there was a definite theme to these responses

Just a friendly reminder:

  • Steve Universe is a children’s animation that has themes of mourning, identity, romance both straight and lbgt, representation, a predominately female group in a scifi/fantasy setting
  • Gravity Falls is an enthralling mystery with suspense, horror, strained relationships within a family, having a positive outlook on an uncertain future. Also a children’s animation
  • Avatar the Last Airbender is an Asianic inspired adventure where an eclectic group of protagonists, powered and non, all under the age of 15 are responsible for ending a 100 year war. Is nonspecific oriented in terms of age demographic
  • The Amazing World of Gumball uses an eclectic array of animation/art styles, has genuine humor and toys with trope expectations, but also deals several heart warming moments. Definitely intended for children, but has a few more adult jokes. 
  • Clarence is a light hearted look into the almost idealistic world of childhood memory and experiences. Once again a Children’s animation. 
  • Regular Show is, while intended for children, a stoner comedy with themes of growing up and dealing with relationships romantic or non, particularly moving on. 
  • Adventure Time, despite in my personal opinion straining under its own weight in recent years, delves into aspects of depression, nurodiversity, responsibility, themes of growing up,  accepting mortality, morality is a grey area being a reoccurring theme. Also a children’s animation. 
  • Star VS the Forces of Evil, a children’s animation with a female protagonist and a Hispanic male lead, is a subversion of the magical girl genre in anime with unique style and humor, deals with the aftereffects of colonialism(both from the oppressed and the descendants of oppressors)
  • Bojack Horseman, an adult animation, delves into the psychosis of an alcoholic struggling with depression and self loathing, toxic relationships, the effects of having and loosing fame, has an asexual supporting character, and heavily deals with the consequences of our actions for better or for worse. 
  • The Adventures of Rick and Morty, another adult animation, deals with existentialism, depression, surviving an attempted sexual assault, sacrificing your freedom for your family, and much, much dark humor. 

Meanwhile Seth Macfarlene is still swimming in the stagnate pile of decaying fecal matter and vomit that is his three series, Family Guy being the worst offender. Littered with horrible messages, shock humor that tries far too hard and is pathetic to watch, and completely insulting to everyone. Hell, even the Simpsons are still fresh and interesting after a decade on the air. And the remakes of Teen Titans and Power Puff Girls are an insult to the original series, and are peddled off as for children. 

-_- mixed feelings about rich butch crisp-suit lady

Analysis: Romance in One Piece

Note: I’ll be posting condensed versions of this analysis in other sites

A) Relevance of plot and characterization AKA Unbiased Readers Vs. Delusional Shippers

“Who lives on ilusions dies from disappointment” – An old Puerto Rican saying

Most of us know One Piece is a very popular manga. Its high quality and popularity depends on several factors, among them we could name memorable and likeable characters along a deep, compelling, fun and action-packed story. The One Piece many know and love wouldn’t exist without the balance between these factors

When talking to at least 3 different One Piece fans, each of them non-shippers who analyzed the manga they all enjoy, I found interesting and pretty sound perspectives of the One Piece story and its nature. All of them value characters, story, development, consistency and logic; something I can totally relate to

But I also found a pattern; these 3 guys shared one single outlook on the very same subject: shipping. Regardless of their expectations, all of them expressed distate for shippers’ general mindset and “odd” viewpoint:

One of them called shippers out for ignoring characterization and very clear and direct statements made in the manga. His attention was centered on a Luffy pairing and how it contradicts his own character. Oda once explained that he writes Luffy as someone pretty straightfoward when it comes to expressing his thoughts and feelings, and this non-shipper said with brutal honesty that for the discussed ship to happen we would need to disregard and/or discard the very core of Luffy’s character. Meaning Oda would need to stop being consistent and faithful to his own story and characters

The next one explained how shippers tend to turn a characters’ relationship into a sappy teen love fantasy that doesn’t match One Piece at all. His analysis also exposed how integrating this kind of underdeveloped “love” into the story would severely damage One Piece originality, ruin the series and needless to say destroy the likable dynamics between several characters as well as their own development. This fantasy, this so-called “love”, is what the vast majority of shippers support and defend. The same kind of “love” most non-shippers, fans and critics dread

The third non-shipper gave me a more detailed explanation: this is even more rough than the other two as he describes that the common shipper mentality of “he/she likes her/him so they should be together” can “only be likened to that of elementary schoolers”. And how shippers take every little meaningless detail and blow it out of proportion with no regard for context, legitimate bonding or the canon story!

But we can’t put all the blame on shippers. Many manga authors seem to have no idea how to write a character-driven series or complex character relationships. In fact, mainstream shonen writers have their fair share of guilt into promoting this common shipping mindset by being notoriously bad at writing romance. Which results in underveloped premises that leave your average fan skeptical, and your average critic disappointed at a poor portrayal of emotional bonding and a severe lack of cohesive narrative in the “romantic love” department

This is the reason why many fans, critics and non-shippers hold the shippers’ perspective in a very low regard. Just like the third non-shipper states: “The blushing, longing stares, corny ass lines etc. That kind of poorly portrayed romance is the kind of thing dreaded by the average fan because it reduces the quality of One Piece to the level of such poorly written series”

So an author needs to build a relationship the same way one person would construct a building: stablishing a strong foundation on companionship, respect, trust, signifcant moments, and emotional bonding. All of this must come before reaching the status of “romantic interest". In relation to this subject, there’s a trope called “First Girl Wins”, a portion of its description truly fits this criteria:

“From a [extradiegetic] point of view, the Law of Conservation of Detail suggests introducing the Love Interest early. An early introduction allows you to get the audience interested in her and rooting for her, gives you space for Character Development, and gives her relationship with her (eventual) partner the most time to develop organically. And with all that said, it’s such a common device that in all likelihood, it sometimes gets played for its own sake.” –, 2017

Notice this isn’t a cliché, this is a literary device to enhance the story. Pairing up two characters without meaningful moments, emotional build-up and development, is the equivalent to lazy writing. Having such elements firmly stablished for two characters and then deciding to go for a different “route”, pretty much wasting a well-developed relationship for the sake of a “weaker” premise, would be the equivalent to bad writing

Is Oda, the man who’s willing to die for One Piece, a lazy writer? Of course not! Is he, a man who planned the ending years ago and is still sticking to said ending, a bad writer? Being number 1 in Japan and having such a loyal fanbase all around the world prove he’s not!

Do shippers want Oda to be a lazy/bad writer? Facts already answered this question as many (although not all) fans value their own fantasies and delusions over the manga canon and/or the author’s take on the characters and their relationships

Many (but not all) shippers now have a war. Not only against rival ships but mainly against One Piece story and consistent development. Yet as the old saying goes, those who live on delusions will have to eventually face reality and disappointment, because Oda is not a lazy/bad writer like some people here would want him to be

B) Romance Dawn AKA The not so secret origins of One Piece

“If we don’t know where we are going, it can be helpful to know where we come from” – Jostein Gaarder

When debating posible outcomes, fans rarely look back at the time when One Piecewas a still a work in progress. Taking a look at Romance Dawn V.1 and Romance Dawn V.2 helps us to see there are constants present in all versions of these Works that made it into what would later become the most popular manga in Japan

But before discussing those constants I would like to clarify the meaning of the word: “Romance”. There are people who doesn’t really grasp the concept of “Romance” both One Piece and Oda work with. Luckily the first two non-shippers I meantioned shed some light on this subject:


“A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful
“A long fictitious tale of heroes and extraordinary or mysterious events, usually set in a distant time or place”
“A narrative in verse or prose, written in a vernacular language in the Middle Ages, dealing with strange and exciting adventures of chivalrous heroes

–, 2016

“A prose narrative treating imaginary characters involved in events remote in time or place and usually heroic, adventurous, or mysterious
–  Merriam Webster, 2016


“Marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized
“Having an inclination for romance: responsive to the appeal of what is idealized, heroic, or adventurous

–  Merriam Webster, 2016

These definitions match pretty well One Piece and Oda outlook on this concept. Even Oda lampshaped this by giving his own translation to the title: 冒険の夜明け (“Bōken no Yoake”, “Dawn of the Adventure”)

So Oda’s “romance” covers a wide variety of themes: Adventure, heroism, mystery, virtue, idealism… we can find comedy and tragedy, happiness and sadness. And among the virtues and the idealism we find companionship and love. As the second non-shipper I mentioned explained One Piece is pretty much like an “Adventure novel”, which is why we’ll find in One Piece many of the tropes commonly used in those books

Among those tropes, we find a couple of constants in all versions of “Romance Dawn”

The golden-hearted protagonist and the “First Girl” who doubles as a female lead. Think about this “what if” scenario: If things would’ve played different back then and One Piece never went beyond “Romance Dawn V.1”. If that story were to be elaborated futher, which two characters would had shared the most moments to become endgame? The answer is pretty simple: The golden-hearted protagonist and the female lead!

