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Hi beautiful human! I think Tumblr users show show their followers and mutuals more of who they are. So when you get this ask, I want you to post two selfies of yourself, on normal/cute and one douchy (because it's fun). - There is no force here, but it would be great to see som more faces! send this message along to followers and mutuals that you want to see, so no one is left out. Have a good day <3

Oh my god what are you making me do nonny xD

so today is a bad face day, I am surprised I ever managed to pull out nice pictures but, yeah

here’s for some rushed bathroom selfie

Here for the nice one and

here for the douchy one


Here \o/ 


150731 Happy Birthday Minwoo!!! 😊💋

This day is special because our maknae is having his birthday and just wish from the bottom of my heart the best and lots of love♥… thank you for your haed work, your raps, your dance, your smiles and all your love that you constantly give us, I will keep supporting you sweetie and hope you can have so much more than you already have…. *-*

I love you Minnie, God bless you always 💕💕

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thank you for the link because I actually saw someone talking about it and I thought it was this huge fight like ... when they're just talking ??? Even if they said ''piss off, wanker'' they don't look like they were actually fighting . I mean, more like they were joking. I was expecting god knows why. So what do you think of that extract?

I think it says a lot more about fans than about the guys.

ALRIGHT, so i know we’ve all been having a hella good time with the GOD that is tapermonkey and the extension that fixes this shit update – but because i’m a stupid perfectionist, the little “my reply goes here” bothers the hell outta me. i figured out how to fix it, though.

here’s a little tutorial to stop that from appearing.

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Hey! just thought i'd let you know that the giveaway has actually ended. I had to stop it a little early. So any more reblogs are not counting (though it still ended at like 19k so that's a lot). And the version you are reblogging is actually the oldest. obviously it doesn't include the earliy end date, but it also doesn't include that I forgot to add that each winner gets a copy of devil

It’s already ended???? 

I didnt know ): Sorry Sorry ~ * god i’m such a fail XDD *

Added to ALLLLLLLLL the prizes the winner will get a copy of the devil too?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?


You are the 






we are so blessed to have you in our fandom (:

Thanks sweetie!

Thanks sooo much for being so kind and for supporting our boys ;-;


He thinks love is over for him. He doesn’t believe there’s a possibility, so she shows him the way. -Brendan Coyle (x)

just got a new pen tablet and its only mandatory that i draw dean as one of my first few doodles using it ( ノ ‾ʖ̫‾)ノ

Good Boys Gone Bad

Summary: Shy!Dan has been dating bad boy! Phil for awhile now but he can’t help but think he isn’t good enough for the boy who stays out all night partying and drinking. So Dan decides to change that.

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, parties, etc. 

Word Count: 5530 

A/N: This fic has been sitting in my google drive for months jfc. Also, I know virtually nothing about the British school system so pls forgive me if there are mistakes. But other than that yeah, thanks for reading and I hope you guys like it. Enjoy!! x

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sketch dump time~~ *7*/ more happy family AU doodles~~ cause i can’t handle the angst //cries
i powered through the comic today so that i can go binge play Lethis lol

also uhhh i’m in bit of an awkward predicament cause the are now 300 of you lovely souls but i uhh…..haven’t even chosen the winners for the 200 follower giveaway so…uhh WELCOME AND I’M SORRY YOU DON’T GET YOUR OWN EVENT //sobs BUT PLEASE DO JOIN IN THE CURRENT ONE!! you can find it [here] THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT GUYS!!! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

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Hii. I love your account and I was wondering if you knew more good sterek accounts? Thank you anyway😇

Hey love, I am so happy you like my blog! :D Yes, of course there’s tons of other Sterek blogs I can recommend! You’ll probably know a lot of them, but here are some of my favourites (not all of them are 100% Sterek-centric and quite a few write/reblog/post other ships too, but the Sterek that is on there is A+ ;) )

