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Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu ED

I absolutely love this anime, like really. It’s amazing, because Katsugeki ultimately redefines the historical genre in anime, by pushing onto us the relationship of a samurai and his sword from a different standpoint. Of course a samurai depends on his sword ALOT because it’s a ‘kill or get killed’ world for him, but for swords, it’s a different case and that’s what Katsugeki derives it’s concept on.

Initially, I wanted to start dissecting the OP but as I was doing the screen shots, I realized that the ED is actually a direct “prequel” to our OP and here you can see why!

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Live Blog TWP Ep. 7

This week’s episode was… so bad.  So, naturally, I wrote down all my thoughts to share with you all!  It’s about 5.5 pages of me breaking down the stupid.  Enjoy.

Lol how Richard/Perkin is brought with a bag on his hand.

He looks nothing like a York - he just has golden hair and his hot af, as we know all Yorks are.

Henry’s been wearing the same outfit(s) for EPISODES which translates to YEARS.  One of the richest kings in Christendom and he had legit four outfits: his bdsm jacket, his triangle jacket made out of shoulders, his dark green long housedress, and his rare happy mood red and gold housedress.  Am I missing anything.

Glad to see Lizzie’s *finally* got something new to wear.  Also, if they’re going to do her hair like that and put that doily on top why can’t they give her a hood?

I like how Richard/Perkin thinks he’s going to go through the doors, then Maggie B is like “THINK AGAIN IDIOT!” and shoulders past him.

Maggie B’s like “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a Tudor.  I don’t fit in.  And I don’t want to fit in.  Have you ever seen with without this stupid red and green dress on.  That’s Tudor.”

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Freedom and Whisky

Possibly my fave ep of s3 so far! It pretty much had all I was asking for from Claire’s 20th C storyline and the it did not disappoint in the feels department one bit!

Claire and Bree.

I loooved every second these 2 had together. Finally getting to see Claire have such beautiful heart to hearts with her daughter, both coming to terms with the choice being made and the consequences of it. They pulled every heart wrenching/poignant line from the book, which was just 🙌🏼!

There goodbye really hit me straight in the feels. I completely was mush by the time Claire gave her the pearls!

(Loved the wee Drums foreshadowing with the convo on the couch about never seeing her marry or hold her grandchild!)

Claire and Joe.

FRIENDSHIP GOALS! Another duo I just absolutely loved every second of! These 2 had such great chemistry, and we got some brilliant and iconic Claire/Joe goodness that had me grinning from ear to ear! I loved the bones scenes, I mean “someone nearly took her head off with a dull blade” Like damn, I CANNOT WAIT FOR A CERTAIN SOMEONE’S PROTECTIVE RAGE TO COME OUT.

The Music.

BEST. SCORED. EP. OF. S3. For me that is. It hit every moment with such reminiscent feels, scores that hasn’t been heard in so long and are so quintessentially Claire and Jamie’s. A beautiful ebb and flow to the whole ep. Even the added sixties music was brilliant. My fave o which being her bat suit sewing theme! That I have to admit was a nice touch. That Claire is capable of sewing an entire outfit in a night, secret pockets and all lol I was just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'mma go with it!

Claire’s insecurities.

The way they framed her journey was so well done. Her first priority had been Bree. And only after speaking with Bree, did she start letting herself think of going back. And the beauty of the ep really shone with Cait’s delivery of Claire’s doubt. Her non verbal scenes - looking at herself in the mirror - or sitting alone with the pearls, there was just such genuine insecurity, that felt very real and grounded. Its something we all at some point have struggled with, and the show highlighted it beautifully.

Claire and Jamie!

Finally! Omfg those last 5mins were everything I could have asked for in terms of how to end the ep! It was perfect. I was saying in a DM before the ep how I’d hoped they’d finish it with him fainting, coz after such a heavy season, after such a long wait, we’ve never had an ep that’d finish on such a high, optimistic and funny note before the entire series. And when dude hit the deck I was pretty much losing my shit quite thoroughly (the trailer for 3x06 completed that job in no uncertain terms, I was beyond at that point. Geezus the 🔥🔥🔥! But that’s for another post lol)

Additional thought:

The only negative I had for the ep was the whole Claire vs. Candy standoff. I didn’t feel it necessary nor fair to have Claire be confronted like, esp since Candy was wrong - Claire had asked for a divorce, but I’m not surprised Frank told his mistress “my wife won’t let me go” 😒. And even though I liked the subsequent convo between Claire and Bree after, I felt a huge inconsistency in Bree’s reaction, given how ballistic she to finding out Claire had been in love and married to Jamie while away from Frank, I’d have expected her to be even more upset at finding out her daddy had a mistress throughout his marriage while Claire was around.

