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Makorra Week -- Day 3, Vacation

“If you asked now, do you think Beifong would give you the last week of the month off?”

Mako raised an eyebrow.  “What brought this on?  I thought you’d sworn off vacations, after what happened – ”

“Don’t remind me,” Korra said with a shudder.  “I guess I figured, hey, the world hasn’t blown up in a couple of months, and I’m probably never gonna get a better chance.  Besides, I haven’t been to the Glacier Spirits Festival since Harmonic Convergence, and it’s been forever since I’ve seen my parents – it seems like it’s about time, you know?”

“Sounds like a good enough reason to me,” Mako said.  “But if we’re only taking a week, how much time are we actually going to have?  The Southern Water Tribe is – ” 

“Maybe a half hour away by spirit portal,” Korra said with a grin. 

Mako blinked for a second, then chuckled as he realized her intended travel plans.  “I have no idea how I forgot about that,” he said.

“Easy,” Korra said.  “It’s not every day you travel by spirit portal.  So what do you say?  Are you in?”

“Of course.  Well, as long as Beifong signs my vacation request.”

“She’d better,” Korra said.  “How long has it been since you took a vacation?”

“Just about as long as it’s been since you did,” Mako replied.

“Then I think it’s about time, don’t you?”  Korra wrapped an arm around him conspiratorially.  “Besides, think about it this way – if you come to the festival with me, you can replace that ratty old picture you keep in your desk drawer with one you’d actually be willing to show people!”

“Hey, I like that ‘ratty old picture!’“

Korra shrugged.  “Well, if that’s the case, then, I’m sure you’ll love it in a few years when you’ve got two of them to sneak glances at when you’re supposed to be working.”

“Is that true?” Beifong’s voice called out from behind them, and Mako turned stiffly to face her.  He glanced to the side to see if Korra would back him up, but she seemed to have made herself scarce in record time.  He swallowed and considered what to say – his vacation was on the line.

He shouldn’t have worried, of course – within three weeks, he and Korra were ten thousand miles away having the best vacation of their lives.  And somehow, in spite of Korra’s best efforts, he still had a job when he came back.