hoechlinslapsdylansbutt strictly-chaotic littlerosetrove bladeofsolstheim rohruh queerlyalex  stilesisderekslittlespoon weasley-detectives (they aren’t so active with posting Sterek any more but they have tons of recs and tags on their page which I adore) ask-ichigo-and-rukia yetanotherobsessivereader bleep0bleep fuchswrites lena221b  allhalethespark claudiia–stilinski cutthissmilefromeartoear (she is honestly awesome- she has Derek Hale tattoos and everything!) deleted-scenes derekdeservesbetter dontgobrienmyheart dylans-happytrail herosterek sourwolfpowers matildajones (their fics- oh my god) badwolfbadwolff sourwolfredridinghoodie ericusrexlovessterek flower-of-the-desert fuerte92 actualvoid hailtohale shiftsideways mad-madam-m sirstilesstilinski sleepy-skittles halekingsourwolf sterek24hobrien stilesbansheequeen sterektrashblog loserchildhotpants stilinskiiksnilits raisesomehale stupidandwicked thepsychicclam smokesforwolves wheredidhiseyebrowsgo wolvesterek asexual-stilesstilinski badmooonrising sterekpornblog (because sterek and all the porn) fuckyesbottomderek submissivederekhale iamderekhale ju24lia minus2 (if you haven’t watched their videos yet, you are missing out!) ohoechlin ohoechlin-nsfw (hnnng) athenadark ohyeofbigfaith ryvetted4 paintedrecs (for all your Sterek fic needs!) reyesboyd and…

I know there are blogs I am forgetting, but these are the ones that my mind is supplying me with right now! Happy Sterek hunting! <3

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Rupphire Fic 2

Here’s the other one! It’s a little more out of character than the last. Sapphire has significantly less chill than she should. I think she does a lot of internal worrying anyway, so… yeah.

Sapphire woke up alone. She was never alone. She was never Sapphire. Where is Ruby? Where did she—oh. She remembers, remembers being forcibly split apart by some new technology, by some terrifying new Gem called Jasper, remembers being forced back into her gem without seeing Ruby, remembers Steven’s face

She has to find Ruby. Where did they take her?

No. No, she can’t panic, can’t worry herself into a fit. She needs to keep a level head. She’s the calm one. She’s the one who comes up with the rational plans, the one who sits on the sidelines thinking of battle strategy when she should be battling

She needs to sing. If she sings, Ruby will find her. Ruby could, and would, follow her voice anywhere, which scared her a bit. …irrelevant now. She needs to sing, Ruby will find her, she’ll be saved… again.

Once her singing moved to her mental ‘autopilot’, she found herself worrying in the worst way. She hates being the damsel in distress, the one who always needs saving, the one who couldn’t save a metaphorical cat from an even more metaphorical tree unless it was just a sapling with her feeble height, in which case the cat wouldn’t need saving. Ruby could. She could climb the tree, already carrying the blue gem’s weight, and climb down also holding the feline, all with ease. Sapphire is the weaker half when they aren’t fused, when she can’t use her calmness to stop Ruby’s outbursts before they happen (when she could, if only she thought to check). She’s weak on her own. Incomplete. She’s—

She’s being watched. She stops singing and turns to where she had felt eyes pierce her self-made bubble of mental isolation.

“Hello,” Steven says from beyond her cell, looking as cheerful as always even with his injuries. He’s got a dark, purpling eye, somewhat swollen. It looks incredibly bad, but humans were hard to judge to her own standards. Wounds showed up more severely on their fleshy bodies. “I liked your song. Did you get captured, too?”

She’s staring rudely, even if he can’t see under her bangs, gaping at the poor child. How did he get out? “Of course, you saw—“ she starts finally, only to cut herself off with realization. Of course he wouldn’t recognize her. He only knows her as Garnet. (So much for his birthday, her mind’s eye seems to tease, not allowing her to look farther than the few measly moments she used to cherish. It was like seeing only ten feet in front of her, and she shuddered to think of poor Ruby walking entirely blind.) “Yes,” she says instead. “How did you get out?”

“Hm? Oh!” he says, looking mildly surprised. “I kind of just…” He reached for the cage wall.

“No!” she says, throwing out a useless hand to try and stop him, but his hand slips through unhindered, stopping the very flow of energy. “How…?” (Flesh, her mind’s eye reminds her, helpfully for once. Organic.) “Of course.”

“Yeah! Come on through!” He holds up his arms to let Sapphire pass through safely. “I’m Steven. What’s your name?”

“Sapphire. I need to find Ruby.” She looks around but sees nothing. Well, nothing important. Nothing but green, great big artificial walls she would have welcomed before joining Rose.

“Ruby? Is she your friend? Did she get captured, too? I’m looking for my friends. We could look together!”

“…you could say that, yes.” She looks again, following the river farther forward. If she can just push to a few minutes rather than seconds, she can see… there. Certain capture, certain death, dead end… Ruby.  “Come on, this way.” She grabs his arm and pulls him along, running at full speed. Green walls fly past her. She looks straight ahead. She needs to find her.

“Wow, you’re fast! …wait, stop!”

