there was flowers behind me


my theory for taejin is that taehyung is a fallen angel who harbours romantic feelings for human seokjin

(angels that do the unthinkable, falling for humans are banished and sent to earth)

do you see how seokjin kissed that statue with wings- and taehyung has wings bone structure on his back (that has obviously been ripped off him because he has been downgraded)


Okay admittedly, when I imagined him with long hair, he looked like an adorable little hippie and I laughed pretty hard about it.

But then I realized just how badly I needed a Hippie flower-clad Felix in the  60′s and 70′s and I wasn’t laughing anymore.

Have a sketch because I have literally no self control when it comes to this jerk.

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me going through your ivyselina tag noticing two things: a. 'where's jules' and b. i can'T BELIEVEY OU FOUND A JERSEY SHORE GIFSET AND TAGGED IT IVYSELINA I'M CRYING i love you

listen the jersey shore gifset is nothing compared to the millions of gossip girl gifsets u can find in that tag, like………embarrassing….honestly…..

  • My teacher reading religious quotes in class: "Never trust anyone, because even the Devil himself was once an angel."
  • Me: *sits behind Satan and puts flowers in his hair, shamelessly feeds him cookies, asks him if he would like any chocolate milk, hugs him, draps him in a blanket*
  • Me: *calls Lucifer my bae*
  • Me: *calls Lucifer hot*
  • Me: *wants to poke Lucifer’s cute chubby stomach*
  • Me: *wants to hug the satanic cupcake*
  • Me: *also hates people*
  • Me: I love religion.
Gal Pals [Paige]


“Vodka-dosed chocolate covered strawberries. Tell me that isn’t the best idea ever.” Paige set the plate down on the coffee table, along with two glasses of champagne and a bowl of chocolate covered popcorn. “That, plus John Tucker Must Die and every other ‘give it to the girl power’ movie all set up in the queue, and…” She dragged the word out as she revealed a bouquet of flowers from behind her back. “Bam. Tell me I’m not the best Galentine’s Day date ever. I think I just bested every date you’ve ever been on.

Day 3

Drabble day 3, based on the prompt “person A owns a flower shop and person B walks in one day and slams money on the counter and asks how to passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower”

(help me by sending me prompts!)


Liam is standing behind the counter, binding yet another bouquet of roses. He hates Valentine’s Day. Not because he’s single, necessarily (though it’s a bit depressing when countless people come into his flower shop buying beautiful bouquets of flowers for a significant other, reminding him that he doesn’t have one), but because the special day doesn’t celebrate love as much as it does the consumerist society they all live in. People buy expensive chocolates, flowers, and champagne to celebrate the special night, more out of obligation than anything else. When else would you buy chocolate for thirty quid?

Liam is fed up with binding bouquets of a dozen roses over and over again, so when the bell above the door signals a new customer, he nearly lets out a groan of frustration. This means he’ll have to add another on the list of twenty or so bouquets he has yet to bind.

Still, he turns around with a chipper smile on his face and asks, “What can I do for you?”

The man in front of him must be about his age, tweet five or so, in a leather jacket and tightly wrapped scarf. He’s wearing a heavy scowl on his face, and either he’s not too happy about spending money on flowers for his girlfriend, or he likes this holiday about as much as Liam does.

The man walks up to the counter with stiff, edgy movements, slamming a couple of bills down. “How do I passive-aggressively say ‘fuck you’ in flower?”

Liam is taken aback, eyebrows rising on his forehead. “Well. Not here for the holiday cheer then, I presume?”

The man snorts. “Holiday cheer? Christmas passed month ago, mate.” Liam is staring to think the guy’s a pretentious prick, but then he smiles. And, god, what a smile. It makes Liam weak at the knees, as cliché as that sounds, and he can’t help but smile back.

“Nah, I know. You looked for a second like you could use some cheering up, though.” Liam supports his weight on his elbows, leaning on the counter, finding himself brought closer to the other man in the process. “‘Fuck you’, huh? I’ll have to think about that one for a second.”

