there was a competion this weekend


I competed at National Showcase last weekend and skated to “I Love Play Rehearsal” from the musical “Be More Chill” for my light entertainment routine! I hope you enjoy! I had so much fun performing this!!

Alright my dudes, Fanime 2017 is less than a day away! 

Keep an eye out for me as Scaramouche the Merciless on Saturday and Sunday, and I will be competing in the Fanimecon Masquerade Contest on Sunday at 1800 as entry “R”.

I’m bringing some prints of my Scaramouche and Samurai Jack fanart as well so you might catch me at an empty Artist’s Alley table sometime in the weekend, depends on how the day is going.

Attendees, feel free to message me via Twitter or Tumblr throughout the weekend, hope to catch you there!

This one time... at band camp...

A freshman clarinet (in band we refer to human beings by the instrument they play) got caught off-guard by her period. I guess none of the other girls had spare supplies, and she couldn’t track down her parents. Somehow- despite the warnings from other clarinets that she’d probably get shouted out the door for daring to bother him with this- she went to our band director for help. Our very grumpy, 45-year-old, childless, never-married, male band director.

She peeped, “So, um, I started my-”

And then he was like: “AUGGggh I don’t need to know! It’s fine, kid. I’ll… I’ll take care of it, just… please stop talking.”

He drove to the 7-11 next door in his golf cart and bought a veritable variety pack of feminine products, just to cover his bases; and painkillers; and Gatorade because fluids are always good, right? And chocolate, to… appease the estrogen goddesses or something. All of this out of his own pocket. He then had a senior flute take the stuff in the girls’ bathroom, leave it there, and quietly go inform the freshie in need. That way she wouldn’t be singled out by other kids for receiving all this stuff.

I only know who this unfortunate freshie was, because a few years later she was able to laugh about it and tell most of the girls in the band. We never brought it up with the director again, obviously. But we all loved the story because, knowing our band director- and our entire band’s culture- we did not see that coming.

It was Sparta, okay. We were 120+ members and competing in the toughest regional competitions. Band camp was 6 hours a day, 5 days a week even in the dead heat of August, and continued to consume evenings and weekends through the end of November. The assistant director on drills was a Korean war vet who could’ve been dropped onto our high school football field straight out of Full Metal Jacket. The lead director’s disciplinary style was more subdued but just as scary: usually, he’d just glower us all into submission.

This mousy, 98-pound, 15-year-old girl had expected a Death Glare that would turn her into a smudge of ash on the band room carpet, just for having a uterus and a forgetful moment. But instead- in his own huffy, taciturn way- our Fearsome Leader took care of her. Like Bigfoot cradling a little duckling in his giant, hairy hands, it was a sweet gesture that makes you rethink how “scary” the big guy is… but also makes you giggle.

It’s funny that I keep seeing things that act as if Lena would be the helpless one out of her and Kara and I absolutely adore Kara and the girl is a damn genius with super powers and picks up things fast, but growing up she also had to deal with extreme culture shock, PTSD, and along with powers sensory overload, to name just a few of the things about her childhood on Earth. She comes from a dying planet with insanely advanced technology and science—not really survival skills, and more so just trying to adapt and heal.

Lillian was teaching Lena chess at the age of 4. And say what you want about the Luthors, and there’s plenty, we see Lena working weekends, nights, hell Thanksgiving—she’s a CEO by 24, probably more than a few degrees. That kind of work ethic and drive (regardless if it’s actually healthy, it’s huge) didn’t come from nowhere. Every single skill Lionel and Lillian could cram into Lex and Lena, they probably did. Regardless of how Lillian might feel about Lena she’s going to have expectations, and at the absolute least if she’s going to have to be this girl’s mother she might as well make her useful, or someone for Lex to compete against, and Lillian loves Lex.

There’s no point to giving him a rival if that person isn’t pushed and given the same kind of preparation and training and education that he receives. And Lillian is someone who can be on the run from everyone and not get caught—that’s going to take more than just money, that’ll take skill. Not to mention running a black ops program with no one the wiser isn’t exactly on the list of things that a rich housewife can do.

Kara is from a technologically advanced planet—maybe a few days is fine but she’s probably so horrified not to be around any tech she only likes camping for the difference in her senses and all the pretty nature and landscape. Imagine if you went back to a time before indoor plumbing—and sure a week of it is fine but months and months???? No. It’s probably worse for Kara. She was p well supplied with tech, if the spy beacon that Astra had that had a signal that could be received anywhere was simply a child’s plaything—or if it wasn’t, and it was something she had because of Astra’s military connections, then who knows what else she had access to? She’s probably good with mechanics, to a certain extent because of her father the scientist—who created a damn rocket and taught her plenty about mechanical engineering—but they would have had different elements on Krypton. It’s hard to know how to build something when all the materials are different—Lena would be just as screwed if she was given Kryptonian materials from the get go.

But my point is, Lena is probably actual fucking MacGyver, or even better yet, the Supergirl version of Elliot Spencer. The Luthors definitely seem like the kind of people who have their kids be in Boy/Girl Scouts, because you never know when you might need those skills—they’re Luthors, they have people gunning for them from the cradle. You never know when you might need some of those skills, especially if you need to go off grid, or have to dump everything in a moment’s notice. Like I’m not making a definitive statement, except yes, yes I am if you gave Lena a knife and some decently warm clothes and set her off into a forest she’d probably be fine for however long she’d be there for. Lillian and probably Lionel seem like they would definitely hire a swim coach to make sure their strokes are textbook perfect, but first they’d absolutely and quite literally throw them in the deep end to teach them how to swim—the coach is about achieving perfection, and this is survival. And Luthors don’t depend on anyone else for that—the sooner they learn that the better.

A powerless Kara, on the other hand, would be absolutely fucked. She may have gone camping w alex but lbr kara definitely used heat vision to start a fire and has no idea what kind of clothes to pack or what to do about bug bites and maybe knows how to pitch a tent and some useful things that don’t rely on her powers but 5 minutes after losing her powers she cuts her hand on glass and breaks her arm—it’s not a matter of intellect, but it’s kind of like how astronauts look up when they drop a pencil—you get used to a certain baseline. Kara could definitely learn, but Lena already knows what she’s doing. Lena was taught she couldn’t trust on anyone but herself to survive and Kara was taught stronger together. This isn’t to say this is a failure of Kara’s that this isn’t her mentality—Kara has plenty of knowledge about science and alien cultures and technology and language and religion and understanding of people that Lena probably struggles with, especially in comparison. Kara was doing calculus at least since she was 4. Honestly out of the two of them she’s most likely better at science and math—but it’s probably painful for her bc it reminds her of Krypton, and it’s not like humans are going to be very accepting of a 15 year old trying to correct them on widely accepted theories. That would bring attention.

Kara was told to hide—Lena was told she wasn’t allowed to, that she had to be extraordinary because that’s what Luthors are.

We see in her very first episode she’s a marksman, able to shoot the man that had Alex hostage without even hesitation. We also see her Gerry rig that device at her charity under the table with a tiny bit of help from Winn, but not that much—that’s not exactly a lab setting.

The Luthors have so many back up plans and hidey holes that their family motto almost seems to be “be prepared.” Like Lena does not like Roulette and has 0 plans on ever going to her fight club but she knew exactly where the address was from the top of her head, without consulting a planner. And the fight clubs most likely rotate where they’re at—sure Roulette has connections but the DEO took Leslie Willis—if they don’t know about her she’s not going to bring her to their attention. And still Lena knew where it was, because it’s important to be prepared.

Or better yet—the Luthor motto might be all knowledge is worth having.

