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I'm planning on going to columbia college for theatre so stay there for a lil while longer and lets be friends

i actually already have like four to five friends soooo


Team Vampire Weekend (via Rolling Stone FB Live): Did you get another Honda in tribute to the old VW Honda?

CT: You know what? What’s today, Thursday? Six days ago, I did. But not necessarily in tribute to the original–well I guess if you want to say that. But, sort of back to touring with four people and not a ton of gear, so I bought–it served me well, it served us well - not just me, us well. I kept one of the license plates, shhhh. For a long time it got us where we needed to go and, you know, Honda has one of the best resale values on the market, let’s not forget that. Especially when you buy certified pre-owned like I did. So yeah, I do have a new Honda actually, but the plan is not to keep it for 10 years necessarily. The plan is to–it’s more utilitarian, to use it as it’s applicable for touring and then probably move on, to a more sensible mid-sized sedan.

(Pictured above: CT with Vampire Weekend’s Honda (their former tour van) near its resting place in Roanoke, VA; CT with his newly acquired certified pre-owned Honda prior to beginning his first DotW tour.)

Eob Bvans AU

(The very beginning of this is based on actual events that happened to me at a Mysterious Restaurant I am totally not naming. Only like the four bullets are the Real Life Inspiration.)

Keith and Shiro go to the local Eob Bvan’s for some dinner.

Their waiter is Lance who walks them to the table and seems to be talking to Keith more than Shiro. This is a thing that continues.

When they finish, Shiro is the one who pays and is like, “Wow Keith, I thought he was going to write his number on the back for you up until he realised I was paying.”

Keith is, of course, confused and asks why he would do that. Like… “why??? His employee number? Is there a survey?”

Shiro is not even sure if he should explain and gently guides Keith out after shooting Lance an apologetic look, because on the one hand he was shot down hard, but on the other, Sorry Waiter This Is My Brother.

So, Keith ends up going back because the food is good and this time Lance does. Keith, of course, thinks this is exactly what he thought it was before and does that little employee survey thing and is like, “Employee number ###-###-#### does good at his job even if he talks a lot. Don’t fire him.”

Keith seriously does not know how to fill out a damn employee survey like holy shit.

So, Allura who obviously owns the place (probably with Coran, idk) is looking over the reviews because she reads them to see how her people are doing. She gets to the one Keith submitted and is like, “…what? Why do I know this number???” Then her phone goes off because Lance wants to let her know he’s running late and it clicks.

Allura proceeds to laugh her ass off and doesn’t even yell at Lance because that was freaking hilarious.

(Also she frames the survey and hangs it behind the register to Lance’s later horror.)


EDIT: Here is THE FULL POST with the whole story.

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  • name: Patricia
  • nicknames: Trish or Tricia
  • zodiac sign: aries
  • height: 5′8″ (172 cm)
  • orientation: north by northeast
  • ethnicity: Swedish, among other things, but I feel like this is actually asking for my race - which is white
  • favorite fruit: mango!
  • favorite season: autumn
  • favorite book: Jane Eyre (even though I’ve only read it once and watched the movie four times)
  • favorite flower: roses
  • favorite scent: the ocean
  • favorite color: pastel pink
  • favorite animal: cats
  • average sleep hours: 8, plus naps
  • cat or dog person: i love both, gotta go with cats though
  • favorite fictional character: not sure…possibly John Watson from the Sherlock Holmes novels
  • the number of blankets you sleep with: two
  • dream trip: road trip all over North America with friends
  • blog created: I’ve had this account since 2012, but it was terrible and I never used it consistently until sort of recently
  • number of followers: currently 180 - i swear if i did not block porn bots i’d have like 500

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I do take some small, cold, bitter satisfaction in one thing, and that’s the fact that Trump is going to be absolutely fucking miserable for the next four years. 