The man shrugs, as if to say ‘no problem’, and looks around the shop. Liam turns to inspect his variety of flowers. Did he have anything that could convey a passive-aggressive ‘fuck you’? While Liam ponders that question, Zayn starts up a conversation.

“Neat shop you’ve got here. You own it?”

“Yeah, opened just last year. Business is surprisingly good, considering it’s in the most remote corner of London.” His gaze travels over carnations, hyacinths, lilies, marigolds. ‘Fuck you’ in flower. Hm.

“I’m not surprised, it’s really cute.” There’s a certain intensity to his voice that makes Liam turn around, and he finds the other man looking not at the shop, as he’d expected, but at him.

“Cute?” he asks, feeling his face growing hot.

Adorable, in fact.” His steady gaze is still resting upon Liam. There’s no doubt about it this time; he’s not complimenting the shop, but rather Liam himself.

Liam doesn’t know how to respond to that. The man is ridiculously attractive, and while Liam’s flattered, he’s never been good in these situations. Hence why he is still single.

“Geranium; stupidity,” he says in place of a response.

“Excuse me?” he finds the other man frowning at him.

“No, not you. Geranium, it’s a flower. Means stupidity. Candytuft, striped carnation, yellow carnation, cyclamen, orange lily, petunia.” Liam rabbles all the flowers he can think of that conveys a negative message, trying to think of how he can make a bouquet of them all. “Means indifference, refusal, rejection, good bye, hatred, resentment, anger.”

Zayn hums in appreciation. “Sounds about right.”

“Well, not all of them really fit in a bouquet, but I’ll try my very best,” Liam assures.

He can feel the man’s intense gaze on him when he works, picking out the flowers and arranging them. He writes a small card, explaining the meaning of them all, to make sure that the message the flowers send is understood. In the end, the man walks out with a vindictive smile on his face, and Liam finds himself wondering what just happened.

He shakes his head with a sigh. Well, at least he got to arrange more than rose bouquets on Valentine’s Day.



The next day, the man comes back to the shop, wearing the same leather jacket and scarf, but now also a large smile.

“How do I say ‘thank you’ in flower?”

Liam starts wracking his mind to find the appropriate flowers, but is interrupted by the man’s exclaimed ‘fuck it, I know a better way’, and is overwhelmed by the feeling of lips on his.

“I’m Zayn, by the way,” the man tells him and smiles.

“Liam,” he responds, dazed.

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Ask me or Forever! ❤❤ For the Valentines meme please?... If you're still doing it ^.^

Stiles: “Is there something you wanted to ask me?”

Derek: “…Can you stay with me.. forever?”

Stiles: “Always and forever.”

(also, these flowers killed me but I really liked the meaning behind them so… ;A; *is dead but happy*)


About Arima.

Hello! So, a few questions about Arima. You can notice that some of them are really old. I apologize for that. AskBox is open right now, so if you have any questions regarding the latest chapter or anything else feel free to send them.


Some people already sent me a few meanings behind the flower (read here, here and here). Thanks so much for sharing, though 

Anon said: I just read your post about Ishida Sui mentioning that Arima’s hair turned white due to “bad genes” so I did some research and I think that Arima has Waardenburg Syndrome (google it). Arima originally had dark hair and dark eyes but if you look at both the manga, anime and book covers, his hair is obviously a white/gray with extremely pale eyes, which fits the description of WS :( It’s an autoimmune disease —> Arima may be dying.

I know about that disease, but I don’t think that’s what he has. For instance, his eyes have always been grey but Ishida-sensei will draw his eyes either really dark or light:

  • Dark:
  • Light:

As you can see, his eyes tend to look very dark; it’s only when he is in a battle when his eyes look light.

This is really similar to Kaneki. When he is happy. nervous or just being a total dork his eyes look almost black:

Note: Using Sasaki as an example because black-haired Kaneki’s eyes are always dark and white-haired Kaneki’s are always light; Sasaki shows both.

