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A Whole Year of Sanders Sides

Description: It’s been a whole year since Sanders Sides started, but Virgil hadn’t yet been introduced. Here’s how he feels about that, and how the others make him feel more included. 

Genre: hurt/comfort

Word Count: 1,329

Ship: platonic/familial LAMP

Warnings: very brief and not at all serious mention of m*rder. just in case

A/N: i suck at formatting dialogue and i wrote this super fast so it’s not my best work. hope ya’ll enjoy it anyway

“Can you believe today is the day we were introduced to Thomas’ fans? It’s been a whole year!” Roman exclaimed causing the other three to look up at him.

Logan merely hummed in response; a thoughtful look on his face. Virgil pulled up his hood, and shrunk into his hoodie. Today was not his day. They tried their best to avoid introducing him to the fanders because he wasn’t wanted back then. He had to force his way in, and that really hurt. His day wouldn’t be until December. Not like the others will care very much.

“That’s awesome, kiddo! We should celebrate! Ooh I’ll make cookies!” Patton yelled as he scurried into the kitchen.

Roman chuckled as he watched him go then plopped himself down in between Logan, and Virgil. Virgil turned away, and prayed to god that he wouldn’t talk to him. Virgil’s prayers never really get answered unfortunately.

“What’s up with you, edge lord?”

Virgil sighed, and shrugged hoping that would suffice as an answer, but Roman was never that easy to fool.

“Something’s clearly wrong. Come on talk to me.”

“It’s stupid,” Virgil mumbled, and shrunk further into his hoodie. “Just forget about it.”

Roman scoffed, and placed a hand over his heart as if he was offended.

“Please, Virgil. You should know by now that we’re not going to forget about something if it’s troubling you.”

“Really? You forgot that today’s not my day so why wouldn’t you?” Virgil mumbled under his breath. Roman raised his eyebrows at the younger side as he turned to fully face him.

“Virgil you have to speak up. I can’t hear you.”

Virgil abruptly stood up startling the two sides. He took a deep breath, 4 7 8, before turning to face them.

“I said you forgot that today’s not my day! My day’s in December because you guys wouldn’t let me be apart of the videos! I had to sneak away, and force myself in! I wasn’t..I wasn’t wanted so today’s just a grim reminder of that for me. But whatever. Have your fun. I won’t be a bother.”

Virgil’s yelling brought Patton out of the kitchen to see what was going on, but it was too late. Virgil had sunk down to his room. Patton turned to look at the two shocked sides on the couch, and frowned.

“We’re.. awful!” Patton cried. Logan immediately stood up, and laid a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“No, Patton. Roman, and I are the awful ones-”


Logan gave Roman a quick glare before continuing, “You always tried to include him in things. We were the ones keeping him away at first. Just.. let us talk to him, okay?”

Patton sniffled, and nodded as he sat down on the couch where Logan once was. Roman gave him a small smile before standing up, and facing Logan.

“To Anxiety’s room?” Roman asked.

“To Anxiety’s room.” Logan confirmed.

And with that they sunk down together.

Once they popped up in Virgil’s room they took a moment to collect themselves then started to call out for the anxious side.

“Virgil, please come here. We wish to speak with you.” Logan tried.

Just as Roman was about to try Virgil popped up on the stairs, and startled the both of them.

“Didn’t you idiots learn anything about coming into my room?”

Logan cleared his throat, and adjusted his tie as he spoke, “Yes, well we don’t plan to stay very long. We’ve only come to retrieve you so we may all talk in the common room.”

“Yeah, not happening. Just go celebrate, or whatever you’re doing. I’m fine.”

“Ugh, Virgil. Come on. Stop being so stubborn, and just talk to us. We’re sorry we forgot, and we’re especially sorry we even put you through all of that in the first place! Truly. What we did was awful, and we deeply regret it. You’re a good friend, nay, you’re family! Please just believe that, and let us explain ourselves before I lose it! I’m not feeling very glittery right now, and I don’t like it!” Roman ranted, and frantically looked between the two sides.

