there was a dude just letting people take pictures with his snake

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Can you do a jealous Justin imagine, were they're at like a party and Montgomery flirts with the reader and Justin gets angry? Love your blog btw❤❤❤

Aw thanks for liking the blog! Sure thing, hope you like it ~

900 words, Justin Foley/fem!reader

“Justin, you know I don’t like parties  especially if it’s one of Bryce’s.” 

“Babe, just stick by me, you don’t even have to talk to my friends if you don’t wanna. Just relax, get drunk and have a good time.” he reassured you with a kiss on the forehead. You both got out of his car and made your way through the house, Justin getting welcomed by nearly everyone. You waved at a few people but otherwise kept your head down and your hand in Justin’s. 

Once you got to the patio he left you by the pool to go and get you drinks. You’d begged him to stay, or to let you go with him, but he just brushed you off and said to enjoy yourself. 

Knowing he’d get caught up in some partying, you calmly sat down on a lounge chair, gazing up at the clear skies that were dotted with stars, managing to block out the noises of the party -  and the noise of Montgomery taking the chair next to you, beer in hand.

“What’s up, y/n?” he exclaimed, bringing you out of your thoughts. 

Oh Jesus here we go

“Not much, Monty, just waiting for Justin,” snapping at him dismissively, you really didn’t want to be caught up in Montgomery’s advances. 

“You look really hot tonight, you know that? I mean you look hot all the time but-”

“Is ‘hot’ the only word you could find to describe me?” You laughed in your head at how he fumbled for a save, glad you’d stumped him. 

“No, not at all, there’s so many words to describe you beautiful you are… and my god, you’d look even more beautiful in between my legs…” there was no witty comeback to this, Monty towering over you, leaning down to trap you in the chair with his arms either side of you. 

“Monty please get off of me - MONTY!” you cried out when he leaned down to try and kiss you. At the sound of you yelling, Justin dropped the drinks and came running. 

“What the fuck is going on? What the fuck did you do to my girl?” 

“Listen Justin, I was just talking to her and she totally freaked out, I mean-” Rage clouded over Justin’s face as he grabbed Monty by the shoulders and backed him up against the house. 

“Bullshit, Montgomery. My girl wouldn’t do that if you weren’t being a dick - so what’d you do, huh?” 

“Justin, please don’t hurt him, he just started hitting on me that’s all.” People were staring, and you didn’t want Justin to make a scene (no matter how much you wanted Monty punched in the face).

“It’s alright, baby, I won’t hurt him,” he loosened his grip on Monty, allowing him to slide out from between your boyfriend and the brick wall. Justin’s eyes followed him as he sauntered back into the house, nearly loosing his shit when Monty stole a glance back at you. “The hell are you people staring at?” 

“Justin, please, let’s just go get drinks, huh. Calm you down?” he ran a hand down his face which was still laden with anger. You took him by the forearms and gave him a look which let him know that all was well, but it wasn’t. You wanted to let Justin get angry and Monty but you didn’t want a scene, Or to be the people that started a fight at one of the biggest parties of the year. 

“Fine, whatever, lets go inside. You can come with me this time.” he smoothed his hand down your back before snaking his arm around your shoulders, which were even more hunched now you had to go inside and face more people that were just like Monty. 


“All he did was try and kiss you, you bitch!” shouted someone that was sitting on a love seat, Monty on the floor below it, glaring at you and Justin. 

Justin ripped his arm away from you and marched over to where Monty sat, smugly, on the floor. In one motion your (way too angry for words) boyfriend hauled him up from the fluffy white carpet and slammed him into the wall, causing a picture to slide down and smash. 

“Justin! What the hell, dude, careful with my shit!” Bryce called from the French doors, he’d obviously heard the commotion. 

“Not until I’m done with this scumbag.” he growled, pulling his arm back and smacking it, right into Monty’s nose. He let go and caused the bleeding boy to slide down the wall, completely dazed. 

“You stay the fuck away from my girl, and anyone else’s… you hear me?” Justin turned and walked back to you, hugging you tightly as you held back laughter at the reality that your boyfriend had just nearly knocked someone out for you. 

Back in the car, as you both decided it was better to steer clear of that scene for a while, Justin kissed you tenderly and enveloped you into his arms. It was a little uncomfortable to lean over from the passenger side, but worth it to feel his comforting touch. 

“Sorry my friends are assholes, babe.” 

“It’s fine, so long as you never get that way.” 

“I promise, I’m no hypocrite.” He pulled away from the hug and leaned his forehead against yours, before you pulled each other into the back seat…

The King Is Back

Title: The King Is Back

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, and a few others

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warning: We got some angst and we got some smut

A/N: This is my submission for @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps #Stephs 500+ Followers and Birthday Challenge. My song was Devil In Disguise by Elvis Presley, lyrics are italic and bold. Enjoy!!!

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Slamming another shot, she looked around the bar, her eyes landing on a man staggering between pool tables. Signaling the bartender, she ordered another round before walking over to him.

“Hey handsome, need a partner?”

Dean spun, staggering back a little into the pool table behind him, dragging his eyes up and down her body. “Mmm, I bet you’d make one hell of a partner sweetheart.”

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Remember This Moment (With Me) - Klance

Happy birthday to my dear Bobbie. You’re such a wonderful person, and through you I’ve met some of the most amazing people. I’ve felt a level of acceptance with you and the rest that I’ve never felt before, and I’m endlessly grateful for you and the whole group that you brought together. Here’s some almost-late soft Klance for your birthday. You’re my favourite non-binary Cuban babe <3


(you gotta listen to this while you read it)

Keith had been planning this for weeks. Lance had mentioned his high school prom once almost six weeks ago, and Keith had tilted his head to the side, blinking owlishly at him. He knew what a prom was, of course. He lived in the desert, not a cave in the mountains. He’d opted out of his high school prom. His girlfriend had just broken up with him to go to the dance with some other guy, likely one her parents would adore. He didn’t remember being terribly heartbroken about not going to the dance. 

But apparently Lance had not gone to his, though not through any choice of his own. He’d received a concussion while boxing and had been unable to attend, and he was apparently still bitter about it, if his whining was anything to go by. He mostly whined to Keith, since they were… sort of, almost dating. Maybe. Semantics, Keith thought. Lance knew that Keith only had eyes for him; he’d made it abundantly clear. Touched his hand at dinner that one night. Laughed at his joke about pineapples and baby aspirin (and it honestly had been funny, which was kind of the sad part). Put his head against Lance’s shoulder and actually dozed off just like that. 

And yet Lance still hadn’t started with the grand theatrics he always howled about doing for anyone he was interested in back on Earth.

Keith looked up at the transformed training room, his fists planted on his hips.

“Try ignoring this, buddy,” Keith muttered to no one in particular. Hunk had helped him add solid, yet temporary, beams that went from wall to wall, intersecting at different points, leaving large gaps between them and sort of resembling perches in a bird cage. Hunk, coming through for Keith once again like the genius he truly is, rigged up string lights that they twined around the beams. He mixed up some Space Punch and tiny Space Sandwiches with tinier toothpicks in them. He smoothed Keith’s hair back and pulled it into a neat little ponytail, much more refined than the sloppy one Keith usually wore when he was training. Honestly, if Keith wasn’t already completely gone for Lance, he’d be trailing after Hunk like a lovestruck puppy. But all of this was for Lance. 

There were no tuxedos in space, so Keith just made sure that his clothes were clean and neat. As clean and neat as three year old clothes that he wore every day could be, at least. Pidge had managed to keep Lance occupied all day with a video game, and was supposed to be sending him past the training room when she was done with him, where he would hear the sweet lyrics of ‘Can’t Fight the Moonlight’ filtering out from the open doors. Keith paced back and forth, nervous and gnawing on his lip. Hunk had assured him that Lance would love this, even more so since it was coming from him

“Does that mean -” Keith began, blinking at Hunk.

“He does, he just doesn’t know he’s allowed to yet,” Hunk told him. That had been yesterday, and his words kept replaying in Keith’s head, over and over as he tried to work out how the fuck he’d manage to confess to Lance that he was in love with him and then somehow dance with him all night. Or maybe he’d dance all night and then confess? Would Lance even let him get that far, or would he try to get an explanation out of him before any dancing even happened? Keith really wanted to tug on his hair, but Hunk hurried into the room just then and swatted his hands away, looking excited. 

“He just left Pidge’s room, he’s coming this way. Don’t mess up your hair now,” he chastised gently, smoothing a piece back. Keith looked up at him.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” he asked in a small voice. Hunk chuckled at him.

“It’s a bit late for that, dude. It was your idea anyway, remember? But I am sure about it. I know Lance; he’s going to love it,” he assured. He gave Keith’s shoulder a squeeze and then hurried right back out and scuttled down the hallway. Keith waved his hand and pulled up a small holoscreen - he dimmed the lights and turned on the string lights that decorated the beams and ran along the floor in a large square, creating the illusion of a dance floor. Soft yellow-white light filled the room, and he pressed another button on the screen and the music started playing. Both Pidge and Hunk had confirmed Lance’s pure, unadulterated love for Coyote Ugly, so he decided to start with that. 

Keith turned his back on the door, looking up at the beams and the twinkling lights wrapped around them, at the little table where the sandwiches and drinks were set up at. The longer he stared at it all, the more deflated he became. This was pathetic. A mockery of prom, really. He knew what prom was supposed to be like - bright, multicoloured lights, a live DJ, a few hundred sweaty, horny teenagers grinding on each other, limousines, smuggled booze, ripped condom packages on the bathroom floor. Photos and smiles for the yearbook. What was he even thinking? He didn’t even have a cell phone that he could take a picture with Lance on. He didn’t have a corsage! Lance would want a corsage! The flowers would look so good on his slender wrist and he didn’t even think to make one out of origami paper. 

This was going to fail. Lance was going to laugh at him, and he’d just be consumed with heartbreaking, unrequited love for the rest of his days. They wouldn’t be able to form Voltron, and they’d kick Keith out for sure, exiling him to be with his own people (who hated him because he was a paladin, and they’d kill him on the spot). 

“Keith? What’s all this?”

Keith whipped around, so fast he nearly over-rotated to spin in a complete circle. Lance was standing just outside of the square the lights on the floor formed. His eyes were wide, eyebrows nearly vanishing into his hairline as he gazed around the room, tilting his head back to look at the criss-crossing beams. He dragged his eyes back down to the small table of refreshments, and then finally settled on a fidgeting Keith. 

“What is this?” Lance asked again, his voice curious and soft. 

Keith took in the quiet confusion in his voice and on his face, absorbed the open wonder Lance had as he looked at all the work Keith and Hunk had put into this one night. That was all it took for Keith to unclench his fists and sigh.

“You… mentioned that you missed your prom because of a concussion. I didn’t go to mine by choice, ‘cause I’d just been dumped, but Shiro and Hunk and Pidge told me about what their proms were like and how much fun they had at them, and I just thought that maybe you’d like to experience prom? With me? Since neither of us went to ours,” he rambled. Lance blinked at him, his face carefully blank.

“I - what? This is prom?” he asked a little breathlessly. Keith flushed, looking away.

“I mean, sort of? It’s a little tacky, I didn’t have a lot to work with here -”

“Tacky? Are you kidding me? This is space prom, Keith, it’s already better than anything I could have gone to in high school!” Lance burst out excitedly. He jumped lightly over the lights, skidding up to Keith and grabbing at his hands. Keith felt heat flooding his cheeks, but he gripped Lance’s hands back just as tightly. 

“So you’ll go to space prom with me?” he asked boldly. Lance grinned at him, flashing those beautiful white teeth, his eyes crinkling up boyishly. 

“Yes!” Keith smiled back, and then dropped Lance’s hands. He waved one of his hands and brought up the holoscreen again, gesturing to Lance.

“Then pick a song, one you can dance to,” he said. With an excited little bounce, Lance navigated through the list of songs on the holoscreen and finally picked one with a happy gasp. 

“Where did you get these? I haven’t heard these since we left Earth!” he said happily. 

“Pidge is magic, I think,” Keith said with a chuckle. An upbeat rap song began playing, something about boys and cooling systems. Lance spun around, a smirk on his handsome face, and he grabbed Keith’s hand. 

“You know how to dance?” Keith let Lance guide him to the center of the room, grinning.

“Absolutely not,” he said. Lance barked out a laugh, tossing his head back and squeezing his eyes shut in mirth, and Keith was sure that his pupils actually turned into little hearts. Lance turned around to face him again, dropping a hand to his shoulder and letting the other trail down his own body. 

“Then just do whatever you feel like doing,” he said. 

I want to shove you against a wall and kiss you for the next two years, if that’s okay, Keith thought, his eyes ziplining down to Lance’s hips as they began to move. His mouth dried up and his eyes widened as Lance’s body began to twist and snap in time to the music. His feet brushed across the floor, carrying him away from and then closer to Keith, dropping down and bouncing back up effortlessly, like he’d just been out at a nightclub the night before, instead of at peace talks with a new planet. Keith tried to mimic a few of Lance’s simpler dance moves, emboldened by the way Lance whistled at him. 

Dark hands fell upon his waist, pulling them close together, and Lance began to grind on him, his body sinuous like a snake and moving like this was his job, instead of piloting a giant alien machine of war. Unsurprisingly, Lance was good at this, too. He seemed, to Keith, to be good at just about everything. 

They danced through seven more songs before Lance stopped, threw his head back and laughed, sweaty and shining in the soft light. “This is amazing, Keith!” he exclaimed, holding onto Keith’s hand. Keith felt his chest swell.

“I’m - good. That’s good. I was worried that…” he trailed off. Lance furrowed his brow.

“Worried that it wouldn’t be good enough?” Keith nodded. Lance squeezed Keith’s hand, then threaded their fingers together. “Keith, I.. No one’s ever done anything like this for me. This is perfect.” 

They stood close - close enough that Keith could have rocked forward on his toes and kissed him. He was tempted, so tempted. It would have been a good moment for it, so easy. But it wasn’t the perfect moment, and Keith would be damned if the rest of this didn’t go as perfectly as he’d planned. 

“This hasn’t even been the best part,” Keith drawled teasingly. Lance raised an eyebrow in question, his lips quirking up in a smile. “Close your eyes.” Lance pursed his lips in a little pout, but acquiesced. Keith pulled up the holoscreen once more and dimmed the lights a little more. “Now, when I say jump, I want you to jump up, okay?” 