Lena probably picks up new skills in her “free time”—or really whatever time she has that she’s not working at her company, not able to simply lay around and do nothing. “You never know when you might need to know how to wrangle a crocodile kara” “You never know when an assassin might try to kill me while I’m on ice Kara” “You never know when you might need to know this very obscure and esoteric language Kara” “It’s a very distinctive sound and one day I might need to be able to distinguish between the sounds different guns make when cocked Kara” “Who knows if you’re ever in the mountains with only a paper clip and a hair tie Kara” “Kara it’s always useful to know how to be able to get out of a straight jacket without any help”

Kara is very confused about her strange nerdy friend but Lena feels such vINDICATION the first time something she’s been practicing requires her expertise you said it was weird to know how to competitively duck herd AND YET HERE WE ARE WITH A DEADLY ALIEN SPECIES THAT RESEMBLES IN SEVERAL WAYS DUCKS

tl;dr Lena would be absolutely fine wherever she’s dropped up to and including the woods or a farm with only the clothes on her back and a used tissue and after a week or so Kara would be clutching her phone wondering where the wifi is

anonymous asked:

Hey so i read one of your works on Ao3 and it was super adorable and i loved it, it was about stiles and derek sharing a broom closet of an apartment in nyc and cuddling thier way through their issues with eachother and then you wrote a hashtag epilogue, and i can't stop thinking about how much i wanted the epilogue to be another story so i figured i'd ask, my names scarletwaters on Ao3, ok bye and thank you if you decide to write it :)

little spoon

I had given absolutely ZERO thought to writing a sequel to this, and then I read your message and the ideas started flooding in. Go figure.

also on ao3


Being Derek’s boyfriend goes surprisingly well for a whole year. They move out of the tiny “apartment” into a slightly less tiny apartment. They continue to spoon; they become spooning masters; they are the gods of spooning. Stiles gets the best sleep of his life, and so does Derek. The non-sleeping aspect of the whole dating thing takes a bit more time to iron out, sure, but they get there. Slowly but surely, they figure out how to hold hands on the couch while watching Netflix without getting weird about it. They figure out, to their mutual relief, that endearments weird them both out, but there are other little things they both like even if they’d never admit it on pain of death, such as forehead kisses. They figure out how to do the whole shower sex thing without serious injury. Stiles also finds out Derek is awesome at cooking, when he can be assed to do it. Stiles figures out a lot of very creative ways to motivate him.  

All in all, awesome.

Then…. well, then It happens.

It’s been about a year and three months when, one day, Stiles happens to see Derek coming out of a jewelry store.

He wasn’t following Derek or anything, he wants the record to be very clear on that; it’s just, they were going to meet up at the Chinese restaurant on the corner for dinner, and Stiles got there early. Usually Stiles doesn’t arrive early anywhere ever, but this time one of his classes got canceled at the last minute and he suddenly had all this spare time, and so he went ahead and snagged them a table at the restaurant.

That’s where he is when it happens, just people-watching out the window and contemplatively sipping his oolong. That’s when the door to the jewelry store across the street opens and Derek comes out, head down, busy tucking a suspicious little black box into his inner jacket pocket, and Stiles spits out his tea all over the table because what the fuck.

