there was a lot more in that 'thank god. and you'

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What's your Atlantis fan cast?



Milo Thatch would be: 

Dorky, still hot, good actor (if you deny you thought Milo was AT LEAST cute, you a lie)

Princess Kida: I have a couple people 

Zoe Saldana 

Zoe Kravitz or

Antonia Thomas 

The Mole:

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Commander Lyle:

It’s Tommy Lee Jones. He’s like our grumpy grandpa who low key is an OG with a lot of love. Need I say more?


Charlize Theron is hot, badass, a great actress. She’s Helga. 

Preston B. Whitmore:


Dr. Sweet:

I got two people in mind! Taye Diggs. Great actor, really legit on Empire, seems cool. 


King Kashekim: 

Bill Cobbs! 10/10 would cry while watching character die in live-action Atlantis movie (wanted to say Morgan Freeman but I feel like I’m pushing it with national treasures on this list). 


The bae Oscar Issac, no reason needed (also eye candy)

Audrey my love:

America Ferrera please and thank you (or me, because I love audrey a lot)




Is there any other choice?

Ok, ok so because of SG I follow a lot of The Flash fans and seeing all that Snowbert glory on my dash has turned me into 100% Snowbert trash. Folks I think I just gained a new ship and oh my God the angst.

I’m so done with my ships causing me physical pain because of how perfect they are. If you’re a Snowbert shipper can you like/reblog this so I can have more Snowbert on my dash?! Thanks!

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Little Stephew fic with a protective Matt please!!!

Stephanie started slightly as she felt an arm slide around her waist, only to relax upon looking up and seeing her husbands face.

Thank god he was back from the bathroom, maybe he could get rid of the tipsy stranger who had sidled up far too close to her and had been churning out frankly disgusting comments regardless of how many times she flashed her wedding ring or said she was here with someone. It was moments like these, Stephanie would admit, that Matthew’s slightly jealous streak came handy.

“Sorry to interrupt-” Matt began, only for the man to cut him off with a wave. “Gittout, I have dibs.” At that, Steph saw Matt’s forced almost friendly expression turn to something a lot less neighbourly and more Hello Neighbour. “Actually no, you really don’t and I’d appreciate it if you stopped harassing my wife before I kick your fucking teeth in.” Matthew replied with a frankly unnerving smile. “Choice is yours, friend.”

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No 4 from that prompt sheet! And write whatever ship you want :D


Alright, I might have something… I’ve been thinking a lot about this and this idea seemed to expand into a multiple-part ficlet. It’s been a long time, but it feels good to be back at it! Thank you!!!

PART ONE….maybe….

She could never trust people all that much, even as a child. Then again, she could rely more on a promise then nothing at all, which she saved for the most personal occasions and the most important of people.

The first time she could distinctly remember was still hazy. It was daytime and the windows were opened, allowing for a calm, spring breeze to make itself comfortable with all the books and chairs. She sat at the desk reading a book while her father rested on a daybed in the corner. Every so often, he would let out a slight cough that would cause her to stop reading to him.

“Keep going.” he urged.

Christine looked down again at the book. Her eyes may have been on the words, but her thoughts were elsewhere.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes. You were doing well.”

She couldn’t go on without saying something, at least. “Mamma says you might be going away.“

The old man was stunned for a second. He knew she was clever enough to see that he was sick, and now it seems she was clever enough to ask Valerius for the truth.

“I might. There are rumors of medicine that might be able to help me over in England, but the cost would be too steep to even manage a journey. Our hosts were gracious enough to even make an offer on my behalf.”

Christine turned her full attention to him, “How long would you be gone?”.

He hesitated in answering, scratching his mustache and looking away. It was not right that her questions were so focused on him when she could be asking about the many things in the world. Dolls, grass, shapes, music; anything to prolong his answer.

“Indefinitely.” he muttered.


“You will be fine. You have school and the opera house to worry about, not me.”

“No, I won’t allow it!” She declared, moving from the desk to the side of the bed.


“We’ll find another way to make you better! Please!” She now had him by the shoulders. “Promise me you’ll stay.”

His tired eyes met hers again; how scared she must have looked to make his tired eyes turn to such sadness.

“Promise.” she repeated.

A hand reached out and brought her into a light embrace and she buried her face into his chest to hide her tears as he turned his head to hide his. He couldn’t cry in front of her or tell her the painful truth, else she sees his weakness, but he could muster up enough strength to lie to her just a little longer.

“My girl,” he said shakily, “for you: anything.”

Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)


oh god im sorry i stalked your blogs for references for like 2 hours 

@drawinggheys @raythrill @objectionable-code @terror-in-the-dream @bocitena @juuria @halpdevon @lauwurens 

so uh… how do i words , uhm… a lot of you dont know me– hell i think only three people here know who i am, but i really really like your art (and art styles) and i look up to all of you a lot, and i look for inspiration from you guys almost every day so uhm… oh my god everyone is just so beautiful, the style, the colors, the line density, the face shapes– I COULD KEEP GOING ON AND ON REALLY—- but i cant because this post is long enough as it is

there’s so many more people i want to add and thank for being such a wonderful sources of awe and inspiration but my shoulder is killing me and its currently an ungodly hour of the wee mornings so i ask for pardon

ah– anyway, bottom line, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION keep doing what you’re doing and i hope you continue to grow and be happier with your art every new day that comes your way!

-Celi <3

P.S. btw if you’re uncomfortable with me putting up your style there please message me and i’ll take it down im sorry;;;;;


Art summary of 2016: my style stagnated for most of the year, mostly because I was quite busy with school and life, and I only began to improve a little bit near the end of the year. My goal for next year is to learn more about colours, since right now I’m just picking randomly from the colour wheel purely based on what I’m feeling at the moment.

Cheers! Thank you all so much for your support, and I sincerely hope you have a really great New Year. :)

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She was so much closer than he’d realized, their faces inches apart, her expression wide and hesitant and vulnerable.

“My Lady,” he whispered. He was helpless in the ocean of blue that was her eyes; whatever had seemed so awful also seemed very far away. Nothing was dark or brutal or hopeless when they were this close, and he wasn’t the only one moving closer.

My vacations are oveerr so now It will take me more time to be able to post any finished pics, sadly D:. I have to paint a lot of new pieces for a college project ´v` BUT I will still have tons of doodles.

While my actual piece for State of Grace (by the awesome @dragonsinparis) is on the making (it won’t show up until at least next month thanks to all this stuff I gotta paint), get this quickie for one of the moments that broke me.

can you imagine when isak and even get married (uhm, fight me???) and they adopt a daughter they’re at a restaurant eating with her once she’s little older and they’re all having a good time and suddenly their daughter’s like “ugh i have no more napkins” and some random boy from the table beside them overhears and is like “oh here have some of mine” and she’s just like “thank you” and it’s literally nothing but even is suddenly tense and he leans over to isak and very seriously and furiously whispers, “that boy is trying to seduce our daughter” and isak is like “??? even what” and even just keeps pushing like “isak we need to move tables” “even what are you saying” “he handed her a napkin” “even oh my god not this again not everyone is flirting when they hand someone else paper” “it worked with you didn’t it” “we are not moving tables even”

The Last Picture Show

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Request: Hi. Please give me a cute, ep 4 inspired Jughead x reader. Thank you!

Notes: So this turned out a lot longer than I expected whoops. The opening scene is mainly for background and setting, taken pretty much directly from the episode (adding in the reader of course haha). Anyways I hope to be writing more Jughead in the future so let me know what you guys think!

“The drive-in closing is just one more nail in the coffin that is Riverdale. No, forget Riverdale. The coffin of the American Dream. As the godfather of indie cinema Quentin Tarantino likes to say–”

“Please, god, no more Quentin Tarantino references,” Kevin interrupts Jughead, glancing over at you with an expression practically begging you to rein Jughead in from his rant.

“What? I’m pissed. And not just about losing my job. The Twilight Drive-in should mean something to us. People should be trying to save it!” Jughead exclaims, leaning back against the booth with a huff. Veronica leans across the table, grabbing Jug’s hand gently to try and calm him down.

“In this age of Netflix and VOD, do people really want to watch a movie in a car? I mean, who even goes there?” She asks, trying to get him to understand the reason for the tear-down.

“People who want to buy crack,” Kevin responds, and you shoot him a warning glare.

“And cinephiles. And car enthusiasts. Right, Y/N?” Jughead turns to you, hoping that you’ll be on his side.

“Yeah. It’s a piece of town history,” you add, before Jughead turns his attention to Betty on his other side.

“Bets?” he prompts, drawing her out of her thoughts.

“Totally,” she responds absentmindedly, which seems to be enough for Jughead.

“Anyway, it’s closing because the town owns it but didn’t invest in it. So when an anonymous buyer made Mayor McCoy an offer she couldn’t refuse–”

“Anonymous buyer?” Veronica cuts in. “What do they have to hide? No one cares.”

“I do!” Jughead exclaims, and you take one of his hands in yours, interlacing your fingers under the table in an effort to calm him down. You’d known since the start of your relationship that he wasn’t much into PDA so you refrained from it, except for the occasional hand holding and Jughead’s arm wrapped loosely on your shoulders when he felt like it.

Jughead smiles down at you when you take his hand, before addressing the rest of the group.

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tbh trans percy jackson makes me emotional ?

1) circe’s whole “theres a REAL hero” is … so big on body dysphoria and just hurts more from a trans persepective

2) nico liking him as a gay man = instant validation, yes, thank you, my trans ass loves stuff like this, please thank you

3) sally jackson has done it again by being the best mother ever. probably suffers a lot of crap from fugliano to keep him treating her boy like a boy

4) the chosen one. a chosen one who is trans. the trans chosen one. the chosen trans one. (kuzko’s poison.)

