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“When you’re in a battle against an enemy so much bigger, so much stronger than you, to find out you had a friend you never knew existed, well, that’s the best feeling in the world.”

Pride (2014) dir. Matthew Warchus

Ok. But can we talk about how Howl is all so cool and composed in the ghibli film, with this mistery around him and the prince-transforming-into-beast (hot) aura… and then in the book here is this sarcastic-bitchy-womenizer-drama queen-metrosexual baby that makes you want to love him and kick him square in his perfect ass and ugh…damn.

Sometimes I think about how Sansa thinks that she’s the least loved, and it just makes me want to cry a river.

It makes me so sad, because:

Jon has feelings for her (she doesn’t know this though, yet.), so his love for her is just as strong as his love for Arya, only it’s a different kind of love. I mean he went to war for her, because of her, and when she told him she’d kill herself if Ramsay won (and thus Jon died), he went to Melisandre a d told her not to bring him back should he “fall”, because he could not bare to live without Sansa (Romeo and Juliet anybody?). I mean, if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Arya also loves her, it was made pretty clear at the end of S7, when she tells Sansa “I could’ve never survived what you survived”, which goes to show us that Arya has put aside her differences with Sansa, and has grown to trust her, understand her, love her (she always loved her, but their bond is much stronger now) and respect her, and her skills, and same thing goes for Sansa.

But thing is, in her mind, Sansa thinks it’s that way. 

Now, D&D made sure she mentioned Jon (in the crypts) & Arya (with Littlefinger). These two quotes were, in my opinion, included as a kind of setup for Sansa’s plot in Season 8, they wouldn’t bother to have Sansa mention that she thinks Jon loves Arya more than he does her and Arya loves Jon more than she does her, for no reason, they needed the GA to know. 

They wanted to establish that Arya and Jon always had a really strong sibling bond (as if we didn’t know already), that they were very close as children, which along with Sansa and Jon never having shared a scene together, and her line from S6, “I spent a lot of time thinking about what an ass I was to you. I wish I could change everything., give the audience this piece of information about Sansa and Jon never having had such a bond, never having been close, thus also subtly hinting at Jonsa.

“And I love this relationship that developed over last season and continues into this with Jon and Sansa. The fun thing to explore there, was the idea of two siblings that… they weren’t close as siblings. They weren’t close when they were kids. They had no real relationship. They…Sansa didn’t particularly like Jon. They had nothing to say to each other. They had no way to relate to each other, but they… they have, you know, they come from the same family and, you know… they didn’t even have a scene together in the pilot. I don’t think they’d even performed together until they were reunited last season.” — Bryan Cogman

Maybe this is what Sophie is talking about when she says that Sansa might feel a bit lost in S8 (Now that she’s run out of people to manipulate, I wonder if she feels a little bit lost!” — Sophie Turner), Just like Jon, she also has strong feelings for him, she loves him, so between thinking Arya is Jon’s favourite, that he loves her more than her, and Dandelion being there in Winterfell, and Sansa believing Jon’s is in love with her (even if he isn’t), in S8 she might feel set aside, lonely, lost, frustrated, even a bit jealous, and with this we go back to Sansa desiring, craving something she’s always wanted more than anything, love

“What about happy? Why aren’t you happy? What do you want, that you do not have? (love)” — Littlefinger - Do I need to add that there is flirting (Tormund/Brienne) happening in the background while this scene is happening? And Sansa is looking straight at Brienne and Tormund while Littlefinger is asking her all these questions about her happiness?? 

“You think he (Jon) wants to marry her?” — Sansa Stark - Sansa is visibly jealous here. 

“In his own horrible way, I believe he (Littlefinger) loved me.” — Sansa Stark - As I’ve said, season 7 made it pretty clear that she wants love, she wants to be loved. And why wouldn’t she? She’s been through so much, she deserves to be loved, truly and unconditionally for who she is and not for her claim and family name.

“This season (S8) is more a passionate fight for her than a political, manipulative kind of fight.” —Sophie Turner

I cannot wait until Sansa realizes Jon’s in love with her, I can’t wait until they both realize their love isn’t one sided, but that they both fell in love with one another. Jon ended up falling in love with the kind, beautiful, intelligent, strong and fierce woman that Sansa has become, and Sansa ended up falling in love with the gentle, brave, handsome and strong man that Jon has become.