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{Special} College!AU Jooheon
  • major: accounting
  • minor: music technology/digital music production 
  • sports: said he’d try out for fencing because of his friend jackson but completely forgot about it,,,,,,,,,even though jackson texted him like 405282 times 
  • clubs: joined a movie club which is essentially like a book club but you all gather, pick a movie, and watch it. jooheon has picked pulp fiction like five times because he still doesn’t get the majority of what was happening in that movie,,,,,,,,,, 
  • if you’ve ever seen those memes about super stressed college students just laying down asleep in the library surrounded by unfinished homework, candy wrappers, and highlighters,,,,,,,,,,that is jooheon
  • if you look closely enough you’ll all see the light in his eyes is gone, his soul has left his body. left the library. left the campus. left this atmosphere.
  • and it is all because of his major,,,,,,,,,,,,which he hates,,,,,,,,,because accounting is just mathematics and droned out professors who sound like they’re saying the same thing over and over and over again
  • and jooheon has thought of bludgeoning himself with his auditing textbook on multiple occasions because,,,,,,,,everything is pain. College is Terrible
  • and all of his friends are like,,,,,bro you’re dragging yourself into a black hole just switch. changkyun is always like “look at me, i love my major because it’s interesting - you look like you haven’t slept in four days and i think your business tax homework is stuck onto your back with some gum.”
  • jooheon with bags under his eyes: i haven’t slept in four days. i haven’t eaten a decent meal in a week. and no changkyun, it isn’t “stuck” to me. my backpack is too full so im being innovative 
  • like it’s not even that he doesn’t study,,,,it’s just it’s so bland and boring of a subject that he can’t even motivate himself to apply what he’s learned
  • shownu literally had to come to his class once and pick up a passed out jooheon ,,,,,,,, it’s a Mess
  • the thing jooheon is really interested in is music,,,,,and he’s friends with a lot of the music majors so he gets to use their equipment and stuff if he asks
  • and like,,,,,,he wants to produce songs. and he has,,,,,,,,it’s just that no one knows it’s him
  • he has a soundcloud and every now and then he’ll drop a link to it on the student resource page and like,,,,,,,,,,it’s really popular
  • he publishes them under the fake name h*ney and any of his singles will go viral through school and be played at every dorm party on campus
  • even got off campus when someone tweeted that they were playing a h*ney song at this club that they were at and when jooheon saw he almost fell off his chair because??????? woah people really like what he does
  • but he knows a future with music is practically impossible, plus his own parents don’t know he took the production major as a minor because they’d be totally against it
  • and it sucks to feel like you’re being pulled in two directions; one toward what you really love, and one toward whats best for your future
  • like,,,,,not even his close friends know he’s actually h*ney and minhyuk’s literally always talking about how much he loves the songs and so is changkyun and even picky kihyun,,,,,,,
  • it’s like he’s living a double life LOL and jooheon wishes he could just be himself,,,,but it’s hard when he’s in class and the other accounting majors are all competing with each other for internships at huge companies and trash talking arts majors
  • i mean he already doesn’t really fit in perfectly,,,,,,,jooheon is much more social than a lot of people in his classes and he goes out on the weekends with wonho and minhyuk and sometimes he’ll crack jokes in class and the serious, no-fun students are just like “did you do the homework? what did you get on the midterm? are you working anywhere right now, i just got a job as a lackey at a bank-”
  • and so even with his grades slipping, jooheon knows that he’s never going to be an accountant, work in a bank, like the thought is so????? not him?????????
  • but all he does to deal with it is like,,,,,,work on his music even though he gets nothing in return because of his anonymity
  • and you,,,,,,,unlike jooheon who has a major he hates,,,,,,are undecided
  • and you’ve spent most of college taking random classes and not finding anything that interests you in the least and like it SUCKS
  • because everyone has a plan and you’re kinda like,,,,,,,,shrugging your shoulders because your friend looks at your schedule and is like ?? physics lab??????? international dance???? gender in the eighteenth century???? microeconomics????
  • and you’re just on your phone scrolling through texts or whatever shrugging your shoulders like yeah,,,idk,,,i can’t make up my mind
  • and you actually have microeconomics with jooheon and you sit next to each other in the lecture hall
  • which,,,,,is hilarious because out of all the people there you two have literally zero clue about what is going on because???? microeconomics,,,,,,,,,,,,,,doesn’t make sense to you guys
  • and instead of paying attention and studying you always fall asleep with your headphones on and jooheon has had to get into the habit of nudging you awake if the teacher comes by or there’s homework being passed out
  • and one day,,,, you have your earphones on as usual and you’re blasting the new song by h*ney,,,,and jooheon can hear it you’re listening to it so loud
  • and,,,,he just can’t help but smile to himself because,,,,,,,you don’t even know it but you’re sitting right next to the composer of that song
  • but also right before class ends everyone gathers around to talk about the final and you take your headphones out and you’re like,,,,,,,oh shit,,,,,the final
  • and jooheon is like,,,,,,,,we gotta get notes from someone fast or else we’ll both flunk and you agree but when you ask around most of the students either don’t have organized notes to give out or,,,,,you know,,,,just don’t want to
  • even though you and jooheon pull together a grand total of $22.47 as an offering ,,,, but you realize really fast you and jooheon are royal,,,,totally,,,,,Screwed
  • the both of you sitting on a bench on campus with your head in your hands until you sit up and you’re like “well,,,,,if we fail we fail,,,,not much we can do now. except-”
  • and jooheon turns to see you smirking and he’s like ???? and you’re like “wanna go party our misery away?” and he perks up because oh,,,, now that might make him feel better and you’re like “there’s this place i really like in the city, i go with friends but today ill go with my,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,partner in failure of microeconomics!!”
  • and that’s how you and jooheon end up on the cramped dancefloor of a popular club amongst college students and you can tell that over half of them are doing exactly what you and jooheon are doing: trying to forget the horrors of finals
  • and you and jooheon are having a great conversation on just how much college really stinks
  • jooheon spilling his hatred out for his major while you laugh and tell him at least he has a major,,,,,you’re just floating through completely unaware of what to pick
  • and you’re both shaking your heads with sighs until suddenly the song changes to h*ney’s new song and you light up and you’re like jOOHEON,,,,THIS SONG IS MY FAVORITE and it jusT CAME OUT h*ney really outdid himself this time,,,,,
  • and jooheon watches as you dance a little to the song and he has to take a sip of his drink in order not to break out into a grin
  • because again,,,,,you don’t know he’s h*ney
  • but you look cute,,, enjoying his music,,,,,,and jooheon realizes there’s a reason he loves music and not accounting,,,,,he loves it because it makes other people happy
  • like in this moment there’s a hundred or more other people here,,,young good looking people,,,,,but you somehow hold jooheon’s attention because of how genuinely you’re enjoying his music,,,something he created,,,,
  • and nothing has ever overcome jooheon like right now because suddenly he wants to tell you ,,,,, only you,,,,,,his secret
  • and he reaches out to take your hand and you’re like ????? and he’s like “im going to tell you something but you need to keep it a secret.” and you’re like ??????? sure????
  • and he’s like follow me, ill tell you but i think i need to show you so you’ll believe it
  • and you’re walking behind jooheon and instead of going toward the subway back to campus he’s telling you to come with him on the bus 
  • and before you know it you’re in front of an apartment building and jooheon is like “,,,,,you know how im an accounting major right? well im also,,,,,into making music. you might know some of my music,,,.”
  • you tilt your head in wonder because???? how could you know his music you’ve never heard of an artist named jooheon before
  • but when you step inside to the small apartment, turned into a mini recording studio jooheon starts up his computer and he’s like “here - tell me if this sounds familiar”
  • and the minute you hear it the minute you realize,,,,,jooheon,,,,,,is h*ney
  • and you’re like HOLY HELL NO WAY and jooheon is slightly embarrassed by your shocked expression but he’s like iT’s true,,,,h*ney is my side project and stage name
  • and you’re like oh mY GOD im in a room with a LEGEND DUDE YOURE A LEGEND ON CAMPUS 
  • and jooheon shrugs, but the compliments make him feel really proud
  • and you’re like “oh my god oh my g OD,,,,,,,,,do you have anything you’re working on???? id love to hear it???????” and jooheon nods excitedly and sits down to start opening up some samples
  • and you literally spend the next two hours going through all of the stuff jooheon is working on and him just telling you about how h*ney came to be, how he learned to sing and rap and produce
  • and you’re in awe,,,,you’re like jooheon you’re amazing,,,,,,god why are you even an accounting major???? music is your talent????
  • and you get up and tell jooheon to play that one song you really liked and you just,,,,dance because it’s so good it’s impossible to hold still
  • and you outstretch your arm for jooheon and he’s turning red like,,,ah i couldn’t,,,,dance to my oWN song,,,,,
  • but you pull him up anyway and even in the tight space,,,, with snack wrappers and magazines all over the floor,,,, you and jooheon dance to the song
  • and jooheon,,,,,,for a moment he swears when he looks at you it’s like he’s seeing you in slow motion
  • your hair hitting your face as you twist back and forth
  • the way your mouth is open just ajar, eyes sparkling with something he’s never seen before
  • and jooheon doesn’t believe in love at first sight or whatever,,,,because he’s seen you enough in class,,,,,,but there’s something about you,,,,,something that draws him in
  • so much so that he shared his bIGGEST secret with you,,,,,,
  • and when you both realize it’s like wayyyy past curfew you decide you’ll just go back to campus in the morning and jooheon pulls out the inflatable mattress he has and lets you take it and he falls asleep in his computer chair
  • but it’s cute when you wake up you’re just like WOW you’re h*ney i still can’t believe it,,,,,
  • but jooheon shrugs and is like “it’s true” and as you’re getting coffee before heading back to school you’re like “oh! by the way - i promise i won’t tell anyone,,, you want to keep it a secret right?” and jooheon nods and you’re like well,,,,,,you have my promise
  • and  jooheon thanks you and you tell him you’ll see him in microeconomics for that final you’re both gonna cry during
  • and jooheon is like waving,,,,but for some reason with you gone it feels,,,,empty,,,,,
  • and throughout the day he keeps thinking about how happy you had gotten listening to his music,,,,,,how apparently a lot of people get happy listening to his music
  • and everytime he’d look down at his accounting textbooks,,,,,,he could just feel that this wasn’t for him
  • and so,,,,,,, at the end of the day he decides he’s going to switch
  • and when microeconomics class comes around and you’re like heY ready to die jooheon tells you his decision and you’re like!!!!!!!! dude im so happy for you!!!!!! 
  • and he’s like,,,,,,,,it’s thanks to you,,,,,and you’re like mE??? and he’s like you made me see that music has the benefit of making someone feel something,,,,,i can’t do that with accounting
  • and you’re like flushing a bit because oh,,, you didn’t know you had such an impact but you’re happy you could help!! and jooheon turns to look athis paper but he’s like
  • before the test starts–after,,,do you wanna,,,,,,grab something to eat??
  • and you’re like,,,, as a oh-shit-we-failed-this-final kind of hang out or,,, a date??
  • and jooheon swallows and lowers his eyes but then he’s like “,,,,,like a date” and you feel your stomach do a little flip but you’re like ok!!!! deal
  • tldr; you and jooheon go on that date and it’s,,,,,fun you guys have a similar taste in music and you want to hear jooheon tell you more about his future plans 
  • but at the end,,,,when you’re doing circles around campus jooheon stops and goes “you helped me find what i want to do,,,,i want to help you too.”
  • and you’re like idk if you can,,,,,im still undecided,,,,,and jooheon sadly nods but he’s like “for now all i can offer is this,,,” and you’re like ? and he leans down to softly kiss your cheek and you’re like oh,,,,well,,,,,,,ill gladly take it,,,,,,,,,,,,again,,,,kiss me again
  • and jooheon is like on the cheek?? and you’re like nope, on the lips please (-: 
  • but jooheon is serious on helping you he gets together a bunch of his friends from different majors to talk with you and you’re like jooheon please it’s ok,,, but he’s like i want to help,,,,,,
  • you start spending more time with jooheon at his little studio and you’re always the first one to hear a h*ney song before it goes out
  • and you’re always hyping up his music because it’s SO GOOD seriously he could make money off producing
  • and jooheon never gets used to having someone stand beside him and praise him but he loves it even more because it’s you,,,,
  • his friend kihyun keeps demanding to know why you and jooheon keep going into the city together so much and you’re both like uMM,,,,,,,,for a group project,,,,,,,,,yeah,,,,,there’s a cafe there,,,,,,,we gtg,
  • and you like being the only one who knows jooheon is h*ney but also you keep encouraging him to maybe go public one day 
  • because that means???? other musicians can contact him???
  • but for now everytime you guys hangout at the club you hear a song and you just knowingly grin at each other
  • jooheon,,,,when he hears a song he likes sends it to you 
  • he makes playlists regularly and you listen to them whenever you miss him
  • you posted a photo on instagram of h*ney’s new soundcloud single and jooheon commented: oh! you’re a h*ney fan? 
  • and you rolled your eyes because REALLY so you replied with ‘he’s my ideal type, are you jealous?’
  • to which minhyuk replied: OH SICK BURN JOOHEON REST IN PEACE
  • you and jooheon both passing out at the library instead of studying until you get kicked out for taking up space and end up cuddled in each others arms in his dorm complaining about how college is hard and you should have both stayed kids instead LOL 
  • whenever jooheon overdoes it,,,,which he does a lot he stays up literally three nights in a row to work on a song,,,,,you have to come over and distract him with kisses
  • at some points you even have to sit in his lap and just use one hand to turn off the computer monitor and the other hand to go up jooheon’s shirt 
  • and he whines about the song he was working on but the whines turn into low moans soon enough and yes now you’ve got his attention (-;
  • but his friends are all super thankful to you because fINALLY jooheon isn’t torturing himself with accounting
  • you guys literally shred all of his homework once he officially switches majors. you also wanted to do a ritual burning of his textbooks but you were like wait no let’s sell them instead
  • jooheon: good idea. you’re so smart. i love you so much,,,,,
  • also not to mention but jooheon is the sweetest boyfriend he’ll buy you flowers randomly and give them to you after class
  • or he’ll do small gestures that actually mean a lot like he knows you forget your charger so he buys one that fits your phone to carry with him,,,,,,bought you a plush bee and was like you’re my bumblebee and im you’re honey!~~~~~
  • does horribly cringe worthy aegyo to get you to pay attention to him when you’re on your phone
  • but you still think it’s cute because you end up giving in and smothering him in kisses
  • you go to movie club with him once and instead of watching the movie you cuddle and try to throw popcorn into jooheon’s mouth and everyone is like ahEM PDA
  • and you’re like yes pda? i love my boyfriend????
  • you explain to jooheon what pulp fiction is really about and he’s like oh ,,,,,,my god
  • you share earphones whenever you guys take the train together,,,,,it’s really cute,,,,,,,
  • you both did fail your microeconomics final like you predicted,,,,,,,,but it was ok because it was microeconomics that brought you two together,,,,,
  • but you two also totally ripped the final apart in anger and then made out for a good half hour to cope,,,,,,,,LOL