On the other hand, whenever he is upset, angry or really sad (or talks to Kaneki), his eyes look light:

As for his hair, we know that Arima undergoes a lot of stress, so I think that might be a reason. Still, it could be an illness, which would explain why the CCG wants someone who can surpass him.

Anon said: Going back to the last tg chapter, I’m curious as to how Arima arrived with Akira to where Haise and Seidou were fighting. Do you think that after Akira heard Haise’s screams, she contacted Arima to come immideately because Haise is in danger or do you think Arima was already on his way to the auction raid area?? It just confused me because he popped up out of nowhere

It seems that, as soon as the escort for the Quinque steel was done, they headed to the Auction as fast as possible. Still, I guess it could be possible that Akira contacted Arima and told him that Sasaki was fighting a SS Rated ghoul alone, thus why he and his squad headed to the Auction Hall first while Ui and Houji went to other sections.

Anon said: Random question: why is tg Jack, which is about Arima, titled that way? Does the Jack vard symbolize something or is the reason given in the series (I never read tg Jack)? Also what do you mean in your most recent post that Arima talked for one minute and recognized that Haise is different? Did you read a spoiler somewhere (could you give me the link pleaseeee)?

Um… yeah. Really old questions here. You probably already know of the quotation marks when he said Haise’s name and this stare:

As for the Jack thing, you can read about it here.

Anon said: Could it be possible that if Arima were to be the One Eyed King, that’d he find RC suppressants to lower his RC levels? It could explain why his scratch did not heal. It could be something like, “I want to make this as legitimate as possible without any speculations to occur.” We’ve seen how far ghouls will go to blend into human society, Arima could be doing such to gain their trust. Also, an Aogiri member actually the strongest in the CCG? My God.

I doubt it. He’d have to constantly inject himself in eye to make it happen; while he could do it sometimes, some missions could take a while and he’d be unable to do it. Also, you have to consider that he’s been with the CCG for 15 years now (maybe even more); Aogiri didn’t even exist back then and even if it did, that’s quite a long time for an infiltration.

Anon said: hello, wow i love your theories they’re so interesting to read, but i’m here to ask if you have an opinion on what Arima meant when, after Kaneki recited that poem in 139, he said Kaneki was the rain? i was quite confused about it so i thought maybe you might know more since your smart, but i’m sorry if i’m bothering you.

Thanks for the kind words! None of you guys could ever bother me. Rain tends to symbolize depression and sadness, but I don’t think that’s what Arima’s words meant. We know that, while he is not particularly empathetic with ghouls, he is polite and pities them to some extent. 

The way I see it, Arima said that so that Kaneki would calm down. If you remember, he was going pretty insane there…

then he recites a poem to calm himself

…and then Arima speaks to him as an equal, ending with this phrase before turning back to being just a ghoul investigator:

I assume he did all this as a way to tell Kaneki that he was not attacking him because he wanted to, rather because he was ordered to…

…and to assure him that he wouldn’t hurt him more than necessary, that he would end it all quickly.

Anon said: Is it possible that Arima is actually a victim of CCG? We know that the CCG has been buying up ghoul solutions… maybe they overpowered Arima by forcing him to undergo surgery/transformation he didnt necessarily want, causing his antisocial bejavior and hair color change. Also he would have to drink ghoul solutions once in a while or something. A crazy headcanon but Arima’s hidden past and future is surely not going to be a happy one *cries*

We know that his backstory is as tragic as Kaneki’s (at least it was implied), so chances are that Ishida-sensei will break our hearts badly when he reveals it. Whether he drinks or not ghoul solutions, I have no clue; it’s possible, but I’m not sure he’d be okay with it.

However, I do think that the CCG is using him (or manipulated him at some point of his life). All the investigators we’ve known have a reason to fight against ghouls, most of them hate them, a lot want to get stronger while some others aim for promotion. Arima has never shown any interest in any of that: he kills ghouls, train some recruits from time to time and participates in big operations of all sorts, but he doesn’t spend time with many people, doesn’t have a collection of Quinques, doesn’t have a particular training schedule (that we know of), he doesn’t even go to reunions unless it’s absolutely necessary (chapter 143) and yet, he’s spent 15 years of his life fighting against ghouls.