“Roman is correct. We are family, and sometimes family messes up. Sometimes family shun each other for being different, or even kill each other! Wow, okay, sorry, but my point still stands. Ehh, sort of. Look, everyone makes mistakes, and we’re trying to fix those mistakes!” Logan added on. Virgil looked at them as if they had three heads, and noticed the darkening eyeshadow underneath their eyes. Yep, time to leave.

“God, you morons. Come on. Deep breaths. We’re getting out of here.”

“Four seconds..”

“Seven seconds..”

“Eight seconds..”

Virgil slowly sunk down as the other two did, and popped back up in the common room with them. Patton immediately stood up, and tackled Virgil into a hug so forcefully that they toppled over.

“I’m so sorry, kiddo!” Patton cried into Virgil’s shoulder. Virgil chuckled, and patted him on the back.

“It’s fine, dad. You were always there for me.” Virgil replied, but still felt tears forming in his eyes. Logan, and Roman exchanged a guilty look.

They both walked over to the pair to help them up. Roman pried Patton off, and Logan offered a hand to Virgil who reluctantly took it.

An awkward silence filled the air once they were all standing. Roman decided to be the brave one to break it.

“We truly are sorry, Virgil.”

Virgil shrugged, and pulled his hood down so he could look at all of them better.

“Yeah, whatever. It’s fine.”

“We will make it up to you.”

Virgil turned to look at Logan incredulously, but smiled nonetheless.

Before they knew it December 19th rolled around. The day Virgil first appeared in a video.

“Virgil! It’s your day!” Roman yelled as he practically dragged the younger out of his room, and sunk down to the commons.

“Geez, Princey. Give a guy some warning before you go dragging him around.” Virgil grumbled with an amused smile on his face to show he wasn’t actually annoyed. No, in fact he was thoroughly enjoying this.

Once in the common room Virgil had to bite back a gasp at what he saw.

“Impressed?” Roman teased, “It was all my work. You’re welcome.”

Before them was a huge blanket fort, one big enough for four people to be exact, and a ton of snacks. The tv played the menu for Virgil’s favorite Disney movie: The Black Cauldron. He’s seen it about a million times, but it’s the thought that counts. They thought of him. Today was his day, and they actually cared.

Before Virgil could stop himself he tackled Roman into a hug, and almost allowed himself to cry. Roman merely chuckled, and held Virgil as close as he could. They only broke apart when the other two came into the room, but Virgil was nowhere near done with his hugs. He tackled Patton next as he whispered, “Thank you dad.”

“Aw it was mostly Logan, and Roman, but I’d do anything for you kiddo! I’m glad you like it.”

With that Virgil pulled away, and turned to look at Logan. Logan smiled, and opened his arms. Virgil gratefully fell into his arms, and this time he let himself cry. This time he let the hug go on for much longer. Not that either of them minded. Logan, and Virgil rarely ever hugged each other, or anyone really, so this was nice.

Once they finally pulled apart Patton pulled Virgil down into the pillow fort, and wrapped his arm around him. Roman played the movie, and sat on the other side of him. Logan sat down next to Roman.

Patton turned to Virgil, and asked, “This isn’t too overwhelming is it, kiddo?”

“No. It’s perfect.”

And everything really was perfect. It had been a whole year of self discovery, love, and acceptance. A whole year of Virgil, and his family.

A whole year of Sanders Sides.

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Taako is in Neverwinter. He doesn’t know why.

It’s definitely Neverwinter; he’s spent more time here since joining the BoB, he knows what the place looks like. He’s by his favorite boutique. Down the street he can see the bookstore Angus likes to visit, and he knows that two streets over is the florist and a tiny bakery that makes some of the best petit fours he’s ever had. But when he looks around, there’s not a single familiar face in the crowd.

He wanders, but there’s no additional context to go off of - it’s a nice day and he’d be thrilled at the prospect of a day off if he could just remember how the fuck he got here. There was nobody giving him weird looks, so as much as it feels like it, he didn’t just wake up. There’s no indication of magic around him, so it’s probably not an illusion. Maybe it’s some kind of prank? Maybe one of those chucklefucks stuffed him in a bubble and sent him on his way, unaware? If he finds out who’s responsible for this he’s going to bedazzle their entire fucking wardrobe.