“Weird, but okay,” Lance agreed. Keith poised his finger over a button on the screen.

“One - two - jump,” he instructed. Just as Lance’s feet left the ground, Keith pushed the button that turned off the gravity in the training room. Lance’s blue eyes flew open when his feet didn’t touch back down; he looked down at where he was hovering, and then back to Keith with a grin. Keith quickly put a song on play and grabbed Lance’s hands again, then pushed off hard from the floor, sending them up into the air. Laughter bubbled up out of Lance and Keith smiled at him as they sailed through the air, the music beginning to play around them. 

“Dance with me,” Keith murmured, drawing Lance closer to him as they approached one of the light-covered beams. Lance blinked at him once in surprise, and then his face spread into a smile so wide Keith swore it could crack a star right in two. 

“Charmer,” he whispered. Keith pulled him close, and as they neared a beam, he pushed against it with his foot, sending them coasting away through the air again. “Slow dancing with me in zero g’s? You’re smooth, Red.” Keith smiled, tucking his chin onto Lance’s shoulder, because that’s where he fit after Lance’s (hopefully final) growth spurt last year. 

“One look at you, my whole life falls in line,” Keith murmured quietly, speaking the lyrics of the song that Pidge had frantically told him was “so obviously the only song for you two”. He couldn’t sing, wouldn’t want to try to because that would definitely drive Lance away, but he could at least sort-of hum decently. Lance tensed up in his arms, but relaxed by the time the violin began to play. He heard him gasp, felt a hand leave his waist - if Keith had to guess, he’d probably figure that Lance was very dramatically covering his mouth. Keith smiled, because it was such a Lance thing to do, and he loved it. 

“Whatever may come, your heart I will choose,” he hummed. “Forever I’m yours, forever I do.” 

Lance’s arms suddenly tightened around his waist, and Keith’s breath hitched in his throat, choking a little on the last note he’d sung so quietly. They brushed against another beam, and Keith gently kicked them away from it; their bodies spiraled a little as they moved away from it. Lance bent his head down and Keith could feel his breath leaving between his teeth against his hair.

“Are you -”

“Shut up, Lance,” Keith huffed, a smile spreading across his face. Lance chuckled, and Keith felt his hand leave his waist and tug at his own elbow. Lance maneuvered them until he had Keith’s hand in his, and he laced their fingers together. 

“Okay, okay. Serenade me, Red,” he whispered. He squeezed Keith’s hand, rubbed his thumb over the smooth skin not covered by his gloves. Reassured by Lance’s reaction, he tightened his grip around the blue paladin’s waist again, and was further encouraged by the feel of Lance wiggling against him to get closer. 

“The way you love, it changes who I am,” Keith murmured. 

“This is really happening,” Lance whispered. Keith could hear the smile in Lance’s voice, and if he hadn’t already been flying, he felt like this could have given him wings. “Oh my god, Keith-”

“I can’t believe it’s true. I get to love you, it’s the best thing that I’ll ever do,” Keith hummed. Lance sort of spasmed against Keith then, gripping his hand almost too tightly.

“Screw the song,” he muttered in a rush. Lance pulled back just enough to put half a breath between them, only to lean in and press his lips to Keith’s. There was a fleeting thought of but the song is kinda nice before Keith allowed his eyelids to flutter shut and kissed Lance back. 

Lance’s lips were wildly soft, and honestly, Keith expected that. He didn’t expect Lance to be quite so good at kissing, though - he kind of thought that maybe all of that bravado would be just an act, or a front to hide his inexperience. Nope, no, he was being proved very wrong as Lance’s lips slanted against his at the most spectacular angle, smirking just enough to draw Keith’s lips into a soft pucker. The hand that held his released it and moved up to cradle the side of his face, and Keith clutched at Lance’s waist, fingers flexing into his shirt. 

Keith couldn’t help the happy groan that escaped his throat, and Lance responded favourably, chuckling softly into the kiss and licking plaintively at his lips. Keith opened under him immediately, sighing gently and wrapping his tongue around Lance’s. Despite the heat that pooled in his belly, the kiss was still so innocent to Keith. He could live and die in that moment and be perfectly okay with it all. 

When Lance pulled back, his eyes were bright and narrowed in a wide grin, his cheeks were flushed, and Keith thought there wasn’t a more beautiful sight in any galaxy he’d ever been to. 

“Is this your way of asking me to go steady?” Lance asked, crooked grin falling into place. Keith’s fingers twitched against his waist.

“Yes,” he said, straightforward and blunt as he’s ever been. “You’re allowed to want this, you know.” Surprise coloured Lance’s face, and he grinned wide and bright before tossing his head back and laughing, low and almost humming. 

“Okay, hot shot. You got me,” he murmured. Keith smirked and dragged Lance by his face back against his lips. Lance kissed him enthusiastically, all but giggling into the kiss, and Keith was definitely on cloud nine, if the clenching, fluttering feeling in his chest was anything to go by. “How’re we gonna get down?” Lance muttered into the kiss. Keith shrugged.

“Don’t know,” he mumbled. “Kiss me again and maybe it’ll come to me.” With another bark of laughter, Lance rocked back in mid-air, pulling Keith with him. They were nearly horizontal now, and Lance wrapped his arms around Keith’s shoulders and kissed him for all he was worth. The song that Keith had been singing was on repeat, though neither was paying much attention at this point. Keith didn’t think he’d ever be able to focus on anything again except Lance’s lips and the way they moved against his own. Even when Lance pushed away from him, cackling and kicking off of a beam and sailing across the room, Keith couldn’t stop from staring at the stretch of his lips over his straight white teeth. Their game of zero-gravity tag was interrupted no less than six times by Keith latching onto Lance and kissing him breathless. 

Almost an hour later, when they finally touched down on the floor and turned the gravity back on, Lance launched himself at Keith, wrapping long arms and legs around Keith, forcing the red paladin to support him with a very firm grip on his ass. Lance buried his fingers into Keith’s hair and kissed him feverishly, like they hadn’t spent the last forty-five minutes making out. 

“I’m glad I didn’t go to my Earth prom,” he said breathlessly. Keith blinked up at him. “I’m glad this is my only prom experience.” He leaned in and touched their foreheads together, and Keith watched his eyes close, watched a slow, easy smile overtake his handsome face. 

“Lance,” Keith said softly. Blue eyes opened, penetrated Keith right to the very core of his being. He was sure that Lance was staring straight into his soul, and he hoped Lance could see every overwhelming, desperate, helpless, lovestruck thing he was feeling. 

From the way Lance’s breath hitched, Keith figured that Lance was seeing the same future he did. 

the whole idea of dancing in zero-g came from @jamthedingus and then @lancesexual came and punted my face into the sun with that FUCKING SONG so thanks u gay fucks.

Act your Age (Damian Wayne x *Friend* Reader)

Anon: “Would you be able to do a story in where the reader takes Damian to six flags for the first time (they have an older sister/baby brother relationship even though Damian would never admit it)”

Schninner: AWWW YESSS!!!  This is such a cutesy idea and I had such a fun time writing it,up until the end where I was just thinking wtf, how do I end this. But I Hope you enjoy Anon!

(Reader can be a Guy, Gal, or non-binary pal :) )

Warnings: Yep, there be some swearing in this one. I was also to tired to properly edit this, so your gonna get a few grammatical errors.

Word count: 1275

Master List

You snuck through the door of the study. Careful not to step on any noisy floorboards. You stalked across the room, behind the couch where your victim was lying peacefully asleep. You peeked over the side of the couch to find the youngest Wayne sleeping, curled up in a fetal position snoring quietly.

You let out a soft “aww!” before taking out your phone and snapping a quick picture. Your phone made a clicking noise before snapping a picture causing your prey to sigh and turn to his side.

You held your breath and silently swore to yourself. You checked the picture on your phone and gave a small, sly smile. Oh yeah, that one’s a keeper. You changed your lock screen to your new favorite photo, then silently slipped your phone into your back pocket.

Okay, time to get this thing started!

You thought, as you silently crept on top of the couch. You settled into a crouching position, resting on your elbows. You observed the younger male’s sleeping features.

It be a pity if he just slept the day away…

You thought with a smirk.

Guess I should wake him up, I mean, that would be the considerate thing to do.

And with that encouraging thought, you jumped up, then crashed right on top of the now fully awake Robin.

His eyes were wide with shock and rage. When he realized it was you, the rage subsided and was replaced with annoyance.

“[L/N], gosh damn it, what are you doing?!” he yelled, while struggling get out from under you.

You remained sprawled out on top of him, your back facing towards him. You sang out in an overly dramatized happy tone, “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY AND YOU NEED TO GET UP!”

“[F/N], it’s 7, in the morning! Get off of me, go home, sleep for another two hours, then come back!” he grunted, now trying to roll your limp body off of his.

“I can’t! The sky’s awake, so I’m awake, so we have to play!” you said, mimicking the voice of Anna from Disney’s Frozen.

“‘The sky’s awake?’ [F/N], are you- are you high?” he asked sounding genuinely concerned for your health.

“You’re kidding right?” you asked him, turning your head so you could see his face better.

“It’s Anna from Frozen, you know, the Disney movie?”

 His face showed no signs of recognition.

 “HOLY SHIT!” You yelled, as you rolled off of Damian and onto the hardwood floors with a dull thud.

“YOU’VE NEVER SEEN FROZEN HAVE YOU?” you shouted at him from the floor.

 Damian’s face only showed indifference as he shrugged, “No, why? Is it that good?”

 You look up at him, waving your arms dramatically, “No, I mean, it’s a decent movie, but not Disney’s best production.”

 Damian furrowed his brow in confusion. A sudden horrifying thought flashed in your mind.

 “… Damian, have- have you ever actually seen a Disney movie?”

 He was silent, pink blush started spreading throughout his cheeks.

 “Oh no, Oh HELL no!” you yelled while grabbing ahold of your younger friend’s wrist and pulling him off the couch and out of the study.

 What kind of thirteen-year-old doesn’t watch Disney movies?!

 You thought as you walked on with determination

 “[F/N], what are you doing?!” He asked, extremely confused.

 “I’m kidnapping you for the day. Any objections? No? Good!” you said, not waiting for an answer.

 “I do! I object!” He yelled as you dragged him throughout the house passing several of his family members along the way.

 “Where are you even taking me?!”

 “Damian, I am your kidnapper, one does not simply ask their kidnapper where they are being kidnapped to. It just doesn’t work like that.”

“[F/N], I believe that my father will not be too pleased if you take me for the day!” He shouted.

You spotted Bruce on your way toward the door, “Wanna bet?” You asked with a mischievous grin.

“Yo! Bruce! I’m kidnapping Damian, is that cool?” You shouted to him from across the hall.

Without looking up from his morning paper, he spoke, “Depends, is it legal?”

You stopped for a moment and thought carefully before you answered, “… Yes? Probably.”

Bruce tore his gaze away from his paper and looked directly into your eyes, sending shivers down your spine.

Gods, he was terrifying!

“I’m going to ask you again, is it legal?”

You straightened up immediately, “Yes sir! Everything is going to be perfectly legal sir!”

“Good,” he stated, sipping his coffee, “Go ahead. Drive safe.”

“Will do!” you shouted, dragging the younger Wayne out the door and into the cool summer breeze.

You walked toward your old and rusted car with Damian still in your grasp. He hesitantly got into the passenger side of your car while you eagerly buckled up and started your car.

“Do you really have to be the one driving there? I can drive.” Damian said, looking anxiously watching your hands as you turned the wheel.

You clucked your tongue, “Aww, what’s wrong Dami? Don’t like my driving skills?”

“Not particularly…” He trailed off, wincing as you snaked around another car. “Please, just let me drive.”

“Um, I don’t think so short stack. How old are you again? 9?”

“I’m 13.” He responded, holding on tightly to his seat belt.

“Exactly, you are thirteen, which makes me older than you and your superior, which mean I get to drive.”

You swerved, narrowly missing a pedestrian.

“If you keep driving, I won’t live to see my next birthday!”

You let out a hearty laugh, with Damian soon joining in.

“Welp, this is it! We’re here!” You shouted slamming the door shut.

Damian got out and looked at the amusement park Six Flags with suspicion. He analyzed it, taking in the smells, sounds, and people entering and leaving the park.

He scrunched up his nose as he breathed in, “What is this place, and why does it smell of grease and vomit?”

“Dude, you’ve never been here before?”

Damian shook his head, “Why would I? This place is repulsive.”

You let out a moan, “Dude! It’s an amusement park! It’s not supposed to be clean, you’re supposed to have fun!”

Damian crossed his arms across his chest, not at all buying it. “How could anyone have fun at a place this revolting?”

“For the love of- okay, here’s the deal. You are going to keep all your little judgmental comments to yourself until we are done here. Sounds good squirt?” You said, sticking your hand out for him to shake.

The boy glared at you, “I will accept this deal, only if you never call me ‘squirt’ again.”

“Deal!” You said, vigorously shaking the younger boy’s hand. This was going to be fun!

The first ride you went on sent Damian into laughing fits. He had a look of extreme boredom on his face at first as the ride slowly made it way up the steep hill, but when the car suddenly stopped at the peak of the large hill his eyes went wide with innocent excitement, then it went down. The pure and genuine smile on his face warmed your heart, and then he laughed.

There were very few times where you actually have heard Damian laugh, he was usually scowling or glaring, never laughing. His laughter reminded you of how old he really was, thirteen years old. He never acted his age, to you, he always acted like a tiny little bloodthirsty old man. But this? This was something you would cherish forever.

Seeing Damian, they boy that you love as if he were you own brother, smile, laugh, and act like a kid.

Kaladesh, you break my heart

People have been asking me to write a point by point takedown and breakdown of Kaladesh since Friday, and I just can’t. I can’t knowingly trash something that so many people I deeply respect spent so much time working on. But at the same time, I can’t take any enjoyment from this set either. Every time i see art from it, i become sad.

I hate being negative. It sucks, and it’s not my normal way of being. But still, I owe it to myself to explain what I feel and why, so that hopefully folks can learn and grow, and the next time make it better.

And let me be crystal clear- I hold nothing against the R&D team at wotc, or the Creative team. I’ve got nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for them, and many are my friends. This was a misstep, but I have full faith that they will learn and grow too, so that the next time will be different.