But when debating, the weight of the argument depends on edvidence so we need to rely on what we can confirm. And we confirm this, what’s the constant in Luffy’s story in all versions of Romance Dawn? a Nami-like character

This becomes even more interesting when we discover that at an interview at “Manga no Chikara” and others, Nami was supposed to be the first one to join Luffy but her debut was postponed by Oda’s editor at that time. Edvidence of this being a last minute decision remains on the first color cover:

Yet as the second non-shipper noted: “her role as secondary protagonist was not altered” for “Nami shares with Luffy the largest character development in the entire series”. And as explained here we already know how the trope goes when someone seeks to write a natural growth for an emotional connection between two characters 

In fact, the relevance of Nami to Luffy’s story is implied in what Oda himself said about Strong World: “I really wanted to make a ‘hero saves the heroine’ story (ヒロインを助けるヒーローを描きたい the japanese sentence). [….]. You might think otherwise, but I had no intention of bringing in someone new to fill that [heroine] role. So when I had to think about whom to use for it amongst the straw hats of course that meant Nami

In Oda’s mind, Luffy is the hero and Nami is the heorine! We can tell that the hero and the heroine are meant to be the driving forces of the series, and therefore putting them together makes the most sense from a storytelling perspective

C) LuffyxNami AKA LuNa/LuNami

“Logical consequences are the scarecrows of fools and the beacons of wise men” – Thomas Huxley

Many shippers tend to ignore and disregard the importance of staying faithful to the canon story, and the author’s take on the characters and their relationships

To makes matters worst some of them even deem as illogical any argument solidly based on these factors. While considering stuff like lines, frogs, sweat, fire, nonexistent sexual tension, assumption of sexuality, and even assumptions of pregnancy, as legitimate proofs of a plausible outcome! In fact they even value comparisons to other series with a different tone, themes, and characters over anything that the One Piece author conveys through his work

There’s even people who goes as far as editing the wiki as if that would change the story to match their preferred pairing!

But in order to reach a conclusion that remains true to One Piece and its nature we have to rely on the very same foundation that was already described several times: mutual trust/respect, faith on one another, significant moments, stress in their relationship and emotional development. If the story doesn’t let you build your premises on these elements, the conclusion you’ll reach will obviously be flawed and stray away from what One Piece really is

So here I’m not only defending the premise I strongly support; I’m defending the very same story and build-up that contributes to this bond’s natural growth:

As explained before there’s nothing explicitly romantic about major interactions. But given we’re dealing with a good and dilligent writer, what we’ll get to see is how big to small moments stablish an emotional connection between two characters, and how that becomes the base for a even greater growth

First we have the themes of trust and faith: At first Nami doesn’t trust Luffy very much, out of her clear distate for pirates, until witnessing how far was Luffy willing to go to selflessly help others. Even then Nami treated their relationship as a mere business and later betrayed the crew

Still Luffy always trusted Nami to the point of putting blind faith in her. Even when given reasons not to do so. One remarkable example is when Luffy was informed by someone trustworthy (Johnny) that Nami apparently “killed” to Usopp, and Luffy not only kept holding onto his blind faith in Nami but he also threatened Johnny for saying such things about her

This becomes something remarkable when we take into consideration that Zoro quickly gave up on Nami and later tried to attack her without even a second thought! While Usopp just wanted  the Merry back…

And it would later become even more impressive in the Whiskey Peak Arc when Luffy came to doubt Zoro because of the words of wounded man he didn’t even know, and even doubted Robin during Water 7 until Nami told him and the crew the truth behind Robin’s desertion:

But what else makes this situation with Nami any different from others we see in the manga? Some might point to the saga where rescuing Robin was the primary objective; but in Robin’s case Luffy knew her life was in danger for Robin was planning to die for the crew, and he got the resolve to save her only after learning the truth. Others might point to the current arc, but he saw right through Sanji’s act and got desperate to rescue him only after hearing his life is in danger.

Here, Nami’s life wasn’t in danger as far as Luffy knew. And he constantly try to reach out to her despite her harsh attitude and the fact he knew next to nothing about her past and her current circumstances. It was only when he saw her cry he got enough motivation to beat Arlong, and it was only when he got a small glimpse of what she went through that he lost it!

How does Nami respond to this? Initially she wanted to get Luffy out of her villaje and her life. While Nami indeed grew fond of Luffy and the others she wasn’t willing to bond with any of them; she held on her distrust of others. But that changed when she finally hitted her lowest point, when she finally lost all hope. Then it comes Nami’s first major development as character: she realized she needed to rely on someone else, she realized Luffy was her only hope Nami decided to rely on him. The following scene marks the first time of many when Nami relied on Luffy to a emotional level. And the first of two times when Luffy entrusted his treasure to her in a touching gesture to provide comfort and hope:

From the very beginning the emotional build-up between Luffy and Nami was a key factor for one of the most meaningful and memorable moments in One Piece. The moment when Luffy becomes Nami’s “emotional anchor”

The effect Luffy had on her character was also quite powerful as we could see during the 2nd pass of the hat: back then at Skypiea arc Nami could still panic at dreadful situations: 

But as soon as Luffy gave her his treasure, the panic stopped and when he was later removed from the battle field, Nami was capable of drawing enough courage from Luffy to face the big bad from that arc:

Not to mention Luffy’s final move against Enel was combined effort of the two as well as an impressive display of mutual trust/faith

We can continue to appreciate their development even futher as the story goes on. As someone already pointed out, Nami during Water 7 displayed an impressive resolve and determination, but as soon as she got the chance to explain Luffy their situation she opened her heart to express how she felt, her anguish and her distress. When Luffy reassures her that he will save Robin, she doesn’t cry anymore until she reunites with Robin

Their bonding is even futher explored in the only One Piece movie fully written by Oda: Strong World. As this is the author’s take on their relationship is still a valid argument to support Luffy/Nami development:

We already considered how impressive Luffy’s blind faith in Nami can be. So after listening to most of Nami’s recorded message, Luffy gets enraged! Why?

