there was a spelling mistake in the last one i hate my life

cinderella: redo

so i was watching cinderella while doing my nails and waiting for them to dry which was clearly a Mistake because now i can’t help but think -

the evil stepmother was always evil, okay. say her abuse of her own daughters was different than that of cinderella’s - but it was still abuse. giving them impossible expectations, telling them they were never good enough, never pretty enough, never smart enough. and then she gets married, and anastasia and drizella are ecstatic because this man seems kind and warm and maybe just maybe he can temper their mother, maybe with him around she won’t be so cruel. so they’re on their very best behavior in the beginning, they do just as their mother taught - they trot out their best upper court manners in an attempt to get their new stepfather to like them. but it just comes off as cold and snooty and they’re trying, they are, they’re just bad at it. and they see how he is with cinderella, the smiling girl their own age, and they are jealous. they don’t mean to be, they try not to be, they know it isn’t becoming of young ladies. but she gets hugs and kisses and affection and they get rulers slapped on their hands when they reach for desert and sharp jabs to their sides when they slouch and - soon they hate cinderella, not for anything she’s done, but for what she has and they dont

but then her father dies. and it’s all a tumble of things and cinderella is crying and they’ve lost their only chance at escaping their mother’s clutches and it’s terrible. and everything settles and there’s no reason to be jealous anymore but resentment is hard to let go of and they don’t know what to do. they’re only kids too after all. and they’re so terribly bad at comforting people, they can do flowery words and know all the right bows but cinderella is so sad and they just don’t know what to do with that, because they’re supposed to be sisters but they’re not even friends

and slowly but surely their mother starts abusing cinderella, starts making her a maid in her own home, and she’s their mother, what are anastasia and drizella supposed to do? she rules them with an iron fist, and cinderella doesn’t even like them anyway, it’s none of their business.

except one night anastasia crawls into her sister’s bed in the middle of the night and wakes her up. “i was thirsty,” she explains, eyes wide and shiny, and they’re bad at this with other people but drizella has no problems with pulling anastasia into her arms. the younger girl clutches her sister and continues, “i was thirsty and i went down to the kitchen to get some water and - and cinderella is still up! she’s doing the dishes, and she should be asleep, mom is going to make her make breakfast in the morning and -” she cuts herself off with a hiccup and whispers, “it’s not fair.”

“life isn’t fair,” drizella says, echoing one of their mother’s favorite phrases. but her sister is staring at her with wet eyes, and it’s not like their mother is likely to get up before sunrise anyway, she hates waking up, so she pulls herself and anastasia out of bed and off they go.

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Prompts for writing, journals, get to know me’s or whatever

About me

Am I a clean or messy person?
Am I a tea or coffee person?
Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
Am I afraid of heights?
Am I allergic to anything?
Am I an early bird or a night owl?
Am I an extrovert or introvert?
Am I an innie or an outie?
Am I easily embarrassed?
Am I in a relationship?
Am I left or right handed?
Am I much of a daredevil?
Am I scared of the dark?
Am I social?
Am I superstitious?
Am I ticklish?
Can I bake?
Can I cook?
Can I curl my tongue?
Can I dance?
Can I drive?
Can I juggle?
Can I play poker?
Can I roll my r’s?
Can I sing?
Can I spell well?
Can I swim?
Can I wiggle my ears?
Do I correct people when they make mistakes?
Do I have a collection of anything?
Do I have a strong accent?
Do I have any nicknames?
Do I have any pet peeves?
Do I have any piercings?
Do I have any strange phobias?
Do I have more girl friends or boy friends?
Do I have much of an ego?
Do I judge a book by its cover?
Do I like bubble baths?
Do I like classical music?
Do I like clowns?
Do I like my handwriting?
Do I like roller-coasters?
Do I like scary movies?
Do I like shopping?
Do I like to gossip?
Do I like to talk on the phone?
Do I like travelling?
Do I play any instruments?
Do I sleep with the lights on or off?
Do I smile at strangers?
Do I suck or bite lollipops?
Do I talk to myself?
Do I tend to hold grudges?
Do I use earphones or headphones?
Do I use sarcasm a lot?
Do I want any tattoos?
Do I wear glasses?
Have I ever been on a plane?
Have I ever been on tv?
Have I ever been to the hospital?
Have I ever crashed a car?
Have I ever got in trouble with the law?
Have I ever had a rumour spread about me?
Have I ever had braces?
Have I ever pulled an all-nighter?
Have I ever skipped school?
Have I ever started a rumour?
Have I ever thrown up in the car?
How long does it take for me to get ready?
How many relationships have I ever had?
How old was I when I first got my period?
How tall am I?
What am I most likely to be doing when I am outside?
What am I usually doing on a Friday night?
What are my favourite bands?
What are my favourite flowers?
What can I smell in the air?
What colours mostly dominate my wardrobe?
What is my appearance like?
What is my culture?
What is my current wallpaper on my phone?
What is my full name and why did I get it?
What is my greatest strength?
What is my greatest weakness?
What is my guilty pleasure?
What is my Hogwarts house?
What is my most expensive piece of clothing?
What is my most heavily used makeup product?
What is my most used phrase?
What is my most used word?
What is my personality like?
What is my personality type?
What is my religion?
What is my spirit animal?
What is my strangest talent?
What is my zodiac sign?
What is one trend that I completely bought into?
What is something I can’t do no matter how hard I try?
What is something I hated as a child that I like now?
What is the last thing I bought?
What is the longest I’ve ever gone without sleep?
What is the pet I would like to have?
What is the worst injury I’ve ever gotten?
What language do I want to learn?
What video games do I play when I want to relax?
What was the last book I read?
What was the last movie I saw?
What word do I always use as an exclamation?
What word do I always use to describe something great?
Where do I currently live?
Which is my favourite season?


What is my favourite accent?
What is my favourite animal?
What is my favourite band?
What is my favourite childhood book?
What is my favourite colour?
What is my favourite drink?
What is my favourite flavour of ice cream?
What is my favourite food to eat on a rainy day?
What is my favourite food to eat on a sunny day?
What is my favourite number?
What is my favourite place on the planet?
What is my favourite radio station?
What is my favourite sandwich?
What is my favourite snack?
What is my favourite song?
What is my favourite swear word?
What is my favourite word?
What is my favourite thing to wear?


Do I remember the day I met …?
How are my mother and I similar and different?
What are the compliments I have given other people?
What are the compliments people have given me?
What do my best friend and I have in common?
What gifts would I like to give everyone?
What if I could meet anyone on this planet – who would I choose?
Where is my best friend?
Which actors & actresses do I trust enough to watch whatever they’re in?
Which teachers inspired me the most?
Who are my favourite characters?
Who are my friends?
Who are my parents?
Who are my sisters?
Who are the new people I met? – their names and where we met
Who are the writers I trust enough to read anything they write?
Who brings the sunshine on the days I see nothing but a grey sky?
Who is my best friend?
Who is my celebrity crush?
Who is my favourite youtuber?
Who is my role model?
Who is my secret valentine?
Who is someone I admire?
Who is someone that saved me?
Who is the most intelligent person I know?
Who is the most supportive person in my life right now?
Who was the last person I texted?
Who would I like to go on a midnight adventure with?
Who would I love to randomly see this week?
Who would I really like to hug?
Who would I really like to punch?
Why am I grateful for …?
Why am I grateful for dad?
Why am I grateful for mum?


A playlist for 12-year-old me
A playlist for throwback Thursday
A playlist for when I’m angry
A playlist for when I’m in love
A playlist for when I’m in the mood to party
A playlist for when I’m sad
A playlist of songs that I have on repeat
A playlist that makes me want to dance
A playlist that makes me want to sing
A playlist to inspire me
A playlist to listen to on the bus/train
A playlist with the classics
A song that really speaks to me
A song that was stuck in my head today
Bands and their logos
Song lyrics
What are the first 6 songs when I put my playlist on shuffle?
What song always brings a smile to my face?


A place where the architecture made me want to wake up and see the city skyline every morning
A place where the customer service made me tip £100
A place where the memories were unforgettable
A place where the nature made me want to live in the middle of nowhere
A place where the people restored my faith in humanity
How to get to my favourite place
Places I have never been to but want to see.
Somewhere I want to go before I die
Somewhere I want to go before I turn 20
Somewhere I would rather be right now.
What are the popular places in town?
What is the worst place I’ve been to?
Where is my favourite place to shop?
Where was I born?


A list of every single song on the albums released by my fav bands

Every tom and jerry’s ice cream flavour (I want to try).

Places I would like to see.

Sounds I like.

Sounds I dislike.

Sports I like.

Star signs.

The first 5 things I saw on my way home.

The first 5 words that come to mind.

The main roman gods.

The main Greek gods.

Things I don’t own but like.

Things I want to buy.

Top 10 episodes to watch

Top 10 favourite quotes.

Top 10 movies to watch.

Top 10 people I want to meet.

Top 10 places in Manchester.

Top 10 restaurants I love.

What is the sentence on line 13 of page 23 in the book nearest to me?

What movies do I watch when I’m feeling down?

What tv shows do I always recommend?

What were my favourite tv shows as a child?

What words don’t seem real to me?

Wish list


A memory in summer

A memory in winter

A memory with my family.

A memory with my friends.

I’ll never forget the day (a teacher) did this.

Memories from high school

Special moments I want to witness.

The story behind my first kiss

The story behind my last kiss

The stories behind my scars

What are the memories I never want to forget?

What is my saddest memory?

What is the first thing I remember?

What is the funniest thing I remember?

What was my most embarrassing moment?

What was the happiest day of my life?

What was the last concert I went to?

What was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed?

What was the most disappointing thing in my life?

What was the most nervous I’ve ever been?

What was the saddest day of my life?

When was I last scared for my life?


A note to my favourite teachers.

Dear _____, I would like to tell you.

Dear 5-year-old me.

Dear 10-year-old me.

Dear 13-year-old me.

Dear 15-year-old me.

Dear 16-year-old me.

Dear 18-year-old me.

Dear 21-year-old me.

Dear 25-year-old me.

Dear all the boys I’ve liked.

Dear someone I need to forgive.

Letters to my future children.

Questions to answer

A wise person learns from the mistakes of others – do I agree?

Advice to any if the new kids at sf.

Am I a bad loser?

Am I a good liar?

Am I a writer?

Am I an artist?

Am I good at giving advice?

Am I happy with myself?

Am I happy with the person I’ve become?

Am I the kind of friend I would like to have as a friend?

Books I always reread

Can insanity bring on more creativity?

Do I admit when I’m wrong?

Do I believe that people are capable of change?

Do I belong here?

Do I hold grudges?

Do I have trust issues?

Do I like confrontation?

Do I live or do I just exist?

Do I prefer to be on camera or behind it?

Do I really want a cat?

Do I trust easily?

Have I ever been bullied?

Have I ever been on a date?