Taako pulls out his stone and calls Magnus, because Magnus should be here somewhere. Taako usually can’t take two steps on a planetside day trip without an excitable Magnus trailing along. And if it was a prank it probably wasn’t his idea - this isn’t his style.

Magnus is in Raven’s Roost, and what the fuck.

“Why the fuck are you in Raven’s Roost?” Taako doesn’t notice how hard he’s clutching the stone.

Magnus laughs, the absolute ass. “Was I supposed to visit? You have actually tell me when you want me to come over, pretty sure that’s how it works. This another one of those last-minute family dinners? …am I allowed to bring the dogs this time?”

Visit, like he’s been there a while instead of here. Like he’s there a lot, even though Taako can’t think of one time Magnus has ever been planetside alone. Maybe he is in on the prank, maybe Carey is feeding him lines on the moon base right now.

“My dude, I see you daily whether I want to or not. You didn’t answer my question.”

Magnus laughs a little and it sounds uncomfortable this time. Like he’s not sure where Taako is going with this, like he wants to give the right answer but doesn’t know what Taako is asking for, and Taako doesn’t understand why he feels a sudden, nervous chill of familiarity. “I… live here?”

Definitely a prank, absolutely some kind of joke, that is the truth Taako is sticking to even though Magnus couldn’t lie to save his life and his voice should be cracking with laughter instead of even and sure. He’s kidding. He has to be kidding. “Uh huh, okay. So if you’re not coming back I can start renting out your room on the base, yeah? Taako could use a little extra income.”

There is a silence that Taako doesn’t like for a long moment, and something in Magnus’s voice has changed when he speaks again. “Where are you right now?”

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A surprising and amazing thing has happened. My parents peacefully agreed not to move in with me. 0 aggression. 0 guilting. They decided that as long as I pay back the money they gave me for the down payment they’re gonna let it go. So my friends can move in with me. I’m just waiting for something really really bad to happen. Because my life can not be looking up this much. I’m kinda in shock. I might actually be happy? Like, I’m gonna live in a big beautiful house. With people I really like and enjoy being around? And it’s gonna be super cheap because we’re splitting all the bills between the four of us? That’s too good to be true, something is gonna go very wrong soon.


After staring at a half written fic for the past four days, I have decided to go on yet another writing hiatus. The last time I actually went on one (back in April) it lasted a few weeks or so and that’s probably what’s going to happen here. I just need time to relax and trying to write seems to be adding to the stress. Anyway, I’m also transferring my Fics from here to AO3 and those might go through some editing so BOLO. That is all.

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Hi Ladies! Do you have any advice on starting a side hustle? My college is in a very small city type place with four other colleges in the immediate area so actually getting a part time job doing anything is so incredibly difficult because EVERY college kid wants that job. I'm going crazy with no income coming in (plus thousands of dollars in tuition going out) and I feel like I'm ruing my financial future. Help?

Fear not, our darling yet ambitious baby penguin. You have so many options!

So. You’re living in a small college town glutted with college students all competing for the same meager handful of part-time jobs. You need work that will grant you a flexible schedule so you can go to class and get your homework done. 

Welcome to… the Internet.

Here you don’t have to compete for a handful of jobs with your geographic neighbors. Here you compete with the global population for a metric bajillion jobs! Here you won’t have to be beholden to a brick and mortar business’s constricting schedule. On the Internet, you can make your own work schedule.

The Penny Hoarder has a great list of online jobs that pay a decent wage. In particular, I highly recommend virtual assistant and online tutor, as I have friends who have managed to make those jobs work really well for them. But remember to think outside the box: what kind of virtual services would you pay for? What kind of virtual services can you offer to people in your community? 

You can advertise your services on places like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Nextdoor. Troll the same sites for job offers and requests for help. 

