there was an eunhyuk one so i made a sungmin version

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what'll you describe SJM's Swing teaser in your own version (I mean for the members character)? Because you're always detailed, I'm become curious of ur opinion ^^

I am not sure about what you ask, so I’m sorry if this is not what you want;; Anyway, This is just how I interpret the way they are portrayed in the teaser so don’t have to take this seriously u_u The following interpretation is also based on my hypothesis of  how they possibly are in real life. Oh, and it’s only based on teaser so it could be stretched or shrinked later when the full MV comes out.

Zhoumi - The oldest Chinese member and most fluent one in SJ-M. He takes care of the member when they are promoting as SJ-M, especially for translation. In charge of interview and the speaker of SJ-M. Thus, he is portrayed as if he’s the boss or head department. He looks a bit stressful and it could symbolically represent how sometimes he gets headache because of the members. 

Henry - The youngest in SJ-M and despite him being one of the Chinese members, his fluency level of Chinese is not on the same level as Zhoumi, although he seems to be much better than the Korean members (of course..). The happy-go-lucky, playful and cheerful one. Sometimes he can be oblivious, perhaps just like how he is in Real Man. It is symbolically portrayed by how he just keeps talking to Zhoumi and doesn’t realize that Zhoumi is not in the mood. He then gets distracted by a piece of bread, which is Zhoumi’s, and takes it without him knowing. When caught, he runs away. Like a child.  

Kyuhyun - I take Kyuhyun and the photocopy as Kyuhyun learning SJ/SJ-M’s choreo. Currently, he is in the dance line and had gained the title “Dancing Kyu”. But Kyuhyun is only good at choreo that he has learned. When asked to do freestyle dance, often times you will only get to see him doing the same choreo like he has in SJ/SJ-M. Hence, the photocopy machine. As the main dancer in the group, Kyuhyun might have turned to Eunhyuk to ask for advice, perhaps especially when he has a hard time with the choreo. This is symbolically represented by Eunhyuk helping him to turn on the photocopy machine.

Eunhyuk - The main dancer in SJ and the charming one. He may not be the most handsome guy but he has strong charms that make people like him. He is also confident about his charms and that he’s good. This translates to how he acts. When he is helping Kyuhyun to turn on the photocopy machine, his action looks like he’s saying, “Don’t worry, kid! I got everything under control!”. 

*Kyuhyun is happy after Eunhyuk fixed the photocopy machine for him. But, maybe because he pressed some buttons while he was trying to figure out how to operate the copy machine, the machine gives him too many copies than he asks for and this gets Kyuhyun confused. Symbolically, it could represent the situation where Kyuhyun tries to learn the choreo but he gets stuck. Eunhyuk helps him by teaching him the right choreo. Kyuhyun is happy to finally be able to do the choreo, but then he gets confused again because of the previous moves that he learned.*

Ryeowook - In the past, he was not as fluent as Kyuhyun when it came to Chinese. But since SJ-M Perfection’s promo, he had improved his Mandarin a lot. He worked so hard on improving his Chinese and his hard works paid him off :) Even when he was not promoting in SJ-M, he still was able to converse in Chinese. The scene of him focusing on his work and gets exhausted might symbolically represent of how focuses on learning Mandarin and works hard for it. The scene of him listening to music describes Ryeowook taking a break from studying by listening or composing music, one of the things that Ryeowook likes.

Donghae - Or we call him “Kid Hae”. He often acts like a child and clingy to his members. The members often have to take care of him, especially Lee Hyukjae. He can’t focus on works because he gets distracted a lot, like a child. He likes to play around with his members because he gets lonely easily. Hence, him throwing a paper ball to Sungmin. 

Sungmin - The oldest member in SJ-M. In the teaser, he was seen to be looking at picture of a beach and had word 휴가 writtten on his calendar, which means “leave/break/vacation”. I can’t help but relate this to him leaving for army, which means he is taking a “break” from the group’s activities and his own activities. Although, the dates on the calendar rather represent the important dates for SJ-M’s comeback.

Siwon - He needs a break. He falls asleep while working and that shows how much exhausted he is. Maybe, in real life, he really needs a break from his busy schedule. SM made him going back and forth Korea-China for his drama project. 

Again, this is my own interpretation. This is only for fun and should not be taken seriously.