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The Day Ladybug Met Chat Noir


Dear Ladybug,

I didn’t know if this was the best way to reach you; I never got around to getting your number (though you can’t say I didn’t try). But I trust that our mutual friend and budding Albert Londres winner at the Ladyblog will do her best to make sure this gets to you. I expect you used the same kind of technological skullduggery to post on the Ladyblog as I did, so I’m sure this is going to wind its way through the sea of proxy accounts to find you sitting at work somewhere.

It’s been awhile, huh? I don’t know how things shook out on your end, but I’m guessing your Miraculous doesn’t exactly work anymore, does it? I thought we’d at least have a moment to say goodbye after Hawkmoth got hauled off, but my little cat friend was gone before I could find you again. I looked for you in the crowds (I don’t know if you did the same, but I’m flattered if you did) but you were gone before I could find you.

I’d say I hope you survived, but we both know you’re too clever to be killed by a man in a butterfly costume.

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ohhhhhhkayyyyy so here’s the second part of @requiemofkings‘ original espionage-ish au idea that i just… took a stab at. i have no idea where this is going and there’s currently no end in sight, so isn’t that great? 

anyway here’s part 1

and here’s some suspense to keep you waiting on the whole “Neil” situation

79 hours (and a time zone) earlier

Andrew’s hands fit perfectly on the hook of Neil’s hips, his fingers tipped into the indent of skin where the bone gives way to squishy flesh pretending to be as hard as the planes of Neil’s scarred stomach. In the dark room, Andrew has no qualms about dipping his head down to kiss the side of Neil’s neck, lips pressing just under the silver chain holding up his engagement ring. Neil hums and leans back into Andrew, his weight solid and warm – more than welcome.

“Sorry!” Nicky pants, bursting in as if he had used the slamming of his body into the door to slow down his momentum. Allison follows him, but there’s no apology from her, just a cool look cast around the room before she moves to stand beside Renee. Nicky continues apologizing as he walks over to Aaron. “Sorry, we got caught up in some minor details.”

Andrew makes sure that his cousin is unharmed despite how harried he looks, and when he’s sure that the fool isn’t bleeding or bruised anywhere visible, he returns his attention front, eyes cast to where Wymack is standing at the head of the room. Kevin is the man’s shadow, glaring around the room in a dare for another setback.

“Since we’re all here now, if we’re done with the dramatics, I would like to let you all know what our next mission is.” Wymack narrows his gaze at Nicky and Allison, and after another moment, he clicks on the presentation. All of these slide shows make Andrew feel like he’s back in junior high, but Neil seems to like the simplicity of continuing to do things the old fashioned way. They’ll all have dossiers to read later, detailing their own individual parts of the mission, yet for some reason, Wymack still insists on the waste of time that is such a broad overview.

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“Like elder brother and younger brother”

(Shoma and Keiji’s interview in Quadruple 2017 Extra magazine. Thanks to @chestnutskating for the scans!)

Shoma Uno and Keiji Tanaka have been leading Japanese men’s figure skating since they were juniors, and they finished gold and silver at this season’s Japanese Nationals. Their joint interview became a reality after they finished their segments at Worlds. We got a sneak peak into the 19 and 23 year olds’ raw, true selves which we do not get to see most of the time.

– Well done at the World Championships. Were you in the same room this time?

K + S: Nope, we weren’t.

S: We haven’t roomed together much since we became seniors right?

K: Nope, not normally.

– You roomed together frequently when you were juniors.

S: Yep, that’s right.

K: We did room a lot when we were juniors.

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You’re a One Hit Wonder, Baby

Your older brother is a boxer. Through his competitions, you come to meet Park Woojin, another boxer, who catches your eye.

  • for anon who requested a boxer!au
  • took me forever bc school just started and i already got like two essays to write rip

