there was absolutely no point

I need to work on not being bitter cause I really do not let anything go and at this point being bitter does absolutely nothing for me

Here’s the pic from the livestream! Basically wanted to sketch an aph Prussia w/ historical hair yay and i based his uniform off Baron Von Steuben’s? Haha I am always so decisive between making something Nice and Painterly and having Cool Linework so it ends up looking like this! hope the colors turned out ok though despite sHADING WITH BLACK at one point oooh

Also those tortilla hats are the absolute WORST i tell ya!! btw bonus the linework which i think looked kind of nicer by itself:


Luis Buñuel, Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog), 1929.

Other than this film’s popularity, what really drew me to this short was its almost absolute representation for some of the points André Breton has raised in the Surrealists’ first manifesto (that was in 1924, he wrote another one with perhaps a completely different content in 1929, and then even a third later that was not released).

Surrealism, I think, is not just about dreams and incorporating such with a presumed ‘reality’ on a canvas. Just like a lot of the other movements, there is more to this than it may seem (from the name itself, I mean).

Surrealism sprouted from the initial Dadaism (now Dadaism is crazy so we can only expect the same in this case), but with a more pre-determined (I suppose it’s not the right word but) approach to visual representation. This can be very confusing as they would much rather value the arbitrariness of “pure thinking” to that of the strict arrangement observed in, let’s say, paintings from the Italian “Renaissance.” 

In Breton’s first manifesto, he has brushed on a lot of things: from juvenile perception to psychoanalysis (Freud being their senpai tbh, although when Breton visited the old man in the early c1920, he didn’t get much support as Freud thought there can never be anything that can truly represent the unconscious, and to know about it is only through psychoanalysis). Freud’s concepts are what really propelled the first wave of Surrealists, I think, to reach new perceptive heights. Surrealism is about tapping into that scary notion of the unconscious, artists of the movement strove to represent what is in their heads (without regard for what is rational, what is ethical, what is proper, what is normal… etc) with various media. It is really interesting because they intend, a conscious decision, to reach into their unconscious - and then later their very dreams (there are so many things written about this, but my vocabulary is limited).

So going back to the short film, just as Breton touched on various concepts to describe Surrealism, so did the film. I would recommend you read Breton’s work (although it strongly focuses on surrealist texts: poetry and literature, I mean Breton was a writer, a poet, he wrote about the visual arts later) and then watch this film. 

*It was Buñuel’s dream about clouds cutting through a moon and Dali’s dream about ants and hands that formed the first contents of this short in 1928. That a cow eye. 

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I know predictions are useless, but if you HAD to make an educated guess, what do you think will/ could happen? It was so quiet today (aside from the selfie) and that's sketchy af to me.

Okay. You sent this last night I believe, but here is my wishful thinking mixed with what I think is most likely to happen but with absolutely zero timelines mixed in. This is basically just an order of events I would hope/expect to see played out as things have unfolded thus far.

I imagine we will be seeing more articles mentioning both Harry and Louis specifically by name. The baby and the JUNGLESCHNITZ family will also remain in articles for no particular reason. This is all to get ready for the denial.

However the denial is done, whether with a pat test coming back negative or proof the baby was never real in the first place, they’ve set Louis up as the doting father, so the storyline I expect at that point is he is “absolutely gutted” by the news. I imagine Niall will still be hiding and Liam will probably be off doing his own thing, but articles will specifically be written about how Harry is helping him cope with his disappointment and isn’t that just the most supportive bro pal ever? My guess is these articles will ask for privacy for both the JUNGLESCHNITZ fam and Louis.

That being said, within days I expect Louis to get papped out and about town, this time with Harry in tow. The articles will be about how Harry is helping him get through this tough time and how they’ve really reconnected over this ordeal. Articles will even more overtly start referring to Larry and that theory while still emphasizing they are just friends.

I believe that around this time there might also be an announcement regarding Azoff signing all the boys.

This is the beginning of what I expect to be a very short time in a glass closet. They will publicly be out and about together, and there might even be more romantic type storylines pairing them as a cute bromance. They’ll continue to tout the theory of Larry and pose the question of is it real.

Within weeks, I expect no longer than a month or so, the coming out will be official. My guess is it will be posed as an exclusive in an article and they will confirm via social media shortly after.

