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First Look and Notes at Early Copy of NieR Automata (SPOILER FREE)

- The packaging is pretty good. Manuals and other information stuffs is really neat with Nier-ish aesthetic.

- When you get the physical copy early, you can play the game immediately. You can also do screen capture, but you cannot share it.

- The game’s file size is 47.7 Gb

- There’s an additional 6 Gb  (Edit: the real patch size is 2.32 Gb) download for Patch 1.01 update coming on 2/23 (Day 1 Patch)

- If you play with the fresh installation data of the game WITHOUT patching it to 1.01, the save options is very limited (most of the time the game is not saved). You can play the game, following the story missions for several hours and at “some certain point” you will ABSOLUTELY die. Note that this thing won’t happen if you play the patched game on the official release date.

- Besides fixing the saving problem, Patch 1.01 will also fix some bugs, fix the game balance adjustment, and adds some additional content

- The tutorial in this game just doesn’t help so much. Be sure to read the manuals paper or in-game manuals

- Fast travel is exist

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I'm also glad I'm back because our Royals talks lift my spirits, regardless of the subject. Something about kindred spirits in both affection and saltiness. :3 To your point, you're absolutely /on-point/. They're going to try and present the Liam-Cyrus team-up as a case of "the end justifies the means". But there is no version of this argument, w/in the current canon, where Liam comes out on top. Because none of what we saw is actually a harbinger of some grim, destructive, totalitarian [1/10]

“reign of terror” - as some finale reviews already called it - by Robert. In fact, I’d go as far as saying this: Robert made a power play and a move to establish control over everything he could, including actual people, their lives, relationships etc. To him, it’s all fair game, because he’s king by (birth)right. /But/ there’s another side to be examined here i.e. the one where Robert, in those few well-crafted, sneaky, morally dubious and truly ingenious moves that got him the crown and [2/10]

the control, managed to get the affairs of his house in order - a stark contrast to Simon’s inability to do so in S1. Going back to Robert’s return after 8 months of being “dead”, we see him watching videos online of everything that happened in his absence. As viewers, we know what he sees (and what he doesn’t). S1 kicks off probably w/ a couple of hours of his “death”. So the writers give us a very short highlight reel to indicate what Robert’s watching online, and here’s the interesting [3/10]

part: one of the highlights is Simon’s “pack of zoo animals” as he’s reasoning for his decision to abolish the monarchy. Well, well, well. Looks like Robert came back after 8 months of being considered dead by all, only to find a dead father, who was also an admittedly damn good king, a family and monarchy that have been turned into international jokes (the narrative has made it repeatedly clear that Simon, Helena and Robert maintained the monarchy’s good face, even and especially w/ the [4/10]

twins’ and Cyrus’ and his family’s less than stellar behaviors), and a king that /would/ have been a joke had he not been well on his way to destroying the entire country. So what does Robert do? He ends the Queen’s inappropriate - as it would have been seen by people, according to all of S1 and S2’s lectures on the public’s expectations of their royalty - affair with her Lord Chamberlain. Bye-bye, potential future scandal. Hello, devoted widow Queen and mother to the current and beloved [5/10]

and rightful King. He ends the Princess’ relationship w/ a conman who tried to rob them (the why’s of the show’s willful avoidance of the topic of the… blackmail sex is a whole other discussion), which is another, bigger scandal waiting to be outed - which he proved, too - and pushes towards Eleanor’s way a guy who has been thoroughly vetted for potential surprises (like, does anyone doubt that?) and who is aristocratic. We /should/ not here that the guy has been nothing but entirely [6/10]

respectful of Len and her emotions, her boundaries, and has pushed her to pursue things for herself, independent of her family and any romances. Seriously, Sebastian has been stellar, you can’t make a case for the opposite (and the off-handed mention that Robert called him and invited him to the gala w/ Len in mind, although not saying anything earlier is suspicious, this is equal parts proof that he might be honestly responding to an opportunity for a new and great acquaintance presented [7/10]

by someone he must have known somewhat - not to mention that no one has any reason to think Robert wouldn’t want the absolute best for Len in all matters). Moving on to Cyrus… well, do I even need to say anything? Robert took the crown from a horrible king, then told an appalling person to pull his act together or he’s out of the palace. (It was in S1, so maybe some people forget, and it’s not something the other characters know, but let’s never stop mentioning that Cyrus has abused his [8/10]