Well, after all that time Luffy relied on his navigator without ever doubting her. He was likely expecting all his trust and faith in Nami to be reciprocated

Turns out Nami does return that feeling! And why can we say that? Remember the movie’s ending: Nami finds out everyone in the crew got her hidden “save me” at the end of her message… everyone but Luffy. Then when Luffy is about to play the recorded proof of Nami’s unwavering faith in him, what does she do? She tries to get rid of the “edvidence” out of embarrassment 

It’s easy to see then why Nami seeked out Luffy for hope and comfort during Zou. And how she did something similar to what happened in Water 7: she opened up to Luffy

I said it before, since Luffy is Nami’s “emotional anchor”, it makes sense for her to keep strengthening her bond with Luffy. And given Luffy needs a guide to new adventures and someone “mature” enough to sometimes keep him in line, it makes sense for Luffy to grow closer to Nami

She once summed it up pretty well: “He always talks big, but when it comes down to it, he knows nothing about the sea! He’s severely lacking in the ‘sense of danger’ area! And he always overdoes it…if I left him alone, he’d die. And he’s stupid, so I have to take care of him. That’s why I’m gonna help him!” - Nami, chapter 596

Still, none of this is explicitly romantic in the traditional sense of the word. But just like someone who’s contructing a building, we start dealing with the foundations to then proceed to make a solid structure: a well-written relationship that enhances the story

As someone once reviewed, Luffy and Nami dynamic doesn’t need to chance for them to become endgame for they already have anything they need to finish that “building”. And that’s what’s being a potent pairing means: having everything to your favor for futher development and growth. Luffy and Nami definitively have the major moments and the emotional bonding while remaining consistent to the One Piece canon to be considered a Potent Pairing


It’s interesting we find other interaction that proves how comfortable is Nami around Luffy: 

She doesn’t mind having Luffy around her, what she really minds is Luffy wanting to go to dangerous places But why is this relevant? In Thriller Bark we had a clear showing of how she reacts to pervs trying to accomplish what Luffy did here. She electrocutes them. We can confirm she haven’t changed in this regard because at the end of Fishman Island arc Nami electrocutes a perv for trying to peek at her while she was taking a bath

Another interesting detail about Nami’s attitude toward Luffy is a change we see in WCI. Of course we have the remarkable faith and trust Nami puts on Luffy by even boasting how him being the future Pirate King ensures their victory over Cracker’s ability.

But the real change is when Sanji brutalizes Luffy. Nami already stated she felt guilty for what happened when Sanji got taken. But when Sanji did his “little” number on Luffy her attitude changed, she not only begged him to stop but was also promising they’ll leave if he did (Luffy clearly disagreed on that)

After seeing the way Sanji treated her captain, Nami did something the could seem pretty justified because of what happened: she slapped Sanji and then sarcastically played along Sanji’s “royal” act.

When she goes to Luffy and finds out her captain is not relenting on his effort to get Sanji back, she gives us this little gem:

The Japanese text for Nami’s dialogue reads: “Luffy!! Why?! No matter what his reasons are, after he did all that to you…”

The term she used here for the line in bold conveys the idea of severe mistreatment. She was obviously mad at the way Sanji attacked and badmouthed Luffy and his dream. Ironically Luffy is the one who shows far more emotion to the prospect of getting Sanji back than Nami, she kept displaying far more concern for Luffy as the chapters went on

Nami is now showing, little by little, more of a emotional attachment to Luffy. Which makes a lot sense given what we saw in their story

A Meta on Fandom Bullshit

So while I continue to work on the Flaming Arrow Meta, you get a overly long and detailed analysis about this fandom’s drama and all the bullshit with it.

warning: long and picture heavy. Includes mentions of violence, gore, sexual themes, vague spoilers for Wonder Woman and The VVitch, swearing and sarcasm. 

Keep reading

A Merlin fanbook!

Hello! I’m lp and I’m looking for Merlin fans willing to help make Resurrection come to life!

What is Resurrection?

Resurrection is an idea to create a Fanthology book for merlins upcoming 10 year anniversary! This is the mission statement. “ Resurrection is to rekindle the Merlin fandom with a group project and to bring new and old fans together and work towards a goal of creating a book by fans for fans. Also, because it’s times like ours that we need our one and true king back.”

What is a Fanthology book?

A Fanthology book is a Fan Anthology book. It’s basically a compilation of fanworks.(Including writing and art!) All the content is under a certain theme. Our theme is “BBC Merlin”.

What do you need help with?

Currently, I need other people to help moderate and organize this book project. I’m looking for people who love Merlin and have the time to spare for this project.It’s going to be time-consuming, and a huge responsibility. I will need help formatting the book, creating buzz around the book, creating a Kickstarter, making graphics, and etc. If you're not sure you can help by being a moderator, you can definitely help in different ways!

How else can I help?

You, you lovely person you, can help by spreading the word! Reblog this post! tag your friends! Keep this project in your mind!

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I hope to hear from you guys soon!

Big Bang Reaction to Their Relationship Being Exposed on TV

telekinetic-m asked:

Yop! 💚 Love your blog definitely 💕 Can you do a BigBang reaction when their relationship is being exposed on tv ? For example, on a live someone ask about their s/o relationship habits and a member/celebrity make a mistake (like “it’s what … prefers with her!” Etc…) 😊💕 thx cutie 💚

Thank you for always supporting me <3 And sorry for letting you wait for such a long time, but finally here you go :) P.S. This was written at an airport after a night without sleep, but I hope it’s intelligible enough!

Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)

It had been less than a month that Seunghyun had been released from the military and he and the other members had already been invited to participate in a TV show introducing different scenic places in South Korea. On a particular long drive, the boys decided to kill time by answering short questions the audience had sent in and to stream the talk live. When the host of the TV show asked who was most likely to get married first, Daesung nudged Seunghyun with his elbow and happily blurted out: “Seunghyun, you are the one who can best answer this  question!” It would take Daesung a few questions to realize his mistake and notice the flustered expression on Seunghyun’s face. However, since there was nothing the other members could do about the fact that Daesung had just spilled his hyung’s secret, Seunghyun would decide that it was time to speak the truth. He would bravely stare straight into the camera, and with a shy smile on his face he would admit to his relationship with you. “Daesung is right… and my answer is probably long overdue. I am planning to get married by the end of this year, and I couldn’t be happier about the fact that I will be a married man soon.” Although the other members would be surprised at Seunghyun’s confession on TV, they would clap their hands vigorously and congratulate him excitedly. When they pressed Seunghyun to tell their fans more detail about the wedding and the lucky girl, he would simply shake his head and say that he would give an official statement later. He would call you and YG immediately after filming ended to explain the unexpected situation. Since his love for you was sincere and the wedding already scheduled, Seunghyun would follow through with his promise to post and official statement on the fancafe and also YG’s website, asking his fans to continue to support him, his relationship with you and Big Bang as a whole.

Dong Yongbae (Taeyang)

After Seunghyun went to the army to serve his mandatory military service, the other members had had more time to focus on solo activities and personal matters. That’s also when he met you, and since the other members were like brothers to him, he had told them about your relationship from the very first day. Right now, he was filming a live show with Daesung and Seungri, as well as a few other idols. Halfway through the filming, the camera team announced a short break for everyone. Of course, the viewers were still going to be entertained by short interviews with the idols. When it was Big Bang’s turn to answer the audience’s questions, one question read: “If you are dating someone, would you prefer a) to have a casual date night at home b) to eat out and go watch a movie afterwards or c) to go on a fun date in a theme park?” More like an automatic response, Seungri grinned at Yongbae and whispered, “It’s definitely not going to be c) after what you told us. I still remember your pale face when you came back that night after going to the theme park with Y/N.” What the maknae did not know was that the camera had captured his every word, and only after looking up and noticing the surprised looks on everyone’s faces did he realize his mistake. Yongbae could not even be mad at Seungri; it was true that the older member had been talking about you almost every day and that his relationship with you had become a hot topic among the members. Since the interview was live, there was nothing Yongbae could do to save the situation, and so he just smiled shyly into the camera. “I guess Seungri is right. I am currently in a relationship with someone, and going to theme parks is definitely not something I would do regularly.” When the camera team bombarded him with more questions about you, his girlfriend, Yongbae would only say that you two had been dating for more than two months now, and that he wished that he could have announced the news to his fans earlier and in a more official way. After the show, he would call you and YG to figure out the best way to handle the situation. He would be upset at himself for putting you in such a risky position, but he was sure that things would turn out fine as long as you loved each other and believed that you could overcome potential criticism by fans and the public.

Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)

Jiyong was happier than he had been in a long time: although work as an artist was as stressful and time-consuming as ever, Seunghyun had finally been released from the army and Jiyong’s relationship with you could not be any better. Therefore, he was in an especially good mood when he and the other members were participating in a live interview after performing their newly released song, a song he had composed as a thank you message for his fans and you, for always giving him strength. When the group was asked to describe their ideal type of girl, Seunghyun,  after making sure that the camera team could not hear or see him, leaned over to Jiyong and whispered: “Now you can give a detailed description of your girlfriend, Y/N.” However, the oldest member did not realize that there was more than one camera, and it had captured his every movement and word. Interested in Seunghyun’s comment, the interviewer asked Jiyong to explain more. When Seunghyun realized his careless mistake, all color would leave his face and he would glance over to the leader, a twinge of panic visible on his face. Jiyong would be quiet for a moment, thinking about how to best solve the awkward situation he was in. But since there was nothing he could do to reverse what had been said and since his love for you was sincere, Jiyong would decide that it was time to tell the world the truth. A shy smile on his face, he would nod at the interviewer and admit: “Yes, I have been dating someone for over three months now, and I could not be happier. I don’t want to say too much, but she is beautiful and has a bright personality, so she is also my ideal type right now.” Although the members already knew, they would congratulate Jiyong and tell him that he can always ask them for relationship advice, making the camera team laugh. After the interview, Jiyong would call you and inform you that he would come over to your apartment as soon as possible to discuss how to deal with the new situation.

Kang Daesung

It was New Year’s Eve and the four remaining Big Bang members had been invited to perform a cover version of an old but popular song. Since the show they had been invited to aired all performances live and was intended to make the country’s waiting for the countdown seem shorter, it was no surprise that there would also be lots of interviews to entertain the viewers. When it was Big Bang’s turn to answer the MC’s questions, the topic turned out to be a rather unexpected one: “If you are dating someone, what makes the relationship with you special or different from the other member’s dating styles?” Each of the boys took turns answering the question, drawing laughs from both the MC and the audience. When it was Daesung’s turn, Dongbae couldn’t resist to lean over to the younger member and tease him about his relationship with you. “You definitely won’t have to speak in the past tense.” Little did the two of them know that not only the other members but the entire audience and all viewers had heard his short remark due to the sensibility of the microphones. Only when Daesung and Dongbae looked up and noticed the surprised expressions on everyone’s faces did it dawn on them that Dongbae had just spilled the younger man’s secret. Daesung would get really shy and flustered, not sure what to do in such a situation. Deciding that speaking the truth was always the best way to tackle a problem, he would gather his thoughts and confess his relationship. “Right, um… I guess hyung is right. I am seeing someone right now, and I would say what makes my dating style different from the other members’ is that I always bring small souvenirs from wherever I go so that she feels as if she had been there with me. I really care about sharing experiences, even if we can’t always be together.” After the show, Daesung would get really nervous about telling you that your relationship just went public, but the other members would comfort him and promise that they would be there to support the two of you, no matter how fans would react. 

Lee Seunghyun (Seungri)

He was in the middle of filming a music show as an MC, when the organizers of the show decided to have a break in order to prepare for the second set of performances. To keep the viewers entertained, Seungri was asked if he could call one of the other Big Bang members and have a short conversation with them. Not seeing a reason why not, Seungri agreed and entered the number of the group’s leader, Jiyong. The maknae did not have to wait long since Jiyong picked up the phone after only a few seconds. “Seungri, what’s up. Are you calling to ask for relationship advice with Y/N again?” Seungri could clearly hear the mocking tone in Jiyong’s voice, but the maknae’s face went blank for a moment when he realized that the entire country and even world would know about his secret in a matter of hours. Seungri could barely hide how flustered he was by the situation. “Um, actually, I am at a music show right now. I wanted to call you and have a chat with you, if you are not too busy right now.” There was nothing that could be done against the awkward silence that followed. Only after Jiyong recollected his thoughts and Seungri tried to give the camera an uneasy smile would the conversation turn normal and more comfortable again. Although both the leader and the maknae tried their best to ignore the mistake Jiyong had made and pretended to go on as if nothing had happened, the internet would be full of comments and questions about Seungri’s relationship with you. Right after the show, Jiyong would call Seungri and apologize, but your boyfriend would simply say that Jiyong could not have known and that they could not change the situation anyway. Seungri would call you first, hoping that you would not get too angry at the news. He would promise you that the two of you could work it out, that nothing about your relationship would change and that he would be there to protect you if necessary. Then, Seungri would call YG to discuss what to do next and work on an official statement which would be released the next morning or even the same night.

McElstuck Classpects (So Far)

I don’t have all of them because I’m simply not familiar with some of the players. Also just went over possible players, not all of em have to be there. Anyways, here’s what I got.