Have I ever felt like I wasn’t enough?

Have I ever felt rejected by my friends/family?

Have I ever had a friend turn into an enemy?

Have I ever had a paranormal experience?

Have I ever had a public perception of me change from good to bad?

Have I ever had a song or poem written about me?

Have I ever hopelessly failed a test?

Have I learnt from my mistakes?

How am I feeling?

How do I find comfort when I’m sad?

How do I vent my anger?

How do I want to be remembered?

How could I avoid getting hurt?

How does a (any appliance around the home) work?

How I think will determine how I live – agree or not?

How would I define my sense of humour?

What am I like when I’m angry?

What am I most afraid of?

What are some things that stand between me and complete happiness?

What did I like about being a kid?

What did I want to be when I was younger?

What do I admire most in others?

What do I hate about sf?

What do I hate most about myself?

What do I love most about myself?

What do I notice first when I see someone?

What do I think about selfies?

What do I think about the most?

What do I think could be improved in the educational system?

What do I think people think of me?

What do I touch first when I stick my arms out?

What do I wish I didn’t miss?

What do I wish for every night?

What does a rainbow mean to me?

What fictional character do I wish was real?

What fictional universe would I like to be a part of?

What is an experience that has made me stronger?

What is an item of clothing or jewellery you’ll never see me without?

What is my biggest dream and how do I plan on making it become a reality?

What is my biggest what if?

What is my greatest achievement?

What is my greatest failure?

What is my secret weapon to get someone to like me?

What is one aspect of myself that I feel confident about?

What is one thing I am interested in learning more about?

What is something that makes me feel vulnerable?

What is the best gift I’ve ever received?

What is the first thing I think of when I hear the word ‘heart’?

What is the hardest lesson I have had to learn in life?

What is the ideal age to be and why?

What is the most scandalous situation I’ve ever been involved in?

What is the nicest thing about a person?

What is the single best decision I’ve made in my life so far?

What is the single worst decision I’ve made in my life so far?

What makes a great relationship?

What makes me smile?

What motivates me to succeed?

What part of my life would I relive if I could?

What part of my life would I remove if I could?

What question am I afraid to tell the truth to?

What questions would I ask to get to know someone better?

What was I doing at 12am last night?

What was I like as a child and how did my personality change as I got older?

What was my favourite subject in school?What was the last lie I told?

What was the most ridiculous thing that made me cry?

What will I do in university?

What would I change about my sf?

What would I change about my life if you knew I would never die?

What would I change about the world?

What would I like to change this year?

What would I do differently if you knew that no one was judging me?

What would I do in the event of an apocalypse?

What would I have to see to cry tears of joy?

What would I want written on my tombstone?

When did I experience stage fright or nervousness in front of a crowd?

When do I feel most at peace?

When did I last send a handwritten letter to someone?

When did I not speak up, when I know I really should have?

When did I witness something controversial and had to keep it a secret?

When was the last time I cried?

Where do I see myself in 10 years’ time?

Where do I want to live?

Where is the best place to get pizza?

Where would I go if I got a plane ticket to anywhere?

Which do I value more in others, brains or beauty?

Who do I get on with better, girls or boys?

Who do I miss the most?

Who do I need the most?

Why couldn’t I get out of bed this morning?

Why couldn’t I sleep last night?

Why do I hate insects?

Why do dogs hate me and I hate them?

Will you lend me a hand – how do I think this idiom got started?

Would I ever spread gossip?

Would people consider me a diva?

Just some fic recs...

I’ve read a lot of really good fic this year and I just thought the best of the best deserved some recognition.  I tried to weed out the super popular fics, but some still show up because I love them that much.  Also, the ships are numerous and varied.

Running on Air–eleventy7; Drarry
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
*I would murder people to protect this fic.  It’s beautifully written, well-plotted, original, and it reuses certain sentences, making them more poignant the later in the story they’re used.  Like, fuck me up*

the ghost of you–kissmesexybatman; Klance
When Keith goes missing without a trace, all his family and friends are able to do is move on with their lives. When he shows back up after a year, they have to convince him they still want him back.
*I may be slightly biased because the coolest person in the world wrote this, but let me tell you, it’s emotionally heartwrenching, wonderfully written, and gives you a happy ending without sacrificing the needs of the characters*

My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.–dawnstruck; Otayuri
Yuri grows up and grows older and grows into himself. Otabek helps. It just takes a while to get there.
*I’m demi and this fic described exactly what that experience has been like for me, as it features a demi!Yuri.  Beyond that, it was sweet and genuine and I adored it*

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My opinion on the “James vs Snape” issue.

I love the HP fandom, but I just hate how in this fandom Snape gets more love than he deserves, meanwhile James Potter gets more hate than he will ever deserve. I can’t believe that it’s 2017 and people still believe Snape was a hero and James was a terrible person.

James Potter was a jerk when he was a teen and yes, he bullied Snape. But he was 15, and “a lot of people are idiots at the age of fifteen”. Tell me that you weren’t an idiot sometimes at that age, I dare you.

If he was such a bad person, then why was he totally okay with Remus being a werewolf? He loved his friends like nobody else, and it’s canon. He became an unregistered animagi so that his werewolf friend wouldn’t have to suffer through the full moon alone.

Do you realize that when James Potter used Levicorpus on Snape, he had already been planning on becoming a death eater and had been trying to out Remus as a Werewolf? This is actual canon from DH.

You have to remember that even if James was an idiot, Snape was no saint either. Remus even said that Snape “never lost an opportunity to curse James”. In fact, it’s mentioned by anyone who talks about the marauders and Snape that the animosity and hexing between them was mutual, so don’t tell me that only James hexed Snape.  We don’t actually know how one-sided Snape’s bullying was. But if what Remus said it’s true, then it was mutual. Even if Snape’s worst memory is true as told,  this happened after he was openly associating with pureblood supremacists, dismissing the use of dark magic as ‘a joke’. 

You need to remember that James despised Dark Magic, and he couldn’t even just say the word “mudblood”. He was the complete opposite to a pureblood supremacist.

He grew up and became Head Boy. He matured, and did it enough for Lily to fall in love with him.

After school (possibly even in his final year), James grew up, and became part of the Order of the Phoenix as soon as he left Hogwarts. He realized what a douche he was to people and changed for the better. He joined the Order because there were innocent people dying for no reason, and he knew he could fight and help. He joined because he loved Lily and he wanted to make sure there was a future for them, a future where they could live happily ever after. And then he died trying to protect his family. He faced Lord Volvemort wandless, unarmed, so his wife and their baby could escape. James Potter was many things but he was not an idiot. He knew that facing Voldemort at that point would be the last thing he did, but did it anyway. He decided that Lily’s life, and Harry’s, was more important than his own. 

You have to rememeber that literally everybody from Hagrid to Lord Voldemort thought James Potter was a good and brave man. 

On the other hand, Snape called the girl he was ”in love with” a mudblood infront of the entire school. He directly verbally abused her with a racial slur and became involved in a movement that wanted to kill her and eradicate her kind. He chose to shatter their friendship because his ego was hurt that a girl was helping him, even though she probably was the only person who was nice to him. 

His treatment of Petunia was terrible. He’s been bullying people since before he even went to Hogwarts. Since he was little, he thought muggle-borns and muggles were inferior. 

He created a spell that could kill his enemies when he was at Hogwarts. And after that, he finally joined a terrorist organization that wanted to kill people like the woman he was supposed to be in love with. He probably killed and tortured people. He was a loyal Death Eater for multiple years.   

Snape may have loved Lily, but his love for her was selfish, seen in the fact that he was willing to let her husband and her infant child die. Actually, I don’t think he loved her. He was obsessed with her. Or at least, he loved the idea of her that was on his mind, not the real Lily Evans. If he had really loved her, he would have tried to save her family, knowing that she would suffer if they died. But he was willing to let a baby and an innocent man die if it meant he could save Lily. If it meant he could have her. 

And when Lily died to protect her child, he realized that he made the wrong decision and “changed”. He became a spy, and I know it was hard. I understand that. I acknowledge Snape’s efforts as a spy and his contributions to the war. In the end, he turned out to be a brave man who tried to rectify his mistakes. But that doesn’t really change how a terrible person he was.

He abused his students, he bullied them. He targeted Neville, knowing he already had self-esteem issues, knowing what happened to his parents.  He threatened to poison his pet. He consciously targeted someone he perceived as weak, to the point where he became Neville’s worst fear at age 13. A fucking teacher was his biggest fear, not the people that tortured his parents into madness. Don’t you see how fucked up is that?!

Snape body shamed and insulted Hermione, who was an intelligent and hardworking student (just like Lily). He made her cry. 

Yes, he tried to protect Harry, and saved his life more than once. But he also verbally abused him, a neglected, abused, orphan who had done nothing wrong but look like his dead father. A father that he didn’t even know, by the way. Snape mocked and insulted him at every turn. Snape did everything that he could to make Harry’s life miserable because it was his way to have his revenge against James. This is not a 15 years old boy bullying another, it’s a fucking 30 years old man abusing a kid because he couldn’t let it go his hate about a dead person.

He tried to have an innocent man killed because of what happened when they were 16. Yes, Sirius was an idiot for that, I’m not denying it, but he didn’t coerce Snape into doing anything. He just gave him information. It means that Snape, on his own, decided it would be a great idea to sneak into the Shrieking Shack just to prove that Remus was a werewolf. 

He caused Remus to lose his job after spending years suffering in poverty. He deliberately made Remus’ students to write an essay on how to spot and kill a werewolf, to emotionally attack and possibly out him as a werewolf. He later did out him to the entire wizarding world, just because he was angry because Sirius didn’t die.

After seeing the abuse Dursley’s inflicted on Harry, he thought it was funny and felt no sympathy. Harry was fifteen. The same age that Snape was when he was (supposedly) “bullied”. He didn’t care about the abuse, he didn’t see himself in Harry. He thought  it was funny. Fucking funny. 

Usually, people at 15 are jerks and bully each other. But teachers aren’t supossed to abuse kids. 

James Potter was a jackass, but he didn’t join the equivalent of a magical nazi organization when he left Hogwarts. He didn’t experiment with dark magic and he died protecting his family. He grew out of it. He was a good person in the end.

Snape only betrayed Voldemort because he was chasing after Lily. He only left the death eaters because he wanted to protect Lily, if Neville was the chosen one, he would remain in his position as a Death Eater.

So sorry if I prefer James over Snape all the way.

Crazy In Love

Originally posted by jeonbase

This is the full version of my mini fic, lil favor!

5.2k words. College!au. Min Yoongi. ft Park Jimin. Fluff.

Maybe making a deal with Yoongi to fake date for a month and do whatever he tells you to in exchange─ isn’t your brightest idea.

“Just so you know, I don’t like you.” You defiantly state.