  • your older brother by one year was a boxer, and so you were often dragged to the events that he competed in
  • he was quite good, competing at state and national levels
  • and of course, as his loyal younger siblings, you were dragged along
  • it was basically slave labor– you carried his things inside the competition, handed him sweat towels, carried his (now sweaty) things back outside the competition
  • it was a vicious cycle
  • he had a fairly important match approaching, one that he needed to score a certain amount of points to qualify for a specific tournament
  • of course, you accompanied him to the match since it was on the weekend, the familiar early mornings and car rides already a constant in your life
  • you were juggling his gloves, water bottle, duffel bag, and snacks when someone ran into you, making you drop everything
  • “oh my god, i’m sorry”
  • your heart stopped
  • like actually stopped
  • the absolute cutest guy you’d ever seen was crouching down and collecting your brothers various bags of almonds and peanuts
  • he had inky black hair, ear piercings and a snaggletooth, and the sheepish smile he sent you as he handed you your brother’s snacks was enough to melt you into a puddle of goo
  • “(y/n), what’s up with you?” your brothers asked as he nudged you, waiting for one of the officials to announce where his match would take place
  • you shook your head, realizing that you’d been daydreaming about the guy
  • “nothing, sorry.”
  • as you were going to the water fountain to grab some more water for your brother after his own match was over, you heard loud cheering from one of the other rooms
  • the guy from earlier was smiling bashfully in the middle of the ring as an older man– presumably his coach, pounded his back
  • the smile made his snaggletooth appear, and you smiled
  • you were a bit surprised that the guy was one of the competing boxers, you definitely weren’t complaining at the glimpse you caught of him shirtless and sweaty
  • “i guess woojinnie won his round too,” your brother said, coming up behind you, “you got that water yet?”
  • “yeah, here,” you replied, holding the bottle out to him “and woojinnie?”
  • “his full name is park woojin,” your brother explained, “he’s been boxing for almost as long as I have, so we know each other pretty well. I’m surprised you two haven’t met yet– he’s about the same age as you.”
  • you started seeing woojin more and more at tournaments and such
  • the tournament pool wasn’t that large, so it wasn’t surprising, but no amount of times would make the fluttering in your stomach go away when you saw woojin
  • one weekend, you knew for sure that your brother didn’t have any tournaments, so you were confused as to why he was waking up so early and getting ready
  • “you don’t have a match today, idiot,” you sighed, rolling your eyes
  • “i know, dumbass,” he shot back, “woojin’s big qualifier is today, i was thinking of going to support him. wanna go?”
  • normally, when he went to support one of his boxer friends, you didn’t tag along, but this time you nodded, throwing on a simple sweatshirt and jeans
  • your brother, who was able to drive, got the two of you to the venue
  • you followed behind him a bit timidly as he entered the venue, easily finding seats next to some of his boxing friends, daehwi, youngmin and donghyun
  • “hey, i’m gonna head to the bathroom,” you whispered to your brother, getting out of your seat to quickly run to the bathroom before woojin’s match started
  • as you were exiting the bathroom, you bumped into someone
  • again, you’d ran straight into woojin, whose arms darted out to steady you
  • “are you okay?” you asked in alarm, realizing how pale and nervous he looked
  • “i’ll be alright,” he managed to say, sending you a smile
  • “good luck!” you said cheerfully, sending woojin a wide smile
  • he began blushing, looking over at you awkwardly before his gaze darted to the ground
  • “thanks, (y/n).”
  • as you settled back down with your brother and his friends, you wondered how exactly woojin knew your name
  • despite his nerves, woojin did incredibly well, securing a place in the next tournament and completely obliterating his opponent
  • you cheered loudly of course, clapping vigorously as his coach lifted woojin’s right hand up proudly
  • “hey (y/n), the boys are gonna grab lunch over at the diner, you wanna come?” your brother asked as people began filing out of the venue
  • you agreed, the sound of fries and a milkshake sounding particularly enticing
  • when you entered the diner behind your brother, you were surprised to see woojin sitting in a booth with his other friends, considering he’d just participated in a pretty intense match
  • obviously you congratulated him on a win, and he blushed at your compliment, staring down at the vanilla shake in front of him
  • the meal went fairly smoothly
  • youngmin and donghyun occasionally asked you about school and how your life was going, and you answered their questions easily before going back to your food
  • you were just sipping the dregs of your milkshake, turning to your brother to ask when he was going to get going, when you noticed him texting furiously
  • “fuck, my girlfriend is pissed at me,” he groaned, sighing heavily, “(y/n), I don’t think I can drive you home.”
  • “oh, woojin, weren’t you saying you wanted to head home?” youngmin asked, turning to woojin, whose eyes widened almost comically
  • “um,” he said through a mouthful of burger, “yeah. we can leave soon, if you’d like.”
  • after paying for your shares of the bill, you and woojin got up, saying bye to everyone before heading out onto the street
  • “congrats again,” you commented, doing your best to make small talk, despite the insane amount of pounding going on in your heart
  • “thank you,” woojin smiled sheepishly, “to be honest, i was a bit nervous knowing that you were there.”
  • “oh, why do i make you nervous?” you asked, alarmed and worried that maybe you’d done something to make woojin weird around you
  • “wait, what?” woojin turned to you, confused
  • “you said that you were nervous, i just wasn’t sure why,” you repeated yourself
  • “i said that outloud?” woojin clapped a hand over his mouth, ears turning pink
  • “uh,” you raised an eyebrow, “yes?”
  • woojin whined, cheeks turning a bit red to, “that’s so embarrassing, i’m so sorry.”
  • “wait, why is it embarrassing? i’m so confused,” you laughed, shaking your head at woojin’s weird attitude
  • woojin looked down at you and let out a huge breath before he began talking again
  • “(y/n), I really like you, and I have for a while,” he confessed quickly, his words blurring together, “I understand if you say no, but I’d really like it if you would go on a date with me.”
  • you smiled broadly at that, looking up at the boy with hopeful eyes
  • “I would absolutely love to.”
  • woojin heaved a sigh of relief, clearly happy with your response
  • “you have no idea how many times i’ve imagined this moment in my head,” he laughed sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment
  • “did any of those include this?” you asked before kissing him on the cheek quickly, your own cheeks gaining a light pink dusting
  • woojin smiled, reaching down to lace his fingers with yours, “of course~ what kind of pining dreamer would I be without that?”
Hogwarts AU headcannons

Hinata: Gryffindor. Pureblood. He plays quidditch and is a seeker because he’s super fast. His literal life goal is to play at the quidditch World Cup someday. Has a pet cat named snitch. Has to go to yachi for tutoring because he doesn’t keep up with his studies. Patronus is a lion.

Kageyama: Slytherin. Muggle born. Plays quidditch and is also a seeker. Needs to beat that dumbass Hinata. Also he’s really good at potions and is addicted to butterbeer. He doesn’t have many friends but sometimes he hangs out with Hinata. (It’s a secret) patronus is a crow.

Tsukishima: Ravenclaw. Pureblood. Plays quidditch as a chaser. Literally always has straight A’s but never studies. People mistake him to be a Slytherin. He is very intimidating. Patronus is a snake.

Yamaguchi: Ravenclaw. Half-blood. Doesn’t play quidditch but goes to literally every game to cheer for Tsukki. Loves herbology and care of magical creatures. Ends up being a prefect and then head boy. Patronus is a horse.

Daichi: Gryffindor. Pureblood. Team captain for the quidditch team and plays beater. He’s super popular. Also he has a pet owl and it’s the most beautiful thing ever? Totally competed in the tri-wizard tournament but he didn’t win lol. He becomes an auror after he graduates. Patronus is a stag.

Suga: Slytherin. Half-blood. High-key in love with Gryffindor’s captain. Is prefect then eventually head boy. Tries his hardest to make friends with everyone he meets and wants everyone to know that Slytherin’s aren’t evil. Ends up becoming the actual minister of magic one day. Patronus is an owl.

Asahi: Hufflepuff. Pureblood. Honestly the sweetest guy ever?? Everyone looks up to him. Plays quidditch as a beater. Also he helps tutor other students on the weekends when there aren’t any games. Patronus is a hare.

Nishanoya: Gryffindor. Half-blood. Plays as keeper for the quidditch team. Pulls huge pranks on all of the professors and other students. Literally the only reason gryffindor loses house points. Patronus is a cat.

Tanaka: Gryffindor. Pureblood. Pulls pranks with Noya but he’s never the one to get in trouble rip. Is ‘in love’ with a new girl almost every week. Defense against the dark arts is his favorite class. Patronus is a wolf.

Kiyoko: Ravenclaw. Half-blood. SUPER popular but super shy. Actual fan girl of so many things?? She also has a really fluffy cat. Patronus is a swan.

Yachi: Hufflepuff. Muggle born. Honestly she’s so good at magic. 10/10 wish they could pick up spells as fast as she can. She becomes the actual headmaster of Hogwarts one day. Her patronus is a squirrel.


AU - The Legends girls as city roommates with 0 direction and too many cropped shirts (multi/poly)

Kendra- barista, has yet to hit caffeine threshold, everyone falls in love with her, has like 3 boyfriends and a sara and really doesn’t give a flip. sings and plays the guitar and should probably try to do something with it but whatever

Sara- teaches karate to kids and competes on the weekends, sleeps in kendra’s bed more than she sleeps in her own, once met sebastian stan in a starbucks and stole his drink from the bar, is no longer allowed on the roof for obvious reasons

Amaya- the new girl who brought her cat, fat pumpkin, instagram model, really too classy for this mess, lies to her mom on the phone about her roommates, can’t tell kendra’s white boyfriends apart, borrows clothes but always washes and returns them, regrets joining the groupchat

Cosplayer AU cot’d

Yuuri attends Otakon every year after that, in handmade costumes that he never enters. Not even for hall contest judging. He notes times and dates for group photoshoots for the popular series and blends into them, not ever trying to stick out.

He learns more and more, taking sewing courses as electives in high school to get better and improve. They let him bring his cosplays for his projects, his teacher always so intrigued by the reference photos.

In an art class, he meets a boy named Phichit. Phichit is like, insane, at sculpting, casting, and even welding. He’s also super into anime and manga, and he begins attending Otakon with Yuuri when they get old enough to drive themselves. They spend their weekends together crafting—Phichit makes the props, Yuuri sews the outfits. 

It’s a great partnership, and they start getting noticed by the community.

When they turn 17, they enter the hall contest for the first time as Kurogane and Fai D. Flowright from TRC. It’s an image CLAMP made for Chapter 204—they’re in outfits based on historical samurai gear. Phichit cafted the bow, sword, and armor, while Yuuri sewed and styled the wigs. 