It’s clear that, as many investigators, he doesn’t really have a life outside killing ghouls, but he doesn’t enjoy doing that either (he doesn’t even know what to write in his will which is absolutely heart-breaking). Then why is he with the CCG?

I doubt he’d be with them if he had been given a chance (I can picture him as a librarian or maybe a literature teacher), so there must be something the CCG has offered him in exchange of him staying with them. I doubt it’s for money and we know it’s not for joy, so there must be another, deeper reason.

And, since it’s always been one of the focus points of the story, I’d say it has to do with his family.

He might be an orphan, but I don’t think he was when he joined the CCG. Ishida-sensei has mentioned that the cause of Arima’s white hair is bad genes; I don’t particularly believe that’s the reason behind his hair colour, but I doubt Ishida-sensei would say that if there was no truth behind it.

Given the parallels between Kaneki and him, I assume that his father (or mother) died when he was just a child, while the other one was sick of something (let’s say, an autoimmune disease). As a child, Kishou wouldn’t be able to take care of a sick parent.

And this is where I think the CCG appears: they notice a young, talented Arima whose mother/father is sick and take care of him and his family in exchange of him joining the CCG (if he left, his familiar would be forgotten too). And he does everything he’s asked to perfectly because he wants his parent to be okay. And then his family died and Arima, without having anywhere else to go, stays with the CCG following orders like a robot for the longest time.

But, his mother/father was sick, which means he is too so, as the time where he’ll start having medical issues approaches, the CCG grows desperate to have someone that can take his place as an undefeated ghoul investigator, leading to the Quinx (this could also explain Arima’s surprised/sad face when Haise jokes about him being his father).

…Man, what a story I’ve made up. I’m 90% sure it’ll be proven wrong, but that’s what I think might happened. 

dark-hearts-and-swords said: I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but what’s your take on the similarities between Arima and Kaneki/Sasaki?

It’s kind of unusual and interesting that they are so similar and yet so different from each other. I assume Ishida-sensei has something in mind with these two (I don’t think a battle or something like that; maybe they’ll have similar endings), but I guess we’ll have to wait (quick note, if you want a post with all their parallels I guess I can do it, but there’s already quite a lot out there).

f-lexiballerina said: I want to know what your opinion is on Arima and haise? Why is Arima so fond of him. Ever since re: started it seems like Arima goes out of gis way to go see how haise/kaneki is doing. Is it haise’s/kaneki’s personality or because they are similar?

They have quite similar personalities. Also, as his “owner”, I assume Arima started talking to Sasaki to figure out if he could be a ghoul investigator. Having to make a decision based only on Haise’s personality (and no memories), Arima must’ve gotten to know him quite a lot and, as we all know, Kaneki/Sasaki has a really beautiful personality (as Hinami mentions, everyone loved him), so Arima, who receives admiration and envy in equal amounts, would probably be relieved that someone actually treated him as a human.


Hamlet Stage Door Sept. 8th 2015, my photos

I was lucky enough to meet Benedict last Tuesday and get my programme signed! I saw the play on Monday, but there was already such a huge crowd when I came out that I decided to come back the next day and be there a bit earlier to actually get the chance to meet him. He seemed very exhausted (no wonder with his schedule at the moment) but was kind, waved and smiled when he came out and tried to sign as many autographs in a short amount of time as possible. Someone behind me handed him a bouquet of flowers and he thanked the person and seemed genuinely grateful. I didn’t actually speak to him (other than “hi” and “thank you”) as he seemed to be in a hurry, but it was lovely meeting him and being so close to him!

I’d like to point out that the flash in the third picture is not mine, and he got upset and even a bit angry at the person for using the flash, saying that it hurts his eyes and it’s rude and please turn it off. So please spread the word and don’t use your flash at stage door (or anywhere else when meeting him)!