The corner of Yoongi’s lips lifts up into a half smirk, gaze slanting your way, teasingly questioning your declaration. He tugs your intertwined hands to his side, yanking you closer to him as well until there’s hardly any space between the two of you.

“Likewise.” He says ever so calmly, it pisses you off.

You’re about to open your mouth to let a snarky remark put his smug ass in place but he beats you to it.

“You ready?”

The question brings you back to the situation at hand. Let’s see, you’ve made a deal with the devil, namely Min Yoongi who’s always been a tough competition in everything, you get the highest score in a test and he gets the highest score in your best class. Technically, asking your long term rival to pretend to be your fake boyfriend to ─how do you put it─ one up your ex, Jimin, whose presence is always graced by a group of female students after the rumor of the breakup made its way through campus, isn’t the best idea. But if it’s anyone that won’t judge you for your insecurities when you see those gorgeous girls Jimin is always seen talking to, or rather flirting with, then it would be Yoongi.

“Absolutely not.” You breathe out, eyes widening as if everything’s finally crashing down on you and hitting your square in the face with a stone brick.

“Good.” He smiles playfully, almost making you forget your purpose.

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Suck it, ya filthy, fake Redcoat!

LTL, FTP and all that Jazz. Compared to some of the stories here mine is fairly tame, but considering my age at the time, the effort I had put into the whole affair and the resulting payoff, I would consider this pro enough to fit in here.

I’ve lived in Germany almost my entire life, yet through a twist of fate, I grew up learning the English language as a native speaker, since my father emigrated to Germany from the USA. As such, I’ve always had an American accent when speaking English and I’ve never met anyone who thought they felt the need to complain about it. Every time a teacher asked why I spoke English so well I replied that I am a US National by birth because my Father is from the US. All my teachers seemed quite impressed, except this one Hag, half a lifetime ago… If there ever was an award for creepy Anglophilia, she’d be neck deep in honors and certificates. Instead of encouraging me to speak more so that the other students could learn proper pronunciation from an actual native speaker, like many other English teachers at my school back then did, this woman thought it necessary to berate me for “speaking in such a horrible and filthy manner” and “cure [me] of that insufferable atrocity of an accent.” Mind you, these were actual quotes from this woman. My dad was no help at all. He was fairly ignorant about me being bullied by one of my own teachers, and even went so far as to yell at me to “suck it up and respect my elders”. So, yeah, I stuck it up. It didn’t help that I also wrote in American English (you know, color instead of color, tire instead of tyre, cookie instead of biscuit, that sort of thing) and the Hag had the audacity to write these “mistakes” up as double errors, meaning I got twice points deducted for spelling errors that weren’t even actual errors! I was so fed up with this woman and it wasn’t even two months into the school year.

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Requested by: @misssilencewritewell !!! Warnings: a little blood xD

(Y/n) sat in the makeshift library in the Sanctum flipping through an old book when Stephen walked hastily past. She cocked an eyebrow at him as he moved into the next room.
“Good morning to you too, Stephen..” muttered (y/n) who thumbed the corner of her book. She couldn’t get a good read on Stephen. Sometimes he is very enduring towards her but others he just forgets she’s there. It stung when he would act like this. Of course she understood his duties as the proclaimed protector of earth, but she couldn’t help but wonder if he’d even care if she simply left one day. Suddenly she heard the all too familiar sound of a sling ring portal open in the next room over. Curious, she dog eared the page she was on and moved toward the doorway which led to the room of relics. She caught a glimpse of Stephen’s cloak leave the room but just as she was about to follow, one of the large relics began to shake crazily. (Y/n) readied herself for a fight taking one step at a time towards the jumping cabinet.
“Hey!! Let me out!!! Heeeey!!” A voice screamed from inside. (Y/n) rose an eyebrow and checked over her shoulder. She was a sorcerer to, if it was anything dangerous she could certainly handle it on her own. Holding her hands out in front of her, (y/n) quickly formed a spell that caused the cabinet doors to swing open.
A man in a black suit leapt out of the cabinet ferociously causing (y/n) to stumble backwards and hit one of the glass cases. Once the man looked her in the eyes she knew exactly who he was. The god of mischief himself. Without hesitation, (y/n) quickly formed a shuriken behind her back. But the sparks it emitted caught the crazed man’s gaze. His eyes trailed up her arm and locked themselves onto her (e/c) eyes.
“What’s this? Some lowly midguardian thinks they can harness magic?” He took a step toward but paused as a golden shuriken flew past his cheek and dissolving against the wall. He glanced over his shoulder and watched The particles dissolve. Letting out a low snicker, he drew his own blade from his sleeve. “I see. So that’s how you’re going about this.” (Y/n) dropped to the ground as the knife sliced through the air and plunged through the glass case behind her. Rolling to the side, (y/n) pulled a staff off of a shelf and readied herself for another attack. She wasn’t very keen on using weapons such as these, she much preferred throwing weapons at a distance rather then close combat. But she didn’t have time to consider this. (Y/n) rose the staff in the air and forced it down hard but froze when the god held it in place. Her arms shook as she tried to force the staff out of his grip but it was no use. He gave her a quick sneer then sliced the staff in two grabbing (y/n) by the jaw and pulling her close. She struggled to shake free of his tight grip, feeling his cold touch infect her cheeks.
“It’s a shame really, to ruin such a lovely face.” He summoned another blade from his free hand and pressed it against (y/n)s cheek causing her to let out a short cry. The blade dug deep but she tried her best to hold back her tears. But when the blade sunk into the meat of her cheek she let out a scream that caused the god of mischief to hesitate. His sneer has been replaced with a sudden look of confusion. It was then that (y/n) could feel him slightly loosen his grip but just as she was about to fight back, Loki had been flung across the room, crashing through one of the glass cases. (Y/n) gripped her bleeding cheek as she tried to catch her breath. It was then that she saw a familiar red cloak zoom past her carrying the wearer toward the god that struggled to get up. Stephen yanked the god to his feet by his suit collar and slammed his against the wall.
“You’ve got some nerve showing up on earth after your last visit.” His voice was deep and filled with hate.
“I’m sorry, do I know you?”
“You my friend had just made the biggest mistake of your life.” Stephen’s voice shook the room with his intensity, it even sparked fear in (y/n). Swiftly, the cloak released its hold on Stephen and wrapped itself around (y/n) who couldn’t help but be enveloped in its warmth.
“Oh I highly doubt that.” The god smiled plainly at the sorcerer whose eyes stared into his soul.
“I was going to have a civil conversation and assist you in your search but after what you’ve just done, it’s very tempting to send you straight into a blackhole.”
“Been there, done that. Not the best place for a vacation.” Fury boiled up inside Stephen’s chest. The room shook and rattled causing various cases to shiver in place. God he wanted to make this god pay for touching (y/n). He drew back a shivering fist but froze when he heard his name called out behind him. Holding Loki firmly in place, he looked over his shoulder and could clearly see the blood that coated her cheek like a murky lake. Stephen threw the god of mischief to the floor hard causing (y/n) to shudder at the sound. The god coughed as Stephen knelt down and grabbed his collar once again.
“Your brother should be here any minute. You’d better hope that he doesn’t piss me off or you can say goodbye to this reality all together.” The god chuckled at this threat striking rage into Stephen.
“Really? That sounds lovely actually.” Stephen roughly dropped the collar and formed a portal that consumed the god.
(Y/n) stared wide eyed at him. Here she thought Stephen couldn’t care less about her. Now she just witnessed him threatening a literal god for her? After a brief moment passed, Stephen marched toward (y/n) and knelt down slightly in order to get a closer look at the incision.
“Stephen I-“
“It wasn’t your fault (y/n), that cabinet was just a temporary cage until I could think of something better suited for trapping a god.” He walked with her to the study and sat down next to her as he formed a needle and thread. (Y/n) was about to ask something when she noticed Stephen’s hands. They had a bruised tint to them and were shaking much more then usual. He struggled to get the thread through the needle and was about to give up when (y/n) offered to thread the needle.
“I can do this part Stephen, you should go get your gloves.” He was about to make a stubborn comment but complied and hurried to the next room.
When he returned with the golden laced gloves (y/n) could clearly see the relief they provided him. Though they didn’t heal his hands, they still provided his aching joints with a slight bit of magic to ease the pain.
“Thank you.” He placed some gauze on her cheek causing her to wince. “Sorry” he looked down and noticed that she was shivering. His eyebrows furrowed as he cleaned the rest of her face, revealing her frost bitten chin. Stephen
“What is it..?” (Y/n) asked nervously. Stephen stood and formed a spell mixing it with a portal. She could hear a familiar voice scream in the portal just as it closed. “Stephen?” He flashed her a reassuring grin.
“Don’t worry, I originally left him in a desert but thought that wasn’t good enough. So that bastard is now falling into an eternal abyss until his brother gets here.” (Y/n) couldn’t help but chuckle.
“I swear, you’re so extra sometimes..”
“Yeah well he shouldn’t had even looked at you… I’m sorry (y/n).” He placed his golden glove against her undamaged cheek causing her to rest against his palm.
“It’s okay, Stephen..” her reassuring voice soothes his shaking heart. Though he didn’t show it, he was still filled with the fear he felt when he saw her in Loki’s grip. He was terrified that he would lose her. But seeing her kind (e/c) eyes gaze sweetly back at him his fears dissipated.
“(Y/n), there’s something…I’ve been meaning to say..” he couldn’t stop his mouth from speaking. This wasn’t the time! Not now! But before he could abort the subject, there was a sparkle in her eyes that seemed to plead for him to continue. Stammering a bit over his words, Stephen gathered the courage in his heart and spoke.
“I need you. Far more than you’d ever know. I had asked you to move in not because the Sanctum needed protection, but because I needed you. Just seeing your face keeps me grounded in this reality. Without you…I don’t know what I’d-“ He was cut off by a pair of lips. A mixture of shock and warmth enveloped his soul as he caressed her unwounded cheek. Pulling away from the kiss, Stephen could clearly see the tears that streamed down (y/n)s cheeks. Fear struck through him, did he hurt her? Graze her injured cheek?
“I thought…you didn’t care that I was ever here..” she sniffles, immediately putting his beating chest to rest. Pulling her into a hug, Stephen gave her a tight squeeze. She relaxed in his arms with a hiccup. This warmth, this sweet embrace. They both knew what it was but were both too afraid to say it. Maybe in time it will reveal itself. But for now they focused on stitching her cheek.