  • Grifin
    • Bard of Light: He needs the codpiece it’s the only way. His story-weaving prevalent in many different pieces of content could fit with the vibes of a traditional fantasy bard, but fuck it, I’ll admit it, the outfit is just really funny. He needs it. He needs the goof. Now for the light part: look, a bard “invites destruction through aspect/allows for destruction of aspect.” Light is about fortune and knowledge. I think that fits pretty damn well, most prevalent in TAZ but honestly? I get that vibe from him in a lot of things. He has the knowledge of games (especially Bethesda) that allows (invites) him to destroy them even more thoroughly.
  • Travis
    • Knight of Hope: He is an optimistic, friendly boy whom I love, and I trust. Did you see his mentorship with the Teens? He is supportive and believes in them and a knight takes advantage and fights with their aspect. A valiant, noble agent of hope, of belief. A good man. He does a hit sometimes, yes, but he apologizes. That’s just the knight-y tendencies coming through a little more. And everyone learns from the experience. Don’t do a hit! (Addendum: All HS knights “hide their innermost selves.” Travis may be hiding his true strength, his true power, his capacity for destruction since he does not want to hurt anyone.)
  • Justin
    • Heir of Blood: Blood’s all about camaraderie, and in this case with his bros it’s very literal. There isn’t much solid lore behind heirs, but they seem to be surrounded by their aspect in some way, speculated to “protect themselves with,” “become,” or “receive” the aspect. In Justin’s case, his relationship to his brothers is an essential part of his life, not just because of blood relation but also because of their bonds of friendship. As the oldest bro, it makes sense for him to embody such values.
  • Clint
    • Rogue of Life: He literally, in a way, gave the boys life. Life also pertains to his role in TAZ, or at least the role he’s SUPPOSED to have, and the safety he contributed to his town through Peace on the Playground. I was struggling with the class and settled on Rogue, but that’s still up for debate. And I’m not saying he’s going to kill anyone (that’d be more thief-y), but there was that story of him POSSIBLY killing that guy in college and selling (redistributing) all his stuff, or whatever. He also “distributes” country music via radio, which I’m sure some people see as life.
  • Nick
    • Seer of Space: Originally I felt strongly about him being a Breath player, but after going over descriptions again, Space is undeniably fitting of his role in Car Boys; they’re concerned with “the size of things and their velocity, and their existence in relation to physics” which is basically Car Boys? Dimension, creation. The whole deal with frogs, and Nick DOES greatly enjoy Kero Blaster, starring a frog. Seers “use knowledge to coordinate their team,” which I feel he does since he’s established that the workings of playing beamNG.Drive are VERY finicky and require a depth of experience. He coordinates the show quite well, and certainly uses all the little intricacies to his advantage. TTS is based around him identifying mods, which are quite obvious at times, but still humors seer tendencies. In a fairly literal sense.
  • Porter
    • Mage of Time: Okay, I’ll admit, I originally landed on time because of the thought process that went this boy->music/DJ->Dave Strider. But that’s okay, because it works, especially with Nick as space. The boy’s aesthetic caters more to space or maybe void, but works with time because of the theme of reality-bending and alternate universes. Time players are shown to have interests in death and destruction in some way, which this boy has DEFINITELY got with his prominent obsession with worlds ending in unique ways. Especially game worlds, and a huge part of time players is….the responsibility of destroying a game world. A mage possibly “gives up their aspect to gain knowledge of it,” which also just kinda Feels Right for a buncha reasons. Plus, mages are regarded as the counterparts to seers, so there’s even more connection between him and his bro.
  • Russ
    • Page of Mind: I’m mostly going off of his LAC-persona, but that makes it all the more fun. Mind is concerned with decisions and their consequences, which Russ has some…interesting history with. A page’s untapped potential ties into his development in decision-making over time. Given, a lot of his decisions were based off of Doug (and the plot of LAC definitely has to play a part in this AU with the whole patron troll thing because uhhh how could it not it’s too good) but that could just be the push he needed to become his true self.
  • Tara
    • Witch of Void: Remember Basketball Ignoring Simulator? She turned their game into a game about nothing, about doing nothing, a void, and despite the efforts of the boys and it being THEIR podcast they couldn’t stop it. They couldn’t. She was simply too powerful. Witches “manipulate” or “unlock,” which is certainly what she did here. She was one of the last members of Rev3 before it died out (became a void?) but she was there til the end, both trying to keep it from its void-y fate (“manipulate”) while also finally deciding when to let go (“unlock”). And I’m not sure how to tie in her appearance on PoolGames, Inc. in which she sat in a hot tub drinking various types of alcohol, but it feels like it fits with the classpect, in some way. Witches may break the rules of their aspect, and while I’m not sure exactly how, I do feel like she’s breaking some void rules and choosing what parts of the aspect she wants (also a witch thing). Maybe my inability to pinpoint these reasons is part of why she’s a void player. Who knows.
  • Simone
    • Knight of Heart: Heart encompasses soul, motivations, emotions, and possibly attraction. Let’s focus on the last two. Two of Simone’s videos focus on her asking strangers on the street about a) which Joy-con is Sexier, and b) which Pokemon they would date. (Kinda horny things that are also definitely a theme with her.) Very, very focused on emotion and attraction. She brings motivation into it, too, by asking why. A knight “exploits their aspect as a weapon,” and honestly? She really drilled into those people. I wouldn’t say attacking, but it’s got that Vibe, and honestly a lot of these are based on Vibe. She’s also just a funny and honest/open girl in ways that strike me as a heart player. She is, of course, quite jumpy and scared of spooky games, and is quite controlled by her uhhh Feelings during them and voices such. But, she is shown to enjoy them nonetheless, the kind of courage one might associate with a knight. She could grow into it even more; room for character development. Knights also conceal their true selves; she’s suggested that despite her fear of horror games, she absolutely loses it in the moment when playing it. Gets buckwild. Maybe that’s it.
  • Rileigh
    • Maid of Heart: I haven’t listened to Still Buffering, but from what I know, she is a Teen and a sweet, sweet girl. Maids may be connected to sylphs, drawing a connection between her and her older sister; they’re also speculated as “made of,” “provider of,” or “protects with” aspect. Heart is the soul or essence of being, and her podcast is all about Being a Teen, something that everyone struggles, struggled, or WILL struggle with at some point in time, and is arguably essential to not only one phase of life but the entirety of one’s life itself. The time in which they learn who they are and find their essence, their soul. The definition of the word “maid” is either a server or an heiress; the former could be a metaphor for how Teens are often controlled by emotions in some way, and the latter could connect to her younger-sisterhood. Thanks, Teen.
  • Sydnee
    • Sylph of Breath: She’s a doctor. It’s a given. Making her life just seemed too obvious, and we already got that one heal-y thing going, but breath is also kind of important to living? I haven’t heard her podcasts, so a lot of this is just based on the Vibe I get. Please help.

I still need help figuring out Dwight, Rachel, and Teresa, plus more depth with Sydnee, since as I said, I’m not as familiar with them and their content and don’t have enough to go off of (like I did with some others here that idk as well).

I’ll update this as it happens!

oct2pus  asked:

Since I saw your post on WTF and homestuck, what would you even recommend to try and simulate a session of sburb?

I wouldn’t try to simulate a session of SBURB. To my mind, any effort to play SBURB by its own rules - even OOC ones - is counter to the themes of the source material. That the rules of the game are your enemy is not exactly a deeply hidden subtext!

If I wanted to play a game about playing SBURB, however, I’d definitely go with Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine. I’ve covered the reasons why - in response to a question very similar to this one, in fact - in a previous post. In a game that was specifically about struggling against SBURB as a construct, I’d likely use the Gothic or Fairy Tale genre rules, depending on what aspects of that struggle I wanted to focus on.


Our latest ‘FOCUS ON’ feature interview is with  Australian actor John Harlan Kim. Kim has journeyed from the familiar sights of Ramsay Street on Neighbours, to become a valued Librarian on the hit TNT show, The Librarians.

Hi John, how’s your visit home been?
Unreal! Always good to get home for the Summer and see all my mates and the family. Mom was stoked to have me back but now I’m pretty sure she’s getting over it and probably ready for me to head back to the States!

We’ve just seen the season 3 finale of The Librarians. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. Your character Ezekiel has grown over the years, matured, what’s the journey been like over that time?
It’s weird. Here’s a character I never thought would grow. It was apparent that he suffered from some type of Peter Pan syndrome. But over the seasons we’ve seen more and more that it’s just a guard he has set up and I think people can relate to Ezekiel in that way, that having walls up is a normal human thing to do. He has the most to prove yet he acts like he doesn’t care but we’re seeing more and more that he truly does care, especially about his new family.

Can you relate to Ezekiel in any way?
I’ve grown up with the show myself so that’s probably one of the coolest parts, to not only see Ezekiel grow up and mature with each script but also needing to have to do that myself albeit on a less grander scale because obviously I’m not fighting dragons and minotaurs in my personal life. My problems are a little more realistic like trying to score a date or not over-cooking my eggs.

Has there been an episode that stood out as a favourite?
Point of Salvation. Hands down. The cast were so supportive that ep as was Jonathan Frakes and Jeremy Bernstein. They put me in an environment where I felt confident enough to make choices and take creative risks. I think it all came together really well in the end and I couldn’t be prouder.

Tell us about your relationship with the other Librarians.
Lindy [Booth] and Christian [Kane] set great examples for me, they’re always there for me (Lindy & Rebecca have even housed me at one stage) and they’re just good people to be around. And with Noah [Wyle], I couldn’t be more amped to work with. He’s phenomenal at what he does and I have a lot of respect for the way he handles the pressure whether as an actor, producer, director or writer. He’s awesome. I really couldn’t be in a better position with the cast I have.

And the dynamic between the Librarians and their Guardian, as well as Jenkins? It’s a great technique, incorporating different roles to cover a variety of plot lines.
Rebecca Romijn and John Larroquette make it way too easy to play! They’ve both had long and successful careers in the industry and it was easy to see why from the moment I got to Portland. I love working with them. It’s fun because you’re right, when we have such a wide variety of plot lines to cover splitting up the team becomes necessary to keep on top of it all. Every script I get, it’s exciting! One day I’ll be sitting on a magic council with Larroquette, the next I’ll be beating up zombies along with Romijn!

The episodes are always so unique and interesting, when you first read each script how do you feel? I’d imagine much like the audience, fascinated, but excited as your character experiences it.
One of my favorite parts about the whole thing is getting the next episode’s script. The writers on our show are top flight and they do a spectacular job in conveying their vision onto paper and keeping things fresh and interesting! Like I mentioned, you don’t know what you’ll be doing or where your character will get to travel to, all you know for sure is it won’t be boring!