She stops, not because she obeys Steven unquestioningly but because the request shocks her into stopping. He’s human, never experienced this speed before, is it like the teacups all over again? “What? Why?”

He doesn’t answer her. Not on purpose, anyway. “Lapis!”

“Steven?” the water gem asks from her own cell, looking utterly defeated.

Sapphire senses she’s unwanted. Lapis never liked Garnet, never liked any of the Crystal Gems. She wouldn’t want Sapphire here. “I’ll guard the doorway,” she says quietly, quickly flipping through timelines. More good than bad would come of her being on guard duty, as far as she could tell. It’s the safest option.

She stands in the hallway and tries desperately not to eavesdrop. She does anyway. She couldn’t help being curious. Still, she tries to act surprised when Steven comes out of the room alone. “What’s wrong? Was Lapis’s cage stronger?”

“No, she didn’t want help,” he says morosely. He perks up a moment later, back to his usual cheery self. “We’ll come back later. Let’s go find your friend Ruby, and my friends!”

Sapphire feels a pang of guilt at the mention of her ‘friend.’ Of course, Ruby is a friend, but she’s so much more. What if Steven was offended at them lying to him for so long? Garnet is who they are, but Steven is half human and raised as such. He only knows Fusion as a battle strategy, an interesting quirk of Gems, a fun experience every once in a while… even after Stevonnie, she was worried the young gem won’t understand. Walking slower, she attempts to explain tactfully. Tact was never her strong point. “Steven, you see, Ruby isn’t just a friend. She’s my other half. She’s—we’re—Ruby!”

Everything else becomes irrelevant the second the red gem comes into view. Sapphire runs to the cage, leaving a bewildered Steven far behind her. Ruby is curled up, panicking against the wall. She’s worried. Sapphire is used to worrying, but Ruby had always been in a position to do something about it. She was never stuck, always the knight and never the princess. Sapphire felt even worse now that she realized what happens when their roles are reversed.

“Sapphire?” Ruby squeaks, face lighting up as she stands. She forgets about the wall and tries to put her hands on it, only to pull back in a flurry of angry grumbling. “Ow… How are you out?”

“Steven,” the blue gem replies gently, and they each understand that it’s the only response necessary.

As if on cue, the mentioned gem catches up, grin wide. “Hey! Are you Ruby? Come on out!” he holds his arms up to let Ruby out the same way he had Sapphire, and out Ruby runs, directly to Sapphire for an embrace of pure relief.

“Did they hurt you?” Sapphire asks urgently, arms around her partner’s shoulders protectively.

“Who cares?” Ruby asks in disbelief, tears pricking in the corners of her eyes. “Did they hurt you?”

I care!” Sapphire says, kissing the tears as they fall. “I was so worried!”

“I’m fine,” Ruby says finally, smiling as she cries.

“I am, too.”

Ruby grins wider and lifts Sapphire up, spinning her around and giggling childishly. Their voices change pitch and meld together, and suddenly she becomes herself again.

Garnet lands on the ground in a crouch and grins. “Steven! Thank you!”

I remember having so much fun writing these and you might find a few more later i have ideas and i blame you and the rest of the rupphire squad ty ilu all

Elise Dialogue
  • Elise Dialogue
  • Fire Emblem: Fates

For dantemustdie00!

This completes the Nohr royal family too! It’s a battle between the little sisters… I FEEL LIKE MARX AND RYOUMA ARE GLARING ME TO DEATH. Disclaimers as usual.

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BTS cuddling styles - JIMIN, NAMJOON ver.


It’s only been 19 days…. HERE

a/n: Hope you guys enjoy this one! As always, thank you <3

JIMIN: He would love to cuddle you, but at first he’s going to be too shy to. He has a very masculine, sex-god type of image while on stage. However, if you see video clips of him offstage, he’s extroverted but quite timid. Jimin is the type that once he has a girlfriend, he’s going to into an even more giant ball of mush. He’s affectionate and desperately wants to cuddle, but you have to wait for him to initiate the first cuddle. Otherwise, his ego would be damaged because you might think that you don’t think him as a man enough. He would want to cuddle with you a lot, in contrast to Namjoon who is more the type to save it for special occasions. While cuddling he would be the one to cutely whine about his day, but want to hear about yours as well. As you’re talking, Chim Chim is going to pinch your cheeks, and basically fawn over you. He would want for you to sit in between his legs while just on the couch, watching TV. Jimin is an insecure guy, but he likes having that possessive position which allows him to hug you tight. He would sling his arms over your shoulders, so he can hold your hands from behind. Then, Jimin is going to rest his head on the area between the shoulder and the neck, so he’s probably going to pepper you with neck kisses during the cuddle. He would occasionally let out a small giggle, but if you ask him why, he’s just going to reply something like “oh, it’s because you’re SO CUTE!”. If you two are cuddling on the bed, it would be not as affectionate and close, but still very cute at the same time. You will sleep facing each other, probably talking about random things that happened during the day, with a little distance between you (but not much!). Then Jimin will hold your hand, caressing it, as to fill in the blank space caused by the distance. It is a simple, classic, but still his way of reminding you that even when unconscious with sleep, he’s still there with you at all times.