Guys… My hope’s renewed. And even though I’m trying hard not to get my hopes too high up, the preview for 3x06 got me so giddy I can’t even tell you. They may very well just OBLIVIATE what I new them to!

i’mma talk about Wufei real quick

(Haha, yeah, this isn’t gonna be quick, that was a lie.)

So I straight up love Episode 4, but it has long bothered me how out of character Wufei seemed in it. He introduces himself in Episode 1 by saying “I’m not hiding anywhere.” In Episode 3, Zechs and company seem to back that up: “It’s [Shenlong] traveling as if it knows we’ve locked on to its position.”  He has lots of big fiery mobile suit battles. Suffice it to say, initial impressions would indicate that the boy is not big on “subtle”. I would hazard saying that he shows a preference for straightforward confrontations throughout the show, and for someone who seems to care so much about strength vs weakness that’s not surprising; a head on battle is surely the easiest way of determining who’s “strongest.”

And then what happens? Episode 4, that’s what. Wufei goes from favoring simple, straightforward smash-em-up combat in his Gundam and bragging about his disdain for hiding…… to sneaking into a military base on foot, planting a bunch of explosives in the trainee dorms, and blowing the sleeping cadets to kingdom come.

Uhh…just me, or is that a bit of a 180? I tried to reconcile those actions with the notions of honor and justice that  I associate with Wufei, but I kept coming up blank. Much of the analysis I managed to dig up on the Internet or that friends shared with me seemed to gloss over that pesky Lake Victoria Nightmare. I’ve seen more than one person explain it as a strategic decision, regrettable but necessary in order to carry out the mission he was given. Mmmmaybe? But to me, that explanation rings false. I simply don’t see why he couldn’t have accomplished the same goal using his Gundam - or at least, the mental gymnastics required for me to justify it seem unnecessarily convoluted.  You might disagree, and if so please send me your arguments - I look forward to being persuaded!

But in case you have the same questions I did, let me share the conclusion I came to and see if you agree. The explanation is a simple one, as all the best explanations are.

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eene-fangirl  asked:

Are there any scene from season 1 or 2 that you’d consider romantic gestures between Edd and Eddy?

OK, this has been updated!

I think that would depend on your definition of a romantic gesture.  To Eddy, a romantic gesture can be the uncontrollable urge to jump all over somebody when you hear good news.  Eddy is a weird boy.  The main thing to look for with Edd and Eddy throughout the series is that they are in each others’ personal bubbles all the time and are occasionally flirty with their banter. Here’s a bunch of early Edd and Eddy moments that have shades of their later dynamic…

I don’t even remember this but this was the first screenshot I found going through my old analyses that made me go “whaaat’s Eddy doing exactly?“

I double checked the scene and it’s just how Eddy pulled Edd back from off-screen, but I must say Eddy keeps both of his hands inside Edd’s robe for an unnecessarily long time before he takes them out to gesture around the room.

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anonymous asked:

i hope you don't mind me asking but do you have any recs for like genuinely good vampire series? or anything vampire related

uhhh this is a difficult question to answer because I don’t know your vampire #biases like vampire stories go from horror n gore to like soapy ya and I, being a connoisseur and a scholar, will consume pretty much the entire spectrum of vampire related media lmao. But I will do my best.

(oh, and also - i’ve taken under assumption when you say vampires you mean series where they’re like actual characters and not just zombie fill in villains ie. the 30 days of night series and i am legend. but you should watch both of those things anyway cause they’re pretty good.)


