there was a hole

“My goal keeps me alive and no personal issue is going to interfere with that. If people try to put me in the crazy box–'crazy fucking Courtney'–go ahead. But if you think you’re going to stop me from where I’m going, you’re not going to do it. I work my ass off. I deliver the goddamn goods. And I will deliver them again.“

- Courtney Love, interviewed in Rolling Stones Magazine,1994

There are no lies in my future. This is the summer of answers.

 I. Marlene King (@imarleneking) July 28, 2015

  1. Who killed Mrs D? 
  2. Why does Sara Harvey, aka the worst character in the show WHO WE ONLY JUST MET, get two important, mysterious roles – Black Widow AND Red Coat? 
  3. And why did she have to dress up in disguise at the funeral if none of the girls knew who she was? 
  4. WHY was Sara helping CeCe? Why did she leave home in the first place? What was she doing the rest of the time, when Cece was in Radley?!
  5. If Mona was lucid enough to help CeCe escape Radley under the condition they play the game together, how did Mona not know who A is?
  6. And what’s with all Mona’s damn singsong rhymes/messages? (miss aria you’re a killer…)
  7. But didn’t Mona KNOW! There was a clue in her ROOM when she got captured. How did she not know?!
  8. Why was Wren so shady? Why did he show Mona that picture of the family at the farm and colour it in?
  9. Is Wren really a doctor?
  10. Why did CeCe harm Jason in the elevator shaft? Didn’t she “just want to get back to her family”?
  11. If CeCe was torturing the girls to try and find Ali, then why did she dress up as Red Coat in order to help Ali?
  12. Why did CeCe love dressing the girls up in their 2007 fashion? What was with her obsession with Aria’s pink streaks?
  13. Why did Sara rescue the Liars from the fire? Whose side was she on?
  14. Why was Jenna so scared of CeCe? Did she know the truth?
  15. Why was Melissa helping Shana and Jenna?
  16. Jason said he saw Melissa talking to CeCe the night Alison disappeared, but CeCe says it wasn’t her. Who was Melissa talking to that night?
  17. And BTW, are Wren and Melissa just living it up in London like a totally normal couple?
  18. What happened to Eddie Lamb? What was with him recognising Aria?
  19. What were Bethany’s drawings about? And what was her deal? Was she actually just a random crazy girl?
  20. Who burnt Cyrus? How does Varjack fit in?
  21. What was up with Mrs Grunwald? If she’s a psychic, why couldn’t she give a hint as to what was going on?
  22. What did Maya know? Are we really just going to forget about her character and all the clues and mystery around her?
  23. How did Wilden cover up Marion’s murder when he would have been a child at the time?
  24. Did CeCe really kill and eat Tippi?!
  25. Who took Emily to Ali’s dug-up grave and why?
  26. Who did Aria stab on the train with a screwdriver?
  27. Did the writers really think CeCe being trans and locked away in Radley would be a good motivation for all the crazy, fucked up shit she did? 

Meanwhile in 2016…

  1. Who kidnapped and tortured Hanna? 
  2. How were Spencer and Charlotte conceived …?
  3. Is that “five years later” flash-forward ever going to happen?
  4. What were Noel Kahn’s motivations for helping Charlotte DiLaurentis and returning to Rosewood?
  5. Why was Mary Drake in the haunted house/school for the blind when the Liars were summoned there?
  6. Who actually shot Spencer?
  7. Why would Uber A kidnap Jenna?
  8. What happened with Toby and Yvonne’s car?
  9. Who was the undisclosed buyer of Toby’s house?
  10. Is Wren involved in all of this?
  11. Where are everyone’s parents?


Pointing the Very Large Array (VLA) at a famous galaxy for the first time in two decades, a team of astronomers got a big surprise, finding that a bright new object had appeared near the galaxy’s core. The object, the scientists concluded, is either a very rare type of supernova explosion or, more likely, an outburst from a second supermassive black hole closely orbiting the galaxy’s primary, central supermassive black hole.

The astronomers observed Cygnus A, a well-known and often-studied galaxy discovered by radio-astronomy pioneer Grote Reber in 1939. The radio discovery was matched to a visible-light image in 1951, and the galaxy, some 800 million light-years from Earth, was an early target of the VLA after its completion in the early 1980s. Detailed images from the VLA published in 1984 produced major advances in scientists’ understanding of the superfast “jets” of subatomic particles propelled into intergalactic space by the gravitational energy of supermassive black holes at the cores of galaxies.

“This new object may have much to tell us about the history of this galaxy,” said Daniel Perley, of the Astrophysics Research Institute of Liverpool John Moores University in the U.K., lead author of a paper to appear in the Astrophysical Journal [, preprint will appear on by tomorrow morning] announcing the discovery.

“The VLA images of Cygnus A from the 1980s marked the state of the observational capability at that time,” said Rick Perley, of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). “Because of that, we didn’t look at Cygnus A again until 1996, when new VLA electronics had provided a new range of radio frequencies for our observations.” The new object does not appear in the images made then.

“However, the VLA’s upgrade that was completed in 2012 made it a much more powerful telescope, so we wanted to have a look at Cygnus A using the VLA’s new capabilities,” Perley said.

Daniel and Rick Perley, along with Vivek Dhawan, and Chris Carilli, both of NRAO, began the new observations in 2015, and continued them in 2016.

