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“When you’re in a battle against an enemy so much bigger, so much stronger than you, to find out you had a friend you never knew existed, well, that’s the best feeling in the world.”

Pride (2014) dir. Matthew Warchus

Leverage Drinking Game

Take a sip:
- someone executes a lift
- Elliot bleeds
- Nate drinks
- Sophie does an accent
- Glen Reader
- flashback
- “Damn it, Hardison!”
- “I’m a little busy here, Hardison!”
- Another language is spoken
- An expert marksman misses, repeatedly
- Microsoft or Hyundai product placement

Two sips:
- “It’s a very distinctive _____”
- Someone calls Parker crazy
- “Age of the Geek, baby”
- “Let’s go steal a _____”
- Someone rappels

Have fun, y’all!

Klaroline Fic Recs (Part 1):

Alright so, I’ve not done a lot of reading recently because of Uni work so I’m just going to list some authors and fics that I love. I want to eventually have a page of all the fics I favourite on but I haven’t got the time right now. This is the first part of my recs so prepare for more of my ramblings later. Anyway, I’m putting in a ‘read more’ because this might get long. (Also, apologies if I haven’t linked to the authors Tumblr, it’s because I don’t know it/not sure what their name is on here.)

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Ok. But can we talk about how Howl is all so cool and composed in the ghibli film, with this mistery around him and the prince-transforming-into-beast (hot) aura… and then in the book here is this sarcastic-bitchy-womenizer-drama queen-metrosexual baby that makes you want to love him and kick him square in his perfect ass and ugh…damn.

So I made a thing...

I’m on episode 7, and since I can’t finish it because I refuse to waste my money with online games like Eldarya and SC, I decided to have some fun with the images that @eldaryandy​ provided me.

Here they are:

Valkyon is my bae in this game, so I wanted to put my Guardian, Alyxa, here. I have another Guardian, but I haven’t decided which one of the guys I’ll choose. When I do, I’ll make another one for her.

@eldaryandy‘s, Andy, with Nevra. What do you think?

And here’s @incorrecteldarya‘s Guardian, Sophie, with bitchy blue, Ezarel. I hope you like it.

Okay so I know I’ve been rambling endlessly about how much I love Nate and Sophie as a couple lately but just one more thing real quick, okay? Okay. I was thinking about the two of them (you know, as one does) and I realized yet another aspect of their relationship that is amazing and even more evidence of how great their relationship is portrayed on the show.

I love how much Nate supports and appreciates Sophie. So, you may be thinking, he doesn’t support her! After all, we are all well aware of The Office Job debacle, but it’s when she’s not completely there, when part of her is wandering through the role of a con, planning the meticulous aspects, that he has the tendency to take particular notice of her. And guys, I have examples!

In The Boiler Room Job, Hardison and Nate are in Nate’s apartment, listening as Sophie acts it up as The Chocolate Whisperer. Hardison is there, keyboard at the ready, slightly stressed, ready to help Sophie completely nail the chocolate tasting. Nate, however, is completely at ease, even smiling just a little bit. And then, of course, Sophie completely NAILS the chocolate tasting and Nate is standing there all proud as Hardison stares dumbfounded at his screen and Nate goes “Yep, that’s my girl.” THIS IS IMPORTANT. This is one of those moments where you can see how proud he is to be able to be with her, how much he appreciates the little skills she has that maybe others don’t know so much about. You can tell how extraordinary he KNOWS she is in this scene and I think that’s amazing.

Also, in The Toy Job, there is another amazing scene like that, except Sophie is actually there. So, the scene starts with Nate, Parker, and Sophie leaning against the table, eyes glued to the screen as they discuss the con. Suddenly, they need to think up a name for the toy they’re going to use. Sophie decides it’s time for her to leave, grabbing the attention of the others as she gets up, picking up her coat and moving towards the door. Then, just like that, she thinks up a name for the doll, a perfect name that will work just the way they need it to, and she comes up with a catch phrase too in the slightly dramatic way that only Sophie Devereaux could pull off before exiting in a way that is just as much Sophie Devereaux as the rest of her little speech. But the best part is when Nate turns around to look at Parker with the BIGGEST proud little smile you will ever see on his face, “Sophie Devereaux.” He says simply, ever in awe of the grifter, femme fatale, and thief that he was rapidly falling in love with.

Basically, I just love love love Nate and Sophie as a couple and I love Nate being proud of Sophie ❤️


Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s Last Ride. 