  • let the right one in - the original, not the remake though the remake is passable in a david fincher’s girl with the dragon tattoo kind of way. The original is weird and spine chilling and atmospheric and haunting and you should absolutely check it out.
  • a girl walks home alone at night - The summary for this movie is: ‘ Residents of a worn-down Iranian city encounter a skateboarding vampire who preys on men who disrespect women.’. WATCH IT
  • from dusk to dawn - the series, the movie is alright (just youtube selma hayek’s dance scene honestly) but the series is sooooo good, it’s actually one of my favourite currently airing series in general. 
  • being human - the uk series, though the american one is also very watchable. really really good and explores a lot of the morality and consequences of being a supernatural creature/vampire especially. also aidan turner is so much hotter when he’s playing quasi evil dudes


  • look everyone hates this movie but i loved byzantium. gemma arterton as a misandrist vicious vampire mother furiously trying to protect herself and her fragile waif daughter saoirse ronan and garotting people in the process? Blood fountains? that dude who’s playing darcy in pride and prejudice and zombies as an enforcer of the vampire dude mafia come to kill gemma arterton but is actually totally in love with her and can’t look at her without melting into a puddle of goo? SIGN ME UP! THAT’S SOME GOOD SHIT
  • look you’re probably not going to believe me but the originals is actually REALLY, REALLY GOOD. like, if you absolutely hate soapy/cw esque shows it’s clearly not going to be for you, but i live for the trash and this is my favourite trash. you don’t have to watch the vampire diaries to understand it (though watching a few eps with the originals probs wouldn’t hurt) and like, it is such a bounty of the creme de la creme of vampire fiction tropes. weird victorian esque no touchey sexual tension, sophisticated lookin suit wearin definitely sociopathic tribal minded loyal to the end murderers, it’s set in new orleans, everyone’s good looking, honestly give it a go you will not be disappointed 
  • hellsing. hellsing is this anime/manga series i used to LIVE FOR when i was like, 13 lmao. it’s pretty bloody/lots of gore and there’s like undead nazis? and stuff but the core story is about alucard (it’s dracula……….. BACKWARDS) this super powerful vampire who is enslaved to the hellsing (as in abraham van) corporation which is led by this super cold super efficent lady called integra and alucard is absolutely batshit crazy in love with her and she basically treats him like this savage animal that’s under her control lmao it’s so great also there’s warrior catholic priests
  • true blood, the first two seasons of this show were LEGIT. this was my shit in high school. don’t even say ‘godric/eric roof scene’ to me unless you want me to start crying blood and pleading in swedish. however, it goes to complete shit after season two and you’re going to be invested and feel like you have to keep watching for your faves. don’t do it. don’t doooo itttt
  • buffy and angel, though i was always more of a buffy girl. honestly on rewatch i don’t love this series as much, but it was absolutely formative for me as a yung supernatural lovin’ kid. THE SEASON TWO ENDING REMAINS THE MOST FUCKED UP GREAT SHIT
  • vampire academy. lmao i read this series when i was in high school in the midst of the post twilight vampire boom phase and that probably definitely influenced my opinion here, but it’s probably my favourite ya vampire series.
  • underworld. i’m pretty sure this is where the fucking werewolves vs vampires thing came about? which like, thanks for NOTHING kate beckinsale, but other than that these movies are good trashy 00′s goth n leather suits fun. 
  • the vampire chronicles series by anne rice, it’s actually this whole book saga that incorporates like three different series and witches and there’s like 25 books or whatever but i used to love them a lot as teen. the movies are good too - interview with the vampire obviously a classic, and queen of the damned is a 00′s hot mess but worth it for AALIYAH AS AKASHA AFOREMENTIONED QUEEN OF THE DAMNED
  • hotel transylvania? HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA
  • moonlight. this was a funny little show that only lasted a season (rip) with the dude from hawaii 5-0 as a moody vampire and sophia myles as the object of his maudlin affections with bonus logan from veronica mars as an i don’t give a fuck rich dick vampire and shannon sossaman as the protagonist’s evil femme fatale ex/vampire sire. it was legit. 
  • the carmilla youtube series
  • when i was reallly young i watched this anime called karin? and it was about this girl born into a vampire family but she was like, the world’s shittiest vampire and instead of craving blood she like produced too much blood and would get these massive nosebleeds and she was in love with this completely normal useless dude and kept on trying to hide the fact her family were these creepy ass vampires from him lmao. it was dope 
  • the blade series


  • vampire diaries. don’t do it. also they only wrote in diaries for like half a season #falseadvertising
  • anita blake vampire hunter. nooooooooooooo
  • this fucking weird ya series called like evernight? the only good thing about it was that the vampire reveal was a fakeout and you thought the dude was the vampire but it was actually the girl. more flipped trope vampire girl/human love interest stories @ world
  • house of night. house of nooooooo
  • honestly like 80% of the entire post twilight vampire boom. it takes some serious diggin to find gold in that hot mess