Once you’ve found your flexible online niche, remember to properly value your work. Don’t under-charge customers, and don’t burn out your mind side-hustling to pay for your education.

Good luck. You’re going to be great.

voltron s4e1-4 (spoilers below)

since ive been catching up on my shows w my roomie i’m not done w voltron yet, so ive got two eps to go but its just killing me inside to NOT HAVE MORE

1) yes the coalition is huge now but that graveyard scene was horrifying… how many more must die to achieve peace

2) tbh im not 100% sold on zarkon actually being healthy and hale!!!! his new armor fully covers him from head to toe and we didnt actually see or hear him awake and mobile before the new gearing-up sequence. i’ll bet he’s honestly really fried and haggar, freshly aware of her forgotten past (and able to shift back into her altean coloring!!!! to stare at her dang self in a mirror obv) prolly totally remembers being in love w him and hooked him up w some kinda morally dubious life support armor…

3) that being said, this new kind of quintessence is kinda horrifying tbh… if the og quintessence was basically just pure life force juice… then what’s this new shit, zombie juice???????

4) lotor is a shady bitch and he!!!! sus af!!!! tbh we’ve known since season 3 that his true motives are entirely unclear and till now everything’s just been WMS, but now that we know he’s not as chill with his girl squad as we thought and he gives even less of a fuck about the empire than he let on… he’s not big bad 2.0, sus third party lotor confirmed!!!! all we truly know is that in his time as temperor (temp emperor) he was all for uniting part-galrans and others into the empire, wanted to distance himself from zarkon’s single-minded policies and was keeping secrets from haggar. who is, lets be real here, totally his mom. he’s just an alt palette purple altean cmon. so the sicline ships are what, voltron 2.0??????? whats the fuckin plan you shady ho

5) allura is a pure and im love her. poor coran just wanted to help but dont do drugs kids. lance is a farm boy and he’s got some very real bitterness brewing. hunk is fucking sick of being flanderized but pidge and matt has actually been treating him w the respect he deserves. pidge and matt were the best part of this season. also pidge is 100% a trans girl. not a new observation just reiterating a truth okay. she is my perfect baby child and im so happy we went from super angsty alone baby to a happy bouncy COMPLETELY BADASS BABY!!!! also matt is my new best big bro award nerd loser superpure im lov u baby

6) keith leveled up (down????) from emo knife teen to Ultra Depressed I Gotta Do This On My Own Angsty Deep End Capslock!Harry Super Tragedy Baby. everything he did in ep 1 was really not that smart but tbh i cant blame him because like TBH???? i dont think kolivan is a good leader!!!! he wasnt doing what was best, he is seriously all to ready to treat marmora agents like expendable trash nuggets. and tbh i kinda dont think that shiro wasnt treating keith right either. nobody was even trying to understand keith’s motivations and why he’s so violently rejecting leadership or responsibility for voltron at all. im under the alarming but unshakeable impression that the shady sus fucks are sort of worming into his head and feeding into these v unhealthy thought processes… for months he’s been lotor lotor lotor because the guy very successfully managed to convince him in like three fights that he’s an entirely incapable leader and a useless dead weight for the team. with nothing new happening and everyone around him not letting him digest his identity as a galra and mysteries about his past or the lion switching mess, no fucking wonder the poor boy is spiraling down

7) im dont trust “shiro”

8) im D O N T trust “”“"shiro”“”“!!!!

9) bii boh bi is literally just a goddamn korean webtoon shitpost placeholder scribble come to life, i love him

10) the alteans never domesticated mammals… do their native mammals not do the milk thing?? are we even sure theyre mammals themselves???? allura did u ever suck ur moms tit

11) im like 99.999999999999999999927% sure that narti warged into that cat before getting offed (also holt shit lotor just shanked her, like gutted her in like half a second he murked her without even T H I N K I N G) (i thought the squad was tight!!!! guess fucking not)