Again, this is partially wishful thinking, partially speculation. I am just a random LARRIE with no pr or entertainment experience, but it seems a possible plan to me. That being said, make sure you’re managing your expectations haha

1) as watered down and ill-paced as the confrontation between vivi and luffy is, it’s SUCH… A GOOD MOMENT FOR THEM…. one thing I love about one piece is Luffy absolutely hates martyrdom and the concept of self-sacrifice to the point of self-sabotage, and there’s just… Vivi loves her kingdom so much, she loves her people so much, she’s willing to risk her life and hers alone so no one has to die, but it’s not enough, Luffy’s the only one who points it out, and her first response is ‘what else could I possibly give” and the thing is if there was anything else she could personally offer it would be gone by now, she would’ve given it the second she could, and Luffy’s response, “our lives”, is just… the ultimate show of camaraderie, and it’s not selfless, of course it’s not, they wouldn’t be taking on a large criminal organization purely for kicks, but Vivi’s one of them now and by golly if her life is on the line theirs should be too! because! she’s not alone! she doesn’t have to do it alone! aaaAAAAAAAA

2) god I forgot how good this part of alabasta was for Usopp’s development, obviously they cut everything and only had his “A MAN CAN NEVER BACK DOWN WHEN THEIR NAKAMA’S DREAMS ARE INSULTED!! I BELIEVE IN LUFFY!!!” but the culmination of everything that led up to that moment, his defeat by bon clay (BY THE WAY I LOVE AND MISS BON CLAY WHEN WILL HE RETURN FOR REAL AND BE AN OFFICIAL HONORARY STRAWHAT), the fight against Mrs. Merry Christmas and the repeated exposure of his lies, especially in front of the most trusting crewmate, pretty much the only crewmate that looks up to him in this crew of ridiclous physical & mental powerhouses, but goddamn if he’s not protective of his friends and their dreams, just because he’s part of the weak trio doesn’t mean anyone gets to talk shit in front of him, I love Usopp

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Do you listen to the God Awful Movies podcast? They make fun of religious movies and I remember being so happy when it came out cause I LOVED watching you all talk about them on midnight screenings. You appearing on the GAMCast would be the apex of my life and everything would suck from that point onward

I haven’t, but I’ll absolutely give it a listen.

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Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. What lens did you use for the vanishing point shots? Really cool wide angle.

Thanks very much :) I wish I could say I used a fancy lens in this case, but it was just my phone’s camera along with the Google Camera app. The panorama mode in it has some interesting settings to create a faux wide-angle or even a complete “fish-eye” lens effect by stitching 9 - 20 individual pictures together then warping them a bit. 

The results can be a bit hit and miss, and doesn’t really work for moving scenes. So in the second picture for example you can see one of the people on the right is missing a foot .. sad times. It also creates a pretty inconsistently exposed image in situations like those streets where there’s a lot of shadow and light.. but if you mess around with it enough it can create some interesting images; especially if you take enough for a full 360 degree view, which ends up looking like this:

For the time being when I use my actual camera I’m just using my 14-42mm kit lens - if anyone has a good micro 4/3 recommendation I’m all ears!

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Hey friend I saw your reblog of the princess and the frog fancasting and just wanted to point out: Naveen is absolutely racially ambiguous but Bruno Campos is considered white Brazilian. I def agree w Ur evaluation of Oscar Isaac in the role but if they based Naveen off of Bruno it was bc of his personality and hopefully not his race. Which is white. Hope i make sense. I get stupid trying to explain my own nationality to people.

ahhhh it’s not a problem at all! Please forgive my ignorance on the subject! OTL

SO, the description on the disney wiki– I stg they have wiki for everything nowadays– states

“ Naveen is a lean and fairly well built, average sized young man with wavy, dark brown hair and amber eyes. He has a slightly lighter skin tone than Tiana and often seen wearing commoner clothes over prince-like clothing. By appearance, he resembles his voice actor Bruno Campos, who, as mentioned above, is Brazilian born, giving Naveen a Brazilian-esque appearance. “

which only adds ONTO THE AMOUNT OF SIDEEYE I GIVE THIS MOVIE OVERLY  but I guessing their logic was well THE VA IS BRAZILIAN LETS MAKE HIS CHARA ~brazilian infused~…..

so yeah…..

one thing about writing memoir is I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I selectively omitted stuff I’m ashamed of – but I would certainly do that – so I can’t write any memoirs unless I can get to a point of absolute honestly about my sinz–

Bummed about Gina, though.

She was barely written but she was nice (and she was nice to Raven and Bellamy, so points for her) and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her.

But this fucking show.