  • the 1992 dracula movie, solid aesthetics but like is it brilliant? not very. 6/10
  • the dracula tv series with jonathan rhys meyers, it only lasted a season and he was creepy weird but the reincarnated lovers trope is always great and lucy was absolutely butt crazy in love with mina, and it ruled. 6/10
  • the dracula untold movie. charles dance was a vampire living in a cave and apparently he was also meant to be caligula???????? ??????????? 5/10 for luke evans and his cute wife and also again, reincarnated lovers trope
  • van helsing, i love this stupid movie but it is a stuuuupid movie. 5/10 for the ball scene and kate beckinsale’s dope 00′s corset/curls combo
  • the league of extraordinary gentleman - HAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH. SOOOOOO MUCH PLEASE WATCH IT, IT’S SO BADGOOD. 8/10 BECAUSE MY BAROMETER IS TOTALLY SKEWED also the graphic novels it’s based on are actually brilliant and deserving of a true 8/10
  • the outkast song ‘dracula’s wedding’, 9/10
  • the count from sesame st, 10/10 please watch this
  • aforementioned hellsing, 7/10
  • dracula 2000, this movie sucked and it was PERSONALLY offensive to me because dracula was JUDAS ISCARIOT. 3/10
  • all the b movie old school draculas, collective 7/10
  • bram stoker’s actual book dracula, the reason this entire post exists, 7/10 i took off three points for bram playing like he didn’t totally rip the shit out of like fifteen different vampire myths from eastern europe

Anatomy of a Marriage - the Rosie files

Part 2


So Season 1 has finished and we know that Jack had a marriage that couldn’t survive the war, he and his wife were then estranged and they finally went through a divorce. Historically, not from the show, the divorce would have been no easy legal separation.  Jack called it his “most challenging case yet” and the divorce laws of the time would have made the process difficult, probably humiliating, and blame would have been laid. Jack could not have come out of it unscathed.

Jack was married for 16 years according to his statement to Phryne in Raisins and Almonds and says that he was a newlywed when he went to war. He says that his wife had been living with her sister for some time. It is interesting that he felt comfortable enough to talk about this with Phryne - in Raisins they were still wary of one another, in fact he still saw her presence as intrusive on his cases and he was annoyed, or possibly only peeved at this stage, by her presence.  We know so little of his personal life it was a reveal that was unexpected, but triggered by the circumstances of the investigation.

The statement gives us the makings of a timeline too - married for 16 years in 1929, means married in 1913; Australian troops’ involvement in WW1 wasn’t before 1915 (in Gallipoli), and the Western front in 1916 and we know Jack served on the Western Front and not in the Gallipoli campaign. So they were married for about 2 years when he went to war, depending upon when in 1913 they were married and when Jack was recruited prior to battle.

Chapter 3: Full blown roses

Season 2 opens with Murder Most Scandalous and with Rosie’s father and Jack’s senior officer (and his ex-father in law) Deputy Commissioner Sanderson, at the centre of a criminal investigation into the death of an ‘escort’, found murdered in Sanderson’s home office.  The position for Sanderson looks grim.  Who to call?

Interestingly there are many features of this ep that raise their ugly heads much later in Unnatural. 

Rosie enters the City South police station, her identity unknown to Hugh as it is to the viewer. 

She presents as stylish, attractive, self-confident and asks if Inspector Jack Robinson is still in the office. (Naturally yes, he seems to work all hours of the day and night.)

Hugh: Was he expecting you?

Rosie: I doubt it.

Hugh doesn’t need to enquire further, Jack is on his way out, briefcase and hat in hand.

Jack: (stunned) Rosie!

Rosie is quick to ask for Jack’s help the very night of the incident, despite what they must have been through over the past 16 years.  They speak to each other softly, gently.  There don’t appear to be any references to their own past, no resentments nor recriminations. Rosie is quietly pleading, but insistent.

Rosie:  Jack, it’s father.  He’s in trouble (…) Oh Jack, please Jack.  He needs your help.