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Imagine Singing with Jensen at a convention. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Briana Buckmaster mentioned

Warning: Fluff, suggestive flirting (Is that a warning?), language 

Word Count: 2.6k (my bad, I got carried away)

A/N: For all purposes of this fic, Jensen is single, and we can assume Danneel is happy. K? K. Also, this is a bit of a fantasy of mine. Part of it is true. I DID get to sing during Karaoke at Dallascon. Most surreal experience EVER. If only the rest of this story had happened too. ;) Hot Damn. Jason Mann’s cover of Kiss is the version you want in your head OR playing when you get to that part of the song. I REALLY enjoyed this one. Hope you guys like it HALF as much as I do.

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Sinema - Chanyeol

Originally posted by sefuns

Group: EXO
Member: Chanyeol
Type: Smut
Warning: sexual content!


‘C’mon Chanyeol, it’s been ages since we hung out with the whole group!’

‘Yeah, everyone’s here now and that doesn’t happen too often.’, Suho and Baekhyun kept on trying to persuade.

‘Guys you know i can’t go to the movies with you tonight, it’s date night with ____-!’, Chanyeol explained for the thousandth time.  

‘Just bring her with, it’ll be fun!’, Kai exclaimed.

Sehun was checking his instagram but still wanted some contribution in the matter. ‘Yeah dude, just call her.’, he murmured without looking up from his phone. 

Chanyeol dialed your number and waited for you to pick up.

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Scarlet (just break my) Heart: Ryeo Kdrama Review! (There will be spoilers, might as well just avert your eyes now if you don’t wanna know)

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Welp… I’m just gonna let you know now that this review is going to be a major verbal spillage.  Just one big blurb of words. Because I literally *just* finished the last episode and have so many feels I can’t even with the kdrama life right now. I’ll try to structure this like my previous reviews, but I’ll probably run off course and ramble on, so just try to keep up with me, okay? Okay. Here we go.

Originally posted by kiamkiamkiam

Opps, wrong GIF. But appropriate.

Originally posted by iumushimushi

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is a drama that just finished airing. It ran from August 29th to November 1st and spans 20 utterly heartbreaking episodes. 

(photo from Google search)

Here is a complicated looking picture of our main cast. So let me get into some detail so I can help sort it out. 

Originally posted by beautyandthebigboss

This is our leading lady (Played by the cutest of the cute, IU), Hae Soo/ Go Ha Jin.  She was a modern day girl that’s a little down on her luck.  After trying to save a small child from drowning, something strange happens.  She surfaces in the private bathing lake of a bunch of half naked hot dudes. 

Which no fangirl in her right mind would ever complain about. 

She quickly realizes that somehow, she’d ended up way back in time in the Goryeo Dynasty, and she has to adjust to it since there’s no telling if or when she will get back to her own time. Ha Jin is now Hae Soo, the cousin of Lady Hae, and resides at her home.  Hae Soo spends her time doing what she does best- makeup and skincare. Everyone at Lady Hae’s home thinks she just hit her head and lost her memories.  

Originally posted by seoul-leaf

The first prince she meets is the 8th Prince, Wang Wook (played by the wonderful Kang Ha Neul). His mother is one of the kings wives, Queen Hwang Bo, and he has a sister, Princess Hwang Bo Yeon.  He is married to Lady Hae and she is his only wife and they have no children.  He is a good man who’s just trying to live a quiet life with his wife and keep out of the politics as much as he can, since he has no interest in being the king later on.  After the first few episodes, it becomes QUITE CLEAR that he is having some feels for Hae Soo.  This is slightly disruptive in his household because it becomes a bit obvious, and then we learn that while his wife loves him dearly, he isn’t quite in love with her like she is with him. Lady Hae knows this, and as we learn that she has an incurable illness early on, she begins to urge Wook to take another wife so he won’t be lonely when she dies.  His feelings for Hae Soo deepen even more, and once Lady Hae dies, things start to get even more crazy. The household is brokenhearted when their beloved Lady Hae passes away, but the politics start to get in their business in a very BAD WAY. Since she is of marrying age and supposedly from a well enough off family, she gets moved to the palace as a court lady. 

Originally posted by princewangeun

In the midst of all this, between Prince Wook’s home and the palace, she meets the other princes, and it doesn’t take too long for her to become friends with them.  

The eldest prince is Crown Prince Wang Moo (played by Kim San Ho), next in line to be king. He is pretty well loved by everyone as far as I can tell, even if he’s not the strongest. He’s been groomed by his father, King Taejo, to be the next ruler of Goryeo.  

Originally posted by joowons

Next we have the 3rd prince, Wang Yo (played by the deliciously evil but sexy Hong Jong Hyun). His mother is another wife of King Taejo. Queen Yoo is an absolute BITCH and I can see where her son gets it from.  He’s a greedy little bastard and it’s clear that he’s after the throne from the very beginning. 

Originally posted by scarletheart-ryeo

Then comes the 4th prince, Wang So (played by the lovely yet mouthwateringly devastating Lee Joon Ki).  He has had a very hard life. He is Queen Yoo’s second son, and when he was small, she scared up the left side of his face because King Taejo wouldn’t make one of her sons the Crown Prince (more or less, it was pretty complicated and shitty).  After that, he was sent away from the palace and forbidden to return.  He spent his time learning martial arts, killing wild wolves (which earned him some other pretty gnarly scars and the stories scared the shit out of the peasants), and basically being the kings loyal dog and doing whatever was asked of him.  

9th Prince Wang Won (played by Yoon Sun Woo) is not a *huge* player with tons of screen time, but this little seething snake is definitely important. While his mother is neither Queen Yoo or Queen Hwang Bo, he has attached himself to the brother he thinks will be the next king- 3rd Prince Yo.  He uses people to his advantage and is a sneaky rat bastard who pretends to be a good person. 

Originally posted by drama-addict

My favorite prince is Prince Wang Eun (played by my precious Bacon aka Byun Baekhyun of EXO). He is utterly adorable in every way and can do no wrong. The throne doesn’t interest him at all. He is a favorite of all of the brothers, and although he isn’t the youngest, he is doted upon by the other princes, even the bad ones. He is also not a son of Queen Yoo or Queen Hwang Bo, but he is definitely one of King Taejo’s favorites. 

Originally posted by loveholic198

Our 13th prince is Wang Uk, otherwise known as Baek Ah (played by the cute as hell Nam Joo Hyuk).  He’s a free spirit type- a wonderful artist and musician, and he is very kind.  He is also not a son of either of the Queens, and he has no interest in the throne. Baek Ah just wants to make the world a more beautiful place. 

Originally posted by dancerkai94

The last prince is 14th Prince Wang Jung (played by the super sexy Ji Soo).  He likes to fight and practice with his sword. He is the youngest of Queen Yoo’s sons and has already accepted that he will never be king, and that’s just fine with him. Sometimes he seems hard headed and like he doesn’t think before he acts, but he’s really a sweetheart and it shows. Jung loves his brothers and his mother, but you find out later that while this is true, he’s not exactly down with all of the schemes of Yo and Queen Yoo.  

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

Even after Hae Soo is moved to the palace, she still manages to charm (most of) the princes. 10th Prince Eun develops a really big crush on her early on.  But trouble is brewing in the palace and nothing seems to be able to stop it.  

First, Hae Soo ends up engaged to King Taejo.  8th Prince Wook, who is deeply in love with her by then (and she’s pretty into him as well, I’d say) tries everything to convince the king to let him marry her instead, but it doesn’t work.  When she eventually gets out of the marriage, yet another plot begins… one that’s been in the works for a while. 3rd Prince Yo plans to kill the king, and he does so by pinning the blame on Hae Soo. 

Originally posted by loveholic198

Hae Soo is imprisoned and tortured.  Prince Wook then becomes someone I learned to hate really quickly.  He could have helped her. He could have avoided the whole situation, but instead, he stood idly by and watched her get the shit beat out of her. Instead, it’s 4th Prince So that stands by her side and protects her as best he can. By this time, Hae Soo has realized some things about Wook that she really doesn’t like and So is slowly entering her heart.  

Originally posted by beautiful-asian-addiction

Originally posted by beautifuliu

The rest of the drama very quickly goes to hell in a handbasket. By this time, anyone watching the show just wants Prince So and Hae Soo to have a happy life together. But palace schemes completely get in the way of that. 

Prince So ends up having to kill Prince Yo.  Prince Moo becomes king. Prince Moo gets poisoned by mercury because of Prince Won’s scheming and Prince Yo ends up not being dead after all.  Yo takes the throne (to the great pleasure of his evil mother, Queen Yoo) and uses Hae Soo against Prince So… for almost 3 years. In that time, Yo wants the precious 10th Prince Eun and his wife killed for being “traitors” and So is unable to help them to safety. Lemme tell ya, it broke my heart all to pieces to see Eun die. 

Originally posted by park-eunhuii

Thankfully, there is SOME happy during those bleak and dark almost 3 years… 

Originally posted by kdramafeed

Their love for each other keeps getting stronger and stronger, and Hae Soo patiently waits for Prince So. But it doesn’t stay happy for long.  Prince So pushes Hae Soo away so that he can focus on his own plans to save lives in the kingdom that Yo would strike down. Finally, when some bad things start happening to Yo, and So decides it’s finally time to strike. Along with his younger brother, 14th Prince Jung, and Prince Eun’s wife’s father (who was a decorated military general), Prince So becomes king after Yo dies of a heart attack.  

Originally posted by vivere-militare-est-1991

Now on the throne, So makes sure that Hae Soo is always by his side, and again, viewers were given little glimmers of hope that everything would be okay in the end. But the glimmers fade out soon enough and we are left with crippling heartache.  Things in the palace were still way out of whack and Queen Hwang Bo, who I’d always thought was the better queen, did a total 180 and started some dastardly plans of her own. Originally, she’d been trying to force Wook into vying for the throne, but he resisted vehemently at first and then ultimately failed after he decided to pursue it with all his might, so instead she turned to her last hope- her daughter Princess Hwang Bo Yeon. 

Originally posted by vivere-militare-est-1991

… So ended up having to marry Princess Hwang Bo Yeon- his half sister. If he didn’t, her family would have dropped all support of the crown and ultimately would have taken other families of power with them.  But So wanted to remain true to Hae Soo, and he shunned Princess Hwang Bo Yeon every time she got near him.  However, that didn’t mean all was peachy keen with So and Hae Soo. She’d begun to realize that the throne was changing So in a bad way, and after 5 years of being trapped in the palace in the Goryeo Dynasty, she was ready to just be done with it all and leave.  

Originally posted by younqshin

Her salvation comes in the form of 14th Prince Jung. You learn that aside from being one of her few loyal friends, Prince Jung had fallen for Hae Soo. He’d petitioned Yo while he was king to get her hand in marriage. He knew that it would be the only way to truly keep her safe.  This made Yo happy because it meant that you could use it against Prince So. And now that So was king, he was bound to carrying out the last declaration that Yo had put on paper- which was giving Hae Soo to Prince Jung. It was a tense few moments, because So truly loved her and always told her that she was his, but once he learned that she’d been in love with Prince Wook at first, he got angry, and sent her away to Prince Jung, vowing to never speak to her again. 

Originally posted by banghae

Hae Soo is happy to leave the palace, but very sad that she cannot be with So. (Come on, who wouldn’t be?) But she didn’t want them to end up hating one another in the end, so she left. 

When she goes to live with Prince Jung as his wife, she learns that she is carrying So’s child- a daughter, and makes Jung promise that she will never go to the palace.  They keep the baby a secret, and then, because of an illness, Hae Soo dies. 

Originally posted by liveforeverneversaynever

So had no idea what was going on, since he thought that Jung and Hae Soo were actually in love (he was spying on them for a while). She wrote him letters, trying to tell him she was dying, and they went unread because of his anger.  When word finally gets to him, he basically has a breakdown of all breakdowns. 

Originally posted by banghae

Poor Prince Jung doesn’t take it very well either, since Hae Soo was his first and real true love, even though she didn’t reciprocate it.  So he raises Hae Soo and So’s daughter, keeping her away from the palace as much as possible, except to visit the grave of Prince Eun…

Originally posted by joowons

… where the little girl accidentally runs into her daddy.  So obviously realizes that it is, in fact, his child, but he also knows that taking her away from Jung would be a mistake, so he tells his brother to visit him every once in a while. 

Originally posted by haesco

Suddenly, Go Ha Jin wakes up from yet another nightmare. She nearly died and was in a coma for almost a year, and now, she has nightmares so bad that she cries thinking of a man she can’t completely remember. It all starts coming back to her when she sees an art exhibit from the Goryeo Dynasty and sees all the paintings of So. 

Originally posted by mary-s

So stands there, facing his palace, and vows that if she really was from another time, he will find her. 

Originally posted by derbydeets

So here are my thoughts-


Things I loved about this drama: all of it.

Things I hated about this drama: all of it. 


When I started Scarlet Heart Ryeo, things were dire, but doable. Hae Soo was adjusting and you could kind of see where things might have ended up.  She was still cheerful and bright and making everyone around her happy.  By the end, she was just sad, and it hurt to watch such a happy girl down so low. I spent the second half of this drama dreading every episode, but also anticipating, hoping that the mood would lift. Of course, it didn’t, but that didn’t make me like it any less. She was terribly in love with him, and he with her, and it hurt me to my core that they didn’t end up together. But then, my heart ached for Jung as well, because he lost the love of his life and even though he remarried years later, it was never the same. That little girl ended up being his whole life. And So, even though he and Princess Hwang Bo Yeon had a son, knew that her main goal was not to only be Queen, but Queen Mother, and that his own son would want his throne, just like what happened to his father. His heart always remained with Hae Soo. GOD THIS DRAMA HURT. 

I also spent the last half of the drama wishing bodily harm on Yo, Won, and more often than not- Wook. In the beginning, Prince Wook was a wonderful man. But greed and loss threw him into wanting things he couldn’t have, and it ended very badly for him. He didn’t die until a while after Hae Soo, but it was still sad that in the very very end, only 3 of the 8 brothers were still alive.  In parts of the last half of SHR, I just wished that Wook would fling his deceitful ass off a cliff to save me the heartache. 

Yo and Won are a different story.  I have never felt so murderous in my entire life. I was ready to jump through the fucking screen and torture them myself. I remember telling the other admins in the group chat that they should get fucked by a rusty spoon and get tetanus.  And also Yo should be covered in paper cuts, doused with lemon juice and salt, and eaten alive by piranhas after getting one of those little stringy fish up in his dick and suffering. I really hated Yo, can you tell? 

