there was just love

transcript of all the texts peter sent to happy

…Anyways, I’m out of school at 3 today
Need my assistance?
What is Tony up to?
Tell him I say hi!
Hey Happy!
Just checking in again.
Really miss our missions, hoping to do one again soon!
You think you’ll need me today?
Out of school at 2:45
Ready when you are!
Hey Happy
Just updating you on the latest!
Helped clear the road for an ambulance
Stopped a guy trying to mug an old man
Just being me, cleaning up Queens!
School is so boring
Wish I could be doing more
Just let me know!
This is your number, right?
Press 1 if yes, 2 if no
How’s Black Widow?
or should I say, “Natasha”
Big News! Quit Band Practice
Now I have more time for crime-fighting
Pretty big sacrifice
but I am completely committed
Hey Happy just checking in. I’m out of school at 2:45 PM 👊
Ready for my next mission!
It’s Peter BTW.


“The ring is important, and so is Leviathan - but Luna comes first.

Okay but Peter, Ned, and May getting Greek food and Ned and May both pointing at the pita bread and going “Hey, that’s you, Pita Parker”

Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita

Today’s Third Years (x

Today’s theme is: Ken-chan!

Since Justin and Hiroki were together without Ken-chan today, they took the liberty of making a third-year video and drew him in!

They keep asking “Ken-chan” what’s wrong with him, and Hiroki then lowers his voice to do his Ken-chan impression.  

“What’s wrong Ken-chan?  Your face looks kinda flat today.”  
To which Hiroki/Ken-chan reminds everyone that they work in 2.5D, so between 2D and 3D, he’s feeling kind of 2D today.

“Your eyes look kind of wide open and really round.  What happened?” 
To which Hiroki/Ken-chan replies that he simply worked really hard on his makeup today.  

“Oh is that so… okay, bye!”