there was a competion this weekend

EDIT: I made a short comic on this AU that you can read!

An idea I’ve been kicking around while waiting for the final episode but

once Viktor and Yuuri retire (for real real.  I feel like they’ll be the Peyton Mannings of ice skating) they move into a little house back in Hasetsu and visit the Ice Castle from time to time to skate together.  The triplets let them have the rink to themselves before they open on the weekends.

Hana is a young skater who trains at Hasetsu and dreams of competing but her family doesn’t really have the funds to get her proper coaching, so when Hana sees these two skating she insists on them coaching her.  I feel like she wouldn’t exactly know WHO they are for a while (until everyone swarms them at her first competition like HOLY FUCK IT’S VIKTOR NIKIFOROV AND YUURI KATSUKI) bc to her they’re just the disgustingly over-affectionate old couple who live by the beach with their billion poodles.  Hana basically becomes their unofficial granddaughter.

I guess this AU-thingy is called Hana!!! on Ice


Everything is Different Now: Part 6

I’m re-watching Yuri on Ice with an eye for all the things that are re-contextualized based on what we learn at the very end of episode 10.  This blog series chronicles that adventure.  With screencaps!  Very spoilery, obviously. Read on by clicking the jump cut below, or start at part 1 here.

Episode 6: Bringing Sexy Back

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Breaking: Dylann Roof found competent to stand trial and self-representation

The sentencing phase of the federal death penalty trial will start January 4, at 9:30am

Dr. Ballenger to confirm there were no material changes in his mental status since his November evaluation. Dr. Ballenger conducted two additional sessions with Defendant over the New Year’s weekend and issued a report to the Court on January 1,2017, concluding that Defendant remained competent to stand trial and to self-represent. 

At the conclusion of the competency hearing, Defendant requested that the Court consider delaying the sentencing phase of the case one-day, until January 4,2017, because he was required to devote a great portion of the prior several days to the court examination and competency hearing. 


AU - The Legends girls as city roommates with 0 direction and too many cropped shirts (multi/poly)

Kendra- barista, has yet to hit caffeine threshold, everyone falls in love with her, has like 3 boyfriends and a sara and really doesn’t give a flip. sings and plays the guitar and should probably try to do something with it but whatever

Sara- teaches karate to kids and competes on the weekends, sleeps in kendra’s bed more than she sleeps in her own, once met sebastian stan in a starbucks and stole his drink from the bar, is no longer allowed on the roof for obvious reasons

Amaya- the new girl who brought her cat, fat pumpkin, instagram model, really too classy for this mess, lies to her mom on the phone about her roommates, can’t tell kendra’s white boyfriends apart, borrows clothes but always washes and returns them, regrets joining the groupchat

Acceptance In Martial Arts

This weekend just past, I was fortunate enough to be able to compete in the Unified ITF Australian Nationals. A month ago, I came out as transgender. Needless to say, I was … apprehensive about how these two facts might combine.

In short, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Only a couple of people present were previously aware that I’m trans, and I still look male enough that most people will go with “sir” over “ma'am”. But, I was signed up into the women’s patterns competition pretty much without having to even ask.

The way that the other female black belts in the competition treated me, it almost felt like they’d been briefed in advance. I wasn’t expecting any objections, but a moment’s confusion or wanting to confirm would have been normal… or so I thought. But there was none of that. I was treated as though the only thing even slightly remarkable about me was my performance in the competition.

After the tournament, at the gala dinner (which I attended in a dress, my first time presenting unambiguously female around Taekwon-Do people) I was presented with the certificate for my 1st Dan grading. Given the short time since I came out, I was expecting it to be in my old name.

There was in fact a certificate in my old name, the name under which I attended the grading… but it was underneath another, nearly identical certificate, with the right name on it. I’m officially certified as a black belt as Amanda Jones. I… wasn’t expecting how emotional that would make me.

I must say that I’m surprised how accepting the Taekwon-Do community has been of my being trans. Not that I was expecting problems, but martial arts can often feel a bit… testosterone-dominated, shall we say. But right now, all my doubts are gone.

WTH France?

I just have to say, while I am extremely proud of Yuzuru, Nathan, and Shoma–and ALL of the other skaters who were at the GPF–

SHAME ON FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

These athletes worked HARD to both get to compete and especially to win this competition and all I have seen is far from the level of respect should have been! When the six top male skaters in the world have the kind of issues they had this weekend, it’s time to look at the venue and not the dedication or ability of the athletes.

Melting/off ice

Video relay and camera problems


Disco Podiums

NO FLAGS!?!?! WHAT!?!?!

THOSE were the BEST flowers you could find?

It was all very laughable–and I am already hoping there will be reconsideration for allowing this to be hosted at this venue/city ever again.