It was clear from the start that Prince Yo was a bad guy (probably his eyebrows), and Prince Won just looked fucking shady. I wholeheartedly expected that Yo would be a bastard of epic proportions, but some of the other things, like Wooks betrayal, threw me for a loop.  At the start, I had really been rooting for him over So. 

Originally posted by thatdecember

Once they started going through kings like having to change underwear, I began to think that maybe the throne itself was laced with poisoned cushions or something. It seemed to make everyone batshit crazy.  It hurt me most with So because at first, his intentions were honorable- he just wanted everyone to stop fucking dying and for people to be free. It’s what Hae Soo wanted too, and I think that was his major driving force. She kept him from being known as a “bloody monarch” because of the choices she made, but in the end, it just made them both sad. 

Now, normally, I stay the hell away from historical dramas and melodramas. It’s kind of my rule because I *know* I won’t like them and that they won’t end the way I hope they will. I was thoroughly convinced that this one could have had a happier ending. And if the writers had cut some filler from the last episode or even just tacked on an episode 21, it might have ended with So finding a way into the modern era to be with her. But it didn’t. It ended simply with him saying “I’ll find you” and then leaving it at that. 

Which makes me think… maybe a season 2? However, given that this is a remake of another drama and kdramas aren’t known for having multiple seasons like, EVER, I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I can imagine it in my head all I want, but that won’t make it a reality, unfortunately.

Originally posted by lavenderbyun

The kisses, though… man… those almost made this worth it. Lee Joon Ki sure knows what the hell he’s doing with his mouth. And I am thankful. 

It is very likely that I will never watch this again, but I won’t say that it’s a bad drama. While it is TOTALLY not my style at all, it was wonderful. I didn’t like crying my damn eyes out through 15 of the 20 episodes, but when it got happy those few times, I was on cloud nine. I really just wish I had more accurate words to describe my love/hate relationship with Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I wanted so desperately for them to be happy. But once I realized it wouldn’t happen, it was too late, and I was sucked in and couldn’t stop watching. So I’m gonna sit here and PRAY LIKE FUCK for a second season. It would be HIGHLY ENTERTAINING to see Prince So in the 21st century… hahahahahaha ^-^

Now, after all the soul ripping that this drama has inflicted, let’s look at some of the happy moments of this drama! Here’s some behind the scenes GIFs and some of my favorite parts of the show that will end this review on a happy note!

Originally posted by jellybaeek

Here’s my Bacon, Prince Eun being a happy puppy!

Originally posted by jngn-km

And here is Eun and Wook dancing with swords :)

Originally posted by iuyonew

One of the most touching scenes was when So protected Hae Soo from the rain after her torture… and it turned into them playing behind the scenes ::happy squeal::

Originally posted by yuhwan

Clearly Prince Yo and his bow didn’t get along lol ^-^

Originally posted by starfishlove

Lee Joon Ki’s smile gives me life in this drama. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, oh boy. 

Originally posted by twerkingforkyungsoo

At least they kept it interesting hahahahahaha ^-^

Originally posted by liveforeverneversaynever

Their chemistry was off the charts. Like, I’d be totally happy and in love with them if they got married for real and had cute little babies. 

Originally posted by joowons


Well, I really hope that y’all give this one a chance. I’m sorry I couldn’t write this review with less or no spoilers, but my feels are still WAYYYYY OFF THE DAMN CHARTS and I couldn’t contain myself. It definitely takes you through the gamut of emotions. Go watch this on DramaFever and tell me what you think! Maybe if we all wish hard enough, we will get a season 2!!! KEEP PRAYING!!!

-Admin Noona ( @hakyeonssassface )

Snow: Overwatch x Reader pt. 1

Playing with a minor modern au here, split the cast into equal groups of two this time. I’ve got work in a few hours so part 2 will either be up when I get home or some time tomorrow because I’m off. Afterwards, I’ve got a request to do a date edition where I melt your hearts with fluffy stuff, I’m working on a Hanzo x Reader and a separate McCree x Reader, and then I might go and make some of the “readers” from my Thunderstorm fics into characters.

• He wakes you up in the morning by beatboxing in your ear, and once your eyes open he thrust the curtains apart and shows off the glittering landscape of white snow.
• His smile is so bright, you wonder if you’re still dreaming somehow but he pulls the window open and grabs a handful of snow, blowing it into the room with a whoop of laughter.
• He wants snowmen and snowwomen and whatever else, he wants snow angels and ice forts, the works. You have to show him the ropes, he says, you promised.
• With a groan and smile, you push him out the room to get dressed and as you’re not eager to get sick, you make sure to bundle up.
• Lucio has a good idea of what to wear but you grab a green toque and scarf just in case.
• Most of the morning is spent building a massive snow fort on the front lawn, one build enough to rival Reinhardt’s castle from across the street. Then you engage in snow warfare, enlisting Hana and Lena help when Reinhardt brings out Jack and Gabriel.
• The road between your two houses is white with snowball splatter. Lucio’s adorable nose is shiny and red. You all break for lunch, warming him up with soup before you spring the next surprise: sledding.

• Reinhardt loves snow, really. Before you even wake up, he’s already built a dozen or so snow people that are scattered all over the yard. But it’s so much more than that! Tiny snow dragons with fierce snarling mouths, grotesque trolls, and ornate castles, delicate figures carved from ice.
• He’s both proud and bashful at your admiration of his work, but now you want your own castle so you two spend the day crafting a formidable fortress of ice. Everyone in the neighbourhood is super jealous because Reinhardt is physically capable of lifting large blocks of ice.
• Afterwards you both take hot showers and pull together to bake cookies, cuddling under some blankets and watching passerby’s gape at your masterpiece.
• Play gets decorated for Christmas, he puts you on his shoulders so you can get the star on the huge ass tree he picked out.
• King of Christmas sweaters, dude.
• The ice castle gets bigger and bigger throughout the winter, the neighbour kids fight over it constantly so you and Reinhardt have to supervise. A lot.
• The Queen (Ana) knights you and Reinhardt as caretakers of the castle so there is no confusion. Fareeha is the princess, Reaper is the dragon, and 76 moonlights as a knight when he isn’t feeling cranky.

• Winter is hibernation for Reaper, but he’s also extra cuddly. You wake up with his beard rubbing up against your back and his arms snaking around your waist.
• Snowballs fights are intense though. While it takes you maybe ten seconds to form your snowball, he gets five done. He doesn’t completely go to town on you thought, but by the end of a fight your hair is dripping wet.
• He is totally that person that puts rocks in their snowballs when battling rivals. There is a reason Jack always wears a mask.
• Did I mention Reaper is super cuddly? Because that’s all he wants to do, seriously. Savour this moment.
• As much as he detests the cold, hearing you giggle and laugh while throwing snowballs at him is something he always remembers in tough times away from you.
• He makes a mean hot chocolate, there are tons of marshmallows.
• Really likes watching the stop-motion Christmas movies with Rudolph.

Soldier 76
• He is such a dad.
• Type of person to shovel everyone’s sidewalk, ready to break out the ice melt for the really icy bits, and he shovels the road when the snow crews are “too slow”.
• You help by sweeping up after him, you’re very proficient with a snow blower.
• You guys compete with Reaper in who has the best shovelled sidewalk.
• 76 is a Christmas freak, really. He has had your present picked out since July. He is literally so good at picking gifts people wonder if he’s physic.
• He knits ugly Christmas sweaters and sells them, donates the money to children’s charity. Reinhardt always gets copies. Reaper totally has some too, but don’t tell anyone.
• The cold helps Jack relax a bit more so the two of you tend to spend more time in time just staring into each others eyes.

• What a mom.
• She’s always making sure your bundled up well, and that you’ve got a thermos with soup of hot chocolate.
• You handle the brunt of yard work and Mercy encourages you with kisses.
• She has a collection of snow globes that she breaks out when winter hits, a lot are part musical box so you play them a lot.
• You too dance to a lot of Christmas songs, Mercy’s not the best dancer so she keeps her feet on top of yours.
• She was probably a field medic during the war, and what she’s seen has probably kept her up at night, so she works as a nurse at the children’s hospital. You bring in books for the two of you to read for the children. You make all the funny voices while she’s the narrator (You totally get Reinhardt to come in as Santa Claus if Torbjorn can’t make it).
• You guys do a lot of crafts as well when the weather gets really bad, your Christmas tree if full of homemade ornaments.

• Roadhog makes the best snow people, and he also takes great pleasure in destroying other peoples snow people.
• Has the cutest collection of Christmas sweaters, doesn’t care how embarrassing they look because you think he looks adorable.
• You guys go sledding a lot and he picks snowball fights with anyone willing to take him on. Mostly Junkrat though.
• Roadhog doesn’t necessarily enjoy winter, but he likes that you can throw what it produces.
• You catch him lying in the backyard when its snowing, mask off, and mouth wide open so he can eat the snow flakes. His face is speckled with snowflakes, his cheeks red, and you snap a picture only for him to drag you onto his stomach.
• It’s quiet and the two of you make the weirdest snow angel ever, but Roadhog loves it.
• You guys are the weird people that find theme parks and ride the Ferris wheel in the cold when no one else will, he sits you on his lap so your bum doesn’t freeze.

• When the snow falls, you and Winston gather the icy snow and pour maple syrup over it and then eat it. It’s a French thing Widowmaker let slip and Winston is all over it. Apparently its called maple taffy. Try it, it’s great. You have to heat up and syrup and drip it over the snow, let it freeze and then enjoy!
• Remember that one scene in Frosty the Snowman where the kid uses Winston as a sled? Yeah, Winston wants to try that. The snow gets in his shirt but he’s never moved that fast and listening to you scream and laugh makes his heart race.
• You guys have the best Christmas lights display because Athena is pretty much a huge leg up. You don’t know why your electricity bill isn’t higher, but you honestly don’t care.
• The amount of peanut butter related recipes Winston’s been hoarding is ludicrous and you two attempt making all of it for Christmas dinner for everyone else. Winston measures everything correctly, and everything turns out great even if you don’t bake often.
• Because everything is so quiet and still, it reminds Winston of the moon a lot so he gets a little melancholy but having you here with him makes everything better. When Christmas dinner comes around, you leave a plate setting open for Dr. Harold.
• When it’s really cold, you break out all the puzzle books and colouring books you can find and the two of you see if you can complete them all before spring.
• While Winston doesn’t have a crazy collection of Christmas sweaters, all of his are super warm and you totally just wear those when the to of you are home alone. He thinks you need to be some pants on.

• She likes throwing you into snowdrifts.
• She also enjoys wrapping you up in layers whenever you guys go on long walk in to snow. She thinks your red nose is just too cute.
• Having Zarya on your team in a snowball is great, the snowballs are the size of your head and she throws them like a shot put.
• If you’re walking home and notice large snowdrifts on either side of the walkway, she’s waiting to ambush you. She likes nothing more than to tackle you into the snow and nuzzle your face because you make each other warm.
• If there’s a lake nearby, she participates in that activity where you jump nearly naked into the freezing water.
• She’s probably wrestled a polar bear, and she’s totally owns an Alaskan Malamute or one of those big Norwegian breeds.
• Vodka tastes really good cold; she keeps bottles out in the snow. People have tried getting at them. They haven’t.

• He knows you can’t set snow on fire but he still tries.
• Roasting marshmallows in the backyard, in the fire pit, makes him super giddy. He has stockpiles wood all year for these moments.
• Because everything goes to sleep in the winter, he likes setting fireworks off to keep things interesting.
• He has shoved snow down your shirt just so you can retaliate by throwing snow in his face. You prank each other like this all the time until Roadhog squashes you into a snowdrift.
• You and him work as Christmas elves and give toys to the less fortunate – he and Roadhog may or may not have threatened large companies to be more giving.
• You guys get a team together to play against Lucio at the local hockey rink, if you can’t skate Junkrat loops an arm around one of your and pulls you along with him. He won’t body check people until you can skate on your own, that what he says but even when you get better, he sticks close to you.
• When winter winds down, he commemorates this occasion by building a snowman and blowing it up.

• She enjoys midnight walks through the city with you, her hand closed around yours and her face carefully hidden with a thick scarf. She gorgeous even when bundled up.
• Spending time indoors in small cafes with warm cups of hot chocolate and just shooting the breeze is enough for her.
• You can her skating on the small patch of ice in the backyard and you take her out to the local rink. She skates circles around you, but she’s so bloody graceful you don’t care. She could’ve been an Olympic figure skater, she blushes and calls you ridiculous.
• That maple taffy stuff? She’s all over it. But she totally doesn’t have a sweet tooth, nope, definitely not.
• You two watch all those terrible Christmas chick flicks and laugh the entire time at how convoluted and stupid they are.
• You take warm baths together in the tub after a long day.
• If you’re feeling especially down, Amelie knows a really nice French bakery in the area that bakes things fresh every morning.
• Genji loves a good snowball fight, but only after Mercy’s outfitted him in new armour that can withstand the freezing temperature.
• You talk him playing “Snowball Ninja” with you – you toss snowballs at him and he has to cut it with his sword or tanto. He cannot hit the icicles you throw at him or else he loses points. He accepts, its fun for you and extra training for him!
• You were worried Genji would have trouble dealing with the cold but he’s super warm! Nothing like spending an afternoon cuddling with the cyborg but mind how often he releases his shoulder vents
• Because of his new body, eating is…difficult, but he can do small amounts. You’ve got a few recipes to try and you make smaller portions so you don’t tax what remains of his digestive system.
• Watching all the Christmas classics with him is so fun, Christmas is a little different in Japan and because he was part of the yakuza, he’s never seen these movies before. He’s got one hell of a soft spot for Rudolph.
• He’s great at skating too, so you guys play hockey whenever you get the chance, and he teaches you how to skate if you can’t.
• You and Genji ambush Hanzo plenty of times over the winter by pelting him with snowballs. It’s the most fun you ever had because Genji can’t stop laughing at Hanzo’s anger, and then you two have to book to safety before the dragons come out. Which is cheating, Handsoap.

unspoken feelings

Swazz POV

Another night with the guys, smoking and drinking. We were all buzzed, either off the alcohol or the weed, or both.

The guys invited a bunch of girls over too, or the girls invited themselves, I couldn’t tell, and quite frankly I didn’t care. They were hot, and easy, so what the hell right?

Some girl called from the kitchen, I think her name was Alissa or something.


soon we were all in the kitchen, shot glasses in front of all of us, filled to the brim.

“to us” the girls cheered.