12) okay so for real though. listen, the coalition is obviously a genuine threat now. multiple planets and star systems have now rallied under the voltron rebel banner. but listen, communication between them and voltron doesnt seem that great as of yet. so far all that seems to be in the castle database is their locations… theyre not shown to be in constant contact outside of the promotion and team voltron shuttling refugees and organizing new fortresses. we see fights happening between other subjugated peoples/rebel bases and the galra squadrons tryna squash insurgents but voltron wasnt even in contact with the blue guy or te-osh and whoever matt and his team were aligned with before, even though they seemed to have a REALLY EFFECTIVE AND USEFUL communication system between them. obviously a huge security risk and liability if left to galra hands so it wasnt super widely distributed, but this network really honestly should have been in contact w team voltron earlier if they had this many resources. voltron is currently running around the whole galaxy responding to individual attacks and threats instead of being a more stable base of smarter operations but even though they have a lot of support now and many wins under the belt, even their awesome alliance w the blade of marmora doesnt seem super effective cuz theyre not always on the same page. basically i know time is limited and sus bitches like lotor are unpredictable and as such must be carefully dealt with and theyre still not vast enough to really take the galra head-on, but their system is still so messy… at this point its not that encouraging that they have to CONVINCE people that voltron has a fighting chance even though by the fourth ep of season four they can cut down three whole armadas with their OP bayards in like ten seconds without breaking a sweat… like okay we have PR and growing numbers but not a good secure comm line w the other rebels????

13) ‘the voltron show’ was literally just ember island players but in reverse!!!! not others flanderizing the squad as propaganda but them having to flanderize their own damn selves for PR… thats so fuckin meta i hate this show

14) IM WATCHING YOU "SHIRO”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15) anyway i hope the last two eps lay at least some of these to rest… these children have been in space for probably a year or over now (considering that we’ve had at least two timeskips of 'a few months’ each) why cant they catch a fuckin break

yes hello it’s me

the nerd who couldn’t resist buying this set of four 66actions but has no time to pose them properly right now

so they sit on top of my desk

and i am Blessed every time i look up

thank you, little bug children


4:56pm // 1/100

Trying this 100 days of productivity once again. Yesterday, my (Introduction to) International Relations class took place for the first time. I’m extremely interested in politics (after all, I want to make it my career), but damn the expectations are high. It’s definitely going to be the class with the heaviest workload this semester. I started reading some introductory texts today, and I’ll have to read a whole lot more until next week. In November I’ll have to give a presentation on US-Russia relations and the conflict during the Cold War.

Now that the first week of the semester is over, I need to start getting organized in general. Ideally, I’d go back to my senior year of high school level of organized & motivated, but we’ll see. Besides all the work for my politics class I also still have to read four books over the weekend. Is this what it actually feels like to be in college?

feeling-positively-pessimistic  asked:

Quick question about the guard gang! ✨ You mentioned on dA that Anyara and Kizia are both officers. Is it fairly common in the Wurr world for females to be high-ranking? Or does it depend more on each individual group of dogs? What about the hounds? Okay maybe not such a quick question after all lol

In the world of Wurr genders are treated as equal in pretty much everywhere. So individual differences are more up to personality, skill and experience and such.

So in a “military” setting like the guard station, females have about as big of a chance to be promoted to copper collars as males are, and Bear’s Rock (the one the comic follows) actually has a 50/50 gender rate with them. The fact that both of the pursuit party’s officers are female is purely coincidental.

(It’s just that at the point where going after the hound gang became an immediate thing and someone had to be left behind to watch over the station, there was three copper plates present of their usual four, and out of the three I picked the ones that were easiest to draw to go with the group. Nothing against Thiolas’ brother, but geesh them markings. I already have to remember so many characters who are basically just background flavor that when I had to drop someone, I picked the one that would have caused me more headache that the other options.)

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Hi it's been a stressful couple of days at work please tell me about Nico and Will and their disaster relationship

I’ve said this before, but I’m still really curious about the lead up to them actually dating.

Because you’ve got Nico who has just gotten over a formative and painfully intense crush where he spent the whole time anxious and guilty and jealous and hopeless and desperately trying to keep it secret. And so probably he’s not going to be great at openly expressing feelings right away? Also, he’s just so happy to finally have, like, four whole friends* and still adjusting to that.