There are some harder themes, for example in season 3 the team deals with the resolution of Cassandra’s tumour. In contrast, what was it like filming those scenes? As a viewer it was tense!
To an extent, it definitely felt like a shock to the system! Showing up that day was such a different type of shooting day for us. I wasn’t used to coming in and filming something so somber but being the incredible talent she is, Lindy absolutely killed it!

Were there any other scenes that presented a challenge in terms of emotional response? Like the finale?
Yeah I mean Flynn’s ultimate sacrifice was rough. And I had already read what was going to happen and I still got anxious watching it! That and Charlene’s goodbye. Jane Curtin’s a star, I loved having her around.

And what about training for the more physical combat roles, what was that like? Did you enjoy it?
Definitely. I got to live out a bit of a youth dream with that vampire ep. And to do it alongside Christian Kane who is well-versed in vampire combat himself. I mean, come on! How lucky am I!? Our stunt guys Tim Eulich and Buster Reeves were a dream to work with and they’re absolute legends as well.

Over the seasons, what’s one of your favourite moments working on the ‘The Librarians’ set?
My first day. Noah Wyle and the jewel theft scene. It still feels like a dream, such a surreal moment. I haven’t lost that feeling yet and I hope I never do. I never want to be jaded.

Do you have an idea as to what The Librarians will go through in the upcoming series? What would you like to see happen next, for all the librarians and specifically Ezekiel?
Zero idea. They’re good at keeping pretty secretive about all of that stuff. I’d love to see Ezekiel continue to evolve into the Librarian he’s going to be someday. He’s far from being fully-realized and has the most growing up to do so to see him take that next step would be awesome.

The Librarians has been renewed for a fourth season, what do you think makes the series so successful?
Our showrunners. John Rogers and now Dean Devlin. They’re the pulse of the show. I don’t really need to say anymore, they’re extraordinary at what they do and they’re two of the best men I’ll ever come across, by every measurement of the word.

Is there any other role you’d like to take on from a book or comic? Or another series you’d also like to be a part of?
Amadeus Cho. I’ve always wanted to be a humungous, green giant.

Did you always want to be an actor?
I decided at 15 I wanted to be an actor so I took a class, auditioned for my first gig and booked it. I then took that pay check from my first acting gig, coupled that with money saved from working at a charcoal chicken store and flew to New York in my school holidays. I knocked on the door to a film school building in Manhattan and told the concierge I wanted to be an actor and he told me to go find my parents. I think he thought I was lost.

On your down time what other things do you enjoy doing?
I love shooting hoops, hitting the water and playing video games. I picked up boxing a few months ago too but my heads so big, it makes it ridiculously hard to dodge punches.

How does working overseas compare to working here at home in Australia?
The biggest difference I’ve found is the pacing. I can’t speak for either industry as a whole but my experience on Neighbours was a much more fast-paced environment than something like The Librarians. It was actually a fantastic way to learn to nail your first few takes and within that, I found preparation was key so I make sure to show up to any set now with my lines absolutely ingrained into my brain so that the real fun can begin once you start shooting.

What advice do you have for actors, especially Australians wanting to make it in the industry and overseas?
Trust your choices. It’s so easy to second guess if you’re on the right path or not but just back yourself and everything else will fall into place.

And finally, what can we expect from you next?
I’m actually in the middle of editing my first project right now so I’m hoping to complete that before we start work on Season 4! Way too excited to see that finished and then to get to go back to work with Dean & the gang is going to be an absolute blast as always!

Thank you so much for your time John. We can’t wait to see you on screen in 2017!

Harry Styles Cooks... Volume 1: The Baking Years

In which Louis Tomlinson can’t cook, there’s a very special shower curtain, and Harry Styles used to be a baker. 

Or: Louis owns all of Harry Styles’ cookbooks, and he never intends to cook a single thing out of any of them. 

Or: I don’t know what the fuck this is, sorry. 

Louis Tomlinson can’t cook. He can, for the most part, feed himself and generally keep himself alive, in a frozen pizza, tins of soup, cereal-for-dinner kind of a way. He can do pasta and sauce, and cheese on toast, and sandwiches, and microwave meals and things which require zero attention, zero skill, and even less enthusiasm. Louis Tomlinson likes Tesco meal deals for lunch and cans of coke on the way to the bus stop after work. He likes bags of crisps, and the biscuit tin by the printer in his office.

He has a long list of things he doesn’t like – including but not limited to courgettes, baked beans, couscous, fish, posh sausages that taste of stuff that isn’t pork, vegetables on principle, drinks that are green, kale, stuff they sell in Waitrose, mushrooms, weird fruit, lentils, and pineapple on pizza.

All of this is perfectly normal and doesn’t bother Louis one little bit.

It doesn’t, however, go any way to explaining why Louis has an entire shelf in his bedroom devoted to Harry Styles cookbooks, or why his best mates Liam and Niall bought him a custom-made Harry Styles Cooks… pillowcase and duvet set for his birthday last year, with Harry Styles’ ridiculous face plastered all across it like on the titles of his stupid cooking TV show, or why Louis had to buy a DVR purely to save all the stupid episodes of each of Harry Styles’ stupid cooking series so he could watch them whenever he wanted. It definitely didn’t explain the three different Harry Styles-themed mugs in the kitchen cupboards, and it 100% did not explain the special shower curtain.

There obviously is an explanation for all of that, but it isn’t something that Louis can file under any sort of ‘wants to learn to cook’ headline.

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Pied Piper

Here’s my interpretation, since I have no idea where y'all are getting yours lmao.

So for those of you who don’t know the story, the pied piper was a character out of folklore who fixed a town’s rat problem by luring all the rats out with his flute. After the town refused to pay him for his services, he gets his revenge by luring all of the town’s children out with a flute.

The way I see it, the song highlights bts’s complicated relationship with their fans. They need the fan base, but sometimes they feel like the pied piper because they’re luring them away from their responsibilities/families etc.

You could also say this connects to previous themes in the wings era of temptation.

But yeah, I don’t think it’s a diss on the fans. (And definitely not a pedophilia thing??) If anything, they’re dissing themselves because they’re comparing themselves to this villainous character and grappling with that. I think it’s the result of them reflecting on their effect on their fanbase and how it’s not always positive.

Girls Night Out pt II (Tyler Seguin)

Thank you for the positive responses I’m glad people liked it! (Special shout out to carey-pricemas and an anon for the request for a part 2)

Part 1 can be found here

Word count: 899 Warning:Implied sexual themes (its pretty smutty)

Hope you guys like it!

You were celebrating seven years of hard work and you were definitely drunk, so your body and alcohol influenced mind decided to pull Tyler off the dance floor and lead him to a quieter and more secluded area. Before he could say something you grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him into a kiss. To your surprise and great pleasure, he seemed to feel the same kind of thing as you. He pinned you against the wall and deepened the kiss, clearly pleased with how thing were turning out. You might have been the one to initiate but Tyler took control of the situation. He grabbed your waist and gripped it tightly, pressing himself against your hip. He started kissing down your exposed neck, and pressed himself harder against you making you moan.

“Do you want to get out of here” he asked huskily, nibbling on your ear. “Yes, please” you responded. He continued grinding against you, causing you to struggle to get your words out. “Ive..mmm.. got to…ugh… close my tab…” “Ill tale care of it, just call a car.” He kissed you deeply and left you, walking to the bar. You had to take a minute to catch your breath before you could call for a taxi and text your friends to let them know you were leaving. “where r u right now??” your best friend responded. You groaned in displeasure, you did not want to deal with her being nosey or protective, you wanted to find out what was going to happen after you leave with such an unrealistically fit and attractive (and into you!!) guy. “Im leaving, Ill text you tomorrow ok!” The dots indicating she was typing popped up but before she could respond Tyler came back. Even in the dim light of the hallway you couldn’t help but notice the look in his eyes. He grabbed you, pulling you in for another kiss that you never wanted to end. But he pulled away, “We don’t want to miss that taxi” he whispered close to your ear.