In one episode they killed off one girl and turned a previously good and brave girl into a ruthless traitor and both with the purpose of continuing Bellamy’s character assessination. Kill one female character and villify another just so you can push the brown boy into making shitty, ooc decisions.

This show is such garbage.

February 5th

It’s taken awhile to get to this point in time, a point where I have learned to love myself and be my own best friend. Self love and self care is just as important as loving and taking care of your pet, family member or best friend. Because without taking care of yourself, you can’t take care of others. It’s a process and a balance. There may be days where I feel like I can do anything, and others where I just want to stay on the couch and hide. Loving yourself doesn’t happen over night but you can start tonight. There is no right time to start and there is no absolute end point. Know your values and stick to them, be patient with yourself, fuel your body and treat it right- but most importantly, be you and love who you are.

  • Hillary supporters:Bernie just isn't experienced enough!
  • Bernie supporters:He's been an elected official for 32 years and before that he was an activist.
  • Hillary supporters:He's not electable!
  • Bernie supporters:Polls say he's beating every republican candidate in head to head match ups
  • Hillary supporters:He wants to raise taxes!
  • Bernie supporters:In order to eliminate health insurance premiums and college tuition. Unless you're a part of the top 1%, chances are his plans will save you money.
  • Hillary supporters:But.... he's a socialist!
  • Bernie supporters:He's a democratic socialist. All that means is he thinks the government should at least try to work for the benefit of working class and middle class people.
  • Hillary supporters:He's a straight white old man! Don't we have enough of those in politics already?
  • Bernie supporters:That's a really good point and representation is absolutely important. But I would rather have a man who is looking out for the best interests of marginalized people than a woman who isn't. Also, Bernie would be our first Jewish president.

let’s talk about daisy ridley okay bc this girl’s first film was star wars?? the biggest movie franchise of all time and she had no knowledge of what to expect coming onto a project this big but she absolutely killed it to the point where her character is so loved it has completely smashed the expectations of disney - and this girl is still the most humble and open person despite being cast in something that big at 21 years old. you literally can’t help but smile at her, and on top of the fact shes cute as hell she’s decided to go back to school to get a psychology degree whilst episode 8 is in production AND she’s producing an awesome movie about a young mongolian girl that totally deserves the attention daisy can bring to it. daisy ridley’s first movie role was the main character of a film that has completely busted records and im so glad it happened to someone this awesome

There are books that you really enjoyed and can write elegant, succinct reviews on them to share with everyone.

And then there are books that you love so much and any attempt to write a review results in incoherent excited babbling, lots of caps lock and exclamation points, and an absolutely unreadable review.

Everybody is submitting there Deadpool lap pics I wanted to join in too. Mine has the double bonus of me in my DP Christmas sweater.

Love this blog so much fun, thank you Mod. Love you so much Wade so excited for your movie it’s gonna be Freaking perfection!

Submitted by strawhatpirate9! Another cute patoot! And absolutely, bonus points for the sweater. That is a champion’s sweater. 

DP: I’ve… I’ve never seen him wear it. But I can’t imagine it’s possible for it to look any better than it does on you, baby! 

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LestatxLouis HC: Lestat often climbs into Louis's coffin at night cause he still cries over Claudia. He only does so around Louis cause the memory is so strongly associated with him.

#headcanon accepted

Oh definitely! ;A; Look what you made me dooo…

Just beginning to drift off, there was a soft rapping at my coffin. “Louis?”

Movement was difficult. Rather just stay down. Pretended to sleep.

“Louis, are you awake?”

He wouldn’t let up. “Can this wait ‘till tomorrow?“ 

A brief silence, and the rustling of fabric. He was probably wringing his hands.

I rallied my strength and pushed the lid of my coffin aside a few inches. “Well, what is it?”

When I saw his face I immediately regretted my tone. Tears wobbled in his eyes, a few red trails of tears already marked his cheek. He leaned back as if to step away.

“Oh, Lestat, I’m so sorry, please, what’s wrong?” I said, opening the lid enough to sit up and reach for him. He hesitated, then knelt down, shivering a little as our hands met.

“I- I miss her. A little girl tonight… I bought her a doll… and she smiled…” He managed, shoulders folding in like a bird’s wings. I was so drained, though, the sunrise was rapidly approaching. “She had sweet little dimples just like… just like…”

“Shhh, get in, here, there’s room for you,” I tossed out a few ragged old pillows I normally used. He was shaking a little as I guided him in, and let me arrange him. I shut the lid and fell back finally as he wrapped his arms around me. “Better?” I looked deeply into his eyes.