So I’d guess that even after figuring out he has a crush on Will, which we pretty much get by the end of HoO, he’d still be laser-like focused on figuring out the “I have friends now” thing. And of course he doesn’t want to repeat the thing he did with Percy where he constantly ran away from him and missed out on friendhood. Will is a cool dude, even if he’s wrong about lots of things! Nico is going to be his friend and not mess this one up! He can worry about whether Will wants to be his boyfriend several years down the line when they’re best friends and Nico has consulted some textbooks on how to flirt.

Further indubitable fact: Nico has no idea what flirting looks like.

So I can’t help imagining Will on an increasingly unsubtle flirting campaign while Nico is just nodding to himself going “Yep, I’m doing great at friendship, soon I may have five whole friends.”  

HOW DID THIS END WHAT DID WILL HAVE TO DO TO GET NICO TO REALIZE HE WANTED TO DATE HIM? Or did Nico finally decide to ask a boy out on his own initiative and if so how many people did he have to consult first??? How awkward were those conversations for Nico and how much did he want to build a dirt fort around himself and never come out????

I just have a lot of questions.

*The number is definitely higher, but Nico’s sticking to a conservative estimate.

Alright here’s the thing, I like Jack, but seeing him struggle with himself like this makes me miss Castiel even more! Because he’d actually KNOW what to do with him, how to guide him. Cass wouldn’t waste his time fighting over whether Jack is going to turn evil or not or whatever, while the poor kid gets traumatized to the point where he tries to kill himself FOUR DAYS after being born. At least Sam is trying to be positive, but his reasoning is using him as a weapon to fight what comes next. Dean is…well. What is this? Parenting? Grieving? Self-doubt because “he reminds me of too much of my dead buddy”? I call bullshit.

Give me back my angel. Don’t take away from him what’s his… But of course, that’s exactly what they’re gonna do. He will have his memory wiped, he will meet a broken Jack, are they going to end up making Cass kill Jack? Well fuck that.

SO YES the golf bag is real and it is so much better than I could have imagined.

1. It’s the most awful pattern of black and white. I hope this isn’t something they actually market, because…look at that. Also, it lacks gold trim or red highlights–both of which we know a certain someone is a fan of. 

2. His name is on it in freaking impact font like it’s some sort of garbage meme.

3. His name is President Trump–meaning that if/when he leaves, it’s either going to stick with him as a reminder of his failures and the worst four-or-fewer years of his life, or it’s going to be sold and discarded like the rubbish that is his tenure.

4. His name is on a golf bag. This is his legacy.

5. They have the “Stanley Cup Champions” there to remind him of what quality looks like. They’re tooting their own horn, signing this piece of magnificent trolling like a professional graffiti artist tagging their work. 

6. I can’t get over the Adidas logo for some reason. It’s just…up there at the top. Garish, gaudy, another piece of product placement along with everything else. Trump doesn’t even get to have his name adorning this thing along, it’s crowded in there with two other logos. 

7. They gave him a golf bag instead of a jersey. They broke with a longstanding tradition to give him a half-joke, half-insult. 

I’m proud of them for this. It’s so hideous.

Season 4
  • me: it's a kid's show! they're not going to actually kill anyone off! everyone with these crazy dark theories needs to relax!
  • me: *watches season four*
  • me: *whispering* no one is safe anymore.

not to be That Bitch and overanalyze every one of keith and lance’s interactions, but in season four episode one, lance was the most vocally upset about keith being away with the blade. obviously everyone else was, too, but lance kept bringing it up, saying keith was going to miss a show or team voltron couldn’t beat someone without him and like…we already know lance covers up a lot of what he’s actually feeling with lies/bravado/whatever, so i’m fairly certain that lance was upset keith wasn’t with team voltron not because of a subpar show or a hard villain to beat (though that’s probably partially it), but because, well, he likes keith.

Things Bruce has definitely said to his boys

“No. You can not wear your boxers around the house. We are not barn animals.”

