there was a wedding!


“Say that again ?”

“It’s not my fault if some werewolves tried to kill me in my wedding dress ! I had to change it, I couldn’t come with a bloody dress ! Well, not in front of my parents at least.”

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Stephany & Jessica

Wedded Bliss

TITLE: Wedded Bliss


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Odin determined to find Loki a wife in a misguided, though somewhat well-intentioned attempt to ‘mellow him’. …


NOTES/WARNINGS: And so my mind memed at me at some point, and I couldn’t not. I regret nothing. XD


    Edith turned to Odin after a while, seeming to remember what he’d been saying to her after that abrupt arrival. “So, what’s this ‘important matter’ you wanted to talk to me of all people about?”

    Odin glanced towards the cockpit then looked back to her. “It is a private discussion.”

    “Yeah, you can just ignore he’s there; we all do,” She replied half-jokingly, earning a scoff and an amused shake of the head from the archer.

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Monsta X Wedding Dresses

(These pictures have been taken from google and are not mine. As always, these are just my ideas and haven’t been claimed to be true by any of the members, thank you.) 

SHOWNU:  Shownu wants his bride to be the typical innocent, blushing bride and imagines you walking down the aisle in something princess like, reserved but sexy because of the veil and the lace on the dress. He’d like to stick to typical white or ivory, not caring if it’s technically traditional because you make it so unique. 

WONHO: Wonho would like something modest at the front but revealing at the back so he could put his arm around you and feel your soft skin. He’d also like a hint of sparkle from the dress to the jewellery as he likes it when you look expensive, after all, there’s no budget on the dress as he wants you to get whatever you feel beautiful in. 

MINHYUK: Minhyuk loves colour so I think he’d be really in to a non-conventional colour dress like pink, powder blue or even a minty green. As for the style of the dress, I think he’d be in to something fun and poofy, something he can fiddle with as you talk with friends. He knows that whatever you choose, it’ll represent the two of you together: fun and romantic. 

KIHYUN: Kihyun is also after something fun and sweet but also a little sexy. He likes the idea of sheer lace on the sleeves or even sheer parts of the skirt on the dress. He would love to see your legs or something that hugs your curves all the way down. He just adores your body so much and the way he’d stare at you would make you a blushing bride for sure. 

HYUNGWON: Now it’s hard to know what this man would like because he always notices you and never really notices what you wear (Unless it’s underwear). Though, I have a feeling he might like something periodic, influenced by decades like the 50′s and 60′s etc. He’ll definitely be in to some nice sheer or silk gloves and some shoes that make your body look killer.

JOOHEON: Jooheon would love something bold and breath taking. He see’s you in a ruby red dress that makes everyone’s jaw drop. He’d think the dress was timeless and a statement that you can be whatever bride you want to be. As for styles, he imagines a ball gown style but knows you’ll choose something flattering for your figure. You’ll command attention from everyone on your big day.

I.M: I.M will like something that oozes femininity with a hint of sex appeal. He imagines a long train or a majestic looking veil that makes you look like royalty as you’re his queen. He won’t be too fussy about the colour as long as it’s not something too harsh on the eye because he wants to stare at you all night long.