“Stop panicking,” Phichit says with a poke as they wait their turn.

“I’m fine,” Yuuri fires back.

They’re close enought to see the judges—and…oh god. One of them is Chris Giacometti, who is mostly a photographer now. One is Mila Babicheva, who was on their WCS team the year before with Sara Crispino. They won the Brother prize, which they said was pleasing. 

The third is Yuuri’s idol, his raison d’etre for this hobby, why he can sew and style fake hair like it’s his job.

He cut his hair last year to the chagrin of the community, saying he wanted to branch out away from the light haired pretty boys with long locks after he did the Yoshitaka Amano version of Vampire Hunter D. Here he sits dressed as Nagisa Kaworu in his full plugsuit. 

Yuuri isn’t fond of Shinji, but he’s never wished to cosplay him more.

Phichit digs his knuckles into Yuuri’s back, forcing him to the table.

Chris raises an eyebrow—he’s in a comfortable outfit, undoubtedly changing for the masquerade, and he has glasses on. Mila is Fujiko Mine. “So,” begins, “KuroFai. Can we see your references?”

Phichit hands her a binder. It’s not just references—it’s progress shots of all the construction with them visibly in frame so there’s no doubt about the construction. The judges make various impressed murmurs. 

“May I see your seams?” Victor asks with a smile. He has red contacts in, and it’s not bad, but Yuuri’s seen him pictures out of cosplay with his natural eye color. It’s a lot prettier.

Yuuri holds out the long sleeve, turning it inside out. Victor runs his fingers over it with a serious look in his eyes. He turns back to Yuuri and he stares a little too long before smiling. “Your work is lovely…almost completely perfect. Are you at FIDM or FIT? Oh wait—you must go to SCAD of course!”

“Uh,” Yuuri begins. “I’m a high school senior. I just take a lot of home ec.”

Victor’s eyes widen. “High school?” 

Mila and Chris both look at them with greater interest. 

Phichit takes over with a bright grin and the V sign. “Yup! We graduate right before next year’s con! We spent all year on these, though, because we figured better to do it well than to rush! Plus sourcing the fabrics was a pain, ask Yuuri!”

“Um, well,” Yuuri coughs. “Mood sells online. So it’s not…not terrible? And we went to Rockville to G Street…they had good choices, too.”

“G Street is where I go,” Victor says with a grin. “Love them. On a first name basis with the entire staff. Take classes sometimes…curious I’ve never come across you!” He bites his bottom lip while looking at Yuuri, then he recalls Phichit is his partner. “Either of you.”

Chris snorts and gives Victor the sideye over Mila. Mila shakes her head, then turns back to her job. “May I?” she asks. Phichit hands her the bow. “Hm, surprisingly unburdensome,” she begins as she touches it. “No visible lines or seams, flawless paint…you spent hours sanding this, didn’t you?”

“I marathoned Champloo,” Phichit admits with a shrug. “Twice.”

Chris laughs, heartily and happily. “Yeah, you know, when I made my Kefka, I went through a few seasons of Yu Yu Hakusho.”

Phichit laughs. “Then you get me!”

Mila laughs too, but Victor’s eyes haven’t strayed from Yuuri. Yuuri notices, and gives him a quizzical look that may be slightly bitchy since he flies blind in costume. “Do you have a social media account or webpage?” Victor asks. 

“Uh—no,” Yuuri manages. “This is the first one I’m proud of, honestly.”

“You should, I’d like to see more of your work,” Victor says as he checks the entry form. He scans it and sees their names with their characters. “Katsuki Yuuri,” he reads.

Phichit is giving him a look but Yuuri flushes and nods. “Um, yes. That’s me. We’ll set up a site…soon. Um…”

A volunteer taps Victor and points at the ten or so entrants behind them. “Oh! Yes!” Victor grins. “Well, thank you both.”

“Thank you,” Mila and Chris chime in unison.

“Thank YOU,” Phichit replies as he bodily steers Yuuri away. He gives Yuuri a judgmental raised eyebrow that Yuuri pretends he doesn’t see.

They went to the Starbucks on the third floor of the convention center and wait in the hellish line for cold drinks. They’ve barely paid and had their first sips when an excitable boy with a DSLR screams and runs to them. The boy has blonde and red dyed hair and he insists on doing a photoshoot right that second on the garden and fountain area of the BCC. 

It takes like…elventy hours and others take their pictures too in various fighting stances. (A few ask for…pandering shots, but since Phichit and Yuuri can read search results for Kuro and Fai, they anticipated this. Somewhat awkward since just buds, but not a shock.)

When the light fades, they head to the Pratt Street Pavilion and eat a nice (they’re kids) dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Yuuri almost drowns in cucumber lemonade and Phichit insists on them sharing their cheesecakes. 

They manage to get back in time for the Masquerade and they get decent seats. A lot of the skits are okay, some are outright just awful, but there’s no clear perfection like when Victor competed. Yuuri reminds himself of his goal—Best in Show at Otakon, just like Victor. 

He’s not there yet, but he will be.

Halftime happens, and the music video winners are shown. Then it’s time for the Hall Contest winners. Yuuri’s palms and forehead drip sweat. Phichit holds his hand, no less nervous than Yuuri but better at pretending otherwise.

Kids then novices, which is their category, and nothing. Journeymen, Master. Best of Friday, Best of Saturday. Nothing. Yuuri and Phichit exchange sad looks, but they don’t complain. They’re smart—next time, they’ll do better.

Victor takes the mic. “Best of the Weekend was something special, especially for first time entrants! Everything was flawless from the sewing to the prop making…entry number #53, Kurogane and Fai from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles!”

Yuuri freezes like a statue as Phichit jumps up with a loud shout. He tries to drag Yuuri to the stage, but Yuuri can’t budge. “Dude,” Phichit says. with disbelief all over his face.

“Oh!” Yuuri realizes. He stumbles, and they walk up the stage stairs. Flashbulbs blind both of them as they’re given room to pose for photographs. Occasionaly they change position, and it ultimately lasts a solid ten minutes. Phichit accepts the trophy and prizes with a bright grin, shaking the hand of each judge. 

Yuuri almost forgets himself, and follows suit. “Good job,” Mila says with a grin, now dressed as Hyakurin from Blade of the Immortal.

“Well done!” adds Chris with a big pat on his shoulder. Chris is Saya from Blood+. It’s a good look.

Victor is Sebastian from Black Butler, and Yuuri swallows. Victor’s eyes light up, and instead of a handshake, he pulls Yuuri into a hug. “I want to see what you do next,” he whispers. 

Yuuri’s cheeks turn red, and he clears his throat. “Okay.”

Victor’s smile fills the room, and it’s all Yuuri sees, even on the drive home as Phichit talks a mile a minute about how next time they’ll go even bigger.

Scavenger Hunt

Summary: A bachelorette party scavenger hunt forces the reader to approach the hottest guy she sees at the mall…

warnings: none, just fluff

word count: ~1900

You walked quickly into the shopping mall, your giggling friends surrounding you.  Damn them and their bachelorette party games.

You were a bridesmaid for one of your best friends from college, Katie, who you were really glad hadn’t picked you to be her maid of honor because frankly, you weren’t one to plan a bachelorette party.  She’d chosen one of your other best friends Rachel to take the all-important position, and now you were seriously regretting it.

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insecure: jealousy;

member- taekook x you

genre- fluff, (very) slight angst, au

words- 1,352

summary- you cant help but get a little jealous of taehyung & jungkook always being toegther. polyamorous!au

a/n- here is the fluffy version! i hope you guys like this one too! i hope they aren’t too similar! 

Originally posted by taekookie-bts


Usually, you aren’t the jealous type. In fact, it’s crucial for your relationship not to be. But sometimes you just can’t help it. Especially when it’s swim season. 

It started with Jungkook. He likes to be active all the time, which is why he’s on both the school’s baseball and swim team. When Jungkook went to the first optional swim practice, he came back buzzing about how much fun it was and how Taehyung would love it. Next thing you knew, Taehyung was going to practices with Jungkook, which ended up in both of them making the team. Of course, your boys are talented (and they both happen to look fantastic without a shirt on). Once they were both on the team, it was weekends without them and evenings spent waiting for them to come home. And you hate it. 