Clearly she wants it too.  She could well have said “I need your help”.  She knows Jack well enough that despite their past, despite what they must have gone through, despite the changed man from the war, he is her first port of call when in dire need. She has no hesitation in asking him to take over the case and knowing it will be effective. She knows him to be a man of integrity, a good policeman and upon whom not only she, but a senior officer can rely.  Given the contacts Sanderson must have, it is interesting that it is Jack for whom he calls.  But this could also be for the reasons that foreshadow Sanderson’s later fall from grace - he wants someone who he believes will be loyal for other reasons.

Chapter 4: Faded blooms

The next scene brings together Jack’s two women in a delightful first meeting, as Phryne, representing the murdered call girl meets Jack, representing Sanderson, the accused, in Sanderson’s home.

Jack is required to introduce them:

Jack:  Miss Phryne Fisher, Miss Rosie…

Rosie:  Sanderson will do now Jack.

Jack:  Rosie is my wife… well… my former wife.

The meeting is beautifully framed, the expressions on the women’s faces in contrast to that of Jack who finds himself embarrassed and perturbed.  He is not only under pressure having taken over a case from another team, but is endeavouring to defend the seemingly defenceless in front of his former wife and his intrigued new “partner”.  Can we not feel for him here?  (Yes well most of us feel for him all the time, but this is one of those special scenes…)

And I do think Rosie’s outfit is rather drab, a dowdy brown, compared with what she was wearing the evening before, and Phryne’s elegance.  And do we have another example of Jack and Phryne being a matching pair?

Phryne seizes the moment to be intrigued and as Jack sends Rosie to find the housekeeper, Phryne investigates the mantlepiece with the family photo.  In a lovely transition, the photo of the observed happy couple of 16 years ago fades to be a framed shot of the observer.

Phryne isn’t satisfied with being a mere observer of the happy image of the past, she brings the photo over to Jack, having seen Rosie leaving the room.  She enjoys Jack’s continuing embarrassment.  Is she just a tinsy bit jealous of what the photo represents?

In the ensuing conversation between Jack and Phryne, and in another foreshadowing of what is to come she questions his ability to manage the case objectively. Jack responds that he has known Sanderson “close to 15 years”.  (So he got to know Sanderson after he married Rosie?) which leads to the prophetic question put by Phryne: How well can one man really know another?

Chapter 5: New growth

A trip to the hospital to interview Sanderson provides the meeting place for Jack and Sidney Fletcher.  Rosie and Fletcher arrive as Jack and Hugh conclude:

Rosie: Jack, you remember Sidney?

Jack: Yes of course, you’re Rosie’s cousin.

Sidney: George’s godson. We’re not related by blood. Stroke of luck as it turns out. 

As Sidney was one of the last to see Sanderson before the incident, Jack questions Sanderson’s state of mind at the game of golf.  Jack misunderstands the reference to the golf term a “triple bogey” and the spiv gives Jack a rather patronising pat on the arm to follow on from the comment in relation to the fortuitous lack of blood relationship between himself and Rosie.  It is not until later that Rosie tells Jack that she and this disgusting spiv are engaged. We see him resplendent in shiny suit, supercilious smirk, condescending grin.

The closeness of the relationship therefore between Rosie, Sanderson and Sidney Fletcher is unclear.  Whilst Sanderson is the godfather, Sidney was obviously not a frequent visitor or household intimate of the Sandersons.  Jack doesn’t know him, except vaguely, as he thinks he’s a cousin despite his 16 years of knowing Rosie and 15 years knowing Sanderson.  How well does Rosie know Sidney Fletcher.  Knowing what we do in hindsight, has Fletcher set his sights on Rosie to further and protect his criminal dealings?  Is Rosie an innocent in a game of Fletcher’s with Sanderson’s full support?

Later, Sanderson is released from behind bars, and says to Jack:

Sanderson: You’re a good cop Jack and you were a good son in law.

Is he comparing Jack to Sidney Fletcher - the latter being a shadow of the calibre of the former?  Or is Sanderson continuing to keep Jack onside, a useful honest cop.

The release enables Sanderson to shoot the perpetrator before any further investigation of “the box” of incriminating items can be found, that too, will reappear in Unnatural.

Chapter 6: A bouquet 

Rosie’s gratitude toward Jack provides the opportunity for her to reflect on the changes that have occurred to both of them.  That she sees that Jack has changed is significant - he has regained the fight the war took from him.  She also blames the marriage, Jack won’t, he blames the war. She admits there is more to him now than the man who came home from the war, that there are aspects of him she wanted to change in the past that she now recognises she should never have considered necessary. She admits in wanting a father replacement rather than someone who could be himself. Perhaps she recognises too that someone else is in his life, as there is someone else in hers. 

