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2/ favourite fictional characters → CHO CHANG

“obviously, she is feeling very sad, because of cedric dying. then i expect she’s feeling confused because she liked cedric and now she likes harry, and she can’t work out who she likes best. then she’ll be feeling guilty, thinking it’s an insult to cedric’s memory to be kissing harry at all… and she probably can’t work out what her feelings are towards harry anyway, because he was the one who was with cedric when cedric died, so that’s all very mixed up and painful.”


Books I’ve read in 2017 2/?

John dies at the end - David Wong

“That’s the truth of it; pile together everything we know and care about in the universe and it will still be nothing more than a tiny speck in the middle of a vast black ocean of Who Gives A Fuck.”

Okay, so I know that I’ve done my fair share of ranting on Yuri on Ice’s ep 12 in the past, but now that we have more info thanks to the spoon.2di interview translated by the great and amazing @toraonice, I think it’s my turn to defend ep 12, Kubo, Yamamoto and MAPPA a little.

First of all, let me list a few quotes, before explaining how they’re relevant and how some of us should really be more understanding of the people behind the show.

“We already had a hard time making all the main story fit in the last episode

“I had to slightly adjust some of the plans we originally had”

“The storyboard for the last episode ended up being the longest one, and as if it’s not complex enough that the performances of the FS last longer than the SP, we also wanted to show all characters, so I really thought that 20 minutes for 1 episode is just too short!”

“we had prepared the song and choreography for Yurio’s exhibition program too, but sadly enough it couldn’t fit in the episode

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? And I’m not saying that the creators decided to change the ending after they noticed that the anime was popular, but rather that they couldn’t give us the ending they originally planned because twenty minutes was not enough to present the finale they initially thought of.

Allow me to put this into an example: Have you ever gone over the word limit in an essay and had to cut it down to make it fit? I’ve done that a lot and getting rid of content is difficult because everything is important. In those cases, you often end up deleting the ‘less important’ stuff and hoping that your message comes across regardless. And I mean, in YOI, the message did come across.

The issue (that quite a few people seem to agree on) was that it was underdeveloped. My personal issue was that there wasn’t quite enough proof that Victor really wanted to return to competitive skating, that basically all of that wasn’t sufficiently foreshadowed. I think the foreshadowing was one of the many ‘less important’ things that Kubo had to get rid of when writing episode 12, simply because of lack of time. It wasn’t absolutely crucial to understanding the message so it was cut, because there was just no time for it.

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Resident Evil Aesthetics - Alex and Albert {8/?}

dedicated to: @enebrarum

i hate u i love u sentence starters
  1. “Feeling used, but I’m still missing you" 
  2. "I can’t see the end of this" 
  3. "Just wanna feel your kiss against my lips" 
  4. "All this time is passing by, but I still can’t seem to tell you why it hurts me every time I see you" 
  5. "I realize how much I need you" 
  6. "I hate you" 
  7. "I love you" 
  8. “I hate that I love you”
  9. "I don’t want to, but I can’t put nobody else above you" 
  10. "I hate that I want you" 
  11. "You want her" 
  12. "You need her" 
  13. "I’ll never be her" 
  14. "I miss you when I can’t sleep" 
  15. “What about all the times you’d pick me up and we’d just drive around?”
  16. “We’d do nothing, but it was okay with me”
  17. “They say it’s not good to spend all my time thinking about you, so late at night”
  18. “I can’t stop- once I start it’s like an avalanche”
  19. “I just want to hold your hand”
  20. "I miss you in my front seat" 
  21. "Still got sand in my sweaters from nights we don’t remember" 
  22. "Do you miss me like I miss you?" 
  23. "Fucked around and got attached to you" 
  24. "Friends can break your heart too" 
  25. "I’m always tired but never of you" 
  26. "If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that shit" 
  27. "I put this reel out, but you wouldn’t bite that shit" 
  28. "I type a text but then I nevermind that shit" 
  29. "I got these feelings but you never mind that shit" 
  30. "Keep it on the low" 
  31. "You’re still in love with me but your friends don’t know" 
  32. "If you wanted me you would just say so" 
  33. "And if I were you, I would never let me go" 
  34. "I don’t mean no harm- I just miss you on my arm" 
  35. "The wedding bells were just alarms" 
  36. "There’s caution tape around my heart" 
  37. "You ever wonder what we could have been?" 
  38. "You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did" 
  39. "Lie to me, lie with me, get your fucking fix" 
  40. "Now all my drinks and all my feelings are all fucking mixed" 
  41. "Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing" 
  42. "Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance" 
  43. "I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing" 
  44. "But I learned from my dad that it’s good to have feelings" 
  45. "When love and trust are gone, I guess this is moving on" 
  46. "Everyone I do right does me wrong" 
  47. "You want her, you need her and I’ll never be her" 
  48. "All alone I watch you watch her like she’s the only girl you’ve ever seen" 
  49. “She’s the only thing you ever see”
  50. "You don’t care you never did" 
  51. "You don’t give a damn about me”
  52.  "How is it you never notice that you are slowly killing me?”
You looked at me and I didn’t feel like I was being suffocated. You made a funny face at me and I smiled back. I continued looking a little longer than I should have but what can I say? I was happy. Happy that your eyes no longer had the ability to make me forget how to breathe.
—  I looked long after you looked away and I’m still confident that you’ll find me again one day.

“The fame and glamor don’t last, but so what? I’m going enjoy the ride for as long as I can. This is everything I ever wanted. Isn’t it?” – Mary Jane Watson

Liza Soberano as Mary Jane Watson

                                                                                                  we’re fighting an army of robots,
                                                                            and i have a bow and arrow.