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the second and final part of the childhood friend! daniel au

(image credit)

pairing: kang daniel x reader (featuring kang dongho)
genre: fluff, angst
summary: You’ve never let your relationship with Kang Daniel move beyond the fun and physical, especially since he’s your brother’s best friend. Throw in a distraction, some sexy stubble, and a meddling brother, and you have a recipe for disaster.

one | two

  • you don’t expect to meet your childhood friend kang daniel again at university, but when you do, it’s only a matter of time till you become friends again 
  • it’s a little different now, your old hide and seek games replaced by lazy afternoons at his apartment, his arm comfortably around your shoulders and his cats on both your laps
  • it doesn’t take long for the two of you to fall into a rhythm, and by your third year, you’ve taken five general classes together despite having different majors
  • when you enter your basic philosophy and logic class, daniel’s already taken a seat beside a pretty girl in a sundress, which has you swallowing down the drop of jealousy building up in your throat and sitting elsewhere
  • to your left is an boy—no, man, you think—with stubble dark against his pale skin and an expression so bored it’s intimidating, and you don’t realize you’re staring till he looks at you and smirks, like a tiger spotting prey
  • you bite your lip and smile, feeling the tips of your ears turning warm, because he may not be your usual type, but that tattoo peeking from beneath the low collar of his white shirt is attractive as hell
  • when the professor asks all of you to pair up and you see daniel talking to the girl next to him, you shrug and turn to mr. sexy tiger, as you’ve taken to calling him in your head
  • his name is kang dongho, and though you’re a little worried about whether he’ll be a good project partner, soon you’re saving his number and pointedly not looking at daniel, who’s been glancing at you with a frown
  • later that day, you’re at daniel’s apartment, his hand at the back of your neck and drawing you closer
  • you and daniel make out every so often whenever neither of you are dating, and that’s completely normal between friends, isn’t it?
  • but you pull back, asking him whether he’s thinking of seriously dating the girl from philosophy class because you need to know if your arrangement has to change any time soon 
  • he says no, and you pull him into the kiss, and he tastes like the gummy candies he likes to eat, some sugar on the corner of his lip for you to lick, and you’ve never had a sweet tooth but daniel’s mouth is more addictive than candy
  • afterwards, you’re texting dongho about your meeting the next day, and daniel is laughing because kang dongho is the complete opposite of all the boys you’ve gone for throughout your three years at university
  • “remember lai guanlin”
  • you stick your tongue out at him and call him an idiot, but at midnight, daniel insists on walking you back to your dorm, and you ignore the little voice in your head that tells you how easy it would be to pull him close and finally confess what had been at the tip of your tongue over six years ago
  • that weekend, you’re at the library with dongho, reminding yourself that you’re an adult, there to study and not to ogle the exposed area of his chest nor the way he bites his pen in thought
  • then you get texts from daniel asking for help with the assignment, and you roll your eyes before sending the relevant book titles since you and dongho have practically finished your project 
  • [5:40 PM] cat daniel: ur rly so hot when ur being competent
  • you’re grinning at your phone, choosing the appropriate sticker to send, when dongho asks you if you want to get barbecue with him tonight
  • “as partners?” you say, confused, and dongho smirks in that way that makes you melt, laughing at you, and your cheeks turn pink
  • “i’ll get the car,” he says, taking your stunned silence as affirmation, and you’re still smiling when daniel texts you again, telling you to come over, but you only have enough time to send a sad face and ‘can’t, bbq with the tiger’ before dongho says he’s outside
  • back at his apartment, daniel begins to feel uneasy because you’ve only ever taken your dates to cute, trendy little places like cafes and diners, and they’ve always been lanky younger boys like sewoon and jihoon, not men who look at you like they want to devour you like this kang dongho
  • daniel knows it’s hypocritical to feel this way when he can never get enough of your lips, when he’s always glad to see you wearing those off-shoulder tops you like so much because it’s easier for him to mouth at your neck and collarbones, and he tells himself that he’s worried and not jealous, no not at all 
  • you’re back at the dorm with ramen and beer from the nearby convenience store because you’d been too shy to eat like you wanted in front of dongho, when you get a call from your older brother 
  • “what’s this i hear about you dating a bad boy?” daehyun says in a teasing tone, but you can hear the warning in his voice, and you’re angry because only one person knew that you were going out tonight
  • “what did daniel tell you about dongho, oppa?” you say, trying to keep your voice level 
  • your brother sighs, saying, “he called your date bad news. are you going over to daniel’s apartment? we need to talk about this later, Y/N,” and you grunt in response before hanging up, pulling on a hoodie and rubber shoes and rushing to daniel’s apartment to give him a piece of your mind
  • when he opens the door, you storm inside, your arms crossed over your chest as you seethe and say, “what the fuck?” and daniel smiles uncomfortably, shrugging
  • the two of you stand in awkward silence, and for the first time since you met him you see daniel’s face turn serious 
  • “i don’t think your brother would approve of you dating him,” he says, looking away because both of you know that it’s bullshit, but before you can call him out, he asks, “have you kissed him?“
  • your fists are at your side and you shut your eyes tight, holding back the waves of frustration and hurt and anger that are making it difficult to breathe
  • “that’s none of my brother’s business, and it’s certainly not yours,” you say, narrowing your eyes at him, and you can’t stop yourself from poking him in the chest, your face near his as you hiss, “and do you fucking think he’d approve of you sticking your tongue down my throat every tuesday, asshole?” 
  • “it’s different with us,” he says lamely, still not looking you in the eye, and all the fight drains out of you, leaving you feeling exhausted
  • “of course it is, daniel,” you say, the hurt palpable in your voice, “because i know it’ll never be anything more for you.” 
  • you don’t look at him when you leave his apartment, and when he texts you throughout the week you delete his messages without reading them 
  • kang dongho takes you out on one more date, this time to the zoo, but all you can think about when you see the lions and tigers are daniel’s cats, and you find yourself tearing up, apologizing to dongho and telling him it’s better if you stay friends 
  • “it was worth a shot,” he says before taking you home, and you’re sorry you and dongho have so little in common because he’s really quite sweet under that intimidating exterior
  • you tell yourself it has nothing to do with a certain b-boying idiot 
  • but later that night you remember how early on in your freshman year, you and daniel had ended up at an ice cream parlor past ten in the evening after terrible dates with other people, how the wet asphalt had glistened under the street lights, the way daniel’s eyes twinkled as he took your hand and brought you back to his place
  • that first time, he’d tasted like cupcake sprinkles and home, but you’d pulled back and laughed it off, and you had been the one to bring up the arrangement because ‘friends who make out every so often’ sounded better to you than the unknown you’d have to face if you’d admitted any feelings
  • daniel is awake thinking back to the same moment, the space on his couch feeling empty without you in it, and he realizes you deserve more than what he’s been willing to give you, more than the bits and pieces of himself no one else is willing to accept, that flirtatious texts and kissing sessions are not all he wants with you
  • two days later, you’re at your dorm studying when someone knocks, and you open the door to kang daniel, looking more nervous than you’ve ever seen him
  • before you can shut the door, he says, “i’m an idiot,” and you narrow your eyes, gesturing for him to continue, “i’m an idiot who wanted your heart without asking, who wanted all the best parts of you without showing you the best parts of me. i’m a coward who couldn’t tell you six years ago when i left, or three years ago when i met you again, or two weeks ago when i called your brother instead, that i like you and want to be with you—are you—are you crying?” 
  • and he pulls you to his chest like he has every time you’ve cried in front of him, and you can feel in the tightness of his embrace that he would do anything in his power to make things okay again
  • “you’re a big fucking idiot,” you mumble into his chest, and he laughs, his hand rubbing soothing circles onto your lower back
  • “i’m sorry,” daniel says, “i really like you,” and you stay like that for a while, feeling lighter than you have in ages
  • you pull back to smile up at him, stroking his cheek, watching his face for his reaction to your next words
  • “you’re telling my brother”
  • and his eyes go wide, the colour draining from his face, but you’re laughing at him, relaxing in his arms, and daniel knows two things:
  • first, that meeting you fifteen years ago was one of the best things to happen to him
  • and second, that the many years ahead will be that much sweeter with you by his side.