Jack won’t blame her, he won’t allow her to use the marriage itself as the reason for their separation. He is genuine in wishing her well although there is definitely something nostalgic as he leans against the doorway to watch her leave with the spiv and their obvious show of affection. (Not as obvious a show of affection, may I add, to that shown in the French restaurant in Montparnasse!)

And there is definitely something less genuine in the spiv’s looking back at Jack - that ever-present smugness, the superiority of knowing that Jack doesn’t have his measure, while he believes he has Jack’s (and has his wife).

Rosie:  I’m just so relieved for father.  I don’t know how to thank you, Jack.

Jack: It was a joint effort.

(Was it? A joint effort between whom?  He and Phryne?)

Rosie:  I accused you once of a lack of ambition.  I wanted you to climb the ladder like father.  But I can see what you like about where you are.  You’re a different man these days, Jack. You’ve got your fight back.

Jack:  Probably just that lack of ambition.

Rosie: Or escaping a marriage that didn’t suit you.

Jack: It was war what didn’t suit me.

(enter the spiv)

Spiv: Excuse me.  You ready my love?

Rosie: Ah yes, I’m coming.

Spiv: No hurry.

Rosie:  (turns to Jack as she leaves the room) You know I didn’t get to tell you amid all the fuss but Sidney and I are engaged.  It’s very different the second time around.

Jack:  I wish you all the best.

The second time around?  For whom?  For Rosie and Sidney, or for Rosie and Jack, or Jack and Phryne?

Chapter 7: Spanish rose

This is a bit of a sidetrack but I can’t resist….The final scene is in Phryne’s parlour, with her wearing the crushed red velvet cape of a matador (and the Spanish theme that has been part of her episode). She now knows Jack is divorced and has met her rival from the past, and she has continued to flap her cape at him, tempting him to charge.  He will not.  But he does unequivocally state that he is man available…

Phryne: Impressive that a man with as little education as Burke could concoct such an elaborate plan.

Jack:You can’t assume education and intelligence go hand in hand.

Phryne: No, of course not. Rosie’s fiancé for example, Sidney Fletcher, highly educated, also extremely good looking, very charming and admirably tall…

Jack:  You’re waving a red rag at a bull Miss Fisher, but I am no longer in that ring.

Phryne: Ole

To be continued…             


A new job brings new challenges. “When Oliver was the CEO of QC, he just showed up and wore a suit,” executive producer Wendy Mericle says. “But when you’re the mayor, it’s very different. And he’s wanting to do that job well. That’s the difference: He’s taking this seriously.” With all of this year’s many new recruits and plots, “the one thing that anchors everything together is the mayor stories,” the EP shares, adding that Oliver is “very much the focus of definitely the first nine [episodes].”

Oliver’s right-hand man is “actually stationed in Chechnya,” Mericle says. “He’s very much a man without a state. He’s away from his family. He’s away from the team, so he’s away from that family. He’s trying to figure out how he can get that sense of himself back after killing his brother.” When Dig does return to Star City, he’ll find a very different Team Arrow. “He’s not going to love all these little upstarts here, trying to take over his role,” Mericle previews. “But he’ll adjust. He’s going to find some common ground with Wild Dog, and that will help take the sting out of it.”

The tech whiz is “in a very similar place to Dig,” Mericle describes. “She’s really grappling with what happened in Havenrock and the guilt. She’s consumed with that guilt. She’s broken up with Oliver, she’s lost her company, and the one thing she has in this life is the bunker. She’s doubled down on doing that. Until she deals with the guilt and gets past what happened in Havenrock, she’s going to stay in that state of limbo.”

After a “rough go of it” both in terms of vigilantism and love (RIP, Alex), Oliver’s sister will take after him in a different way by “trying to figure out her legacy through City Hall,” Mericle says. “That’s going to be her story for most of the season.”

The former police captain is “still really dealing with the loss of his daughter [Laurel],” Mericle previews. “It’s such a huge shock,” and there’s little comfort to be found since “Sara’s not in Star City, and he’s estranged from his wife, obviously.” But eventually, Lance “will have an important role to play in City Hall.”

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