He’s an entertainer and an attention whore, not a public servant. He wants to be on TV and in front of crowds, not actually working a difficult, grueling, stressful job he can’t opt out of. He’s going to have to sit through SO many meetings, be forced to read SO many briefings, get shoehorned into serious business all day every day, without crowds to perform for, and he’s going to hate Every. Single. Minute. 

And then, when he doesn’t deliver on his promises, when he doesn’t build the wall or create jobs or make people rich, when it becomes clear how incompetent and buffoonish he is, the country and all his supporters will turn on him. They’re gonna start blaming him for everything, and those crowds that cheered for him are going to start booing. He’ll be humiliated at every turn, and leave office with the lowest approval rating ever, and he’ll be universally despised. 

Because if he’d lost to Hillary, he would have played the martyr forever, called everything rigged, and had a cushy gig on Fox News complaining every day about how he would have done it better. But now he’s going to have to actually WORK, he’s going to be forced to deal with RESPONSIBILITIES, while surrounded by people who hate him and don’t respect him, people vastly more intelligent and competent than him, and he will be exposed as a loser. And then, we’ll fire him. He’ll go down as the worst president in history. And he’ll have no one to blame but himself. 

I know this isn’t much against the fear of what’s going to happen, but friends, hear me. We are going to make Donald Trump’s life a living nightmare, and I for one take immense pleasure from that.
33 Science Facts We Didn't Know At The Start Of 2016
Good news for Einstein, bad news for anyone who likes red squirrels.
By Kelly Oakes

1. Gravitational waves exist.

2. There’s an Earth-like planet just four light years away.

3. It’s possible for a computer to beat a human world champion at Go.

4. The Zika virus does indeed cause microcephaly, a medical condition in which the brain doesn’t develop properly.

5. It turns out there are actually four species of giraffe, not just one.

6. Some red squirrels in Britain carry a strain of leprosy seen in humans in the Middle Ages.

7. There’s a 54 billion cubic feet reserve of helium gas in Tanzania.

8. There’s an underwater “lost city” off a Greek island that is actually just a group of naturally-formed weirdly uniform rocks.

9. There’s a mysterious, slow-moving deep-sea shark that has been found to live for nearly 400 years.

10. Human penises might have lost their baculum, aka penis bone, when our species became monogamous.

11. The largest prime known prime number is 274,207,281 − 1. It’s 5 million digits longer than the previous record prime number.

12. There might be a ninth planet in our solar system, 10 times bigger than Earth and orbiting 20 times farther away than Neptune, on average.

13. Earth has got a sort of second moon (more accurately, a quasi-satellite) with the catchy name (469219) 2016 HO3.

14. Ninety-nine million years ago a little dinosaur got its tail trapped in amber, and its tail feathers were preserved.

15. Pluto’s atmosphere is more compact and cold than we previously thought.

16. And around the dwarf planet’s famous heart-shaped region, there’s a huge variety of terrains.

17. A bunch of stars went supernova close to Earth 3.2 and 1.7 million years ago.

18. The lost Philae spacecraft’s final resting place on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is in the shadow of a boulder.

19. There is a giant planet with three suns 320 light years away.

20. Ducklings can recognise the concepts of “same” and “different”.

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NOVA Next: Going Vegan Isn’t the Most Sustainable Option for Humanity

The vegan diet uses no perennial cropland, making it a less effective use of land than you might suspect.

Researchers found that the carrying capacity—the size of the population that can be supported indefinitely by the resources of an ecosystem—of the vegan diet is actually less substantial than two of the vegetarian diets and two out of the four omnivorous diets they studied.

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Okay, I just realized this, and it’s kind of amazing.

See, during A Date with Markiplier, he tends to give you two different choices to choose from.

And then when you go to Darkiplier, he insists of giving you four options, “more than what he could give you”.

Except…not really.

