there was a time when i was faster with photoshop


I finished the headscarf in between classes ‘n shit. It’s mostly hand-sewn, but I think I’ll use the machine for the rest of the outfit.

I’ve also finally gotten Photoshop, and my machine’s currently installing lightroom and after effects. I have the whole package, I just won’t install things before I may use them. It’s taking some time, so I think I’ll leave it overnight.

I’ve spent all of my free time today updating my PC (from Snow Leopard to Yosemite; I skipped the whole Maverics since I’m bad at keeping things up to date. I think that was a bad call, because holy crap it’s running much, much faster now than when I had Snow Leopard), all of my software, installing CC for photoshop ‘n stuff and all that. Now tomorrow I can finally get around to replying to stuff…