Title: Gods in the Chrysalis
Author: JhanaMay
Artist: violue
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: Endverse Castiel, Musician Castiel, traumatic brain injury
Posting Date: 11/7/2017

Summary:  Olympic hopeful Dean Winchester has always felt more at home in the water than he did on land. Pressured by his father to carry on his mother’s dream, Dean’s entire life has revolved around swimming and competing. Everything changes when he sustains a head injury in an accident at the pool and is left unable to swim. The fear of disappointing everyone in his life is heightened when he realizes his love of the water has been replaced by a strange talent for playing the piano. With the help of Castiel, the high-school dropout/weekend musician who runs a local music store, Dean learns to question everything he thought he knew about himself, his family, and his life. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the butterfly calls just the beginning.

- - -

Dean opens his eyes, and blinks, registering for the first time the damp tear tracks streaked down his face. He doesn’t know how long he’s been crying, but his sinuses ache enough to tell him it’s been a while. Reaching up to scrub the wetness away, Dean turns to face the person behind him.

The man from the behind the counter stands a few feet away, his hands shoved into the pockets of his black skinny jeans. Dean hadn’t noticed before, but he’s wearing a pale blue t-shirt with a colorful pony on the front, the words Rainbow Dash in glitter below it. Intricate designs—musical notation shot through with dark green vines and bright splashes of flowers—wind their way up both arms and disappear into his shirt sleeves. A single musical note drips from the right corner of his bright blue eyes and two silver balls frame the outer edge of his left eyebrow.

The man rocks back on his heels and clears his throat. “Holy fuck,” he says, his voice a deep, rolling timbre. “I’m glad Raph listened when I told him not to get rid of that piano.”

He steps forward and Dean shifts back, pressing himself against the keys and wincing at the discordant sound. “Sorry, I, ah, I saw it and—”

“Don’t apologize. We don’t get classically trained pianists in here, like, ever. That was fucking beautiful.” He pulls one hand out of his pocket and tugs at the hem of the too-small t-shirt where it’s pulling up, revealing a sliver of skin at his hip.

Dean follows the long fingers with his eyes. Piano keys cover the back of his hand, tattooed across his knuckles and down to the first joint. “I’m not—” Dean stands up, knocking the bench back against the piano, and edges away from the man. “I should go.”

“You don’t have to go. I’m Castiel,” the guy says, holding out his hand. “Where’d you study? Not K.U., not playing Satie like that. Tell me you didn’t go to Juilliard.”

Dean studies the man’s outstretched hand, then looks back up at his face. Dark stubble dusts his strong jawline, and Dean’s mouth goes dry. Despite the tattoos and the piercings and the fucking god-awful abomination of a t-shirt, he’s gorgeous, and Dean can’t breathe. He can’t breathe and he’s going to pass out and he doesn’t even know where the hell he is or how he got here. Sucking in a rasping gasp of air, he stumbles backward. He can’t do this, not with the song echoing in his head and his hands twitching to play it again. “I can’t,” he forces out, shoving past the man. “I’m sorry; I have to go. I’m sorry.” He rushes to the door and out into the bright afternoon sun.

I was watching AVPM for the nth time and I couldn’t stop imagining Albus and Scorpius watching and OMG

I need this I’m sorry

  • Albus and Scorpius sing “I’m Harry Freaking Potter” really quietly when the teacher of History of Magic says something that Harry did and they just burst into laughter, just them both
  • Every freaking song just become so handy as a internal joke because they found the musical by accident
  • They were curious if the muggles ever heard of Harry Potter, so they google it when they go to a muggle city, on a library, the only place they know that has computers

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Let me elaborate from the previous post.

You see, Lionsgate produces movies and distributes them in US, Canada, and UK. The rest of the world? They sale the rights to other local distribution companies to do promotion and sale them to theaters to show their movies. This is basically why Lionsgate has the tendency to have (mostly) bomb after bomb and yet the company is still very much alive. You see how each year they make a crappy low budget animated movie that comes out in January? Norm of the North, Alpha & Omega, Rock Dog, to name a few, all bombs, and yet they got profit out of all them. Why? Because from selling the international distribution rights they practically recovered the budget and they get nothing but profit afterwards. On the meanwhile, the small local distributors get a quick profit for a movie they didn’t payed that much and they hardly promoted. Is a win-win.

It’s because of this form of distribution Power Rangers is failing internationally. Take for instance in my country, Mexico. In the opening weekend the movie was #1 at the mexican box-office. This was while having less screens than Beauty and the Beast (which already had a week in theaters), it’s major competitor that weekend. And yet, by the next weekend, it was in less screens than newcomer Ghost in the Shell AND B&tB. Why? Because whatever incentives the big companies offered the theaters, it was something the small local company couldn’t compete with. The local distributor, however, already received their profit, and Lionsgate doesn’t get much from international box-office anyway. This applies to pretty much any part of the world, having irregular distribution and promotion from country to country.

And how does this applies to Power Rangers and why buying toys would help much more guarantee a sequel?

Well, you see, Power Rangers is obviously a much bigger than most of Lionsgate’s films. They really wanted this to be their big franchise after Hunger Games, and even though it doesn’t look like it, Lionsgate has been receiving nothing but profit since day 1. Between the sale of distribution rights, canadian tax incentives, that Saban/Toei put part of the money, and whatever quantity (spoilers?) Krispy Kreme paid, despite the $110m budget, what LG truly invested into making the movie would be around 25-30m. So they practically recovered their investment since opening day!

“So this means we are getting a sequel? :D”

Calm down. No, it doesn’t. Again, Lionsgate, really wanted this to be their very own entry into the superhero movie bandwagon, and they really wanted this to be their new moneymaker since HG, since the Divergent series couldn’t live up to that (add those to the list of films with so-so box-office to outright bombs, and yet they still made sequels and they’re currently making a tv series). And even thought they probably won’t receive the money they wanted, there is a second party here that could push them into making at least one sequel: Saban/Toei.

As meanwhile Lionsgate keeps most of the box-office profit, Saban/Toei get their profit from merchandise. If they get more than enough from toy sales, they WILL push for a sequel, either with or without Lionsgate (granted, Lionsgate is the only one who would make such a gamble, so they’re the sure bet). Truth is, that is Saban’s/Toei’s true money maker, toys. For Power Rangers -and it’s sister series, Super Sentai- ratings are pretty much irrelevant, toy sales is what keeps those series alive (in particularly SS has had some serious decline and their movies aren’t exactly hits, but toy sales are always hot).

And yeah, I know toys are expensive, but if you could get something, you’ll help more the chances of a sequel than going to watch it again this weekend.

(Although form what I’ve seen the toys are not that much expensive from a movie ticket in US? I saw someone posting their ticket and it was $16?! What the fuck? Checking the Toys R Us website a toy is $8, so it’s cheaper than going to the movies, the fuck? In Mexico it’s $6, $10 tops if you go to a premium theater, what the fuck is wrong with american ticket prices, what the f)

Although, the most important thing is…

Keep this movie alive.

By that, I mean, keep it relevant. When it’s home released, show it to anyone who enters your house. Because, if the movie gets a sequel, it will be a make it or break deal. If the sequel gets mediocre earnings, it will not get further more sequels. It needs to be a hit. And, for that we need to bring in more people to watch this one. Maybe not in theaters, but through any other way. I remember that when I entered this hellsite, Pacific Rim was very popular. One post particularly stayed with me due to how quickly irrelevant it became. It said something along the lines of wanting Pacific Rim to become the next Star Wars, with all sorts of merchandise and tie-in novels and expanded universe stuffs. But people on this place forget and move on easily. I still follow many of the the blogs from that time who reblogged that post, and yet, only a handful of them keep posting PR stuff (practically only kaiju and toku blogs that I follow keep posting PR related content semi-regularly). I wonder if op even has any PR content on their blog nowadays. Want further sequels? Then do not let that happen to Power Rangers.