just joking around. Don't waste your time with them and try to meet the people that really care.

2. One semester passes at the speed of light. Start from day one and try not to let anything unrevised for too long (one week is considered too long).

3. Your teachers will be your saviors. They are the ones who know everything so make sure you have a good working relationship with them (let them see you know stuff and are willing to work) and then when you’re having more trouble learning something they will gladly help you.

4. Be consistent with your routine. A routine helps you get started more easily and defeat the inertia and laziness. Organizing my day as a working day, with study starting at 10 in the morning and classes in the afternoon, helps me focusing on the things I have to do, not waste time, and also have tiny pieces of time during the day to treat myself.

5. Treat yourself. Sometimes I take the bus instead of the metro because I like to watch the views. Sometimes I buy a cake for lunch. Sometimes I take a break in the park and, at the end of the day I go on a walk. Make sure you don’t forget yourself in the middle of everything. You’re the most important thing!

6. Find things that motivate you. A nice looking library, a park, a playlist, everything is valid as long as it makes you ready to work.

7. Choose your group wisely. When making group projects make sure you choose the people who really want to work, and if they don’t talk to your teachers, they will advise you. Also, don’t be afraid to make a group project on your own. You will survive, trust me! And you will learn a lot!

8. The front seat is the best. Choose a good seat in class where you can see and hear your teacher and they can hear you. The front seat is my favorite because it is easier to ignore everyone else and focus on the class.

9. Exercise. Really! Do something like walking every day, or yoga, or whatever you prefer, but make sure you move. It helps your brain and your body.

10. Have fun. At least every week or twice a month, go somewhere you like or visit a new place. Play the tourist and take your mind away from the work. That’s the way to keep your mind sane.


Stranger Things 7 Day Challenge | Day 6 -  a character you want to see more of in season 2

Sometimes the bad guys are smart too, you know?