“to the pussy!” Nate, high as hell, cheered, all us guys clanking our glasses together.

Shot after shot after shot after drink after drink after drink, and I was definitely feeling it, the blunt I was smoking, not helping me at all.

The Alissa girl was sitting on my lap, nibbling on my ear, and it was definitely hot. One of my turn ons for sure. She moved her lips to my neck next, straddling me, too drunk to care that everyone was around us.

She started grinding on me, cause my man Rupp always hooks us up with the music, and I was definitely getting a little excited. I could feel myself getting hard underneath her. I let out a low groan as she found a sweet spot of mine.

She moved her lips up my neck, along my jawline, making her way towards my lips. Just as she got to them, she ghosted her lips over mine.

“you wanna go somewhere a little more…private?” she asked seductively.

“sure.” I slurred my quick response.

She removed herself from my lap, allowing me to stand, only to grab my hand and drag me through the house, over to the stairs.

“GET IT SWAZZ” I heard Nate call out as he saw us walk up the stairs. I smiled at him, as Alissa pulled me up the stairs and into a bedroom, or my bedroom actually.

As soon we entered the room, and I closed the door behind me, she went to let go of my hand, but I kept my grip on her, pulling her flush back into my chest, my hands falling to her waist. She smirked up at me before I smashed my lips to hers.

Slipping my tongue into her mouth, she let out a little squeal as I picked her up, hands on her ass, and hers around the back of my neck. Turning and slamming her roughly against the bedroom door she let out a moan into my mouth.

Moving my lips to her neck, finding her sweet spot in seconds as she threw her head back and tugged on my hair.

“John” she whined out as I attacked her neck, making sure to leave a mark. I smirked against her neck as I walked us over towards the bed, sitting down so she was straddling me again.

She pushed me so I was laying on my back, looking up at her. She reached down and pulled her shirt over her head, and them went and immediately unclasped her bra, letting her boobs fall free. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

She reached down and grabbed my hands, placing them on her boobs. I immediately started massaging them, and tweaking her nipples, getting them hard in seconds. She threw her head back and let out a moan.

I sat up, bringing my mouth to her left nipple, licking it and sucking on it. Her moaning turning me on that much more. I pulled away, taking the nipple in my teeth and she let out a pornstar like moan.

Her hands flew to the bottom of my shirt, tugging at it and she slowly bunched it up, taking it off and throwing it somewhere in the room.

She stood and stripped herself of her shorts, and removed her thong before kneeling in front of me and undoing the button on my jeans, and the zipper, pulling them down to my ankle, setting my shaft free, it leaking precum.

She grabbed my dick, and tapped it against her tongue, smiling up at me.

“you want me to suck you off baby?” she cooed, swirling her tongue around the tip, causing me to throw my head back.

“fuck, j-just do something.” I groaned.

She took me into her mouth, and I felt her tongue trace the underside of my shaft along the vein. Moving her mouth up and down on me, I let out a moan as she pumped what she couldn’t fit.

She started to pick up her pace, moving faster and sucking harder, and god, the noises she was making. I reached down and grabbed her hair into a makeshift ponytail, and she rested her hands on my thighs as she continued to bob her head, but I also started thrusting, her gagging as she took me in completely.

“fuck.” I groaned, hearing her choke on me.

She kept going, and I felt like she was sucking the soul out of me. It was so good.

“fuck, (y/n), I’m gonna cum” I moaned out, only to have her remove mouth from around me. 

I looked down at her and she looked pissed.

“did you just call me (y/n)?” she asked, standing up now.


“uh, n-”

“you’re a fucking asshole John.” she yelled, finding her clothes, and slipping them back on, and then turning as she got to the door, she looked at me and shook her head “fucking unbelievable.” before slamming the door and leaving me standing there.

Deciding I should do something about my current situation I sit back in bed, taking my phone out and watching some porn, picturing her and quickly finding my release.

Cleaning myself up, I threw on some clothes, and headed downstairs. Alissa and a few of her friends gone, I made my way over to the couch and plopped down next to Nate, grabbing blunt and taking a hit.

“dude, what the fuck happened?” Nate laughed, hitting my shoulder.

“what do you mean?” I asked after taking a hit.

“Alissa came down here pissed, said you moaned another girls name or some shit, and then left.” he laughed, Rupp laughing as well.

“fuck.” I sighed, throwing my head back.

“yo man you did?” Rupp asked enthused.

“fuckkk. I did.” I groaned.

“what the fuck man? who’s name?” he asked again immediately.

“(y/n)” I muttered, not looking at my friends.

“wait, did you just say-” Nate started, but Dillon cut him off.

“(y/n)? you’re kidding right?”

“no. I’m not. I wish I was.”

“you mean (y/n) as in your best friend?” Dillon asked again.

“fucking yes.” I groaned, throwing my head back. “I think I like her.”

“I’d say so.”

“Dillon” Nate laughed.

“I’m just saying. I mean, we’ve all seen Alissa. She’s the perfect combination of ass and titties, and to be getting it in with her and to moan out (y/n)’s name, I’d say you got it bad.” Dillon continued.

“yeah, I gotta agree with Rupp here.” Nate chimed in.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Call her.” Dillon spoke.


“tell her how you feel”

“she won’t feel the same?”

“blame it on the alcohol tomorrow then.” Nate laughed.

Maybe it was the alcohol I already had drunk, and the buzz I had, but it didn’t sound like that bad of an idea. 


Y/n’s POV

I got out of the shower just in time to answer my phone. Smiling when I saw it was Swazz, I answered it.

why are you calling me at 1 in the morning  I laughed into the phone.

i may or may not have been drinking tonight.’

i know you are

‘how?’ he asks, shocked.

are you kidding me? you guys told me about you’re little party last week, and I told you I had to work so I couldn’t come.

‘but you can come now’

john, it’s 1 in the morning.

‘and you don’t work tomorrow, just come hang out, drink with us, you can stay here.’

i don’t know, it’s kinda late.

‘please, please, please. I miss my best friend and really wanna see her beautiful face’

if I come over I’m gonna look like shit.

‘you always look beautiful, now shut up and come over.’

fine, let me get dressed and i’ll be there.

‘wait, you aint dressed?’

yes john, i was just in the shower.

‘fuck’  I heard him mutter into the line.


‘i bet you look good naked.’

hey, maybe one day you’ll find out  I teased.

i hope so. see you when you get here babe.’ and with that I hung up.

John and I have been friends since high school, quickly bonding in detention one day, and then we just sorta became inseparable. When he moved out with Nate, another good friend of mine, I stayed back in Omaha, having no need to move out to LA, that was until John called me one day and said he bought me a ticket to come out, and that I would be in one of Nate’s music videos, and then after that, people started noticing me, and I was quickly brought into the modeling world.

I spent a lot of time with John and the guys, and the more time I spent with John the more I realized I kinda liked him, which is rare for me. I rarely develop feelings for people, I tend to keep them out a lot and push them away, but John’s the only one who gets me and I don’t know, he’s just really sweet and shit.

Tossing on a pair of leggings and one of John’s shirts and letting my hair go naturally, I grabbed a few things, threw them in my bag, grabbed my keys and headed to the guys’ place.

Walking up to the door, I let myself in, setting my bag down and walking into the living room. I was met with a cloud of smoke, and the stench of weed and alcohol.

“aye! my girl!” John cheered as he saw me.

He looked adorable. His eyes low and bloodshot, and I could tell he was feeling pretty good. Not trashed, not drunk, but way past tipsy.

“hey” I smiled, walking over and went to sit by him, but he grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap.

“hey” he flashed his dopey little smile.

“good to see you (y/n)” Nate smiled. “John’s been talking bout you all night.” he smirked.

“oh has he?” I asked, turning to look at John.

“what can I say, she cute.” he spoke, directed mostly at Nate. “I mean, look at her.” he finished, causing me to smile.

“you want a drink or something?” Dillon asked.

“yeah, I feel like I need to catch up to your guys’ level.” I laughed, getting up and heading into the kitchen where I found some tequila.

“you got any limes?” I asked Nate, peeking my head around the corner.

“uh no.”

“fuck, never mind.” I huffed, going back and deciding I’d just do it straight.

After about 6 shots, I was feeling pretty good. I was about to take another shot when I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist, causing me to giggle.

“you’ve always been a lightweight.” John laughed.

I turned around, facing him now as he leaned against a counter.

“I am not” I spoke, walking towards him, stumbling a bit “a lightweight” I giggled, as John caught me from tripping over essentially nothing.

“mhmm sure, whatever you say babe.” he laughed, his hand still resting on my side as we were closer now.

I turned and grabbed the bottle, jumping up to sit on the counter across from John and took another gulp.

“I like when you call me that.” I muttered out.

“what? a lightweight?” he teased, stepping closer to me.

“noooooooooooo” I whined.

“oh, you mean babe?” he spoke, resting his hands on my sides, and then sliding them down to my ass, or what he could touch of my ass, since I was sitting on the counter.

“yeah.” I smiled, resting my forehead against his, as he stood in between my legs.

“I like calling you that.” he admitted, his lips dangerously close to mine.

“yeah?” I asked, feeling my lips brush against his briefly.

“mhmm.” he hummed.

And the next thing I know, our lips were meshed together, moving in the most rhythmic way. Moving in perfect harmony with one another. I opened my mouth, letting John slip his tongue into my mouth, and it was then that the kiss really started to heat up.

“do you wanna go upstairs?” I asked against his lips, as he continued to kiss me.

“yeah.” he replied, before giving me one more long passionate kiss before we pulled apart.

Looking into each other’s eyes, I couldn’t help but smile. I pushed John out of the way before sliding off the counter, and following him upstairs as he practically dragged me to his bedroom.

Right before we entered though, I stopped, and John looked at me, and I just took my hand out of his before I kissed him, and then took my opportunity to open the door and run inside and jump on the bed before he could catch me.

John came in and closed the door, locking it before coming over and jumping on the bed, and rolling on top of me.

I was in a fit of laughter as he started tickling me, wiggling underneath him.

“John” I gasped for air, trying to breathe. He knew how ticklish I was, so this was totally unfair.

He laughed before he finally stopped, hovering over me still and looking me straight in his eyes. The atmosphere in the room quickly going from playful to serious. Intimate.

He slowly leaned down, and my eyes fluttered shut as our lips met. Quickly slipping his tongue into my mouth, my hands on his shoulders, gripping tightly. The deeper our kiss got, the more I needed him. I reached down and tugged at the hem of his shirt, pulling it up, our lips detaching only briefly to remove his shirt before they were meshed back together.

He slipped a hand under my, or well, his shirt, and his hand felt like fire against my bare skin. I arched my back, and he reached around and unclasped my bra, before bringing his hand around and massaging one of my boobs, before he started tweaking one of my nipples. 

My breathing quickened as I felt pleasure from his hand, all while he ground his hips into mine. I could feel myself getting wetter, and let out a moan into his mouth.

He pulled back, sitting upright, and I copied his actions, and he reached down and pulled my shirt off, and then my bra, staring at my exposed chest before pushing me back on my back and moving his lips to my neck.

Paying equal attention to my other boob, he left a trail of marks down my neck, leading to my boob, where he licked my nipple, looking up at me. I moaned out at the feeling before he took it into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it, while his other hand slid down and he started to rub me through my leggings.

I bucked my hips up and let out a moan, needing him more than anything right now. I couldn’t handle all this teasing right now. I need him. Bad.

“babe, I can feel how wet you are through your pants.” he spoke as he moved his mouth to my other nipple, planning on bruising it as well as the other.

“John” I moaned out as he took it into his mouth, and slid his hand into my pants.

He pulled his head up and looked at me.

“No panties?” he asked as his hand found it’s way to my core with ease, teasing my folds. I just shook my head no as he smirked at me. “that’s my girl.” before he brought his lips back to mine.

Sliding his fingers along my folds, collecting any wetness I already had, he moved his finger up to my clit, rubbing small circles, that caused me to moan out. I felt him smirk against me. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

He removed his hand as I moaned out, and started to pull my pants down, throwing them somewhere in the room. I pushed him onto his back, undoing his button and zipper, pulling his pants, and calvin kleins down, leaving both of us completely exposed. I took a second to look at his size, and I wasn’t sure how it was going to fit into me.

“take a picture, it’ll last longer,” he teased, causing me to blush.

“come here, I want you to sit on my face.” he spoke, and I complied, moving so I was sitting on his face. His hands wrapping around my thighs, resting on my ass. I felt his hot breath ghosting over me, and I knew I was dripping wet. As he attached his mouth to my inner thigh, I whined.

I leaned forward, deciding that two could play this game. I grabbed his shaft, rubbing my thumb around the slit, spreading his precum around, and I felt him moan against me. I started to slowly pump him, until he attached his mouth to my clit. I let out a moan as his kitten licked it. 

I could hear him lapping up my juices, which just made me wetter. I licked up his member before swirling my tongue around the head, causing him to moan out against me, which caused me to let out another moan.

I slid my mouth down around him, hitting the back of my throat. I started to bob my head up and down, swirling my tongue around him.

He had grabbed my ass, and started to grind me against him as his tongue plunged into me, causing me to moan out against him. I bobbed my head faster, gagging as he started to thrust his hips. I was close as my legs started to shake, and I couldn’t stop moaning around him, and my walls were clenching against his tongue as well.

I felt him start to twitch in my mouth, so I started bobbing my head faster, and sucking harder, gagging when I deep throated him and swallowed around him. He let out a long moan against my core, as I did it again, this time shooting his load into my mouth. Moaning out against me.

I removed my mouth from his, swallowing as I sat up and rode his face. His tongue working on me in ways I didn’t know were possible. I was moaning above him in seconds, feeling my high approach.

“oh fuck.” I screamed out as I came, John licking up all my juices before I moved off him, collapsing in the bed beside him. Catching my breath, John was hovering over me, his lips on mine in seconds.

“you didn’t think we were done yet did you?” he smirked, grinding down against me, his tip teasing my folds. I moaned out, needing him in me.

Grabbing the back of his neck I brought him down to me, and smashed our mouths together as we sloppily made out, moaning whenever he would grind on me.

I flipped us over. I needed more. Straddling him as we made out, I pulled back, sitting up and propping myself up, grabbing his shaft and rubbing it against my folds, collecting up any left over wetness.

Lining up with my entrance, I slid down slowly, both of us moaning out at the feeling. 

“fuck (y/n), you’re so tight.” he grunted as he was all the way in and I was still adjusting to his size.