“It is not okay to draw obscenities on your brothers forehead with lipstick while he’s sleeping.”

“Do not bake churros in the kitchen at four in the morning ever again.”

*doesn’t use intercom, yells from kitchen* “DICK!! Bring the thirty six cereal bowls down from your room, NOW!”

“You spent $3000 at Mc Donald’s in the past week? How, is, that, even, possible?”

“Where did all the decorative pinecones in the front entrance go?”

“Alfred told me he washed an entire wall in one of the upstarts washrooms that was covered with piss. Who and how?

“Using your brothers mattress as a sled to slide down the stairs is not acceptable. Nor are actual sleds.”

“Stop blasting Ariana Grande in the bat cave. I’m sick of hearing ‘Can’t a princess be a bad bitch,’ when I come home after patrol.”

“No, it is not okay to pee out your window. There’s twelve bathrooms in this house. Use one.”

“Is that a Metropolis State jersey? Take it off.”

“Why is there a butter knife sticking from Tim’s door? How did you even stick it in there, this is solid oak.”

“Do not dress up as a clown and stalk through the house at three in the morning again. Are you trying to scare your father to death?”

“Why is there satanic runes written with Nutella across the floor of the den?”

“There are twenty tubs of ice cream in the freezer. Get rid of them.”

“I do not want to catch you cussing at your brothers in Arabic, Mandarin, or any other language ever again.”

“Pizza is not considered an adequate meal. Nor is Taco Bell, taco Tuesday is not a holiday in this family.”

“Why are you wearing your sisters Lululemon leggings? …I don’t care if it was a bet. Take them off.”

“No, you can’t dump lukewarm coffee on your brother.”

“Go for a run before I shave your hair off in your sleep. You’re driving me mad with your complaining.”

“No, you can not shoot your brothers with rubber bullets…. even if they deserve it.”

“I pay for your adventures, you pay me with silence after five o'clock.”

“No, we can not put a freezer dedicated to ham in the bat cave.”

“Send me a picture of a clean room and Alfred will restore the wifi. And don’t even think about hacking or you won’t see the light of day for a week.”

“You bought fifteen boxes of Lucky Charms. I don’t even know what to say to that.”

*whispers* “For fucks sake.” *louder* “Why is there ground beef in the dryer!!”

“Did you actually put that Cheeto you found on the sidewalk in your mouth? Be thankful I have the money for healthy care.”

Imagine Jack spilling to you what Dean thinks, and practically feels, of you when he reads his mind.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait.” Dean raised a hand, stopping Jack from drinking his beer “How old do you think you are?” he asked, mouth half full as you and Sam shared a look.

“Uh 3 days, 17 hours and 42 minutes.” Jack replied precisely to the question and seeing the look on Dean’s face almost made you choke on your own drink. It was priceless to say the least. Barely at four days old and the young man had already outsassed the older Winchester, well this was going to be fun. Dean just shook his head and took a sip of his beer, Jack watching closely and doing the same at the exact almost moment.

“So-” Jack cleared his throat, looking at you “You are my aunt, right?”

“Uh well-” you smiled “Was, actually. I’m no longer an angel, I fell and after building a vessel things happened and… there is no angel mojo in me anymore. So I am practically human.”

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Steve/Bucky whoops drunk texted the BFF you’re into him trope

Bucky: Sometimes I look at you and want you so badly I forget

Bucky: I forget that we’ve been friends for over a decade

Bucky: I forget why it’s a bad idea

Bucky: All I think about is touching you and how you’d taste and that we’re probably perfect for each other

Bucky: I forget to forget


Bucky woke up to the sun shining in through a crack in his closed curtains and hitting his eyes dead on.  He groaned, throwing his arm over his eyes, and rolled over so his face was smooshed into his pillow.  His mouth was dry and tasted like fermented things, and his head hurt from drinking too much the night before.

He tried to focus on when he’d finally left the bar and wandered home, but all he could remember was the string of texts he’d sent Steve and he ended up pushing himself up into a sitting position so fast he experienced a dizzy moment of vertigo.