NAMJOOn: Namjoon is a difficult one. He seems like the type of guy that puts up a cold city guy sort of facade at first, but once you actually get to know him, he’s all smiles and giggles. This is very true in videos; normally, Namjoon acts as the charismatic leader of Bangtan, then in Bangtan Bombs he’s acting all silly and more like a child. Like Yoongi, I see him critically analysing the relationship first, before doing heavy stuff with you. He would have an slightly long period from kiss to cuddle; Namjoon thinks cuddles are an important stage in the relationship. He’s the type to only really start cuddling right before intense make out stages. He’s going to start cuddling on the couch first, them propose sleeping on the same bed together. To start off the couch cuddles, he doesn’t like you in between his legs like Jimin, but he’s just want you to be sitting next to him, tilting your body so that you are resting your head on his shoulders. See, he’s not really the one for couch cuddles. As for bed/sleeping cuddles, he would lie on his back, while you place your head on his chest, so that you fit right underneath the crook of his neck. A reason he enjoys this is because you can practically feel his love for you, even if he doesn’t say it out loud, just by the thumpings of his heart. He would have his arm around your shoulders, in an almost protective stance. Then Namjoon will slightly rest his head on top of yours, which are against his neck. He wouldn’t tangle your legs together because it would make him feel smothered and too hot during the night. However, he would love it if you slightly turned your body so that it was facing towards him, and curled your legs in an almost fetal position. From this posistion, his dominance would be ensured (because his ego is very important to him), and Namjoon would somehow feel that he is going to be able to protect you better. Technically, the cuddle style I am describing is close to the “sweetheart’s cradle”. 

- ADMIN J :)

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I'm so sorry you have to deal with anonymous assholes. They're just weakminded fools that deserve no remorse. I really love your blog and I hope you continue it because your blog inspires hope in a lot of people, not just me. God bless.

We see it on a regular basis. In fact, we fought off Nazis in person in Leith, ND. We took down their flag. Don’t worry, we won’t stop. Thank you for the support. There’s more good people than bad in this world.

oh my GOD

It finally happened.
I finally did it.

There was a lot that went into this, a lot more than I want to say here… but I really can’t even put into words how emotional I am to finally have done this. 

It’s not so much the legendary (ok, but that’s a part of it because hot DAMN was that a lot of work) but the amazing amount of support and love I had from my friends and guildmates in this endeavor. 
There were plenty of times that I wanted to quit and give up, but you kept me going and you have no idea how much you all mean to me.

I love you guys. Thank you so much.

I did it!!

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more recs would be v v nice :) I read rlly fast I literally started and finished all three books in the past four days so it would've rlly great if you could give me more recs? thank youuu❤️❤️❤️

Oh man. Okay. Sorry this took so long but I got lazy thinking about making a list. I like a lot of fics.

I have included some (a lot of) fic recs for Ronan/Adam and Blue/Gansey (as well as Ronan/Blue friendship because those are the best). God there are probably so many more I could rec, but going through the whole tag is very time consuming. 

These are in no particular order but range from the ratings go G at the top, T in the middle, M at the end. I didn’t include anything above M because everyone has their own tastes, but there’s some good stuff out there.


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warriorofrave's 300+ Follow Forever!

300 Followers. 300 Followers!! I honestly never thought I’d get past 20, but here we are. I want to thank all of my lovely followers for following me! You guys really don’t know how much it means to me. Thank you guys for making my time here wonderful. I hope to be here for a long time, so you guys can’t get rid of me!

I want to do a more personal one this time, so these are only my mutual follows/friends! 

Bold: I love you!

Italicized: I really admire you!

Strike: Favorite Blogs

Honorable Mentions: Mutuals, but we’ve never really interacted that much! Nevertheless, I love your blogs!

 Let’s begin, shall we?