#JonsaIsComing 💙

sophie: *invades howl’s home, cleans everything without his permission, is mean to him, bullies his friends, steals his seven-league-boots, does always the exact opposite of what he says*


sophie: *messes up his hair products*


guys guys guys I was watching The Hot Potato Job in lieu of the fact that leverage is goinG OFF OF NETFLIX AH but okay I noticed so many beautiful things about this episode that I would just like to appreciate real quick

okay first of all I love how when Hardison tries to induce a country accent and it just doesn’t work Eliot comments “You can’t fake country” and you’d think he’s right but then later Sophie adopts a country accent and nobody really realizes it until Eliot goes “What is that? Wait is that me?” And it’s amazing because this entirely exemplifies Sophie’s skill set. Eliot barely even questioned Sophie’s ability to adopt an accent just like his and when she did it actually WORKED

okay and also can we talk about PARKER in this episode wow okay so I know this happens a lot through seasons four and five but she calls the play which I think is awesome because they’re freakin totally setting up for the finale which is beautiful and amazing and crushing and entirely encompasses how much Parker grows as a character throughout the show

Next let’s talk about Nate in this episode! I think it’s entirely intentional (which in and of itself is something I love about leverage, literally everything is intentional and I think that is beautiful) that at the beginning he and Sophie have their little “it was an accident eeeew” moment because that notion carries through Nate’s demeanor throughout the rest of the episode because Nate for once relinquished control to the rest of the team and let’s Parker and Sophie run the show which is awesome and unlike Nate and totally contributes to Season Five Nate


Okay I love this show too much and this episode too much and ahhh I might cry when it leaves Netflix

Fun fact:

In 1786, Constanze fell ill and was bedridden. Wolfgang sat by her side and composed, while making sure no one would disturb his wife’s sleep. Suddenly, a valet clumsily entered the room and startled Mozart so much that he jumped on his seat and accidentally stabbed his own thigh with a knife he used to sharpen his pen.

He tried not to scream in order not to wake Constanze up and ran in another room. He was later healed by his mother-in-law. He never told Constanze.

[Source: Sophie Weber]

I can’t even imagine what it must have sounded like –
the alarms, the gunshots, the screams, the begging,
the praying, the laughter, the cheering, the crying.
I know the sound of Eric’s laugh. I know the sound
of Dylan’s voice. I’ve heard a fragment of a recording.
And I still can’t piece it together enough to hear the horror.

I can’t even imagine what it must have looked like –
the muzzle of a Tec-9 in your face,
the black boots walking past you as you hide under a table,
the boy in a trench-coat, in the hallway, with a shotgun.
Blood on the floor and blood exploding out of someone’s head,
and blood pouring out of a hole in someone’s back.

I can’t even imagine what it must have smelt like –
metallic blood, the stench of open wounds,
smoke from pipe bombs, shit and piss and sweat,
your own body odour, cafeteria lunch food,
linoleum floors, body spray, the inside of a toilet cubicle,
the inside of a storage cupboard, the smells of school and death.

I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like –
begging for your life at gunpoint while the killer laughs,
watching children being murdered
right in front of you, seeing TV violence in real life.
Closing your eyes and listening to people dying and begging
and crying and praying and whooping and whispering.

Realising that you might actually really die right here,
on the floor of a library, in an unlocked science room,
in a toilet stall, under the table of a cafeteria. Trying to pray
to any god listening that you want to live, please, please, please.
But what good did it do the other children? What good did it do
for the kids you heard getting killed?

Running out of the library and past a dead body and past
another dead body, with your hands above your head,
so the police don’t shoot you, of course.
Standing by a cop car with the images still playing in your head,
and the sounds of gunfire still ringing in your ears,
not knowing if your friends are dead or alive.

Being faced with cameras and reporters and microphones,
and an unending barrage of questions:
What did you see? What did you hear? How did you feel?
What happened? Do you know who the killers were? Why?
Where were you? What did you do? Did you talk to the killers?
Were you friends with the killers? Do you know the Trench Coat Mafia?

I can’t even imagine what it must have been like
to actually be a student or a teacher or a reporter or a photographer
or a cameraman or a journalist or a copy editor or an editor in chief
or a police officer or a SWAT team member or a paramedic or a nurse
or a doctor or the parent of a victim or the parent of someone injured
or a friend of a student or a bomb squad member or a family member.

We’ve all seen the chaos unfolding, live on the news.
We’ve seen the police standing behind cars and we’ve seen
students running for their lives, students bleeding on sidewalks,
parents hunting for children, parents hugging their kids,
people standing around and crying and holding one another,
ambulances racing and sirens blaring and cameras rolling,
but imagine living it.
—  Dear Columbiners, not everything is about Eric and Dylan, s.b.w.

