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Summary: Lee Taeyong is just trying to pass his philosophy class, yet ends up with so much more.
Pairing: Taeyong | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst; College/Fake Dating AU
Word Count: 7,430
Author’s Note: This definitely turned out way longer than I could ever have wanted it to; yet I cannot think of a better way to hand over my soul to Taeyong.


It’s not abnormal to wake up in a space that is not his own, considering his life and what he did just to feel any sort of rush of pleasure, awakening in an apartment and atop a bed with a touch too many scents that only makes the hangover pierce even deeper at his skull. He arises, a groan barely leaving his lips as he sits up, rubbing at his head and looking down to see that he wears nothing under the sheets. Again, all part of the typical one-night-stand escapades he participated in.

However, what is not typical is the way the bed feels cold, empty without the presence of the other figure sleeping opposite of him—someone he almost would not have missed had he had woken up in his own room, someone he might have forgotten had it not been for the vague memory of a girl underneath him, a name he might have been gritting between his teeth in the haze of his lust. Kathy, was it? Or Kat? No, the longer Lee Taeyong sits there, the more confident he grows in the fact that the name certainly had been Karly.

The physical appearance of the girl remains blank on him, no matter how desperately he tries to rack his consciousness, tries to remember the scene of the party and what she did to catch his attention. There must have been something, something hidden within the corners of his mind, perhaps a glance or a smile or a dance move or a joke. Either way, the answer refuses to present itself to Taeyong at the present moment, which is fine because aforementioned Karly is absent to spare him from that awkward situation.

Still, he remains motionless for a few more seconds, counting down to see if the girl—Karly—is perhaps just in the bathroom or making breakfast, doing anything within the apartment that could make an escape on Taeyong’s part awkward. Yet he doesn’t hear anything, fails to make out those telltale signs that leaving would be a bad move. So he straightens up, feet falling upon the carpet with a gentle sigh, and manages to find his clothing littered across the room. Taeyong makes quick work on dressing himself, pulling on his shirt, tugging on his jeans, slowly making his way to the bedroom door and down the hallway. The apartment is quiet, and he is momentarily stunned that this Karly girl would just leave him alone in her home, that she would be so trusting of someone she did not know personally.

That is, until he walks into the kitchen and finds that he is most certainly not alone in the apartment, that there is a certain someone sitting at the kitchen counter—a certain beautiful someone.

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Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Angst

Warnings: mild swearing

Summary: You’re always so confused. You love him, you really do, and he claims that he loves you, but if he did, where is he? Is it worth all the trouble to be with him, if he doesn’t want to be with you?

A/N: Hope you enjoy! This is loosely based off of the musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”. You don’t need to see it to get the story (but I would suggest watching it for fun) If you are looking for a song to listen to while reading or you want a better understanding of the story without watching the full musical, I would suggest this fic’s namesake, “Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm” or other songs from the sound track (my favorites are ‘Been a Long Day’, ‘Paris Original’, ‘Rosemary’, and ‘Cinderella, Darling’)!

~ ~ ~

Empty. That’s what you felt. As empty as your third cup of coffee. As empty as your plate, because you had yet to order anything. As empty as the seat across from you.

He had been late before. Min Yoongi was a busy man. He would more often than not, run in a few minutes late flustered and apologizing blaming it on practice, or the boys, or his own work. And you were okay with that. you were okay with a few minutes. Maybe fifteen. But forty-five minutes and he was still a no show? That’s not okay.

You pulled out your phone again, looking for some apology, an excuse, a phone call… nothing.

You sighed, finally relenting and calling him yourself.


“Yes, hi. Do you have any idea what time it is?”

6:15?” he responded, confused.

“Good. Any idea what day it is?”

Friday?” he responded again, in the same tone.

“Yes, you dimwit. It’s Friday. And we had a date planned, did we not?”

Oh shit- I’m so sorry Y/N! Hold on, I’ll be at your house in a min-”

“Don’t bother, I’m already at the restaurant.”

Aw man. I’m sorry babe. I’ll try and get there as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry about it. I was about to leave this place anyway. No one likes to sit around and look like they were stood up,” you said with fake cheerfulness.

No, please. I’ll be there soon, I promise.”

You sighed. “I’m giving you 10 more minutes Min Yoongi. If I don’t see your face walk through that door soon, I’m leaving.”

You hung up and shoved your phone in your purse. God, how did you end up like this? you thought.