“Better.” He nuzzled into my hair. “You smell like her.” He took a few more deep breaths.

“So do you, Lestat.” I gripped him tighter, his hair brushing my face, took in his wholesome scent, and let the darkness take us both.

Leia Organa or Leia Skywalker?

Okay, I’ve seen people throwing the “You don’t think Leia’s a real Skywalker because you don’t think women count” strawman around a few places and I want to talk about it. Because this is easily one of the most interesting things about Leia. We know she’s Vader’s daughter (and actually more like her old man than Luke is), Luke’s sister, and force-sensitive, but are we erasing her when we label her and Luke the “Skywalker twins”?

From a certain point of view Leia is absolutely as much of a Skywalker as Luke is. And that point of view is Luke’s.

From another point of view, Leia is far more an Organa than she ever will be a Skywalker and Anakin is only her father because he somehow managed to knock up her kind, sad biological mother. By all indications in the films, that point of view is Leia’s.

In The Force Awakens, Leia is still going by the name Organa. She is coordinating a Resistance as a military/political leader, and has apparently never trained as a Jedi. She has rejected all of the Skywalker legacy options in favor of her adoptive parents. That’s not out of habit or to maintain the same identity she had pre-RotJ, because if it was why would she be so opposed to being called Princess rather than General? Her identity has grown, but it remains tied to her adoptive parents.

When Han mentions their son has too much Vader in him, she points out that’s why she sent him to Luke. Despite the fact that a lot of Leia’s personality comes from Anakin, she’s never identified with him and didn’t see herself as the natural person to bring those sorts of inclinations under control. Instead, she sends him to Luke, who identified as a Skywalker his whole life and sees Vader as his father.

And that’s a really big, really interesting difference between the twins. Leia was truly adopted by a different family, while Luke was raised as a guest of relatives who didn’t actually claim him. As much as Owen and Beru cared for him, in the end Luke learned to define family as his blood relations. Leia, being adopted into a loving family and knowing it learned to define family as the people who take you in and care for you.

You can see this when you compare how Luke and Leia react to the family reveals. Luke is devastated to learn about Vader. He denies it, then accepts it, and goes into a deep depression before skirting the dark side for a few scenes. He keeps to the light for his friends, but he’s clearly still conflicted and seeks out Yoda to give him a confirmation. He’s fishing in that scene with Yoda. He’s hoping it might not be true or that if it is there’s some sort of comforting words Yoda can offer to keep him from sliding to the darkside. He gets that comfort in finding out he has a good relative out there, his sister. After he realizes its Leia, he has a strengthened connection with her and falls into this adorable twin routine for the rest of the movie. He has a reason now to believe he can resist the darkness, he has more family than just Vader.

Leia pretty much doesn’t react to the knowledge Vader is her father at all. She completely glosses over it to focus on Luke. Now, there is a great argument that’s just sexism in the writing but I’m from the “Play where it lays” school of character analysis, and this makes sense with what we know of Leia. She doesn’t care who her biological father is. Her father was Bail Organa (who since he’s awesome and smart probably warned her that tracking down her birth parents would have some nasty surprises anyway). She describes her mother to Luke when he asks, but its just vague memories of a beautiful, kind, sad woman. She has a distance to them. Because her mother was Breha Organa.

So she focuses on Luke, because Luke’s her brother and she’s always known that. Because of the mystical Force-blood connection between twins, right? Eh… Maybe not so much. Vader and Luke have a connection in RotJ, but prior to that duel in Bespin Vader could not find Luke at all. Vader could not recognize Leia. (“But that’s because these were later developments!” Nope. Play where it lays.) He had to investigate Luke, then chase him down, bait him by capturing people Luke ALREADY has an emotional tie to, confront him and establish a connection with Luke before he could develop this Luke-sense that allowed him to contact Luke and locate the kid whenever he was in the same area.

Leia developed that Luke-sense without knowing of any blood tie, at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Why? It seemed like pure shipper bait except by that point in the movie she’d already decided firmly on Han. But she was still deeply connected to Luke because she’d already adopted him as her brother. There was a tenuous connection in ANH, but the full bond wasn’t something that existed their entire life or something that popped up when they realized who they were to each other. It was something that was built slowly, over time, because Leia had welcomed this person into her life as her brother.