I started to grind and rock back and forth slowly, still getting used to him, moaning out with each movement. His hands went to my ass, guiding me back and forth at a quicker pace. I was moaning above him as his pelvic bone grazed my clit with every movement, and he was letting out little grunts and ‘shits’ here and there.

I started bouncing up and down, the sound of our juices mixing turning me on even more. John’s hands on my hips helping me move faster, until he wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me into his chest. He started to thrust up into me, causing me to scream out as he hit my g-spot. 

Our wetness, moaning, and skin slapping together the only sound in the room.

“fuck.” I bit down on his shoulder as I came suddenly, my legs shaking, John riding out my high but still trying to reach his.

Pulling out he turned me over, my head in the pillows and my ass up in the air. He grabbed my hips with one hand, his other hand on his member lining himself up and he slid in moaning out at the feeling of being in me again.

His other hand finding my hip he started to thrust into me, slow at first. Then he started to pound into me, moaning out at the sound of our skin slapping together, and my walls clenching around him. The headboard was banging against the wall and I was screaming into the pillows.

He would guide my hips, bringing them back and forth, meeting up with his thrusts. His grip so hard I was sure I’d have bruises tomorrow. His thrusts were starting to get sloppy, and my legs were shaking and my walls were clenching around him, causing him to moan out.

“fuck John” I screamed out as I came again, my legs going weak as John rode out my high. His thrusts getting erratic, and moaning out as he came. I felt him fill me up before he pulled out, and I literally collapsed in the bed, my legs shaking still, my whole body shaking actually.

John laid down next to me, both of us trying to catch our breath. John turned on his side and wrapped his arm around me, grazing my skin softly.

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“was that okay?” John asked softly.

“y-yeah.” I panted out.

“you okay?” he laughed.

“perfect.” I gasped as I cuddled up next to John, and quickly fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up and I was aching. Turning to my side, and taking in the sight of John’s room, last night started to flash back into my head. I smiled at the thought, but then quickly frowned when I realized the bed was empty.

I couldn’t help thinking John woke up and saw me in his bed, both of us naked, remembered last night and wanted to leave before I woke up, to avoid any weird interaction. He probably doesn’t even like me, I probably just ruined our friendship.

sighing I get up out of bed before collapsing, my legs giving out on me. I push myself up and better stable my legs, limping over to find my shirt, throwing it on and wobbling downstairs.

It’s not uncommon for me to stay with the guys, and whenever I do, i always stay in Swazz’s bed with him, so the rest of the guys shouldn’t suspect a thing, if they’re even up. Hobbling towards the kitchen, I hear voices.

“so did you tell her?” I heard Nate ask.

“n-no. not exactly.”

“but you guys fucked right?” Dillon asked, and I rolled my eyes.


“don’t try to lie, we could hear you guys.” Sammy laughed.

“fuck, sorry guys.”

“nah don’t worry, it was kinda hot. never pegged (y/n) as a screamer.” I heard Dillon snicker.

“was it good?” Nate asked.

“fuck, she’s so good guys. I can’t even begin to describe how great it was last night.”

“so why don’t you just tell her how you feel?” Nate spoke, unamused. This was obviously a reoccurring topic of conversation if Nate sounded so annoyed.

“we were drunk, she probably doesn’t feel the same way. It’s easier to blame it on the alcohol than to say ‘hey, i’ve had this stupid ass crush on you for like a year now’ ya know.”

Deciding to stop this conversation from going any further, I decided to shuffle in, trying to hide my pain as best as possible.

I fake yawned, and stretched my arms as I entered, the boys conversations stopping.

“good morning sunshine, did you sleep well?” Dillon asked, teasing in his voice.

“great.” I smiled

“yo, I gotta go work on some shit with Rupp, Wilk you wanna come with us? we can talk about doing a track together?” Nate asked, standing up.

“yeah sure.” Sammy played along, all the guys standing up and exiting the kitchen, heading downstairs to Nate’s little private recording studio, leaving John and I alone.

It was silent, and you could cut the tension in the air with a knife. I was trying to think of something to say, but I couldn’t figure out how to world it.

“so about last night.” John started, causing me to look up at him.

“yeah?” I asked, waiting for him to tell me how he really felt.

“it was a mistake. we were both drunk and it didn’t mean anything.” he spoke, and I just looked at him with wide eyes and my mouth ajar.

“what?” he asked, noticing my expression.

“are you fucking kidding me?” I asked.

“n-why, did it mean something to you?” he cut himself off.

“why are you trying to deny that you have feelings for me?” I asked, folding my arms across my chest.

"because I’m stupid to sit here and fall for a girl who doesn’t do feelings or relationships. You push everyone away.”

“i push them away because they’re not you.” I admitted and he looked up at me shocked.

We just looked at each other, as if some sort of mental connection was going on between us, and before anyone said anything else, i was getting off my chair as he stepped towards me, meeting and smashing our lips together.

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Pulling apart, our foreheads rested against one another’s.

“you wanna go out tonight? dinner? the beach? the movies? anything?” he asked.

“how about you come over to mine, we order a pizza and watch a movie there?”

“sounds good to me.” he smiled, kissing me once again.

Hello, this is my review of the Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun tarot I hope you like it I know it has been sought after and seeing that I am an experienced tarot reader and also an avid fan, I have taken upon myself to give you guys the best analysis possible so enjoy!! This is really long and the crappy picture above is from me. You’re welcome. B)

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The Love Square: Chapter 2

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir

Read chapter one here

Summary:  She wasn’t sure when she’d starting falling for her partner, but the revelation one day made Marinette extremely uncomfortable.

Note: So what started out as a short thing escalated quite quickly. It’s like, 11 pages in microsoft word and I’m confused as to where this all came from. Less than 24 hours after I posted the first chapter and I’m done. I clearly have lots of inspiration for this. This chapter is more focused on Adrien over Marinette for purposed which will be revealed quite quickly. Also, sorry not sorry for the cliffhanger. 

               Adrien was both ecstatic and upset over the conversation him and Ladybug had had the other day. She had finally admitted to liking him, but there was someone in her real life who she liked just as much. If not more than me, judging by the way she talked, he thought. He wish he could know who she was in real life and maybe then he’d be able to win her over completely. He sighed at the thought as she told him more often than not that their identities were to remain a secret, and he deeply respected that wish. He knew they were important, but he would give anything to know who she really was.

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Your Kids' Bios (Calum)

Sienna Mae Louise Hood

As a baby/toddler:

Sienna was Calum’s little princess. She was his pride and joy. She was his life now that he was a father. He was really jealous when Luke and Michael had their little boys, but now he had a princess to spoil. He loved her to the moon and back. He cried when she was born and when he held her for the first time he promised her that he would never let anyone hurt and and that he would always be there for his little princess. (He also promised to take her shoe shopping whenever she wanted and to Disneyland once a year). You were both so happy to have a little person in you’re life. She was an excellent baby cooing and smiling at everyone, that was until they went home and she cried for half the night. She basically lived in Calum’s arms, she hated when he put her down. So he didn’t basically. She was a giggly baby who loved to show off in front of her uncles, dancing around in a Minnie Mouse dress.

As a child:

Sienna is so dainty, innocent and cute, Calum made sure that no one would be able to hurt her. She was a really well behaved girl, she liked reading, finger painting, tea parties, making friends but mostly ballet. She had been doing ballet since she was 3 years old, in a tutu, tiny ballet slippers and a little bun at the top of her head. She was really good at it and her teacher reckoned that one day she could be an amazing ballerina. Calum is always so proud seeing his daughter on stage, doing graceful little bunny hops and then much more complicated routines as she gets older. He buys her flowers ever time and she runs into his arms every time she gets off stage, smothering him with kisses. She believed everything her Dad told her, whether it was that she was the best dancer and the most prettiest girl in the world or that Santa wont leave her any presents if she pulls her baby brothers hair. She absolutely adored her dad. She was the boss of him though, you had to do it her way or no way at all. She was a bit of a diva, but that was mainly because of Calum’s constant doting and spoiling.

As a teenager:

Sienna grows up a lot at around age 12-13. She quits ballet for cheer-leading. She stops being cutesy and her school skirt becomes shorter each week. She stops listening to her dads ever word, and does the opposite to what he tells her. She gets a boyfriend. She doesn’t do her homework. She sneaks out to go drinking with Alex Clifford and Aria Hemmings. She definitely isn’t her daddy’s little girl anymore. She likes boys, horror films and 13-17 discos, the kind that every parent knows illegally sells overpriced alcohol but they think their child is too innocent and smart to even consider it. She no longer likes Disney movies, playing barbies with Mummy, tour bus cuddles with her uncles and she doesn’t want to spend quality time with her Dad. Ever. The little girl that used to cry everyday that he was on tour, now thinks hes embarrassing and screams “I hate you!” at him every time he tells her that she’s not aloud to do something. She is 5'8 tanned girl with long dark girls and a face that belonged on Maybelline commercials. She is what teenage boys would call “Sexy” and it made Calum worry about her, especially because she had more boyfriends that he had hit songs. They work it out eventually though and she agrees to hang out with him if he tries not to embarrass her in front of her friends.

** Nickname:** Si _(But she prefers her first name) & _Bug-A-Boo (Her Dad, since she was a baby)

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Style: Girly, Hipster with a hint of stripper

Personality: Confident, bossy, likeable, some might call her a slut, but underneath it all she is a fragile, caring girl.

Likes: Fries, parties, cheer, boys, roller coasters, getting dressed up and milkshakes.

Dislikes: Staying in on a Friday night, idiots, science, sausages and when her dad’s fans call her “cute”.

Best Friends: Aria Hemmings, Maeve Horan, Anna Payne and Ryan Clifford.

Boyfriend: Alex Clifford, much to her Dad’s protests (but he was a sweet guy really).

Pets: Family dog called Molly and a Bunny called snowflake though she desperately wants a snake.


Ethan Thomas David Hood

As a baby:

Calum really loved his little princess, but he was so excited to have a little man in the house. He wanted to teach him to play soccer (Si despised it) and play Lego’s with him. He was so excited for him to be born and once again cried the first time he held him. You thought Sienna cried a lot, but Ethan cried almost twice as much, giving you a headache as soon as you arrived home. You went for a nap and left Calum alone for the first time with him. He left the baby alone for literally a second, when he heard his newborn cry and a little girl’s giggle. Sienna, your sweet little 5 year old, had kicked her newborn brother. Calum screamed at her, which made her cry so now he had two crying kids and that made him cry because he was already so stressed and tired and he loved his family so much and he just wanted them to get along. When you came down stairs Calum had Ethan sleeping on one side of his chest and Sienna half draped over the other, and they we all sleeping. After than your kids learned to get on with each other…well they kid of had a love/hate relationship. Ethan was a really hungry baby and he was so cute. The fans called him a miniature Calum, and that was exactly what he was.

As a toddler/child:

Ethan was such a poser from a very young age. You dressed him up in really cute outfits and he was happy to pose for anyone who wanted to take his picture, whether it was you or a fan. He was literally a selfie “queen” from age 4. He was certainly cute and Calum would proudly say “He gets if from me!” when people would comment on him. Calum had finally gotten all he wanted in a son. Ethan loved playing Legos and was happy to spend all day playing video games with his dad. Best of all he was a soccer prodigy. He loved the sport and was amazingly good at it. By age 10, he was tough for even Calum to beat. He was a funny little thing, joking about everything no matter how serious it was. He was very popular at school despite clinging onto your leg and crying on the first day. He played soccer with the little boys after school and even inviting some girls round for tea. Calum and Sienna teased him, saying that he had lots of little girlfriends. He was really embarrassed and said that he was never ever going to get a girlfriend ad that he wanted to marry you instead. Calum just laughed knowing that that wouldn’t last long eve though his son was barely 5.

As a teenager:

Ethan grew up as quickly as his sister did. As soon as he started secondary school, he wanted little to do with his parents - even though they still had to drive him everywhere and he had to be home before dark. He lost interest in school and video games and instead wanted to be out with his friends. He worried you so much the first time he stayed out past curfew, Calum assured you he would be fine, but started to put his foot down when it became a regular thing. He was determined not to let his son go wild, after completely loosing control of his daughter. Calum warned him many times but Ethan just responded by sneaking out, covering a nearby town with graffiti and even trying weed (but he completely regretted it). Calum was about to completely loose his head, but then he had angry complaints of a dad of Ethan’s ex girlfriends, claiming he had cheated on her. Calum looked into this and was completely outraged when he found out that your son was a player. Ashton’s son, was a bit wild to be honest, but wouldn’t hurt a fly unless they hurt his family. As expected, both of Luke Hemmings sons were the kindest, sweetest most caring young guys he knew. Even Michael Fucking Clifford’s sons were both complete gentlemen when it came to girls (and he would know that because one of them was dating his daughter) but his son - was an asshole. Calum couldn’t believe it. He grounded your son for literally 2 months, and suck to it. Ethan was so angry, but he channeled all his aggression into soccer and by the end of it all, he was still a hard partier, but at least he knew how to respect people. And his soccer career really seemed to be looking up.

Nickname: Ethe (Family) & Lil Dude (Calum, even though he’s taller than him since age 15)

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

**Style: ** Jock

Personality traits: Confident, funny, asshole, smart, honest (after learing that his dad will always find out the truth)

Likes: Soccer, apples, video games, girls, parties and the beach

Dislikes: Horror Movies, lemons, girls who turn him down and his dad (sometimes)

Best Friends: Harry Irwin, Kade Malik, Lilia Clifford and Noah Horan

Boyfriend: Kaylee Payne (after breaking up with her at age 13 and again at 16, when she gives him another change he respects her)

Pets: Family dog called Molly


Ashton’s KidsMichael’s Kids Luke’s Kids - Coming Soon

Past Mistakes - Liam Dunbar Imagine (Feat. Scott McCall)

Prompt by Anon: Hi can I request a Liam imagine where you are dating Liam but Scott doesn’t like you. And he insults you in front of the pack, in a pack meeting and Liam stands up for you. If you canny that’s okay just wanted to send it in

Word Count: 2,223

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Lydia Martin

Author’s Note: So I kind of had fun with this because Scott is like the cutest puppy in the world and I can’t imagine him ever hurting a fly, let alone insulting Liam’s girlfriend. So coming up with a reason why Scott dislikes the reader was fun to play with. I hope you like with what I came up with.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

A shriek escaped from the back of my throat the second a pair of arms snaked around my waist and lifted me up from behind. I knew exactly who it was, as my boyfriend Liam spun me around in the middle of the school courtyard. I was caught off guard by the unexpected surprise.

“Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!” I playfully smacked Liam’s chest as he turned me around to face him.

His arms tightened around my waist, pulling me to his chest, as his head rested at the crook of my neck. Every inch of my body was covered with goose bumps as Liam took a deep breath, taking in my scent as his nose tickled against my skin. “I just wanted to see you before I go to lacrosse practice,” Liam playfully bit my neck, causing me to giggle.

I cupped his cheeks, pulling his face in front of me as I instantly locked my eyes with his ocean blue eyes. I could list several reasons why I love Liam, but one of my top reasons would be his breathtaking ocean blue eyes. His eyes always expressed how he felt and right now as I looked deep into his eyes, they were soft, gentle, and filled with so much adoration as he held his gaze with mine. I couldn’t help but smile knowing how much he cares for me, and possibly loves me too.

“So,” Liam pecked my lips. “I was thinking,” his soft lips pecked mine again, causing me to giggle at the sweet gesture. “I’d like you to go,” he smiled as he pecked me one more time. “To the pack meeting tonight,” he finished before pecking me once more.

My heart dropped to my stomach. I felt my back muscles tighten at the thought of walking into a pack meeting filled with supernatural creatures who could kill me in an instant. Well, I knew they wouldn’t all kill me, but I knew one would definitely want to slit my throat with his claws. 

“You want me to go to your pack meeting?” I gulped. 

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

bloo-moon-freak requested: A fluffy one shot where the reader is like a hipster punk (she is basically covered in tattoos and has snake bites piercings) and Bucky just take time to show her how much he loves her tattoos by giving a reason on why he loves the tattoos If she’s gonna be an Avenger, can she be the strongest Elemental where she can control basically anything and her bodies obsorb the bullets because since it’s metal and metal is earth her body heals with anything along the lines of the Elements?

I tweaked this a bit…hope you don’t mind.


You’d gotten your first tattoo when you were fifteen and the allure of disobeying your parents was at an all time high. The black ink swirled across your skin, a permanent reminder of your rebellious nature. The only setback to this quality was your fearlessness. The people who kidnapped you took full advantage of that. Your cocky attitude got you little more than a syringe of grey liquid in your arm. After that day, your fearlessness began to dissipate and your life would be forever changed.

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night casino!bangtan

PART TWO (a.u)


‘or: in which all of bangtan are stressed out dudes with not enough sleep and tiring jobs who decide (not really) to ‘relieve’ all their tensions at a casino. 1AM state of mind and emotions ensue. don’t talk to them in the morning cause they might lose all their magic. now with maknae line, as problematic as ever.

warnings: gambling, mentions of drinking/smoking/drugs, brief mentions of violence, vulgar language, mentions of being a proud hoe, again just a bunch of crack 


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

• position: poker player

• has absolutely no idea how he got there
• like, all he wanted was a nice night out with his roommates, maybe pay a few taxes, search taeyang x reader fluff and ‘can you wear insoles on top of insoles’ at some internet cafe bc ppl don’t judge there and actually find that 24 hour store to make his purchase and boom, suddenly he’s drunk in a casino at a table with five hot strangers around him
• listen, he also has no idea what is going on he’s literally the mr. krabs meme like all the time 
• got pushed to the table the others were at, some random guy just knocked into him and he knocked into taehyung and tae was like *eyebrow wiggle* hmm haven’t seen you around before come here sweetie we were just about to start the game
• jimin, shook just lets himself get pushed into the chair and the guys are sharing weird strategies they used to win and like super bad fake stories about their families to intimidate and jimin on his 3rd tequila is just explains how like his father once casted him in this low budget movie with nudity and that he almost filmed a porno without him knowing it so he’s not afraid to get down and dirty (eyebrow wiggles from tae again, jin smacks him upside the head) 

• majored in performing arts and minored in environmental studies and sometimes does random gigs here and there, ended up working in a bookstore with taemin and minho which are kind enough to let him sleep in between the store’s shelves and even sneaked a mattress there for times when he used to come all beat up from college and just crash
• compared to everyone around the table he looked way too innocent to be there but has learned to use said innocence in his favour so no one really knows what to expect from that sunshine smile and frequent giggles
• has a little sister he has to provide for and loves her to death 
• and listen i’m not saying that jimin told tae about his situation and now sometimes when you, a good friend of jimin’s, can’t look after her namjoon lets her in a back room extremely guarded but that’s exactly what i’m saying
• and she is so cute her giggle is exactly like jimin’s and softens everyone like you’ll catch jin cooing and then hitting his own back to say he coughed 
• loves tae a lot and calls yoongi bear oppa, also has a kid crush on yoongi and often asks him if they can date and the red on yoongi’s face is random allergies caused by the smoke pssh  
• there really is no smoke in the room when jimin’s sister comes round and listen,,, like if someone smokes they’re gonna get their ass goddamn beat
• wants to use the money to buy a better apartment for him and his sister but as soon as he won the first purchase he made was dye for taehyung’s hair (wasn’t that expensive plus he couldn’t stand seeing him, a valuable member of the society like that)
• picked up pretty quickly on the tricks and sometimes catches the guys in the act and he never says anything but loves to shade and laugh at others 
• when tae and yoongi first saw jimin’s sister they were like ‘yup, yup this guy’s gotta win at least once’ and bam he did and damn
• he was so estatic that he took the tobacco from namjoon inhaled and choked on it
• tho everyone patted his back supportingly after and swore to never let him near one again
• they made him sit in the stool closest to yoongi so when he even thinks to try anything namjoon will whisper in yoongi’s earpiece and he’ll smack jimin with the cards on the back of his head and fold his hands on the table like
• ‘anyway has anyone else tried the champagne i thought the champane was lovely’
• jimin: *kill bill sirens*


Originally posted by iyikizaslinda

  • position: poker & roulette player 

• player, casino’s sweetheart, bites his lips when he takes the cards, bites his lips when he asks about the weather, bites his lips when he randomly wakes up with girls trying to climb his window
• you may think i’m joking but nope he has a fanclub around the neighbourhood and they wake him up every morning by ,,, uh,,, banshee screaming and occasionals ‘oppa are you still alive’
• but poor thing is just a struggling biology student with a fascination with botany and zoology how can his caffeine-lacking self deal with this 
 • he is the person to ask how to passive aggressively say go to hell in flower
• he won’t ever tell you that because he likes plants way too much to use them in such a corrupt way (oh the irony) 
•  you had no idea who taehyung was until you noticed sticky love notes on your window and invitations to dinner at some restaurant you never even dreamed about and one day you awake with a face at your window and your soul almost gives out 
•  turns out it’s another one of taehyung’s fangirls and you only found that out when some guy approached you as you were speaking with your best friend and telling them how you might call the police
•  he feels so bad bc oh god this wasn’t supposed to happen to op and gives you like 5 movie tickets, his remaining starbucks bonus cards and all the flowers he’s received that day like literally puts them all in your hands at once and you almost fall and he starts hyperventilating bc of that as well 
•  you assure him in the end that it’s all ok but now that you found out about him living one floor below you you won’t hesitate to ring at his bell and give him a piece of your mind and he takes them all to heart and kinda gets scared a little bit because wow this cute cinnamon apple pie might be able to murder me right there
• a hoe but he is a proud one with standards and he wants everyone he hoes around with to be whipped and depend on him contrary to popular opinions cause he being wanted gives him a wonderful thrill and a feeling of power like nothing else did
 •  probably boned half of the staff at the casino cause they’re p cool have pretty thighs and let him tease them therefore meeting all his standards 

• well that’s until the morning when he wakes up still half asleep like: ‘what is (a) tiddy’
• once there was a case where this one dude dressed all black with shades on bumped into taehyung at the entrance and came super close to him and started questioning him in another language 
• and obv that taehyung had no answer bc ????? what was even going on ?? 
• and the dude noticed that tae wasn’t answering and he just sighed and let his hand travel to his lower section
• and tae noticed some sort of lump in the dude’s dress pants and didn’t know if that was either a great bulge or a gun in his pocket or which was more terrifying ((or, yanno, hot)) 
• turns out it was a half eaten burrito and the dude was asking where he can find similar stuff in korea (it’s just how he dresses taehyung, you can’t judge people by the way they dress

‘but this is exactly what you do jin-hyung how about that one time when-’ *smack* )

• his strategies to win are being hot, chewing bubblegum really loudly with his mouth open and head in hand and subtly winking at yoongi with both eyes to get on with it and help him
• is actually super bros with yoongi and they are roommates (tae’s letting yoongi stay in his apartment, shockingly) and they’re #1 at being tight and heckin’ snakes & this is why yoongi always helps him 
• he also hears lots of gossip from yoongi and uses it to make a person lose their focus and play with them and their emotions until it leaves him satisfied (+++needs hella praise after)
•  you may think he’s all tough and effortlessly does everything so perfect, and that is true because it is exactly the vibe he gives off but every month yoongi has to cut strands of his hair because he gets gum stuck in his hair and it ends up looking like a complete mess (blames the aesthetic for this but the others know)
• sometimes when the guys look super down he just whips a red camellia from his pocket (how did he-nvm) and slams it on the table _and apologises in his head with a blank face_
• namjoon asks what it means as always and tae just looks him in the eye and says ‘it means passively-aggressively to go f*ck yourself’


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• position: frequent bar client and slots player 

• have you ever seen a personification of the phrase ‘existential crisis’? yea well that’s jungkook
• pretends to be a bad boy and used to rent thrift store leather jackets to seem more badass but stopped because everyone there sees right through him and he’s pretty broke too
• drinks to forget his pain and the pressure of always being not enough
• when he’s not sobbing on hobi’s counter about how macaronis feel empty because they have a hole in them he’s crying to namjoon to employ him as a bodyguard because his dinero got to 0 
• namjoon has the ugh face every time he sees kook but he’d never attempted to kick him out because he secretely takes aesthetic photos for joon’s tinder profile 
• majoring in photography and is pretty much a genius in that domain but he considers himself mediocre; generally inspired by soft and delicate-looking things which is a heavy contrast to him being rough around the edges and the places he hangs out in 
• once passed out as he was preparing to do the hoodly doo with someone and has never been the same ever since 
• you and jungkook used to be highschool buddies and he accidentally took a picture of you at the end of the year and tried to find you and apologise
• saw you once on the street at a crossroad and took the wrong turn and he ended up face to face with the casino while you were out there looking at dog sweaters 
• is drawn to slots because he thinks they’re the only thing he can’t go wrong at, after 20 attempts goes back to drown himself in hobi’s bourbon mix and hobi pats his head and shoves the money kook slapped on the counter back into his pants 
•  teases jimin from the table and almost cries if he’s drunk and jimin does it back
• ‘hyung why are you so mean to me’
• ‘shhh kook he didn’t mean it’ (he totally did) 
• sometimes he hears voices next to him that ask him about the economy, or if he wants to buy dr seuss novels
• he did buy one of those and read it to namjoon after they were finished with one of their photoshoots bc they want to discover the secrets of the universe (they always end up having more questions after) 
• the type to ask someone if they’re into anime when he’s trying to flirt 
• he may pass out as soon as the night starts but if a girl sits next to him and calls him oppa he’ll just wake up like undertaker and be like ‘are you even old enough to be in this place? did your parents let you come? let me see your ID hey where are you going-’ 
• actually super loved around the casino bc all the staff thinks that he is their little bro and they make it their personal mission to protect him (little bro who totally needs a job- c’mon jungkook stop being a lazy fuck-

‘do you even know how jobs work? you need like, a CV. and a suit. and the ability to mask the fact that you’re dead inside. right now, i have neither of those’

• yoongi sometimes lets him into his and tae’s apartment to spend his nights only if kook piggybacks him all the way to it (((kook refuses, yoongi jumps anyway)))
• he doesn’t even notice that he has yoongi on his back until they enter yoongi’s apartment and he hears a loud smack bc the small card guy hit his head on the top of the door 

Love that never dies

Hi everyone! I know it’s been ages since the last time I posted anything, but since last night I’ve been thinking of doing a one shot about Justin and Selena’s little meet up this past weekend. I can’t promise that I’ll start writing frequently again, but I just couldn’t get this idea out of my mind. Let me know what you think!

Tonight was a very special night. Two independent souls who had once been each other’s everything were meeting up for the first time in a good while. Countless of past rebounds and hookups had ended badly, but this time they were determined to keep the atmosphere positive and light.

Justin tapped his foot anxiously against the chair next to him as he was seated in the middle of the piano bar at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. A neutral place they had agreed to make the location for their get-together. The smooth sounds of the piano put Justin into a trance, as he sat quietly in his own world, waiting for his ex-girlfriend.

He felt his heart skip a beat at the sound of his phone vibrating, letting him know he had received a text message. He rapidly searched his pocket and saw Selena’s name flashing in front of him.

*Traffic is bad. Be there in 5!*

It was as if it all suddenly became scarily real. He could feel his nerves making its way through his entire body. But he was not just nervous about seeing Selena again - a special kind of excitement also filled his stomach with butterflies. That kind of butterflies he used to feel before reuniting with her during their relationship. He was amazed at how she could still make him feel this way after all that time apart.

The next 5 minutes passed way too slowly, and Justin kept looking at his golden watch every 10 seconds. Only until he skimmed the lights of a black familiar car pull up in the parking lot. He knew it was her. And he knew that within a short moment she would be just inches away from him.

He had his eyes glued to the entrance as he noticed the beautiful brunette walk inside the room. He stood up from his chair, immediately catching her eyes with his own. He noticed her lips forming into a smile as she walked closer. He copied her actions, his eyes lighting up and his lips showing a huge grin.

“Hi,” Selena smiled gently, watching Justin’s arms open naturally. She happily let herself give in and drowned into his embrace, placing her own arms tightly around him.

“Hi,” Justin whispered nervously as he breathed in her scent. “It’s so good to see you.” Their hug lasted a little longer than a usual hug between friends, and they both felt their nerves calm down by finally being in each other’s presence.

“It’s been a while,” Selena noted sweetly as their hug came to an end and they pulled apart.

“Thank you for coming,” Justin spoke honestly.

“I’m really happy to see you again,” she assured him, a subtle smile playing on her lips. She pulled a chair from the table next to them and placed it in front of Justin’s chair, a little closer than Justin would’ve thought. She took a seat, as did Justin, and they started talking. It was easy to get back into conversation with one another, and they both felt their nerves wash away as they realized that the chemistry that had always been between them had not gone anywhere.