Three of these options are just previous, old, Darkiplier videos.  Only one actually proceeds the plot.  So in a sense, he’s only given us one choice.  But then again, this makes sense, as in his words:

  • It calls itself Jimothy, in a voice that bypasses the ears entirely. It seems very proud of this Human Name.
  • On all fours, it’s roughly the size of a horse.
  • Its skin (?) is a black that reflects so little light that it looks more like a nightmare-shaped hole in the world than an actual creature.
  • Despite looking like, let me state this again for emphasis, a goddamn nightmare, Jimothy is probably the most benign of the Fair Folk who show up regularly around campus over the last decade or so (they come and go).
  • It has virtually no interest in the favortrade, it very very rarely takes offense to anything, and it doesn’t seem to mind being seen. It’s attitude towards the students is best described as vague disinterest.
  • It’s not entirely clear that it understands human hand gestures (thumbs up, finger guns, peace signs), but it does its level best to mimic them back at you, and seems delighted about it.
  • It fuckin loves plastic jewel beads. It exclusively buys them with its own teeth.
  • Anyone who has been close enough to make this trade will tell you that the teeth go all the way down. There are more teeth lining this thing’s mouth and throat than from the outside it appears to have mouth and throat.
  • Jimothy is a particular favorite among science-minded students of the Forbidden Major, as its teeth are both the easiest biological material from Elsewhere to acquire and the safest to own, being fairly purchased.
  • It follows that in a heavily, heavily salted room on the third floor of the chemistry building, students of the forbidden major carry out experiments on the teeth. They have discovered nothing useful yet.
  • A few of the cannier students wonder why Jimothy is so content to bargain away pieces of itself, when such a thing is so taboo among the rest of the Gentry that even asking for a lock of hair can bring fierce, sudden punishment upon you. Most write it off as an oddity. They are not entirely wrong.
  • Due to its laid back attitude and apparently harmless quirks, it’s regarded with a kind of cautious affection by Involved students.

I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.

“Mind the Gap” - “The Lost Special” (a train story by Doyle) - Moriarty going “choo choo!” for no apparent reason. We’re going back to the concept laid out for us in The Empty Hearse. A traincar was detached and hid away because it was carrying a bomb. Nobody noticed except the one loser who watches the footage all day (rude). The bomb was shaped like a human heart - blue and red with four chambers. We all know what explosions mean in subtext, come on, it was going to erupt out of phallic Elizabeth Tower for crying out loud. We know the bomb was stopped at 1/28 and 1/29 – the day before John and Sherlock met versus the day they actually met. We know they hid the bomb in Sumatra Road – the fake station. We know Sherlock changes the ending of “Death in Samarra” to “Death in Sumatra” – meaning we saw the fake one that’s hiding the detached bomb.

You guys, they’re about to drop a bomb and they’ve detached it from the rest of series and then went into hiding just like the driver and Lord Moran. And just like Lord Moran, the code for setting off that bomb is the actual date. So. Is the code “220117”, meaning today? Or is the code “290117”? Moran’s was November 5th. Perhaps we should take a watch of The Final Problem to find our six digit code for the bomb they detached.

The game is fucking ON

idea: the joker, compelled even against his own interests to do whatever he thinks would be funniest. the joker may be a sadist with a really shitty sense of humor but even he knows a high-quality punchline when he sees one. his obsession with batman is rooted in batman’s unfailing ability to trick the joker into a better gag that gets him captured. the joker gets chased into a room with plenty of really great hiding places and escape routes, but also a slender pole in the middle of the room. he has to hide behind the fucking pole. he’s gotta. how can he not go for the hiding behind a pole gag. there’s three doors but there’s also a joker-shaped hole in the wall that will make it look like he broke through the wall. it’s a four-story drop into a bakery dumpster full of pies. the joker is obsessed with batman because deep in his heart he knows that batman is actually funnier than he is but instead he spends his time standing on rooftops in the rain being a stoic piece of shit. the joker is salieri, and batman is a mozart that decided to go into carpentry.