He might puke and not from the hangover.

His phone was plugged into the charger right where he always left it, looking innocuous and not like it had betrayed the secret he’d managed to keep for the last five years.  Tentatively he reached out and picked it up, pressing the button to turn on the lockscreen.

Steve: WHAT

Well, Bucky thought, maybe it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.  Maybe he hadn’t sent everything he thought he sent.  Steve was likely to all-caps WHAT to Bucky for half of his drunk texts, mostly because Bucky got philosophical and started quoting obscure Aristotelian theories to him.  Bucky liked to joke he was smarter while drunk while Steve rolled his eyes and told him that maybe if he stopped underrepresenting his own intelligence all the time it wouldn’t seem that way.

Well, Bucky thought a little hysterically as he stared at the chain of texts he’d sent Steve the night before, where was all that intelligence now?

Fuck.  He was so stupid.

He closed his eyes for a moment and tried not to think about his whole world caving in.  Yeah.

It was somehow worse that Steve had sent WHAT more than half an hour before and then hadn’t followed it up with anything.  Somehow, Bucky had almost expected to wake up to a confession in return, or at least something more definitive.  

Fuck. He scrubbed his hand over his face. This was the worst.  Now he had to decide whether to make the brave move again and he wasn’t drunk this time to make it seem like a good idea.

He was just considering the merits of haha yeah you’re hot :p but idk what I drank last night to encourage this VS. I meant every word when someone unlocked the door to his apartment.

Bucky was holding his phone and staring at his bedroom door with a wide-eyed sort of panic when Steve burst into it.

“WHAT?” he said in person, staring at Bucky and sweating a little like he’d run up all four flights of stairs to Bucky’s apartment after speed-walking over.

Bucky stared at him and then wordlessly held up his phone.

Steve stared back.

“Did you drunk confess to me?” Steve asked, sounding a bit strangled.

“I’m not going to sober confess it to you,” Bucky pointed out, wry and vaguely annoyed that Steve came over for this conversation so he had to actually look at him.  Steve was way too polite and gentlemanly and well raised. He needed to get with the generation who texted this type of shit like Bucky had, apparently.  

“Why not?”

“Why?  That’s not the type of thing you tell your best friend.  Oh hey Steve so sometimes I don’t think of you platonically, so now you’re going to feel weird around me when we cuddle on the couch during movies and shift away from potential boners.”

“Try this: Oh hey Bucky, maybe I wouldn’t shift away from them if I knew they existed!”


“EXACTLY,” Steve yelled back, looking way too smug and vindicated for this moment. What an asshole.

“I… what?” Bucky repeated.  He stared at Steve silently for a few moments. The moment was ladened.  “Are we going to make out now?”

“It smells like beer sweats and regret in here,” Steve pointed out, wrinkling his nose.  “I’m going to go home and get ready for work and you’re going back to sleep.  Then you’re going to shower and come over for a movie tonight.”


“Bring your potential boners,” Steve said as a parting shot as he walked out of the bedroom.

Yeah, like Bucky was going to sleep after that.

Hey guys, mini thing about newsies

So far, Newsies has 5 stars on Netflix. This was obviously expected but I wanted to just say, make sure you rate it. Rate it 5 stars even if you’re not a huge fan of Newsies. Why? Because if Netflix sees that more people enjoy the professionally filmed musicals then we may get more.

If Newsies has five stars then it will send out the message that yes, these musicals make money. It will send out the message that people would pay to see these recordings. Through this, we may get more professionally filmed musicals. The more stars this gets the more likely it will be that more musicals will go up.

So yes, even if you think Newsies is only a 4 or 3 star musical, give it a five. If you give it a five, eventually your favorite musical might just be filmed and sold/posted as well.

If your favorite musical has closed but is doing a stage tour, then we could get a recording of the tour. That still ends with us getting professionally filmed shows. This is actually a huge step forward for us to get easily accessible shows that also supports the cast and crew. So yes. Give it five stars. If you see it drop to four, make a new account under your bill and rate it. Have every one you know give it fives. This is important guys.