there was a hole

me: i really wanna see the lego batman movie!! it looks cute, but i probably won’t get obsessed or anything

me, a day later, knee deep in batjokes fanart and batman content in general: haha whOops here we go aga in!!

im gay and impatient so i rewrote the end of the last timeless ep so lucy and wyatt get 2 kiss 

its literally just the end of the ep but with a kiss this time enjoy

~1150 words

It was over. Lucy was still so angry at Agent Christopher, for putting away Flynn without even a question, but at least she was getting her sister back. Amy was going to be back.

That was what lifted her spirits enough to get past Flynn’s arrest, even if she was still bitter.

She walked over and looked out at the lifeboat. They were cleaning it, as it had become incredibly dirty throughout their travels, especially when they went rogue with it and kept landing in shitty barns and dirty fields.

Wyatt was next to her, tall and strong and unrelenting as ever. A constant. Her only constant, lately.

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