DONT WORRY LOKI FANS I GOT SOMETHING ELSE UP MY SLEEVE FOR U GUYS TOO!! I just had to make him feisty for this scene but I’m proud of the dialogue with him. I love protective characters but I didnt want Stephen to feel out of character so I made his protectiveness internal as opposed to outright stabby stab Loki. I made up the glove thing! I know they protect his hands in the comics but I kind of want to headcanon them as a numbing relic cause omg honey those golden things are flashy

Mystic Messenger: V’s Common Route Walkthrough (Days 1-4)

V’s Route Days 5-11 | Bad Ends V’s Route Chat/Calls Times | Walkthrough Masterpost 

Read before you start:

  • In order to get into V’s route, you need to play along with Saeran. I’m assuming that if you reveal the truth to the RFA early in the game, you might get a common route bad end.
  • These are the answers I chose. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach each different outcome in the story, you are free to pick different answers.
  • This walkthrough may not be 100% accurate. Follow the choices at your own risk.
  • Missed Chats: Cost 15 hgs to unlock.
  • Calling V & Saeran “Ray”: Costs 10 hgs. As of now, these two don’t have calling cards, & are not included in the “all characters” calling cards from the VIP package. 
  • Heart Color Meaning:
    • V: Mint | Unknown/Ray: Magenta | Jumin: Purple | 707: Red | Yoosung: Green | Jaehee: Yellow | Zen: Gray
  • CGS unlocked with this walkthrough: 
    • V: 30/37 | Unknown/Ray: 6/6 | Jumin: 6/6 | 707: ¾ | Yoosung: 1/1 | Jaehee: ¾ | Zen: 5/6

**Please DO NOT copy and paste anywhere else.**

**I want to play blindly and see what endings I can achieve on my own. Please DO NOT send me spoilers**

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Rickmorty Maleficent AU

I watched Maleficent lately and I thought that a RickMorty AU of it would be absolutely great. I mean:

Imagine Rick as Maleficent, a spirit of the forest with majestic black wings, wickedly curved horns and the strongest magic the realm has ever seen. Imagine he was a force to be reckoned with, a god with no equal, being able to weave thunderstorms and will beasts into submission with only a flick of his finger.

Rick was the lord of all the fairies and monsters and magical creatures who presided in the forest, thousands of years old and eternal. He flies high over the cliffs and mountains of his forest, seeing the rise and fall of numerous generations of his subjects. They worship him, adore him, idolize him, but they were ever wary and never got too close. In the safety of the quiet night sky, he soars, ever watchful and waiting but growing bored of the monotony of being an unwilling guardian to a realm too used to his presence.

So he wanders the borders of the forest for the very first time, forced to fly alone, both figuratively and literally. He glances down and finds himself wondering if there was anyone else who could look at the forest the same way he did and see how utterly insignificant it truly was.

And that’s when he sees his first human.

Her name was Beth, and if he was a lord of the sky, she was the sweet child of the Earth. She was soft, kind and  brimming with a realism that he has never encountered. She was a young daughter of a nobleman, only sixteen years of age, and she spoke of fantastic things: a land beyond the forest,  homes studded with stars, tall castles that loomed over everything that surrounded it, and a strange concept called love.

[What is love? Rick knew nothing about it.]

Rick cared for her like a father, teaching her the secrets of the forest, of its inhabitants and its magic, encouraging her to meet him in her past time and swearing her to secrecy. Years and years go by, which usually felt like weeks to Rick but now felt like mere moments he watched Beth grow up.

But then, just when Rick thought he had a chance of finding that ever elusive thing that was his happiness, a man named Jerry quickly comes and steals her away from him, monopolizing her time, and eventually, her heart. And at the disbelieving look of Jerry, who couldn’t fathom the existence of magic, Beth shows him proof. She takes him to the forest and, hidden behind the thick undergrowth, shows him the very being that had taught her everything she knew.

Jerry, terrified at the prospect of a powerful and immortal spirit hanging around his Beth, watches and waits until the monster called Rick gets drunk on sunwater brew. He cuts off Rick’s wings to show an anguished Beth the appendages of her beloved guardian and trick her into thinking he was dead. She gets pregnant, agrees to marry him and they move to her castle, eventually becoming the rulers of her kingdom.

In the forest, Rick wakes up to find that his wings, the only things that ever gave him any joy, freedom or peace of mind, has been stolen from him. He screams in rage, vowing revenge on the human thief that he remembered in one fleeting moment of clarity.

Months pass and Beth dies giving birth to her one and only child, Morty, leaving her inept husband to rule alone. And at the party celebrating Morty’s birth, an uninvited guest turns up.

It was Rick. In all his anger and pain and misery, he has been waiting all this time to inflict the most pain on the man who took everything from him. He curses baby Morty to prick his finger and fall asleep on his 18th birthday. Unless he kissed his true love, he would fall into an eternal slumber. Rick leaves, never knowing it was his beloved Beth’s son, who had disappeared without a trace all those months ago.

[Love is corrosive, poisonous and detrimental to individuals and society in general. It encourages irrational behavior.]

Morty grows up sheltered and estranged from his father, who had sent him off in a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere in fear that Rick would find him. But Rick had already found Morty: Rick was determined to see his curse come to fruition, and nothing would stand in his way, not even the prospect of Morty dying before his 18th birthday.

So Rick reluctantly protects him, using just the barest smidge of his magic to scoot Morty away from danger. He watches over him, seeing the little shit grow up and retain the sort of naivety that should have annoyed Rick but only made Morty all the more endearing. He grated on Rick’s nerves, but a toothy smile from the toddler never failed to stir something in his centuries-old heart. There was just something about Morty that reminded him of the kindness of humans that made Rick want to mess with him a bit.

Like the time when Morty was playing out in the gardens and  a rabid wolf appeared behind him. Instead of crying, Morty reached up and hugged it. The maid would swear up and down that she had seen a horned devil beside the wolf. A stablehand would later tell Jerry the story of Morty happily playing with a flock of ravens and crows. Another visitor to the cottage would say that Morty would giggle and float in midair at random times.

[Love doesn’t exist. What they call love is simply a primal instinct that evolved in so-called higher-order animals to encourage positive social behavior.]

 One day, everything changes. 15-year-old Morty looks at Rick straight in the eye, through all the charms and magic spells he used to disguise himself, and says, “I-I know you’re watching me, don’t be scared. I-I-I wouldn’t hurt nobody, I promise.”

So Rick replies,  "I-I’m not hiding. I’m not a ‘lil pussy like you, M-m-morty,“ and steps out of the shadows.

And from then on, it was different. No more hiding and waiting in the distance for Rick. From then on, he showed himself to Morty and made no effort to hide who he was. For the first time in years, Rick used his magic for a human.

 Every day was a new adventure and a new thing to teach the young boy. It reminded Rick wistfully of his days with Beth, but with Morty, it became so much more because of his eagerness to learn and his rapt wonder at Rick’s magic and knowledge. If his time with Beth made time fly by faster, then his time with Morty was a slow crawl; where every moment he spent with the boy was akin to a soothing fire that warmed him to his very core. It made him want to etch his memories of Morty on his bones.

They grow closer throughout their adventures, and Rick and Morty never leave each other’s side for very long. When Morty’s honey-amber eyes widened in delight when he showed him his magic, it made him want to show off even more. When Morty’s cheeks glistened with fresh tears, it made him want to set hellhounds on whatever had saddened him. It was addicting and exhilarating for Rick, and he couldn’t get enough of his smiles, his laughter, his company.

[But no, Rick wouldn’t call it love. He never believed in the existence of love, not even when he still had Beth.]

Rick didn’t even realize that it doesn’t take his wings being ripped out to fall for Morty.

Each day brought Morty closer to his own end and a new sort of despair for Rick. His curse could not be undone without true love’s kiss. Torn between protecting the one human he learned to truly care for, and finally fulfilling his revenge, he chooses to sacrifice his revenge and tells Morty the truth weeks before he turns 18. Heartbroken, betrayed, and distraught, Morty runs away from the cottage, away from Rick’s  revelation and into the safety of his mundane father.

When the inevitable finally happens on Morty’s birthday, all the kingdom mourns. Noblewomen and commoners alike line up to see if they could break the curse with their kiss. Rick only watches, helpless and hoping that anyone would be able to undo the fatal mistake he had made.

When the last hopeful, Jessica, leaves the room in disappointment, Rick stands up wordlessly, sits by the bed, and takes Morty’s limp hand in his. He memorizes the curve of his mouth, his soft brown curls, and the sound of his snore as he slept his life away. And he finally realizes that Morty, who so resembled the girl who had first taught him love in appearance and demeanor, must have been her son. So Rick cries, for the first time in his entire existence, at the loss of the only two people he considered his family.

[Love is painful, like glass shards in your chest, slowly cutting you up on the inside until there is nothing left.]

As the clock tolls midnight, he looks at the one person he cared for– no, lovedand runs a hand through the boy’s head. He presses a kiss on his soft and pliant mouth as his final goodbye. As Rick get up to leave, a hand suddenly shoots up and yanks him back down by the bed.

Rick and Morty stare at each other dumbfoundedly; Rick because Morty had finally woken up and Morty because never had he ever expected to see Rick with tears running down his cheeks. Rick was crying for him. For him.

"Y-you kissed me Rick. Y-you broke the spell with true l-l-love.”

Morty was wide awake and his eyes were filled to the brim with something utterly alien and yet familiar to Rick. He could barely process the fact that he had just woken the boy up with his kiss before Morty mumbles, “It felt like I was wai-waiting forever for y-you to do that,” and pulls him down for another one.

This time it was all teeth and tongue and inexperience, so Rick settles himself on top of the boy and deepened the kiss with the expertise only he could accomplish. When they finally break apart, their lips swollen and breaths ragged, Rick gives Morty a rare genuine smile.

“L-l-et’s be together fo-for a hundred years Rick, l-l-et’s run away together.”

“A hundred years i-isn’t enough for me Morty, I-I think I waOOUGHHnt to keep you around forever.” Rick dives back onto Morty’s mouth, heart singing and his soul in the heavens.

[Love exists, and Rick knows what it is.]

Jerry can keep his wings. He doesn’t need it to soar anymore.

Destiel fic recs

I had some time and thought I should give it a try. These are my real favorites, I left out WiPs and the ones I haven’t finished reading. (If you want some more ideas, then here is my bookmark page for spn on AO3)   I’m sure there’s gonna be a few everyone has read, but I couldn’t leave them out.

<10 k

Clueless by ChocolateKid  
Five times Sam stayed oblivious and one time he didn’t.

A Different Kind of Magic by K_K_TiBal  
Castiel is a witch that prides himself on his healing spells and Dean is that one customer that keeps coming into his shop with a different illness that needs curing. 

A Thousand Words by K_K_TiBal 
Street artist AU

 Jacob’s Ladder by imogenbynight  
In which Dean develops a crush on a radio DJ who doesn’t know the first thing about the music he’s playing.