Gavrilo Princip of the Black Hand, a gang of Bosnian-Serb nationalists funded by the Serbian government, fired two shots at the Archduke. One hit the Archduke in the jugular while the other hit his wife. Eyewitness accounts ascribe the Archduke saying, “Sophie! Sophie! Don’t die! Live for our children!” Sophie quickly fainted from blood loss while the Archduke muttered “Its nothing,” several times over, before releasing a long death rattle.

Sophie died in the car while the Archduke lingered for another ten minutes to die at the governor’s residence.

The Archduke’s assassination served as the catalyst for the greatest war the world had seen.

Gavrilo Princip was arrested and found guilty. He died of tuberculosis in 1918.

Pictured above is the Archduke’s 1911 Gräf & Stift 28/32 PS Double Phaeton car, in which he was shot (note the bullet hole) and his uniform, which remains stained by blood to this day.


Michael is one of the many massive changes that the movie made to characters from the book, where he was a young man just a couple years younger than Sophie. So in order to show him, I have to steal a character from another Ghibli movie (Shun from “Up on Poppy Hill”). Calcifer was also a lot less cute and a lot more… demony, though he still was loud-mouthed and complained constantly. If I’m gonna keep doing more edits, it’ll require more work in photoshop than I really feel up for right now, because having a cold sucks.

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

“If Sophie or Howl had had any attention to spare, they might had noticed that Prince Justin, Wizard Suliman, and Mrs. Fairfax were all trying to speak to Howl, and that Fanny, Martha, and Lettie were all plucking at Sophie’s sleeves, while Michael was dragging at Howl’s jacket. (…) But Sophie and Howl were holding one another’s hands and smiling and smiling, quite unable to stop. “Don’t bother me now,” said Howl.”

The way they look at one another…..

This was what Evi meant when she told Caleb that he deserved to have somebody look at him as if their entire world was centered on him and nothing/nobody else mattered.

The way Dragus looks at her.

The way she looks at him.

*sorry for the unprocessed photos…..all the use of black makes it go crazy inside when I try to process them so it’s straight out of the game*

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post


I’ll be getting my baby bunny boy later this evening and I’ve got his pen all set up, hopefully it being next to Sophie’s won’t cause any negative emotions between them but I figured it would be good for them to get used to one another while also not being able to physically touch and/or not being in each other’s spaces. Eventually I will slowly but surely introduce them to each other in neutral territory (planning on using the kitchen for this) once Sophie has been spayed (which will unfortunately have to keep being put off until I have a steady income) and Luke (the name that I have chosen for the new boy) has been neutered (which is much cheaper but still necessary because hormones).

Expect photo spam of Luke eventually, if I can remember to upload them on here.

rant abt dex

dexter alvin dizznee better appear on the cover of book 6 or i will personally go up to shannon’s house with a melder in hand to threaten her and jason chan to change the cover. he doesnt deserve any of this mistreatment. in book 3, sophie was literally emotionally abusing him without a care in the world because he built the circlet that restricted her abilities. yeah, so what if he did that he didnt know what he was getting himself into AT ALL he was just trying to help his family, his loved ones–how could he possibly know that he was hurting another loved one in the process?? but you know what??? sophie doesnt care because she knows dex is a pure soft cinnamon roll &is too kind to sophie to ever get fierce at her so SHE FUCKING PUTS ALL THE BLAME ON HIM AND FUCKING SAYS SHES NOT TALKING TO HIM ANYMORE. NOW LISTEN UP WE ALL KNOW IF IT WAS FITZ VACKER WHO BUILT THE CIRCLET (not that he could, he’s not half as talented as dex) SOPHIE WOULDNT EVEN GET MAD AT HIM SHE WOULD JUST WHISPER SHYLY “”“ITS OK”“”“ AND LET IT GO BUT DEX???NO. SHE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HIS PURE SWEET KINDNESS AND SOFTNESS AND MADE DEX SO HEARTBROKEN WHATS WORSE IS THAT HALF THE FANDOM ACTUALLY HATES DEX BC OF THAT TOO ALSO AFTER BOOK 3 HE BECAME SERIOUSLY EXCLUDED FROM THE PLOT SO HE BETTER HAVE A BADASS CHARACTER ARC IN BOOK 6 reblog if you agree dex needs more love

hey everyone! my name is sophie and this is my new studyblr! I’m an eighth grader studying in California right now.

some things about me:
• Singapore is my home country
• my favourite subject in school is science
• I am doing 9th grade math in school and pre-calculus on a gifted & talented program at home
• I am learning Chinese and plan to learn another language after that
• my dream is to work for nasa one day!