Notorious secret-keeper Kit Harington finally had some information withheld from him.
Harington had no idea that his Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow, would be reuniting with his long-lost sister Sansa (Sophie Turner) in last Sunday’s episode, director Dan Sackheim tells

“They do many, many drafts of the scripts before they give them to the actors. And directors, by virtue of the fact that they have to be there prepping, have access to the scripts many times well before the actors have seen it,” Sackheim, who helmed “Book of the Stranger,” tells “Just like everyone had to keep the secret of whether Jon Snow was alive or not, you’re requested not to talk about the material in front of the actors until they see the script.”

That means that after months of Harington having to keep Jon’s return a secret from the entire world, the tables turned on the actor. “I was with Kit in many sittings when he was talking about how much he hoped he’d get a chance to play a scene with Sophie Turner. So I was privy to the information that [Harington and Turner] weren’t for a while,” Sackheim recalls.

When the actors finally got the script for “Book of the Stranger,” they were thrilled to see Sansa and Jon reuniting - and to share their first scene together in the show’s history. “[They] talked about it all the time,” Sackheim says, “the sort of weirdness of it and the joy of finally coming together.”

When Sansa and Jon see each other for the first time at Castle Black, they initially seem paralyzed by the sight of one another. But once the shock fades, Sansa and Jon run towards each other into an emotional embrace that could melt a White Walker’s heart. Without saying anything, the scene says so much about the Stark siblings’ relationship and everything they’ve been put through since leaving Winterfell in Season 1, which is exactly what Sackheim wanted.

“At the end of the day, you handle any scene like, ‘What’s the truth?’ And in that case, the truth was these two people are coming together that love each other but have been estranged, and you try to find some active things for people to play. And in this case, it was disbelief and fear,” Sackheim says. “Disbelief that it’s really her and him, and fear that it may not be true. So that’s why the approached each other sort of cautiously.”

anonymous asked:

I work at starbucks and was serving a group of teens yesterday, they were talking about harry while waiting in line. One of them was like "do you think harry'd be open to a threesome? I'd do that with him!" And another one replied with "Well, he sleeps around respectably a lot so threesome is good!" when it was their turn to order the main girls name was Sophie so I wrote that on her cup along with "he's gay, Sophie." in small letters at the bottom and when she left she gave me a death stare.

Underrated TSC friendships

* Magnus Bane and Will Herondale 

“You asked me how I, being immortal, survive so
many deaths. There is no great secret. You endure what is unbearable, and you bear it. That is all.” 

* Tessa Gray and Jessamine Lovelace

“I don’t know what comes after death. Tessa used to come and ask me too. She wanted to know where Will was.” 

* Will Herondale and Jessamine Lovelace

“What is it?” he said urgently. “What is it you want me to do?”

“Take care of them,” she whispered. “Baby Jessie and the others.”

* Charlotte Branwell and Sophie Collins

“I can find another maid; I cannot find another Sophie.” 

* Sophie Collins and Thomas Tanner

“Sophie and Agatha manage the rest, though Thomas assists them on occasion. I suspect he’s sweet on Sophie and doesn’t like to see her work too hard.”

* Will Herondale and Thomas Tanner

“Sleep, then,” he said, not quite knowing where the words came from, “good and faithful servant of the Nephilim. And thank you.”

* Tessa Gray and Gabriel Lightwood

His body hit the ground, Bridget kneeling atop his chest, her teeth bared. She had slipped up behind him and tripped him while no one was looking. Now she whipped a small dagger from the inside of her bodice and held it against his throat.  Gabriel looked up at her for a moment, dazed, blinking his green eyes. Then he began to laugh.

Tessa liked him more in that moment than she ever had before.

* Maia Roberts and Clary Fairchild

“Patience, grasshopper,” said Maia.” Good things come to those who wait.” 

* Alec Lightwood and Aline Penhallow

“Look, I wanted to thank you.”

 Alec looked honestly bewildered. “What for?” 

“What you did in the Hall of the Accords,” Aline said. “Kissing Magnus like that. It gave me the push I needed to tell my parents…to come out to them. And if I hadn’t done that, I don’t think, when I met Helen, I would have had the nerve to say anything.” 

* Magnus Bane and Raphael Santiago

Raphael turned and looked at Sebastian, his wide dark eyes very clear. “I cannot,” he said. “I will not. I owe him a debt from many years ago.” 

* Jordan Kyle and Simon Lewis and Jace Herondale

“They think they’re better than everyone else.”

“No,” said Jace. “I think I’m better than everyone else. An opinion that has been backed up with ample evidence.”

Kyle looked at Simon. “Does he always talk like this?”


* Ty Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs

“Ty.” Emma sighed. “He’s going to murderate you.”

Julian was heading back toward them. Ty said, “That’s a neologism.” 