When I remember that [adult swim] is airing all four seasons of Samurai Jack leading up to the premiere of season 5

When I remember the fandom will be revived after over ten years of me in my corner with like ten other people

When I remember the fandom will be revived

When I remember there’s going to be an actual fandom that will go looking for fan content from the last ten years and they’re going to find me

When I remember I have ten years of fan content that people are going to find

When I remember what kind of fan content I have been making

Omg I finished it!! This took longer than expected but its done. This was actually meant to be part of a bigger painting with the four main girls from eos but Im going to try and do them separately and later join them together. More art coming soon. BTW Thank you for a 1k followers!!!

Character belongs to @sjmaas

This painting will be available in my Redbubble if you would like to purchase it. 

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!


Colour-changing burns bandages begin clinical trials

Bandages that change colour and glow when a wound gets infected could be manufactured as early as 2017 if clinical trials go well. 

The bandages, developed at the University of Bath, are being tested with patient samples from four UK hospitals to statistically determine how effective they are. 

Sadly burns often have symptoms of infection but actual infection is much rarer. At the moment infection diagnosis takes up to two days and requires removing dressings, a painful and upsetting process for burns patients which can slow healing and cause scarring. Antibiotics are also prescribed as a precaution while the tests are conducted.

Colour-changing bandages would give an early-warning that real infection is taking hold, meaning medics could provide better and quicker treatment. 

The bandage contains gel in tiny capsules. When infection-causing bacteria are present the capsules dissolve and release the gel which then fluoresces bright yellowy-green, alerting patients and medics to the problem. 

If they do make it onto wards the bandages would not only improve treatment but save money through cutting down on the cost of tests and drug prescriptions. They would also help tackle the threat of drug-resistant bacteria because there wouldn’t be a need to prescribe as many antibiotics as a precaution. 

Images: University of Bath

addressing common mistakes i see in hockey fic
  • only rookies would have a roommate and they’d be the same roommate the whole time. it’s actually written in the CBA that non-rookies/non-callups would not have a roommate. If there are an uneven amount of rookies then one of them would not have a roommate and let’s say a call up happened, they’d room with the extra rookie.
  • NHL players only get 4 days every month where they aren’t doing ANYTHING like games, practices, skates, or travel. only FOUR DAYS.
  • optional practice is not actually optional practice. it’s optional skate which means you still have to GO but you don’t have to actually physically skate on the ice. furthermore even if it was optional to go to the actual practice the captain would NEVER be allowed to miss it.

i love sense8 like. of the 8 main characters, four are women. there isnt one token lgbt character, but at FOUR in canon (bonus: actual trans girl casted to play trans girl). all the characters are super complex and interesting people. there are biracial couples. it depicts both healthy and complicated relationships with parents. and my favorite is that it doesn’t go the ~edgy~ route with angst about how the world is a shitty place– ultimately the message is that humanity is beautiful because it’s based on empathy and emotion and friendship and everyone is connected and i just LOVE this show

fanfic prompts for writers

send a number and pairing to the blogger!

  1. we pretend to be a couple to get on a couples game show and win the prize money
  2. laundry mix-up, we have to find a way to exchange our bags, but I don’t know how to tell you your DC underwear sucks- marvel is better
  3. I need to save you from the beep test before one of us passes out
  4. you are the announcer at an event, I am the participant, you accidently hit on me during the game/fair/dance & I go to talk to you after I stop laughing
  5. “okay, so you’re looking for our daughter who time traveled here?”
  6. you are the witch/wizard on 9th street and I am the poor patron who’s cursed been cursed by a succubus. Help me.
  7. your sexy dance is giving me a migraine, I go to show you how it’s done
  8. We are both in limbo and our deaths were somehow connected, we don’t know how, but we might as well go together to find out
  9. I am the museum curator and you can’t sleep inside the exhibit!! Stop moving the displays around at night for fun 
  10. DND game gone wrong
  11. revolution is upon us, I am the plucky newspaper reporter sent to stab you, you are the moderate trying to stop the bloodshed
  12. “Okay, I have to draw your freckles. Right now.”
  13. there is a rogue Roomba in our dorm playing music in the middle of the night, I go to try and track down the owner