some reasons on why I decided to start a studyblr:
• I’m going into high school next year
• I tend to procrastinate a lot
• it would be great if I could make more friends on tumblr

if you’re a studyblr, please reblog this! (bc this is a sideblog, I can only follow on my other account, @sophie-no.)

some studyblrs who’ve inspired me are:
@studyquill @studylustre @aescademic @eintsein @mildstudies @studywithinspo

lodestar ; shannon messenger

THIS IS WHAT they want.
The words tumbled through Sophie’s mind as she raced up the spiral staircase, counting her steps, trying to guess which door to take.
The first handle she tried was locked.
Another opened into darkness.
A third revealed a path that glowed with eerie blue balefire sconces.
The floor shook as she hesitated and threads of dust slipped through the ceiling, scratching her throat and making it hurt to breathe.
She followed the flames.
Back and forth the halls snaked—a careful maze, designed to deceive. Swallow. Separate.
The tremors grew with every step, the shifting subtle but unmistakable.
And too far away.
No one else would feel the ripples swelling, like waves gathering speed.
They were too focused on their celebration.
Too caught up in their imagined victory.
Too trusting.
Too blind.
Too late.
The ground rattled harder, the first fissures crackling the stones.
This is what they want.
The Greyest Eyes by Sophie_French
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: E

Chapters: 23

Word Count: 88,680

Genres: angst, general, au

Description:  It’s one thing to discover you’re gay at eighteen, another one to realise you have a crush on your long-term enemy, but you can tell things are definitely going to get complicated when you accidentally blurt out his name as your girlfriend kisses you… HP/DM. Eighth year fic.


Thought I’d make another one of these of me and @0h-sophie seems as thought the last one is from January 2015. First photo: pre-hormones 2012, Second photo: me 1 year and 6 months on testosterone, Sophie 2 years and 2 months on oestrogen, Third photo me 2 years and 10 months on testosterone and Sophie 3 years and 6 months on oestrogen. We continue to grow as a couple and as individuals every year.

neverseen ; shannon messenger

SOPHIE STUMBLED BACKWARD, scrambling closer to her friends as a cage of neon yellow flames erupted all around them.
Heat licked across her skin and smoke choked her lungs while the Neverseen moved forward, their black cloaks gone, disguises abandoned.
There would be no more hiding.
The Neverseen shouted insults and warnings that Sophie tried to focus on, but her mind was too fixated on other words.
The last word made it impossible to look one of the figures in the eye.
Another betrayal.
Another lie.
Sophie was done with all of it.
She reached for her pendant—the sign of the swan carved into cold black metal curled around a piece of smooth glass. She still didn’t fully understand the reason the Black Swan had given it to her. But she knew enough of its power to realize it was their best chance.
She held the glass into the fading rays of sunset, letting the searing beam of white light refract toward the flames of Everblaze.
It was time to fight fire with fire.


Third session of lining. Only characters left to add now are Sophie and Howl, and a quick addition to Haku since one of his hands needs to be adjusted before it goes on for good. This session saw the addition of Howl’s castle, the Nightwalker/Great Forest Spirit, Porco Rosso (via his plane), and Catbus, another little totoro, Satsuki and Mei.

I’m so impressed with Nadia’s work. She’s done an amazing job so far and I’m looking forward to getting into colouring with her right away!

Interestingly the inside of my arm didn’t hurt much at all when it was going on. It stung, but it was way better than I thought it would be… The day after was freakishly terrible, haha, but after I put some moisturizer on there it finally stopped hurting.

Next session is in just under two weeks, so more photos to come after that.

EDIT: If you like what you’re seeing and you’re in the Edmonton area, my artist is Nadia Farhat, at The Mile. She’s amazing and you should go see her! :D
Exes and Uh-Ohs -- Rumbelle Fic -- Part 18 of my “Gone to the Dogs” series . . .

Basic Summary of this verse:  A modern Rumbelle AU wherein Belle has a Great Dane/Bernese Mountain Dog mix named Sophie and Gold has a Wheaten Scottish Terrier named Stewart. The dogs fall for one another at the dog park, and nudge their owners to follow suit. Hijinks ensue. Also contains a teenage Bae and Emma as secondary characters.

This verse was the winner of the 2016 TEA for “Best Side Pairing – Stewart and Sophie.”