Friends  ❤️


- Ah yes, Deems, my smol fetus child who must be protected at all costs. You’re so young, yet you already have the writing skills of a God! Your creativity and writing ability are truly things to marvel at. I love to read your fics, especially when they’re all heartwrenchingly amazing ;A; Not to mention your art! I swear to God you’ll be one of those super famous writers in a few years, or even sooner! Ah, my smol heir to hell, we’re in this together, from now until forever. WE BETTER NOT STOP TALKING OR I WILL WEONFONEFONOIRNFRO


- SPPPIIIRRRRRIIIIIIITTTTT! You’re always a big bundle of joy whenever we talk! You’re an AMAZING musician, your skills are beyond compare! You are a ‘lil sweet pea, whose evilness is only second to Deems and my own. We should definitely talk more!


- Jena! Where do I start? We have so much in common, and your blog is freaking AMAZING! I’m so happy we became mutuals! Like so, SO happy omg! You’re so sweet, and whenever we talk it’s a blast! Your art is really good, and your comments on my own art make me really happy. I’m glad we’re friends, babu!


- Caaaaammmmmm! Are you really following me? Are you sure this isn’t just a dream? Mwiwmxisosokaoa ever since I found your blog, I’ve really admired you. Your colorings and edits are always soooo pretty! You always defend your friends, and we like a lot of the same things! Our Wendy bby is in good hands :’) (Also, I can most definitely drop kick you in the face. So fiGHT ME (ง'̀-'́)ง)


- Who did you kill for that URL? Okay, well anyway: Ahhhh Crystal! I’ve been following you for a long time, and I really love your art! It’s so pretty, and all of your OCs are so well thought out and all have lovely designs! You always know when to slay, and when you do, all of your arguments are on point. Like that “Dor.endy” post you made just recently? Holy shit that was amazing! I love the way you defend yourself and your friends win solid evidence and never put a person down! You’ve always been someone I’ve looked up to! ((P.S. I still can’t believe that you followed me, I’m still in shock!))


-Heehehe you’re adorable, Riley! Your tags on my art I cri erry tiem ;A;, anyway, thank you for putting up with me, babu! I hope we can talk more in the future!


- Momma Mira! Your writing is absolutely AMAZING! Your way of conveying stories is absolutely breathtaking! I honestly have no idea why you’re surprised that people call you senpai, because you are SO TALENTED. You’re super adorable, but also a great mother, because you manage to keep the Noots AND the Pastries in check, and that takes some serious skill. Thank you for putting up with me and the Nooties!


- Mother Slug! Ahhhh I miss the days when I hid from you and you and Spirit couldn’t find me. We really need to talk again sometime, ya old lady! XD


- Mia, we totally need to talk sometime! Your blog is absolutely adorable! And you’re toTALLY MAKING ME WANNA WATCH STAR VS. THE FORCES OF EVIL OH N O


- Meg, my beloved sister! You’re the sweetest thing ever and must be protected at all costs. Compared to everyone else, you’re the Angel of the group, which is saying a lot because you’re just as bad as the rest of such! XD Your art is wonderful, and I just love all of your headcanons! You make TE Noot Farm a lot of fun


- PRECIOUS BURRITO MY SMOL CHILD! Bo, you are a precious cinnamon roll, too good, too pure for this world. I LOVE your blog and you bbu! Thank you for starting for the Noot Farm, it introduced me to so many new and wonderful people, including you! <3


- POPPA BLLAAAKKKKKEEEEEE! JFC you and Hina are absolute MONSTERS in the chat XD! You are my one and only poppa, and lemme tell you, your gifs are fucking awESOME! You deserve the world, and anyone who doesn’t think so can meet me in the fucking pit.You are a wonderful and amazing person, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 


- MY HYPER BUDDY! My beloved Zoebo, I swear to God you’re the one who always brings the meme to the chat, and even though you pretend to be a precious cinnamon roll, you are actually a SINammon roll, not unlike your Noot Family. Your tags always make my day, and I always end up smiling like an idiot when I read them. Not to mention your beautiful art! Your style is so cute and I die every time you post one! Don’t doubt yourself! I feel lost without you in the chat, because who else am I supposed to scream with? I even learned to speak Hinaian for you! P.S. T E A C U P  R E V O L U T I O N


- Ahhh my Chex-Mix! You’re an complete weirdo, but I love you nonetheless. You are hilarious, and I feel like you and Meg usually bring the chat to life. You guys are so loud and outrageous, I love it XD


-Mellll! Huheuheuhee where to begin? You really are a *ahem* colorful person, and so lively along with Chex-Mix! Stay awesome, okay?