5) being immediately accepted as the son of poseidon. no “daughter of poseidon” “well actually” “oh son, sorry” just. the gods automatically know. they still dont like him, but they are biased against him for other reasons and never that.

6) he and mr d dont get along. hes trans, mr d is the patron god of trans people. there could be some really funny irony there. think of the possibilities. think of them bonding. think of them realizing they’re cousins. theyre both the gay cousin. the entire greek god family tree is entirely made up of gay cousins. mr d tells him this and percy still doesnt like him but he does feel a bit less…. bad. a bit less alone.

7) just … everything. trans percy

if ya don’t know by now, Peru is going through severe mudslides right now. People are losing their lives, their homes, their pets, the animals they depend on for a living, and a lot more. If ya can just take a couple minutes to check on someone you know who is Peruvian, and has family home it would be very appreciative to them to let them know you are there. If you believe in prayer and in God, please sprinkle some of Peru in there because the people really need it. If you can afford to - donate. And, last but not least if you can stay informed that would be beneficial; not just about Peru but about other developing nations - they are just as important as the big developed nations filled with power. thank ya’ll

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Hi! :) Can you help me out? I'm searching for an original prompt for a first kiss. In my novel it's about two teenage guys, but more general would also be okay. Thanks a lot!

1) The kiss is a messy, graceless, eager thing. Fingers tangled in hair, stifled groans because it seemed impossible that something so simple as lips upon lips could feel like this. He shuffled even closer to deepen the kiss. He’d thought a kiss would leave him satisfied, but now he wants more than ever. 

2) The first attempt is so ridiculous that we end up laughing when we bump noses, bumping heads the second time.
“Oh for god’s sake, hold still,” he said. He caught hold of my chin, making sure I stayed put, and then leaned in carefully to press a quick, sweet kiss to my mouth. Eyes dark, and cheeks burning. “There.” 

3) They approached the kiss one might approach a startled deer - move too fast, with anything other than breathless tentativeness, and the moment might skitter away into the night. It was dark. The thump of the party felt suddenly distant, as if the rest of the world could have vanished. All that was left was the sound of breathing, of hearts pounding, of the cold seeping through his jeans where they sat and the seeming-blazing heat of the fingers that cupped the back of his neck by comparison. His lips were even warmer.  

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hihi, i’m a relatively new blog trying to find more active (anime) blogs to follow! if u post content from any of the following, please reblog this post and tag the fandoms that you mainly post. thanks a lot!

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  • shitposting and memes are very welcome
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heart full of headlines


Author: @dantiloquent
Artist: @pinofs (art here!)
Beta: @wonwuo
Word count: 60k
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none! (please don’t hesitate to ask me regarding any possible warnings!)
Summary: Phil Lester has a lot of good things: supportive friends, a lovely dog, a world tour, a famous writing blog.
He also has magic. It shouldn’t be a problem - except, in a world where magic is hated and mocked, it is. After a disastrous run in with Guardian-acclaimed “Modern Beat Generation Boy” Dan Howell ends in an unexpected friendship, Phil finds himself having to make more and more choices. While his blog sends him all over the world, and while their friendship develops, Phil can’t help but bring it all back to one pivotal issue: who can he tell?
Author’s Notes: thank you sm to my beta for helping me out with this!! and thank you so much to my love nikki for creating INCREDIBLE art. i will forever be honoured that this pile of words gets to be accompanied by your gorgeous talent. also, thank you to YOU! i couldn’t have done this without your support. 

i worked on this and syzygy over the summer. it was a lot of work. but it’s done now, and i’m proud i did it. i think it’s worth it. i hope you do, too. (i didn’t have a lot of time to edit, tho, so please let me know of any errors/typos!) if you liked details of an asteroid, then i think maybe you’ll like this, too. 

disclaimer: while it sounds like i’m trying to preach about things that may also exist in real life, i really didn’t mean to spread some agenda/lesson through this. you can take what you want from this, but please don’t think i believe every single thing discussed in this book. while it may sound like it should, lots of this doesn’t apply to the real world. you’ll see what i mean once you’ve read this.

(please reblog/leave feedback if u wish! it really helps me out. love u all.)


good things about ndrv3!!


-saihara’s secret and adorable ahoge

-the helluva plot twist in chapter 1


-tenko fucking flips saihara like he weighs nothing more than a bunch of grapes. saihara is screaming

-tenko does the same to yumeno

-kiibo’s ahoge

-getting to see the protagonist’s sprites as they interact with others

-chapter 5 hurt a lot. throwbacks to dr1


-kiibo’s smile

-danganronpa was literally fucking destroyed

-thank god for kiibo