Unlit, Unmarked and Forgotten (Roads) by awed_frog 
“Where am I even supposed to go? After everything we survived together, I watched the man I love die. There’s no normal after that.” 11x17 coda

10 - 50 k

Unlikely Hero by Chancy_Lurking  
When Castiel calls Dean, after almost of decade of radio silence, for help after his daughter is kidnapped, it’s supposed to be a professional favor. But Dean’s life is never that simple and when old feelings get involved and stir up old demons, well… Why wouldn’t there be a little dose of Hell to top it all off?

like moses and batman and james dean by saltyfeathers 
Canon Divergence

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The world is full of mysteries, but my favorite is how you came to love me.
—  I can only wonder how it all came together. It’s like losing a very important piece of the puzzle, maybe it was a piece of warm orange from the sun or the soft white from clouds– I found my lost piece within your gentleness. Most worries tend to just rain into the gardens that wither as the days go by, inch by inch, this is love finally getting it right. For you, I built a stairway to the moon. For you, I made moments last forever. You can color outside of the lines, I’ll edit our mistakes. My art teacher used to say there’s no such thing as a mistake in art, there’s only a new opportunity. So what if I scrape my knees a few more times? Get up and keep running, I’ll run until I stop stumbling. I’ll run until I’m out of breath. So what if love catches a cold? Sleep with your empty thoughts and drink some tea, these days I desperately cling to your arms. It has been this way, you’re always there. I can’t keep myself sober long enough to feel the pain, I don’t want to remember. You say, until your fears are dealt with, you’ll always hide behind such words like don’t leave; was I ever good enough? Sure I was, but just not for you. Dip my fingers into my regrets, write my poetry without my need for self-destruction. It’s just words, just a few bones, just a chip of your heart– ask me tomorrow if I should stay and I’ll ask right back, why not today? Lost in a lostness as deep as the color of your eyes, I lose my judgment, I feel weak, I need you even if I feel like I don’t need you. They say that if it’s real, then it must hurt. They say that writers know how to coat a lie as a beautiful truth– I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that you used to love me or the fact that I don’t love you anymore. And that’s why I hate writing about best friends and love. They go hand in hand, bullet for bullet. Scar for scar, starshine for starshine. What’s love is love. What’s gone is gone. It’s strange that strangers fall in and out of love just to repeat the vicious cycle. This is poverty of the soul, this is the cave for solemn hearts. This is how my heart breaks when your name is heard, this is how my heart feels when I think about you and it’s no longer the same. The world means so much more with you in it, but it’s so much better after the hurt fades away. These are the ways that I love you, these are the ways that I hate you. They are one and the same. They are the same sides of a coin. The truth is, the more you love someone– you’ll soon realize you could hate them just as much. I didn’t mean for us to end up like this, life has pointed out a simple fact– I am a moron with no bounds. Treat someone like trash and you’ll end up alone. You come back around as a backup plan, you come back around as a secret blueprint. Make more friends, strange modern day friendships– all of the best people, I’ve never even met. It goes back to my personality, it’s hard to trust people because I barely trust myself. It’s hard to love people because I really don’t even know how to love myself. But to try. The measurements of try holds large increments of your heartbeat– the louder the thump, the more I’ve known you. The truer your honesty, the more I’m loyal towards you. I have no doubts about you. I only know lightness as pure as the sun’s. These are the days when I can breathe and not feel rejection being inhaled. These are the days when my heart feels fragile, but I can still move around. These are the ways that I love you and darling, it knows no limitations. I feel each door inside of this heart being left open– maybe you’ll make it home some day, maybe I’ll make it home some day. Chasing after a feeling because of my empty, that is a problem you’ve never given me. If I could spell love a thousand times, it’d always be you. There was once a quote on Tumblr about the word you– you see that’s the magic about words. No matter how many times we spell it, you’ll only see one face. When I think about the word love, it’s you.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Reiner can actually kill himself by blowing his brains out (I mean, he survived getting half of his head chopped off before)? And why do you think he's doing it?

Hello, hello you beautiful anon!

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different interpretation, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages; please do us both a favor and just don’t even bother with it. 

Major spoilers & mentions of attempted suicide ahead!

I’m really glad you asked me this because I’ve been seeing a lot of different POV’s on these two subjects and I’m always excited to throw my two cents in when it’s wanted. As usual, I will be putting this under a Read More due to the length of my response and the content of spoiler panels that are present. Also, this is completely unedited, so please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors!

Now then, let me start off by saying that a gun shot wound to the head would have most definitely killed Reiner if he truly wanted it to. 

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A glimpse of hell - mean nicknames created  by the Chinese Gymternet


1. Do not read this if you are easily offended by mean names, satirical jokes or dark humour. 

2. The Chinese gymternet culture, and its internet culture as a whole, is very different from the ones on tumblr. Partly due to its insularity, certain terms used in the Chinese gymternet could come across to you as too rude or brass or unacceptable. However, please also take into account the difference in the cultural aspect as well. As a common dweller in the Chinese gymternet community, I can promise that 95% of the satirical teasings or mean names created by the Chinese has no derogatory intention. The truly degrading, racist or sexist nicknames have also been filtered out by me, so rest assured. 

So now, if you are ready, please read on: 

——————————————–The line to hell——————————————-

Part 1. Basic terminology to nickname-creation

A. 野鸡 (ye-ji) noun./adj.  - pheasant; wild chicken (direct translation)

“Before anyone is worthy of being bestowed upon a nickname by the Chinese gymternet god, they are all wild chickens.”

The term “wild chicken” is not limited to the gymternet community - it is the umbrella term for all athletes who are either 1.not well known 2.not very good at the sport 3.both. Wild chicken can be used both as a noun and an adjective. Though initially carrying a negative and even derogatory connotation, the tone now is much more neutral. An example for the use of “wild chicken” with a neutral connotation would be - 

“Who is that wild chicken on bars? She’s pretty good.”

When used as an adjective, it is normally used to describe a routine that is underwhelming. For example “Songsong’s vault is quite 野鸡.”

When used to describe man, use 野鸭, or wild duck, instead of chicken. 

B. 女士/小姐 noun. - Ms/Mdm/Miss

Using an overly formal term to address an athlete is one of the most basic satirical trick used by the Chinese community. I’m not sure when and who first created this but oh boy does this thing spread fast! Similar to wild chicken, this term first carries a negative connotation, but some people liked it so much they start to call everybody, including the ones they love, with a Ms something something. More often than not though this term still carries a mocking tone to it.

Example: “Oh what a spectacular performance by Mdm____, she could have scored full marks in the 10-points scoring system!”

C. 好粉丝 noun. - Good fans

With its true meaning being “biased fans”, this word is often used to mock comments or other netizens for being…well…too biased. 

Example: “Good lord, those good fans are saying ____ is capable of winning gold again, what a joke!”

With the 3 most basic terminology in mind, lets move to more specific nicknames for gymnasts and countries. 

Part 2 - specific nicknames and its origin (names not written in any order, just writing them down as I remember them)

1. Victoria Komova - 擦擦,擦地,擦四步 (scratchy,ground-wiper, wipe-4-steps) 

Origin: 擦 (pronounced as tsah), means “to wipe” or “to scratch”. The name 擦擦 came after YOG in 2010 when Komova scratched her feet on the ground during bars final and then backed 4 steps during floor final - the Chinese netizens then begin saying that Komova is wiping the floor with her feet and there goes the “wipe-4-steps” and the “ground-wiper”. While used as a mocking nickname initially, most people now, even her fans, still refer to her as “scratchy” or “擦擦“. 

2. Kyla Ross - 敦煌飞仙 (Buddha’s heavenly leap)

Origin: It is extremely hard to translate the proverb 敦煌飞仙. The term “敦煌” is related to Buddism whereas 飞仙 means something like “flying to heaven”? It’s a buddist term and I’m not able to capture the exact meaning as well… anyway, the term came after Kyla’s super awkward fell during her 2015 Jesolo floor routine, and then one of the netizens who didn’t really like her wrote “OH MY HOW BEAUTIFUL, ITS LIKE A BUDDHA’S HEAVENLY LEAP”, and then suddenly everybody started to use it lmao. It is initially used to address Kyla Ross’s fall, but has now extended to all kinds of lurching kind of fall on floors. It definitely is still used to mock people though.

3.  Riley McCusker - 鸡翅膀 - Chicken Wing

Origin: Her 2016 floor choreography is just really weird and has hand movements like a “flapping wild chicken”, and if you have read the things I wrote above you will know being related to a “wild chicken” is NOT good for your image on the gymternet lmao. 

4. Nastia Liukin - 青蛙,娃娃 - frog, froggy

Origin: It’s due to the cowboying on her double front. One of the disgusted netizen commented that her posture during the double front is like a “leadping frog” and thats it lol. It is also notable that Nastia is a pretty controversial figure in the chinese gymternet, with large groups of fans and haters. The haters all address her as froggy and the fans will call her 公主 - princess. 

5. Deng Yalan - 种地小姐 - Miss peasant

Origin: So last year it became clear to the fans that Deng got addicted to a K-pop star and ended up semi-quitting her gymnastics career. Then there is this huge whooha regarding what she’s gonna do dropping gymnastics and her education at such a young age in the future. Then somebody digged out her family’s background and realized that her family is not very well-off in the first place and they live in the rural areas. So disappointed fans begin calling her Miss peasant to mock how she somehow ruined her own fledgling gymnastics career. 

6. Huang Qiushuang - 面膜小姐/黄面膜 - Miss Face mask/Facemask Huang

Origin: When Huang retired from gymnastics she opened a micro online shop to sell face masks. Such micro online shop in China is known for their dubious quality as many products are made without proper channels and regulation, and so yep people begin to call her Miss face mask for selling “fake products”. Whether the products are truly fake is unknown til today. 

7. Zeng Siqi & Chen Siyi - 旅游小姐/拍手小姐/提包小姐 - Miss vacation/Miss hand-clapper/Miss bag-carrier

Origin: Siqi only did beam (and fell) during the 2013 individual world championship, whereas Siyi didn’t do a single apparatus during the 2015 team final, so mean netizens begin mocking that “all Siyi did is to hold others’ tea cup and clap her hands and carry bags”, and then they became Miss hand-clappers. Dowell is also sometimes addressed as such too due to her lack of participation in 2013′s WC. 

8. Liu Jinru - 搞笑艺人 - Comedian

Origin: Because her dance and wobbles and fell are all quite…clumsy looking? Then some people said she looked like a comedian trying to make people laugh with all her wobbles and mistakes and now everybody begin calling her that.

9. Larisa Iordache - 影后 - movie queen

Origin: Prior of Olympics in 2012 rumour has it that Larisa is injured or something like that, and then she showed up to the competition almost fine (she fell on beam and floor but her difficulties are all back), and Chinese netizens were like “WASN’T SHE INJURED” when she showed up with a crazy difficulty beam routines, and there you’ve got the name!