“To our surprise, we found a prominent new feature near the galaxy’s nucleus that did not appear in any previous published images. This new feature is bright enough that we definitely would have seen it in the earlier images if nothing had changed,” said Rick Perley. “That means it must have turned on sometime between 1996 and now,” he added.

The scientists then observed Cygnus A with the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) in November of 2016, clearly detecting the new object. A faint infrared object also is seen at the same location in Hubble Space Telescope and Keck observations, originally made between 1994 and 2002. The infrared astronomers, from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, had attributed the object to a dense group of stars, but the dramatic radio brightening is forcing a new analysis.

What is the new object? Based on its characteristics, the astronomers concluded it must be either a supernova explosion or an outburst from a second supermassive black hole near the galaxy’s center. While they want to watch the object’s future behavior to make sure, they pointed out that the object has remained too bright for too long to be consistent with any known type of supernova.

“Because of this extraordinary brightness, we consider the supernova explanation unlikely,” Dhawan said.

While the new object definitely is separate from Cygnus A’s central supermassive black hole, by about 1,500 light-years, it has many of the characteristics of a supermassive black hole that is rapidly feeding on surrounding material.

“We think we’ve found a second supermassive black hole in this galaxy, indicating that it has merged with another galaxy in the astronomically-recent past,” Carilli said. “These two would be one of the closest pairs of supermassive black holes ever discovered, likely themselves to merge in the future.”

The astronomers suggested that the second black hole has become visible to the VLA in recent years because it has encountered a new source of material to devour. That material, they said, could either be gas disrupted by the galaxies’ merger or a star that passed close enough to the secondary black hole to be shredded by its powerful gravity.

“Further observations will help us resolve some of these questions. In addition, if this is a secondary black hole, we may be able to find others in similar galaxies,” Daniel Perley said.

Rick Perley was one of the astronomers who made the original Cygnus A observations with the VLA in the 1980s. Daniel Perley is his son, now also a research astronomer.

“Daniel was only two years old when I first observed Cygnus A with the VLA,” Rick said. As a high school student in Socorro, New Mexico, Daniel used VLA data for an award-winning science fair project that took him to the international level of competition, then went on to earn a doctoral degree in astronomy.

Also at the time of those first VLA observations of Cygnus A, Carilli and Dhawan were office mates as graduate students at MIT.

Carilli, now NRAO’s Chief Scientist, was Rick’s graduate student while working as a predoctoral fellow at NRAO. His doctoral dissertation was on detailed analysis of 1980s VLA images of Cygnus A.

TOP IMAGE….Artist’s conception of newly-discovered secondary supermassive black hole orbiting the main, central supermassive black hole of galaxy Cygnus A. Credit: Bill Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF

UPPER IMAGE….VLA radio images (orange) of central region of Cygnus A, overlaid on Hubble Space Telescope image, from 1989 and 2015. Animated GIF. Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF, NASA

CENTRE IMAGE….VLA radio image (orange) of central region of Cygnus A, overlaid on Hubble Space Telescope image, from 1989. edit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF, NASA

LOWER IMAGE….2015 VLA radio image (orange) of Cygnus A, overlaid on Hubble Space Telescope image. Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF, NASA

BOTTOM IMAGE….1989 VLA radio image of the central region of Cygnus A.
Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF

LAST IMAGE….2015 VLA radio image of the central region of Cygnus A.
Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO

au where Moghedien is never captured by Nynaeve and instead spends the rest of the series trying to “get” Nynaeve through increasingly more intimate and unnecessary gestures

like, Nynaeve walks into room dimly lit by a few candles, an elaborate two-person meal is waiting on the table, the WoT version of Carless Whisper plays softly in the background and Moghedien is sitting very discretely in a shadowy corner with a wine glass. Nynaeve just sighs and walks out of the room


Some of the last of that TNG sketch set of characters with styles based on their personalities

Worf is a total klingon and klingons seem a lot like Vikings, but also remind me of ancient China. So I took cues from old Nordic art and Mogao Cave art.

Tasha is another one of the younger crew members, she seems straight forward and simple but there’s a lot going on there. I went with contemporary artists that reminded me of that.

Not Over Yet: Chapter 19

“Not Over Yet” SNK Modern AU: Two torn ex-lovers grow to rekindle old flames once their paths recross, after nearly six years of learning how to live without each other.

Rating: M // Words: 5.6k // Pairing: Eren x Mikasa

Chapter Summary: When Mikasa is distressed by her growing and dangerous affection for Eren, a conversation with her uncle helps set her straight.

A/N: I still can’t believe I am managing to write with all that is happening in my life right now, wow. Anyway, I took some liberties with Levi’s character because he is much older here and I believe oldfart!Levi to be still crude but much gentler. 

Preview Ch 19: A Heart’s Destination

She blinks, surprised at her own words. It’s one thing to feel it, but to voice her emotions aloud… well, that’s something she hasn’t done in years. Part of her wants to recoil, but she’s already uncapped this affluent current, and thus, it pours: “I don’t even know how I got to this point. Starting clean, it seemed so promising. But I’m so lost, Levi. Half the time, I don’t know what I’m feeling, and the other half, I just feel nothing at all. It’s like I don’t really exist. I think back on who I was before all this mess… and it’s so hard to believe that this is it. All those years of my life spent dreaming and planning just to end up”—she motions vaguely to her surroundings—“here.”

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