We make fun of that scene in ANH when Leia comforts Luke over losing Kenobi even though she’s just lost her entire planet, but that is a really significant thing. That is Leia deciding “Hey, I’ve lost everyone I care about and so has he. I’ll be his family.” And she runs with it. She takes this little group–the walking carpet, the scruffy pirate, and the forlorn farmboy–back to Yavin with her. This is her place, her project, her home. She welcomes them into the team. She gives Luke a purpose, a job, and comforts him when Han has refused the same offer. Because despite Han’s motives and her general irritation with them all, she loves these idiots. These men, these complete strangers, just saved her life at great risk to themselves. They were completing her mission when they showed up to help her. They lost a legendary hero, and a father figure, saving her life. This is as good a new family as she could want.

So from “I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you” onwards, Leia has had a brother to look out for her. That’s why all it takes is Luke knowing the connection to have them acting like siblings who’ve grown up together. That’s why she can hear him when he calls her from Bespin. And when she says “I’ve always known” on Endor, it’s because she’s pretty much been thinking of him as her brother for years. She doesn’t care about (and might not even initially believe most of) the massive revelations about herself in the Endor scene, she cares that her brother is pouring his heart out to her and going off on a suicide mission.

So, from Leia’s viewpoint she is still an Organa and all of these people she’s picked up are Organas too. If she’d decided to keep up the princess title and be the leader of the survivors of Alderaan rather than the leader of the Rebellion/Republic/Resistance, she’d have claimed Luke Skywalker, her orphaned biological brother, as a full member of House Organa. My guess there would be a LOT of Rebellion families listed as part of Leia’s House Organa in addition to Solo and Skywalker. Names like Calrissian, Nunb, Dameron…etc… We’re talking Game of Thrones sprawling clan loyalties here, all leading back to Leia if she’d decided to be a Queen rather than a General.

Now this would all be wonderful for Leia, except for one significant problem. She adopted her biological brother. She knows her biological father. She has a long history with her biological father. She has memories and visions of her biological mother. She’s accepted all of this history into her life but doesn’t have a way to come to terms with it.

You can argue that rejecting Anakin Skywalker is what doomed her own son to be obsessed with his blood heritage rather than one of the heritages she chose for him–her own adopted heritage or the heritage of the man she chose to father her children–but honestly… that is not Leia’s fault. The reason that the Skywalker family remains broken, the reason that Leia has never made peace with her biological father, is entirely because of Anakin Skywalker himself.

Vader captured, imprisoned, tortured Leia and murdered her adoptive family. He captured, tortured, and imprisoned her boyfriend in a nightmare frozen sleep. He physically and psychologically stalked, battered, maimed, and brutalized her brother. Leia has every right to reject this man and no responsibility to make peace with him.

Vader’s redemption, what allowed him to retain some part of himself as Anakin, was not a grand, sweeping philosophical life-changing moral realignment that wiped away all of his choices and entitled him to forgiveness from all wronged persons. It was a small-scale, personal journey of self-realization and paternal love centered entirely on Luke. Vader found the strength to finally make the right choice, to finally break free of the Emperor and his evil influence, only when faced with witnessing the slow, torturous death of his son. He only made that choice to prevent that slow torturous death. Anakin saved his son’s life and made amends for the wrongs he had done Luke, but he died in the attempt and was never able to do more than ask Luke to plead his case to Leia. From the moment he realized he had a daughter, all he did about it was threaten her and use her to provoke his son into a rage.

Darth Vader has unfinished business. Because of his actions, his family is broken and it remains broken.

I’m a big believer in the idea Rey is Luke’s kid. I think she’s Luke’s kid and she’s so clearly on the light side because the rift between Anakin and Luke was healed, because Luke has come to terms with his father and his side of the family is blessed for it. Luke can think of his father and think of a man who used his last act to protect his son. He can look back on this act with love and understanding and pass on that memory to his child, and allow her to come to terms with her grandfather as a complex person.

But Leia Organa never saw even a glimpse of Anakin Skywalker in Darth Vader. Vader died with a gaping chasm of rage and pain between himself and his daughter. All she can think of when she thinks of her biological father is all the pain he caused her, and even though she has an amazing adopted family to look back on she knows this man was her biological father and her son knows this is his biological grandfather. She could only look back on this man with rage and hate for the pain he caused her, and had nothing positive to pass onto her son when he asked about this man. Because Anakin couldn’t make amends, Leia’s still suffering and her side of the family is suffering.

Bottom line whether I’m right about Rey or not, Leia is more an Organa than a Skywalker, and that’s one of the unresolved issues that’s being examined in this latest trilogy.