position /repeatedly/ to r a p e female palace staff. Whatever torment and punishment Robert inflicts on Cyrus, it will never ever be too much, let alone enough, considering all Cyrus has done.) So anyway. I think we can all agree that Cyrus w/o power and gone makes for a better world. Hm… what else? That’s all I remember. I hope they don’t tell us that Robert brought down Jack’s plane. (And here I thought there’d be no ways left to make the writing any worse.) Anyway. To sum up, there [9/10]

is zero actual evidence that Robert won’t be a good king - in fact, some of what they’re trying to pass off as proof of this, can actually be seen as indications to the exact opposite. To be clear, Robert’s not an angel. But that’s not a bad thing? He’s a /person/. A person raised by Simon, Helena and Cyrus w/ the expectation that he’ll be king one day. And Liam can’t base his current pursuit of the crown on anything but selfish reasons. P.S. I bet you regret my comeback now. Sorry. ♥ [10/10]

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Google has a twisted sense of humor. I was looking for a pic of that “there are at least 5 turtles” meme for the purposes of illustrating a humorous point. And now I’m absolutely screaming, because these were my results:

Do y’all see why I’m screaming yet? Here, let me zoom in to highlight the source of my existential crisis:

of the 15 million plus results google came up with for “at least 5 turtles”…



*cue hysterical laughter*

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I absolutely love that drawing were tord is pointing at himself!!!!!

bro, tbh I’m obsessed with that drawing too!

I’m so happy with how his expression came out! 

thank you for your support! <33

It’s funny that people always place rwde as the absolute cancer of the fandom as if us pointing out flaws is hurting the fanbase, when I can clearly remember people from the blind rwby fandom attacking people who rped certain characters, season one before rwde even existed.

Not to mention sent death threats to the writers because they wanted certain ships canon, We’re so overbearing my girlfriend at the time stopped ring her jaune and disappeared, harassed artist who drew one couple to draw ‘their otp’ its to the point some artist just stopped drawing on tumblr or even detest rwby and being generally unpleasant and I can point out a dozen people who bitch about rwde who were apart of that.

But nah we’re the cancer here, it’s completely onesided


people are talking about how giving tracer a “I love my gf” voice line or having her talk about emily in game would be ‘stereotypical’ or ‘reducing her character to just being gay’ but like

this is the character so incapable of shutting up that she’s the only hero to have banter with herself. she would absolutely talk about emily to the point where it annoys everybody else.

Why "Hallelujah Money" is the Perfect Gorillaz Comeback Song

People have absolutely been missing the point of the new song.

Ignoring the musicality for a second (because it is quite clearly in style with the most recent Gorillaz albums), Hallelujah Money’s lyrics, video, and context are the most Gorillaz thing they could have possibly come back with. When we reflect on the past few albums, we seem to be wrapped up entirely in the lore of the band members. But the lore should not be taken out of political context! Their albums aren’t just meant to be absurdist. They’re not meant to be superficial additions to their story. They’re messages about what Damon and Jamie see as some of the most important political issues of the times, and en masse, fans completely ignore this. But Hallelujah Money isn’t leaving room for us to aestheticize the band. It is reminding us all EXACTLY what Gorillaz are about. They aren’t about their own lore; their purpose is to be interpreted. They were created as an attempt at social commentary at how shitty the bands were in the late 1990s. Demon Days was highly political, coming out against wars in the middle east. Plastic Beach was about how fucking awful pollution is. This next album isn’t going to fucking forget exactly who Gorillaz are. They are a catalyst for the cesspool of ignorance in the world, bringing it to us in an ironic package, with creators who know exactly what they’re fighting and how they’re going to do it.

tl;dr Gorillaz have always been a political band and if you ignore that of course you’re not going to fucking like the song.

Okay I didn’t want to say anything, but, I think it’s time that everyone faced reality. No one else is speaking up, so I’ve gotta.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and comics and art about Lance making fun of Keith for being Texan recently. And as funny and cute as they are, that’s just wrong to me. It’s absolutely wrong. I mean, I’ve seen some serious mischaracterization of the Voltron crew before, but the fact that so many people have got it so wrong is just blowing my mind. We’ve got to face the facts people, Lance wouldn’t be making jokes about Keith being Texan.

Hunk would

See? :D



there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

There will be moments when you are pushed to your absolute limits. It may get to the point when you feel like the world is collapsing in on you. This is important, for it is during these moments when you learn of your true capabilities and how far you can really go. You’re much stronger and resilient than you could have ever imagined.