Emma blinked. “It’s a what?”

“A word you made up. Shakespeare made up words all the time.”

Emma smiled at him, oddly touched. “Well, ‘murderate’ isn’t exactly Shakespeare.”

* Julian Blackthorn and Kit Herondale

“That’s enough,” Julian said sharply. “Stop trying to frighten him.”

Leverage Drinking Game

Take a sip:
- someone executes a lift
- Elliot bleeds
- Nate drinks
- Sophie does an accent
- Glen Reader
- flashback
- “Damn it, Hardison!”
- “I’m a little busy here, Hardison!”
- Another language is spoken
- An expert marksman misses, repeatedly
- Microsoft or Hyundai product placement

Two sips:
- “It’s a very distinctive _____”
- Someone calls Parker crazy
- “Age of the Geek, baby”
- “Let’s go steal a _____”
- Someone rappels

Have fun, y’all!


Empress Sissi and Her Sisters

H e l e n e Caroline : the eldest of the sisters, Helene (affectionately referred to as Nene), possessed many of the qualities ‘ideal’ in women of the time. She was attractive and polite, strictly pious, and good-natured. No better example of this is shown than when she and her sister Elisabeth- the future empress- traveled to Austria to meet the highest ranking of her many suitors. As the elder daughter of Maximilian von Wittelsbach, Duke in Bavaria, Helene was considered at 20 Germany’s most eligible bride in the beginning of the 1850s. As such, she was the top candidate to be her cousin’s - and emperor of the Austrian Empire - Franz Joseph’s bride. However, when the dashing young Franz met Helen, she failed to live up to the expectations his ambassadors had aroused. Instead Franz fell head over heals in love with her younger sister, Sissi, who was only fifteen at the time, and the following spring the two were wed. The jilted Helene was required not only to smile graciously at her sister’s wedding; she had to curtsey as well, despite having fallen into a deep depression. However, Helene would later go on to be introduced - and eventually married - to the hereditary prince of Thurn a Taxis, leading to a much happier life than that of her younger sister.

Empress E l i z a b e t h : commonly known as Sissi, Elizabeth would become the iconic Empress of Austria upon her marriage to Franz Joseph at the age of 16. The union thrust her into the much more formal Habsburg court life, (the contrast especially stark next to her informal upbringing) for which she was unprepared and which she found awful and uncongenial. To add to her difficulty adapting, early on she was at odds with her mother-in-law,  who upon the birth of Sissi’s first child, not only named the child Sophie (after herself) without consulting the mother, but took complete charge of the baby, refusing to allow Elisabeth to breastfeed or otherwise care for her own child. When a second daughter, Gisela, was born a year later, she took that baby away from Elisabeth as well. The death of her only son Rudolf, and his mistress Mary Vetsera, in a murder–suicide at his hunting lodge at Mayerling in 1889 was a blow from which Elisabeth never recovered. She withdrew from court duties and travelled widely, unaccompanied by her family. Moreover, she was obsessively concerned with maintaining her youthful figure and beauty, which was already legendary during her life. While travelling in Geneva in 1898, she was stabbed to death by an Italian anarchist named Luigi Lucheni. Elisabeth was the longest serving Empress of Austria, at 44 years.

M a r i a Sophie : Similarly to her sister Sissi, Maria’s hand was also sought after young for the timer period, and in the winter of 1857, at the age of 16, Marie’s hand was pursued and rewarded to Francis II, the Crown Prince to the kingdom of the Two Sicilies. However, unlike her sister, the marriage was strictly political, as Ferdinand wished to ally himself with the Emperor of Austria (her brother-in-law) a powerful fellow absolutist since his kingdom was being threatened by revolutionary forces. Within a year of marriage, upon the death of the king, her father-in-law, her husband ascended to the throne as Francis II of the Two Sicilies, and Maria Sophie became queen of a realm that was shortly to be overwhelmed by the forces of Giuseppe Garibaldi and Piedmontese army. Fleeing, she sought refuge in the strong coastal fortress of Geata. Still, during the Siege of Gaeta in late 1860 and early 1861, the forces of Victor Emmanuel II bombarded and eventually overcame the defenders. However, it was this brief “last stand of the Bourbons” that gained Maria Sophia the reputation of the strong “warrior queen” that stayed with her for the rest of her life. She was tireless in her efforts to rally the defenders, giving them her own food, caring for the wounded, and daring the attackers to come within range of the fortress cannon. Throughout the life of her unhappy marriage, her wealth and privilege were, to a certain extent, overshadowed by other personal tragedies. While in exile in Rome, Maria fell in love with another man, (supposedly with an officer of the papal guard) and became pregnant by him. At the news, she retreated to her parents’ home, where a family council decided that she must give birth in secret to prevent scandal. Upon the child’s arrival Maria Sophia was forced to promise that she would never see her daughter again.

