there was a sollux one but i gave up

God Tier Wings Tutorial

My wings were made using a scaled-up version of Saccharinesylph’s wing tutorial with different patterning and materials, since they’re too large for any kind of tights.  A long time ago Dei and Kisbe suggested using dance mesh fabric, and it’s worked great for both Sollux’s wings and my Grubmom ones.  I experimented with a lot of different things for Sollux including cellophane and fantasy film, but in the end dance mesh gave the cleanest look without any weird wrinkling or bending.

For Sollux I used a different method of fitting the dance mesh, as well as way more individual wing pieces, and I’m much happier with the results.

Instructions and progress pics under the cut!

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12/12 genderbent trolls did u all see that bc i will not be doing it again

i like how u can tell where i just gave up and which ones i drew first bc FUCK consistent art styles hahaha i have no consistency /lies down

(pssst which one is ur fave??)

All You Ever Wanted

Karkri fic for black-quadrant
Far too many words
Wholly safe for work
Also posted here on ao3 if the format is too hard for people. 


Once in the merry old land of the dream bubbles, an anomaly occurred. You see the occupants of the dream bubbles could see into the aptly named “fantasy bubbles” of others where their secret dreams and ambitions were kept.

Naturally this was cause of great contention as generally people’s secret dreams, ambitions and fantasies are closely safeguarded by their owners, to protect that small piece of themselves that dared to still hope.

Kankri Vantas in particular was highly protective over his fantasy bubble and so he built a great building atop it, entombing the fantasies within.
Inscribed on the great mausoleum writ “Here lie Kankri’s hopes and dreams”.

No just kidding. There was no inscription. God I’m funny.

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Definitely going to do more of these tomorrow, so much fun, but they take ages, so I’m proud of myself for getting two whole pages done today. :D  (25 faces, dang, go me)

Thank you for your help everybody, the suggestions were super-helpful. UwU

Self-Destructive Locomotive

(also on AO3)

There’s a first time for everything, whether in regards to writing Sollux as the POV character and EriFefSol. I love the pairing, but I’ve always had trouble with Sollux so I’d never written it, but I got hit with inspiration at about 4am today and ended up typing this out. Hopefully the minor tense shifts aren’t too disorienting or all over the place. If you have any triggers, check the tags on AO3.

I feel like Sollux’s psychic powers could manifest somehow in humanstuck, and even though I’m not convinced by Freud’s dream theory, it’s plausible in this situation. That doesn’t mean his dreams always right, though. Poor Sollux.

(Edit: I’m so mad at myself right now because I forgot that italics don’t cross over when you copy and paste from AO3, and I didn’t notice the lack of italics in the Tumblr version until 12 hours after I posted it. It’s fixed now, but I’m going to go bang my head into a wall.)

You hate dreams that have layers. Some nights, you think you’ve woken up ten times before you’re actually awake, and with each one you wonder how you didn’t realize you were still dreaming. When you finally open your eyes for real, the first thing you do is sit up, carefully pulling your legs away from Feferi’s so you can look on the other side of her. 

The fact that he’s still there, sleeping curled up on his side as he drools on FF’s shoulder, removes a lead weight from your chest, and you sigh quietly in relief. You thread your fingers through your hair, reaching for your phone on the nightstand, and check the time. 5:00am is too late for you to go back to sleep but too early for you to wake up Feferi, so you carefully get out of bed and head into the laundry room. In the clean clothes pile, you find a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt that belongs to Eridan. Usually, you don’t wear his clothes because you look like an emaciated stick in his shirts that are meant for his broader shoulders, but it smells like him so you don’t care. Before you make a conscious decision to do so, you head outside and start walking.

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