Selena arose slightly from her seat as she moved her chair forward, closer to Justin’s presence. She put one leg over the other, and as Justin opened the gap between his legs, hers fit right in between. Justin’s right hand found her knee and started caressing it softly, Selena not even flinching the slightest at the contact.

“That dude is pretty sick,” Justin noted, pointing to the man entertaining people with old classic songs, creating a warm atmosphere around the people spending their Friday night in the piano bar.

“Oh I love that song!” Selena exclaimed as the crooner went on to Lionel Richie’s song Easy.

“Do you wanna dance with me?” Justin smirked, feeling his heart rate increase as he waited for her response. Selena smiled at his words as she got up from her chair. Without saying anything she offered her hand for Justin to take.

“Let’s go,” she stated as Justin took her hand and followed her to an empty corner of the room, the piano close enough but all the other guests further away.

They stopped, and Selena put her arms around his neck, as Justin put his around her waist. She placed her head in between his shoulder and his neck as they swayed slowly to the music. Neither of them needed to say anything. They both knew the timing wasn’t right for them to get back together as a couple, and they were okay with that. But they still missed being with each other, and as the music filled their ears and their bodies moved along to the rhythm, it felt just like old times. All the feelings flowed through their bodies as they got lost in the moment.

Selena pulled away slightly to look at him. She moved her hands from around his neck and let them rest against his chest. She leaned in and met his lips as they shared a gentle kiss. Selena moved her face slightly as Justin kept his lips against her skin. He gave her a final kiss on her rosy cheek, and Selena let her hands find its way back around his long neck. Everything about this moment seemed so right to both of them.

“I missed you,” Selena whispered quietly and wasn’t entirely sure Justin had even heard her. But he heard her loud and clear, as if these three words were the last words he would ever hear come from her lips again.

“I missed you too beautiful,” he breathed, making Selena’s stomach flutter.




“That song sounds beautiful acoustically,” Selena noted as they made their way back to the two chairs. After their intimate moment on the dance floor Justin had found his way to the piano to play an acoustic version of his song Sorry.

“Thank you,” Justin grinned as Selena placed herself on top of the table next to their chairs to enjoy the performance by the piano.

“Now that everyone knows who we are we might as well just enjoy the moment,” she teased as her lips formed into a playful smile.

“Hey,” Justin played along. “You loved my little song to you.”

“It was great Justin,” she smiled sincerely, part of her feeling honored but also overwhelmed having that specific song written about her.

As the performer went on to sing My Girl he kept his attention on the young stars who were mumbling along to the every word. Finishing up the third verse he stepped closer until he was right next to Justin, handing him the microphone with a hopeful glint in his eyes.

Justin proudly took hold of the black microphone and started singing the notes. Selena was watching him intently, mesmerized by his smooth voice.

He slowly got up from his chair, turning his full attention on the beautiful actress. She looked away nervously as she could feel the eyes from everyone in the room watching as her ex-boyfriend serenaded her sweetly.

Coming to an end, Justin handed back the microphone to the singer who continued the outro of the song. Selena flicked her hair to the side as she sent Justin the purest smile of adoration. She didn’t know exactly what to say to him. Her instincts took over as she reached for his hand.

Taken by surprise, Justin grabbed onto it and felt Selena pull him towards her. He put one arm around her neck as his lips found her head. He gave her a sweet kiss as her arms snaked around his waist, holding onto him for dear life.

He felt the gratitude and the vulnerability that she couldn’t put into worlds in this moment, and he put his other arm around her back, rubbing it affectionately. He moved his head to the side, leaning against her and holding her close. His lips once again found her head, and this time he kept his lips there.

Justin was so cautious with her. He didn’t wanna do anything to make her feel uncomfortable. He just wanted her to feel secure. And that’s exactly what she did in this moment. She didn’t let go. Her head was resting against his chest, blurring out the surroundings. Her heart felt at ease, and she forgot about all the challenges they had been through.

When they finally pulled away, they found each other’s eyes as a genuine look of love was exchanged. Selena found his hands and held them both, needing to hold on to some part of Justin as the distance between them became wider.

“Thank you,” she whispered - almost mumbled - but he read her lips. He sent her a warm smile and squeezed her hands in return.




“This picture is adorable,” Justin smiled as he went through Selena’s photos on her phone of herself and her little sister Gracie. Selena studied his actions, her face close to his as she let the young boy look at a special folder she had just of pictures of her and her sister.

Part of her couldn’t help but feel guilty. She knew how much Justin loved children, and there was no doubt in her mind that him getting to be a part of Gracie’s life would be beneficial for both Justin and the little young girl. But the timing wasn’t right and they both knew that.

“Can I send it to myself?” he asked hopefully.

“Sure!” Selena nodded enthusiastically in response. The two walked outside as Justin stopped on the sidewalk.

“I’m just gonna send a few,” Justin informed as Selena smiled softly at his words. She stood beside him as she heard the sound of cameras clicking across the street, making her slightly nervous. Justin became aware and gave his phone back to the older girl. He pulled on her arm lightly, wanting her to come with him. She followed his subtle instruction and walked next to him.

“I don’t want you to walk alone to your car with paparazzi there,” he spoke protectively, the words sending a rush of adoration through Selena’s veins. “Let’s walk behind the block and go to the parking lot together from the back,” he continued.

“You’re smart,” she winked cheekily.

“Always,” he answered proudly, causing Selena to let out a cute giggle. They walked a block up the street together, Selena putting a hand on his shoulder for comfort.

“You wanna come to my album party on Sunday after the AMA’s?” Justin asked nervously yet hopeful.

“I would love to,” Selena smiled as Justin felt his shoulders relax at her response.

“I guess I’ll see you there then,” Justin smiled as they reached a paparazzi free area before entering the parking lot and reaching Selena’s car.

“I’ll see you soon,” Selena replied as they opened their arms in sync, leaning in for a hug. They held each other closely as Justin tilted his head and pecked her cheek sweetly. They pulled away, their hands touching as Selena turned on her heals walking to her car door. The contact went from hands to fingertips, before she was too far to reach.

She closed the door and started the car, pulling out of the parking lot. She caught his glance one last time, and they waved at each other as Selena carefully drove away. Justin stayed in his spot, his eyes following the car until it disappeared between hundreds of other cars.

They were once again separated, but this time with a positive feeling. Deep down they both knew that what they had was irreplaceable. This night was one to remember. No drama, no apologies, no yelling or crying, in fact no talk about the past. Just two people genuinely caring for each other, and for that they were thankful. Thankful that they had both reached a certain point where the past didn’t matter. They weren’t meant to be together right now, but they felt relieved and lucky by getting the chance to get back into their romance for just a night, both knowing that they were on the same page. Neither of them knew what the future would hold for them, but they knew that the possibility of getting back together was definitely there. Maybe they would find each other and once again be the power couple they knew they had always had the potential to be. They shared a love that never dies…

New Beginnings {22}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: None?

Words: 1,775

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21

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Calum Hood - All About Us

A/N- this was originally posted on hashtagsandbrokenrecords


I was stood at the side of the church aisle, Calum stood just over to the side as we watched Ashton and his wife, Georgia, exchange vows. I was trying my hardest to concentrate but with a constant gaze on me, I couldn’t help but be unable to focus on anything, let alone another couple in front of us.

“Why’re you looking at me like that?” I whispered to the boy beside me as we stood at the end of the aisle, watching as Ashton declared his love for his new wife.

“I’m not looking at you like anything.” Calum hissed back, a smirk on his face as his hand snaked around my waist. He was feeling particularly touchy today and I really had no idea why, I wasn’t complaining or anything, but in a church I was starting to doubt it was in any way appropriate.

“Then stop staring at me and focus on the wedding.” I chuckled, wriggling out of my boyfriend’s grip.

He shook his head lightly, looking down at me. “I can’t stop staring at you.”

“And why not?” I murmured to him, trying to keep it to hushed tones as the vicar pronounced them husband and wife. I tried to hide my blush as he leant forward and rested his head on my shoulder to whisper in my ear.

“You’re just so beautiful.” He mumbled, making me blush quickly as I felt his lips quickly peck my cheek, before turning around slightly to smile at him. The crowd all clapped as Ashton kissed his new wife and Calum quickly pecked my cheek. “Especially in that dress.”

“You want to stop being corny?” I raised my eyebrows at him, watching as he bit his lip to hide the growing grin on his face. “This is Ashton’s day, stop trying to steal the spotlight.”

“I’m not trying to-” but he was cut off by Michael and Luke coming over to us, grins on their faces as we watched the couple go back down the aisle, the crowd cheering for them.

“What’re you two whispering about?” Luke nudged Calum from beside us and I chuckled, raising my eyebrows at Calum expectantly.

“I think this one is yours.” I laughed, wriggling out of the arm he had somehow snuck back around me waist.

“Doesn’t she look beautiful?” Calum asked Michael and Luke, causing them to go wide eyed and exchange confused looks as Calum obliviously beamed at me.

“Dude, is that a trick question?” Mikey spluttered, adjusting his tie uncomfortably.

I turned back to Calum, unable to believe what he was asking them. “Really, Calum?”

“It’s not a trick question. She looks amazing and I wanted to see if you guys agree.” He shrugged a smug look on his face and it caused me to roll my eyes. He tended to do this to show other guys that he was the only man in my life. It was his way of showing me off and saying that he was worthy of me, it got annoying but was sometimes flattering (when he wasn’t putting his best friends on the spot).

“You look lovely Y/N.” Luke decided on, laughing uncomfortably and nodding towards me. Michael nodded in agreement before they excused themselves.

“You’re an embarrassment.” I chuckled, pushing him off me and starting to walk down the aisle.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Can’t take me anywhere.” He grumbled, catching up with me and linking his hand in mine. “Just remember I’m your problem.” He winked, squeezing my hand.

“Unfortunately.” I teased, laughing as he pouted at me and we stood outside the church, ready to line up for the long process of pictures.

“Now for the bride and her maid of honour!” The photographer shouted and I moved over to where Georgia was standing a big grin on her face.

“This’ll be you soon.” Georgia chuckled, as we embraced and I congratulated her. “Just you wait.”

I laughed, glancing over at Calum who was now far too busy trying to avoid Ashton’s selfie with the band. “I don’t think he’s planning anything anytime soon.” I admitted, not particularly bothered by this fact. I was happy with where we were at and I didn’t want to pressure him into doing something he’d regret further down the line. We were happy as we were and I wasn’t itching to get married.

“Maybe he’ll surprise you.” She raised her eyebrows at me, blocking out the snapping photographer.

“Can we bring in the groom and the best men?” The photographer eventually asked and we waited for the boys to stop bickering in order for them to join us.


Eventually we found ourselves in the reception room and we’d had all the speeches and the dancing. There was quiet music playing as Ashton and Georgia slow danced on the dance floor, clearly worn out by the day. I was curled up on my chair, my heels on the floor as my legs hung over Calum’s lap as he traced tired patterns along my hips.

“Do you want to go outside?” he whispered, gently pushing a hair out of my face. I sighed heavily, weighing up the options and decided if I didn’t move anytime soon I would end up falling asleep on his shoulder.

“Just for a bit.” I nodded, standing up slowly and slipping my heels back on. Calum linked our hands and led us out to the outside area where people were starting to say their goodbyes and head home.

We walked around the dark gardens, little fairy lights and candles lighting up the various paths, a comfortable silence between us. A soft breeze came through and I started to wish I hadn’t left my cardigan inside as goosebumps appeared on my arms.

“Here.” Calum handed me his jacket and I smiled slightly. It was incredibly cliche and cheesy but that’s how I liked it. Calum didn’t often show his soft side unless we were completely alone and I had to admit that the way he had been touchy with me all day was a change.

“Thank you.” I whispered as we came to a stop by the wooden gazebo, all alight with more lights and lanterns. The music from the reception room was faintly heard in the distance and I had an idea. “Dance with me?”

Calum smirked, running up the stairs and bowing before holding out his hand. “Always.”

I curtsied with a cheeky smile on my face and grabbed his hand, him pulling me close to his body and swaying slightly on the spot.

“I love you,Y/N.” He whispered as he rested his head on my shoulder, his breath grazing my neck. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Cal.” I replied, pulling away slightly to connect our lips slowly.

“I have a question for you.” He stated when we pulled away completely, taking a step back from our embrace, our hands still entwined.

I nodded for him to continue and he smiled at me shyly before lowering himself down onto one knee. My eyes widened and when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box I couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle.

“You’re full of surprises.” I laughed shakily and he raised his eyebrows at me, as if to say “really? I’m about to propose to you and you need to speak?”

“Sorry.” I bit my lip to try to suppress the grin that was threatening to break out.

“I had a whole speech planned and everything but I know you’re dying to say something so I’ll make it really quick.” He chuckled, opening the box and inside was the ring I had only ever shown one person in my life. The one I had been dying for my entire life but had refrained from showing Calum in fear he would run for the hills. “Y/N you know how much I love you, how happy you make me. I try to show you that every day. But now I want to make you that happy every minute of every day for the rest of our lives. I want to wake up to you having stolen all the duvet. I want to kiss you every day knowing you’re the love of my life and I was man enough to get down on one knee and ask you to marry me. So the real question is, will you marry me?”

I didn’t even realise I was crying as I nodded and he slipped the ring onto my finger. “Please don’t cry.” He chuckled, standing up to come back to my level and I made to wipe them away but his hands quickly brushed them away for me. His lips found mine and they moulded together in a way I had grown so accustomed to and a way I always found myself craving more of.

“The ring…how did you?” I stuttered out as we pulled apart and I stared down at the stunning band on my finger.

“I may have spoken to Georgia once or twice.” He bit his lip and I laughed at his expression.

“I love you so much.” I told him sincerely and his eyes met mine and in that gaze I was certain that I would never get tired of him looking at me like that.

Title: the one where blue takes ronan to prom and basically be bffls

Series: The Raven Cycle

Pairing: None 

Words: 2,984


the brilliant idea that blue takes ronan to prom belongs to emma, who is a very bad terrible person 

Nino’s was packed and Blue had to hold her tray of drinks high above her head to get past anyone. She maneuvered her way to the booth at the far back of the room where a group of boys sat huddled around an old journal.

“Three iced teas,” she said to the boys, who had all turned to look at her. “One with lemon, one with sugar, and one with spit.”

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