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If Anyone Thinks Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 Was Perfect/Amazing Ending

I Won’t Even Rant About This Right Now.  I Didn’t Even Shed A Damn Tear All These Years Of Watching Naruto & To See This Is How The Show Ended. REAL Naruto Fandom Should Be Ashamed To Acknowledge All This B.S. 

-ShikaTema (Was A Little Rushed But Good Job)

-Shino (Nice To See His Passion Towards Helping Children Good Job)

-Kakashi (Kept His Cool Demeanor & Wished Them Well Good Job)

And That’s All. In The Good Department.

Bad Department.

-Iruka (Terrible I Thought He Should’ve Said He Will Always Love Naruto But Instead He Wasted That Moment For Hinata Happiness (WTF ABOUT NARUTO’S HAPPINESS?!?!) All That Hype About What To Say To Naruto When He’s Being Recorded Just To Say What He’s Been Saying All Along. Also Iruka Kept Blowing Off Naruto Suggestions & Constantly Pushed Naruto Towards Hinata. Naruto Only Wanted To Have Fun With His “Father” B/C He Hasn’t Seen In Awhile & Missed Him.

- SasuSaku (Don’t Get Me Started) I Honestly Feel Bad For The Fandom So I Won’t Write Anything About It. 

- Sakura (My Heart Breaks For You) I’m So Sorry. 

-Boruto (Being Passed Naruto’s Headband, But He Doesn’t Want To Follow In His Father’s Footsteps.) P.S I Rather Sarada Received The Damn Headband At Least She Values Naruto & His Position More Than Boruto. (But She’s Not His Daughter & The Next Show Doesn’t Follow Her Story So It’s Whatever)

And That’s All That Stood Out To Me. Waste Of My Time. 

If I'm ever given a second chance in life, 
I wanna be able to live only for myself.