THIS post explains a lot of the issues I think:

thisisjamespaxton: pushing this show this past weekend to get all the viewers it could, here’s a photo of#Philkas attempting to make out with helmets on. The ratings went up 2% and that’s HUGE! It may not seem like it, but on a night when we were directly competing with a major awards show that’s insane. Hopefully we’re gaining enough momentum with the show to continue on. I’ve got faith, and that’s especially because of YOU. Keep enlisting other friends to binge watch and catch up with the show. All the episodes are easily available online on VOD such as USA Now app, ITunes, Amazon, and USA network’s site. Thank you once again for being simply, the best. 👁👥#Eyewitness #usanetwork#Philkasforever #sillygoons

yooo just wanted to give y’all a little life update:

this is my debate team and last weekend we flew out to utah to compete in the regional competition and we KICKED ASS and won 1st place!!! we’ll be advancing to nationals in february! :) this is the first time UCSB has placed 1st at the regional level and the second year in a row we’ve been invited to compete at nationals. i’m so proud of my team omfg *ugly cries*

But Just Imagine...

Dan Humphrey and Ezra Fitz writing a book together.

Hanna Marin hiring Jenny Humphrey as her personal stylist.

Blair Waldorf and Spencer Hastings competing for colleges.

Lily Rhodes joining the Rosewood moms for wine and gossip.

Alison Dilaurentis taking Georgina Sparks for a weekend of craziness out in Cape May. 


This weekend was just a dream come true. Up until 2 weeks ago, I was not supposed to be doing a solo at the Oireachtas, only teams. But, my parents and my dance teachers gave me the opportunity to compete my solo on Friday. I didn’t think I was ready but there was nothing to lose because I couldn’t dance last year. So I danced, and I’m so happy I did because I placed third in such a difficult age group with so many amazing dancers! And to top things off, we won the figure, placed 2nd in the four hand AND won the senior eight hand for the TENTH YEAR IN A ROW! So proud of my school and all our dancers who worked so hard for the Oireachtas, especially my younger sister who, even though didn’t get the placement she wanted, held herself with grace and poise even when she wanted to break down. She is an amazing role model to the younger students in the school and I am so proud of her. 💜💜

An acquaintance of mine contacted me about his development of a potential assistive device for autistic people...

[TL;DR: A group of allistic college students are working on an augmented reality headset that uses facial recognition technology to display what someone facing you is likely to be feeling. An acquaintance of mine contacted me about it, and wants your input. I will be letting him know what people respond with, or if you prefer to talk to him directly, his email is <>.]

Here is the full message, from him:



My name is Patrick DeMichele and I am college student studying computer science. Over the last weekend, my friends and I formed a team and attended a "Hackathon” - a 36 hour event in which teams compete to design innovative technology. It took us a while to think of an idea, but eventually we had one: to design an augmented reality headset that could help autistic people identify social cues. We used the Microsoft Hololens (a headset similar to Google Glass) and Microsoft “emotion” software that can interpret facial emotions from a picture. With our software, a user wearing the headset can wave their hand and the software will interpret the facial emotion of someone they are talking to, displaying an emoticon and a description below their face in real time. The headset allows users to see everything around them, and projects the images on top of everything else.

Here is a helpful video to understand how the Hololens works: .

Here is a demo video of our product : .

The product was received very well by the staffers, and we even won an award. We want to develop the product further, but we don’t know enough about the difficulties faced by autistic people. During the Hackathon we did some research, but there wasn’t much time. As it currently stands, this is a platform designed by people who are not autistic and was reviewed by people who are not autistic, which is unfortunate. It is essential we get some input from real people who have experiences with autism so that our product can truly reflect their needs, and eventually benefit them if it’s released.

So here is the question: what would be the best use of the Microsoft Hololens (or similar headset) to assist autistic individuals? I’m keeping it broad; any kinds of responses are welcome. Also, feel free to comment or criticize our idea of displaying emotions - is there any direction we should take that feature?

Comments on this post are welcome, or you can send emails to <> for more detailed questions or comments.

Thanks so much,



I’d massively appreciate if we could all let him know our ideas, needs, and concerns, since this is primarily modeled as assistive technology for autistic folks! Reblog, reply, or email with your thoughts! 


Such an amazing Oireachtas weekend, I was so nervous because it was my first time competing since nationals but the support from my teachers/ family helped so much!! I got in the top 10 in my region and one off of worlds😭🎉💓 so excited for nationals!!!!

+++ Breaking +++

Peter Prevc will take a break from Ski jumping, leaving out the competition in Wisła. If the break will be longer isn’t confirmed yet. Bor Pavlovčič will take his spot. According to Austrian sources, a part of the Austrians (Kraft, Kofler, Hayboeck) are also considering leaving out Wisła. Severin Freund will also not compete.

Johann-André Forfang is back on team Norway as well as Gregor Schlierenzauer rejoining team Austria who’ll celebrate his comeback after a one-year hiatus.

Let’s see what the Polish weekends will bring!