10. Diana Bulimar - 布尼玛老太婆 - Witch Bulimar

Origin: This and the next one is probably the most offensive out of all terms SO PLEASE DON’T BE OFFENDED. Its also kind of hard to explain… so it all started with a superrrrrrrrrrrr Bulimar hater who also happens to be super active in the Chinese gymternet. Boy did he HATE Bulimar. And then since Romania’s struggling with the depth of talent pool the renowned hater started the “Bulimar is a witch and she cast a cremation spell on team Romania so that the entire gym program will be cremated” thing, and he talked about it in like every single fucking post lol, and it gradually got picked up. Bulimar is also known for having a “floor music of curse” back in 2012, as whoever is doing beam when Bulimar is using the 2012 floor music will either wobble or fall on beam. 

11. Romanian team - 火葬国 - Cremnation

Origin: Its the same as above, 火葬国 sounds super offensive as it means “country of cremation”, it’s a very bad joke and I apologize if anyone is offended… So anyway according to this hater Didi cast a cremation spell on the country’s gymnastics program so that it will all burn to ashes, and because hes so active everybody got brainwashed and start to address the team as “cremation team”. 

12. Other Romanian gymnasts cept Didi, Lari and Cata - 字母女士,Miss Alphabets

Origin: So it goes like the Romanian fans are super upset about how the new comers are unable to match the ability of Didi, Lari and Cata, or even do something that is memorable. And so in the cruel world of Chinese gymternet community such gymnasts do not deserve a distinctive nickname - they ended being called Miss H, Miss I, Miss O and Miss G, things like that. 

13. Team China - 宙国 - Team Universe

Origin: This may sounds nice but it is not - it is used to mock overly nationalistic chinese fans who thinks team China deserve to win everything and anything, so much so they own the universe lmao, so they instead call these fans as “fans of team universe”. 

14. Maria Paseka - 845

Origin: The degree that Paseka is able to turn on her Amanar in 2012. She got better afterwards but the name sticked with her for life. 

15. Mattie Larson - 冷宫怨妇 - Unwanted bitter women

Origin: Not a very good translation, but its hard to be translated :/. 冷宫 is a place in ancient China where the emperor’s least popular mistress are kept, whereas 怨妇 means very bitter women. The term started after her falls on floor in the 2007 team final, and rumours had it that Marta had enough of her and is never gonna use her ever. So in that sense I guess the nickname captured what happened pretty well :/. 

16. Zhang Nan - 巨星 - Super star/Icon

Origin: Netizens just don’t understand why Zhang Nan is so well-liked by the judges, even when the fans think she did her skills poorly in some cases. And then somebody said the famous line that “because she’s a super star” and then KABOOM everybody used it to mock her. There are also variant terms such as Zhang Nan’s late-as-always Ono on bars, called the “star turn”, and a falling LOSO mount on beam, called the “star mount”. 


Deng Linlin - noun. - a unit used to measure the extent of one’s leg separation. 

Example: Liukin’s cowboying on her double front is so bad its like 1.5 Deng Linlin. 

And….thats about all that I can think of, against, please don’t be offended if some of your favs are on the list, most of these terms are meant as bad jokes, and some of them have shifted in their connotations so much even the fans start to use it. To conclude, I wish all of you have a nice laugh after reading this!  I mayyyy do a second issue of this if I have more :)

Steve/Tony Fic Recs: Rule 63 (Tony)

So this list is for @sabrecmc‘s anon who wanted girl!Tony fics! I wanted to a rule 63 fic for both Steve and Tony, but this one got out of hand, so that’ll have be a separate list :) Some of these also have fem!Steve, so femslash, yayy.

Remember to leave kudos and comments for your hardworking authors!

Ironsides by copperbadge (@copperbadge): Antonia Carter Stark takes no shit and no prisoners.

An Ever Fixed Mark by Elspethdixon, Seanchai (@elspethdixon): 

Loki accidentally turns Tony into a woman. Steve is less than thrilled. Hijinks ensue.

The Limitations of Wax by RayShippouUchiha (@rayshippouuchiha): So Jarvis is the one who pulls her up onto her feet, presses a tool into one hand and a book into the other and tells her to create. Tells her that if the numbers and the shapes and images in her mind hurt so bad then she should build them, should give them form so that they can finally leave her alone.

Jarvis is the one who finally teaches her how to breathe.

Or: Toni Stark grows up with the tale of Icarus swirling in the back of her mind. Instead of taking it as a precautionary tale about hubris and overreaching she decides it’s more about the limitations of wax. 

Years later when she builds herself wings of her own she makes sure to build them out of better material. (Steve/Tony/Bucky)

Wilt Thou Exchange by twentysomething: "The first time Steve meets Toni is about a week after he wakes up.“

Our Courage Is A Natural Habitat by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle): You know that’s a one way trip, Steph tells her, after a hesitation she never thought she’d make. Antonia doesn’t answer. Instead, she turns off the comm, and Steph watches her ascent: up, up, up, towards the mouth of the wormhole.

i make up things i would never say (i say them very quietly) by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle): Stephanie copes with the very real possibility that Antonia might be dead, but refuses to give up hope. 

Or, the get-together fic people keep asking for. (series)

We Learned By Doing by jibrailis: The one in which all the Avengers are women.

Sing the Body Electric by georgygirl (@georgygirl-247): When a well-meaning nutcase from the cosmos determines that Steve and Tony have one of the strongest soul bonds she’s ever sensed, she takes it into her own hands to ensure that Steve and Tony are able to have what she believes every soul-bonded couple wishes — and is made — for.

Too bad she doesn’t tell Steve and Tony about this before she weaves her little magic spell. Now, Steve and Tony are forced to come to terms with the fact that the week Tony spent as a woman was not as harmless an exercise as they’d originally thought.And there’s no easy way to fix it. (series)

An Assembly Such as This by lady_ragnell (@theladyragnell): In which Miss Antonia Stark finds herself sponsor and mentor of Miss Lucy Banner at the behest of the Fury, meets a mysterious American officer, and the fortunes of the brothers Odinson are discussed extensively. 

A Regency romance AU.

The Nucleus Burning Inside of the Cell by Sineala (@sineala​): Steve’s had a hopeless crush on Natasha Stark for years, but the rumors in the headlines about their passionate romance are just that: rumors. He knows he’d never really have a chance with her. But when the rumors become harder to ignore, the only way out is to give in, and Steve and Natasha must pretend to be in a relationship. The press is happy, their teammates are thrilled for them… and it’s going to kill Steve.

Take My Breath Away by pensversusswords (@pensversusswords​): 

In which Steve Rogers has been in love with Natasha Stark for years, and managed to keep it a secret for almost just as long. Almost.

Monitor by copperbadge (@copperbadge): Tony attends a wedding; Steve starts making a little space.

Wind-blown Sparks by teaberryblue (@teaberryblue​): She couldn’t remember who found her, except that she was pretty sure it was a police officer and she was pretty sure he didn’t recognize her. Rhodey was the one who came to the hospital, whose phone number she might have given them when she’d still been in a delirious haze, hopped up on so much Über that she hadn’t felt herself slowly freezing to death. (series

somewhere over the wormhole by dorky (dorcas_gustine): Being a superhero is hard: you miss a lot of appointments. Alternatively: dimensional travel brings gender issues which aren’t really issues in the end.

If I were your woman by panickyintheuk: Tony switches places with Natasha, due to an experiment of Reed’s gone awry (or so he says. Personally I suspect he was up to something).

Timber by jiokra: Natasha loves Steve. He’s the bees knees. But frankly she’d also love for him to stop being so sweet and to start fucking her brains out.

(Falser Than) Vows Made in Wine by Niki: Of course Tasha has thought about what her life would have been like had she been born a man.

You’re Living in the Past (It’s a New Generation) by bessyboo, Sinope

He’s met Toni Stark. He’s seen the best that this century has to offer, dolled up in impenetrable sunglasses and a lipstick-stained grin, and he knows that this world isn’t going to save itself.

the monument of a memory (tear it down) by extasiswings: The first time Toni Stark meets Steve Rogers, she slams the door in his face. Things may or may not improve from there.

Or: A slightly more AU and introspective re-telling of Iron Man. (series)

I’m in the habit of having what I don’t want by wobblyheadeddollcaper

Toni Stark, unstoppable force, meets Steve Rogers, immovable object. It’s not love at first sight.”

She’d been prepared to like Bruce since she’d first read his scientific papers. It’s a pleasant surprise to find out Clint’s been hiding a deadpan sense of humour. Natasha – well, she’d always had a thing for wickedly competent redheads in impractical shoes (see Potts, Pepper) so that works. Thor is just really fucking fun. Captain Steve Rogers is… not.“

right down the line by TheoMiller: Toni Stark presses every button Steve’s got.

The Idiot Box by Margo_Kim: Stephanie Rogers isn’t happy to be in the 21st century, but she’s even less thrilled to be on a team with Antonia Stark who seems as spoiled and self-centered as people come. She and Tony do their best to ignore each other, until their mutual insomnia causes them to bond over the new American pastime: late night television watching. Eventual Steph/Tony.

The Best Mistake to Make by LinneaKou (@linneakou): "Some say it’s the best mistake to make, if you’re gonna make one.” (series)

you are what you love (not who loves you) by ShanleenKinnJaskey

She especially hates the way her father says her name, dismissive and uncaring. It’s not even that he’s ashamed or anything, he just doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about her inventions, doesn’t care about her sexuality, doesn’t really care about her. It’s just off-handed, easily forgotten comments like “engineering is not a girl’s world” or “have you met my daughter Antonia? She’s a real doll” or “that sweet young lady, Antonia dearest.”

They’re not so easily forgotten for Toni.

Please do shut up, Miss Stark by sheepybaa: In which your soulmate’s first words to you appear somewhere on your body, and, predictably, Tony’s big mouth gets her everywhere. And by everywhere, she means Captain America. (series)

Needing Hope by ConjureUpaSmile: "Acclimating to being home hadn’t been easy. To make matters worse, Steve’s last tour had kept him away for nearly 24 months. The music was different. The movies were different. Even the clothes were different from when he had shipped off to serve his country.

Not only was he expected to stop looking over his shoulder and checking around corners, but he was expected to jump right in with the culture. Not to mention he was supposed to pretend like he hadn’t seen all the gore, the evil, the despair. He was supposed to pretend like he wasn’t a weapon that had taken countless lives.“

Steve comes home from war and tries to adjust to life away from the battlefield. Meeting Toni and making friends definitely makes it easier.

When I Need You (Comfort Me) by greymantledlady (@greymantledlady​):  Sometimes it feels like she’s trying so hard and she just can’t, she can’t. And suddenly everything’s just – just too much, and somehow Tony’s got her face down on the workbench, arms curled around her head, big helpless shuddering sobs rising up in her chest.

Because Steve - it doesn’t matter what Tony does, Steve’ll still just think she’s selfish and too loud and a show-off, and it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t care, Tony doesn’t care what Steve thinks.

It’s – it’s just, she’s so lonely, so bloody lonely. And she shudders and sniffles again and presses her face pathetically into her arms.

As Passionate Machines by sinuous_curve: Steph makes the mistake of asking, “What do you do for fun?” one afternoon when she and Tony are alone in the mansion, when they’re both sweaty and pleasantly sore from a couple hours spent sparring.