You managed to make it out of the club and into the car without running into any of your friends. They were probably going to be upset that you left them on your girls night out but Tyler was kissing your neck and running his fingers along your thigh so you just couldnt be bothered to care. Your head was spinning and you couldnt tell whether it was the lasting effects of your drinks or the intoxicating effect of the man who was kissing your collarbone. The cab stopped outside of a hotel, Tyler stopped kissing you and looked up, “oh we’re here” He oppened the door and you stepped out, stumbling a little. He grabbed your hand and lead you to the hotel doors. The hotel lobby was beautiful, you briefly wondered who he was to be staying in such a nice place but before you could processes the thought, Tyler pulled you close to him and grabbed your waist. While the two of you waited for the elevator Tyler nuzzeled your neck. As soon as the doors opened he pulled you inside and pushed you agaisnt wall like the two of you were back at the club.

The doors opened on the 15th floor and he pulled you out without breaking the kiss. The two of you stumbled down the hallway and Tyler stopped you in front of his room. He pulled out his key card and pushed you into his room and onto the bed. You kicked off your shoes and repositioned yourself on the bed. Tyler kicked off he shoes and pulled of his shirt. You had to bite your lip to keep yourself from audibly gasping at the toned and chissled chest that was in front of you. Tyler must have noticed your confliction because he chuckled and moved over you. You reached up and ran your hands along his chest and abs, stopping at his belt. You moved your hands around his waist to his back and pulled him down onto you. He kissed your mouth, then your neck, then your chest, slowly moving down until he was stopped by fabric. He tugged at your top, “This is in my way” he mumbbled into your neck.

He kissed and touched you until you couldnt take it anymore, and he didnt stop. You tugged on his hair and scratched your fingers down his back. It was a night like you had never experinced with a guy like you had never seen or been with before.

The next morning you woke up the next morning feeling amazing, until you rolled over to the sunlight that made your head feel like it was going to explode. You dragged yourself out of bed to close the curtins and crawled back into bed. You couldnt help but admire Tyler, his back was to you in all its muscular, toned glory. You couldnt help but laugh to yourself when you noticed the redened scratched marks on his back. He must have heard you because he rolled over and faced you. “That was fun last night huh” he smiled. “It was, and Im glad I got to see those tattoos” you giggled.

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a few things:

- i can’t say “i’m only seventeen i only got a few dollas” anymore because i’m EIGHTEEN

- going to see seventeen was definitely one of the best (early) birthday presents i could’ve gotten

- i’m wearing my rose quartz and serenity outfit because i can hell yea

- i’m finally in college so i can finally hang up all my seventeen posters on my wall, my room is seventeen themed (this was unplanned, not even kidding)

- here’s to more responsibilities as an adult and a broke college student

- i’m 18 but i take selfies like i’m 12

[queue “when i grow up” by vocal team playing in the bg because it is the best song of my life]

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I think the theme is redemption. There’s a lot of parenting themes in it as well. 

Guilt will definitely be [Laurel’s] first emotion [when she finds out her dad is responsible], but she’s also such a doer that she would want to get revenge.

Laurel has a big decision to make obviously about whether to have the baby or not, and we’ll find out the answer to that in the premiere. Wes is still on the forefront of her mind, and I think seeing Dominic on the street that night really changed her view of what happened, so we’ll see what action she’s going to take this season.

Wes’ memory, and him as the heart of our show, it’s still there.


Pete Nowalk

anonymous asked:

i've got a real issue with the whole fiction =/= reality thing :/// fiction DOES affect real people's lives. this argument does not make toxic things presented in fiction okay??? why do you stand by such a gross argument? people use this shit to justify their p*do and r*pe fics


Alright Anon, let’s clear one thing up before I go into detail, because I do want to make this clear! You do not have to support anything you see in fiction. If something does not sit well with you or offends you, you 1000% can just stay away from it, criticise it, w/e. But the fact is, fiction does not equal reality. That is why it is called fiction.

There are many things I am disgusted by. There are many things that legitimately make me go into shut-down mode. These things can be themes in fiction. But they are not real. And I do my best to avoid these things. At the end of the day, it’s everyone’s responsibility to do this to the best of their ability. It is not really anyone else’s responsibility to look out for you on the internet. You can definitely ask people to tag things you don’t want to see, but they are not in charge of you or your well being. You can definitely create a safe space for you and others, but you cannot force others to abide by your exact morality when it comes to fictional matters. That all may sound harsh, but I honestly don’t think there’s another way to put it. 

If something is actually against the law, even when presented in fiction, then absolutely go and file a report with an authoritative power that can do something about it. That shit doesn’t need to exist. But if it is not against the law, no matter how badly it upsets you, you technically cannot dictate what others create or consume in a fictional medium. You can offer criticism. You can speak out against it. You can have whatever opinion you have. But it’s not within anyone’s rights, unless if you are a member of authority, to dictate others.

I really do hate the slippery slope argument, but if we were to outlaw everything that was deemed problematic or toxic by everyone, we would eventually have literally 0 content, as everyone finds something problematic or toxic.

Fiction is intended to be many things, including a space for people to be able to explore things that would not go over well in reality. I’m sorry, but saying that fiction does equal reality causes more harm than good. By saying this, you are making it harder for individuals that already have issues discerning fiction from reality to tell the difference between the two, as you are simply backing up the fallacy they are under the impression of for whatever reason. While it isn’t necessarily fair, the overwhelming majority of people can tell fiction apart from reality in most circumstances, and therefore, we cannot operate under the argument that fiction = reality, as it is simply not true.

Disclaimer: I am absolutely not saying that you have to be okay with anything you see in fiction. You are entitled to your own opinion and your right to express that opinion. All I am saying is that I wish that people would stop saying that fiction does equal reality.

So, this is purely speculation at this point (we are definitely 100% invested in this event!). We know that this is a fairly small ship, and the fandom isn’t that active, but we are hoping this event will have a turnout even it’s small. We are still working on the finer details, but we are already 90% there. 

Likes/reblogs/comments/signal boosts would be really helpful - if there’s enough response, we can start setting things up, like polls and stuff for you guys to vote for the themes and dates. We want you guys to get involved and most importantly of all, to have fun!

Let’s do this, fandom. There isn’t enough of this ship- we want to bring this ship to life!

Shakesphere? No Problem: The Student’s guide to studying for English

I’m going to start this off by saying that for the longest time, I had no idea how to study for English. I’d always read the book way before anyone else in my class, listen to a brief discussion of themes, write out my essay, and boom, A/A+. But late last year, I started wondering why I never do any work for English, but put tons of effort in studying for all my other subjects. My immediate response is that you can’t study for English, but looking back, I definitely know you can. So this set of tips are for those of you who are doing well in English but want to boost up your scores, or for those of you who have this “you either get it or you don’t” mentality about English. 

1. Annotate your book

Some people get really antsy about writing in the novel they’re analysing, but its way easier than writing everything out on another piece of paper. As you read your novel, get out your highlighters and a pen and highlight important quotes for your essays  and write specific themes or notes about the characters as you come across them. I found that with a lot of my classmates, they’d technically read the book from cover to cover, but had no idea what the themes were and since that’s important in essays, a lot of them found it really hard. If you’re active about writing stuff down and highlighting, the story will even be easier to remember. 

2. Don’t be obsessed with reading Sparknotes/Cliffnotes

These two websites are so helpful in understanding parts of the novel, finding themes and understanding characters but if you just read the analysis and basically write down what it says, you don’t really get the book, you’re just copying what someone else says about it. In essays, you can really tell the difference between someone that knows the book and someone who just read spark notes and think they do. My suggestion is that before you look at any online sources, brainstorm a list of themes yourself. That way, you know you understand what’s going on, and you can get more from websites later. 