~ ~ ~

You met him at a fan signing. Every girls dream, right? It was back when they weren’t so popular. Four years ago? Anyway, you made your way to the front of the line and the first thing he said to you was, “Wow, you’re beautiful.”

And you fell, just like that. He smiled and signed your poster, then discretely added something on the bottom. A phone number. He winked and handed it back to you. Did a famous idol just give you his number? Was he allowed to do that? What if you published it on the internet? Not that you would, but that would be awful. What made him trust you that much?

After that, you two started talking and he asked you out on a date. And you will admit, it was awkward. There were awkward first date vibes in the air, but you always considered that to have furthered your relationship with him.

The only problem with dating someone like Yoongi, was you always had to talk first. Always had to set up dates. Because if you didn’t, he would probably totally forget about you. Don’t get me wrong, he loved you more than anything, but he was so busy and so focused. The only thing that ever seemed to be on his mind was bettering BTS. And so you stood by and supported him. But how much longer could you do it?

~ ~ ~

You sat there waiting for him. Just a few more minutes. You thought back to recently. How he’d been even more distant. They were about to have a comeback and he was stressed. You tried to help, but he wouldn’t seem to leave his desk.

Was it worth it? You loved him so much, but surely you deserved more than this. Lonely nights sitting at a dinner table waiting for him to show up, but you secretly knew he never would. Deserved more than all the hate you get from his “fans”. Deserved more than the cold attitude you were getting right now.


You got up and walked out. Walked straight down to your car. And drove off.

It took two minutes for his calls to start crowding your phone. You left two minutes too early you thought. No. He was two minutes too late. You had waited too long for him.

You picked up your phone, declining his fourth call to you, and phoned your closest friend, Smitty. (A/N: I know it’s a weird name, I decided to use the one from the musical)

Hello darling.”

“Smitty, I can’t do this anymore.”

Do what?”

“Live this way! Our date was supposed to be an hour ago and he didn’t show up!”

You heard her sigh on the other side of the phone, “Y/N, darling, I told you that dating an idol would be hard.”

“I know, I should have listened to you.”

But you didn’t. What did you say?”


When I said that dating an idol would lead to some lonely nights. What did you say to me?”

“‘I’d be happy to keep his dinner warm, as he goes onward and upward.’ But I don’t think that’s true anymore. Do you know how hard it is to feel like you’re nothing? Second to his work?”

How often does it happen that an idol falls in love with his fan? It has to count for something that he asked you out and stayed with you all these years, while grappling with his work.”

“I know but-”

“Surely you must have expected some conflicts along the way.”

“I know, but this is too big for me.”

How often does Cinderella get a crack at the prince? Don’t you realize, you’re a real life fairytale. So, if not for your own sake, please darling for mine. Don’t turn down the prince.”

You were silent for a second, then hung up. You threw your phone onto the passenger seat and listened to the sounds and vibrations from everything you missed during your call with Smitty.

Did he deserve another chance? I mean, you loved each other, didn’t you?

Happy to keep his dinner warm, till he comes wearily home from downtown.


She stepped closer towards me and my heel hit the door as I involuntarily tried to step back. In between my shallow breaths and my heart beating all too loudly in my ears I became alarmingly aware that her body was pressing up against me.

“I…why do I feel this for you?” I breathed out as I frowned. My gaze slowly rose and our eyes met.
“It’s not just you Max. I feel this invisible thread connecting us.”
“Me neither.”

We immediately went at each other. I knocked her hat off as I pulled her in tightly and she slammed me against the door.

It took me a while to decide on Alphys’ design but it paid off~~~ XD

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So Ryan’s been seeing a bunch of bands live lately and that’s cool and all but last night he saw Muse live and during their last album they didnt even come up here despite the fact they did for the Second Law and this really is The Last Straw™

Before going to sleep

I’m thinking of doing a mini story for Halloween 🎃 And make all the poses for it and I know it’s going to be a lot of work but I so want to do it, I’ve got little ideas in my mind but I have to sleep now


“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters



Cleaning day

(i sketches some more of my kid AU)


this was fun.

It was toxic. Our relationship was toxic. We loved each other but it was a constant back and forth from bliss to pain and pain to bliss. We couldn’t be the people who we wanted to be. We were too tied up to each other. It didn’t help that we also had to hide from everyone. It was getting harder and harder to breathe. It was suffocating. Our love was real but maybe, it was just not the right time. We needed to love ourselves first. Maybe, one day, we will meet again and never let each other go.

The Adventure Zone - Episode 68 (Part 1/ Part 2)

doodeling some TAZ while i relisten to all the episodes again