-Angel, your blog is beautiful! It’s so organized and asdfghjkl I love it! WE NEED TO TAAALLLLLKKKKK MORRRREEEEE BRRROOOOOOOO I love ya! (no homo) (jk ALL THE HOMO BRO)


-Kay! I feel like you’re a diplomatic one, and you help keep the chat together. You have a cool head, and always manage to calm everyone down, and for the Noots, that really is something! (Except when it comes to our children and everything goes batshit crazyy and all sanity goes out the window, but other than that, yeah!) You’re an amazing person, and you make the best comments out of nowhere OMG!


-MOMMA NELL! You always have to stop me from fighting others, and I love your never ending patience for all of you little nruhs! I hope you have an amazing day, month, year, LIFE filled with love and happiness! Tell Link I say Hello!~


-Ahhhhh Anto! Your art and your edits are STUNNING! The softness of the colors and your beautiful style get me every time! I had a lot of fun doing the collab with you and Ella, and I hope to do it again sooon!~ I’m EXTREMELY happy we’re mutuals, and I hope we’ll continue to be friends for a long time!~


-Ah, my Kell-Bell, my beloved Typo Knight. I swear to Buddha, you and Srishitty are the biggest perverts that the world has ever seen. Aside from that, you are super funny and it’s always a blast to talk to you. We should definitely talk more, bhabie!


-Sara! You’re edits are amazing, with a great blog to match! You’re a sweet, meme loving fucker, and we NEED to talk more! (Did I mention that I still hate you and Kell for getting me into Love Live!?)


-*fwomps u* TINA! Ahhh I absolutely love our chat, and your bubbly energy, always rubs off on me! Hehe I’m really glad we’re friends, talking to you always picks me up, even if you don’t know it. If you ever need anything, just ask me, okay? I’ll always be there for you! Your blog is amazing, and your personality is too! I hope we never stop talking! :D


-MOMMA! (the original momma but shhhh don’t tell the others) WELCOME BACK! I missed you! Ahhh your blog is hilarious, like you! You ARE the actual Mavis Vermilion, you’re both sweet, kind, and ADORABLE! Your tags make my day, and I’m happy I make my momma proud! (Did I mention that I love your icon? ;D)


-Your art is adorable! Emi, you’re super sweet, and I always love talking to you! Although we are rivals on opposing sides in the Great Suga War, I am willing to overlook that, for the sake of our friendship. XD I love ya, Emi!


- FIGHT ME, YOU SALTY BITCH. (jkjk ily bro) 

Thank you so so so so so much for your friendship, like holy shit, it means so much that I consider you one of my best friends EVER. Has it really only been a few months? It feels like a lifetime. I don’t know where I’d be without you. I feel like I can tell you anything, to be completely honest. I’m sorry for all those rant sessions I put you through, but just remember I’m always here for you. Talking to you always makes me feel better. You deserve every last one of your followers, even if you don’t think so fiGHT ME ON THIS. You’re writing is extremely amazing, AND your art is on point. ALSO YOUR EDITS. YOUR FUCKING EDITS KILL ME EVERY TIME. You’re super talented, so don’t you ever doubt that. I feel like I should write more, but I can’t think of any words to express how damn happy I am that we’re friends, but I hope by now you’ll understand how much I appreciate you and your friendship. Don’t stop being amazing, EVER. We have quite the adventure ahead of us, huh?  Love you, Srishti.

(Also if we ever stop talking I will fuCKING flY ALL THE WAY TO NJ SO WE CAN HANG OUT BRO)

Honorable Mentions:

heir-of-dragons ❤️ markofthefairies ❤️ visionaryramen ❤️ poofplier  ❤️ heir-of-dragons  ❤️ hakuu-ryuu  ❤️ minamls  ❤️


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so I remember you said you prefered the older anime of HxH and I'd only watched the recent one so I went back and watched and my god??? I understand the characters so much better and Leorio is so much more likeable like especially in the exam and Gon is more relatable too I am kinda mad but thanks for making me go back and watch the older version it changed things for the better :'D

YEAH RIGHT? Glad you are happier now and I mean it’s not to say I don’t like the 2011 remake because I do love the new version a lot too; the animation is super slick and I heard it’s more accurate to the manga (still need to read that), but I just felt the pacing and character psychology/development was better in the 1999 version and when it comes to the crunch I care more about those things than shiny animation :Tb