Strive to Overwhelm by locketofyourhair: Steph Rogers has a very fast refractory period, and Tony loves that, she does, but sometimes even she needs to sleep.

Spank Bank by ficlicious (@allthemarvelousrage​): Steve’s pretty sure he’s going to hell. He’s been a good Catholic boy most of his life. Church on Sunday and special occasions. He prayed for the souls of his men and the men he killed in battle during the war every night, and he made sure not to blame God for the ills in his life while praising him for the good. He’s never demanded, just asked and always thanked. When he thought about it at all, he figured he might have done enough to balance his scales when Judgement Day came and he faced St. Peter.

That was all before he met Toni Stark. (WIP)

Marvels! Presents The Iron Man in: The Case of the Stolen Elixir by teaberryblue (@teaberryblue​): Steve Rogers is on a mission with the famed Iron Man of legend & lore to retrieve a list of ingredients purported to create the Elixir of Life, for their employer, the eccentric and ailing scientist, Annie Stark.

But when their dirigible is set-upon by a firebreathing Nazi, things take a turn for the worst, and connect the two to a figure from Annie’s past…

of superheroes & swan kings: a rousing tale of action and adventure as only marvels can deliver! by thyrza: Steve Rogers dreamed of going treasure hunting with Iron Man since long before he was Captain America. Now, on an assignment alone with his idol in the Bavarian Alps, he’s gotten his wish … but the person behind the Iron Man isn’t quite what he was expecting.

Technicality by kijikun: Steve will later blame Toni and the Asgardian mead, for winding up in Toni’s bed. (Ults)

Everything Old Is New Again (Oh, and Doom’s on Line 2) by Medie (@medie):  Christine sits there, notepad in hand, cameraman at her shoulder, and looks at them for a good solid minute (Tony counts) before saying, "You honestly expect me to believe this? You expect me to believe that you are Tony Stark, transformed into a female body by aliens, and that you’ve chosen to stay this way?”

A Side/B Side by Cards_Slash: Everything was going great until Tony woke up in the wrong bed, in the wrong house, in the wrong state, in the wrong universe. It wouldn’t be so bad except he’s woken up in a world where Tony Stark is a woman (married to Steve Rogers). Everything is great in the ideal world: the Avengers save the day, Tony has his house, his suits, and Jarvis. Everything except how annoying Steve, the doting husband, trying to help him figure out how to get back to his own world is.

Everything was perfect until Tony woke up in the wrong bedroom, in a world where her life was one damn inexplicable nightmare after another. Maybe she could have accepted that she’d taken up drinking again, and maybe she could have eventually gotten over the fact that Jarvis was dead, but nothing infuriated her the way this imposter claiming to be Steven Rogers did. Nothing. (WIP)

If anyone wants a themed rec list, hit me up in my inbox! Previous rec lists are here.

Little Sister

(requested by anon)

Damon hurts reader when his humanity is off and Kai comforts her.


Y/N woke up in the middle of the night from a loud noise coming from downstairs. Having supernatural hearing sucks. she thought as she got up and walked downstairs. Ever since Damon flipped his humanity switch after Elena was forced into a sleeping curse , things at the Salvatore Boarding House have been a little out of control.  
Y/N walked down the stairs and tripped over something … or someone. She could smell the blood.
“What the hell?” she muttered , kneeling down. Whoever it was she had tripped over , was already dead. Y/N sighed in frustration. “Damon !” she raised her voice. “Damon !” she called out again , carefully walking over the body , nearly tripping over another. Suddenly someone grabbed her foot.
“Help me…” a young girl said.
Y/N kneeled down , biting her wrist and bringing it to the girls mouth.
“Leave and forget this ever happened.” she compelled the girl.
A few more steps away she found another survivor.
“Damn it Damon …” she cursed under her breath.
A few steps ahead there was a guy still bleeding out on the carpet.
Lovely. she thought. This will be hell to clean up.
It was dark in the house , but the fire in the fireplace was burning , lighting up the living room enough for Y/N to see Damon draining yet another body. He wasn’t alone. Kai was on the other sofa , draining some random stranger.
“Since when are you two buddies ?” Y/N asked annoyed.
Kai let the body drop on the ground , blood dripping from his chin , the black veins under his eyes slowly fading away.
“Oh hello.” Kai said. “We didn’t wake you , did we ?” he said glancing for a second at Damon who grinned at the comment and then returning his gaze to Y/N.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “No , no … I was just randomly sleepwalking and tripping over dead bodies in the house.” she said with a sarcastic smile , glancing at Kai and returning her attention towards her brother. “You can’t keep doing this. So many people missing will draw too much attention.”
Damon finished his snack and turned towards Y/N. “You are an even bigger buzzkill than Stefan.”
Y/N scoffed. Her brother had gone off the deep end and Stefan had picked the worst possible moment to go out of town leaving her to deal with Damon alone.
“Look , I know you miss Elena , but this is not you. What do you think Elena would say when she finds out the first thing you did after leaving her in a coffin for the next 50 years was to throw a ‘dinner party’ killing dozens because you couldn’t deal with the pain of losing her?” she paused for a second , pointing at Kai. “And why are you hanging out with him of all people ?!”
Kai had an amused look on his face.
“Oh , you think this is funny?” Y/N asked him. “May I remind you , none of this would be happening if you hadn’t put that spell on Elena.”
“Ouuchh.” Kai muttered.
Y/N couldn’t belive any of them at that moment. Damon was looking straight through her. It was like her words weren’t even being registered by him and Kai … well , he was Kai.
“Are you even listening to me Damon ?” she asked , a second later Damon had pinned her to the wall , his hand wrapped around her neck.
“Listen to me , you are better than this -” she started to say but was cut off by her brother.
“No , you listen to me. I am better like  this and I do not need you coming to my rescue because guess what - I don’t need to be rescued.” Damon hissed at her. Y/N rolled her eyes and pushed him away , sent him flying across the room.
“You  are the big brother Damon . You  are supposed to be looking after me , not the other way around.” she said just as Damon came after her again. This time punching a whole in her chest , wrapping his hand around her heart , queezing it. Y/N was struggling to breath.
“I never should’ve gone back for you in 1867. Turning you was the biggest mistake of my life.” Damon hissed.
Y/N felt as if the whole world has been turned upside down. Damon , her brother , the one who loved her so much and had convinced Stefan to go back for her … who always protected  her and looked after her even before he became a vampire… Her brother was gone. She had no idea who was standing in front of her. Tears filled her eyes , not because of the pain in her chest , but because her brother had shattered her heart with those words.
“Kill me , Damon. At least I will be free of you.” she said angrily , barely uttering the words. Her brother stared at her , his expression blank. “Go on. Do it! Kill me !” she raised her voice , a tear rolling down her cheek.

Kai who was enjoying the show until this point , suddenly got up muttering a spell reaching his hand. Damon screamed in pain , pulling his hand out of Y/N’s chest and holding his head as if it was about to explode.
“I think that’s enough…” Kai said , his voice scary calm.
“Stay out of this , creeper! ” Damon snapped back at him.
Up until this moment Kai was having fun watching them argue…but watching Damon break Y/N’s heart while also trying to literally rip it out of her chest ?  Damon had crossed a line. Before the merge Kai probably wouldn’t have cared at all what happens to Y/N , but now emotions got in the way. Y/N was always nicer to Kai than the others , always willing to listen at least while the others directly shut him out. She didn’t deserve to die , not like this. Not at the hands of her own brother.
“And they say I am the monster…” Kai muttered , flicking his wrist snapping Damon’s neck.  
Kai kneeled down next to Y/N who had a shocked look on her face. Who could blame her ? Her brother just tried to kill her. he thought and suddenly felt a peck of guilt for all the things he had done to his siblings , to Liv …
“Y/N , are you OK?” he asked , Y/N glaring at him in disbelief. “Right , dumb question.”
Kai looked at the girl standing before him unsure what to do. Emotions are so hard to navigate , he thought. A  moment later he sat on the floor down next to her and wrapped his arms around her as she started crying. The pain in her eyes made him feel helpless and he hated that. He also hated the fact he had no idea how to get her to stop crying.
“Do you want some ice cream or maybe chocolate ? In movies that usually helps … ” he asked but she just shook her head. Kai took a deep breath , deciding to take a different approach. “You know , he didn’t mean it. You are his little sister and I’m sure he loves you … even without his humanity.” he said gently brushing her a tear from her cheek.
Y/N looked at him through tears. Kai was last person Y/N had expected to ever comfort her , to make her feel safe but in this exact moment thats exactly how he made her feel. Safe. If it wasn’t for him , she’d probably be dead. She wrapped her hands around him and he hugged her tight. This feels nice.  she thought with a surprise , warmth spreading through her body.
“Thank you…for saving me.” she whispered.
“Any time.” he said rubbing her back.
They stood curled up on the floor for a while longer before Y/N’s breathing calmed down a little and her sobs stopped. Damon was starting to come back to life.Y/N wriggled out of Kai’s hands and stood up , taking a few steps towards the hidden vervain stash.
All of the sudden Kai felt empty. Not having her in his arms somehow felt wrong to him. He watched as she injected Damon with a concentrated dose of vervain and turned towards him , her eyes still filled with hurt.
“Do you mind umm… could you help me out with this , please ?” she asked pointing at Damon. Kai nodded and together they dragged Damon’s body down the cellar , locking him up in a cell.
Kai glanced at Y/N who had wrapped her hands around her chest , looking through the small window on top of the door at Damon’s body laying on the ground. He wanted to say something but words escaped him. Since when do I have trouble talking to girls?!  he thought. He followed Y/N upstairs and he watched as she poured herself a drink, looking around the living room.
THIS will have to wait until morning. she thought glancing for a moment at Kai.
Kai.. she thought a small smile across her face.
“I .. I should go.” he said heading towards the door.
Y/N hesitated for a split second. She still felt warmth on the inside … It was because of Kai , she knew it and she didn’t want him to go.
“Or you can stay ?” she said in quiet voice. Kai turned around looking at her. There was something in his eyes that had changed. “Please , stay… ” she asked again. “I don’t want to be alone tonight.”
“Yeah , sure.. If that’s what you want.” he said walking back towards her. Y/N could hear a smile in his voice. She poured another glass with bourbon and handed it to him but he refused. She sat on the sofa , Kai sitting next to her.
“You know something’s tickling at my mind.” she said trailing off. “Why did Damon leave any survivors? It’s very unlike him … ” she thought out loud.
A small smile showed up on Kai’s face. “Those weren’t Damon’s victims …”  he said , Y/N turning around with a surprised look on her face.
“Who would’ve thought…” she said , a smile on her face. Y/N snuggled closer to Kai and he wrapped his arms around her pulling her close. She listened to his breathing for a while before they both fell asleep , exhaustion catching up with them.