New to the Gone to the Dogs verse?  You can catch up on all 17 previous parts on AO3 – in chronological order:  

Part One: Gone to the Dogs; Part Two:  Matchmakers; Part Three:  Marking Territory; Part Four:  Dog Sitting; Part Five:  Just a Fantasy; Part Six:  Dinner Date; Part Seven:  Sit and Stay; Part Eight:  Kyla; Part Nine:  Kiss Me; Part Ten:  Girlfriend and Boyfriend; Part Eleven:  Coffee; Part Twelve:  Library Books and Wishing Wells; Part Thirteen:  Dream a Little Dream of Me; Part Fourteen:  Video Games; Part Fifteen:  Headache; Part Sixteen:  Stormy Night; Part Seventeen:  Runaway

Part Eighteen:  Exes and Uh-Ohs (AO3 link if you prefer or simply read it right here in this post)

Summary:  Gold and Belle spend a romantic weekend at a cabin, that is disrupted by an unexpected guest and a romantic surprise for Belle ends up becoming a bit of a problematic situation for Gold.

This entry takes place about SIX WEEKS after the events of the past entry, “Runaway.” Only TWO MORE entries to this verse, then it’s DONE. Anything you’d like to see happen - please let me know in the replies and I will do my best! Enjoy!

Exes and Uh-Ohs

Belle and Gold sighed serenely as they cuddled in bed, glancing at one another through sleepy eyes in the glow of the sunlight peeking through the window. Bae was on his annual camping trip with the Nolans, and Belle and Gold decided to take the weekend for themselves to enjoy. Gold found a quiet, rustic cabin in Vermont, and spent the weekend tucked away together.

“Good morning,” Gold whispered as he pulled her naked body closer to his. “Sleep well?”

“Very much. I love it here. Can we come back again?”

“I would love that,” Gold replied, and they shared several light kisses on the lips.

“I take it I didn’t kick you last night then?”

“You’re definitely becoming a more settled sleeper.”

“You still snore a bit though,” Belle teased. “It’s okay though – it’s kind of relaxing. So – what’s the plan for today?”

“Wouldn’t mind doing this all day – unfortunately we have to be out of here by three, so – I was just planning on cooking you a nice, romantic lunch.”

“That sounds lovely.” Belle climbed on top of him and kissed him. “I hope Bae is having fun this weekend.”

“He better not be having this kind of fun,” Gold commented.

“I think that the Nolans are being a bit more proactive about that sort of thing now. So – you up for some morning fun?”

“I think you know the answer to that,” Gold replied, and Belle smirked as she felt him rock hard up against her body.

“It is kind of obvious, I suppose.” Belle and Gold melted into a deep kiss, that was interrupted by a loud, booming bark, followed by the sensation of a small presence on the bed, then a small, demanding yip. Belle sighed and buried her face in Gold’s chest. “Why did we bring them?”

“Because you thought it would it would ‘fun for them to tag along’ on our trip,” Gold reminded her. “I’d have been perfectly content with paying someone to look after them this weekend, you’re the one who insisted otherwise.”

“Next time I have an idea, please stop me.”

“Sweetheart, if I were capable of doing that, we wouldn’t be here, and our conversation would have ended after our first meeting.”

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Name: Sofa

Nicknames: no, my name is actually sofa just trust me ok (donald trump voice) believe me

Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 5 feeto

Orientation: who knows

Nationality: no thank you

Favorite fruit: avocados

Favorite season: dying and being dead

Favorite book: Sorry I can’t/won’t pick just one. Brideshead Revisited, The Golden Compass, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, Sophie’s World, The Silmarillion, Angels in America, Northanger Abbey, anything by any Shelley, anything by any Browning, The Great Gatsby, Dracula, just like a bunch of things ok I read everything that comes into my hands ok. look idk my brain isn’t working too well ok I’ll be honest I took most of this list from another ask I got sometime it’s incomplete who cares not me

Favorite flower: lilies

Favorite scent: leather, smoke, peat, rain

Favorite color: black and white

Favorite animal: sloth bear probably, or okapi

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: yes

Average sleep hours: either 3 or 25 there’s no in between

Cat or dog person: cat

Favorite fictional character: fuck if I know. Marisa Coulter? that idiot boy from The Wind Blows Backwards? 

Number of blankets you sleep with: at least 7 but up and sometimes over to 4,000

Dream trip: back to oxford to die

Blog created: january of… 2010? I think 

Number of followers: I hit 1,000 recently and I was kind of proud but I’ve been in a bad place and I don’t feel like I deserve to be proud so like who even knows honestly

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