3. Possible Essay Questions

I only ever got one essay question from my teacher, so I recommend going online and finding different essay questions. Try to pick essay questions that cover different themes so you’ve covered all your bases for exams or tests, or if you already know what theme the exam will be focusing on, look for specific questions that relate to it. Write your practice essays and find people to give you feedback, weather its online, or your teacher or your friends. Specifically ask what they think you could improve on (especially from your teacher) because this is how to boost your grades. 

4. Make a study guide

Whatever your novel is, look online for discussions on themes, characters, questions, whatever you can find. Copy paste these into whatever word processor you use and either print them out, or just have it saved. Now, annotate it. If you’re reading a paragraph on theme for example, write down appropriate quotes that relate to it, characters that might tie into it, simplify things, etc. Learning and remembering this stuff is all about the act of taking notes, not re-reading them, so make sure they’re detailed. 

5. Dictionaries

I had no idea how useful a dictionary actually is, and I feel like its so underrated in schools. Even if you’re good with almost all words and consider yourself to have a high vocabulary, there are going to be words that stump you, and these words might actually be the key to a whole new level of understanding. Seriously, keep some kind of dictionary with you and look up words. 

So those are my tips for acing English! As a side note, I’m studying Fahrenheit 451 at school right now, so if anyone needs any help with themes or just don’t understand, don’t be afraid to send me an ask!

anonymous asked:

I was thinking, isn't it strange that Shakespeare's son was called Hamnet? Is it possible that he wrote Hamlet after his son's death, and that's why the father/son relationship is so important in the play?

It’s curious, but maybe not strange. 

Shakespeare’s twins were named after his and Anne’s friends and neighbours, Hamnet and Judith Sadler (they called their son William in return – isn’t that sweet?). Hamnet – and the related forms such as Hamlin, Hamelot and Hammond – was quite a common name back then (both as name and surname).

Shakespeare’s son Hamnet died in 1596 (aged 11). Hamlet was probably written in 1602 (earliest possible date it was written is 1599), so it was definitely written after Hamnet’s death. 

From some of the contemporary accounts we have, there appears to have been a Hamlet before Shakespeare’s one (most likely written by Kyd), that also had a protagonist called ‘Hamlet’, which is, in turn, an anglicised form of the earlier sources where the character is named Amleth. So Shakespeare wasn’t responsible for choosing the name Hamlet for his protagonist; that is, the main character isn’t named after his son. It’s also important to remember that in the essential details most of the father-son theme is present in the play’s sources and weren’t added in by Shakespeare.

Of course, it is possible that when Shakespeare came across his sources for Hamlet that he was drawn to it by the nominal similarity between his son Hamnet and Amleth/Hamlet and because of the father-son theme. Some scholars have argued that, since Shakespeare’s father died in 1601, the play might be an exploration of father-son relationships prompted by the death of his own father. Perhaps both deaths influenced the writing of the play. 

In the end, this kind of thing is pure speculation. No doubt biographical circumstances do contribute to an author’s work, but no play can ever be boiled down to the details of an author’s life. Father-son relationships are extremely important in Hamlet, and Shakespeare’s father and son died within a few years of the play being written. It doesn’t necessarily follow that father-son relationships are important in the play because Shakespeare’s father and son died within a few years of the plays being written, although it may have influenced the author’s thoughts in some wise.

amarthril  asked:

I was gonna put this in the tags but it got too long: re: your post about corvo's silent responses as characterising hell yeah! non-verbal corvo who spoke sign will always be my fave. Moreover, i always though a silent corvo really expanded on the themes of dh1. A man who is voiceless figuratively and literally, denied an opportunity to speak for himself. And if he could/would speak out to clear his name, would society even bother/learn to listen to him anyway? (1/2)

!! I’m. I couldn’t emphasize how much do I agree enough. I’ve had these very thoughts (even including the city’s loudspeakers, yeah), because I believe there’s definitely something going on with speech, agency and Corvo’s silence within the narrative of the first game.

My impression of it can be broken down in two parts:

1) Words are empty, meaningless and manipulative, actions are the only thing that truly matters

It’s not only about the propaganda, although this constant stream of information that you cannot escape even at the home base definitely creates the mood. It’s just that a lot of characters you interact it are lying, sugarcoating things and being manipulative.

People try to use information and lies above evidence and common sense against Corvo twice in this game, in order to frame him, use him to achieve their goals, and throw him out afterwards. In fact, Daud’s attempt to turn him in for a bounty can count as a third, it just didn’t work out too well.

Corvo, silent as he is, can do little to actually oppose him. His voice isn’t heard, both as a (potentially) mute man and a person who faced hostility and prejudice based on his non-aristocratic background and foreign status. More than a decade of him protecting the Empress and never giving any reason to doubt his loyalty is crossed out with the claims of a single person.

Same with loyalists, really, who talk about Corvo’s crucial role in the conspiracy endlessly, yet still consider him disposable once he outlives his usefulness to them and they begin to see him as a danger.

With that in mind, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the characters who treat Corvo best and the ones Corvo can actually trust and undoubtedly care about interact with him physically, and those interactions are more powerful and have a stronger emotional impact than any conversation.

“Corvo holding Emily’s hand when she gets out of the boat is the peak of writing in Dishonored” reads like a shitpost, but I’m actually being 97% serious when I say it. Corvo doesn’t say a word to Jessamine, but the way he crawls over the pavillion just to reach her in her last moments speaks volumes about how much he cares about her. Emily and him have a couple of brief conversations, but is it the words you remember or the way he held her hand? the way she kissed him on the cheek after not seeing him for months? the way he gives her a twirl and throws her in the air during their reunion? the way they play hide an seek together?

You can remove almost everything they say to each other (which isn’t all that much) from the game and it will change almost nothing, you still get the idea. Corvo comforts Emily through affectionate little gestures and actions towards ensuring her safety, expressing his love in the ways that are easily accessable to him and in the ways she can always easily understand and accepy. Likewise, Jessamine comforted her by hugging her and stroking her cheek when she was afraid stood between the assassins and Emily in order to protect her despite not being armed in any way herself. The most tender, loving relationships in the story don’t need any words.

2) No one really asks Corvo’s opinion anyway

A lot of interactions comes off this way because of the lack of response on Corvo’s part, so I don’t know if it’s intentional, but when characters speak, it’s more of a monologue than anything else. Corvo doesn’t respond, but they don’t expect, or need, or want his response to begin with. Hiram Burrows talking to Corvo during interrogations, Daud talking to him when he’s captured in the Flooded District.

Above all, of course, it’s the Outsider and the Loyalists who are the most obvious example of this. Corvo doesn’t get much of a say on the matter when he’s receiving his mark, doesn’t say anything when the Outsider appears out of nowhere to invade his space to give some incredibly valuable input and then disappear again. The Loyalists help him escape, but he doesn’t get much of a say on whether he wants to join their little conspiracy, or run errands for them, or do anything they ask of him really. It’s a one-way road and a one-sided conversation where no one asks for his input.

His quiet nature is seen as something like a quirk of his character, when people call him “mysterious” and everything, but given how he was deliverately placed in the highest room in the pub, as far away from the rest of the loyalists as you can get and no one really bothers to ask if he’s doing okay, they’re good with keeping a certain distance from him. Emily is the only one to come to him on her own volition and stay with him, because she feels in need of the comfort of his presence (as opposed to calling him down).

So all in all, yeah, I do believe that Corvo’s silence adds greatly to the story because of the way everything about him, including that seemingly minor quality, serves as a contrast of people surrounding and trying to exploit him. Where they monologue and lie and fight their battles through words and manipulation, he acts and shows his affections in the ways that requite no words to be said. 

He’s silent and constantly unheard by everyone, but he’s the most efficient and also the most honest.