“Y/N , I’m home … ” Stefan said , freezing on the spot noticing all the dead bodies around the living room. “What the -” he started to say as his gaze fell on his little sister and Kai snuggled together on the sofa. He walked towards them , poking his little sister awake. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Stefan looking at her with a curious look , his eyes darting between her and Kai. “Care to explain what’s going on here ?” he asked.

CS FF: Second Chances

Summary: Killian comes clean to Emma and David.  He then gets a second chance at proposing to Emma the right way.

Rating: G

Note: So I was less than pleased with the way that proposal went down.   I’m hoping they right their wrong in the next couple of episodes.  But, until then, this is how I would like for it to go.   Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Second Chances: Part 1/1…

Emma woke up with a smile on her face.  Her eyes slowly fluttered open and landed on her engagement ring, the sun making the diamond sparkle.  She turned over, anxious to welcome her fiancé to a new day.  To the beginning of their lives together.  The smile slid from Emma’s lips as her gaze landed on his empty spot beside her. She ran her hand along the imprint of his form, finding it cold.  

Emma got out of bed and made her way downstairs.  She found Killian sitting at the kitchen table. The smile reappeared on her lips as she came up behind him, wrapping her arms around him and settling her chin on his shoulder.

“I was hoping to wake up next to my new fiancé today,” she said, kissing his neck.

Killian squeezed his eyes closed.

“Apologies, love.  I had difficulty sleeping.”

“I have trouble sleeping when I’m excited too.”

Emma sat down next to him and his eyes moved to her engagement ring.  He had been so excited to give it to her, but it wasn’t supposed to happen like it did.  He didn’t want to begin their life together with this terrible secret between them. He knew he could very well lose her for good, but it was a risk he knew he had to take.

Killian swallowed roughly as he met her eyes.

“Emma, there’s something I need to tell you,” he said.

This time, Emma didn’t miss the conflicted and upset look in his eyes. She took his hand in hers.  

“Whatever it is, just tell me.  We’ll get through it together, like we always do.”

His tongue lashed at his lips. “I-

Just then, Emma’s cell phone rang.  She picked it up off the table, sighing heavily.  "Sorry, it’s my dad.”

Killian blew out a breath as she answered the phone.

“Hi, Dad.  What’s going on?”  Emma let out a groan as she listened to her father.  "Okay, I’ll be right there.“

She hung up the phone and met Killian’s eyes.

"Everything okay, love?”

“The Evil Queen is back.”

“Well, that certainly can’t be good.”

Emma shook her head. “Nope.” She paused, eyeing him.  "I’m sorry, but I really have to get down to the station.  Can we talk about this tonight?“

Killian nodded, simultaneously relieved for the reprieve and terrified that he wouldn’t gain the courage he needed to tell her a third time.

"Of course, love,” he said.

“Great,” she replied, placing a kiss on his lips.  She pulled back and met his eyes, as she squeezed his hand. “And Killian?  Don’t worry.  There’s nothing you could ever say to me that would make me not want to marry you or love you any less.”

Killian managed a weak smile, but no response, as she released his hand and headed to the stairs. He could only hope that was true.

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Fem!Bakugou Katsuki headcanons

As usual, I start with the idea of writing small headcanons and they always turn out to be a fucking fic….. whatever. They have a life of their own I can’t control them. I tried to insert as many ships as possible. Oh and this is probably going to be a series ‘cause I’m not done (not that anyone cares)! ((Feel free to point out any major spelling or grammar mistakes… my English has limits.))

• Since she is a girl, she wasn’t taken seriously when she was a child and to change that and to make every kid in the neighbourhood respect her, she explodo-punched everyone to get them to understand who was boss. The only boy she didn’t beat up was Izuku, ‘cause he willingly followed her. 

• Growing up she started to get violent with him 'cause she hated the fact he couldn’t do anything and was always submissive or couldn’t hold his own. “You’re such a pussy, Deku!" 

• When she starts attending UA she has no intention of making friends but somehow Asui and Uraraka trick their way into her life and after a while she starts to think they are not that bad. Uraraka successfully becomes her best girlfriend when she holds her own against Katsuki during the sports festival.

• The only guy in the class she tolerates is red hair-for-brains because he seems like a decent person even though he is clearly stupid. The big fat con to being friendly with him is that she ends up having to talk to the pikachu guy and the grape guy and she doesn’t like them that much (she caught them both trying to peek under Tsuyu’s skirt and she hasn’t forgiven them). But Kirijima or whatever is nice to be around.

• Being as she is, she has literally no shame and she seems to forget she wears a skirt most of the time and doesn’t care if everyone sees her pants when she gets angry and physical (particularly at poor Midoriya). 

• Since she has decided Kirishima (hah, she learned it) is worthy of her friendship, she unconsciously starts to act like she would act with another girl around him. For example she undresses in front of him and doesn’t notice the poor guy dying of embarassment. 

• She might be smart and strong but she sure is dense when it comes to love and such. That’s why she is completely clueless about Kirishima’s fat crush on her. Kirishima himself decided to give up from the very moment he realized he might feel something for her because of something she once said to him: "That bastard told me I am cute!!! Do you believe that shit??? How dare he??? What does that even mean??? That’s disgusting!!! Look at me like an enemy not a fucking girl!!!! That’s why I hate guys so much!!!!” He also realized he has no chance 'cause Katsuki already has someone on her mind (and maybe heart) so he settles with being her best friend (and secret guardian but don’t tell her that or she’s going to kill him!!!)

• One day, her classmates are talking about who’s the hottest guy in the class and she mentally says “fuck this” and plans on ignoring the conversation until Ashido and Hagakure start to bug her. That day, she accidentally ends up confessing she finds Todoroki hot. “But most of all I want to knock him out cold!!!” “…was that a pun, Katsuki-chan?” “NO IT WAS A DEATH THREAT WHAT THE FUCK" 

• Kirishima understands he wasn’t wrong when he thought Katsuki had someone on her mind when one day he accidentally calls her "kacchan” and he almost gets explodo-killed. “Don’t call me that.” “But Midoriya-” “I SAID-, shit-for-brains.”

• Some time later he decides to ask. “Hey, Bakugou!” “Huh?” “Do you by chance have a crush on Midoriya?” “WHA- WHAT THE SHIT, KIRISHIMA” “Just asking” “BE CAREFUL CAUSE THAT MIGHT BE THE LAST THING YOU DID IN YOUR SHITTY LIFE” “So I was right.” “I’m warning you…” “Am I right, Kacchan?” “…stop it. I told not to call me that.” “Why? Midoriya does it.” “HE- he doesn’t matter right now!” “Doesn’t he?” “THAT’S IT I FUCKING WARNED YOU.” That day, Kirishima thanked all gods up there he was born with an hardening quirk. When they are out of breath and kinda beat up, Kirishima speaks up one more time “I still think I saw right.” “…don’t ever tell a soul.” “Would you stop denyin- wait– did you just-” “ARGH I’M LEAVING CONSIDER YOURSELF BLESSED BY WHOEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT NEXT TIME I’M GONNA KILL YOU FOR REAL" 

• She sure as hell doesn’t have a crush on fucking Deku of all people!!! She just said that she has to friggin’ Kirishima to make him back off. (Damn fucker knows how to be annoying) Besides who the hell would fall for a pussy like Deku? 

• But then again, fuck her life. "Katsuki-chan… I have something to tell you.” “What is it? Did fucking Kaminari ask you out again?? Cause I’m gonna fuck-” “No no no, nothing like that… but it involves a guy.” “Who?” “Deku-kun.” “What did the shrimp do?” “Nothing I… I think I might have a crush on him.” Bakugou Katsuki sure as hell doesn’t have a crush on fucking Deku of all people and yet, hearing Ochako’s confession, her own heart drops just a bit. 

love potion no. 9

@port-wind-waves I’ve no idea what this is, but since we’re showering you with slapdash attempts at making up for your never did appear secret santa gift, here’s whatever this is.

witch!sakura and familiar!kakashi

“This is a bad plan.”

“Shut up, it’s totally going to work.”

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lexichukwu  asked:

I love the Wedding Scene Take Two and I was wondering if you could make a part two of them confessing their feelings for each other? Maybe after Peter confesses his feelings to Y/C/N Tom confesses his feelings to Y/N afterwards? Thanks and sorry if that's too much just thought it'd be cute.

Sorry this took me so long. Thanks for reading sweetie <3 Hope you enjoy this. And remember: English is not my first language so I apologise for any possible spelling/grammar mistakes

                        The Wedding Scene Take Two: Part II

Originally posted by tbholland

Word count: 2.194

Pairing: Tom Holland/Acress!Reader

Warnings: A little bit of language.

Tom leaned back while blush they applied to his face. Not that he needed it though; one of his problems was that que always blushed when he filmed with you. It didn’t even have to be a romantic scene. He blushed with just being in a room with you. Even off character; he was worried he was going mad. He had heard of actors becoming so involve with their characters that they ended up feeling their feelings and thinking their thoughts. Was that what was happening to him? Is that why he couldn’t be near you without his breath stopping in his throat and his palms sweating? Was he feeling the same as Peter?

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Silent In The Trees

Pairing: Dean × Ghost!Reader

Word Count: About 2450

Summary: The reader is a ghost with no memories of her past life and bound to a forest, spending her days wandering when two hikers catch her eye. Inspired by Twenty One Pilots - Trees.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

Thanks! @misguidedconqueress (Addy) for reviewing, editing, suggestions, title brainstorming, and your encouragement!


The forest was cold today, colder than usual. Perhaps it was due to the drops of rain, though you couldn’t feel them. You couldn’t feel anything. You couldn’t smell the cedar trees, feel the warmth of the sun’s rays as they shined through the trees, run your hands across the rough tree bark, make a sound at hikers who passed through. The only sensation was cold; and as far as you could tell, you were stuck in your own personal hell.

Days turned into months, each spent wandering through the trees. It seemed that was your sole purpose. Even if you tried to leave and follow the road to it’s end, you found yourself engulfed in nothingness until reappearing in the middle of the forest.

Apparently the rain did not hinder those determined to walk the trails. Two men weaved through the trails. They were friends - no, brothers, you thought. You followed them in silence. Something about them drew you in, almost a sense of familiarity. Perhaps they had hiked these trails before. The rain drowned out their voices but you could make out mumbling. You heard a twig snap underneath your foot. But that wasn’t possible… you looked down in confusion..

“Y/N?” The shorter one with eyes like the forest asked you. The other one held a device with a high pitched noise.

Could they see you? If your heart was still beating it would have stopped in its tracks. You felt a buzz of electricity and then back into nothingness. God, you hated the nothing. But soon you were back in the middle of the woods, to the place where you always found yourself. You ran as fast as you could trying to remember what trail they were on but came up empty handed. The man had called you Y/N, but that name had no meaning to you. You pondered the name for most of the day.

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