M a t h i l d e Ludovika : Like her elder sister Maria, Mathilde’s life would follow perpendicularly. On 5 June 1861, Mathilde married Lodovico, Count of Trani. He was heir presumptive to his older half-brother Francis II of the Two Sicilies, who married to aforementioned older sister Marie Sophie. Mathilde was seventeen years old at the time and the groom was twenty-two. They had one daughter. Allegedly, Mathilde also had an affair from which she became pregnant, only this time with a Spanish diplomat by the name of Salvador Bermúdez de Castro, who was a duke in his own right. By him she was said to have had another daughter - who like her sister, she also never met - named Maria.

S o p h i e Charlotte : Like all her sisters, Sophie was a much sought after marriage candidate, with many potential (and powerful) suitors vying for her hand. Still, she refused them all and as thus, was sent to stay with her aunt, Amalie Auguste of Bavaria, then the Queen of Saxony. It was in Saxony Sophie Charlotte met Ferdinand d'Orléans, Duke of Alençon - and grandson of the late Louis Philippe. Soon after, the two married. Reportedly, she had a good relationship with her husband as well as with her sister-in-law Marguerite Adélaïde d'Orléans, wife of Władysław Czartoryski. However, Sophie did not have an overly good relationship with her father-in-law, the widowed Duke of Nemours. She was also the favorite sister of her elder sibling, the Empress Sissi. Sophie died heriocly in a fire at the Bazar de la Charité in Paris on 4 May 1897 when she was 50 years old. She had refused rescue attempts, insisting that all the girls working at the bazaar be saved first. Attempts to have her body identified by her personal maid having failed, her dentist, M. Lavanport, was called in. After two hours examining various bodies he identified hers on the basis of her gold fillings.

hurtful words (pt. 2)

summary; just as for Y/N and Shawn, the first week of a breakup can be hard on any couple – but what’s even harder is when feelings are still involved on both sides.


warning; small use of profanity


one week later

You took a deep breath and thought over your actions for the millionth as you sat parked in front of you and Shawn’s shared flat. After today, it’d just be called ‘Shawn’s flat’, because in the back seat of your car contained empty boxes waiting to be filled with the items you had brought to Shawn’s place over the year. Wanting no more to do with Shawn, you and your friends decided that getting your stuff back would be the best first-step of getting over the boy. You weren’t entirely sure if this was the right move, but you wanted Shawn out of your life. 

Of course, everyone makes mistakes and within the last seven days, you’ve grown to accept that people simply forget things sometimes. What you were now mad about were the words that he spewed at you. It still gives you a pang in the chest when you try to rethink everything he yelled at you that night. No one deserves to be thrown around like that, and no one deserves to be called the things that Shawn called you the other night. You still sometimes wonder if you are just being over dramatic, but whether it was rational or not for you to breakup with Shawn was another discussion that would have to wait until you moved all of your stuff out.

Taking the keys out of the ignition, you opened the door to the back of your car to retrieve the three medium sized boxes. Trying to stack them together while walking to the front door was a hassle, but you finally ended up knocking at the door. You had the key, but you weren’t sure if it’d be weird or not to barge in.

After a couple of minutes and no response, you rang the doorbell. You were given back silence. Your patience was beginning to run thin, and you were about to turn your back to the door before you heard the doorknob turn. When the door slowly creaked open, you were greeted by a sight that brought you back to the night of you and Shawn’s latest date. Shawn’s face was puffed red and looked lifeless. When you got a closer look at him, his eyes were bloodshot and were adorned by heavy bags that indicated that he hadn’t been getting much sleep either. His hair was completely disheveled from its usual casual yet put-together updo. You had known that you’ve looked terrible these last few days, but Shawn’s appearance made you look like a super model compared to him.

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Howl and Sophie the loveliest thing ever

Somewhere Chapter 9:

“He was in there two hours,” said Calcifer, “putting spells on his face. Vain fool!”

“There you are then,” said Michael. “The day Howl forgets to do that will be the day I believe he’s really in love, and not before.”

Fast forward Chapter 21:

Sophie saw another person leap through the gap behind it. This one had flying black sleeves. It was Howl…

Sophie looked up at him. As she had feared, hard black-and-white daylight coming through the broken wall showed her that Howl had not bothered to shave or tidy his hair. His eyes were so red-rimmed and his black sleeves were torn in several pieces. There was not much to choose between Howl and the scarecrow.

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